Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Players Present: Amuka, Kensai, Veth, Zimb, Lucy, HK-58
Absent: Bill
NPCS: Sir Trevor Timus & Sir Randel Devillars (Keepers of the Mystic Flame), Sir Ovulous Manners (Right Hand of Tyr), Dame Glory Sunshine (Golden Rooster), Abishi demons.
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire/Amuka

Mission Objective:

Discussion/Side note: Lilly introduced her low-level character “Lucy Hayfever” / Xavier introduced his new low-level character Kensai Nero. We have a series of private convo’s to discuss player development and level up. We find out we are staying in Moss Bridges for a few days and we are placed in a guesthouse outside of town.

Scott’s (Pimfire/Amuka) direct notes

• We find out a couple of Knights of the Keepers of the Mystic Flame, A knight of Right Hand of Tyr and a Golden Rooster are on their way to help in Moss Bridges. Names listed in NPC line.
• We are told of un-kill able demons kept captive in Moss Bridges and asked to help to find a way to destroy them.
• HK, Kensai and Lucy are sent from Ravens Bluff to help out also (our missing friends and new friends)
• We meet up with them and watch as Lucy battles a Hill giant and forces it to yield to her in hilarious combat.
• We hear a commotion and rush to find a guard barracks smashed with a demon that has broken free in the streets fighting a citizen who is trapped the demon can’t quit reach him.
• We manage to restrain it long enough or guards to arrive and pin it using spears they drag it off as we discuss methods of attempts to kill it they may not have tried. It seems they have tried a lot but not freezing it in solid ice yet.
• Just then the Knights from Ravens Bluff arrive to offer assistance
• Sir Ovulous Manners stops a little girl from stabbing Veth in the back during our attempts to stop the demon. She runs off but Veth claims the knife.
• We follow him as he goes to inspect the demon and its new jail cell.
• He pins the demon down with his knee on its neck. Shoves his fist down its mouth and the other onto its forehead and speaks in Celestial. Performs an exorcism. In a flash of light, the demon disappears. Instead laying on the floor is an old man covered in goo.
• Amuka thinks Graz’zt cultist that are hidden here are turning people in these demons.
• We lead Sir Ovulous to visit Lady Morlain. He summons a white stallion named “Griffon”
• The visit is straight forward
• The next day the rest of the help arrives in grand fashion thanks to Dame Glory, Lady Morlain seems put out by being on their knees before her.
• We decide to head to the Blushing Gynosphinx now rather than wait until tomorrow after discussing on how to deal with the demons. Turns out the demon must draw your blood. HK cannot perform this. Put Holy Wafers into its mouth; say the line as it bites you.
• Some of us learn the ritual. We get a pouch of wafers and can do the ceremony 3 times each. Only works on things transformed into demons not real demons.
• We storm the Tavern and Sir Randel picks up the tavern keeper by the throat and threatens him to reveal the entrance. He spills the beans on everything he knows.
• We enter the sewers and reach a fork; we hear snarls off to the left. They go the right way and we go the Left.
• Amuka takes the lead and sneaks ahead to scout. Finds 2 demon/possession and they notice me.
• They immediately charge me. Pin me down and bite me up. The rest of the group catches up and watches as Amuka is being turned into one of the demons by a cultist while the demon’s hold me upright, as I am numb and unable to fight back.
• 6 demons and a priest in the room with a crazy gate.
• I finally transform into a demon. Abishi like the rest.
• HK uses his sword and steals the life transforming a poor farmer back but clearly dead his soul gone.
• The cultist reveals to be an Alu Fiend.
• I eventually charge off HK onto Zimb and fly around the field while Veth starts shooting sticky goo at things, as does Zimb.
• It is pandemonium as the group tries to kill the Alu-Fiend. The demon dogs try to drag her back into the portal but the group slams into her and they think they may have done enough damage to kill her before it closed but they are not sure.
• All the demon dogs, myself as well, convulse wildly and transform back.
• Zimb pulls a special stone out shutting the portal off and Lilly smashes the portal.
• We head back to the Fork in the road.
• We meet the Knights and they have rescued a bunch of other people.
• The knights fought a Pit Fiend.
• We stopped an assassination attempt as the Alu-Fiend through the portal caused all the demon dogs to revert and they were able to fight off the assassins once they transformed back.
• We have breakfast the next morning with Lady Morlain.
• As we leave we see a silhouette of 3 young people between the ages of 12 and 13 (possible new Triad in the making as group killed their family in that brawl in the streets when first made Moss Bridges)
• On the way back home Dame Glory speaks to the group about the incident and attempts to inspire all of us to do better and be better squires.




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