Ravens Bluff, The Living City

No Place Like Home - Part 3
LC5-136-Part 3

Players Present: Pimfire, Xavier, Clearice, Ellae, Zhigbar (Matt)
Absent: Dalarn, (Xavier was absent and showed up 50 mins late)
NPCS: Lady Devillars, Orin, Moralien, Suinn
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire

Discussion/Side note: Discussed me (Scott/Pimfire) taking over DM status for the following 2-3 game sessions to run low levels. Also talked about changing game time to start at 5:30est so Robert can make it to the game.

Mission Objective: After securing trade with Orin we are given transport to Ribcage to meet with Moralien to establish trade.

Our Viking host brings us to the edge of a blood red sea and barren wasteland. We take a few samples of the land as it’s strange unlike anything we’ve seen before. The Gymnasium of Steam we are told is actually located outside of the city of Ribcage. We decide it’s best to head straight there and not explore the city as it’s on the edge of the realms to Baator and we didn’t wish to linger here.

We are greeted by a beautiful aquatic colored elven lady, Suinn, at the Gymnasium of Steam who shows us around and lets us sample it’s facility free of charge, this time. While we are relaxing in what we are sworn is a private steam room a figure bursts in carrying a club and sack of gold. This figure screams out for us return his wife and kids. He believes we kidnapped them. Looking a lot like a Centaur, Pimfire manages to calm him down with some quick talking and offers to help find the real culprit. It turns out he is Moralien a Bariaur.

As we are discussing the details of how, when and whom may have taken his family we notice an invisible outline of a figure in the steam attempt to take the sack of gold he had brought with him and laid down. Clearice manages to make the figure grovel and repent his sins. Upon a quick interrogation we learn he wrote the 2nd ransom note demanding the money be brought here but in fact did not participate in any kidnapping. He did mention that Moralien did business recently with a beautiful woman of note, whom he believes was an agent of Sune or possible Sune herself in disguise.

Moralien lets the would be blackmailer go, but not before we learn a bit about how things work legally in Ribcage. For example bribery, theft and such is allowed provided both parties agree and that is to say, you’re not caught. Also mentioning any demonic being name or class of creature is forbidden due to the proximity to Baator. As Pimfire finds out when he starts babbling about how he can’t be here if Sune is due to a misunderstanding involving a powerful demon being brought into her city in an effort to see an evil relic destroyed.

The group examines the original note he received which was just a bunch of riddles, which we managed to solve in large part due to Xavier. As the last riddle was solved, his wife and child appeared with confused expressions on their faces. Moralien brings them up to speed. I mention we came here seeking trade with him in fact and he agrees after trying some samples of perfume Pimfire just happened to have. Something about they were horrible despite the expense. He did have one condition and that was that his family and him must be allowed to move immediately to Ravens Bluff as it’s getting more dangerous here in Ribcage then he cares for. An interesting bid of information that might become useful in later times. Why would it now become more dangerous in an already dangerous area? Could something be riling up the denizens of Baator and if so, who or what could be doing that.

We agree to bring him and his family whom we realize might have been taken by Sune as a test of his love for his family. We are planar teleported back to Ravens Bluff thanks to Clearice and meet up with Lady Devillars and the Mayor. We inform them of our success of establishing trade with 2 new partners for the city and are rewarded. Most of us refuse the reward of gold since the city is in desperate need of funds but a few of us are in need of funds and take the money.


High level PC’s:

1,000 gp each – only Zhigbar and Xavier takes the money the rest gives it back. Ellae takes half and donates half.
1 bottle of Fragrance de Allurement for EACH PC from Moralien (50 gp value, makes you smell nice, no other in-game effect.)
1bag of assorted gems (17,000 gp value) for the Treasury / we divide this and everyone gets their share including Dalarn 2834gp worth of assorted gems

Low level PC’s: / to be decided whom gets what

Pipe of Heated Wind:
This pipe looks like a curved metal pipe that is closed at one end. When the command word inscribed on the side is spoken, hot air streams from the open end. It is ordinarily used to dry things, especially hair. The inscribed word is Hellatiusairblowin.

Boots of Stomping:
These boots function as boots of expeditious retreat. When they are used to move quietly, they make the footsteps of the wearer sound like the thuds of an elephant that can be easily heard up to 120 feet away.

Composite Short Bow of Light +1:
This short bow fires “tracers” as each arrow is lit as if affected by a light spell. The arrows do double damage to any undead.

No Place Like Home - Part 2
LC5-136-Part 2

Players Present: Pimfire, Xavier, Clearice, Ellae, Zhigbar (Matt)
Absent: Dalarn
NPCS: Lady Devillars, Orin
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire

Discussion/Side note: Discussed Amuka and Xavier wedding. To be married start of the New Year. Joe will be doing up a special mission for our first January 2019 game.

Mission Objective: Meet with Orin and secure the agreement to trade with Ravens Bluff by dealing with some trouble he’s having

Upon being summoned to meet with Lady Devillars, we are briefed as to the current situations regarding the need for trade partners in the Badlands. We are given directions to meet up with Orin in Glorium and the deal struck by Amuka and friends to help him deal with a band of what he believes to be cultist of the Beholder God Gzemnid.

Upon meeting with Orin he agrees to keep his end of the bargain to begin trade with Ravens Bluff should we deal with the cultists? We get on a Viking ship he summons and it takes us out onto the water. The ship takes us to the spot where it is believes they are raiding ships from, which is some underwater cavern. We prepare ourselves with various spells against water breathing and movement and go down to investigate.

As we, head inside the large underwater cavern we are attacked by swarms of sharks, swimming amongst them are incredible large Astral sharks. Ellae is swallowed completely by one such shark. Zhigbar summoned a giant vortex in the water to pull and hold them still while Xavier managing to kill one screams out they are in actuality Asgardian Weresharks that transform back into a giant frost giant upon its death.

The battle is fierce and just as we think we have it won in walks 3 mammoth Weresharks in half form charge across from the dark side of the cavern to engage us.

Wielding a huge battleaxe the leader strides through a blade barrier Clearice had put up earlier to deal with the swarms as if it is nothing. Realizing he might be immune to the magic Xavier goes toe-to-toe with him. Zhigbar transforms into a silver dragon and attacks the wereshark who is a spellcaster only to watch as it flees the battle swearing revenge. Clearice gets impaled upon a harpoon by the 3rd large monstrosity. Xavier finally deals the final blow to the last one standing which had impaled Clearice. Realizing we could never carry the mammoth gear of these frosts giant Weresharks we head back to the surface.

Upon our return Orin is pleased to hear the tale of our fight and struggle, which Pimfire is glad to tell with only a little embellishment during a feast held in our honor. Suddenly the party went silent as a beautiful woman walks up from the harbour straight to me, Pimfire, and asks me to tell the tale for her. I do so, in fact I found myself telling her most of my adventures if not my whole life story.

