Party Treasure

Ancient White Dragon’s Canine Tooth *
*Adult Deep Dragon Canine

Young Red Dragon Tooth

3 Adamantine pieces,
16 Mithril pieces.
221 Platinum
1 Gold
10,003 Silver
2,005 copper pieces,
200 Drow Coin
100 Zhakara Coin

17,000 gp worth of Diamond Dust
1x 1,000 gp diamond
100 10gp gems,
100 100 gp gems,
50 500 gp gems,
14 1,000 gp gems.
10 pieces of artwork total value of 12,000 gp.
1 pieces of jewelry worth 15,000 gp each
50,000gp worth of Rubies
20 5lbs bars of Adamantine
25 2lbs bars of Mithril
100 Gold Ingots (worth 100 gp each)
Decorative Platinum Tray (1500 gp)
Drow Tapestry (3300 gp)
crystal flagon, polished smooth (100 gp)
extremely rare bizarre idol (1000 gp)
meteoric iron necklace with sapphire eye (4,000 gp)
ornamental silver skullcap, with gold inlaid runes and a moonstone set above the brow (750 gp)
ornate helmet (420 gp)
pirate’s hook, mithril, with gold-plated stump set with golden sapphire stones (1,100 gp)
silver comb with moonstones (300 gp)
small painting, a rural scene (475 gp)
brass mug with jade inlays (2,500 gp value)
carved harp of darkwood, with jet inlay and ruby gems (2,500 gp value)
Spun Gold Cape (6,000 gp value)
Gem-encrusted Serpent Mask (12,000 gp value)

1. Potion of Climbing (4 doses) = +10 for 1 hour per dose
2. Wand of Magic Detection (18 charges)
3. Wand of Enemy Detection (41 charges)

Wondrous Items
1. Saddle of stability (Save)
2. Bracers of Armor +5
3. Drow Bracers of Armoring +5
4. Drow Bracers +7
5. Ring of Protection +3
6. Ring of Protection +3 / +4 if Lawful Evil with Loth Iconography on it
7. Ring of Sustenance
8. Ring of Freedom of Movement
9. Ring of Fiery Retribution x3 = Should the wearer die the ring detonates for 20d6 fire damage in a 30 ft radius burst. DC 18 for half.
10. Staff of Life 7 charges (Dalarn)
11. Amulet of proof against location and detection = This device protects the wearer against all divination and magical location and detection. The wearer cannot be detected through clairaudience, clairvoyance, ESP, crystal balls, or any other scrying devices. No aura is discernible on the wearer, and predictions cannot be made regarding him unless a powerful being is consulted.
12. Spellbook of Lysanther Tarken’thalas
13. Ring of Fire Resist (10) – Pimfire gave up
14. Ring of Wizardry (doubles 1st and 2nd level spells, does not effect bonus spells, arcane caster only)
15. Dozens of low level spells and Forcecage, power word – stun, incendiary cloud, and Bigby’s crushing hand
16. Robe of the Archmagi (good) (Given to Mok by Clearice)
17. Robe of scintillating color
18. Circlet of Persuasion – Pimfire gave up
19. Ring of Feather Falling
20. Headband of Intelligence +2 (Diplomacy)
21. Cloak of Resistance +3
22. Ring of Climbing, Improved
23. Ring of Swimming, Improved
24. Amulet of Mighty Fists +2
25. Ring of Jumping
26. Ring of Deception
27. Cloak of Resistance +2
28. Cloak of Resistance +2 (Pimfire’s old cloak put here after May 12th 2020 housekeeping session)

Magic Armor
1. Dwarven Full Plate +1
2. Drow Chainmail +4
3. Drow Shield +3
4. Amulet of Natural Armor +2
5. Drow chainmail +4
6. Drow longsword +5
7. Drow Studded Leather Armor +5
8. Chainmail +2
9. Full Platemail +1
10. Shield +1 (3)

Magic Weapons
1. ghost touch battleaxe +2
2. Shortbow +1 – Amuka gave up, Took Pimfire’s Shortbow +3 that was in here
3. Drow longsword +3 of paralysis = Finely crafted longsword of drow origin possesses a rather unique power. On a Crit the creature struck must make a fort save (DC 18) or be held (as per the spell hold person) for 5 rounds
4. Scimitar +2
5. Scimitar +2
6. Dagger +1 (5)
7. Arrows +1 (24)
8. Heavy Warhammer +1 (2)
9. Longsword +1 (4)

2. A set of two small liqueur glasses carved from single emeralds. Each is covered with carved scenes of gnomes at various tasks. 1,200 gp
4. A pin in the shape of a mushroom, carved of a single milky white crystal with red spots made of garnets. 1,100 gp
9. A matched set of wedding rings. Each is a braid of sapphire and diamond, and shows no seams or other signs of how they were constructed. 50,000 gold pieces
11. Three sapphire spheres nested one inside the other. Walli used a large, flawed sapphire and hollowed it out, leaving a sphere. He then hollowed out the second. Finally he sealed the first two so perfectly that only a skilled gemcutter or appraiser could find the seam. The translucent spheres are worth 10,000 gp and can be set in a larger piece of jewelry.

