Ravens Bluff, The Living City

For Honour and Friendship

Players Present: Clearice, Morrin, Omegasun, Pimfire Mok
NPC: Ceylon (ogre mage), Warwick, Viren (Marilith), Goddess Waukeen, Dresden, Keelira (gynosphinx)
Players Missing: none
Players Absent: none
Posted By: Pimfire Tyndal

Pimfire’s Diary Entry

How does one truly record the rebirth of a Goddess? All I can do is record the facts as I saw them for future prosperity.

In my last entry I wrote how we were waiting outside the Weeping Goddess in Samora on the 47th layer of the Abyss looking for the right moment to enter and use a portal that supposedly would lead into Maretta’s Counting-House and from there we hoped to encounter the Marilith Viren.

After watching for the tavern for a good couple of hours we noticed that it’s demon patrons would leave and go down an alley alongside it but not return for some time. It’s then we figured the portal wasn’t inside but rather in an alley next to it and so we found ourselves in a demonic accounting office surrounded by some demons who’s blood was so acidic it melted the weapons we used to cut them to ribbons.

Quickly lest we be discovered we started moving deeper into the building and at a Y based intersection ended up going the wrong way only to encounter a very powerful Nalfeshnee who after trading a few powerful blows decided to teleport out and to safety along with his desk of all things! He did however sound a warning to Viren that intruders were present. It was that warning that we dearly hoped to avoid and I sincerely hope we get to meet this particular demon again on our own plane that way I can have the pleasure of banishing him back to the Abyss for 100 years.

Running back the way we came we went down the other section of that Y intersection and there found Viren along with a dozen or so Vrocks. She quickly called up a toxic cloud in the room and a blade barrier appeared swarming around us as we stood in the entrance way. Viren taunted us that we were too late and the “Lady” was going to disposed of just before she ordered several of the Vrocks to go into another room and deal with their prisoner.

Once we dealt with a lone crazy suicidal Vrock we ignored the others and focused on Viren only find out later that Vrocks dancing together results in a very powerful thunderstorm. I’ll never be able to go outside in a heavy thundershower again without wondering if a bunch of dancing demons aren’t nearby controlling it.

The dagger provided by Annia Graystockings proved to do the trick and shattered the Marilith’s magical defenses allowing us to finish her off but not before Mok unleashed some sort of power from one of those crystalline figurines taken from the Deep Dragon horde allowing him to use elemental spells in the Abyss. It was certainly due to this newfound power of Mok’s and the Dagger from Annia that we managed to defeat Viren and rout the Vrocks.

Gathering up what we could we entered the other room prepared to fight the Vrocks we saw go in only to discover it empty except for Sir Dresden Drumheller and The Goddess Waukeen herself. Quickly fleeing with them we managed to make it back to the portal in Samora leading to the Celestial Stairway all the while encountering minor demons that we managed to drive off. Just as we are about step through however we felt the presence of a very powerful and angry demon approaching rapidly. Fearing it to be non other then Mr. Booger A.K.A. Graz’zt himself we enter the Celestial Stairway and begin our climb to find the way back to the Goddess Waukeen’s home plane.

As we are walking along the stairway is when it all began to happen. The rebirth of a Goddess. Her hair changed to a golden silky mane of unmatched beauty, her very clothes seemed to have become embroidered with costly gold thread, her steps sure and quick as she took the lead towards home.

Before we found the door however we did happen upon a Paladin of Ilmater who was seeking Annia Graystockings. We provided him with all the information we had regarding what plane, door and how to get to where we last saw her and unable to help at this time as we still had to see both the Goddess and our friend home safely we then parted ways.

The Markets. I will always remember those stalls and shops that lined the Bazaar as we approached her Temple once we reached her home plane/city. There we meet a Gynosphinx named Keelira the steward of the temple. It was her that proclaimed the Goddess returned and upon doing so a festival unlike any other broke out. After we had rested and recovered from our journey and the festivities died down the Goddess wishing to reward us spoke to each of us in turn telepathically asking what we desired. After which we returned to Raven’s Bluff to rest and see our good friend Sir Dresden Drumheller recover over the next several days.


