Ravens Bluff, The Living City

A House Divided - Part 2
LC5-HUD10-129-Part 2

Players Present: Pimfire, Clearice, Xavier, Dalarn, Omega
NPCS: Mok, Sir Dresden
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire

Discussion/Side note: Clearice will be unavailable for the next 2 weeks following this adventure.

The Battle of Graz’zt Village

There we were ready and buffed, everyone hasted, good hoped, Amuka and friends got a svirfneblin blessing enlarging and strengthening them for what was to come. A few invisibility spells thrown in for good measure and Veth a powerful dragon who was a friend of Amuka summoned a celestial being to our cause!

Our targets:

  • Amuka and her friends would free a bunch of slaves
  • The Dwarven soldiers would take out the drow barracks until help arrived from the freed slaves
  • The svirfneblin and their earth elementals would handle any drow nobles in residence
  • Sir Dresden and Mok had a crazy plan for dealing with the guard post tower
  • We had decided to sneak around the back way avoiding the battle in the middle as we headed towards the temple of Graz’zt

In the end, I blame myself for not remembering to cast a silence spell upon the dwarves. The moment we all charged to our assigned targets or in Mok and Sir Dresden case somehow catapulted at the tower the noise was deafening. You would have to be deaf and dumb not to see 12 angry heavily armored screaming dwarves come charging into the middle of camp. The alarm was raised and time was of the essence. Veth’s celestial ally started screaming about the evil it sensed and demanded to be let free which once done allowed it to leave and return quickly with others of it kind only to charge at the temple and the hundreds of demons that stated pouring out into the middle of the fray.

Amuka’s band made it to their destination and I am proud to say she was able to slay two drow herself one of which was a wizard before they freed the slaves who ran off to join in the battle.

Avoiding the center of the cave seemed to be the correct choice because with all those demons, drow, slaves and angels flying and fighting it would have taken us forever to make it to the temple, if we even made it at all. Along the way, I saw Mok flying near the guard tower read from a scroll and then a great earthquake shook the tower down. He was clearly crazy for using such a powerful and dangerous spell underground even in a cavern that large.

Inside the temple, I made a snap decision which way to go and it brought us down into a large room with Lava Rivers and a large pool of the stuff. There we fought bravely against numerous demonic drow capable of breathing fire and some driders. For those who have never seen one you are lucky. A drider is a drow male that has been turned into a vicious parody of itself with a large spider body and legs. They are fast, agile and adept at seeing everything something I learned the hard way.

Omega took on a whole squad of the demonic drow along with a couple driders while Xavier and Dalarn did the same with a group on the far side of the chamber. Clearice took flight invisibly and her touch and healing powers could be felt for which I am eternally grateful for without I would be dead. It was then we saw the High Priestess chanting by a large statue overlooking a huge pool of lava, every few seconds a giant lava bull would come rising up out of the depths. She had to be stopped. Xavier turned his bow her way only to watch, as his arrows would burst into ash flying over the lava. Realizing he could not get around the side quickly enough to put his bow to better use I had no choice. I quickly stepped behind a pillar, cast an invisibility spell and stepped back out walking past a Drider only to discover that they could see through such an enchantment. As it fired its bow at me repeatedly, I cried out to wherever Clearice was for assistance as I attempted to disrupt the High Priestess casting with the sheer power of my voice. By the time, I managed to get her to stop and hover over the lava pool out of reach I was down and heading towards a bright light only to find Clearice’s magical energy bring me back from the brink of death’s door.

Hovering over the lava the High Priestess remained while several large bull shaped lava creatures were roaming around spewing lava at friend and foe alike. Knowing we could not hit her with arrow or sword that left only spells and I was nearly spent with all our preparation prior to rushing in. I made the call to pull out a wand of lightning and blast her in the hopes that her death would result in the dispelling of the summoning of the lava bulls. As the wave of electricity hit her and she fell from her flight into the pool of lava I could hear Clearice’s scream of anguish and frustration over the loss of the potential magical components on her. I tried to explain they were probably evil but the bulls burst into flying gobs of lava destroying the last of the Demonic drow and driders.

Then as we picked ourselves up from that blast, the statue transformed into a handsome demonic giant laughing. In gratitude for the entertainment, he offered us a “special coin”. Why Clearice? Why would you look fully upon what was obviously the demonic embodiment of Graz’zt himself. As she did her coin appeared in her hand while the rest of ours appeared at our feet. I did not want anything to do with mine and left it but I think a few others might have picked theirs up using a glove or cloak to prevent contact, everything started happening to fast to really notice as the building started shaking. With a flash, the demon returned to stone and we rushed out of the temple as it collapsed. Clearice came out of her stupor long enough to look at us and cast a Planar shift. Mok thinks she might have gone into the Abyss and we might have to go rescue her. There is too much confusion right now to focus on that as we are trying to sort the wounded, slaves and prisoners.

There is also the area itself needs to be explored to see if there is anything left that may need to be dealt with such as the large pool of water and the portal in the mushroom side chamber.

Rewards Low Levels

500 xp each + extra 500xp for Veth only use of Staff of Summoning
Jewelry worth 4,500 gp / 900 each

Wand of magic missiles (43 charges) – 1 missile per charge. Up to 3 charges may be used at once. (ZIMB)

Ring of Jumping (+5 to acrobatics when jumping) / (AMUKA)

Token sword (longsword): Until needed a token sword appears to be a simple token. When required it can grow from a miniature blade to a full-sized non-magical steel weapon. It remains in sword form for 4 turns and then disappears. (HK)

Potion of magic resistance (SR 17 for 10 minutes) (Veth)
Potion of extra-healing (ZIMB)
Potion of invisibility (Veth)

Girdle of the Lion (Michaela)
~ Wearing the girdle enables the wearer to speak with felines (as per the speak with animals spell) at will.
~ Felines from house cats to saber toothed lions have friendly reactions wit the wearer.
~ Cats of three HD or fewer will obey the wearer as if a suggestion spell was cast on them; cats with more HD get a save vs spells to negate the effect.
~ The wearer gains the ability to land from a fall in such a way as to minimize physical damage incurred from falling.
~ Finally, the wearer can see in low-light conditions like a cat (this does not work in magical or pitch darkness).

Rewards High Level

15,000 gp worth of misc. gems = Treasury

Wand of frost (31 charges) As Staff of Frost = Dalarn

Drow chainmail +4 = Treasury
Drow longsword +5 = Treasury
Bastard sword +3 of ice: This weapon was constructed from frozen vapors of various metals and gasses. As such, it always glows with a pale blue light and feels cold to the touch. Upon successfully striking a creature, it inflicts an additional 2d6 points of cold damage. = Xavier – Party Trade Item

Ring of protection +3, +4 for LE = Dalarn

Drow longsword +3 of paralysis = Pimfire – Party Trade Item
This finely crafted longsword of drow origin possesses a rather unique power. On a Crit the creature struck must make a fort save (DC 18) or be held (as per the spell hold person) for 5 rounds

Amulet of proof against location and detection = Treasury
This device protects the wearer against all divination and magical location and detection. The wearer cannot be detected through clairaudience, clairvoyance, ESP, crystal balls, or any other scrying devices. No aura is discernible on the wearer, and predictions cannot be made regarding him unless a powerful being is consulted.

Drow cloak of shielding +5 = Treasury
Crafted in the deepest reaches of the Underdark, this cloak has incredible protective properties, especially against wizards. When worn it confers a +5 armor bonus and a +2 resistance bonus. In addition the cloak provides protection from all magic missile spells. When the wearer is targeted with a magic missile spell the cloak will absorb the missiles and the wearer will take NO damage from the attack. As will all enchanted items of drow make the cloak cannot withstand exposure to sunlight. If so exposed it will deteriorate in just 2 rounds and be utterly destroyed.

Bracer of Blinding Strike (Chaotic) = Omega
Non warrior class – As Bracers of Defense +6
Warrior Class – +1 to all initiative rolls and thrice per day the wearer can employ the “blinding strike” power giving the warrior +1 attack at their highest BAB with a melee weapon. This ability stacks with Haste. Two of these bracers may be worn and used in the same round.

Drow Whip of Pain +2 (Evil) = Temples for Tithing/Destruction
Plus many Drow items of +1 to +3 for Ravens Deep.

From our first Cornugon

Belt of physical perfection +2 = Dalarn
Amulet of natural armor +3 = Omega
Ring of fire resistance ( cold 30) = Xavier
Demon plate armor +2 = Clearice

A House Divided - Part 1
LC5-HUD10-129-Part 1

Players Present: Pimfire, Clearice, Xavier, Dalarn
Absent: Omega (known would be absent)
NPCS: Lord Blacktree, Talabrina Xorlarrin 5th house of Menzoberranzan, Hathmaar Blademark (Talabrina brother), Yulariumoxanius, Ugarth Axebiter, Sgt. Parker
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire

Discussion/Side note: Clearice will be unavailable for the next 2 weeks following this adventure.

