Dalarn mac Conloch Runeaxe


Dalarn mac Conloch Runeaxe of the Earthfast Runeaxes born 1292 DR in the desimated Dwarven Ironhold (City) of Earthfast in the Earthfast Mountians within the hall of Alagh Rorncaurak ( The Battle Cavern of Unquenched Valor) the temple ot Clangeddin Silverbeard, the Father of Battle and main patron of Earthfast. His Father Conloch was a smith, and his mother Isabold (Chistlesmith) was a medic and Alaghor (“Those who demonstrate valor in battle”) of Clangeddin. His older brother Gethfrik was a deep explorer and scout.

Then Shield Dwarf Ironhold of Earthfast, then Ruled by Ironlord Torg mac Cei, located on top of the Earthroot of the Underdark with in the Earthfast mountains; had been in a generational long war with the Orcs and Goblins of the Bloody Skull tribe. The once proud and flurishing city of over 100,000 had been attrited to where the Algh Rorncaurak that once stood as the city heart was now its Western hold and the city stood at almost half those numbers. Under constant siege and seemingly doomed to fall, Earthfast was grim and gloomy city, and quiet apart from the sounds of smithing and warfare. Much of it was abandoned and left to decay.

The Earthfast dwarves most value order and honor. They only fight for a good and just cause, and accept death in battle for it. They are described as typically quiet, grim, and moody. They also tend to be battle-hardened veterans, durable and stubborn. Each dwarf is expected to fight or work. They have little time for entertainment, yet on some nights they assemble in the great clan hall to hear songs and stories, and even to dance. Most of the women and children were slaughtered in the war with the orcs and goblins, so few Earthfast dwarves have families. The few children are taught to fight with staves almost as soon as they can stand. Because of the limited amount of births and few women Children are concidered onf of the greatest treasures of Earthfast.

The dwarves are used to subterranean combat, in dark caves and tunnels where noise can echo, hiding enemy movements, and where any light can reveal a position. Therefore, they keep their city and their camps dark and quiet as possible, and the Earthfast dwarves are silent in battle and at work. It is said that silence is a virtue in Earthfast. The most noise they make is when victorious in battle, and even that is a low roar that rumbles and rolls as if emanating from deep inside the earth.

The main industries in Earthfast are mining, smithing, and warfare. The dwarves are talented weaponsmiths, and their axes are sought after. The most prized of all is the famous Earthfast plate armor, but this is quite rare, as the dwarves can not spare the time to make new sets for outsiders, only to repair their own. Though once busy with trade, the siege cut business to a trickle. Some brave peddlers sneak past goblin patrols and through the frontlines to reach Earthfast. They sell simple food supplies, such as fruit, cheese, and seeds, and textiles, in exchange for the valuable weapons and armor of Earthfast.

Dalarn’s early years were very hard and full of violence. He seen lots of war and battle all around him and was kept with the non combatants and the children for most of his youth. Being raised at night by his parents and the watchers ( retired veterans teaching them the art of war from birth) with the other children during the day. More than once a band of Orc and Goblins would make it to the hold and children and protectors would perish before the Hearth Guard ( The internal guard of Earthfast) could push them back. Dalarn never adapted well to his dads work as a smith, but showed great interest in weapons and armor. He almost never let his staff go once he was given it by his mom and would imitate her movements when she did her morning training and would sing Chontar ( “Songs giving fear to the heart of the craven”) with her.

In 1310 DR his cousin Morgalla was born. Her parents Olam Chistlesmith and Thendara Spearsinger could not of been happier. Dalarn reflected the very protective feelings of his aunt and uncle towards Morgalla. Morgalla and Dalarn spent most of their choldhood togehter from there forward, except when Dalarn was with his mother at Algh Rorncaurak. When in the Temple Dalarn spent his time with the other Alaghor and the Clageddite warriors, epecially his mothers friend Cindarm mac Faern.

