Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Adventure #1

OOC: We’re going back and trying to add this campaign to Obsidian portal, so a few details from the early adventures may get lost. (Adventure 1 written from someone no longer a player in the game)

Players: Dannel, Gevus, Faldor, Morrin, Caeser, Dresden

A group of people decide to make for Raven’s Bluff. The city of adventure. Being brand new adventurers they decide to take up with a caravan to get there.

So the caravan sets off, or attempts to. Right away we have some person yelling about being robbed. His name was Stennis. Dannel and Faldor go off and ask every conceivable question to every member of the caravan that we could speak to. And this got us nowhere.They were trying to be helpful and there is nothing wrong with that, just some people we went back to three times to ask more questions.The end result was the case is still open.

A couple of days roll by, and the group has dreams about the elder members of the caravan dying, so what happens on our fourth day, they get attacked by bandits. The wizard Anton becomes a pincushion, just like party dreamed. Words fall on deaf ears. The group is given Anton’s wagon, and his stuff, as long as we deliver the wagon to his brother in Raven’s Bluff. We open his wagon, and a vampire pops out, and attacks Dannel. Thank goodness for the caravan master that ripped the wagon top off and exposed it to sunlight killing it.We found some chalices and paintings too. 18 chalices to be exact. Gevus steals one, and in turn we found out Stennis stole it from him. Gevus was never caught

The next morning, more from Stennis, I was robbed, oh woe is me.No new information or leads, this time he lost most of his gold.

The next morning the barbarian wants to sell us deeds to different plots of land in the city.Dannel buys one.He tries to get more to buy them but at 100 gold a piece, and fresh young adventurers, Dannel was the only one to afford it.

We proceed on, having a minor encounter with some beetles that were quickly dispatched. This was good to see how our group reacted, and it was well, no one stood around with their thumb up their ass not knowing what to do.

Somewhere on night eight, we get more from Stennis, oh I was robbed. Well this time we find Stennis has robbed Dresden and was using the robbery thing as a cover up so no one would suspect him. Stennis runs. Faldor shoots an arrow at his leg. Well let’s say that I have a greater appreciation for Faldor’s skills. This arrow hits him square in the thigh, spins him around, rips off his leg, and kills the fool that robbed us. We get a share of his belongings too. This night had more dreams of bad things happening to the elders of the caravan including a black dragon.

On day 9, our paladin finds out that the caravan master is a paladin too. He walks up to him, and the first words are hey, I hear your holy, what god to do you worship? The caravan master Kantal Kantinole seems a bit taken aback by the personal question, and they starting having a discussion about what being a paladin really is. Eventually Kanton says he venerates the Red Knight, and Caesar speeds away.I’m not sure what that was about. The barbarian calls us witches for our dreams and leaves the caravan

Well here things get interesting. The Caravan master tells us that he pissed of some evil priest, and that there is an attack coming that night. The priestess and her apprentice begin setting up protection circles with stars in them. We hide during the fight, because this fight was WAY out of our league. There were Tanar’ri and I didn’t have time to identify them, or even try, because the evil priest sent Zombies and Skeleton to attack the circles, and it became our job to ward them off. Which we did, again. We did add a little bit of help against the Tanar’ri, but miniscule in comparison to what the others did. We lost the twins in this fight.They rushed out of the circles to fight the foes, giving their lives.

Then we meet some relative calm for a ride until we come to some ruins. The priestess Del Senora’s apprentice dies in some spell trap, and Kantal gets trapped in a wall of force from which we had no way to save him, plus the other warrior got trapped. There was nothing we could do, and only Del Senora lived, and there was nothing she could do. We sadly moved on.

The 22nd day brought more dreams, and on the twenty-fifth day we avoided some people that were guarding the road, with the caravan’s luck, it was probably for the best.

At Last Raven's Bluff
Adventure #2

The group starts off once again for Raven’s Bluff. A Paladin, a Priest and a mage meet up with the group and destroy the party’s wagon. This is due to the vampire, they were tracking it and meant to kill it. They give a large gem in compensation for the destroyed wagon.

Next day, this time the group encounters a Halfling named Talf. They are searching for a group of orcs that attacked their village. We follow them, and on the next day the group finds some kobolds and goblins while searching for a campsite. The group chases them off.