Imagine our shock upon returning to Raven’s Deep to find the illithid ambassador was found out trying to enthrall everyone including Lord Blacktree, he was summarily caught and executed along with a degree that all illithid’s are to be executed/killed on sight and no further negotiations will ever be considered with their race. Then to further the shock Lord Blacktree informs us that the brewer’s guild of Clan Brightsword was found along with ancient writings of their recipes and employee’s. A festival was to be had for Raven’s Deep in honor of this momentous find and we were tasked with doing a quick check of the guard posts around the area.

When we returned it was to great cheer as we were greeted and told everyone voted us to be the judges of the festival wherein a lot of drinking and contests would take place. Dalarn excused himself from being a judge of the beer tasting competition which was the highlight of the festival as the winner would not only receive a hefty coin purse but bragging rights and the honor of having their beer exported to Ravens Bluff itself! There was 3 clear choice beers to choose from which where:

Mushroom Beer – this beer is made with fermented mushrooms. It is a bit of a bitter tasting brew but is actually very palatable.

Lake Stalk Beer – this clear brew is more like a fermented herbal. It is extremely strong but was the first recipe for a brew pulled from the ancient wall and actually created. It does not have much of a “taste” however, it makes up for it with a good kick.

Smuggler’s Blues – this beer is actually blue tinted due to a strange type of grain that was used in its brewing process it is very tasty, very similar to a nutmeg taste with little or no aftertaste. This brew has the side effect of turning the drinker’s tongue and teeth blue for a few hours. The blue is a harmless dye, but cannot be gotten rid of early. The drinker just has to wait for it to be absorbed.

I argue that the best is Lake Stalk, Xavier picks Smuggler’s Blues cause he’s a kid and likes that it dyes his mouth a color, Clearice picks Lake Stalk because all around it’s good and it’s the ancient recipe.

WINNER Lake Stalk Beer.

Then as I was about to announce the winner with my usual flourish a commotion caught my eye. It was an old acquaintance of mine Lady Talabrina. That is to say a Drow high priestess by herself being escorted would naturally be cause for a commotion. Upon greetings we retired with her and Lord Blacktree to discuss why she choose to join us to hear Drow threat nearby and for further details we’d have to travel to her and visit using the password “Lolth” to get past her numerous traps (which I remembered from last time as being incredibly deadly) in a puff she dissolved into snowflakes. Typical Simulacrums.

Despite warnings it’s a obvious trap, for why couldn’t she just say what the danger was through her Simulacrum, we headed to visit her. Once there we found the decor had changed from that of a magic shop to one of a torture and death with even Talabrina herself looked even more cruel and in keeping with what you’d expect of a high priestess of Lolth. She tells of a group of drow who have forsaken Lolth and worship that demon lord Graz’zt now which have sealed a tunnel near Raven’s Deep using magic which leads to their small camp (could be upwards of a few hundred drow there). She then gives Clearice a wand and tells her how to activate it which will remove sections of the tunnel magically sealed. Also for a purpose beyond my understanding Xavier is given a Mouth restraint which will magically adapt to any creatures head to seal their mouth shut. May come in handy against spellcasters we wish to capture. Before we go she mentions she is looking for her brother who turns out to be Hathmaar Blademark and would be grateful if we would pass on the message she is nearby and looking for him should be see him. She also mentions she’s of the 5th house of the drow city known as Menzoberranzan a fact we didn’t know before.

We return to Ravens Deep, inform Lord Blacktree of the information and wait while he tries to decide if opening that tunnel is worth the risk. Finally he decides we’d best do so and sets about gathering the troops while we are to go ahead and see about dealing with the threat if possible.

At the checkpoint Called Rockpile Post where the tunnel is magically sealed we meet Sgt. Parker and a few guards. Albert, Stowle and Theodore. I inform them of the troubling news and tell them to gear up as this post duty just got far more dangerous. Suddenly I hear Clearice shout out some words “Scaddle Scaddodel this rock is now a noodle.” which she points out are the words needed to activate the wand, even showing us the writing on the side of the wand, as a part of the tunnel vanishes.

After several more charges and a few hundred feet we come to a small open section of tunnel with a pentagram drawn on the far side where the sealed tunnel continues. Clearice investigates it and draws back a hundred feet or so to ask a quick question on a name written there called Yulariumoxanius. Once she says that word though it triggered the pentagram and summoned a powerful Cornugon.

Quickly seeing through the illusion of the small Cornugon and the old man we focus our efforts on the large demon to almost no avail. Clearice anchored it to our plane so it couldn’t escape but it was Hell bent on trying to kill her as a result. Finally realizing the Pentagram to be a protection circle I keep screaming for everyone to step inside but Dalarn and Clearice won’t listen as they go full crazy trying to destroy the demon. Finally with a bit of luck Dalarn landed the killing blow but not before it had managed to shred Clearice apart for anchoring it to our plane and preventing it from Fleeing which it kept screaming it wished to do near the end. Thankful for the Staff of Life we brought Clearice back and continued on despite my protest we should take some time to recover.

A few more sections of magical removed tunnel and we came across a shaft which lead to an ancient dwarven building where a strange glowing and obviously ghostly form stands. He introduces himself “I was known as Ugarth Axebiter, and I was the arm master of Clan Brightsword before the fall (he’s a ghost) know you that the clan did not completely fall during those days, strangers help some escaped to train and train hard in the hopes to retake the caverns and defeat the drow. Another group of drow found the school and butchered the warriors, it was a terrible day when they controlled the mind of the guards and turned them upon the rest. Some were taken as slaves, I need to name a living successor to a living person and it’s a test for this position. I see that all of you are dwarves or friends of the dwarves." I know myself enough to know I am no arm master or trainer of soldiers but Dalarn steps forth as does Clearice and Xavier they follow him into the building with a flash.

One by one they return with Dalarn being the last. None of them managed to pass the tests but Dalarn came close just refusing the last part of the test which would have seen him give up his family name and Clan to take up Brightsword’s. I fully understood why he choose to not do so as anyone who’s ever met a dwarf knows that Family and Clan are of the utmost importance to them. But it seems he got some sort of enchantment done to his family axes as they now glow a soft light when drawn.

We press on only to find the drow cult stronghold which appears to number 100+ drow along with many slaves. Just as we tried to figure out what we could do a flash of light and Mok appeared along with reinforcements including my own Daughter! WHAT THE HECK was Mok thinking bringing her down into the Underdark to fight drow! I barely manage to hold my anger in check as we formulate a plan that will at least, hopefully, keep her safe by sending her to free/fight some slaves rather then the drow themselves. Mok and Sir Dresdan wish to take out the guard tower while the Dwarves and Svirneblin with their earth elementals will focus on the Drow soldiers and nobles respectively.


To be listed on the final Part of this adventure module

Loot to include several items from the Cornugon we defeated + Dalarn’s newly enchanted family axes

Curse of the Ironstar
LC5-128-Special Mission

PLACE HOLDER until the real log is done up

Players Present: Pimfire, Clearice, Xavier, Dalarn, Omega
NPCS: Meed, King Graystone Ironstar of Clan Ironstar
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire

Discussion/Side note: Special Mission for Dalarn to return relics to clan Ironstar tonight. Rep from new magic shop brought a few items to sell and not taking any orders at this time.

Information on Clan Ironstar we found out prior to setting out on the hunt

From King Durglewrathindar Murgleishenblin:
In 207 DR, the Ironstar realm was overwhelmed by orc invaders, and the clan fled south led by King Daurvos Frostbeard. Pursued by trolls and orcs, Frostbeard was slain at the Stone Bridge where Moradin appeared and drove the orcs back. Saved from the Orcs and Trolls by King Daurvos Frostbread’s sacrifice the clan moved deep into the Underdark. There the dwarves constructed maces from their secret Darksteel alloy called Ironstar maces. Today you know Darksteel as adamantine. It is said that Dargentum the Darksteel Drake was a silver great wyrm who moved with Clan Ironstar when they abandoned their realm and moved to the great Dwarven city of Jutganstien. That was a very long time ago and no one has heard from Clan Ironstar since the Time of Troubles. Attempts to divine answers have all failed and those sent to investigate have never returned.

From Illithid Ambassador Yagol:
Perhaps a decade ago a group of Illithids were sent to investigate Jutganstien. Not only did they not return but those mentally linked to the investigators went mad and died shortly afterward.

From Lord Blacktree:
A contingent of Raven Deep military are stations just outside the entrance to the Beholder Caverns. They will not accompany you but will assist with a tactical retreat if needed.

Quick summary of the adventure itself

Meed a clockwork man we’ve met before gave us some special candies that we’d need to withstand the influence of powerful magic on our journey through the beholder caverns and into the old dwarven city of Jutganstien where Clan Ironstar resided.

