Ravens Bluff, The Living City

A Cleric In Crows End


Player’s Present:Clearice Eilif, Morrin Telemnar, Omegasun, Pimfire Tyndal, Xavier Cross
NPC’s: Father Andreas, Sister Karra
Run By Mok
Submitted by Clearice

I began my morning as any other reading a book after my morning fitness with Blinky. Yoga is quite exhilarating as it turns out. Of course my reading was interrupted as causal by a message at the door. We were being summoned to the Temple of Illmater in Crows End to speak with a Father Andreas. We arrive and he tells us that a priest of Illmater named Brother Urik has disappeared between A local soup kitchen of Illmater named The Blessed Zinna’s Sanctuary and the temple. He tells us of a letter addressed to Urik from Sgt Wellis of the city watch. He offers us money but we decline and accept the mission deciding to check the city watch barracks in Crow’s End for Sgt wellis. We are greeted by Corporal Been who tried to turn us away till He realized we had City guard members with us as well. He tells us of an investigation into missing person’s in Crow’s End that have been abnormally high. They thought they might have had a breakthrough by finding some bodies around Crow’s End. We of course want to see them and he oblidges. The first 1st body was stabbed and hacked in the back with fungus in wound. The 2nd was bitten in half by some creature drained of blood. The 3rd was stabbed in the back and drained of blood. We used speak with dead on the the bodies and found out the 3rd victim was named Kris and was attacked and dragged into an Alley outside of the Silken Stairs were she worked. The 2nd Body was of a cook on a ship called the Blue Wind who was dragged into and Alley behind the Drunken Dryad by some large creature. The First Body however only rasped when Speak with Dead was used as if its soul was gone or damaged. The corporal tells us that Sgt Wellis was heading to the docks last time he saw him so we decided to head there. We arrive at Dock 18 were he was last supposed to have been. We bribe a dock goer who tells us he saw him go below the docks the day before but he never came back out. We thank him of course and head down below. As we decend something moves off into the sewer entrance below the dock but i was shocked to see a body stuck to one of the beams under the dock. I flew out to grab the body and brought it back to the landing. The body was one of a Halfling male. We took what was on his body so it wouldnt be looted and hired the dock worker from before to take the body to it back to the city watch barracks. We than enter the sewer to find a feral Lizard Man who we quickly dispatch. When he falls though there is a sound like a bow string snapping as something shoots into the water. We cant find what it was but we find the remains of Sgt Wellis having been eaten almost entirely. The Lizard man and the Halfling Both had wounds in there backs with the same fungus as the soul damaged corpse. I began to have my suspicions of all of this being caused by some kind of life draining parasite. As we begin to leave we are greeted by Corporal Been who tells us he has found another body so we accompany him back to the barracks. We go back down into the cellar where they keep the bodies in the Barracks to find Brother Urik lying on the table next to the other bodies. We use speak with dead to communicate with him and he tells us he was killed goiing to check up on a Widow named Talia due to him hearing of the loss of her kid. He tells us he died similarly to the other victims being stabbed in the back dragged into and alley and drained of blood. I decided that my hypothesis was likely correct and it is a parasite creature. We decide to investigate the areas were the first 3 bodies were found next. We first went to the drunken Dryad to which we found nothing odd about the sight of the murder besides a convenient sewer grate that hadnt appeared to have been moved in a while. We enter the tavern and find that the widow Talia actually works there. We request her service and inquire about Brother Urik to which she tells us she was working for him gathering info and rumors on the disappearances. She also tells us about the halfling who was trying to solve the disappearances who we found under the dock his name was Millot. After she finishes giving us this information Pim decides he is going to entertain the tavern even though people are still going missing so i decide not to entertain his musings. As i leave the rest of us leave as well leaving Pim to entertain for a few hours. We go and check out The Blessed Zinna’s Sanctuary as our last lead on this case. We find a clergywomen of Illmater inside named Sister Karra. We ask her about Brother Urik who she shows concern for but of