A dispute ensues over looting of the dead. Dannel tells Gevus to stop. In a funny thing Gevus’s player says to the DM, don’t I get to roll sleight of hand? To which I reply, sure, but he can say whatever he wants. Short version, Dannel sees Gevus at the bodies, assumes the worst, and Gevus can’t but think how the heck did I get caught?

The next day the group gets ambushed by more humanoids, the same as before with some hobgoblins and orcs, and a Flind. Again the group chased them off. This time looting went much better.

Finally on the next day we found the main village. This time there is all the kinds before plus a leprechaun and a wererat. The group gets invited to come sing, which they do, and the humanoids come out and sing hand in hand and then attack .It does not go so well for the party. No one dies but the strong flinds almost turned the tide of battle. The halflings let the party keep all the treasure found for helping to stop this village.

After this the party finally gets to Raven’s Bluff, where they meet Mortimer Mittlemer. He charges each person 17 gold, 10 to get into the city, 5 to keep their weapons, and 2 for a chance to go to the Mayor’s ball. Well it is discovered he is a fraud, and gets away with the party’s gold. But At last Raven’s Bluff

Counterfeit Dreams
Adventure #3

This adventure took the party on a simple mission to gather a item from the Griffon Roost on the hill, and bring it to a ship, The Golden Goddess. Retrieving the item was simple as was the delivery. Until the party got paid in counterfeit coins (It doesn’t come out in the adventure, so it is OOC, but it was Mortimer Mittlemer. Being in possession of Counterfeit Raven’s Bluff Money brought the group with newcomer Listor in front of the Vulture, Vernon Condor, Regent of the Exchequer. There was a choice, help find the counterfeit money, or reside in the Nevin Street Comptor. The party chose to help.

Gevus chose to leave at this point, something about being ill. (OOC: Internet died)
The group went to a small area on Southside where the counterfeiting was believed to have originated. One shop that sold brass, proved to be a lead by 2 gnomes, that offered information on who buys from them. This led to a second shop, where information was garnered on an Inn that buys much of this special Moongold Brass. While there Listor played a joke on a young man who knew little of the gods. The young man started to pray to the god Listor after a spell was cast when his prayers were answered.

This led to Caesar assaulting our new found wizard with a slap to the side of the head with a gauntlet when he came out. A party disagreement ensued that while it wasn’t kind of Listor, no law had been broken. Caesar insisted that where he came from a law was broken. They the party starting talking about, even if that were true, you are not judge, jury and executioner. They party will have to determine how to proceed later. Caesar went to his temple to discuss and left the party.

The party continued to the Overinn, a safehouse for thieves and smugglers, where after MUCH talk, they started to get onto the fact that the moongold was coming here, but not much of it could be found. They circle of 5, fought a ranger, thief, wizard, Verity Overinn, and an Ogre, barely surviving. A few things went wrong in the fight, that sometimes happens with newly made adventurers. Dannel could have been awakened with a nudge, and the wizard probably could have been at full health, but that might have been missed. We shall live and learn.

Next Week: Downunder the living city. Why is the Sea of Fallen Stars receding? It’s your job to find out.

Downunder the Living City
Adventure #4

This adventure finds the group in the employ of the Regent of the Harbor, Lord Calvin Longbottle. He hires the group to find out why the Sea of Fallen Stars is sinking an inch per day. He brings provisions for a many day adventure, and he brings the group various means of being able to be in and under the water without dying.

The group sets of swimming and shortly they find a boy, adrift and dying. The boy was from a ship that sank with some wizard on it. The party swims the boy to land, and the sets out once more.

This time they run into a water weird. Having never met a water weird before, it was really, well weird when he was summoned into a barrel of ale, resulting in a drunken water weird. After trying to drown a member of the party, and failing, he started to talk telepathically to the group, inquiring on how they could not drown. After his curiosity was satisfied, he told the group of the ship, and of the wizard dropping something from a pouch that flopped open. This seems to cause stuff to be sucked into it.

More trouble ensued as a Morkoth tried to ambush the group but failing, and this resulted in some of the largest treasure gains for the party.

Next the party meets a couple of Giant Lobsters and an Apparatus of Kwalish. Well the party was lucky about the Lobsters, Listor shot a ray of frost at one, but it missed, and since it was from the back, they never saw it, but the Apparatus did, and it turned around, clicking its claws. It made no overt threatening gestures, just clicking its claws as if to say stay away. But eventually the party felt the need to dive in and attack it. This went poorly. NO PC’s were killed in this endeavor, and eventually the wizard, Listor figured out what it was, and wanted a way to capture it, but that was for naught, eventually combat was disengaged and the Apparatus walked off.