A side passage that pimfire investigated quickly showed to be a large den of Stirges which we promptly fled away from.

The beholder cavern we fought several beholders which turned out to be dwarves somehow transformed into a lesser version of the creatures. The fights were still tough but we prevailed. We managed to keep many of them alive once we realized what their true nature was by simply knocking them unconscious.

We reached the city of Jutganstien to find mindless dwarves moving about their tasks they seemed to be controlled by some powerful magic coming from the Citadel itself. Inside we encountered a throne room full of mindless dwarf soldiers, trolls and a powerfully built troll King sitting on the throne. Dalarn put on the crown we were to return and a statue came to life and our aid as once we engaged the troll king hordes of them came after us. A brutal fight but we defeated the king, destroyed the powerful and evilly enchanted crown which was being used to enslave everything in 100 miles and set the true heir of Clan Ironstar back on the throne.


From King Graystone Ironstar:

For Dalarn:
Band of the stalwart warrior
Juggernaut’s pauldrons of Resistance +3

To each non-dwarf: (Omega, Pimfire, Xavier, Clearice)
A Belt of dwarvenkind is given to each. If the PC already has a magical belt it’s powers are incorporated into the Belt of Dwarvenkind. This Belt differs from a normal Belts of Dwarvenkind in that all it’s bonuses are racial bonuses.

To the Party: (Treasury)
20 5lbs bars of Adamantine
25 2lbs bars of Mithril
100 Gold Ingots (worth 100 gp each)

Crown of the Slave Lord (Psionic) (Evil) (Artifact)
This mithril crown is set with 100 diamonds of varying sizes. It was created by the 1st Illithad Hive Mind in the time of Myth Dreanor. The power used in its crafting was the pure psionic energy of 100 elves. It’s believed that their souls still reside in the Crown’s diamonds in a state of eternal torment.

Known Powers:
Enthrall – all creatures within 100 miles (DC 32 Will)
Majesty – mass command all thralls as a standard action or all thralls in line of sight as a free action.
Tower of Will – Complete immunity to all harmful psionic powers.
Eternal Mind – Psionic powers used by the wearer are Empowered and cost half their normal psionic points.
Lifelock – Wearer may only be harmed or effected by spells of honorable Dwarves.
Inscribed on the inner ring of the great crown are the words
“only a Father’s Pride may resist my call”

10,000 pieces worth of diamond dust for the treasury

Dalarn, Xavier, and Omegasun
(General)Cold Forged Hammer: This Masterwork War Hammer is engraved with Dwarven runes and made of the finest materials. A knight who, by her actions, proves he or she had done a great task for the Dwarves earns this award and deserves their respect. The knight must have proven her own respect to the Dwarves by learning to speak dwarven and have done a great service for the benefit of the dwarven peoples. This service would be something like recovering and returning a dwarfish relic or artifact, aided a royal heir to recover his thrown, or slain a great enemy that holds a dwarfish stronghold and aiding its return to the dwarfish people. These actions must have placed her life at great risk. Any dwarf seeing a knight with this weapon will view the character as a true friend.

(Roosters)Gold Sword: An elegant and functional Masterwork weapon. It looks stately at formal functions. Given to a knight who when on a mission under difficult conditions such as traveling through the city’s sewers, navigating foul weather, or traversing a mudslide, remains impeccable in attire and attitude, always representing the Order with style and grace.

Silver Moon Ring (Silver Hawk): This mother of pearl ring depicts a full moon inlaid with a silver hawk in flight. This honor is bestowed upon a knight whose direct action resulted in the rescue and acquisition of a powerful ally for Ravens Bluff being held by a powerful enemy. Note: The knight need not be injured in taking this action nor even be seen.

Isle of the End 2 of 2
LC5-HUD8-127-Part 2

Player’s Present: Clearice Eilif, Pimfire Tyndal, Xavier Cross, Dalarn
Absent: Omegasun (notice was given)
NPC’s: : Lord Blacktree, King Durglewrathindar Murgleishenblin, Yagol, Therix, Captain Scorn
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Xavier Cross

After the fight is concluded there is a discussion about the fate of the pirate ship, ultimately it is left afloat for the captain to retrieve at a later date as we continue on to the Isle. It is obvious because of the fight with the pirates and the debate over their ship that the captain wants to get us to our location and then off of his ship as quickly as possible. He pushes his ship hard for the next 2 days and then we arrive at the Isle.

A weird thing happens when we arrive, the wind disappears. It doesn’t peter off, it’s just gone. The air also changes from the rich salty feeling of the ocean to a dry, vacant feeling. Something isn’t right. The captain informs us that we have to go ashore in rowboats because of the lack of wind. We pile in and head to shore. This place is weird.

There are people walking around these buildings wrapped as if they were mummies. A couple of gaunt men, resembling skeletons really, meet us when we come ashore and the captain and one of the men share some words. When he is informed that we need to get the doom moss, he informs us that we need to go to the central mausoleum and speak with the priest that is there, we head that way.

Inside the mausoleum, we see an elderly man writing names into a tome. We speak to him and inform him that we need to recover the moss. He informs us that the island in which the moss can be found is highly dangerous and to retrieve the moss will be costly. He informs us that the island is a project that Jergal had been working on, but stopped, and now it was breaking apart.

I personally don’t want to go there, but we need to save the king. Dalarn makes a deal with the chronicler, what exactly, I don’t know. I honestly was freaking out about hearing the information about the island. We leave and head back to the rowboats and then head to the island. There we have a small argument about who is going to retrieve the moss. I volunteer (why I have no idea) but ultimately Dalarn goes onto the island. It looks brutal.
He was able to retrieve the moss in the box we received earlier, but it cost him. What exactly, I am not sure and he didn’t share. But he didn’t look the same coming back as he did when he left. We return to the Scorn and the captain sets sail. He drops us on the shore closest to Ravens Deep. The trip home is not without peril (of course not, we’re in the Underdark.)

The fights were brutal and they consisted of: Kobolds, Orcs, Giants, Blade Barriers and a Massacre. We survive that and go a little further and run into: Druegar, a Svirfneblin holding an orb in each hand. Dalarn and I talked about it briefly and we came to the conclusion that the orbs when combined together could be some kind of chemical bomb. So I shot one of the orbs to prevent that from happening. There were also Hidden Spellcasters.

The fight is brutal but we end up with a floating ballista. We haul it back to Ravens Deep and give it and the doom moss to Blacktree. With Pim helping, it takes 6 hours to make the cure. When given to the king, it takes a moment, but then he is saved.


Figurine of Wondrous Power – Bulette = Clearice
Remains for 8 hours or until killed/dismissed
Usable 1 time per adventure

Drow Chainmail +4 = Treasury
Drow Shield +3 (heavy steel) = Clearice
Drow Bracers +7 = Treasury

Soul Swallower (Evil) = Destroy for tribute
Mace +2 Nine Lives Stealer3 charges remaining

Potion of Speed = Xavier
Ring of Deflection +3 = Pimfire (gave my +2 to Treasury)
Dwarven Full Plate +1 = Treasury
Dwarven Adamantine Full Plate +1 = Dalarn (for clan Ironstar)
Staff of Illusion (10 charges) – Pimfire
Cannot be recharged

Drow Poison Type A – Ravens Deep to make antidotes
Causes Paralysis (1d4 rounds, DC 14)
Enough for 30 arrows.

Levitating Heavy Ballista of Speed +1 = Ravens Deep (for now) / Midnight Keep after underdark
On a 10×15 wooden platform
Only takes one person to operate
Can fire 1 time per round (5d8 damage)
Can levitate for 1 hour per day
Can’t be affected by any form of size altering or extra-dimensional magic

Tenebrosity (Evil) = Destroy Tribute
Unholy Brilliant Energy Longbow +3
Blessing of Jergal = Dalarn
Negative Energy Evasion – You receive 1/2 damage on a failed save and no damage a successful save verses negative energy attacks. This includes level drain, stat drain, stat damage, and channel energy if from a negative energy source. It also functions against spells such as Enervation and Harm.

Isle of the End 1 of 2
LC5-HUD8-127-Part 1

Player’s Present: Clearice Eilif, Omegasun, Pimfire Tyndal, Xavier Cross
Absent: Dalarn (was known would be)
NPC’s: : Lord Blacktree, King Durglewrathindar Murgleishenblin, Yagol, Therix, Captain Scorn
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Xavier Cross

Aarrgghh…some king, Durglewrathindar Murgleishenblin or something is coming to the camp and Blacktree I making us clean it. It doesn’t make since, especially since it’s a Svirfneblin, don’t they like the dirt? Shouldn’t we keep the camp dirty so that it would feel at home? Whatever.
While we clean, alarms go off. Everybody, save Dalarn who didn’t hear the alarm and kept cleaning (suck up), rushes to the noise but when we get there, and nothing is happening. We find a soldier, who is directing civilians and other personnel around and ask him what is going on. When he sees Omega he snaps to attention and salutes him.

