The Realm of Mechanus


Information on the Clockwork City of Mechanus

Mechanus is a massive plane made of an infinite number of interlocking gears, each home to unique features. It is the plane of lawful neutrality, where law and structure rule above good and evil.

1. Regulus – Regulus is the inner district of Mechanus, the cog around which all others turn. It has four quarters, each governed by a Secondus Modron. Each quarter has four quadrants, ruled by Quartons. Each quadrant is further divided into four sectors, ruled by an Octon. At the intersection point of all four quarters, there is a palace that is almost totally symmetrical. Inside resides the One and the Prime, Primus. Primus is entirely and totally connected to every part of Regulus and all the modrons, which he can alter at will.(edited)

2. Neumannus – Neumannus is a cog dominated by factories, run by the dutiful, industrious Formians and designed by the brilliant, focused modrons. A group of eight outsiders, called the Elders, commissioned the Formians and Modrons to assist them in the making and upkeep of Neumannus, which they agreed to for a large sum of Astral Diamonds. From Neumannus, the Elders manufacture Inevitables. which are designed to hunt down and punish those guilty of a particular crime.

3. Arcadia – Arcadia is the only gear that bears much natural life: in place of clockwork structures and complex machines, there are flat plains with perfectly symmetrical, unblemished plants that naturally grow in orchard-like rows. The modrons made Arcadia from a magical apple gifted to them by the generous Guardinals of Elysium. They usually show no favor towards beauty, but they felt it was necessary to retain balance after the arrival of Bane’s Acheron in Mechanus.

4. The Colony – The Colony is the home of the Formorian Queen Mother, the supreme ruler from which all Formians were born. She lives in a massive castle of gleaming silver metal, and is constantly attended to by legions of her children. Formians rarely tolerate any other species on this gear.

5. Acheron – Acheron is the largest cog, and the most dangerous, home to the war god, Bane. Acheron is full of training camps, legions of marching armies, and fortresses outfitted for complete and total war. Acheron was once a part of Baator, but Asmodeus cast Bane out as he was not an archdevil. Through a powerful ritual, Bane transported his armies to Mechanus and laid waste to a cog, much to the displeasure of the modrons. In order to balance out the obvious evil of Acheron, the modrons created Arcadia, a place more strongly good.

6. Protorian – A gleaming cog inscribed with complicated formulas and arcane writings, Protorian is the dwelling place of the goddess Ioun. Everwatch Citadel, where she resides, is a crystal tower topped with a powerful scrying gem from which she observes every plane. Her arcane servants spend every moment observing and recording information in vast archives which stretch deep below the Citadel. Protorian is a city full of libraries and other places of learning, a place many scholars and wizards seek for the vast knowledge held there. Ioun welcomes these visitors, though any amount of disturbance to Protorian’s peace is swiftly dealt with.

7. Kharu’s Chain – Kharu’s Chain was made by Elgarotin to hold some of the most fearsome entities from the dawn war. It is named for its first prisoner, the Water Primordial Kharu, but also holds a fair number of fallen gods and far realm beasts. Elgarotin no longer oversees it, trusting its amazingly strong magic to hold the inmates inside. Kharu’s Chain itself is divided into many domains, each bearing traits of the inmate who is held there. Each domain attracts former followers of the prisoner, who often try to free their masters but cannot. Ioun now watches Kharu’s Chain warily, well aware that Elgarotin’s magic cannot last forever.

8. Intelligent Species – The modrons, bizarre clockwork creatures of mechanical perfection and unparalleled logic dwell in Regulus. Ant-like and industrious formians are also native to Mechanus. Constructs abound in all of the Clockwork City, and actually outnumber humanoid creatures. A large number of psionic creatures dwell in the city’s underbelly. Illithid and aboleth constantly plot against the modrons and formians, but never succeed in tipping the delicate balance of Mechanus.


The Realm of Mechanus

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