Next the party finds the ship, and through some searching they find a hole, a square hole, sucking water into it. The group does some searching, find a few trinkets, and then they try to save the day. For a long time this seemed for naught, until they found a way to get Listor down into the hold with rope, and he figured out how to fold it up, and save the day. This seems like the end of our story, but no. We had to go back to town yet.

When we get back to town, the Regent of the Harbor retrieves the magic items, and tells the party they have to give up the Well of the World. This does not sit well with the Mage, and the Paladin. The Mage (wizard) does not feel safe turning it over to the Regent of the Harbor, and the Paladin doesn’t want it given either. So the Regent of the Harbor summons the Archmage of the Wizard’s Guild. Sir Alcides Von Tighe, Knight of the Raven, and he takes the item. At this point more talking ensues and now the party says the item should be destroyed as it is too powerful. Alcides responds and says, you know I can start making another one tomorrow? The 2 members of the party grudgingly let them have it, as in the end, the leaders of the city are correct that it is too powerful and item for the party to have. What if someone steals it, and tomorrow it opens a portal to the Negative Material Plane?

The party is rewarded and payment completed.

Next game: The Special Advisory Council Guard! You’ve hit the big time…or have you?

Your tax money at work
Adventure #5

Players in Attendence: Dannel, Listor, Faldor, Gevus

Today the party has been working for a group known as the Special Advisory Council. The party has been working for them for some time. The director, a man named Bradle, told the group to take off and protect a boy named William. He is the nephew of Lord Thomas Raphael.

Bradle sends the party to Embrol Sludge’s eatery and Shell Shoppe. The party sets off and is slowed by a large sale in the open air market. Dannel decides to collect money for the poor, which opens the way, and makes the group only slightly late.

The group arrives, and escorts the boy around town. He wants to see the waterfront, and he causes some problems, and then 10 kids surround the group and demand coin or William’s Blood. Except they call him Phil. Darin gives the couple of coins that he collected for the poor, and gives it to the street kids. (Fight avoided)

William/Phil Jumps in the sewers and sprinkles dust of disappearance on himself. He eludes the party.

When the party climbs from the sewers, they are met by Bradle’s son and the city watch, and taken to the Advisory council for dereliction of duty. The party tells their story, and Bradle says he sent them to Lord Raphael’s house to collect the boy. After hearing both sides of the story, they party is excused while deliberations happen, and told not to leave the city.

The city sets off back to the waterfront to look for this boy, who comes running to the group, asking to be saved. The same kids from earlier are chasing William/Phil again. Phil stole their money, Dannel gets him to return it, and the boys wander off again (fight avoided).

Phil tells the party, in return for safe passage to a ship and to leave the city, that he was hired to impersonate the nephew and that the real nephew is being kidnapped. The party takes the boy to the ship.

After this they return to the director’s office, where they catch him red handed with the boy and some thugs. A small fight ensues, with the thugs being knocked out. Bradle and Noland not really being fighters, they give in. Everyone is taken in front of the council. The city clears the party of charges, and Bradle and Noland are arrested.

The party met Lord Charles Frederick, LaVerne Blacktree the IV. He is the speaker of the advisory council. He eventually, through a servant, as the party stank from being through the sewers, gives each person 25 gold for their hard work.

Day Complete. 1 DU spent.

Next Week: You’ve been drafted into the City Watch’s Nightwatch division for an evening. Meager pay for high adventure…and the Veil is rolling in…that about sums it up.

Nightwatch in the Living City
Adventure #6

Players Present: Dannel, Dresden, Morrin, Listor, Gevus

Absent Players – Mikey

Missing Players – Faldor, Caesar

Tonight the group was hired on as junior members of the Nightwatch for the first night that the Veil rolled in. The Veil comes in the spring and fall and it lays a thick fog upon the city and the bay.

The group meets Chief Constable Rolf Sunny Sunriver. His investiture of the party brings them in as special junior members of the night watch. At this point the day commander takes over. His name is Gar Saru and he is a beast of a man. He assigns people to different sectors and areas, and dismisses each group to a sergeant to get familiar with their area.

