Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Players Present: Pimfire/Amuka, Xavier/Kensai, Clearice/HK-58, Zhigbar/Zimb, Lilly/Lucy, Dalarn/Veth
Absent: Bill
NPCS: Klaxxon (Illithid ally)
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire/Amuka

Mission Objective: Go to Mechanus and stop Orcus/HK’s rival who kidnapped the rest of the Midnight Menagerie and is planning to destroy Mechanus. Also find a way out of the underside of Mechanus, Stop a primal dragon of some type’s whelps from destroying everything by recovering their eggs before they hatch.

Discussion/Side note: Game session would be short due to Joe having a previous engagement

Scott’s (Pimifire/Amuka) Direct Notes

• A cowled figure, who our captive toons could not see, sounded like Mok. Freed them from a Forcecage they were trapped in along with an ant magic field inside each Forcecage.
• We ended up on “Praeta” level of Mechanus
• We discussed Mok between our toons, brought each other up to speed on what happened. His eyes looked like Silver Metal.
• A Black Robed figure with smoke coming off his cloak approaches our group
• He approaches Xavier stupid fast and says its rude to detect his alignment
• Dalarn asks him if it’s going to WORDS or AXES as he does a trick with some spit creating a campfire
• Basically he’s a Dragon who’s taken this form to speak with us according to Klaxxon
• We share his campfire and agree to share information freely given.
• It eventually leads into a trade negotiation, they drag Pimfire into it, and the figure asks if Clearice is Wise? To which she says I wouldn’t think so in this vast multiplane of realms. Pimfire tells the tale of how Clearice got her Halo in exchange he tells us that the one we seek was chased by him to another of the realms, he said that he most likely won’t stay there long as what he seeks is not there. He says he’s on the world of Varnis, and will go to Grata to find what he seek.
• The name of the artifact is forbidden and has been hidden for a long long time.
• He offers the name of the artifact and the favor of Dragonfire in exchange for some Gnomes (uses old name for those whom leave banished and those who leave of own will) whom failed to take care of his children and then those children were turned upon the local town and did damage. Three of his children were taken but the people need help or will not survive long, the other two eggs where given to some worshippers of “the web spinner”
• He wants the eggs returned intact if possible.
• He gives us “two metal discs” to transport/handle the eggs safely, instructions to place on each of the eggs and they will temporarily in a size that can be carried but fragile to Dalarn
• Foolish humans who broke an ancient oath and entered land were not supposed to “late born thieves” who gave them away who wish to burn down the forest home.
• We are urged to Hurry and asked to SPLIT into two groups
• Pimfire, Zimb, HK, Kensai and Lilly head off to help the villagers (story told)
• Amuka, Xavier, Clearice, Zimb, Lucy and Dalarn head out to retrieve the eggs (combat/story)
• We are told our trip north to free the eggs is not easy and we must get the Aid of the Lady of the forest.
• All words must be SUNG to the lady of the forest, Gold for trade with the people, Rocks with the foolish humans and trade for trade sake with the ancient gnomes
• If Zhigbar helps the “gnomes” help save the eggs he agrees to allow them back home and they seal the bargain with tongue touches
• He transforms into a MASSIVE (biggest ever) dragon and they do it
• He is now immune to ALL Fire (primal fire and regular)
• Golden skinned elves greet us in the forest
• They don’t seem friendly at first but Xavier’s tattoo of a druid/forest friend helps and Clearice’s sense of Justice and god help
• WE decide to call it as we are greeted with the Lady of the Forest (who has a CHA of +50)
• I get a kiss from the lady and Amuka’s CHA changes to 12 – Permanent new BASE as per Joe for Amuka
• Dalarn is given permission to draw weapons in her hall in case of trouble and he gives thanks in diplomacy.
• Xavier’s tattoo is changed as the boon given to Amuka completes part of it’s deal
• Clearice can get nothing as her soul belongs to a God and best not interfere
• We ready ourselves as we are about to teleported to danger, Dalarn draws his axes, the rest of us cast protective magic
• We are told it’s done for tonight but next game session we tell Joe what we cast


What we still haven’t made it through? how on earth will our hero’s keep going without epic loot to make them so happy! Oh right not on earth we are on Mechanus. Well it’s underside or some such. Also once Dragons get involved they tend to hoard everything found anyways.



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