course i break the news to her that he has died to the creature causing all of these disappearances. She is visually shocked of course and tells us she has been doing the same thing as Tailia gathering rumors for Brother Urik. she than asks us if we will stay the night at the sanctuary. She says she has a feeling that something bad is going to happen which i admit i felt in the air as well. We of course had to retrieve Pim before our nights stay. Of course we cant let Pim have so much fun by himself with no work so we devise a plan to scare him. As we called Pim outside of the Tavern Xavier hid inside the Alleyway. As Pim walked towards us Xavier came out grabbing him and pulling him into the Alley terrifying him!! (It was the best Prank Ever!!) I have to say Xavier is a bit of a shadow himself not just his canine companion. After Pim cleans his pants with Prestidigitation we head back to the Sanctuary. We have dinner together with the Orphans that live here and the Sisters. We decide to sleep in different rooms to make sure everyone is safe. I am than awoken by the sound of breaking glass and loud thuds. Through the window had jumped a Large Toad the size of a horse and 2 smaller toads with needle like teeth. All of the girls in the room began to scream as the toads lashed out biting me while the large one swallowed one of the girls whole. I quickly realize that they have the same worm like organism that must have been in the other victims backs and i move to attack them. Upon hitting the Parasite it detaches and the toad died instantly Pim comes in and sees the parasites as well and begins helping kill the 2 smaller toads. I decide he can handle them so i jump out of the window to find what is controlling the toads. I follow the tether all the way to a sewer grate were is disappears into the darkness. I than try to move the grate to little avail but my companions soon come and helped me once they dispatched what i can only assume was there own toads. We enter the sewer following the direction the last tendril had gone off in. We follow the path till we find a large crack in the wall that looked very out of place. We assume this must be were the parasites came from. We enter the Crevice and are overwhelmed by an alien feeling. we follow this new cavern that must have been a part of Old Sarbreen after a few hours we find a cavern around a turn and we see what i can describe as a Primordial Slayer of men. The cavern was Huge and filled, to the ceiling in some places, with bones. In the center of these bones was an ancient Dwarven Warrior with a thick black Tether Tentacle coming out of its back. The worst part was that if you followed the tentacle up you would see the Parasite who drained a Brother Urik of life and all of these other people. As i have said i can only describe it as a Primordial Slayer of Man. It must have been some ancient parasite who had been down here long before Ravens Bluff was even an idea. It was a huge Gelatinous slime creature that looked like a giant amalgamation of all of the coagulated blood produced by the deaths of all of these former citizens. Dangling from this Abomination were thousands of the parasitic tethers we had seen on the toads and the lizard man. The dwarven warrior seeing us seemed to issue a challenge and readied for battle. Omega of course moves to accept that challenge while Morrin flies forward as well transforming into a large gargoyle. I tried to cast multiple spells at the Slayer but most failed besides a few. Omega put up a fight to the dwarf but was ultimately almost killed due to its unnatural strength and skill its axe cutting into him deeply. I did my best to keep him alive though he almost fell. but we managed to kill the Slayer and thus its thrall. As the slayer died its bloody existence fell down upon us all. We looked around the cave for any valuables and than crawled our way back out to tell what had happened. We went to tell Father Andreas and the City Watch what we had found. We were rewarded with the following loot and were able to keep what we found inside of the cavern.

30000 Copper pieces
2000sp 10sp
100 gp 30gp
120bobbles worth 400gp
suit of dwarven full plate non magical masterwork
Hand axe +3 stoat oak with mithral blade
Golden Amulet w/ golden chain design of fire brething hell hound and frost breathing wolf and allows a casting of control temp at 10th level 10 ft radius
Well made medicine bag resists water and fire(Potion of healing 2 vials of holy water)
Dagger +2 reach extender
silver dagger 25gp
wake up with a small tattoo of a white xena flower gift of illmator 1 use allows someone else to reroll a failed saving throw can be used after the result is known



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