Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Players Present: Pimfire/Amuka, Xavier/Kensai, Clearice/HK-58, Zhigbar/Zimb, Lilly/Lucy, Dalarn/Veth
Absent: Bill
NPCS: HK’s rival who goes by Orcus Lord of Chaos, Klaxxon (Illithid ally), Block (Formorian Giant), Serina (Celestial),
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire/Amuka

Mission Objective: Go to Mechanus and stop Orcus/HK’s rival who kidnapped the rest of the Midnight Menagerie and is planning to destroy Mechanus.

Discussion/Side note: Brought up lack of rewards for Abyssal Dream, will cover it later after Joe looks over notes. Stuff in Mechanus is typically immune to acid.

Scott’s (Pimifire/Amuka) Direct Notes

• We have Klaxxon, Serina and Block, Hordes of Formorians and coming out of their factories and their colony to get to the center of Regulus to get the pool where HK-Orcus has taken up the place of Primus (HK) and is using the powers there to change the nature of modron’s on the plane of Mechanus.
• As we charge down a road leading to the pool, we are engaged with a boatload of demonic modron’s.
• At one point Klaxxon the Illithid ally hitches a ride with Shadow a celestial Wolf that is Xavier’s Familiar/Mount
• Spell caster Modron’s use Binary with super long scrolls, it is somewhat funny.
• The rest of the fight is story booked as they are clearly no match for the great Primus and Allies
• We press onwards and meet crystalline constructs (allies from Ioun) fighting the horde of bad things
• We make it to the Pool where Orcus-Prime is in the pool and HK-Primus charges towards him flying
• Fiendish Undead Triskaidecadragon Hydra rises out of the cogs separating us from HK-Primus and Orcus-Primus
• I saw all my friends fighting and was like “Boop!” on the undead mechanical evil dragon nose to cast Heal level 12 as Harm against it from my Orb of Cirulon
• Lucy charges one of the Triskaidecadragon Hydra’s Heads and gored it getting her horns stuck inside as Block smashes that same head it twists turning her so she is now stuck upside down with her legs sticking up pumping wildly.
• Klaxxon summons other Illithids to battle the Triskaidecadragon.
• The Triskaidecadragon lunges forward one head biting Block and seems to be nearly dead, another head barfs up a rainbow at the Illithids destroying several by disintegration/petrification/damage a whole array of effects, the last head bites at Xavier.
• Veth tries to fly around the Triskaidecadragon to help HK-Primus fight Orcus-Primus
• Zhigbar is swallowed by the central head, which Xavier after drawing his wooden sword when I dropped holding hands managed to smash it to bits.
• HK-Primus manages to land several blows against HK-Orcus who taunts HK-Primus and watches as he slams his hands onto the pool to flush himself down the pool.
• The Triskaidecadragon collapses as HK-Orcus-Primus is flushed, HK-Primus moves into the pool to follow suit.
• Zhigbar is pulled into the gears as he was inside Triskaidecadragon and crushed along with the evil dragon.
• HK-Primus suddenly transforms into Primus himself inside the Pool and is spit out from Primus so there is now a Primus and HK-58 but not before he saves everyone in the party except Veth who jumped into the pool after HK-Orcus while holding his book could not be detected by a full god.
• Primus tells HK-58 that the purpose/mission is not done and Mechanus is not safe until it is and teleports us someplace / we vanish
• We reappear outside next to a dilapidated shrine. The sky is full of Gears giving off a blueish glow like an evening, HK-58 realizes we are in one of the under nine worlds and the shrine is to one of Shaundakel. Veth is not with us.
• Dalarn joined us, as HK-Primus was not aware of Veth due to the book, which prevents gods from seeing them.


Only if we live, some of us have gone missing, who knows the adventure must press onwards!



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