The party’s sergeant is Luath, and they are assigned to Crow’s End, the Harbor, and the foreign quarter.

The group starts by going through the market and making sure all is well. The only thing of note, a man selling rat on a stick and the rats have teeth man.

At the end of the market, a man charges a fellow seller in the next stall with a cleaver, the party stops the male. Some citizens thought the party harmed the man, but a small boy, TJ speaks up for the party. Then 2 Ishtishian priests show up, wanting to help the person. Since both want to help in different ways, the party participates in the Rite of Ishtishia. A spell that determines who shall get the favor. In this case, the elf priestess Bulclutha. She takes the man away, and finds he is wearing a amulet of friendship, for water creatures, for land people, it curses them and drives them crazy.

Next the party has to deal with a loose carriage, and trying to get it stopped, and the party does so, but only once it is in the foreign quarter. Inside a girl is polymorphing people into animals. The carriage people are ok, and the male asks the party to escort the female back to the Westgate Embassy, which they do. The male party (OOC) was the same man that tricked the party the first day they arrived with false writs. The party heads for the hills as soon as they can wanting nothing to do with the girl polymorphing people.

Then the party meets the McTaggerts, ice sellers, who heard weird noises coming from their back building. The party meets Cudzu, the Druid that lives in the sewers. He wants the party to find who is killing his rat friends or he will be forced to act. They he disappears.

The party had promised TJ a bedtime story and they stop and give him one. It is just he and his grandfather and the boy and the grandfather are very appreciative.

Onward to 2 wizards fighting over an illusion of a blue dragon. They are figuring out who actually killed the beast some 15 years ago. The group convinces them the city, in an intersection, late at night is not the best place for this discussion, they move along.

The group meets a vampire hunter that knows there is a vampire in town, and thinks it is at the Red Sail Tavern. They party shows up, some thugs are shaking down the owner, who the party moves along, and then the vampire hunter, Jack Harker, proceeds to produce a holy symbol of Tempus and holds it and says begone foul creature to each patron. He does not endear himself and moves along.

The group helps adjudicate a dispute over part of an Inn being given away so that there are no issues.

Balclultha sends for the party, a cat, and a man were brought in, injured. The cat got in the way of a carriage and got injured. Balclutha healed the man, the party heals the cat. The cat wanders off, leading the group to her mistress, an apprentice wizard and alchemist who had a spell or batch go bad. They rescue to the girl, and figure out that the person that came in with the cat was an accomplice of Mortimer Mittlemer, the man that sold the false writs, but the accomplice remembers nothing after bring through from the carriage before being brought in for healing.

Finally the party is led to the Silver Lily, a tavern and Inn for Ship captains, and they gain some information about where to find out about the rats.

The party goes to the Salty Dog, and finds that the rats and being used for sport, in contests with dogs. The party tries to reason with the man that the druid is after him, but he just laughs, eventually making the party leave.

When they do, a ship is on fire. And the crew blocks the way to the ship, captain’s orders. The party subdues all the members of the crew, so that the Red Ravens can take care of the fire.

With this, morning comes, the shift ends, and the party having done such a great job, are invited to fill openings in the City Guard.

Dannel – City Guard
Dresden – Sewer Patrol
Gevus – Harbor Patrol
Listor – I&N
Morrin – Scout Rangers.

Balclutha brings three potions of water breathing for helping with the Rites of Ishtishia.

Next Week: Eye of the Leviathan Round 1. Lord Blacktree is missing a valuable gem. Wait, just how valuable is this thing?

A Gem of a Deal
Eye of the Leviathan Round 1 (Adventure #7)

Players Present – Faldor, Dannel, Dresden, Listor, Morrin, Gevus, Arn

New Player First Adventure – Arn

Players Absent – None

The party is hired by Lord Frederick Charles Laverne Blacktree IV. He wants the group to find a heirloom gem in a housing that was recently taken by a member of his staff who has been fired and unable to be found, for stealing. The group heads off on a lead to Embrol Sludge’s Shell Shoppe and Eatery.

As the party enters the bar, Embrol and his family are engaged in a brawl, not a fight, just a brawl with some poor sailors. The party jumps to the defense of the family and holds the sailors off. At the end of it all, it was found out that someone used this as a diversion, and stole a gem, a gem that sounds a lot like Blacktree’s missing gem.

