[Hiatus] Dannel of Tyr


3x Potion of Cure Light
Scroll Cure Disease x2
Pearl of Power – First level x2
Dusty Rose Ioun Stone
Folding Boat
Ring of Minor Fire Resistance
half plate +3
+2 Longsword
scroll of protection from evil
figurine of wonderous power: serpentine Owl
masterwork bow
16xblock of incence of meditation
rod of splendor
light mace +1
headband of wisdom +2
cloak of resistance +2
magical 1k gold piece mug worth (1200gp)
6 loaves of elven waybread
ring of feather falling
Boots of tumbling
garland of good health
potion of water breathing
3 pinches of gold pixes dust

500gp diamond
5000 gp ruby
4000 GP Ruby
93 PP
11790 GP
1163 SP
1 onyx 100gp
1,500gp pearl necklace

scarf, key to the city

4 0:detect magic, detect poison, light, stabalize
5+1 1:prot evil, bless, sanctuary, commandx2
4+1 2:align weapon, sound burstx2, restoration
3+1 3:circle against evil, prayer, searing light,
2+1 4:holy smitex2


[Hiatus] Dannel of Tyr

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