Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Player’s Present: Clearice Eilif, Morrin Telemnar, Pimfire Tyndal, Xavier Cross, Omega
NPC’s:Lord Chancellor, Arvin Kothonos, Lord Calvin Longbottle, Captain Warunsun, Steele
Run By Mok
Player’s Missing: None
Submitted By: Pimfire

Being awoken and brought to the Mayor’s office early in the morning. I will remember that moment as the beginning of my darkest days, even darker then the Underdark itself. It was there the Midnight Menagerie was tasked by the Lord Chancellor, Arvin Kothonos and Lord Calvin Longbottle with dealing with some coven of priests of Umberlee stirring up trouble with a plot of some sort to control the shipping lanes. As we were boarding Blackmantle’s Revenge we could see Clan Shado boarding Blackmantle’s Cutlass, I couldn’t resist the urge to mock them by pointing out the futility of their lengthy voyage. After meeting Captain Warunsun and making our devoted offerings to Umberlee we set sail to an underwater cave system believed to house them.

We dined with the captain and the officers of the ship the first evening out. The captain and crew had apparently heard a lot about us and our travels but I was still able to entertain them the secrets of the Bounty we had discovered on a previous voyage. Steele, one of the officers, goes over and congratulates Clearice on becoming a woman (when the tale is told) and says “good choice becoming a woman as we are the superior race” and everyone laughs while it seems this is the first Xavier has heard of this. Seemingly upset he moved away and tended to avoid Clearice for a portion of the journey. Meanwhile Steele shares a special drink with Clearice, some sort of wine I believe.

The next morning we arrived at the spot the grotto below the ocean is supposed to house these foul priests. We were then given potions of water breathing and something else, something that allowed us to communicate telepathically with one another while under the ocean. The bottom of the ocean showed us a sinkhole we believe to be the entrance to the cave system, nearby is a strange kelp bed which we eye carefully as we head towards the sinkhole.

Once we enter the caves, the lights go out! A big ball of light with two pincers and couple small eyes appears revealing an “eyes of the deep” a underwater beholder type of creature. Omega pulls out his friend of beholder coin and manages to talk our way through without trouble even though we didn’t know the password. It appears this creature was set as a guard for those inside.

We reach a chamber with two archway passages going forward and complete blackness unable to see what lays inside each, above is a plaque with runes on them over each arc. Not sure what the language is we manage to figure out it’s some sort of code, getting frustrated I asked Tymora for guidance as always and I’m told to head left. Xavier however breaks the code, seems he’s very good at that, and confirms what I already learned that left is safe while right would lead to destruction.

Heading into this darkness we are surprised to discover it’s some sort of ink forced to stay in place in the hallway underwater, we prepare for a fight against some sort of squid creature we figure might be lurking inside. As we travel down the pathway I’m eventually stopped by bumping into Morrin, a struggle ensues up ahead of me but I’m unable to see just what is going on and no one is talking. I back up and eventually hear it’s all clear as there was some specters that the group fought off just outside the inky black.

Rounding the bend we see prisoners caged up and a ritual sacrifice to Umberlee being performed. Some drow elf priests along with a Kuo-Toa and a Saughin are gathered around a pool of water which has a deep middle spot that holds a large octopus creature circling around a helpless woman. I summon the shark gang, Bitey, Chomper, Gnasher and Ralph to distract the octopus while Morrin ports Omega and himself into the fray. With a mighty blow Omega slays the octopus but in retaliation the Saughin using his trident, unleashed a blast of electricity into the water near Omega sadly turning my shark friends into fast fry food.

Omega and Morrin dealt with the Saughin, Kuo-Toa and priests while Xavier, Clearice and myself deal with a new threat as the pesky Triad shows up unleashing fireballs upon me. I never felt as good as when I dropped two of them with arrows!

None of our enemies escaped but when we checked on the Triad they were still moving somehow! Removing their cloaks we saw that two of them were young girls and one a tattooed young man.