The watch shows up, hauls the sailors off to jail, and tells the party that since most of them are watch members, they will be released on their on recognizance but to appear for court in the morning. The group did and the sailors were sentenced to 10 days in the Comptor. The gem, there was no proof it was to be stolen. The group did overhear Embrol describing it, and a hint that it might be at the docks.

The party makes their way to the docks, and finds where the missing sailor stays, and that he made his way to a ship that left in the middle of the night. The Moon Maiden. This took a lot of asking around and eventually the party is allowed on the mail ship. It is heading north to Tantras and Calaunt to deliver mail messages to the neighbor ambassadors. So they set sail and on day three of the adventure they find Lord Thomas Raphael’s ship on a diplomatic missing being attacked by the Moon Maiden and one other ship flying the skull and Crossbones.

The Skilled shipman but the ship between the other pirate vessel and Sir Thomas’s and they grapple pull close and the party and the guard hop over to begin defense. All is going well, until 3 naked men run out of the Moon Maiden’s Hold. They carry a chest, one jumps in the water, and the other 2 transform into Weresharks. The engage the party in a fight to the death and while the party put them down, one did manage to bite Gevus, and appears to have infected him. There is no one powerful enough to cure the Lycanthropy at this time, and Gevus only has three days.

Lord Thomas Raphael thanks the party, and they explain their problem. He tells them that there are sea elves close to here, and that he will write them a letter of introduction if they want to finish their mission. The party accepts, and thus ends Round one of Eye of the Leviathan.

The Eye has it
Eye of the Leviathan Round 2 (Adventure #7)

Players Present: Faldor, Dannel, Arn, Gevus, Listor, Morrin, Dresden

Players Missing: Arn (Lost power halfway through)

Round 2 of Eye of the Leviathan, a Gem of a Deal A Gem of a Deal

The group started off where we left last time, on Sir Thomas Raphael’s ship on a diplomatic mission for Calaunt. He agrees to write the party a letter of introduction. This will get the party a greeting with the town of the sea elves and help them find their way to the weresharks. Letter in hand, and Airy Water cast on the party, the group goes over the side. They land in a bowl so to speak, a valley, about 200 yards from a giant kelp forest. Out comes a few dolphins to see what is going on. Eventually out comes a few sea elves. After seeing no hostilities and the party showing them the mark of Sir Thomas, the elves take them back to their town, and a path opens in the kelp.

The party is led to the center building where they meet with the village elder. He reads the letter from Thomas, and tells the party where to find the weresharks. He offers to cover them in some weird goo that will let them breathe water for 24 more hours. The party sets out on the road, a canyon that will come out at the cave where the sharks are at.

The party comes upon an attack by some Ascallions, some aberration sharks that decide the party should be lunch. The party chases a few away while killing the others including the mother. Not much hard to deal with here.

Next the party comes upon a giant squid. It does not move, it just watches the party. Eventually the party advances and they find that it is not a normal ship. It is crashed and the owner of the ship is some cursed walrus that used to be a bard that can only sing. He tells the party to take whatever they want, as long as they feed him. The group finds a couple of old sealed scrolls and sealed potions. The party feeds the walrus and continues on.

Next the group finds the way up to the were sharks. They first shark they encounter runs past them, and jumps in the water and blocks their way out. So the party goes inward. Next they encounter 5 Sahuagin, and it is just not the party’s night, there is a horrible time trying to strike these creatures. Eventually the party wins out, and moves onward.

To the next cave with a Cloaker, that scares everyone except for Morrin whom it falls on and wraps itself around. Harming the Cloaker harms the person inside as well in most cases. Eventually the party comes back and their combat woes continue. The group eventually slays it and is badly broken but decides to power on.

To the next cave where the weresharks show their master, and Aboleth. He has the gem that the party has been looking for, and he wields it and all its power, except that he doesn’t know it was cursed and evil can not use it. He shocks himself and knocks himself out. The party takes the gem, finally finished with their mission.

Except for the tritons. Tritons accost the party outside, explain how it belongs to their king and was stolen. The party gives it back, but now they are empty handed forLord Blacktree. They go home, explain what happened, and give him a gem worth 10000 gold that the tritons had given the party for freely returning the gem. So the party comes home with lots of treasure, a few new friends, and an upset town noble.