In the morning after the party Orin agrees to begin trade as we sign the documents sealing the deal. He gives us some advice on whom we should avoid going to see for any further trade with such as Plague-Mort as it borders the Abyss and Clearice and Xavier would stand out and most likely die within moments of traveling there. He does agree to provide transport for us to reach Moralien at the Gymnasium of Steam outside of Ribcage. We decide to head there on his Viking ship.


Trade set up with Orin in Glorium
Stash of Gems from Orin
Wooden Planar token (each) for Asgard
Xavier got his Torm Full Plate Armor buffed to +1 for charging into battle against the huge Wereshark

No Place Like Home - Part 1
LC5-136-Part 1

Players Present: Amuka, HK-58, Zimb, Veth, Michaela, Bill
NPCS: Lady Devillars, Mayor Thoden, A’Rinthorm, Hormorithorm, Orin
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire/Amuka

Mission Objective: Go to the outlands and establish trade contacts with people for the city of Ravens Bluff

Amuka and friends are summoned to the Mayor’s house where upon Lady Devillars meets with them. She asks them to seek out trade opportunities for the city of Ravens Bluff as the war a year ago and the cost of building Ravens Deep and the losses in the war to destroy the Heart of Bane have nearly drained the city coffers.

The best place to seek out new trade opportunities we are told is the Badlands, meaning a trip through the various realms of existence possibly. We are paid 500g up front with a promise of another 500g each upon completion of finding contacts/trade. We are also given various samples of the goods that Ravens Bluff can offer. A quick explanation on how things operate in the astral realms and whoosh! We are gated to a spot in the Badlands. There we are met by our guide A’Rinthorm a Githzerai.

Upon our arrival we find a strange device with many gears, levers, buttons and do-Hickes. We watch in fascination as a guard puts his hands into the massive device and has his hands turned into claws. Some others are taking notes on what the machine does. We find out a bit more about this machine and how they aren’t sure what it does but are trying to catalogue it as parts from all the realms seem to make it up and no two people receive the same effect. Amuka quickly volunteers her services as a guinea pig but not before explaining the benefits of using monkeys, she had to explain what they are, with the possibility of trading monkeys to them in the future she steps forth. The rest follow suit afterwords.

Amuka is convinced it might remove her claw hand. A strange tingling in her belly along with the feeling of being hungry is all that happens. From now on, Amuka needs to eat twice as much as normal or take a -2 penalty to everything.

Michaela goes next hoping to cure blindness and seemingly drops dead to the ground. After 30-40 seconds, he wakes up. It seems the device has given him the ability gained is Feign Death at will with +20 Bluff rolls to do so and useable as immediate action.

Bill goes and twitches wildly unable to let go no matter how much he screams too. His brown eyes turn Gold Color and appraise becomes a class skill and gains a skill focus feat in appraisal.

HK-58 goes and feels a tickle on his right palm and when it stops his right hand looks different. He screams in terror and flies out of the room quickly. Chroniclers follow taking notes. Eventually when he stops running, he looks at his hand, screams, and runs even more until they put a glove on his hand with a permanent symbol of terror with a DC30 Will save only affects him on his right hand.

Veth goes with the hopes will turn into a true dragon. He gets a bit of a headache as a blueish light surrounds him. When the machine stops, he looks around and realizes he can find all gemstones within in 50 feet of him. Detect Gems 3x a day within 50ft and includes finding things in extradimensional space.

Zimb goes and it’s like WHY! As it gets suddenly cold. Then he see’s ice coming up his arm and onto his shoulders and quickly turns into an ice sculpture. Parts of it starts to melt and he is inside it. He does not remember it happening. Every day he must turn into an Ice Statue for 2 hours, which count as 8 hours rest. Hardness of 5 with fire vulnerability

We head to city of Sigil where we meet up with our next contact Hormorithorm. He samples our trade goods and agrees they are nice. Gives us the names of several people we could do business with such as Mortisha at the Eye of the Dragon in Plague-Mort, Moralien at the Gymnasium of Steam in Ribcage, Orin in Glorium and finally Mortimor who lives in Xaos on the edge of the plane of Limbo who regularly changes his names and is possibly not very dependable.

We head out to meet up with our next contact who is supposed to guide us to these people only to wait around in a room for a while before Zimb gets tired of waiting and opens a closest door to discover a dead body. Of course it’s just at that moment some guards burst in accusing us all of murder. Quickly thinking on Michaela’s part as he plays up his newfound ability and feigns a heart attack dying. The guards round us all up for murder, except for Michaela who is brought to their morgue and stored in a coffin awaiting burial.

We meet with two different high priced lawyers and agreed on having Corvain take our case. Before the judge we are found not guilty of murder due to lack of evidence but are still banished from the city of Sigil forever, all except Michaela who wasn’t tried for the crime and whose body the party asked to have returned.

Corvain hired a guide for us who took us to meet with Orin in Ribcage. Orin recognized Amuka’s fathers name and his newly founded mercantile band called the Dirgeflame Consortium. He agreed to trade his fabulous scrimshaw with Ravens Bluff through Amuka’s fathers company IF the Midnight Menagerie would come and deal with a group of people who were interrupting his fishing operations. The group agrees and are carried back to Ravens Bluff by a Viking ship which can travel through the realms it seems. Once there we inform Lady DeVillars and the Mayor of our arrangement.


1000g each (500g up front and 500g upon completion)

Recovery - Part 3
LC5-135-HUD15-Part 3

Players Present: Pimfire, Xavier, Clearice, Dalarn, Ellae, Omega / Zhigbar
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire

Discussion/Side note: This mission ending was narrated by Joe/DM due to players choices made to use certain large quantities of Hero Points to achieve super saiyan like abilities at terrible prices in order to make sure the Orb reached it’s destination safely.

Mission Objective: Take the Orb of Protection to the surface and someone named Charles O’Cain

There be Demons:
As you stare at the Demon Lord in front of you and the horde of abyssal spawn behind you Lord Omegasun says, “Don’t worry, I got this!!!”. As he charges the titan-like demon you hear the sound of breaking glass and he leaps into the air. Brilliant griffon wings sprout from is back as he leaps at the Demon Lord. Grabbing it’s upper arms and putting one foot to it’s chest he drops backward hurling the demon into the horde behind you. He quickly recovers and charges the fallen fiend. As he runs past you he calls, “Aren’t you suppose to be running!?!”

Before he gets to the horde a cute little dolly jumps from his belt and begins to run alongside him. With a blink of the eye there is no doll. On is right is Ellistree. On his left is the Red Knight. The three dive into the horde killing with abandon. Before you even had a chance to react the Demon Lord was banished and his horde slaughtered. Omega gives one last glance over his shoulder at all of you.

With a bellowing battle cry he and his ladies go running deeper into the Underdark. As they leave you hear the Red Knight joyfully say “this really is tactically unsound.” With a laugh Ellistree responds, “to hell with tactics, this is going to be fun.” And then they’re gone.

No Time for Good-byes:
Just as they disappear down the tunnel you hear a beautiful voice that sings, " Oh dear Pimfire, it’s time." With that a small coin flips out of his pocket landing on the ground not on kisses or hugs but on it’s edge.

