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  • Why is there AIR Round 2

    Characters Present:, [[:dresden-drumheller | Dresden,]] [[:gevus | Gevus]], [[:morrin-telemnar | Morrin,]] Mok, [[:dannel-of-tyr | Dannel]], [[:tilla | Tilla]] Characters Absent: Faldor From the Journal of Dresden Drumheller at the time of this …

  • Plane Speaking

    Many of us had business outside the city that day. So we decided as usual safety in numbers there had been rumors of increased attacks by mixed groups of humanoids and various groups of brigands and highwaymen. All but Faldor had joined the Midnight …

  • Planes Visited

    Shadow - Just Because - Shades of Gray Air - Planespeaking Bytopia - Planespeaking Abyss - Planespeaking Ysgard - Planespeaking Negative Material - Planespeaking Alternate Prime - Planespeaking

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