Ravens Bluff, The Living City

To Boldly Go!


Players Present:Pimfire Tyndal, Omegasun, Morrin Telemnar, Clearice Eilif, Xavier Cross(Khaotic), Mok the Powerful Wizard
Run By: Andy
NPCS: Vernon Condor (missing), Bezlamon, Lady Lauren DevillarsLady Mayor, Chimera (Roo, Billy, Scarlet)
Discussion = Started late as Andy was running behind was posted, Talked about Dollys Anger, Previous Adventures, Crafted Items
Submitted by Clearice

I was disturbed by a knock at our door at 4 A.M.. I was in the library reading a book on this new trend sweeping the city known as Yoga while Blinky floated around nearby eating his breakfast. The Menagerie was being summoned by the Lady Mayor to meet by the docks. Of course we all obliged and we set out to our place of meeting. On the way there there was a ghastly sense of dread hovering over us sending a slight chill down my spine. As we approached the meeting place 6 heavily robed figures approached us with weapons half drawn. They recognized us at once and ushered us into a nearby building.
Inside we were greeted by The Lady Mayor and 5 other city officials. We take a seat by the fire as per there offer and the Lady Mayor begins to tell us the tale of Bezlamon the evil Mage who impersonated Vernon Condor via some sort of body swapping spell resulting in Vernon Condor being nabbed by an unknown force. The man Bezlamon was apprehended but the fate of the missing Vernon Condor is Unknown to the Council and thus they called the Menagerie to find out. The Lady Mayor mentioned a portal that was opened at the place of The Vultures disappearance. They had sent 20 soldiers inside of it to scout it out but they had not returned in 3 days so the worst was to be feared. We of course agreed and set out immediately to the portal at the prison of Illwater. As we approach the Anomalous portal i cant help but feel a pang of excitement at the prospect of rescuing our friend the Vulture it sent thoughts of one day becoming a Silver Hawk running through my head. As we entered the portal, which was ironically at the front gate of a prison, we could immediately tell we were not in Illwater anymore. This realm was a pocket dimension and the portal was only one way for as we entered the portal we found ourselves in a cave with only stone at our backs. Seeing no other way to go we proceed further into the tunnel to enter a huge cavern full of lava coming from waterfalls and forming large pools. we approached an exit on other side to see a pile of ash and bits of armor bearing the seal of Ravensbluff. Pimfire Approached the monument of death and seemed to have triggered some sort of trap which to our despair seemed to have awoken an Ancient Red Dragon sleeping in the lava. I was mortified at the sight of such a beast and fled in fear as such a creature could obliterate us in a confined space. We all began to run for the exit of the cave as the Lava began to rise. the Dragon than reared back its ugly head and breathed fire on us all nearly killing me and severely injuring everyone else besides Omegasun and Xavier. As we exited the cave leaving smoke trails behind us we healed our wounds and gained our bearings spotting a trail leading to a hut in the distance. As we approached the cabin we were met with the odd sight of a skeleton with 2 pin points of light for eyes who introduces himself as the Ancient. He beckons for us to enter his shack as friends.
We enter after dropping our suspicions at the door. He than begins to explain to us that he is the welcomer of all new comers to this realm. This realm being a semi-sentient prison that torments all who find themselves here till there death. As he explained our predicament it suddenly clicked in my mind that we were actually speaking to a lich though he didnt seem to be inherently evil. Once he finished his introduction we asked him if he had seen Vernon Condor or as he may have looked when he came here Bezlamon. He tells us that he had seen a man of that description about a week ago. The Ancient tells us he has been in this land since the beginning and that all who come here must ban together for survival and must take an oath to uphold that one law. We all take the oath that we shall not attack another prisoner unless in self defense. As we prepare to part from the Ancient he gives all of us 1 healing potion labeled poison each and sends us on our way. For some reason Xavier stayed in the shack for a little bit longer but when i called for him he came and thus we departed towards the nearby settlement the Ancient told us Vernon went. As we traveled to the settlement it seemed as if the forest itself was impeding our journey even down to the blades of grass. As night time fell the sky turned purple and we begin to feel a slight rumble from the earth as several insect like Grogs burst from out of the ground. The ancient had warned us of them so we were not taken by surprise and we dispatched them quickly and decided to try to rest for the night. As we try to rest we are all troubled by visions of a red figure tormenting us and we are unable to rest for any amount of time. We continue to the village after our unrestful slumber to find it razed and burned to the ground with a single drow male sitting staring into the distance. We searched the village while Mok talked to the drow and found none else left alive. Mok managed to get the drow to talk to him and he told him the village was attacked by some foul creatures called Tuloks. He told Mok they took the love of his life and he vowed to kill them all and thus he waits for their return to the village. He also mistook Pimfire for a Kinder, like many others have, and even gave him a Hoopak and tells us he has seen Vernon Here but his body was not with the dead in the village so he either escaped or was captured. After bidding our farewells