Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Strangers in a Strange Land – Part 2

LC6-151-Part 2

Players Present: Pimfire/Amuka, Xavier/Kensai, Clearice/HK-58, Zhigbar/Zimb, Lilly/Lucy, Dalarn/Veth
Absent: Bill
NPCS: Klaxxon (Illithid ally)
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire/Amuka

Mission Objective: Go to Mechanus and stop Orcus/HK’s rival who kidnapped the rest of the Midnight Menagerie and is planning to destroy Mechanus. Also find a way out of the underside of Mechanus, Stop a primal dragon of some type’s whelps from destroying everything by recovering their eggs before they hatch.

Discussion/Side note: Joe said all need to post is the above like stuff and our rewards going forward. If anyone wanted to do adventure logs that is fine but this is all he really wants.


To be determined



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