Ravens Bluff, The Living City

The Rogue of the World (Fate #4)


Player’s Present:Clearice Eilif,Morrin Telemnar,Mok the Powerful Wizard,Omegasun,Pimfire Tyndal,Xavier Cross
NPC’s:King, Madam Coth, Gevecus, Ambassador Carrague
Run By Andy
Player’s Missing: None
Submitted By: Clearice

Today i received an invitation to a dinner of fate with my favorite Oracle Madam Coth. As i was getting ready i ran into the the rest of the menagerie getting ready having been invited themselves to our illustrious dinner. We rented a carriage and i picked out a new dress and we were on our way to our meeting of fate. We arrive at the 7 tigers inn to find Madam Coth had not yet arrived but we did find Bournetal who told us they were quite busy lately due to The Roost being closed for renovations(Which some how Pim had no idea even though he is a Rooster himself Tsk Tsk). With Golden Roosters around every corner Madam Coth Arrives as we stand to let the Madam take her seat at our table. She sips wine with us and tells us the reason for our meeting. She had gathered us together on this day to tell us of her dreams as of late and to send us to find the Rouge of the World, a famous Rouge who is legendary in the land of Ferun even said to have stolen Eleminsters Pipe. After telling us our mission she hands us a scroll that is an encoded message to the Rouge Of the World. She gave us another scroll that told us the places of interest from her dreams and what happened in her dreams should we forget. It read as such.
Location 1: The Nevin Street Compter: Madam Coth had a dream that a new prisoner was being brought in and that the prisoners name was Forsineous. She checked there but no prisoner of that name was brought in recently. She also checked Belanor’s old room just in case.

Location 2: The Silvermoon Playhouse: Here Madam Coth dreamt about a play involving the rogue. She is not sure if this dream was not the result of overworking the situation. Although the dream had a sort of funny ending as the show did not go on, since the rogue had literally stolen the show.

Location 3: The Crescent Moon Inn: In many recent dreams, Madam Coth has remembered the Crescent Moon, although none of them involved the Rogue directly. She is not sure if anything can be found here, in fact she has had lunch there twice this week without anything occurring.

Location 4: The House of Desires: The magic traders have often been part of Madam Coth’s dreams since the mysterious owners are involved in many events in the city. She is not sure what they might have to offer, but does remember asking for a blue rose in one or two of the dreams.
Along with this scroll she gave us a coin that would glow when the Rouge of the world was near. We decided to go to the Play first (Yayyyy!!!) since it would close if we went anywhere else. As we are we decided that some if us should go in and the others wait outside. Of course i wanted to have an enjoyable night so i insisted on going inside along with Pim and Omega. So we all got in line and purchased our tickets. We enter to seethe beautiful Playhouse, Owned by Lord Lorian Darkarrow, stunned by its beautiful architecture. We order some drinks from the bar and proceed to our seats. The play tells a story of 2 star struck lovers who belong to two different warring factions in the city that they live in. It had started out as a beautiful love story but ended tragically as they both died in a heartbroken suicide. The play went on without a hitch and the coin i held never started glowing but as a final effort we went down to see the play-master Yvandolyn. We asked him if anything suspicious had gone on lately relating to a rouge but he said things were great actually and that he has guest performers quite often to which Pim offered to be one if he needed a performer. He thanked Pim for the offer and we parted ways. We met with the group outside who had nothing to report so we decided to travel to the House of Desires next to look for our elusive Rouge. We arrived to find a Lady named Donna who was watching the Shop while Seraphane was away. She said she hadnt heard of any Blue Roses but had some items for sale we could buy if we helped her with a Riddle. We agreed to help her with her Riddle of course if only just to help. It went as follows:

