Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Players Present:Omegasun, Morrin Telemnar, Pimfire Tyndal, Xavier
NPC: Lord Chancellor Arvin Kothonos, Brian Robbinton, Cypress Thornguard, Grislena, Kraven Deerg
Player’s Missing: Clearice
Player’s Absent: None
Game Master: Mok
Posted By: Pimfire Tyndal

With a summons to meet with Lord Chancellor Arvin Kothonos so began our day into what would end up being a disastrous event that has led to a disadvantageous treaty with the Sembians to supply our fair city with lumber at a costly rate.

Lord Chancellor Arvin told us of a logging company called the Old Growth Clearing Company which was hired to supply the city with timber in it’s rebuilding after the war and no recently shipments and communication have stopped completely. No one has heard anything in the past 2 weeks from them. He asked us to go investigate their camp and see what the problem is and if possible to resolve it otherwise in 4 days time he would enter into negotiations with some ambassadors of Sembia for trading rights on timber and end up costing the city far more money than needed.

Along the way to the logging camp we encounter a farmer screaming for help and rush to his farm’s aid where several Ankhegs are terrorizing them. We vanquish them easily and even manage to restore life to Brian Robbinton the farmer who requested our aid when he was mortally wounded in the fight. Several of his sheep were slaughtered before we could help and knowing the vital importance of those who work the land outside the city walls I offered to cover the cost of those sheep. As thanks he invited us to lunch and even provided me with a gift in the form of a couple magical darts. He also tells us of a druid and sacred grove that are in the forest.

We had to hurry on our way after lunch to make the logging camp before nightfall and as we arrived we found the entire camp it seems slaughtered by some sort of toxic gas or acid attack judging by the burns on the bodies. Searching the camp we find a log book that details how the local druid of the grove harassed the loggers and wanted them gone for violating the forest. There was even mention of sights of a dragon in the area. Figuring our best course of action was to find the druid we followed directions in the book to the heart of the sacred grove.

Upon arrival at the grove we found the land dead with all the trees and plant life appearing poisoned and lifeless. The druid one Cypress Thornguard tells us the land itself is cursed following an attack during the war and he’s been trying to remove the curse. It seems the druid was aware of a dragon in the forest and asked the dragon for aid in scaring the loggers but instead must have decided to slaughter them. All that is except for Kraven Deerg the owner and leader of the logging camp whom it’s taken for torture. We are unable to really meet eye to eye with Cypress and leave only to return the next morning and strike a deal to send aid up to help remove the curse by sending clerics of Chauntea to his aid. In exchange he takes us to see the Green dragon. I argued earlier that morning we should kill the dragon but all we could come to agreement was that we’d try and save Kraven since he didn’t deserve to be tortured by such an evil creature for simply trespassing on a sacred grove of trees.

Lead down into a hidden tunnel we travel until we reach a rock doorway. There Cypress asks us to wait while he speaks with the dragon to gain permission to negotiate. After awhile he comes back and requests us to leave all our weapons outside which we agree to. Once inside we are face to face with a very old large green dragon calling herself Grislena.

A bargain is struck to release Kraven in exchange for several magical items we carry. We try and strike another bargain to prevent further bloodshed should loggers return but the dragon poised an impossible scenario which after review there was no correct answer to and so does not agree to further hostilities should anyone else enter the forest.

We return back to Raven’s Bluff with Kraven and hand him over to the city for trial as he violated an ancient treaty to not disturb the sacred grove of Chauntea as well to find out if he’s accountable for actions leading to the death of nearly 50 men and women. Lord Chancellor Arvin Kothonos was not pleased we were unable to deal with the dragon and upset that we’d bring Kraven back but not also Cypress who clearly was in league with an evil dragon. We agree to return and take him into custody and try and clear the dragon out but it’s too late and he must negotiate a deal with the Sembians for timber.

Upon returning to the grove with several priests of Chauntea Cypress is arrested and the grove is restored as the curse is lifted. The dragon seems to have fled the forest as we cannot find any sign of it in the lair.

We later learn that the courts deemed Kraven and Cypress crimes to be decided by the cleric circle. Kraven is let off since 2 weeks of torture by a green dragon is deemed punishment enough but his company must for the next year plant 2 trees instead of 1 for each tree they remove. Cypress however is another matter and the mere fact he’d consort and ask the aid of such an evil creature as a green dragon showing no remorse for the lives of the 50 dead loggers lost as a result is sentenced to life as a mass murdered in the Golden Ball prison. He is also excommunicated from the church of Chauntea.

3500 XP

Scimitar inside Ankheg “Evergreen.” Scimitar of haste +2, +3 for druids and rangers- This scimitar is +2, but in the hands of druid or ranger, it is +3. When wielded by a druid or ranger, the blade dimly glows an olive green (light, 20’ radius) and allows the wielder to cast haste upon himself or herself. The haste effect lasts one turn and consumes one charge. The scimitar has five charges remaining, and once used the scimitar becomes a scimitar +1. Value: 10,000 g.p. (Party Treasury)

3 Darts of Mistletoe Darts that do 1d2 poison damage + up to max 2 strength damage + strike as brilliant energy and ignore all armor and protection. (Pimfire)

Offered Dragon / Items removed from inventory
+1 Composite Shortbow (Pimfire)
Potion of Water Walk (Pimfire)
Gloves of Larceny (Pimfire)
500 gold (Pimfire)
+1 Keen Flachion (Omega)
Cap of Light (Omega)
200gp emerald with Mages Sword lvl 16 (Morrin)
1 Green Garnet of Magic Missiles (Morrin)



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