Pimfire with a very fake smile takes a golden sword from his bag strapping it to his belt and walks up to Clearice. “By your knight’s oath I charge you with getting this letter and bag to Lady Blacktree and should you fall let the next knight take up the task.”

Pimfire then approaches Xavier handing him a small bag. “Be sure my daughter gets this.” No other words need spoken between them. With time running short Pimfire rushes to the coin, picks it up, and vanishes.

The 1st House and the Army of Nykhandthar:
Thousands of drow soldiers marching forward. Hundreds of drow spellcasters marching forward. Dozens of the Priestesses of Lolth with the most terrible of magics marching forward. And one little halfling with a golden harp in middle of it all.

Ready for such an intrusion the drow respond like lightning. Hundreds of poisoned crossbow bolts and magical missiles, dozens of horrible rays of destruction and even more foul magic lance out from every direction at the poor little halfing. Just before they strike he pulls a single harp cord and begins to sing. TIME STOPS

The song is a tale of sad little fellow who fought to survive and succeed in life only to find that he was lost until he was found. What he thought was important as a young man meant so little now. In the company of heroes that he grew to love the little halfing saved the world a time or two, became a father, and met the most beautiful creature in all of creation.

The tale goes on for what seems like hours. The little halfing’s voice grows horse and his fingers bleed from playing with so much fervor. The drow don’t move but the halfing knows his story is coming to an end.

Lord Omega, his Ladies, and a multitude of Ellae’s Guardian Angels having run for an hour slaughtering all in their wake come to the front line of the Drow army. They’re frozen like statues begging to be smashed. It’s a bad day to be a Drow. Omega and his companions cleave, slash, and hack with relish.

What’s a High Priestess without a Head:
Eyes closed, the little halfling sings his last note and collapses to the ground completely exhausted. What’s that? He’s not dead? As he looks up there’s his old friend Omega with the headless body of the priestess of the 1st house at his feet. A giant of a woman clad in deep red mail and a black beauty with long glistening silver hair step up on either side of the Lord of Ravens Bluff. In unison each kisses him on a cheek, Omega give the little halfling a wink, and they’re gone.

Hey, that’s mine:
Among the carnage sits the little halfling as Ellae’s Archons continue to slaughter the now fleeing drow. There on the ground. What’s that? A coin. Reaching for it with the last of his strength the little halfling’s world becomes full of light. So bright it burns his eyes. Is that the sun?

IN the next twelve hours the rest are hindered by the God of Goblins who gets away but they keep rushing and hundreds of oozes which are wiped out with the last of the groups magic and the remaining players come out into the sunlight (mid-afternoon) they see two things. A collapsed halfling being held up by a dark gnome (svirfneblin)

Dalarn spends a hero point. Everything goes dim and a large something passes over head creating a shadow. Up in the sky we see a living shadow in the form of a dragon. Clearice uses airwalk on Dalarn who flies up and the two of them fight in the air in a huge brawl back and forth overhead the city of Ravens Bluff.

The rest of us get to Ravens Bluff with the orb. (I am fatigued and not exhausted). No spells left/charges per day. As we rush into the city we see Dalarn and the Negative Energy Dragon until finally it disappears and Dalarn without an Air Walk falls and hits the ground with a crunch in the middle of the temple distract and he’’ given a breath of life by a nearby cleric.

We are met by a huge contingent of knights and lords who take us to the Mayor Lord Charles O’Cain. The Lady Catherine was kidnapped but we aren’t sure what happened to her.

I, Pimfire, approach lady Blacktree and hand her husbands package. She cries and rushes out knowing the truth at least. We got the Orb to Lord Mayor Charles O’Cain. He says the ministry of Art has been able to determine that when the Heart of Bane is destroyed it will create a bad backlash and we had best destroy it in the Abyss and possibly corrupt the abyss further but at least not corrupt the prime. They have gotten a gate opened and ready for us but it can’t wait as the shielding magic can’t hold much longer.

Charles and their Knights escort us. We are informed about a cult of Cyrus who was cleared out by our low-level toons the Twilight Menagerie.

We make it to the ministry and flying up in the air are two boxes lock in eternal struggle it’s HK vs. Arch Enemy

In the basement we see Penelope a high ranking ministry of the arts. She is seated with a golden box encased in a force field and huge reflective mirror going through images of the Abyss. She says “it’s about time and turn the orb on in the present of the heart and it should cancel each other out and shouldn’t kill you but no telling what it can do around you and might effect the weave it’s unknown.” The mirror will take us to a layer of the abyss but we have to choose.

Lolth layer – we vote 3 on this side
Graz’zt Layer
Lord of Death Orcus Layer
Son of Bane Layer

We acknowledge that it might actually might Lolth more powerful and agree to change our votes to take it to the Son of Bane

Dalarn is warned about how handling the heart of bane can have an effect on your sanity. He picks it up with both of his hands (takes two hands to hold). We go through the mirror and find ourselves in the abyss hopefully in the right place.

We get a strange feeling we are not alone and its scorched red stone. We can see where Xavier is standing smoke is rising up from his footprint. We see very large bird like creature dancing around a huge stone column (100 ft high) and standing up against it is a black skin humanoid with 6 arms, 3 legs and horns like a ram. This is obviously ….. the Large Vrocks continue to dance.

The Svirfneblin – not supposed to be here what the heck
Pimfire – Start recording the dance moves
Xavier – waiting on Dalarn
Dalarn – drops the box and starts to open it and says, “Activate the orb!”
Ellae – Just waits

We hear a whisper of offers of power and wealth and can become a god from the Heart of Bane. The Vrocks stop and look at us. Xavier activates the orb of protection and a huge brilliant light. We hear the sound of pounding feet of something gigantic is charging at us (actual deity not an avatar). He stops drops to his knees and screams NO FATHER WHAT HAVE YOU DONE! And his body is rend in two and hands emerge from his chest as he splits down middle. A humanoid figure steps out of him and has no arms grins “I am returned”

Then we are transported back to the ministry of Art.

Sir Gregory a knight of Torm bursts into the room with a message “Torm says order has been restored” His son was just a vessel to bring him back and now the balance of the multiverse is restored. This does not mean we weren’t victorious and have saved all of Faerun and the Prime won’t be sucked into the Abyss and the Heavens obliterated. It came at great price to us and ours but sometimes mortals need to sacrifice to preserve their way of life. There is an important message. The Gods must live in a balance of good and evil but does not extend to man. In the days to come we shall be challenged even further to tip the scale towards good forever. We are asked to do what the Gods command.



Statues of Lord Blacktree and Lord Omegasun are erected in Temple Square.

An annual civic holiday is declared to commemorate them and all those who sacrificed there lives in the Underdark.