The Curse of the Red Death
Adventure #8

Players in attendance : Dannel, Dresden, Gevus, Morrin, Listor, Arn, Norfinas

Players Absent – Faldor

The group is invited to the home of Sir Thomas and Holly Graham. It seems that Lady Holly found out some information about her husband who had been missing for 10 years. There was a drunken bar fight and the one person, a Talosian, was bragging about killing some people from Raven’s Bluff 10 odd years ago in the mountains and hill outside of town.

Holly invites the party to their cider house to ask them to search for information on her husband now that they have information about his passing. The party agrees to see what they can find out. If worse comes to worse, just find out if he is dead, and if so, find her wedding gift to him, a scarlet sword.

The party leaves off, heading to the temple of Tyr, and the City Government Center to see what information they can find. Both of these places confirm that there was indeed a mission sent 10 years ago, with no one ever learning the outcome.

The party sets out for a general idea of where the mission was in the hills many years ago. When they stumble upon Abigail. Abigail is a little girl that defends herself with a dagger, and telling the party to get off her land. After figuring out that the party means her no harm, they talk for a little about her caretaker, her uncle, and also that her grandfather lives farther up the mountains somewhere. This fact was made harder by Listor giving a careless and non nonchalant attitude

The party sets out for “farther in the mountains” and is met by a weird web, a memory web, in which Dresden Drumheller learns of a gathering force of Talosians in the hills. The memory web destroyed, the memories now belong to Dresden.

The party continues on and finds Grandpa’s cave. The party asks about the missing paladin, a fight in the hills, and grandpa confirms this, and mentions the sword, and that he went to claim it off the field of battle when no Talosian victor could touch it. But alas when he went back for the sword it was gone. It turns out, Grandpa has the sword, and was saving it for Abigail someday, but this information was not very forthcoming due to Listor’s attitude once again.

Eventually finding out more about the sword, he gives it up, and the party heads home. They are attacked by a few low skilled Talosians before they get back, where they recount their story, and return the sword. Upon return of the sword Sir Thomas reforms from having his essence kept inside the sword for 10 years. He is back and alive, and he has Tyr and the group to thank for it. In return he will still worship Tyr, but wants to be with his wife as well. He passes the now changed sword onto the party, and tells them to make good use of it.

Chiv point.

The Day of the Raven
Adventure #9

Players present: Dannel, Dresden, Morrin, Faldor, Gevus, Tilla.

Players Missing: Norfinus, Arn.

The day started out being invited by a priestess of the Temple of Waukeen to meet with the high priestess on a chance to return some long lost item. So the party agrees to meet with her, at her home, The Devillars Mansion, as she is Lady Lauren Devillars. The party sets off and is invited to a light lunch. A Baked Grapefruit, and a steak, and a 2lb potato, and some lobster tails. After asking some questions about the group and their past exploits they are hired.

The group sets off for the White Sands, a museum about the history of early Raven’s Bluff. Here the group learns that there once was a thieves guild. And it was run by a Sara and Tom Porter. Their exploits eventually caught up to them, stealing magic items from the Temple of Waukeen being the last straw. They were hanged, but the items were never found. The party takes their information and goes off to see the son.

John Porter works at the sanitation facility, and has a strange curved dagger seen in a stained glass image of his parents back in the museum. He says it is his only momento of his father. The party heads back to the museum and they convince the curator to let them see the walking stick of Tom, that he always used and never needed. The find a holler section. In the holler section is a map. They go back to John Porter and ask to see his dagger. The two items make a map and a key, and the party goes out into the woods, finding a stone not like the others. They lift the stone, and get a clue to go back to the white sands to the Rainbow room. They take the stained glass window, place it above the door, the light shines in, and it shows four possible places in the city.

On the way they are ambushed by the current thieves guild, an extension of the former, and they are called the Four Ravens. The thieves are no match for the party and are killed except for the leader who is run off. The find the tunnel to the old thieves hang out. The walk in, find some interesting rooms, including a chess room, where they fight 2 clockwork horrors, the only real combat of this adventure.

They pass the chess room, find the treasure. Except there is magic that no metal can go into the room. The party takes this to the extreme, resulting in Faldor, Gevus, and Tilla naked in the room to retrieve the treasure. The party takes the items home, and gets paid over 10000 gold for the items, and other things found. The party did also walk away with 2 potions of gaseous form.

No game next week due to Thanksgiving!

See you in two weeks. You’re down in the dumps… literally. Once again you are called upon to save the city.


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