Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Clockwork Mechanus – Part 1

LC6-150-Part 1

Players Present: Pimfire/Amuka, Xavier/Kensai, Clearice/HK-58, Zhigbar/Zimb, Lilly/Lucy
Absent: Bill, Dalarn/Veth
NPCS: HK’s rival who goes by Orcus Lord of Chaos, Klaxxon (Illithid ally), Block (Formorian Giant), Serina (Celestial),
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire/Amuka

Mission Objective: Go to Mechanus and stop Orcus/HK’s rival who kidnapped the rest of the Midnight Menagerie and is planning to destroy Mechanus.

Discussion/Side note: Covered details on The Clockwork City of Mechanus it was all listed in discord by Joe. High Risk High Reward mission to the plane of Mechanus. We had to choose our characters for tonight’s mission. HK-58 had to go for Robert however as did Lucy we were told. The other’s chosen for this mission were Amuka, Xavier and Zhigbar. No spells with “chaos” works in Mechanus and conjuration comes out as constructs traits. Spells involving things like “heat metal” work stronger as do most earth spells. Violence is not tolerated on certain cogs we’ve been told.

Scott’s (Pimifire/Amuka) Direct Notes

• As we returned to Midnight Keep, we see the gates have been smashed/open.
• Some head inside while others stand outside asking what happened. A big thing made out of metal had four arms and knocked the door in, screams followed from inside.
• We do not see anyone but find a black cube that looks like the opposite of HK the evil version but with eyes and gears out of symmetry and has four arms. He calls himself “Orcus lord of chaos”. Standard idiot monologue about not leaving people unguarded and our companions have been taken.
• He has an army of demons, is attacking Mechanus, and invites us to try to stop him. He thinks HK is Primus.
• HK leads us to the temple of Gond to use their Planar Cannon to fire us to Mechanus in exchange for his boon he has from them. But he can’t get us all the way to Primus without a Key but they can get us Close to it. We debate over getting close and not knowing our location since it can be dangerous. Xavier prays to Torm about going and as he says “Bane” we find ourselves plane shifted lol
• We arrive in a very dark place, a flash of light and everything is very shadowy. There is a woman made out of light with waves coming off her. It is Clearice’s genie Familiar.
• The Ground suddenly shifts and a large feeling of the world in motion as the Cogs Turned. We are inside a 40×40 room as someone casts Light.
• As H, flies Lucy and Zhigbar up to the next room they make a deal to help an Illithid escape to go after Orcus.
• Things are tense working with the Illithid. Klaxxon.
• We all fly up to the next room through a combination of spells, natural ability and magical boots. Of course this next room is occupied with a 6ft hunched Quasimodo. His name is Block and he is somewhat stupid. I like him.
• We arrive on a lush field of Grass. We suspect we are on Arcadia Cog.
• Block turns into a 30ft tall Formian Giant.
• We all mount up or get a ride with the Formorian Giant. We encounter a celestial being accosted by 3 modron’s who look darker and twisted in a non-symmetrical. They get smashed easily.
• The celestial also thinks HK is Primus and goes by the name Serina. She thinks Orcus is on the Protorian Cog trying to get at Ioun.
• A debate over where we should go issues and we decide to head to save Ioun in the hopes of getting another ally. The Gears/Cogs shift again.
• We choose to speed up and try to avoid confrontations. Many towers on Regulus have fallen and the machine is not working at peak efficiency.
• We make it to Protorian after almost a day of travel.
• We see them sieging the castle.
• They see Primus/HK and the entire horde comes charging to which HK decides to lead the wave of enemies towards the Colony in the hopes that the Formorian are still there and able to fight against the wave of evil modron’s.
• We avoid the Shadow Modron (negative energy) that are attacking the colony and get on the Formorian Side. Meanwhile the Haste Spell I cast on Block has not faded after an hour like WTF!
• We are stopped by 4 Formorian Guards and Block starts to cry for his mommy from the fear of running for his life. HK/Primus asks to visit the Queen Mother of Formorians and they lead us to her. Leads us into a big factory.
• She wants to wait until they push Bane out of the plane but HK thinks we need to move now against them.
• We gain a horde of 3000 formorian-armored giants where we can fight the army at the center of Regulus and most likely have to fight a number of hordes of enemies.
• We rest and regain spells and the Haste Spell on Block is still in effect. So much, we think it a good idea to haste an army of Formorians.
• We call it a night here and make a few ideas for getting through the evil horde.


Upon completion. if we survive



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