Surviving members gain the following template from the gods:
• Ability Score Racial Traits: gain +2 Charisma.
• Type: outsiders with the native subtype.
• Celestial Resistance: acid resistance 5, cold resistance 5, and electricity resistance 5.
• Skilled: +2 racial bonus on Diplomacy and Perception checks.
• Spell-Like Ability (Sp): use daylight once per day as a spell-like ability (caster level equal to the character level).
• Darkvision: Darkvision 60 ft. or +10 ft. if you already have Darkvision. (you get 60 IF you don’t already have it)

Halo – ability to manifest halos. Can create light centered on her head at will as a spell-like ability. When using her halo, she gains a +2 circumstance bonus on Intimidate checks against evil creatures and on saving throws against becoming blinded or dazzled.

Celestial Crusader – gain a +1 insight bonus on attack rolls and to AC against evil outsiders and a +2 racial bonus on Knowledge (planes) and Spellcraft checks to identify evil outsiders or items or effects created by evil outsiders; may use these skills untrained for this purpose.

Deathless Spirit – gain resistance 5 against negative energy damage. You do not lose hit points when you gain a negative level, and you gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against death effects, energy drain, negative energy, and spells or spell-like abilities of the necromancy school.

Truespeaker – +2 bonus on Linguistics and Sense Motive checks, can speak/understand any spoken language, and learns to read/write two languages for each rank in Linguistics.

Recovery - Part 2
LC5-135-HUD15-Part 2

Players Present: Pimfire, Xavier, Clearice, Dalarn, Ellae, Omega
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire

Discussion/Side note:

Mission Objective: Take the Orb of Protection to the surface and someone named Charles O’Cain

The horde pursed them as they fled down the main tunnel leading back to the surface. Pimfire’s flying spectral horses helped them start with a big head start, but Xavier was unable to mount one it seemed the Orb of Protection couldn’t be transported that way so he was forced to ride Shadow who could keep up with the speed but not FLY like the rest of the group. Still this cut their travel time from 3 days down to 2 days to the surface. Not long out of Ravens Deep just as they pass a junction that leads to a pool of water with healing powers the group spots a huge ghostly dragon, which swooped down from above and blocks their path. It looks like the ghost of the deep dragon they slew when they first ventured down into the Underdark.

Rushing through it rather than stopping to fight they are hit with an icy chill and Pimfire, Omega and Ellae age rapidly. Xavier aged as well but due to that potion of youthfulness, he drank a while ago only seems to make him a couple years older. Dalarn and Clearice were able to avoid the ghostly aging through immunities.

Safely past the ghostly dragon, they have to stop for Pimfire to recast his mystical mounts and hear the howls of the advanced horde chasing them. Ellae and Dalarn manage to put up walls of ice to slow the pursuit while Clearice cleverly places a blade barrier right behind it so when they break through they will rush into a blender of death.

As the group pushes onwards, they hear the ice break behind them followed by screams of anguish over the trick played upon them. Laughing they keep moving forward knowing that bought them precious moments. After 3 more hours of flight and another recasting of the mount spell they round a corridor and see a horde spanning hundreds of feet with nothing but the undead of the Malphagorians blocking their path.

Dalarn tosses a potion of Flight to Xavier for Shadow to drink since he was unable to ride upon a mystical steed while carrying the Orb of Protection. The group attempts to fly over but Shadow’s potion does not seem to work while Xavier is carrying the Orb of Protection and instead the group is forced to rain destruction own upon the horde. Clearice channels a pathway as Omega throws a Ioun Stone enchanted with a very powerful acid dweomer nearly destroying everything except for 3 special undead, 2 of which are in heavy armor.

Xavier and Shadow deal with the remaining skeletons, which surround them as the rest of the group takes on these Malphagorians. Ellae realizes the horde has caught up to us. Then throws a holy destruction spell at the leader of the Malphagorians who was a lich and he crumbles to dust. With its collapse the remaining 2 undead warriors collapse opening the way to continue fleeing which the group does, now on foot as several of the magic horses died in a blast. Omega picked up Pimfire and ran. This gave Pimfire several minutes to re-summons his flying mounts and the group slowly got ahead of the pursing troll army.

Now riding with Omega, Pimfire stared dumbfounded as they came upon a shimmering curtain blocking their path a few hours later. Omega dismounted and managed to sunder the curtain only to show another behind it. Only guessing the Orb of Protection might keep him safe Xavier stepped through and sure enough he was unharmed but we finally realized the curtains would drain our magical powers and with 4 more layers left Pimfire magically teleported the group to the other side and called his horses to walk through the curtains. As the group remounted, they saw the Trolls coming up from behind again.

Before the group could rush off several strange flying creatures appear blinking in and out of the Astral Plane, behind them stood 3 Illithids chanting. Quickly throwing a special Fireball Pimfire hoped to disrupt their summoning. Ellae followed suit with a Lightning blast but to no avail. With a rumble the ground burst and a gargantuan mutated purple worm swallowed Xavier and Shadow whole!

In retribution Clearice blasts one of the Illithids with a Rod of Thunder killing it but not breaking the hold on the Worm. Ellae then says something and starts to glow. White light plays around her and suddenly bursts in a shine of radiance, in her place is a giant Solar with a Leonine head. Breathing fire down upon the worm the Solar summons angels from the dancing flames as the worm screams in pain and dies the angels rush the remaining Illithids and put an end to them. Xavier and Shadow seem hurt, confused but able to keep going. The group stumbles forward as the angels turn around and handle the Troll army.

As we pass a bend in the tunnel a ghostly Ellae is waiting for us, Omega halts long enough to speak with her and finds she is still able to follow along in her spirit form. The group sad over her death but glad of her help and continued help push onwards.

At the end of a full day of travel, exhausted the group keeps going but Pimfire is unable to summon anymore magical flying mount so it’s all on foot except Xavier riding a very tired Shadow.

6 hours into day 2 of the escape from the Underdark the drow manage to finally catch up. 14 Driders block the way forward as lizard riding drow come up from behind. Dalarn, Shadow and Xavier engage the Driders many of whom carry ballista sized crossbows. Spectral Ellae throws a Chain Lightning at the drow killing the lizards and harming many of the drow. Omega shouts for everyone to run and charges at the drow priestess in the rear. Before Pimfire knows what is going on he is hit with a series of magical spells and is knocked out. Clearice manages to position herself to keep Shadow, Xavier and Pimfire alive while Omega quickly kills both drow priestess in a series of swings spanning a few seconds. The drow wizard steps forward and does something so he’s only partially on our plane but capable of hitting omega with spells while he can’t return attacks. Calling upon Eilistraee’s blessing however Omega’s sword shines with brilliant energy and the drow wizard is surprised as it connects with his body cutting him clean in half!

Dalarn kills off the bulk of the Driders except for the archers who after witnessing Omega and Dalarn flee to perhaps come and attack again who knows. Fearing more drow the group push onwards after quickly healing up Omega, Xavier, Shadow and Pimfire who took the worst of this encounter.

Now as the group nears the exit of the Underdark a Giant Winged Demon the likes of which none have seen before block their way as several demons lead by a Marilith decked in very powerful magical gear, which killed Pimfire once before, grins in glee over the thought of killing them all.