“Omega sir,” He said standing so straight he looked artificial.

“What is going on here soldier?” Omega said with a slight smirk. The soldier relaxed a little and answered.

“While standing guard a zombie approached the camp, slowly. Of course the guards on duty freaked out and readied themselves for an attack, but it was a single zombie and it was not threatning us. When it got closer we saw that it was a Ravens Deep soldier and it had a sign around its neck that simply read ‘Tree.’”

“Assuming that Lord Blacktree would want to look at this zombie, we netted it, secured it and placed it into a wagon and sent it to his tent.” The soldier said finishing his report. Glances were passed amongst the members of the Menagerie.

“How long ago was the wagon sent to Blacktree’s tent?” Pimfire said with a notable sense of apprehension in his voice.

“Ten minutes or so,” The soldier said.

“Then we have time.” Pimfire said and cast a spell that transported everyone, but the soldier, to Blacktree’s tent. When we arrive outside of his tent he comes out to meet us. We explain what is going on just as the wagon with the zombie arrives. Blacktree looks at the zombie and sees that it is holding a letter. He pulls the letter and begins to read it aloud:

Dear Field Marshall Blacktree,
It is with some trepidation that I contact you. I must inform you that it is Lolth’s will that the human-svirfneblin alliance be destroyed. Fortunately for the relationship between Ravens Deep and House Xytyr, Lolth has not asked House Xytyr to become involved with the dissolution of the alliance. However, our joint enemy, House Dosstoloth has begged Lolth for this duty and she has smiled upon them in this regard. Furthermore, your upcoming meeting with the Svirfneblin king is known to all of Nykhandthandar.
I must advise that dissolution of the alliance you have entered into with the Svirfneblin, since it violates Lolth’s will. However, we generously offer information that house Dosstoloth has already sent out a strike force to intercept the Svirfneblin party. I suggest you make haste and send a small quick group to warn and reinforce the Svirfneblin.
Just to keep the record straight, your unfortunate scout that has served as the messenger was already dead. He had fallen into a pit of brown mold, which had been left just outside your regular patrol area. As a further token of our goodwill we eliminated the trap before anyone else became its victim.
Good Luck,
Seclia Xytyr
Matron Mother of House Xytyr
Humble serven of Lolth

Once Blacktree is finished reading he looks up at us with a knowing look. “I need you to get to the King’s party with haste and do all you can to prevent is demise.” We all nod and leave the tent. Omega gets on his new riding Lizard and Pim gets on his shoulders, Clearice gets on her lizard and I get on Shadow, then we head out.

Three days of travel later we are walking through a tunnel when we hear the sounds of battle. We follow the noise and come across a giant battle. Its chaos. In the midst of the chaos we see earth elementals standing over fallen Svirfneblin. We attack in their defense. When the drow realize that there is backup, they quickly retreat, teleporting their minions with them.
Once the enemy has retreated, Clearice begins assisting in healing the wounded. We come upon the king who is lying on the ground. We see that all of his wounds are healed but he is unconscious on the ground. Clearice tries to heal him, but it doesn’t seem to work. She tries some other magic with the same result.

“What’s wrong with him?” I ask her as I walk up on the scene.

“He seems to be poisoned as near as I can tell.” She says with a look of confusion on her face. I bend down to lay on hands, because I have been blessed with the means of removing posisons from those I heal. When I touch him and infuse the magic from Chauntea it feels like it almost works and then I get the worst feedback that I have ever felt. I quickly remove my hand from the body.

“That hurt. There is something wrong with this man.” I say and take a step back from the body. My hands were stinging and the tips were numb.

“Whatever is wrong with this man, its causing any and all magic to be sucked up.” Clearice said as she studied the king. “We should remove any magic items that are on the king so the magic won’t be lost.” As she was saying this, the king’s aid was removing magic items from the king. Clearice also starts to remove magic items from herself, just in case. I take a step back and go and stand near Shadow.

“Omega, strip butt naked so you can carry the king.” Pim said to Omega.

“No.” Omega said and looked at Pim like he grew a 2nd head. We mount up and head back to Ravens Deep and go directly to Blacktree’s tent. We inform him of what is happening and he says that we need to take a break, clean ourselves and eat. Once we are done, return to the tent and we will figure out what to do next. We leave.

We returned an hour later and commune with Blacktree. “Does anyone have any suggestions?” He asked. Before anyone can say anything a soldier walks into the tent.

“Sir, Yagol the Illithid Ambassador would like to speak to you.” He said. Blacktree went over as a pretty drow woman with blank eyes preceded the ambassador. The illithid had a humanoid body with an octopus-like head. They have four tentacles around a lamprey-like mouth. They began to speak, but I wasn’t paying attention. The drow woman was cute, if not clueless.

When my vision cleared, I pieced together what we had to do. Apparently the king was poisoned with something called Doom Moss. We need to travel to the Isle of the End and collect the moss so that a cure could be made from it. We need to go and meet with an illithid trader who will get us to Tradesport. We gather supplies and head to the docks next to the great undersea.

There we meet with Therix, who uses a goblin to speak through. He informs us that we will go to Tredesport. He informed us that we have to act as thralls to make it through the customs. Once we are through then we are on our own. We board the ship and head to Tradesport. It takes 15 hours and in that time I sleep.

When we arrive, we allow the illithid to enter our minds so that we can receive his commands. Once we made it past the customs he informs us of the Maelstrom, a casino that a captain by the name of Scorn frequents. He can get us to the Temple of Jergal. We go to the dingy casino, and forget everything we were told about keeping a low profile. First Clearice walks up to a strange machine. It had a level on the side and there were 3 windows in the center of the machine. There was a slot on it to insert coins. She put in a gold piece and pulled the lever. Then she entered some more. She seemed to lose more than she won.

I went to another machine and tried 20 times. I won once and for only 3 gold pieces. I got up from the machine and went to a table where people were playing cards. The goal seemed to get 21 or the dealer to make over 21. I played a couple hand and broke even. I heard some noise from another table and looked to see Pim and Clearice there throwing dice and trying to get a certain number. Clearice would blow on the dice and Pim would roll it. I watched a couple of times and bet, and won.

Then I stepped up and took my turn. It must have been the blessings of Chauntea because I couldn’t lose. I bet 100 gold and won 100 gold. I took my original bet and let the winnings ride. After a numerous wins I lost, but not till the whole casino was around the table cheering me on with free drinks and slaps on the back. I had made 700 platinum in profit.

I turned and left the table leaving Pim and Clearice at the table. I walked around talking to people and came upon a drow gentleman sitting by himself drinking. I sat down next to him and began talking.

“Hello sir, my name is Xavier.” I said as I sat down with my juice, as I wasn’t drinking alcohol.

“Hello.” He said in a friendly tone.

“What are you doing here?” I asked the man who seemed to be nursing his drink.

“I am trying to stay out of the home as long as possible.” The man said. I waived for a waitress, handed her 5 gold and pointed at the man’s drink. She accepted the gold and nodded with a smile. A moment later she came back with another drink for the man. “Thank you.” The man said.

“You’re welcome. Do you know a human by the name of Captain Scorn?” I asked.

“I think so.” He said and pointed to a lone, scruffy looking man sitting at a ‘slot machine’. “I believe that is him there.” I look where he is pointing, nod my head and begin to head over there. As I am I see Pim, with a crazed look in his face. A look of desperation. I walk up to him trying to get money from people. I pull him off to the side.

“Pim, dad, I will give you 100 platinum if you give me permission to date Amuka.” I say with a smile. He takes the gold before my hand fully leaves my haversack and smiles, wickidly, as he accepts it.

“Yes, yes, we have a deal.” Pim said and disappeared to a gambling table. I smile and walk over to the person playing the slots.

“Excuse me, are you Captain Scorn?” I say as the man pulls a lever and wins some silver. He looks up at me.

“Yes. This machine finally is paying off.” He said as he scooped up his winnings and then looked at me. “What can I do for you?”

“My friends and I are trying to get to the Temple of Jergal and hear that you make that trip.” I say to the man.

“Yes I do and will be making the trip in 10 days.” He said.

“What would it take to make the trip today?” I say to him.

“3,000 gold and we can live in 10 hours.” He said. Remembering that we have less than 7 hours before Therix has to report us as missing.
“What would it take to leave in the next 2 hours?” I say to him.

“6,000.” He said matter-of-factly. I hand the man 600 platinum. He counts and then smiles and hands be a piece of paper with numbers on it. “That is the dock number where the boat it. Be there in 2 hours and we will ship out.”

“Yes sir. See you in 2 hours.” I say and we go our separate ways. I head over to Omega who is just sitting there watching Clearice and Pim. I pull a chair up to him and inform him of the deal I struck up. He nods his head and then notices Pim trying to leave.

