Sharkey's Bar and Grill

Sharkey’s Bar & Grill is named for its mermanowner, Slaythis J’harja. His establishment is not actually in Ravens Bluff proper. Rather, it is located in the harbor, underwater, and its existence is unknown to all but a few land-dwellers. Sharkey has met several land-dwellers during his life, from whom he has heard of restaurants and taverns where one can go to drink, eat, socialize, and find adventure. Intrigued with the idea, he wished to build one in his homeland and, for many years, he brainstormed over floor plans and worked out many ideas for a very special undersea restaurant. Sharkey even approached the Dwarfbilt Construction Company of Ravens Bluff and discussed a number of technical and engineering obstacles with them. The dwarves were fascinated with the project and contributed much to Sharkey’s plans, but they were absolutely unwilling to perform any construction in (or on, for that matter) the water. After several escalating offers of gold and treasure, Sharkey gave up and thanked Dwarfbilt Construction for their time and ideas. As he took his leave, though, one of the dwarves pulled him aside and told him of a legend about a race of aquatic cousins of theirs. They live down deep, he whispered, obviously nervous about being overheard speaking of them. They like the dark, heavy places, where they have built castles hundreds of stories tall, made of mammoth stones. They are a cursed race, though. I doubt you would want to work with them, or they with you. Sharkey thanked the dwarf and began to search the seas.

Eventually, Sharkey found the race he was looking for deep in the Sea of Fallen Stars, thanks to a friendly race of tritons. The aquatic dwarves did not live in the gigantic castles of which he had heard, but their underwater cities were, nonetheless, dwarf-built. He cautiously approached the aquatic dwarves with chests of precious gems. They distrusted Sharkey at first, but he fought brilliantly when a band of sahuagin attacked unexpectedly and gained acceptance after the battle. In short, he not only won them to him, but he convinced a group of them to go to the harbor of Ravens Bluff and build his dream with him. After discussing several construction options, they resourcefully carved the edifice into the base of a reef in the Living City’s harbor. The aquatic dwarves brought some ingenious technology with them, including the plans for an underwater grill, hence Sharkey’s Bar & Grill earned its birth and name.

Sharkey’s Bar & Grill is always open. The establishment is quite large and serves a very diverse clientele, even including the nastier aquatic races such as an occasional sahuagin and merrow. (As there is always a fair number of good-aligned regulars present, these evil creatures rarely trouble Sharkey, and they never cause a problem more than once.) There are three entrances to Sharkey’s; each circular, 5’ in diameter, and centered 5’ above the harbor floor. Though all portals lead into the same bar area, the north door is used primarily by aquatic elves. Several regulars usually sit by this door to insure that sahuagin, merrow, and other evil creatures do not enter here. Those creatures have learned that they are welcome only if they enter through the south door. Similarly, good creatures who enter through the south door risk incurring the similar wrath of the evil races. Mermen and other aquatic races of higher intelligence use the center door. Locaath Blackmanta is not welcome, and is wary enough of Sharkey and the aquatic dwarves to keep his distance.

The bar is always open, as the staff works in three shifts. One manager, three bouncers, three waiters, three waitresses, five bartenders, three cooks, and four busboys are always on duty. Sharkey is the manager. The employees are mermen, mermaids, and aquatic elves.
When underwater near the reef, it is hard to miss Sharkey’s, as it is advertised by multi-colored continual light globes (the glow of these is not visible near the surface). There are three entrances. The north door is reserved for aquatic elves only. The south door is used only by creatures such as sahuagin and merrow. The center door is for everyone else. Bouncers at the north and south doors make sure that those not “authorized” for a particular door are not allowed in.
The common room is one big area, with exits and tables at various levels that one swims to. The bar is even multi-layered.

1. Common Room – This area is 40 feet high. Tables are three feet across, and set at heights of 5’, 15, 25’, and 35’. The tables on the walls are bolted to the wall, and a large pole running from floor to ceiling through the other tables supports them. The seats are nets strung between short poles.

2. Bars – There are four of them, and they are set at the same height as the tables, supported by poles five feet apart.

3. Storage – The north room contains barrels, sacks, casks, etc. filled with fish, crustaceans and plants. The south room contains live seafood in cages, ready to be cooked.

4. Kitchen – There are three long tables for preparing orders, some cutlery (stone) and utensils, and a lot of small net bags for serving food in. The head cook, a merman, is always in here.

5. Utility Closet – This contains tools and some tridents.

6. Grill – A steam vent bubbles up here, and cooks put meat in the path of the steam to cook it.

7. Private Rooms – Available by request, and for a small fee.

8. Drink Rooms – These rooms are very different. They are spheres with a table near each “side,” including the top and bottom. A pole runs through the center of the room (top to bottom) supporting the top and bottom tables, as in the Common Room. In the center of the pole is a hole, and there Sharkey puts the “drink,” a semisolid nodule that dissolves into the room over the course of six hours. The nodule is intoxicating for the occupants, and anyone who stays in a drink room eventually gets drunk. There are separate rooms for various races, as what elves enjoy is different from what mermen enjoy.
The rooms are as follows:
8a: Aquatic Elves (and land elves who visit)
8b: Sahuagin, Merrow, and Koalinth
8c: Aquatic Dwarves (plus land dwarves, gnomes, and halflings)
8d: Mermen (plus land humans, and other humanoids and mermanids)
8e: Tritons and Locathah, and any other races which rarely visit the bar

At Sharkey’s, one can not get the usual drinks, but instead those made by underwater races. There is still ale, wine, and brandy, but they will not be what surface dwellers are used to. Also, the main foods are sea plant salads, fish, crustaceans, etc. One can get steak (very rare), but steaks are steamed just like the rest of the food. Drinks are served in covered mugs with capped straws, and food is served in small nets. Prices are reasonable (about the same as at Inns on the surface).

Headwaiter, Treffle Hoosh (Sea Elf)
Waitress Shelly, the Mermaid
Bartender is a Merman, named Jedahi when Sharky’s not around.

The Menu:

Light Ale 2 sp
Bitter Ale 2 sp
Sweet Wine 5 sp
Sour Wine 5 sp
Sharp Brandy 1 gp
Candy Brandy 1 gp
Stiff Liquor 2 gp
Sweetened Liq 2 gp
Blow Fish Wine 10 gp per glass
*warning could be poisonous to some patrons; drink at your own risk.

Food Items:

Sashimi 1sp
Fish Fillet 1sp
Live Whole Fish 3sp

Scallops(6) 1sp
Clams (6 ) 3sp
Oysters (6 ) 3sp

Sharkey’s Special
Shark Steak 3gp
Large Snails (6) 5sp
Whole Squid 5gp

Jumbo Shrimp (12) Live 2gp
Whole Crab or Lobster, Live 3gp
Giant Crab Leg5gp
Whole Giant Crab or Lobster 15gp

Seaweed Salad 1sp
Kelp Salad 1sp
Worm and Grub Salad 5sp
Chef’s Salad(a mixture all salads) 1gp

Plankton Soup 3sp
Brine Shrimp Soup 5sp
Half Chicken 3gp
Beef Steak 5gp

Souvenir Shop:

Ships in a Bottle, Sunken Ship Maps, mugs with slogans on them, polished coral, pieces of drift wood with little animals, etc.

Sharkey's Bar and Grill

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