Ambassador Carrague


Ambassador Carrague is 114 years old, but has the youthful looks of a man of 90. No one knows how tall he is, for he is perpetually stooped and leans on his staff when standing. He is scrawny, and weighs 120 pounds. His flowing white hair and beard make him immediately recognizable to the citizens of Ravens Bluff. Carrague is always attired in a red robe with golden trim. He is sometimes accompanied by King, a well known city dog with his own unique story.

Encountered In:

A Snowballs Chance Asked the party to investigate a mysterious castle.


For decades, Ambassador Carrague has been the honorary building inspector in Ravens Bluff. This was intended to be a sinecure, but Carrague takes it quite seriously, and often can be found meddling in building projects, seeking to ensure greater safety for workers and occupants. Unfortunately, his senility means that Carrague never finishes anything he begins. He has been at his work for so long that no one now remembers that it was only intended as an honorary post. At one point in his career, Carrague handled vital diplomatic negotiations for the city, but he is incapable of such work now. However, his advice on foreign affairs is widely sought, and sometimes useful.

About ninety years ago, the young Carrague completed his apprenticeship under a powerful mage and was cast out into the world to make his own way. He wandered for a time until he found himself at a small tavern in a mountain village. Inside, a sign was tacked up by an elf. The author of the sign, a dazzlingly beautiful elf, named Whisper, sat at a table beneath it. The two struck up a conversation, and soon they formed the nucleus of an adventuring company that included more than a dozen different members over quite a few years. The first and most dangerous outing was against an old temple dedicated to evil. Of the original 12 members of the company, only Carrague and Whisper survived, teaming up with new members as old ones were lost defeating the temple’s forces. In doing so, the story got out that the group accidently released a major demon, and they came under much ridicule. Whisper eventually took care of things by starting the counter-rumor that the demon had intentionally been freed, and while the group for a time gained a bad reputation, the strategy worked; the company became feared and respected. As the years passed, “The Hellraisers” (a nickname coined by Whisper, though Carrague never really liked it) developed into a solid team. For almost 20 years the company stayed together, until a number of its various members built freeholds or retired to enjoy their new wealth. Carrague and Whisper, both deciding to put some distance between themselves and the lands they’d spent so much time in, purchased a ship and set sail, eventually winding up in Ravens Bluff. Whisper dropped her then-current alias, Rhiannon, and assumed her present name, Raven TenTolliver. Both took up separate pursuits, with Raven eventually controlling the city’s powerful Builder’s Guild, and Carrague, meanwhile, renting a comfortable house in order to research many of the mysteries he never had time to deal with before. Several years passed, and because he had a widespread reputation for wisdom, the Lord Mayor at that time requested that Carrague act as Ravens Bluffs ambassador. Carrague was able to obtain help for the destruction of a demonic cult that had arisen near Ravens Bluff. After this successful mission, Carrague became known as “The Ambassador.” In time, he decided to build a tower for his use, and that act became a bone of contention between he and his former comrade, Raven. Carrague refused to employ guild-authorised supervisors, for he believed his own carpentry and masonry skills qualified him for the task. Despite the fact Raven made clear that no exception to the rules would be made for him, Carrague declared he would never mortar one brick as long as the guildss outrageous rules were in effect. The guild never gave in, so Carrague made his point by building a comfortable underground dwelling. 25 Friends of his on the city council appointed him the city’s honorary building inspector to show their support, a move largely meant as symbolic, but one which Carrague takes quite seriously. The rift between he and Raven never fully was bridged, but the two did remain civil, and he occasionally takes meals at the Raven’s Inn. (He refuses, however, to refer to its owner by any name other than Whisper.) Carrague usually will be encountered in any of a number of restaurants, enjoying a bowl of soup. About him frequently are gathered a small knot of people with some disagreement, explaining the problem to him and seeking some jewel of wisdom to settle the matter.

His most recent job was being elevated to the head of the Ministry of Art.

Ambassador Carrague

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