Ravens Bluff, The Living City

The Stroke of Midnight

Player Present: Dresden Drumheller,Faldor Lockeheart,gevus,Mok

NPC Present: Lady Lauren DevillarsCharles Oliver O’kane, Lord Mayor

Dear Journal

Its me again.. Gevus this is another entry about our group adventure. So our day starts like any other day, as we do our weekly shopping we suddenly got stop by boy who has a note for us. This note says “Please join me for lunch this afternoon at precisely highsun at my estate in the city. I may have a task that is particularly well suited to your skills. Dress is casual. Until then, Lady Lauren DeVillars” So after we finish our shopping we head straight to devillars just in time for lunch. As we get there we are ask to complete a mission. This mission requires us to take back this magical bell

that can summon the undead and this was stolen by some one name Black Manta.

Our first clue was to head to a place called Sharkey’s Bar & Grill in which we head to the docks. WIth a little help from my informants we were able to find this place hopefully get some information on where abouts of black manta. As we head inside the bar I was rudely kick out by the bouncer as an act of revenge I decided to urinate in one of the doors of the bar. But I was suddenly caught and after a few arguments they deem me ban from the place. Later I found that they where to able to get some info from the Sahuagins in which they tell us to go this wreckage under water.

When we got there suddenly were attack by sharks and manta rays. We easily dispose of them and then we meet Grukachu in which he offers some trades also a little info on the next part of the quest. We head to this cave in which we find a secret door which lead to seemingly empty werehouse. In which we find evil henchmen and easily fend and then we head to the beach which we find Black Manta and his priest preparing to activate the bell. We ended up stopping them but Black Manta got away from us, but is okay I am sure we will meet him again and bring home down.
So we give back the bell get our reward and I get a little closer to my goal.


vail oil of acid natural resistance
chaiin +2
mace +2
potion cURE light wounds EACH

Xp: don’t rememeber :((



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