“I’ll grab Pim and you get Clearice and we will head over to the dock.” Omega said and heads after Pim. I walk up to Clearice and inform her of what is going on. She plays one more hand, loses and we head out. We catch up with Pim and Omega and an hour later show up at the dock where a boat, the Sea Talon, was waiting for us.

The Captain was there, welcomed us to the boat and continued to get the ship and the men ready to ship out. Pim, Clearice and Omega volunteer to help out on the boat, but the captain wouldn’t let me because I paid for the ship. We ship out and everything goes smoothly, until several hours later an alarm goes off above deck. We all rush up to the deck.

A ship is bearing down on us so Pim comes out of the Crow’s Nest and I climb up there, for a better angle. At first we couldn’t tell what it was, then when it eventually got closer we could see it was a ship made of bone, a pirate ship. When it got within range, we attacked. It was a long battle, but eventually we won. Now we need to return to getting to the temple.

Cuckolds and Mussels

Player’s Present: Amuka, HK-58, Zimb, Michaela
NPC’s: : Captain Brig, Merina, Mr. Wiks, Jerkindle
Run By: Sean
Submitted By: Amuka

Side Note / Discussion: None

A song by Amuka Tyndal

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip, that started from Raven’s port, aboard this tiny ship.

The first mate was a mighty sailing man, the crew knaves and stupid.

Amuka, HK-58, Michaela, Zimb set sail that day, for a three-hour tour, a three-hour tour.

The weather started getting rough, the tiny ship was tossed, If not for the courage of these fearless few, the widow would be lost, the widow would be lost.

The Tale of the Bludgeon

What was supposed to start out as the final voyage of captain Brig Montaeo of the Bludgeon before retiring and taking his beloved wife Merina on a cruise around the world turned out to be something far greater than any of us would have imagined. Lured on board by the promise of free food, fine weather and my first alcoholic beverage we set sail tossing a coin to the goddess of the sea for good luck.

Shortly upon leaving the harbour, while I huddled to the side I noticed something wrong with one of the ship’s lines. Calling out a warning to the captain and Mr. Wiks the candle maker, I was too late. The line snapped and caught the captain killing him. The third mate, Jerkindle, tried to revive the captain but was too late. Apparently, the captain had a curse placed upon him so when he died it would be permanent, according to the crew.

We looked into the captain’s death as the line should not have snapped let alone done the amount of damage it did to the ships railing. Unable to find anything the captain’s body was laid to rest in his quarters and guarded by two sailors. The first mate and crew thought we should keep this cruise going and so we found ourselves down below partying. I must confuse it was at this point I was given some alcohol for the first time ever. Just as I got a buzz on a storm came out of nowhere. The ship was tossed about while I stayed below being sick with the partygoer’s while the crew tries to deal with keeping the ship from sinking in the storm.

Later Jerkindle comes down and asks us if we have seen Mr. Wiks. The group headed up to check out where he was last seen but other than some claw marks and the railing being smashed, they found nothing other than a jeweled dagger. It is presumed Mr. Wiks was taken by something in the ocean. I was trying to sleep off the effects of the rum and motion of the waves when they came back to inform me of their findings.

A crash from above had us all rushing out to see the foremast in the water with two sailors, above is Jerkindle tangled in some lines and choking. HK flies up and saves her while Michaela tries to help the sailors in the water only to watch in horror as something drags them down in a red troth of frenzied bloodletting. Screaming “Fins, Bubbles and Butts Everywhere!” he scrambles back aboard the ship.

Lightning bolts fly down striking a person aboard ship. A dwarf is caught in an airlock in the bottom of the ship and appears to be drowning. No matter how we struggled we couldn’t save him even with Michaela attempting to swim up from underneath while Zimb uses magic to appear in the room and seal the door we were unable to open the latch and let air inside to save him.

Back topside HK is able to sense the presence of a threat only to watch as an invisible crew mate strikes down the first mate. In retaliation HK kills the mutinous crew member and heals the first mate. Saughin take this moment to attack some crew at the forecastle of the ship. We rushed to their defense. Finally when things settle down we get access to the captains chambers to find his body is gone, a huge whole where the windows used to be and his log book containing the name of the passengers and how he believed they were all sleeping with his wife or somehow hurt him in the past. Next to each name is a arcane mark condemning their souls to the bitch goddess of the sea.

Just as we leave his quarters with this information we are surrounded by half the crew attempting mutiny and threatening to kill the remaining party goers to stop this divine storm and all these “accidents” that are occurring. It is then we realized just how inept and stupid these sailors are since many are using the Goddesses name directly. Upon consultation we find none had offered her any tribute upon leaving Raven’s Bluff and Zimb does some quick calculations to realize that about 50 gold or a magical potion would suffice.

HK offers up one his potions and suddenly the waters calm. We quickly get the ship turned around and head back to Ravens Bluff. We race up to the widow Merina’s home to find her being drowned by a water weird or some other water elemental in the shape of Captain Brig himself. Zimb creates a pit sucking the water and tub down into the hole forcing the creature to teleport itself into the sink while still using it’s tentacles to drown Merina. Enraged I heave the table they are no on over and watch as the water weird sinks into the floor upon contact freeing Merina.

With that, the fearless few saved the Widow Merina!


XP 1400

Jeremy’s Dagger, 400 gp = Treasury

Oil of missile weapon enchantment = Amuka (Shortbow became a Shortbow +1)
- This yellow oil will grant a +1 bonus to any mundane missile weapon normally allowed in the Living City Campaign. The entire bottle of Oil must be used regardless of the size of the weapon chosen. The oil will not work on magical items or Items of Quality. This oil will not work with Bows of Strength, but the +1 bonus is counted for both To Hit and Damage totals. The chosen weapon should be written in this space:______________________. Note: if used with a Hurled Weapon, such as a hand axe or Spear, the +1 bonus only counts towards missile attacks.

Scrimshaw scimitar+1 = Treasury
- This expertly carved whalebone is covered in scrimshaw images of arctic creatures of all kinds. This weapon is used with the scimitar proficiency.

Diving Mask = Treasury
- This non-magical helmet is ornately carved copper and has the beginnings of a lovely patina. The helmet offers no special underwater abilities but it will keep water out of the character’s eyes, nose and mouth.

On Guard - Part 2
LC5-HUD6-125-Part 2

Player’s Present: Pimfire Tyndal, Clearice, Dalarn mac Conloch Runeaxe, Xavier Cross, Omega
Player’s Absent:
NPC’s: Lord Blacktree, Sargent Carson, Goblins (all hail king torg), Derro
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire

Side Note / Discussion: Rolled 41 Diplomacy for leadership (pimfire), Robert updated hero points to current

Commander Pimfire’s Diary

Day 5 – Omega finally caught up with our group to help bolster our ranks. Later throughout the day, we hear singing coming from the same northern tunnel the Malphagorians came down, a group of goblins who claimed to be bards of all things. Their singing was horrendous. Poising no threat, I let them continue on their search for moss for their King Torg and advised them of the chamber we found on our way to this point.

Day 6 (morning) – a bunch of pack lizards, believed to be from the drow caravan earlier as came from same tunnel they exited by, came charging into the junction and close behind was a bunch of Dracolisks. I made the unfortunate mistake of making eye contact and learned the hard way their gaze can turn you to stone. Luckily, it was just a temporary effect and after 10 minutes, I reverted to my natural form.

Day 6 (late morning) – Just moments after my miraculous cure a group of mushroom men/woman came down from the northern most tunnel. They seemed confused by us, as we were unable to communicate except via dancing which I must say they can really move when they wish. After several minutes Clearice was able to divinely cast comprehend languages and was able to speak with them. Turns out, they were looking for a new home with access to water as drow had driven them out of their old home. Seeing them as non-threatening and understanding their plight, damn drow! I informed them of the waterfall cavern and warned them of the goblins we had sent that way earlier then we allowed them passage but not before Omega managed to teach the tallest and presumably their leader the joy of booze. On a side note, one of the mushroom people seemed particularly interested in Xavier and offered him a piece of itself.

Day 7 – Again more noise from the north eastern tunnel the Malphagorians came from drew our attention to a group of strange Derro who claimed to be looking for a “blueberry muffin” but we suspect it to be their leader’s left boot. The language barrier seemed to get more confusing and strange the longer it went on, something about drow taking it, since we had no quarrel with the Derro and the conversation was getting stranger by the moment I decided to let them pass. During the shuffle as we moved aside it seemed Clearice cast a fireball of all things upon the Derro as they passed. I tried to command her to stop as Xavier opened a barrage of arrows upon her they passed through her and into the Derro inciting them to attack us. It was only then I realized the mistake that Clearice was standing further down the tunnel and this was some strange image or illusion.