Possibly keeping everyone from being sucked down into the Abyss but to be revealed at the end of the mission

Recovery - Part 1
LC5-135-HUD15-Part 1

Players Present: Pimfire, Xavier, Clearice, Dalarn, Ellae
Absent: Omega
NPCS: Lord Blacktree, Midael, Januspar, Simbul
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire

Discussion/Side note: Character ages where brought up along with a new Hero Point Sheet was posted in our game with everyone having 1 extra hero point for making it this far.

Mission Objective: Retrieve the Orb of Protection from its hiding place

Therefore, it has finally come down to war with the drow. As the group marches with the 57th regiment to invade the drow city their commander orders them to wait in a small cavern alone. Minutes after being left there Lord Blacktree arrives and gives the Menagerie the task of retrieving the Orb of Protection as this entire war is nothing but a big diversion. He urges the group to hurry as speed is of the essence since others are also looking for the Orb and he doesn’t know how long he can keep the drow occupied. With that he reveals the Orb of Protection is hidden on the Isle of Jergal where the group had to travel into a dead zone to retrieve some moss to save the Svirfneblin King from a rare and deadly poison.

Pimfire summoned magical flying steeds for the group to hurry them on their way to the Sea of Eternal Night to meet up with Captain Scorn who yet again was to take them to the Isle of Jergal. Clearice assists the ship by controlling the wind to help them get their as quickly as possible. Upon arrival the group sees several fleets from various factions surrounding the dead island and fighting over who will land first, Drow, Duergar and Illithids are all present along with an assortment of other monsters from the Underdark.

The group lands upon the main island avoiding the conflict to speak with Januspar the high priest of Jergal and gain permission to land on the dead isle. Januspar only spoke with Dalarn and Ellae for the rest of the group had already had their names placed in the book of the dead at some time in the past. Dalarn gains permission but is asked to write his own name down in the Book of the Dead, a strange honor and yet troublesome to see as he writes the following:

Son of Conloch and Isabold, Brother to Gethfrik, Honored of Clan Earthfast, Friend to Clan Brightsword, Savior of Clan Glimmering Sword, Alaghor of Clangeddin, Defender of Ravens Bluff, and Knight of the Griffon.

Permission gained the group travels to the dead isle and there are greeted by the spirits of the dwarven Clan Brightaxe returned to fight against the evil hordes. Dalarn sees the specter of the Brightaxe weapon master who once asked him to become their new weapon master and tells him he thinks it may be time to take up that offer. They manage to clear a path as we see several Aboleths are amazingly controlling the Illithids.

Upon the island Midael the dwarven Solar greets the party and informs them of the protection that was placed to conceal and keep safe the Orb of Protection. He then offers to go first and take down that protection and provide the group with a shield to protect them against the islands invasion for a few minutes giving them time to retrieve the orb. He blesses the party before doing so.

With the shield of protection down and the force field up the group rushes in and quickly debates who should pick up the Orb of Protection, Xavier finally does and feels like it is right and fitting he carry it for Torm!

Now the group watches as outside the small field the horde of drow, duergar and Aboleths wait to pounce. Realizing they have no safe way off the island and are unable to teleport the Orb they watch and wait in horror. Just when the protective shield Midael created with his last breath is about to fail a beautiful female form appears with silver hair flowing down her back it is none other than Simbul, a chosen of Mystra. She casts a powerful spell which lashes out in bright colors all around and time stops the area, buying time to cast a gate spell for the group to rush through. As the group does so they witness Aboleths leap upon Simbul before the gate closes behind.

They find themselves in Ravens Deep as the drow have pushed back the invasion and now prepare to siege Ravens Deep in return. Lord Blacktree is glad the Orb of Protection is obtained but is weary of all the bloodshed he has witnessed in the past several days. He charges Pimfire with a package to be given to Lady Blacktree as he does not think he will survive the drow horde he plans to hold off to buy us time to make it to the surface. He mentions the 4th drow house was reduced to nothing in the attack as our allies were turned upon by Lolth’s minions.

Charged with bringing the orb to Charles O’Cain on the surface and that nothing else matters but seeing the Heart of Bane destroyed the group takes their leave of the city. Just as they make it out they hear a loud crash and watch in horror as the drow horde of monsters rush into Ravens Deep killing everyone. Lord Blacktree is seen making a last stand in a duel against the First Houses Matron Mother and with a flash of purple light she cuts off Lord Blacktree’s Head and his soul is sucked into her blade. Pimfire screams in rage and sorrow and vows to free his soul. Summoning his mystic steeds the group sets out with a drow army hot on their heels knowing every evil creature down here is going to try to block their path.


Possibly keeping everyone from being sucked down into the Abyss but to be revealed at the end of the mission

Special Mission - Part 3
LC5-134-HUD14-Part 3

Players Present: Pimfire, Xavier, Clearice, Dalarn, Omega
Absent: Ellae
NPCS: Lord Blacktree
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire

Discussion/Side note: Low levels being at level 5 they are now expected to make deposits to the treasury and can get revived by it, remove items (up to certain reasonable levels of power) and such all that jazz. Further Details will be discussed at a later time.

Mission Objective: Sneak inside the second drow house and plant bombs and a red disc portal generator in the noble living quarters without being caught.

The Midnight Menagerie is briefed by their commander on how the second drow house has fallen into disfavor with Lolth for allowing the escape of several followers of Eilistraee. Pimfire asks about any passwords they might need to know to be shown instead some hand signals to use in the event we are questioned at a guard post. The group is warned to avoid the Matron Mother who still has all her powers and the true power of the second house which is her wizard sons the most powerful of which may be in residence.

The group is tasked with planting the red disc anywhere inside the underground living quarters and given a map of the above ground areas which appear in the shape of a pentagram with guard posts and walls between each area. The group decides the best course is to enter through the stables area where deliveries are made and make their way around to the slaves holding area, then to the temple and arriving at the guest quarters before attempting to make entrance into the nobles underground living quarters. Feeling it too risky to try and bluff their way into the barracks they craft a demonic shield to encase one of the bombs with the intention of passing to someone to give to the House Commander who most likely stays in the Barracks area and will place it there for them.