Morrin recognized one of the young girls as a slave girl from when he and a few other older members of the Menagerie saved her from an ambassador of Thay and then gave her back to them as a slave! She smiles as she says, “Guess you remember me but don’t worry I killed my master and I am earning my own place as your death will assure my position in the red wizards”. The male Triad says “I’m sure none of you remember me but you might remember my fatherThunderhips! The Zhentarium general wearing the armor of Thay”. While the other girl with a tattoo of the cult of the dragon says “No one remembers me and who I am doesn’t matter, my master is the one you will have to answer too. Thank you for falling for our distraction. While you’ve been here we’ve taken measures to deal with you.” They then turn into snowflakes. With that 3 rings drop to the ground spent of their magical power but not before we realize they must have been rings of last request which allowed the wearers to monologue before death. Unsure if those were really the 3 Triad members or clones of them their motives are now obvious and it seems a splinter group of both the Thavian, Zhentarium and the Cult of the Dragon are working together to seek our destruction.

We free the captives feed and heal them then help them back to the ship waiting on the ocean above. We head back to Raven’s Bluff and it is there those ominous words about taking measures to deal with us are realized for we are quickly told our keep was assaulted! Rushing to the keep, we find chaos. The keeps blasted from the outside with damage to the turrets and scorch marks from fireballs and lightning blasts. Inside we see Grink being treated by a cleric of Waukeen. His face is swollen and part of one of his arms is missing. Magical healing saved his life. In the corner, we see the Blinky our baby beholder and its central eye swollen shut and unconscious with a brick nearby that someone must have thrown at him. Clearice rushes to help Blinky. We find another 2 dozen guards killed and more wounded. We find out a bunch of squads of Zhentarium and powerful mages assaulted the keep. Shadow is missing and according to a guard he was taken. Another guard rushes up to inform us that Dolly’s Anger is on fire! Clearice takes flight towards the harbor and manages to help put it out but not before serious damage is done the vessel and all the crew killed except for Clampett our cook who was aboard Blackmantle’s Revenge with us.

When Clearice returns from the harbor she is stunned as all her money and jewels fly away as she is cursed by what she drank on the ship by Lady Steele, feels the only way to remove the curse is by drinking what was previously drank on the ship. It is found that Lady Steele was found kidnapped in the hull of the ship and was replaced by a shapeshifter who gave her the drink. The same shapeshifter that started this whole mess by stealing some powerful artifacts for the priests of Umberlee to being their nefarious plans. Until this curse is lifted, Clearice a cleric of Waukeen is unable to handle money or jewels of any sort!

That was when I found out Amuka was missing with a guard telling me she was taken captive and placed aboard a Dragon via a net! My vision went blurry then red as I started pummeling the keeps walls. The darkest days have come as I vow to never rest until she is back in my arms.

We spent the next couple of days trying to get the keep back in order and seeking information throughout the city. Morrin uses the mirror of recall and finds out that Shyrrinti Icebreath an ancient white dragon whispered something “this isn’t over” as it died but no one heard during the heat of the moment. This clue may have something to do with the female with the cult of the dragon tattoo last remark about having to deal with her master. Omega checks with the harbor patrol and seems 3 mages using scroll appeared and blasted Dolly’s Anger with fire, lightning and plague at the same time. Clearice checks with the cleric circle to find her curse is Zhentarium in nature. Xavier tries to track the intruders with some help but finds most teleported or flew in. The old man who brought him back to life appears; offers to speak with one of the dead guards only to find their souls were removed, and is unsure how such a thing could have happened.

As for me, well I stand before you fine folks of Raven’s Bluff here in this tavern, telling you this tale and vowing revenge upon the Triad. Let the word go forth that there is a reward for the safe return of my daughter and this message for the Triad and all who help them “If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don’t have much money. But what I do have are a very particular set of bardic skills, bardic skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that’ll be the end of it.”


XP 6800

Potion of Cure Serious Wounds = Xavier
Pearl of the Sirens (Cleric only) = Clearice
Dagger of Speed +2 = Party Treasury
Trident +2 = Party Treasury
Wand of Wonder (15 charges) = Xavier
Potion of Gaseous Form = Pimfire

Spellbook: = Morrin/Mok divided or will divide up the spells
Snilloc’s Major Missile
Dispel Silence
Phantasmal Killer
Baleful Polymorph
Greater Invisibility



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