to the drow fellow we took off following the supposed tracks of Vernon Condor. We where once again met with the forest as our adversary this time blocking the path with a bramble wall that Mok makes short work of with his huge Battleaxe. as we cross throught the freshly trimmed hedge we hear a loud cry in the clearing ahead. We rush forward to find a Chimera trapped in a quicksand pit. Knowing it must be a prisoner here I must help it so i dimensional Hop onto the poor beasts back and hop it back out of the quick sand. It than happily casts a spell of tongues and thanks me for rescuing it but wonders why we would. We of course explain we are all in this together so why wouldnt we and the Chimera than introduces its 3 heads and gives me a wonderfully warm cloak made from its fur. It tells us that it was hunting tuloks due to them slaying the Chimera’s mate. It than tells us of how the tree leaves of certain trees point towards the dragon cave and that there is a bigger settlement nearby that we should go to after we find Condor. I heal our new friend before we follow the tracks of Condor once more. It isnt long before we find him being dragged deeper into the woods by the vines of the forest. Mok and Morrin rush forward unable to be grabbed by the vines and free Condor who thanks us before fainting. I heal him to bring him back to consciousness. We decide to try to rest again and are plagued by the same dreams as before but Vernon Condor sleeps deeply as we normally would so we decide to carry him t. He is a village elder here and o the settlement while he slept. As we arrive at this much more robust settlement we are greeted telepathically by a Mind Flayer named Me-low who offers us a place to rest and tells us that he does not know of a way out of this prison. He directs us to the tavern to rest where Mok and Morrin spot the Drow from the other village’s wife Anna and there child. Since we are waiting for Condor to awaken we decide to go and tell the drow the good news. Our trip there and back with him was actually uneventful and went off without a hitch. We returned to the larger settlement to find that they were going to have a large meeting about a way out. As the meeting came to order they offered us a challenge to prove our dedication to which Omega accepted before even knowing what it was for. The challenge was to read and extremely difficult poem in a certain amount of time. To everyone’s amazement Omega did so with only one stutter through out i couldnt even begin to believe he would do it but he proved us all wrong. After the klysedra was completed Me-low told us the Ancient would have the answer to what we were looking for in the form of a spell he was developing. He would need the name of the red Dragon to complete the spell but he would know how to get it if anyone would. We traveled back to his shack but this time when we entered it was a large and spacious palace inside. The Ancient immediately demanded the name of the dragon from us saying that we know what it is. We than realised that we had been told the name earlier by the diviners of Ravensbluff who tried to divine the location of Vernon Condor. They couldnt find him but they kept hearing a name and knew it was important. We were unable to remember the name so Mok used the last of the powerful ability memory recall to recall the conversation in which we heard it. The name they had told us was Gernosishstrad. Once we spoke the name the Ancient waved his hand and a feast appeared before us in which we all heartily ate as he explained his history with this realm and how we would defeat the Dragon. As his telling of our plan came to an end we heard one of the Ancient’s defenses go off killing a rat outside. The Ancient informed us that those are what Gernosishstrad uses to gather information so we must move now to the final battle. We of course set off immediately to the Dragons cave the Ancient setting an other worldly pace for us to keep up with. He tells us we must kill his minions while he will deal with the dragon. We than enter the lava filled cave of the dragon to find Gernosishstrad surrounded by fire elementals in a pool of lava. I launched a large Blade Barrier into the Fray hitting all of our enemies even the dragon who to my dismay breathes fire on me killing me instantly so i dont remember what happened after that besides seeing the Golden Lady’s beautiful Visage pulling me towards the light. I awoke in the Cleric Circles inner sanctum having been revived from my unpleasant and nearly eternal slumber. The rest of the menagerie told me that Mok destroyed the rest of the elementals immediately and the Ancient cast his spell sealing the dragon away in a red ruby. We than were brought back to Ravens Bluff as the Prison collapsed in on itself The ancient came out with us and teleported away once he thanked us for our help and told us everyone should now return to there own realms before the prison is destroyed. The Menagerie was Congratulated for a job well done. And my companions were nice enough to forgo the reward to have me brought back, Though i wouldn’t have minded the extra money either… But i am so grateful to be traveling with such a gold hearted bunch if only you could be here to see where i have ended up Father…


5600 XP
5000g reward that we refuse in lieu of having the Cleric Circle Revive Clearice.
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds – everyone, from the Ancient
Cloak of Warmth – (Clearice) given to for saving the Chimera

Morrin went up a knightly rank

Omega switches to the Harbour Patrol as this adventure allowed such in reward. May have him use Dolly’s Anger to help patrol the harbour in exchange for its upkeep cost and keeps the vessel close to home in case we need it.



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