Basically this is the order of encounters chosen by the group:

Area 5 Stables – Area 11 Guard House – Area 4 Slave Pens – Area 11 Guard House – Area 1 Temple – Area 11 Guard House – Area 9 Guest House – Area 11 Guard House – Area 14 The Great Structure

Below is a summary of places, encounters at each, bomb placement, along with the Red Disc final Location:

Area 5: Stables
Description: These square buildings are 60 ft. on a side, and by the sounds and smells coming from them you are confident you have found the riding lizard stables.
Encounter: Clearice, disguised as a drow priestess, intimidated a drow guard into passing along the demonic shield to the House Commander with instructions to find someone who does have access to that area if he did not. Xavier approached the stables hoping to plant a bomb unnoticed only to be given a tour by the Stable Master as Clearice glared at him to do so without question. Shown the Mithral Plating of the lizard mounts he was able to push a bomb into the stables muck area.
Bomb Placement: Planted in lizard muck by Xavier

Area 4: Slave Pens
Description: These triangular buildings have iron bar doors. From where you stand, you can see a large verity of beings, dwarves, goblins, hobgoblins, and even a hill giant. By the dead look in their eyes you can tell that they are slaves.
Encounter: Passing through a guard location with no trouble the group arrived to the slave pens. Once here Bill approached and requested a tour of the slaves and during the tour was able to slip a bomb unnoticed into one of the slave pens.
Bomb Placement: Bomb planted in a slave pen by Bill

Area 1: Temple
Description: This is a squat pyramid shaped building. The top third of its point is made of a translucent glass that seems to glow with an inner light. There appears to be only one entrance, a set of doors that are made of a strange dark metal.
Encounter: The group was stopped by guards from one of the Area 11: Guard Houses when attempting to enter and Ellae flashed correct hand signal they were given to gain safe passage. Ellae and Clearice head inside the temple and encounter demonic forces but manage to evade detection, Meanwhile Dalarn convinces Omega that it’s best to plant the bomb at the top of the temple on the outside if he wants to do the most damage. Omega climbs the far side of the pyramid like structure so no guards can see him thanks to Dalarn’s quick warning. Pimfire keeps watch for anyone while Omega uses Torch Tar to fix the bomb to the top of the pyramid before descending quietly.
Bomb Placement: Bomb planted on the outside of the top of the temple by Omega as per Dalarn’s instruction to maximize the damage to the structure.

Area 9: Guest House
Description: This building is a short dome-shaped building with a single door on the south side.
Encounter: As the group enters this area they encounter the House Commander who thanks Clearice for the demonic shield gift and forces her to bluff she is from Menzoberranzan visiting, this secures her a room in the guest quarters. Dalarn is given a proper entrance brooch (magical one). Inside the quarters Pimfire hides his bomb in the bathroom plumbing hoping to do some serious damage and cause the most mayhem. The group then chooses to head to the Great Structure and finish the mission quickly before any further risky encounters might occur or their credentials get looked at deeper.
Bomb Placement: Bomb planted, by Pimfire, in the plumbing of the rooms Clearice got us assigned.

Area 14: the Great Structure
Description: This pentagon shaped structure is easily the largest building in the walls. It is 25 ft. high and covered by a thick layer of black stone. There are five doors one on each side of the building.
Encounter: The group makes it inside as Dalarn’s Brooch may have done the trick, inside they find a large chamber filled with a mist and with Ellae using some magic to keep it back enter. Inside the group is unable to see much and attempts to skirt the edges all the while there is a buzzing/humming sound that slowly gets louder and starts to effect the group. Finally a voice intrudes upon the group able to see through their disguises easily. Omega chats with the creature to find it’s a Quasit which warns of very large Sturge like creatures here. Dalarn hands him the coin he was given by Graz’zt in payment for safe passage. The Quasit greedily takes the evil enchanted coin with glee. He lures the creatures away and the group manages to find the stone covering the entrance to the second lower floor but not before Dalarn succumbs to the buzzing sound and passes out. Once down they encounter some drow who allow passage until they come to a library. Here Pimfire finds a magical tome on domination and takes it while Omega distracts those in the library with his Dalarn floating puppet act (kind of like a “weekend at Bernie’s” thing). The rest of the group hides the Disc deep in the stacks of the library. Make their way to an empty room and use their planar tokens to escape to Brightwater.
Disc Placement: Disc placed in the library

Area 6: Drow Barracks
Description: This building is large and more fortified than the rest of the outer buildings. Ten drow patrol the grounds around the building.
Bomb Placement: Bomb planted as a disguised Demonic Shield and given to the House Commander as a trophy by Clearice.

Area 11. Guard House
Description: These irregularly shaped buildings have two entrances on either side of the building. Six drow patrol the grounds around the area.
Bomb Placement: None deemed far too risky.

The group eventually arrives in Brightwater for two days of rest and relaxation, which on the Prime Material Plane is only a few hours. Once this time passes they travel back to Ravens Deep and inform Lord Blacktree of their missions success. They are brought up to speed on the other group’s success only to hear that Hathmar Blademark group has not returned, meaning Mok is missing in action. They are informed that their part in this war is done for he has a more important task for the Midnight Menagerie, which is to retrieve the Orb of Protection when they attack the city.

REWARDS for Midnight Menagerie

The Midnight Menagerie reaches Level 14

Decorative Platinum Tray (1500 gp) = Treasury
Tome: Gaining Friends and Influence thru Domination (10,000 gp) = Treasury
Drow Tapestry (3300 gp) = Treasury
500 pp = Each Player

1 Stat item of choice +4 = Each Player

  • Gauntlets of Giant Strength +4 = Dalarn
  • Bracers of Strength +4 = Clearice
  • Spectacles of Intellect +4 = Omega
  • Gloves of Dexterity +4 = Ellae
  • Headband of Alluring Charisma +4 = Pimfire

Winged boots (Enchantment added to existing boots if already magical.) = Each Player

1 Chiv Point = Each Player
1 Honor to be determined later = Each Player

REWARDS for Twilight Menagerie

Items returned to the group by their allies of the drow fourth house

  • Eyes of doom 3 times per adventure each lens fires a scorching ray = Michaela
  • Wand of Greater invisibility, 10 charges. Cast at 7th level = Zimb
  • Ring of force shield = Amuka
  • 10 slaying bolts (gold elves) = Temple for Destruction
  • Belt of giant strength +2 = HK-58

200 pp = Each Player
Cloak of Protection +3 (Enchantment added to existing cloak if already magical.) = Each Player

1 Stat item of choice +2 = Each Player

  • Belt of Dexterity +2 = Veth
  • N/A = HK-58
  • N/A = Zimb
  • Belt of Mighty Constitution +2 = Bill
  • Belt of Dexterity +2 = Amuka

2 Chiv Point = Each Player
1 Honor to be determined later = Each Player

Special Mission - Part 2
LC5-134-HUD14-Part 2

Players Present: Amuka, HK-58, Zimb, Veth, Michaela, Bill
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire/Amuka

Mission Objective: Sneak inside the drow city and plant bombs and a red disc portal generator in the Trade District without being caught. Played our low levels the Twilight Menagerie.

The Twilight Menagerie set out from the ruined drow house on their mission to set bombs throughout the city of Nykhandthandar trade district with the ultimate goal of placing the red portal disc somewhere in the second floor of the master of trade house situated in the center of the marketplace.

Prior to leaving Zimb managed to get 10,000 gp worth of gem chips in case we needed to bribe any officials and the group is told about a potential ally of the 4th drow house who may help out if we get into trouble.

Along the way, the group avoids the drow patrols and upon arriving at the marketplace see, it is very busy. A slave auction draws a huge crowd along with the Twilight Menagerie. The auctioneer it seems is an Illithid and has a pet dragon with Smokey black scales in a golden collar. Zimb along with Veth manage to plant a bomb below the stage of the auction house while the rest of the group witness everything from a human, gold elf female, svirfneblin and a dwarf from clan Brightsword. With no way to outbid and not draw attention, the group is unable to save any of these from their fates.