Spellbook: Snilloc’s Major ’’Wimpy" Missile, Plague (Contagion), Dispel Silence, Phantasmal Killer, Baleful Polymorph, Greater Invisibility

Artifacts – Kept at Midnight Keep
1. Ring of Mystery = This golden band is set with 3 pearls. 2 pearls are blackened and cracked. The 3rd pearl is brilliant white, completely flawless, and gives off a soft magical glow. The ring doesn’t detect as magical and cannot be identified by any magical means.
2. Amulet of Tiamat (EVIL, immunity to mind effecting effects, strafing breath weapon 3/day, maximize breath weapon 3/day, and widen breath weapon 3/day)

Midnight Keep:
Construction Cost Paid (160,880 gp)

Grif and Merta O’Halloran – a middle aged couple, recently displaced from their lord’s manner.
Beryl Greenmoor – A half-elven wizard (W1) by trade. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have any spells memorized and Felnos has her spell book.
Grink: Goblin Butler
Bat Cloak=250 GP, Can produce a small +3 Magical baseball bat while wearing it. Worn by Grink.
Copies of Theyvian History Books (additional +4 on Knowledge History history checks against They)
12×30 oriental rug 2000 GP
Bookshelf with 12 books in a foreign language
Light Catapult +1
Mirror is a mirror or reminiscence and once per day it will replay an event you experienced
Broom of Cleaning (Clean 5 foot square in 5 minutes, clean for 1 hour at a time then 12 hour break)
Gauntlets of polishing

  • _Mother MaGee’s Quilts: Moon quilt. This lovingly and expertly crafted quilt has a background of midnight blue with tiny silver stars sewn into it. The 8 panels of the quilt show the transitions between phases of the moon as it progresses through the month, each so brilliantly detailed that it almost seems as though the moon has been drawn down from the sky. Value: 500 gp Stored in Xavier’s room as artwork.
    I.C.E. Statues (1): Each statue reduces the temperatures within 100 yards by 10 degrees, cumulative for each statue. This statue magically remains frozen, no matter the environment it is placed into, until the temperatures reach over 120 degrees, at which it begins to melt. The statue’s effect is not cumulative with other ice statues which produce the same effect.
    Levitating Heavy Ballista of Speed +1
    On a 10×15 wooden platform
    Only takes one person to operate
    Can fire 1 time per round (5d8 damage)
    Can levitate for 1 hour per day
    Can’t be affected by any form of size altering or extra-dimensional magic (On loan to Raven’s Deep)
    Tome: Gaining Friends and Influence thru Domination (10,000 gp)
    Crystal Ball (with see invisible)

Drow Poison Type A
Causes Paralysis (1d4 rounds, DC 14)
Enough for 30 arrows (Given to Raven’s Deep to make antidotes)

Dolly’s Anger:
Ship, Value: 15,000 Gp
AC 2; Hardness 5
hp 1,620 (sails 360)
Base Save +6
Maximum Speed 90 ft. (wind); Acceleration 30 ft.
CMB +8; CMD 18
Ramming Damage 8d8
Propulsion wind or current
Sailing Check Profession (sailor)
Control Device steering wheel
Means of Propulsion 90 squares of sails (three masts)
Crew 20
Decks 3
Cargo/Passengers 150 tons/120 passengers

The Twilight Zone
Banner of Shaundakul – large 4′ × 4′ deep purple banner dominated be the holy symbol of Shaundakul. Intricately detailed and made from the finest cloth. (2,000 gp value)
2 Gp
Spool of Never-ending Thread – A small spool of thread that never runs out. The color can be changed with a simple prestidigitation. It only functions when used in sewing or tailoring of clothing
Short sword 1
Long Sword +1
-Scrimshaw scimitar
1: This expertly carved whalebone is covered in scrimshaw images of arctic creatures of all kinds. This weapon is used with the scimitar proficiency.
-Diving Mask: This non-magical helmet is ornately carved copper and has the beginnings of a lovely patina. The helmet offers no special underwater abilities but it will keep water out of the character’s eyes, nose and mouth.
Jeremy’s Dagger, 400 gp

Party Treasure

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