Clearice goes into a trance and suddenly screams about a large Roper standing behind me and drow hidden all around us and above. A fierce battle broke out wherein one of the female drow priestess turned out to be a follower of Juiblex as she transformed into a large black ooze/pudding but not before a pile of them came out of the tunnels to harass Omega and Clearice. I at first had my hands full with the Roper but upon seeing a single drow wielding two weapons charge into our barracks I grabbed Xavier and two guards and teleported us into the fray to save them. This left Dalarn to deal with the Drow wizards controlling the Roper.

I vastly underestimated the strength of the sword wielding drow who shrugged off my magic and reflected it back upon me both deafening and blinding me, Xavier’s arrows proved to be of little use and I was forced to use a powerful gem to summon an air elemental to help defeat the drow. Omega used a powerful staff of frost to destroy most of the ooze’s while Dalarn dealt with the wizards controlling the Roper. Suddenly a pair of bright eyes appeared claiming “Darkness is my domain” and in a flash destroyed the drow priestess of Juiblex, remaining oozes and the Roper. Realizing my blindness was really a powerful darkness spell I was able to pinpoint the drow fighter and unleash a series of arrows to finish her off for the last time.

The eyes then speak to us saying that we have proven we can handle this world below (referring to the Underdark) and offers us the blessing of the Skulking God. He also tells us many surface dwellers are forced to be removed but we are different and that our leaders are to be informed so long as we maintain a respect for the creatures below we can stay but if we do not he will restore the balance. I cannot help but feel that is a threat but one we should listen too. I consulted with Clearice and others and we believed the reference to the Skulking God is none other than Ilbrandul whom was supposedly killed or died during the time of troubles. This would account for the temple we turned into a barracks being abandoned and long run down. I think the clerical circle and those of arcane arts should purse more study on this subject quickly as if he is returning or not really destroyed then we need to be ready.

Day 8 – The detachment arrived and relieved us of our post. In short we prevailed but not without series casualties. Out of the 20 guards and Sargent Carson, 12 of the guards and the Sargent survived. One guard was lost to the dwarven vampires and the drow and oozes slew the others may their spirits rest in peace.

On our way, back we noticed the Mycoinds had set up a home in the side caverns of the waterfall chamber.


5,000 gp in misc. gems

Dwarven Waraxe +3 = Dalarn

Wand of Viscus Globs (15 charges) = Xavier
- Range Touch attack within 100 feet
- As per Tanglefoot Bag DC 16

Heavy mace +1 of Defense = Clearice
- Adds +1 untyped bonus to AC while wielded

Oil of Improved Invulnerability = Omegasun
- Full round action to apply
- Magical Weapons pass through the user harmlessly for 10 rounds
- User is affected by non-magical weapons normally

Ring of Warmth x2 = (1) Omega / (1) Treasury
- This ring continually keeps the wearer comfortably warm, allowing him or her to withstand cold weather and cold damage as if he or she had endure elements cast upon him or her and negating 5 points of cold damage per round.

Bag of Holding (1,000 lbs.) = Pimfire

Drow Bracers of Defense +6 = Treasury

Drow Bracers of Defense +5 = Treasury

Potion of Cloud Giant Strength = Dalarn
- Confers a 35 Str for 10 minutes

Arcane Scroll (14th Level) = Pimfire
- Repulsion
- Reverse Gravity

Necklace of Missiles = Dalarn
- Missiles remaining 3d6, 3d6, 6d6, 10d6, 20d6
- DC 16
- has Damage Vulnerability

Drow Studded Leather Armor +5 = Clearice
- This gorgeous looking black armor is covered with dark metal studs for improved defense.
- Total AC bonus +8, MDB +5, ACP 0%, ASF 0%

Tons of +1 and +2 stuff to give to Ravens Deep

2 pack lizards for Underdark

Blessing of Ilbrandul = Omega, Clearice, Pimfire, Xavier, Dalarn
- Anyone with natural Darkvision has his or her range increased by 20 feet.
- Anyone without natural Darkvision gains Darkvision 10 feet.
- Darkvision gained by magical items is not effected by this Blessing.

All Knights and Squires receive one Chiv Point

On Guard - Part 1
LC5-HUD6-125-Part 1

Player’s Present: Pimfire Tyndal, Clearice, Dalarn mac Conloch Runeaxe, Xavier Cross
Player’s Absent: Omega was known he would be
NPC’s: Lord Blacktree, Sargent Carson, Elagon Xythr (6th son of the 4th house), Angor
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire

Side note/Discussion: spoke with Joe regarding starting up a mercantile band to turn a profit by taking the leadership feat in the near future and having those followers form the mercantile group. Said it should be fine and that will require a diplomacy roll at the start of each game session.

Commander Pimfire’s Diary

Day 1 –Lord Blacktree tasked us to lead a band of soldiers to a crossroads, hold the position against any hostile creatures, and record whom we meet while stationed there until help arrives in a week or two time until a full contingent of soldiers arrives to secure and fortify the place. As the highest-ranking military member, I felt it my duty to inspect the soldiers and take command. Upon seeing, more had volunteered for this mission then the few Lord Blacktree had requested. I felt the more soldiers the better and besides their Sargent Carson seemed capable as did each of his men. With a total of 20 guards and Sargent Carson our band headed out.

Day 2 – It is always quiet and dark down here but the men have proven they can move silently at least to our own hearing. So far so good. We reached the point where we were told by Lord Blacktree that scouts heard running water and we investigated to find a large chamber complete with waterfalls and a small pond with plenty of fish. There used to be an old tunnel leading in other than the one we came down but a collapse years ago seemed to seal it off. Best left alone for now. We camped in this area for the night.

Day 3 – We reached a large chamber that is the crossroads we were looking for. Upon inspection, Clearice and Dalarn found an old temple that has some residual traces of magic that is fading, as it has not seen use in years. Any markings of to whom it could have been are long scratched or worn away but from what I am told it was not an evil temple. The men feel eyes on them while inside but its strategic position in the chamber gives us a base to work from and rest. I have positioned two guards at each of the five entrances leading in or out of this, crossroads and myself and the other midnight menagerie members will be rotating around when not resting to keep an eye on each.

Day 4 – Not even a full 8 hours into setting up camp an alarm is rang from the northern most passage, upon reaching it we find strange bull like creatures with saddle bags being herded by a bunch of mongrel folk to gather water from the large underground lake in the cavern of life. We hear a tale of how Grook a mongrel man well known in Ravens Deep, as he is a squire to the keepers of the flame, he recently saved them from a beholder. I decided it best to let them pass as they did not seem a threat to Ravens Deep and could possibly become allies or at least trade partners in the future.

Day 4 (6 hours later) – Another alarm is cried as coming down the other northern passage is a dwarf wearing plate mail, an open faced helm with glowing eyes who called himself Angor. Behind him are a number of undead skeleton dwarfs also in plate mail. A brief conversation with Clearice and Dalarn gained us the knowledge they were Malphagorians on their way to destroy some beholders in the area and raise them for their leader Malphagor who “needs them”. We mention a previous encounter with some of the Malphagorians such as Valcrus. Knowing we could not let them pass and raise undead Dalarn screamed out “Come Ebony! We free our brothers bodies from this cursed existence!” and engaged Angor in fierce combat. Later Dalarn would inform me the helm was of the Ironstar Clan and they aren’t undead but Angor was wearing the helm of the Ironstar clans King. A mystery as to how he came by the helm. Dalarn wishes to keep a hold of this until we encounter the Ironstar clan or another Dwarven king at least for safekeeping.

A lich then reveals himself next to Angor as three dwarven vampires materialize out of the walls surrounding Clearice. Xavier is sucked into the floor. Things started looking grim when Sargent Carson went down to the vampires draining effect but thanks to a brave man named Freddie Sargent Carson is pulled to safety before they can finish him, but not before Freddie is taken by a vampire down into the rocks. He will be missed.

The lich creates a spell engine a strange magical device that sucks up spells and gaining power. Realizing the only thing to do is to destroy it before it becomes more powerful I throw my ever burning torch into it creating a small harmful blast but destroying it before the undead can overwhelm us or it got more powerful. This allowed us to unleash a powerful barrage of magic and healing to finish them off but not Angor laughs manically “if you only know what I know” and exploded! Somehow, he managed to come out of his own blast safely but we finished him off while the Lich escaped.

Clearice realized the only way to free Xavier was to transport him to the ethereal plane and back again since his legs have fused with the stone. This is something, which she was unable to do until the following morning. Clearice also managed to reverse the vampires draining attacks against herself and Sargent Carson restoring both by the next morning.

Personal Notes I have heard much talk of beholders nearby first from the Mongrel men and now from the Malphagorians. I feel it may be a worthwhile threat to investigate and to deal with in the near future as they can be unpredictable and extremely dangerous neighbors.

