Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Players Present: Clearice Eilif,Morrin Telemnar,Mok the Powerful Wizard,Omegasun,Pimfire Tyndal
NPC: Lord Blacktree
Players Missing: none
Players Absent: none
Posted By: Pimfire Tyndal

Just two days travel out of the city the ruling body of Raven’s Bluff was re-opening a mine to reach the underdark in search of the orb of protection. Using criminals (in exchange for freedom and reduced sentences upon completion) and any able body person willing to help, almost overnight this has become the single largest business enterprise in Raven’s Bluff, employing many a citizen.and criminal not to mention guards, suppliers and a whole host of other such support roles.

The Midnight Menagerie band heads out in search of Lord Blacktree there. Upon arrival we are informed of a mine collapse with some trapped miners and Lord Blacktree himself was overseeing their rescue. The group descended into the mines to assist with the endeavor where they find a couple of dead criminals who tried to escape while people where distracted by the collapse. The group of adventurers lends what aid they can with digging and eventually Lord Blacktree asks them back to his command post above whereupon he gives a map to the Underdark specifically showing Lower Sarbreen and told how the Dwarven clan Brightsword made this over 750+ years ago believing the orb of protection to be somewhere in this vicinity perhaps in a Dwarven holy chamber just prior to entering the main cavern of Lower Sarbreen itself. Mok is reminded of a recent time travel adventure upon which he journeyed back to that same time frame.

The group is told it should take roughly 10 days to get down there and another 10 to get back. We are tasked with finding the pathway to the Lower Sarbreen making sure the pathway is cleared of obstacles or at least note what may be needed to bring a large group of miners and guards down to retrieve the artifact so they can make sure to bring what is needed upon their descent. We are given a word of caution to avoid side tunnels and stick to the main tunnel as getting to Lower Sarbreen is of the utmost importance and it’s easy to get turned around or lost in the Underdark.

Overall we estimate a total of 30 days (several for searching and dealing with obstacles) before our return to the surface. The group provisions some climbing gear from the camp and sets out the following morning. The following is Pimfire’s personal account of what occurred in the Underdark.

Pimfire’s Diary Entry

Day 1 – We descending through the mines taking the main path as directed we avoided all the side passages despite hearing sounds occasionally coming from one or another. Must have been about 20 or more we passed before making camp. Already I miss the warmth of the sun.

Day 2 – Early in the day we came across a large ravine/cavern where there should be just the tunnel. Unable to see the top we were able to notice a ledge about 75ft. down. Mok took to the sky (or is it digging since we are below ground ha ha) and flew down to see where it may lead. Upon returning he told of another ledge 50ft. below that one which was much smaller and finally the bottom of the ravine 75ft. below that ledge for a total of 225ft. to the bottom. Morrin quickly pulled rope out of his robe (neat trick gotta learn how he hid that in there) and Mok still flying with his amazing strength of a bug was able to fly us all up and down while we set up a series of climbing ropes or to be used for a pulley system ready to go for the miners. That completed we head out through a tunnel on the bottom of the ravine.

Day 3 – 7 – mostly complaints over the lack of entertainment and boredom since the group stuck with the plan and avoided side tunnels

Day 8 – I got that feeling like an invisible line was crossed and that it’s much more dangerous now. I see my companions sensed it too we must be in the infamous Underdark. We came across another ravine this one goes so deep we couldn’t see the bottom but it’s only 40ft. across. What remains of a rope bridge dangles limply on our side like it was cut or broken with age. Omegason and I were chosen to fly across (magic still seams to work correctly) He pulled the rope bridge up to the other side (Damn he’s strong!) whereupon I proceeded to rig it back up to the other sides posts. That should service Lord Blacktree’s group when they come down later.

Day 9 – Bored I wonder what would happen if I wandered off on my own. I choose not to since the group needs me to keep up their cheer and I proceeded to give a wonderful lecture on stuff I know absolutely nothing about. It was wonderful day if I do say so or is it nighttime above I have lost track at this point. the group stops when we are tired and we call it “a day”.

Day 10 – The pathway starts to glow faintly ahead for it’s covered in lichen. We see it’s slippery and suddenly starts to slope downwards enough to give us pause for concern before turning 50ft. out of sight. We decided to use the same trick as on Day 2 and Mok takes flight with nearly 1000ft. of rope out of Morrin’s robes (Seriously how the hell did he carry or fit it all in the robes!). Mok uses up our remaining mining supplies of spikes to set up 735ft. worth of secured line before running out and just letting the remaining couple hundred feet of rope dangle. No sign of the bottom of the slope he returns and tells of how the passage turns every 50ft. – 30ft and seems to go on for a long distance beyond the 1000ft. Omegasun must have read my mind cause he just jumps (should I say slides) into action and goes down the chute. I grease myself up and join him. Arriving several seconds behind him into a room full of trolls! Luckily Mok came down behind and broke some bones but blasted the heck out of the trolls. Morrin slammed into me and broke a few things, nothing that a good cure couldn’t fix. We estimate the chute to be about 4000ft total and would need considerable work by Lord Blacktree group to make usable but should make for an easy way to transport large goods down quickly. I take notes on my map and we move out after resting up and repairing our broken bones.

Day 11 – We’ve reached an area we believe is on the map given to us finally and start to follow the passages based upon that.

Day 12 – We arrive at a split on the map we believe where to the left would lead us to the Dwarven holy site or to continue would lead to Lower Sarbreen main cavern. We decide to search the Dwarven holy site. After a couple of hours we arrive at a vast chamber that climbs upwards beyond our line of sight and in the middle of the room holds a platform over pitch dark water. A trap is sprung and the passage way is sealed as the ceiling covered in spikes comes down. Suddenly assaulted by hundreds of goblins who line natural caverns randomly throughout the walls of the chamber stretching upwards via a rope bridge off to one side they begin a chant. As we ready for battle a dark dragon descends and hovers over us! Morrin casts a stinking cloud to obscure the goblin’s and dragons vision, while the battle rages on Mok takes to the water leaving the rest of us to do our best to hit the dragon. Upon Mok’s return he tells a tale that it’s an illusion and we dive into the water to search for a serpent he claims was there. Unable to see we return only to find the real dragon has arrived and has breathed a poison cloud on Mr. Pointy and Dusk slaying them both. Enraged over Mr. Pointy’s demise Mok unloads a torrent of arcane power sending the dragon retreating to his ledge high above the chamber. The rest of the group takes to the battle as Morrin teleports Omegasun and Clearice to the dragon’s ledge while I ducked into the entrance way for cover from goblin spears being thrown. Morrin lands the final blow upon this foul dragon and as the goblins scatter into their tunnels Mok still enraged blasted fireball after fireball after them.

Clearice was able to bring Dusk back up to join us but Mr. Pointy will be a challenge for another time as Mok scoops up his body we return to the dragon’s ledge high above for a good rest as it’s decided we will continue to push on since we are close to Lower Sarbreen and have sworn to scout the area ahead of Lord Blacktree’s mining group in search of this orb of protection. When the dust settles we find a hoard of gems and coins along with some interesting magical figurines. Some books and a tome are also discovered. Noticing the Tome to be of magical nature it’s determined that it’s a tome of comprehend languages and the dragon had started reading activating it’s magic prior to the battle, a struggle breaks out over who should finish reading the book with Morrin being given the honor, he then sets too reading. After he’s finished however it seems the magic being partially used up prior has enabled him to understand any language BUT he can no longer speak unless physically touching the person to whom he’s talking or holding the book itself making it impractical for him to be in combat. We must find a way to reverse this but exhaustion has set in and we settle down for a rest from this violent and emotional day.



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