Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Player’s Present: Morrin Telemnar, Pimfire Tyndal, Xavier Cross, Omega
NPC’s: Taylin, Dunsil, Berl Barrel Master, Sherry, Master Bard Arulis, Sunlord Tris Dawnwatch, KING
Run By: Mok
Player’s Missing: Clearice – Was known/work related travel
Submitted By: Pimfire

Dear Journal:

So far no sign of the Triad, will continue to keep looking and posting wanted signs up around town offering 100 gold towards tips as leading to the arrest of the Triad (the city put a 500g bounty on their arrest each). Morrin checks with the wizard guild and finds out Mr. Pointy is checking through a thing called the “familiar network” something no one has ever heard off. Xavier is praying for Shadow. Omega posts an offer BY Dolly of three casks of ale for tips down by the harbor and a favor from Dolly.

Our Adventure

A summons one morning to Ironleaf Manor to met Taylin brought us upon a strange quest, for you see it was his wife who pregnant was subject to strange cravings that was deemed magical or a curse and in order to break we’d need to solve a list of 10 riddles and gather the corresponding items.

We immediately recognized Riddle 7 as being some blood from KING the noble dog who wanders Raven Bluff and that Riddle 2 refers to Sharkey’s Bar and Grill. Xavier figures Riddle 1 has something to do with a druidic grove, while Morrin manages to figure out Riddle 4, 6 and 8 being various locations one of which involves the gaining of a midwife. Out of all the items we had to collect that one probably made the most sense.

We headed off to the Briar Patch and there was greeted by a young fellow named Dunsil who seemed enthralled by having Xavier, his hero, to talk to. Thanks to Xavier’s fame, he gifted us with some acorns, berries and pinecones that were required for helping Taylin’s wife. We then decided to check out the marketplace while searching for some of the other stuff on the list as I kept a handy ham bone for trying to find KING.

At the marketplace, we spread out with Xavier and Omega checking for a quilt (riddle 5), while Morrin and myself approached a dwarf to see if he could help us figure riddle number 3. Berl Barrel Master, a tinker by trade, informed us we would need a beard and immediately refused to offer any part of us for nothing less than an outrageous amount of money. I managed to get him to offer us part of his beard if I could convince a lovely woman named Sherry who attended the Baker’s Stand across the way to kiss him. Using my good old charm and simple logic on how she could humiliate the dwarf by having him shave his beard all for a single kiss on the lips she agreed. Berl was stunned when Sherry kissed him and unwittingly cut far more of his beard off then he intended. Prize in hand we rejoined Xavier and Omega who managed to find a quilt.

Those two knuckleheads sent me on a fool’s errand to Miss McGee’s shop where I was chased by an old lady with a broom through a marketplace for simply being a halfling. The crowd loved it and I started playing up to them dancing comically away from her. I even went so far as to purchase some more cinnamon tarts from Sherry to share with Omega and Xavier but somehow slipped tossing them directly into both their faces as I went to give them theirs, needless to say everyone had a good laugh.

It was not until we were leaving the marketplace and heading for the temple of Lathander to find a midwife that Omega dropped to the ground as a small halfling stabbed him, grabbed dolly and took off running. I chased after him but bumped into Master Bard Arulis, feeling a fool I asked him which way my quarry went. Following his riddle based direction I sprinted through the alleyways and out onto a scene of KING attacking the halfling only to see KING stabbed by a poisonous dagger. I immediately drew a bead on the culprit ordering him to throw down his weapons and dolly, at which point the rest of my companions arrived. Omega got dolly back and the culprit gave up the antidote, which I used on KING, healing his wounds while I collected a sample of his blood off the streets for our scavenger hunt. It was at this point the city watch arrived and seeing KING place his paw on top of the small halfling they took him into custody as that is a sign of KING placing someone under arrest. It turns out that Riddle 9, which was near impossible to figure, became clear in the form of the Halfling’s antidote. Lucky for us he had several dosses enough or Omega and the wife.

We arrived at the temple of Lathander without further incident and convinced a midwife by name of Sunlord Tris Dawnwatch to attend to Taylin’s wife later in the evening once we have collected the rest of the items needed. We then head to Morigan’s Complete Components and collect 15 gold fish as well some Blowfish Wine as I was able to put up a wanted posted for information leading to the Triad.

At the Beginning Adventurers Benevolent Equipment Society we discovered a house with a partially opened door and strange muttering sounds coming from inside. Attempts at normal knocking failed so I used magical noise to amplify the sound only to interrupt someone and unleash 4 hook horrors on us. Omega and Xavier made short work of them and inside we found a gentleman who was upset with us for disturbing his work and causing a mess of things. We helped clean up and he gave us what we came for a strange box with something inside for Taylin’s wife.

Finally onwards to the last location which we know to be Sharkey’s Bar and Grill we reach the docks near the pier closest to Sharkey’s and three men approached us. Introducing themselves as Pete, Bill, and Todd they offer to sell us potions of water breathing that last for 1 hour for only 50 gold. While we didn’t really need I took pity on their constant need to educate new comers to Sharkey’s Bar and Grill that it is indeed underwater and they really do require a method such as the one they offer to reach it by helping spread some tales around town later of where to go to get discounted potions of water breathing for short periods of underwater activities.

As we enter Sharkey’s through the middle entrance, a waiter greets us who then takes us to a table. I order the most expensive food stuffed with the second most expensive food (Crab stuffed with squid) everyone thought it sounds delicious. Omega orders the whole menu but cannot finish it all and takes some leftovers home. We hit up the souvenir shop to get some Coral, which we figure is the last item on our list. I purchase a souvenir bottle for Omega to drink underwater booze with and a ship in a bottle like Dolly’s Anger which I put the same name on for Amuka for when we are finally reunited.

With the last item collected, we return to the Ironleaf Manor and there Taylin thanks us and lets us keep any remaining gemstones from a pouch he gave us earlier to help acquire the items listed.


XP 4300
225 gold each

Talyin’s Pouch of gems:
2 Emeralds valued at 500gp – Party Treasury
5 piece of Jade 100gp each – Party Treasury

Handaxe +1 – Omega bought at the marketplace

Blue Coral Necklace. This lovely piece of jewelry has platinum fittings, and is made of polished branches of sea-blue coral. Silvery pearls are strung between the branches. Value: 500 gp – Xavier takes for a gift to a loved one later

Keoghtum’s ointment (2 doses)—left over from D’Marrisau’s packet to Talyin – Omega

Quilt of warmth: Usable only by female PCs, it allows a PC to be comfortable in weather ranging from –10 degrees to 110 degrees, and gives a +2 to saves vs. cold, fire, and lighting based attacks if it is wrapped around body at that time. It cannot be worn, it must be used as a sleeping wrap. A man can only use it when a female shares it with him. – Party Treasury
Mother MaGee’s Quilts: Moon quilt. This lovingly and expertly crafted quilt has a background of midnight blue with tiny silver stars sewn into it. The 8 panels of the quilt show the transitions between phases of the moon as it progresses through the month, each so brilliantly detailed that it almost seems as though the moon has been drawn down from the sky. Value: 500 gp – Party Treasury hanging in Xavier bedroom

Rapier of taunting +1, +3 (Bane) vs. larger than man-sized humanoids. It can taunt (as the wizard spell) any humanoid of larger than man size when faced in battle. PC has no choice but to fight with it once drawn from its sheath. – Morrin

Potion of Eagle Splendor – Xavier
Potion of Resist Acid (10) – Pimfire



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