Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Elementally Speaking:Stone Cold! Part 2


Players Present: Clearice Eilif, Morrin Telemnar, Mok the Powerful Wizard, Omegasun, Pimfire Tyndal, Xavier Cross
NPCs: Warhawk Starson
Run by Andy
Submitted by Clearice

We have had a bit of good luck on this longest of days. Following a lead we got after the ambush in the temple district (Those damned circle members summoned Roosters into the middle of the temple district!) we have actually found Lady Devillars kids and we have learned of others who the circle are after (Sgt Rockcrusher in particular). Of course, this came at no small price as Xavier Scraped past death twice once at the hands of an archer in the temple district and another time as we seiged the room at the Crescent moon inn inhabited by the lovely bitch Jarandella and her despicable cohort Marena.

That room was a piece of work for sure though it was 3 times larger than it should have been and must have had a failsafe against extradimensional spaces due to Mok not accidentally killing us all. Of course, they had more Roosters in this room as well with their dreaded spores, but we managed to defeat our foes even if the real circle members escaped.

I am left wondering though if those lesser members were the same ones that attacked us in the temple district. They seemed to use similar magic and even looked the same though slightly different in the face. The cleric summoned the Roosters while the mage buffed the fighters around them all. The archer seemed to know magic of his own as well but his arrows were most familiar of all and very painful. At the temple district they had been far more bloodthirsty though a few of us might have even died had it not been for Warhawk Starsons entrance to the fray. I only regret not being more helpful in that battle but I ended up stuck inside of the building due to the haste of the guard with the portcullis. I fear that the confrontation ahead of us may be the most difficult of all. The circle will be all in one place I only hope they will be as tired as we are now so we stand a chance against the power of their magic. Maybe Warhawk will be able to give us some help if he has repelled the attacks on the Roost and Griffin Hall in time. I do believe the threat and danger are rising as we ride towards the 7 Tigers Inn this evening.

400 gold on dead
magic ring(Quirky ring of water shape changing)The ring allows the wearer to polymorph into a water creature once per adventure. The new form must be the same mass as the PC in normal form. The transformation lasts for one turn. Each use drains one charge. The ring starts with 15 charges 10 minute time



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