Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Player’s Present:Clearice Eilif,Morrin Telemnar,Pimfire Tyndal,Xavier Cross
Run By Mok
Player’s Missing: Omega said would be late never showed
Submitted By: Pimfire

Memoirs of a Bard,

As the fat old mule I ride roams around a very dark forest I write what may very well be my last thoughts on this long and adventurous life I have lived. Many is the tale I could tell and have over my time here on Faerûn yet none so strange or amazing as these last 24 hours for I was but a young halfling a day ago. We had traveled on a secret mission to a place I can’t name and there came upon an ancient relic we were to investigate. It was this relic which when we solved its mystery and activated it that accelerated our aging process aging me drastically on the spot along with my companions.

I remember how very dark the room became and everything beyond a couple feet was just a blur. Even now I have to squint as my face is pressed against the paper as I write this, Stop bouncing me around! Now look what you made me right. Gesh. Sorry about that but Omega is not what he used to be. Complaining all the time about mud. I do not see any mud the ground just looks like a gray blob of concrete, stupid barbarian go eat another book! Where was I? Oh, yes back in my time we respected our elders and listened to what they had to say so pay more attention and stop getting distracted!

Now as I was saying when we came too and realized what had happened I got an urge to eat supper so badly I knew it must have been about midafternoon and this delightful meal was laid out by some bus boys I never did catch his name. Anyways after just a few bites and some horrible jokes that nice young man helped me to my room and I gave him a candy, he is so sweet if your ever visiting him tell him I said so. Now where was I? Dang it right its naptime. Don’t you know it is rude to wake up your seniors! Come back in the morning.

The following morning we set out to find somebody I cannot remember about the thing that had caused us to age. I remember along the way Omega just stopped dead cold in his tracks would not take another step and some female youngsters started getting all-uppity towards us. I gave them a good scolding about how they outta treat old folks better and if any of them came closer, I would smack’em upside the head. What do ya know but after I was finished ranting at them they ran off like a bunch of cowards because not one of them came forth for an ass whooping!

Later some guards tried to give us trouble but I chased them off too waving my trusty cane at them even to the point where I threw it! But this sweet young thing named Candy came up to me later and gave me back my cane, she was sweet so I gave her a candy and apparently Morrin said she could play with Dusk. Then some big strong guy, much stronger then Omega got in the way of a charging blob, can only assume Morrin let his Rhino out, and he was nice think his name was Brutus he listened for a while until the old mule came over put me back on his shoulders and dragged me off to a Tavern, which was nice of him to do so as I was getting thirsty. Hey, watch the door! Dang it Omega stop causing me to write what I am saying to you!

I would like to mention that I did not die of old age that day or for many days to come I hope. We got the curse lifted by a mage in that tavern and there was many a crowd to entertain for the couple of days we spent visiting with the locals. So many where curious as to what happened I found myself repeating the story to the point where I fear it’s grown into some sort of legend amongst the local populace. It was in front of a crowded tavern that we aged backwards to our youthful selves and that kind of thing is not seen often. For now, just excuse the above memoirs for there is many more tales to fill this journal with before such time, as I need to recount a bardic life well lived.



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