Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Player’s Present: Morrin Telemnar, Frek, Clyve, Jorktan (Left Halfway)
NPC’s Present: Ser Sebastion Silverlocke, Sir Alcides Von Tighe

An Entry in the Journal of Morrin
Son of Draxxius
Mightiest Dragon of Raven’s Bluff

The world is a wonderful place! That’s what I tell myself at least. How can it not be, look at the sun, the stars, the beauty of it all! And adventure of course! Why, when I was a young Dragon I always wondered what I would do with my life, playing pranks on foolish humans, eating insects and berries and fruit, or maybe I’d grow mighty and fearsome like my father, Draxxius. Who knew I’d end up in a GREAT BIG city like Raven’s Bluff?

Anyways, I should report this so I can get that bucket of Alchemical Cement for Omega’s door. He’ll never know it was me!

The last adventure of the Menagerie was a fabulous one! I got to see that pushover of a Red shown that he wasn’t all that! That’s right, I am the Mighty DUSK! Errr, sorry notes, I guess you didn’t need to know that. What am I doing? Talking to the notebook while writing?

After breakfast we headed to the Wizard’s guild to meet with Ser Sebastion Silverlocke, Dean of Abjuration in the Wizard’s Guild. Once arriving the Dean informed us that old wrinkly face, Von Tigh, had gone missing somehow. How does such a powerful wizard get caught so easily? I should ask Mok. Just goes to show how not powerful they really are. Hmmm.

Anyfly, it was known he was somewhere in the Sea of Fallen Stars, not moving, so we were being hired to go investigate and try and rescue the old bloke. Silverlocke’s assistant was going to help steer the ship, a fella named Tim. Turned out that Tim was kind of rude but at least he knew what he was doing when it came to the ship.

The trip took a while, that it did, about 6 hours or so, I was zooming around the ocean looking for some tasty fish. After sailing for a while we found ourselves upon an unknown island! As our ship got close, something hit and damaged the boat. Poor old Tim got pulled into the water by a big ol’ water snake and then carried off by sea lions, and we later found out he had died. I didn’t really like Tim, and I would have happily booted him over the ship to teach him some manners, but him dying was sad.

We then started walking around the island to collect the tokens. Err wait, no. First we met the Water Nymph. She helped get everyone else to shore cause the boat was sinking. Yeah, that’s what happened. Then she explained how there was some sort of game, with 5 tokens of 5 different colors (Blue, Black, Green, White, Red) needed to be collected. The game was called “The Gathering” and all participants on the island were stuck there, until someone won or something. Either way it seemed old wrinkle face was on the island, trapped in the game, and we needed to free him. The beautiful Nymph, I guess she was a Water Genie actually, was oh so kind and gave us her token.

Oh, I almost forgot. Some Pirate named Quelzar Naisman was the one responsible for this all. I guess he was also wanted in the city. Supposedly he was in the center of the island, where we needed to bring all of the tokens once we had collected them to finish the game. Okay, go!

First Area: Blue, we got it. Moving on!

Second Area: Black. Marshy and swampy. Terrible place really. We found a mosuleum in the swamp on dry ground. We fought some Wights and Wraith’s, one even tried to attack me! The bastard. Of course the Menagerie handled them. Then a Bane Lich showed up and Paralyzed Morrin and Clyve. Frek bartered with it and it let them go. Stupid Bane LIch. If I had just been able to get close to it, I would have shown it what was up. Yep, yep! But we scared it off and left. With the black token in hand in exchange for it’s phylactery




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