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  • Dragon's Eye

    Players Present: [[:faldor-lockeheart | Faldor]], [[:dresden-drumheller | Dresden]], [[:gevus | Gevus]], [[:morrin-telemnar | Morrin]], Mok, Dannel, Tilla Players Absent: None A Note in the Journal of one Morrin L. Telemnar, Squire to the Keepers of …

  • Legends

    Players Present: [[:mok | Mok the Powerful Wizard]], [[:tepal | Tepal ]], [[:morrin-telemnar | Morrin Telemnar]] NPC's Present: [[:faldor-lockeheart | [Hiatus] Faldor Lockeheart]], [[:dannel-of-tyr | [Hiatus] Dannel of Tyr]] _An Adventure of the …

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