Further, into the marketplace the group encounters a Duero (evil deep gnome) who manages to sell at a huge discount various items to the group. Amuka bought a ring of force shield, HK bought a belt of giant strength and Michaela bought a pair of scorching ray eyeballs. The Duero acting shifty then quickly packed up his stall and fled the marketplace. Later Zimb finds a bookstall and buys a pop-up book of undead creatures only to then encounter a strange woman who sells him a statue, which is shrunk down into a patch for 3 days before it will revert. It seems the statue is that of someone from Ravens Bluff and is most likely a Flesh to Stone like effect upon them.

As they get closer to the center of the marketplace, the group encounters a Drow Noble of the 5th house who accuses them of stealing his rightfully purchased items from the Duero. The evil deep gnome sold the group items he had already sold to the drow. Amuka and HK hand over the items they had purchased while Michaela refused. While the drow and Michaela argue over ownership HKs attention was solely focused upon another of his kind that the drow had accompanying him. It turns out to be his arch nemesis/opposite DG-8-11. They then get into a Brawl with Drow encouraging DG-8-11. Amuka and Bill take the opportunity to plant bombs as a crowd gathers creating a great distraction. Amuka plants a bomb in the sewers and Bill manages to put one into a potted plant only to have the owner of the plant notice and think it’s some sort of flirtation.

As the fight wears on Amuka runs off to fetch the trade master while guards arrive and detain the rest of the group at the Drow Nobles command when HK-58 is knocked out by DG-8-11. Arriving back to the scene with the Trade Master the group is detained, except for Bill who managed to avoid notice during the entire scene, and brought to the Trade Masters building and up to the second floor. When hope seems lost for the group in walks a Red Wizard of Thay and not just any but the old Ravens Bluff diplomatic emissary who previously attempted to kill the Lady Mayor and was banished.

It seems this must be the ally that was promised for he creates enough of a distraction to allow Veth to plant the red disc underneath the Trade Masters own desk before getting the group freed into his custody. Once outside he tells the group to say “Hello” to the Lady Mayor on his behalf and disappears into the crowd. Quickly making their way back to the ruined drow house the group arrives to inform their commander they had successfully planted three bombs and the red disc.

They are then sent to the shores of Brightwater for 2 days of rest and relaxation which on the prime material plane would only amount to a few hours. There they enjoy the attention of angels and other angelic like beings feasting and drinking. It is here the Zimb uses the patch to release the statue and have one of the Solar’s reverse the stone curse to find a long Lost Knight of Ravens Bluff.


Stop using XP and are now 5th level for our low levels

The Number of game sessions for our low levels to level up is now equal to the new level.
Example: To reach 6th level will require 6 sessions, 7th level will require 7 sessions. etc.

The Noble of the Drow 5th house was assassinated by our allies of the Fourth House and will be eventually returned to the Twilight Menagerie at the completion of the mission.

Special Mission - Part 1
LC5-134-HUD14-Part 1

Players Present: Pimfire, Xavier, Clearice, Dalarn, Omega
Absent: Ellae
NPCS: Lord Blacktree, Hathmaar Blademark, Hobbittino Family, Mok
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire

Discussion/Side note: We are approaching the end of the Underdark series; as such, they are becoming incredibly lethal. If we fail to retrieve the orb of protection we will have to live with the consequences of such. We are given, as much time as needed to complete this mission, do not worry about how many game sessions it may take.

Mission Objective: : To infiltrate the city of Nykhandthandar and plant as many bombs as we can along with a red summoning disc at our target location. They must go undetected for at least 24 hours to give troops time to prepare before they invade through them. This mission involves more then one group so we will be using both our high levels as well as our low levels for this.

Game Summary as per Pimfire:

It started out in Raven’s Deep where Lord Blacktree announced to the people that with the drow invasion looming it was decided we would counter strike and attack Nykhandthandar before they could march upon us since we would be outnumbered if they attacked, surprise would be our only advantage against superior numbers.

Four groups of adventurers chosen to infiltrate the drow city and plant bombs and summoning discs at key locations that must remain undetected for at least 24 hours. At no point should we engage in combat or blow our cover, to that effect various clothing of disguise and tools were handed to each of us to enable us a chance at pulling this at. Greater Hats of Disguise, Dust of Disappearance and a red pill in case things went south that would at least make our end swift so we couldn’t be tortured for information were prominent.

Groups / Targets given

  • Group 1: Midnight Menagerie – House E’Dyllym, the Second House
  • Group 2: Hobbittino Family – Fighters’ School
  • Group 3: Twilight Menagerie – Market Place and Slave Pens
  • Group 4: Hathmaar Blademark & Friends – School of Magic

We would get further information once we traveled through the Astral Plane to arrive at the remains of the destroyed seventh house of Nykhandthandar as to the exact location to place the red discs at our targets locations.

With our targets chosen, we prepared our disguises:

Midnight Menagerie Disguises – based on pretending to be slavers/slaves

  • Pimfire – Drow Wizard, piwafwi worn
  • Clearice – Drow female warrior, with a low-level priestess ability
  • Omega – Half-Orc Slave/Bodyguard, wearing chains with movement
  • Dalarn – Duergar Guard
  • Xavier – Drow Warrior
  • Ellae –

Twilight Menagerie Disguises – based on pretending to be merchants/guards/shoppers

  • Amuka – Merchant Mongrel who does poorly at business
  • Zimb (Omega) – Drow Wizard
  • Veth – In a summoning cage familiar for Zimb’s Drow Wizard
  • HK-58 (Clearice) – Duergar Warrior
  • Michaela – Kobold slave assist to mongrel merchant

As the other groups prepare we see the Hobbittino Family (Halflings) dressed in impeccable suits pull out, what appears to be portable holes, unfold them, and then a small army of Halflings step out of some carriages and jump into them. Once done the leader and his men fold the holes up and put them in their pockets like they were handkerchiefs.

Mok who was there for the briefing informs us this may be the last time he sees us and then casts a spell to teleport somewhere. As the other groups step into the Astral Plane portal we await our turn only to see what appears to be a minotaur looking exactly like Eilistraee appear beside Omega and whisper something in a blink disappear again. We questioned him about what she said and he informed us that on the prime material plane, Lolth cannot really reach us but in places like the Astral, she could send her minions after us.

We step into the portal, arrive in the astral plane and orient ourselves based upon sight of the Hobbitino’s we see ahead of us. We know they are 15 minutes ahead based upon the intervals we all departed from. Some weird streaks of blackness we see in the distance and Clearice shouts out a warning of a Dragon! Suddenly we make out the Ancient/Great Wyrm Shadow Dragon we tangled with while defending Kandelspire.

In a quick pass, it spews a cloud of darkness, which blinded and drained Xavier and myself of our strength. Without any strength, Xavier was unable to lift his bow. Nevertheless, Xavier refused to flee and stood with the rest of the group to fight knowing we had at least 15 minutes of travel left we would never make it. I kept going for the exit unable to lift my arms to help.

