Lord Calvin Longbottle

Regent of the Harbor


Lord Calvin is 37 years old, stands 5’10’ tall, and weighs 175 lbs. He is a handsome man of medium build with hair bleached light brown from many years work in the sunlight. His skin is weathered and brown from his years at sea. His usual garb is that of a successful and wealthy sea captain.CALVIN.PNG


Lord Calvin is Regent of the Harbor of Ravens Bluff. As such, he oversees all harbor operations and sets the harbor regulations (which must be approved by the Lord Mayor). Lord Calvin commands the city’s ships in time of war. As Regent of the Harbor, he is a member of the Mayor’s Council, the city’s policymaking body. Lord Calvin commands six harbor masters. These men are responsible for keeping the city’s fleet in a state of readiness, operating the lighthouse’ patrolling the harbor, collecting tariffs, inspecting and handling cargos, and serving as deputy fleet commanders in war. Harbor patrol is the most important duty. The patrol is maintained at all times, and ships are forbidden to enter or leave the harbor, load or unload cargo or passengers, or conduct any other business during the hours between dusk and dawn. The harbor patrol enforces this regulation strictly, although violations do occur (with the ships of the Merchant’s Guild being prime offenders).

Lord Calvin’s father, Baldric, was an experienced ship’s captain and once one of the harbor masters in Ravens Bluff. He took Calvin to sea as a young boy, giving him a thorough practical education in seamanship. Harbor Master Baldric distinguished himself in action against pirates and smugglers, winning victories even when outnumbered. Baldric was rewarded with a title, an annual stipend, and eventual promotion to Regent. In time, Calvin became a harbor master serving under his father. When Lord Baldric died seven years ago, Calvin inherited the title and was promoted into his father’s job. Lord Calvin has been upholding the tradition, earning a reputation as an efficient, fair, and just administrator.

Encountered during Downunder the Living City, hiring the party to stop the Sea of Fallen Stars from draining.

During Stormwind he hires the party to track down a Ghost Ship.

Lord Calvin Longbottle

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