Lady Melissa Eldarin

Lord Speaker of the Advisory Council


She is a Beautiful female of average height. Over the years her appearance has changed but her long hair and sharp green eyes are same of her most admired physical attributes. She is known for wearing her scimitar of speed, and also have a full dragon scale shield that protects her from certain dragon breath weapons.


Melissa started out her career as many have done in Raven’s Bluff, as an adventurer. But her meteoric rise has placed her far ahead of many of the other adventurers of the city. She has the position as the head druid in the city, her worship to Silvanus well known. This has led to hear taking the position of the speaker of the advisory council for the Council of Lords. She oft has some detractors as she is a frequent user of walls of fire, that have been known to see trees and forests on fire. In her defense this is often done to stop enemies who would probably have done far worse had they allowed to go free. Additionally Silvanus granted her a special spell, Mulch for which she is well known. People who cross her not only die, but quickly become compost to feed the grass and forests, with no chance of being returned to life.

Lady Melissa Eldarin

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