Two grandmothers, with their two granddaughters;
Two husbands, with their two wives;
Two fathers, with their two daughters;
Two mothers, with their two sons;
Two maidens, with their two mothers;
Two sisters, with their two brothers;
yet only six all lie buried here;
All born legitimate, from incest clear.
How might this happen?
She tells us it was found on a Mausoleum in the kingdom of Mulhorand.
We deduce that it must be If two widows had a son each, and each widow married the son of the other and had a daughter with there new husbands, all the relationships would be non incestuous. She thanked us for our help and sold Mok a wand of icestorms with 25 charges. After we finished up in the house of desires we decide the best place to go to since it was still late would be the Crescen Moon inn. We arrive outside to see a young beggar who me and Pim give a coin to. He tells us to take heed for when you enter the inn you are cleaned. Thanking him for his words of warning we enter and the magic coin glows for a moment than pops and fizzles. The head cook approached me asking what that thing was (He kinda scared me) so i replied i dint know so he shooed me out into the street. Crestfallen i sat down waiting for my companions outside. Xavier joined me outside so i wasnt alone thankfully. After what seemed like ages the others exited telling us they now know the name of thew Rouge and were to look for him so we made haste towards The Swill And Spill. On the way Omega gave me a piece of food that was much appreciated since i wasnt able to eat at the inn. We arrived at the Spill and Swill to be escorted in by some lovely Street thugs. We buy them drinks inside and are greet by a halfling claiming to be the one we are looking for named Mohammed. Pim, drunkenly i might add, calls him out on his bluff as he tries to get us to give him magical items for his trouble. Realizing he had been made he threw out coins of darkness across the room. He escaped before i could true seeing through the darkness. I cast Daylight on the room to dispel the darkness allowing everyone to see. As we decide what to do a Halfling comes from behind the bar holding up the scroll we were sent to deliver. Standing before us is the actual rouge of the world Gevecus who stole that scroll from Mohammed after he tried to steal it from us. After opening it and introducing himself he tosses it to us to decipher. We fail to decipher it faster than him so he just takes it and shows us up telling us the message inside. He tells us that King, The hero Dog, has been kidnapped. He remembers seeing a group of dogs in the sewer captured by some robed figure but hadnt thought anything of it till now. He tells us we must go down into the sewers to see if one of those dogs was King while he goes to check some other ideas. As we enter the seewer we come to a water filled room that Omega immediately begins walking across on the edge. As he reaches the halfway point a Death Tyrant floats out of the water attacking him and Pim. Pim falls into the water while Mok flanks the Undead blasting it with magic Morrin following suite. It backs into the back of the room turning Morrin to stone, though we didnt realize till later. Omega Xavier and Mok Slay the undead and than we realize that Morrin was turned to stone by the Death Tyrant. We decide to leave him for now so that we may confront the robed figure and save King. We continue on through the passage way to find a door to a room full of Ice Hounds. We are attacked by them immediately but Mok disintegrates them all with an acid ball. Whe enter the room to see King along with 5 other dogs. We than saw a now melted stairway leading upwards to trap door with which we all travel up to Mok and Omega leading the way. They open it and enter before everyone else but by the time i try to lookmup into it there is an awful cloud covering the trap door Xavier and I opt to not climb through as we dont know what the Cloud was. We begin to notice the floor charring and sagging so we flee back down the stairs to avoid whatever fire is above. Mok and Omega than come down telling us of the 2 casters who were upstairs that ran as soon as they were injured and the large fire elemental they had conjured to protect them. And if that wasnt crazy enough we were underneath the Roost all along and the Elemental almost burned it to the ground had it not been for Mok and his quick thinking using the rod of extinguishing! Than after all of that happened we returned to wear we left Morrin and he was nowhere to be seen!!! We met up with Madam Coth and Gevecus Who congratulated us on a job well done. We were rewarded with a Magical Pipe and some magical armor bracers but we still didnt know of Morrins fate till Gevecus told us to look for him where one would rest handing us a vial to cure his stone state. We followed his hint and found Morrin at his bed. We used the liquid on him and returned him to normal thus ending our wild night in the city. Though i do wonder what Madam Coth had been saying when we left but oh well Morrin is safe now and thats what matters.

Ivory Pipe of Aroma – when smoked this pipe creates a warm, friendly scent in a 10-foot cubic area. It can produce the scent of any plant, or woodland scent including garlic and wolfsbane. This scent has no game mechanic effect—it just smells nice. Scents which would drive away hostile creatures (such as wolvesbane or garlic repelling werewolves) provide no more protection from the creatures than the actual plant would provide(Mok)
-These robes provide AC 4 protection to evil wizards and priests, AC 6 protection to neutral wizards and priests, and no protection to anyone else. The robes are permanently black with a bloodstained design. Undead are automatically non-hostile to the wearer. The robes have the permanent smell of death and repulse normal animals and reduce Reaction checks among humanoids by one category (worse) for the whole group of people with the robe wearer.(Turned in for tithe Credit)
-Bracers of Armor +4(Clearice)



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