Dalarn’s Axes seem to hurt the foul dragon. Omega actually ran away at this point as the dragon bellowed in rage. Clearice realized it might be vulnerable to the holiness of Dalarn’s Axes and chose to channel positive energy at it. This caused a huge explosion that hurt both it and Clearice flinging them away from each other.

Now the Dragon decided to switch tactics and keep his distance doing strafing runs at the group. It stays out of range of Clearice’s magic and Dalarn’s axes all the while attempting to destroy them with powerful enchantments and its breath attacks. With a bit of luck they manage to survive these attempts.

Finally, my vision restored I was able to see the problem. Then I realized I could do one thing that might change the tide of this battle. I cast dimension door to bring myself back to my friends since that only required my voice something I could still use. Dalarn and I waited for the Dragon’s next pass where I then teleported us both onto its back. Dalarn was able to use his axes all he wanted while riding the Dragon finally defeating the creature and sending it back to whatever shadow dimension it came from. I know we did not finish it off fully enough to destroy such an Ancient and Powerful dragon but for now, it will not be troubling anyone.

We made our way to the portal and arrived at the seventh house of Nykhandthandar. Finally catching up to the other groups already there, we meet our contacts who managed to reverse the dragon’s breath effects on us, restoring us to our full selves albeit weaker in magic. It was then I chose to cast a spell I had a friend of Mok teach my ring of spell knowledge to prevent scrying attempts against us. Once done our contacts then gave the Twilight Menagerie further directions to the marketplace, where they are to meet with the Master of Trade on the


To be handed out at the end of the adventure/mission

Will Somebody Please Close That Gate - Part 2
LC5-133-HUD13-Part 2

Players Present: Pimfire, Xavier, Clearice, Dalarn, Ellae
Absent: Omega
NPCS: Lord Blacktree
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire

Discussion/Side note: Matt(Omega) was unable to attend game due to exams and posted such prior to game time.

Mission Objective: Deliver the missive to Lord Blacktree down in Ravens Deep / retrieve soldiers from outpost / GET THE HECK OUTTA Abyss

Dear Journal,

I remember we all just stood there for what felt like hours. Talking, Yelling, Shouting out Ideas on what the heck was going on. Standing on a giant chess board as chess pieces staring across at monsters that are still as statues not moving. We all knew the moment someone moved they would respond in kind. The question was how where we going to get to take out their King Piece without some of us dying. Also it seemed Omega was not responding but standing stunned. We were not sure if he even got teleported/transported or whatever the heck was done to us that brought us to this time and place along with us.

  • Shadow & Dalarn are Knights
  • Pimfire & Xavier are Rooks
  • Clearice & Ellae are Bishops
  • Omega is the King

Finally I took the plunge and moved, in response so did one of the enemies pawns. After that we kept taking a turn or moving based upon a group consensus until we had gotten ourselves into a horrible situation where I was the only one able to keep Omega (our king) from being taken by the enemy queen (a Marilith). In return Shadow managed to put their King in check during which the enemy queen made a move against me and despite my bravery severed my head from my body in one quick rush of blows. It seemed the standard rules of being in check didn’t apply. That or they didn’t care. Shadow stepped forth and attacked their King quickly defeating him.

Have you ever fallen from an impossible height for what felt like eternity all the while your head is staring straight at your body from about 5 feet away from it? New Experiences are fun and enlightening but I wouldn’t care to repeat that one. Suffice to say when we won the board fell out from under us and we went along on another astral projected fun ride throughout the Abyss.

Suddenly we are on a large chamber with a Dias and our gear is before us. Statues of Driders decorate the place along with artwork of Lolth and her minions. Out of the shadows appear a stunning drow female in high robes with armor beneath it. Of course who else but Eilistraee and with a passionate kiss wraps her arms around Omega and whisks him away to what I can only assume was another night of passion leaving us standing there stunned in what is obviously Lolth’s throne room of all places.

We quickly put our gear on. Not a moment too soon as spiders pour out from everywhere and a sense of evil power grows until a breathtakingly beautiful drow female appears on the throne. We can feel her hate from her gaze, gee I wonder who this could be, Yup Lolth. We are all unable to meet her gaze only Xavier seems able to meet it as he looks at her defiantly. Talk about Brave, or stupid.

She addresses us finally and says something along the lines of “You are as lowly to me as Gnats. However even they can get under the skin and be irritating and need to be dealt with then.” She blames us for breaking her rules and killing her minions and spiders and defiling temples and such. Then she tells us our actions could not go without punishment and looks at Xavier. Not only does he have a tattoo from a drow house marking him as an enemy to most drow but he is standing there just meeting her gaze showing no indication of bowing or subservience that is usually given to her royal arachnidic highness. So she says “You couldn’t be so foolish to enter here, and we have an eternity for me to teach you.”

All I know is she moved up to him, there was the sound of someone getting slapped and Xavier went down like a sack of potatoes. What does my BOY do? he gets back UP! Looks her in the eyes again! lightly touches the permanent hand print she left on his face and says with no malice “is that all you got?”

Now it’s about at this point a sensations of power comes flooding back to most of us and we realize we didn’t have any magical or divine power. With a flash one of Dalarn’s dwarven priests appears behind me and tells him this fight isn’t for him, touches him on the shoulders and whoosh! he’s Planar shifted presumably to Ravens Bluff and the safety of his bed and a tavern. I do this thing where I believe Clearice could just Planar Shift us all out of there and attempt to give her the chance only to find she can’t do that no more now she’s a priestess of Lathander and in her infinite wisdom attempts a True Seeing only to have her eyes melted right out of the sockets! She’s screaming in pain on her knees.

Xavier actually tells Lolth “I hear you as a God but I don’t hear you” and smites her! well damn I’ve seen someone get FLANSE’d before and it’s not something that a sane person can stomach watching but what she did to Xavier in response made a Red Wizard of Thay look like a 1st year apprentice suffering from a stutter and unable to cast the most basic cantrips. Luckily for him and us Dalarn’s priest opens a portal and I quickly hightail it out of there along with the rest of the gang with a simple Bardic Escape spell. Unfortunately the priest had to stay behind to hold the portal open for the rest of us to teleport through as he refused the benefit of the spell. With a thud we land in the chamber of life and the portal slams shut to an intense scream of rage and pain. We can only hope his end was quick and she hasn’t kept him for torture.

With the help of the magical waters in the Chamber of Life we slowly get Xavier’s skin put back on and Clearice is able to regenerate her eyes back into her eye sockets. We make our weary way to Ravens Deep and get reunited with Dalarn and Omega. Not only that but the entire Midnight Menagerie is present as we are told most, if not all, the adventurers in the city have gathered to help deal with the drow threat from Nykhandthandar once and for all.


Robe of scintillating color = Party Treasury
Wooden longsword +3 (1d6 B damage) = Xavier
Spyglass of Detection (True seeing for 1 minute, 200 to 600ft. range, twice per day) = Ellae
Needle made of Star Metal = Dalarn
Battleaxe +2 of Ghost Touch = Party Treasury


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