King Azoun IV Obarskyr of Cormyr came to Earthfast at one point and aided in the war helping the dwarves gain one of their first advatages in a while and cementing an alliance with the Dwarves. During the struggle tragedy stuck Dalarn, during the Orc initial push they made it into Alagh Rorncaurak. His brother had been killed by advanced scouts in the underdark. His father was killed in the forges as the warband pushed into the lower parts of the temple. In the main chambers of the temple Isabold and Cindarm held the main Chamber as best as they could, Clageddite Warrior rushed the Orc lead by Isabold and while they stopped the push and even started to push in return she was cut down by the leader of the warband with her own axe. Darlarn rushed the leader in a fit of rage at watching his mother getting cut down and swung his staff to no effect. The large Orc back handed Dalarn across the chamber and through a symbol of Clangeddin with the axe almost killing him. The leader then turned his attention to Cindarm, the two faught in a pitched battle that ended with the leader having the upper hand. Cindarm was disarmed and knock on to his back with a look of defiance he spit in the Orc’s face as it raised the axe above his head. During their battle Dalarn had regained his feet and through the haze had seen Cindarm disarmed and knocked down. Without thinking he reached down and grabbed the axes that had broke off of Clangeddin’s holy symbol and rushed the Orc as it raised his mother axe over its head. The orc leader growled and started his downward swing when a Chontar filled the air from behind him, he spun around in time to see Dalarn leaping off of a table near by with the axes pulled back behind him. The orc leader could not react in time and Dalarn cleaved its head from its shoulders. Reinforcements arrived right after and Dalarn refusing to back down fought along side them to clear the Temple only stopping when he came across his fathers corpse.

After the battle Cindarm took Dalarns actions as a sign and adopted the child training him in the ways of the Alaghor. Dalarn gave his staff to Morgalla and picked up his mother Dwarven Waraxes that were made by his father and followed Cindarm into Alagh Rorncaurak.

In 1345 DR things went to shit. The Bloody Skull tribe had regrouped and its warbands had grown in number. They launched a surprise assault on Earthfast in great numbers and quickly over whelmed the defense forces. A large number the warriors had just had a long night of drinking to celebrate what they thought was a large victory. As Dalarn and the others were sleeping off the boozes they did not hear or notice the goblins sneak into the hall. When Dalarn awoke it was to the healing magics of an Alaghor as they pulled the dagger out of his ribs. He was one of only a handful of lucky ones. The attack had left Earthfast devastated , Ironlord Torg’s Queen and heir had fallen in the fighting and many of the women and children had been slaughtered. The population had been reduced to less that 10,000 and Earthfast seemed doomed, though Dalarn and many others refused to leave. While out searching the remains of the battle Dalarn was drawn in by singing to find Morgalla singing a dirge for the dead which included her parents. The staff he had given her now adorned with a green jester doll with a yellow hat. Morgalla became famous for singing and entertaining the hold, and while he still felt protective as of her as she was his only family left they grew further apart.

In 1359 DR the rogue princess of Cormyr, Alusair Obarskyr found Earthfast while searching for a lost artifact. Seeing their plight she lent her strength to the hold, fighting along side the Dwarves and teaching them about pole arms. With her knowledge of battle strategies after many battles they routed the Orcs and saved Earthfast. She ended up staying with them an aditional Nine months and in that time she befriended Morgalla who was now known as the bard Morgalla the Mirthful.

In 1360 DR King Azoun called on the Dwarves of Earthfast and other allies to fight in what ended up being called the Horde wars. Ironlord Torg lead an army of around 2000 Dwarves of to war, Morgalla was one of the ones that left. Dalaran chose to stay behind with Cindarm and tend to the Hearth Guard and the Temple as he was officially a Alaghor now and wanted to defend Earthfast as the Orcs while diminished in numbers had not stopped attacking the Ironhold. Months later what was left of the army returned beaten and broken as while the Alliance was victorious Earthfast had lost its Iron lord and a great number of Dwarves had fallen or chose not to return. Morgalla among them.