Day 5 – After we are healed up a cry arises again from the northern most passage. The one the mongrel folk came down. Suddenly we are surrounded by male drow astride strange lizard creatures, which move fast among the ceilings stalagmites. A drow steps forth introducing himself as Elagon Xythr, 6th son of the 4th house of Nykanthandar. I spoke with him regarding a possible truce on behalf of his drow house with Ravens Deep. He gave me a ruby to pass along to Lord Blacktree who is to crush it if he wishes to speak further on this matter. In return, he offered to help free many Brightsword dwarven slaves from the first house of Nykanthandar. It seems they took a bunch generations ago when Clan Brightsword lived in Lower Sarbreen with the Orb of Protection. Knowing their great great grandchildren may have some knowledge of the artifact is too much to pass up so I felt it wise to let them continue on their trading mission rather than provoke hostilities and give up any chance at finding out. I know not where they headed other than the tunnel they chose is not the one leading directly back to Ravens Deep but the one southernmost next to it.

Personal Notes It is worth noting how well informed the drow where of all of us, he seemed to know of me and the other members along with details only a surface dweller from Ravens Bluff would know. They are obviously using powerful scrying magics or have numerous informants something I am sure Lord Blacktree will wish to look into.


To be posted at the end of each multiple part mission from now on to prevent any confusion

Friend Or Foe! - Part 3

Player’s Present: Mok, Pimfire Tyndal, Omega, Clearice, Dalarn mac Conloch Runeaxe, Xavier Cross
Player’s Late:
NPC’s: Svirfneblin, Captain Farspel Kappelcourt, Sturliewan Mastacalatl, and Gwinisturoc Lafftalligon, Lillylottar Aristcutti, Lady Jenna, Kargemisalivian (svirfneblin most well-known and versed in Jacinth), Ambassador McClearnon
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire

Sidenote/Discussion Due to personal life issues Andy will no longer be running our games and Joe will be stepping up to take over DM responsibilities for the main campaign with other members taking a rotating/turns running our lower level campaign.

At a tavern near the docks of Raven’s Bluff

Pimfire: There we were, 10 days deep into the Underdark, nothing could stop us not even a drow patrol lead by a high priestess. We slaughtered them and Dalarn retrieved a powerful dwarven crafted axe heavily enchanted that was wielded by one of their warriors. We had reached Jacinth the svirfneblin city of gems! Everywhere we looked we saw why it was called such, gems embedded in the walls of houses, gems adorning the jewelry of common folk, heck even children in the streets playing with gems as if they were marbles the size of chicken eggs!

Rufus (heckler): Yeah right! And my wife is the spitting image of Sune herself!
Jarome: Maybe Sune’s backside Rufus! Everyone here has seen your wife at least once when you are out to sea.

Crowd roars with laughter!

Rufus: What are you saying Jarome?
Jarome: Come on now you don’t honestly think David was your son? You were gone for a full year on that merchant run south and not even home for 6 months and suddenly Amber is giving birth to a healthy baby boy. He don’t even look like you.

A brawl ensues between Rufus and Jarome

Pimfire whistles HEY! Look at this dagger if you do not believe me!

the two stop fighting long enough to glance up and see the dagger

Rufus: Bah, you got that from some noble. Everyone here knows you move around in those high circles.

Pimfire: No my friend this only cost me a tale and a few coppers. I am telling you they do not value gems as we do. Coffee, Chocolate, Honey, Sweets. These are things they do not have but are cheap for us and are willing to part with a gem worth thousands of gold for something we would only pay a couple coppers for. Right now, there is an envoy negotiating on behalf of Ravens Deep for rights to open trade. Now is the time I am telling you to get in on the ground floor of the Dirgeflame Consortium.

Crowd: Why should we invest with you!
Another Crowd member: Yeah we can just go trade ourselves!

Pimfire: Because while many of you are brave, strong and adventurous who here speaks Undercommon? Svirfneblin? Who here is willing to stand up against the drow and their demons or the white/purple worms and other monstrous creatures that inhabit the Underdark? Why take the risk of both your money and your life when you can put your money in the hands of a capable band whom you know can make the journey as they have done so already before. Who speaks those languages and has made contacts. Why I myself have met their greatest storyteller at the temple of Calladuran their god and listened to a tale that is over 2500 years in the making. Hark! Hear how Kargemisalivian told the tale to me!

Story as told by Kargemisalivian

“So, you wish to hear the story of the Diamond of the Star? Yes, that is what we call it. The dwarves called it Orb of Protection, the Drow called it Annasherian, the Rock of Nothingness. Even the Illithid had a name for it, they called it the Great Void.

Many legends grew about the Star Diamond, but they all begin at one point. The Dwarves were celebrating a great festival, or maybe even a victory over the Drow, their hated enemy. The Diamond fell from the stars in the midst of their great throng. They took it as a sign from their gods, whom they had beseeched, for aid in combating the Drow. All this happened about 2,500 years ago, long before what you knew as Sarbreen evolved.

Now, back then the Dwarves had mages, and others that traveled the Planes. They spent nearly 100 years studying the Orb, before deciding how best to use it. They spent three years enchanting the Gem, enchanting it to absorb the essences of the various Planes. Each Plane took three years to enchant the Orb, which then spent 10 days on each Plane. Legends that I heard tell of at least Seven Planes that the Orb was sent to, though I’m sure there were more.

First the Orb was sent to Earth, where it learned to block passage, and move earth and stone. The dwarves used this power to block the Drow from their caverns. Next, after three more years of enchantment, it was sent to the Plane of Fire, where it was instilled with the ability to create flames and fire to be used against the Drow and other Dwarven Enemies. Third, the Orb shifted to the Plane of Ice, where it became able to defend itself. Legends say the Orb is encircled by a force of cold that will kill any that approach it. If this were true, I’m sure the Dwarves found or created some way to approach it.

Next the Orb traveled to the Plane of Radiance, where it became imbued with a searing light. All know of the Drow weakness in True Light. The Orb was thus enchanted to find their greatest weakness and exploit it.

But it’s most powerful strength came next, when a hardy group of Dwarven Plane Walkers took it for one year to the Quasielemental Plane of Vacuum. Legend speaks of it being lost for a generation, but there it gained its greatest known power, the ability to negate all magic…. Well, those magics that used or took up “space”. I’m sure the Drow were surprised to find that almost all of their magics no longer were effective. After this the Diamond was sent to the Positive Energy Plane. Not much is known of why, or how long, that the Orb stayed there. All that is told is that when it returned, it defeated the most powerful of necromantic spells.

Last, but most importantly, the Orb was taken to the Ethereal Plane, where it learned to move between time and space, and was able to move quickly to defeat any attack. I say learned because legends say that at this point the Orb became alive. It gained a sense of self, which the Dwarves took to believe meant the gods had taken residence in the Orb.

It was this “life” that caused the Dwarven downfall. They began to revere the Orb, which in turn began to believe in their faith. When the time came, the Dwarves did little to defend themselves, trusting in the Orb completely to defend them. The Orb had let slip much of its knowledge in its acceptance of Dwarven Faith. It could not stem the Drow attack. By the time the Dwarves realized their mistake it was far too late.

Nothing is said of the history of the Orb since then, though some say it tried to “move” ethereally to protect itself. One legend states that the Orb is stuck half way between this Plane, and the Ethereal Plane. When its appointed time nears, it will travel back here, to this plane, to the Temple where it was housed to be taken up and used once again.

The crowd is silent for a moment as the tale finishes before shouts ring out

Crowd: Where is the orb now?
Crowd: Did they take to any other planes of existence?
Crowd: If it lost, much of what it has learnt due to their faith would it have to re-travel to relearn everything again?
Crowd: Bah, this tale is rubbish tell the one about Captain Dolly!
Crowd: What other legends are there about the Orb?

Pimfire: People please one at a time! This is all I know at this time if you wish to learn more you could traverse the Underdark yourselves and ask the Svirfneblin or other races. I am sure the Drow or Illithids have some knowledge on the matter. They had names for it and would be happy to answer any questions you brought to them I am sure. (Said sarcastically)

The crowd grows silent in terror thinking about coming face to face with either of those races

Pimfire: Or you could look to the Dirgeflame Consortium instead. The choice is yours. Just watch out for drow priestess as they have a nasty habit of ripping your heart out of your chest from several paces away and clutching it while your eyes watch it beat one last time. Just ask my good friend Xavier for in retribution of slaying the drow high priestess on the way to Jacinth her family house, turns out was Faen Tlabbarr, sent an older sister along with many Glabrezu and other demons to halt us on our way back. We managed to scare them off after they ripped his heart out and luckily, for him Clearice was there to put it back in afterwords.

