Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Blaze of Glory

LC 3-76

Players Present: Frek, Omegasun, Jorktan, Tiberius, Rowan Brightsword
NPC’s Present: Ambassador Carrague, Avon Alonis, Charles Oliver O’kane

An Entry in the Journal of
Morrin Telemnar
Captain in the Magi War College of Raven’s Bluff
Squire to the Knights of the Phoenix
Sergeant in the Scout Rangers Division, Raven’s Bluff City Watch
2nd Lieutenant in the Raven’s Bluff Army
Inserted in a Small Margin After in Scratchy Writing "Master of the Mightiest Dragon! "

It’s good to be back on active duty with the Menagerie, though it pains me to report the loss of a member, Rowan Brightsword, Druid of Sylvanus, Hunter and Student of Giantkind. There is nothing to do though that hasn’t already been done except to record the fateful adventure as I’ve been told by a newer member named Jorktan. So let’s begin.

Oliver O’kane truly has offered boundless help to this city, in this case he was able to contribute information that was deemed prudent by our current Mayoress (whose name I still don’t remember!) about a feisty wizard of They. Who was reported to be dabbling in powerful ritual magic that likely involved time distortion of some sort. As such the Menagerie was assigned to the task to investigate.

From what I gather it was a tough mission that they spent the better part of a week working on collecting information and learning about the Wizard’s Tower. Naturally the research turned up a great deal in the manner of wards and traps, particularly of the magical kind for said wizards tower. Both mundane and magical guards. The works. But the Menagerie are a competent lot, if I do say so myself, even Dusk agree’s with me. So as expected they were able to perform their duties admirably and were well prepared to assault the tower. They even had an arrest warrant.

The Menagerie began it’s assault at the front doors, using a special gem to unlock it and a Silence Spell to negate a Magic Mouth Alarm/Trap. From there they rushed the primary guardians, two men and a Golem of some sort. I gather the fight was over before it had even really began. They then moved on to the second floor to deal with the Red Wizard and restore safety to the city.

Eventually they found the Wizard, in the process of completing his spell. My understanding is that it is believed the spell was not truly a success, though what follows shows that it did get completed to some extent or another. I do not fully understand if the members of the Menagerie were transferred to another time, an alternate reality, or another dimension, but what is sure is that things were the same but different

After interrupting the Wizard it seems that time was disrupted for everyone and everyone ended up unconscious. Waking the members explored the tower to find it abandoned but not to different. Not finding anything interesting it is here I’m told the group left to head back and report. Oddly upon leaving the tower they found a city guard starving a Halfling Thief in a cage (or at leas this is how I understood it). Tiberius, another of our newer members, who might have a death wish (or so I’m told), tried to feed him only to be threatened by the guard. Eventually the thief escaped and several city guard showed up ready to beat the Menagerie for their involvement. I’m told that a younger looking version of Ambassador Carrague showed up and helped them escape.

The short story is that in this Raven’s Bluff, where/when-ever it was had something terrible happen. Something caused Avon Allonis to betray O’kane (who was the Captain of the city guard) which resulted in O’kane being stuck in prison. Carrague apparently had plans to break into the prison and with the Menagerie present he offered to let them help. Which they of course agreed to do.

Unfortunately as I understand things, while they got into the prison okay, it turned out to be a trap and several members of the rescue group (including Carrague himself) were knocked out stone cold by Drow Poison. Thankfully Alonis himself had shown up to spring the trap. The members of the Menagerie who did not get knocked out by the Drow Poison managed to break thing the evilness that was possessing Alonis and convinced him to help their rescue attempt. I guess they killed Alonis, all according to his plan, to hide his treachery (he was later raised so it worked out okay). The Menagerie and Carrague managed to escape with O’kane.

From here the exact events as they occurred are a little fuzzy to me (or, OOC, I forgot to record past here… oops). I am to believe that O’kane was safely rescued and Carrague had figured out a way to undue the evilness that had occured to the city. Apparently the group met back at the Wizard’s tower and assisted Carrague in performing a Divine spell of the 9th Circle which was able to undue the badness. It was during these events that Tiberius ended up being transported to the 7 Heavens (but was later wished back) while using a Staff of Power to defend the tower while the ritual was performed. And this is where Rowan met his fateful end. I understand that several members put their lots in to draw straws in order to sacrifice themselves to fix all that was wrong, and to help fuel the spell, Rowan drew the long straw. There aren’t many words to say here, the spell worked and Rowan gave his life/existence for it.

In order to commemorate him, a statue was made in honor of the relatively quiet Dwarf.

As far as I can tell this lead to a successful completion of the mission. I’m told that all members, new and old, acted with the utmost integrity throughout and that the team should be honored for their efforts.

Experience: MIA
Loot: MIA



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