With Earthfast Ironlord dead the Bloody Skulls re-surged in strength and launched wave after wave of attacks against Alagh Rorncaurak, particularly through the ruined western barracks of the temple. Clan Hammerhand of Ravens Bluff had assisted in the Horde Wars as well and learned of Earthfast’s plight and came to its aid. The Hammerhands were ancestrally tied to both Earthfast and, Dalarn would learn, Sarbreen a Dwarven city that now lay in ruins under the city of Ravens Bluff. The Hammerhands had decided to resettle in Earthfast, and with their assistance it gave the dwarves time to fortify the temple’s defenses. They kept the temple’s central sanctuary and the entrance to the rest of the city free of orcish incursion. Dalaran aided Cindarm as he led veteran Clangeddite warriors in defense of Alagh Rorncaurak, against overwhelming numbers of orcs. Dalarn also fought just as hard beside the members of the Clan befriending them and their leader Garren Hammerhand and learning of their time in Ravens Bluff and of Sarbreen. Two hundred of the Hammerhands became mercenaries to gain experience and earn money to support their clan and went back to Ravens Bluff to operate out of, Dalarn decided to join them feeling that his time in Earthfast had come to an end. The fighting against the Orcs still continues at Earthfast.

Dalarn is a straight forward person, with around 50 years of battle experience and watching friend and family alike fall in front of him, he lives with the idea that each moment could be your last so he does not mince words. He also deeply values his friends and the relationships he forms while the people are there, but quickly moves on when they leave. Like the other Dwarves of Earthfast he values order and honor and will fight to the end for a just cause, and will walk away from one just as quickly that is not. He can be stubborn but is also mentally enduring after years of the stresses of war. His mother and cousin also taught him a love for singing and while he has no talent in it will belt out a Chontar in battle. He was expected to father a family when he hit 50 years of age as was the tradition in Earthfast but had not found the woman for him, he also had lost a testicle in battle and it caused him great pain for many years. Despite the deep history of forge work in Earthfast and Clangeddins teachings pushing smiting Dalarn has never had any talent in that area and as a result focused purely on martial abilities. As an Alaghor of Clangeddin Dalarn hates deceit and does not tolerate treachery. He practices Military training every morning after his prayers and is always looking to share and gain more knowledge and skill.

Because of the events of his past Dalarn does not drink. He wields his Mothers Dwarven Waraxes in the Twin Style tought to Alaghors of Clangeddin.
A missive arrived via bloodied Dwarven messenger, for the Hammerhands. Ravensbluff was in dire straights, a plague had struck the city killing live stock and stopping magic, then the docks were set a light and the city besieged by Ogres and Orcs and other demi-humans, and to top it off the poert had become blockaded. The city was in trouble and Clan Hammerhand had been part of that city since the fall of Sarbreen. With that the mercenaries of Hammerhand marched on the enemies of Ravensbluff. The war of Ravensbuff was long and difficult, many an evil and misfortune fell upon the city. Dalarn being a Alaghor, spent his time tending to the poor and downtrodden of the city and fighting on the front lines defending them. Never once did he turn from battle and more than once he barely escaped death, his years of fighting the Orcs and other deep creatures at Earthfast had more than prepared him for this though. He heard tales in the city of the others fighting to defend Ravensbluff and though he never, or only briefly met any of them he gain respect for them. He even helped to defend temples of other gods though many of them fell. For a time people were cut of from their divine or arcane gifts, something that was attributed to armor of the God Bane. While Dalarn was cut off from his divine gift for a time, he only felt this was a further challenge from Clangeddin as he fell his enemies to quickly and needed tougher foes. The enemy did not seem to have this restriction, as Dalarn is heavily scarred from fire and lightning during this time. He and Clan Hammerhand joined Clan Brightsword when they were raised from Sarbreen and fought the final push of the war.

In the end the City was reclaimed and the rebuilding had begun, Dalarn settled into the poor district of the city working at night to keep them safe and feed and heal them during the day. In his home he set up an altar to Clangeddin and was willing to teach anyone that wanted to know about the Battle father. Do to he courageous actions and valor in battle and defense of Ravensbluff he was offered a Squires position with a couple of the Orders of knighthood with in Ravensbluff. After leaning what this custom meant, he thanked them for the opportunity but he is already sworn to service as in his mind the Knighthood was no different than being an Alaghor of Clangeddin. Since the war he has spent most of his time researching Sarbreen, working as a Corporal in the Night watch, working with the Hammerhands, helping out in the poor quarters, being part of the clerics circle, and the occasional adventure out of Ravensbluff.

Dalarn mac Conloch Runeaxe

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