With that Pimfire bowed and left without answering any more questions or saying another word

OVERALL reward for the 3 parts of this mission

2,000 copper pieces (split)
10,000 silver pieces (split)
15,000 gold pieces (split)
2,000 platinum pieces (split)
100 10gp gems (treasury)
100 100 gp gems (treasury)
50 500 gp gems (treasury)
20 1,000 gp gems (treasury)
10 pieces of artwork total value of 12,000 gp. (treasury)
1 pieces of jewelry worth 15,000 gp each (treasury)

- A set of two small liqueur glasses carved from single emeralds. Each is covered with carved scenes of gnomes at various tasks. 1,200 gp
- A pin in the shape of a mushroom, carved of a single milky white crystal with red spots made of garnets. 1,100 gp
- A matched set of wedding rings. Each is a braid of sapphire and diamond, shows no seams or signs of how they were constructed. 50,000 gold pieces
- Three sapphire spheres nested one inside the other. Walli used a large, flawed sapphire and hollowed it out, leaving a sphere. He then hollowed out the second. Finally he sealed the first two so perfectly that only a skilled gemcutter or appraiser could find the seam. The translucent spheres are worth 10,000 gp and can be set in a larger piece of jewelry.

- I.C.E. Statues (3): Each statue reduces the temperatures within 100 yards by 10 degrees, cumulative for each statue. This statue magically remains frozen, no matter the environment it is placed into, until the temperatures reach over 120 degrees, at which it begins to melt. The statue’s effect is not cumulative with other ice statues which produce the same effect. 1 to the Keep 2 to Raven’s Deep

- Pearl of Power 3rd Level – Xavier

- 3 suits Drow Platemail +3 (ravens deep)
- 3 Drow Longsword +3 (ravens deep)
- 3 Drow Short Swords +3 (ravens deep)
- 3 Drow Rings of Deflection +3 – 1 to Omega 1 to Clearice 1 to Dalarn
- 3 Drow Amulets of Natural Armor +3 – 1 to Xavier 1 to Dalarn 1 Omega

- Ball of Power: When this small 4” ball is held and activated it makes the user very fearsome in appearance, brave, and as strong as a Hill Giant (Str 25) for 10 minutes. The Ball is usable once per adventure. – Dalarn

- Scourge of Lolth +5 (Radiates Evil) – Tithe Credit / To be destroyed by the cleric circle

- Ebony Shadow: This Axe was created of the most delicate Deep Dwarven magic. When drawn it functions as a Axe of Speed +2, but also displaces the user as a cloak of displacement. Granting a 20% miss chance on attacks against when held. It functions continually. – Dalarn Runeaxe

- Drow Bracers of Armoring +5 – Treasury

- Wand of Frost (8 charges): As Staff of Frost. Caster level 15 (DC 21) for all spells. Can’t be recharged. – Omega and requires no UMD

- Faen Tlabbarr House Insignia: (all at 12th level) (Radiates Evil)
It is created of Drow magic and must be kept in a Drow Backpack or its magic will dissipate when taken out of the Underdark.
At will: Invisibility, Feather Fall, Comprehend Languages, Web (Non-flammable)
Twice per turn: haste, non-detection, protection from normal missiles – Was Destroyed

- Figurine of wondrous power – phase spider (Radiates Evil) – Tithe Credit / to be destroyed by the cleric circle

- Crown of Darkness – Clearice
Worn by the Mummy Priest of Set, this Crown adapts itself to fit any head it is placed on.

  • This protection item confers immunity to natural and magical fear, paralyzation, and petrification. The wearer cannot be magically aged as by a ghost, or harmed by chilling attacks such as the touch of a lich.
  • The wearer gains a +4 bonus to all undead attacks for which saving throws are allowed. This item does not confer protection against level draining.
  • Once per adventure the wearer of the Crown can disrupt undead as with a mace of disruption, by touch (DC 16 Will save or be destroyed). The wearer must touch the undead with his bare hand. A successful attack roll is required and the wearer of the Crown is subject to any side effects of the contact, such as AoO and level draining. Only one undead creature may be affected. If the attack misses or fails, then the power of the Crown that was called is wasted, and that power is ineffective until the next adventure.
  • The wearer of the Crown can see with 90 foot darkvision and always knows undead normally visible (not concealed behind barriers or within a closed coffin) for what they are.
Friend Or Foe! - Part 2

Player’s Present: Mok, Pimfire Tyndal, Omega, Clearice, Dalarn mac Conloch Runeaxe
Player’s Late: Xavier Cross (was known would be)
NPC’s: Svirfneblin, Captain Farspel Kappelcourt, Sturliewan Mastacalatl, and Gwinisturoc Lafftalligon, Lillylottar Aristcutti, Lady Jenna, Ronasucha
Run By: Andy
Submitted By: Pimfire

My Darling Amuka,

After our recent encounter with a worm down here in the belly of the earth it was with great pleasure that a full day past with nothing of significance to report. Sadly on Day 7 we were informed there was a race of Bat like creatures called Bainligor whose leaders wish to turn into undead creatures that may be nesting nearby in an abandoned temple to some evil god the gnomes were not clear on which god that is however. Upon Day 8 we reached the point where we could investigate and did so as keeping this trail clear of threats would be important to future trade caravans between our two cities.

Upon entering this evil temple, we noticed a couple of statues dedicated to evil gods one of which was obviously Gilgeam. We swiftly encountered resistance by a few large Bainligor whose screech is quite painful. After making quick work of them we pressed onwards as Mok tossed fireballs into rooms destroying young, adults and old Bainligor alike as none of us had any desire to deal with several at once especially with those screeches.

Once we reached near the inner sanctum of this temple we entered a very large chamber with rows of pillars only to find chained up svirfneblin and drow alike amongst several undead Bainligor. After a well-placed fireball by Mok, they rushed at Dalarn and Omega and with a single touch one of them nearly slew Dalarn and raising him into a zombie like state but Clearice was able to reach him in time and reverse its effects. It was at this point that Clearice took Omega closer the largest of our foes leaving me exposed and I was forced to retreat to safety to heal up. By the time I managed to catch up to the rest of the group they had finished that group and pressed forward to encounter the leader of the Bainligor and defeat him as Clearice used a crystal beholder figure from our first foray into the Underdark when we fought the deep dragon. I am told it was a sight to behold! Sorry could not resist.

Once I caught up to them they had freed a drow prisoner who ran back to the others while we dealt with a portal leading to the negative plane of energy that was opened. After consulting with Lady Jenna and retrieving Xavier who had stayed behind with the gnomes while we explored this temple, we decided the only way to close it was to use our own life forces and touch it at the same time. I know it was risky and stupid darling but some things are worth the risk and a portal to that plane is something that if left unchecked could have brought ruin upon the entire prime material plane.

It was a strange experience as I touched it along with the others a voice rang in my head “Life or Health” and not wishing to give up my life I choose Health as did Omega, Clearice and Mok while apparently Dalarn and Xavier choose Life. Then I remember only darkness and waking up somehow more learnt in the ways of the world while others like Mok told me they felt like they had lost a part of their life’s journey.

Nearby to us in the center of the room where a series of magical items as a voice thanked us for performing such an act of heroism. As we attempted to figure out whom should get what a secret door opened and several mummies and a shade like creature surrounded us. With quickly well placed shot Xavier destroyed the shade and the mummies collapsed as the Shade turned out to be the leader and had bound the mummies to him.

We rush back to see about the prisoners only to find them gone as the drow they freed from the leader stood there holding a dark orb/ball one of the Bainligor had carried. She told us her name was Ronasucha we found out as Xavier attempted to ask her on a date Mok interceded angry to know why she was still here. Turns out she was curious as to why anyone such as us would free her and eventually hands us the orb and leaves.

Upon investigating the secret passage from whence the mummies came we discovered a massive treasure hoard enough to build a small kingdom! Upon inspection however it’s revealed to be cursed. After much debate from the others over have best to deal with this I pray to Waukeen for her assistance to repay a debt she owed. She removed the curse! For money should be spent and never hoarded away so no one can spend it.

With that we have spent the past several hours packing away the treasure and I must go for the others are nearly ready to leave.


Third level pearl of power

Ball of Power – orb a 4-inch diameter ball in the right hand and activated with the command word “there be hill giants” you can the strength of one for 10 rounds once per week. (work in one week)

Crown of Darkness – mummy priest – It confirms immunity to fear, petrification, paralization, cannot be hurt by death touch of liches and +4 circumstances bonuses from any undead IF saving throw is allowed. Once per week the wearer can disrupt undead. Gains 90ft Darkvision. Knows undead for what they are.

Rewards on the ground after we wake up from destroying the portal

Tunic of Careful Casting – Pimfire
Belt of Physical Perfection +2 – Omega
Deathwatch Eyes – Clearice
Merciful Vambraces – Xavier
Cap of the Free Thinker – Mok

Result of touching the portal

Health – Omega, Pimfire, Clearice, Mok – LOSE 1 Con Point
Life – Dalarn, Xavier – - LOSE 20,000 XP

Our Life has now intertwined all XP is added up and divided amongst those here. Our new XP is set at 375,000 XP.


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