- Morrin’s curse both verbal and the Mark bestowed by that evil Lich we encountered in Underdark was removed in gratitude by the Goddess Waukeen

- Clearice was given a key that would help negate to some degree the distance she feels from her Goddess when traveling the various outer Planes and was offered a position among Waukeen’s clergy which upon communing with Chauntea was told this would be okay so long as she still followed Chauntea’s beliefs.

- Omega asked for a million gold for the revitalizing and rebuilding of Raven’s Bluff which once we returned the mayor thanked us and gave us the next 5 years off from our Taxes! since he didn’t request anything for himself the Goddess also saw to it that he received a very powerful Flachion of glow steel a almost holy like metal that will come in handy fighting demons since she knew he lost several weapons fighting demons to save her.

- Pimfire stunned and unable to dream of asking for anything specific simple asked for a favor to be called at a later time which she gladly granted.

- Mok received some mystical training and understanding in the ways of Mystra’s silver flame

Clearice also saw too it that the temples destroyed the Marilith’s evil blades we managed to grab upon defeating her that way they wouldn’t be used to hurt anyone else ever again, in exchange for such a wonderful deed of removing those foul blades she was granted their value or some of it towards tithing purposes later on.

1 Chiv point was awarded to everyone present
2500 XP was awarded for completion of this special mission

For Duty and Deity

Players Present: Clearice, Morrin, Omegasun, Pimfire Mok
NPC: Ceylon (ogre mage), Warwick, Annia Graystockings, Clyddis (vrock), Viren (Marilith)
Players Missing: none
Players Absent: none
Posted By: Pimfire Tyndal

Pimfire’s Diary Entry

I have to admit I was surprised when we visited the Sodden Tavern to see so many humans, dwarves and even a blue giant as patrons. Maybe I am just a purist but I like my Abyss dark and swarming in demons, the fact so many other races seem to inhabit, visit or travel through the Abyss makes me wonder if our constant poking by mortals into things not belonging to us is the reason the demons are angry all the time in the first place but then again demons are born cruel and evil so maybe not.

We did meet a interesting person named Warwick however who according to Ceylon is another guide of the celestial stairway and whom after we spent some time speaking to found out was in-between jobs at the moment. Despite his enormous daily rate we decided to hire him on as he seemed to be a specialist on the Abyssal layers we’ve found ourselves. He provided Morrin a 6 fingered monkey hand saying something about it being able to cast magic here which didn’t make any sense to me since how is a monkey hand that some taxidermist (who wasn’t very good cause who’s ever heard of a monkey with 6 fingers) made able to cast magic without the rest of the body to go with it I dunno but Morrin seemed happy even though it’s hard to tell these days as he doesn’t say much. Say much. Get it ha ha ha ha………say much…..ha ha ha ha…..oh my seems my tears of laughter have stained this page. Still it was pretty funny because Morrin can’t speak….say much…..where was I?

Oh yes the flame portals. Turns out the Lord of these layers has a capital palace which spans all 3 layers from the 45th – 47th layer and the entrance to the palace is on the 45th while we are in the 47th. So we have to walk through green fire to travel upwards to the 45th. Children DO NOT try this at home or it will upset your parents.

Upon entering the 45th layer we landed smack in the middle of something called the Viper Forest which is an Apt name for the place as the trees are somehow animated/alive and the branches are snakelike with a bite that seems to drain your energy making you sluggish. If you think trees with snake branches are strange you should meet Annia Graystockings she wanders through the forest telling tales about being a Paladin of Ilmater who was taken by some slave traders and brought to the Abyss and now wanders around in search of a way to atone and reach home. We did get a dagger and some information regarding a lieutenant in service to the demon lord one Marilith named Verin that she wished us to kill. Since killing demons is what we do we agreed should we meet Verin to slay her on Annia’s behalf. She also seemed to know about the Goddess being shuttled by caravan back and forth from the palace Zelatar and Samora the city we first entered on the 47th layer.

Finally we reached Zelatar where my heart wept for a unicorn we were forced to watch sold in auction to a demon whom it seemed was most likely going to kill it in some bizarre demonic ritual for more power. Unable to do anything to help we had to watch as it was dragged off. The sad thing is it’s a common occurrence there.

The Wandering Balor now THERE is an inn. It sits atop a giant Elephant that slowly wanders around the city. You have to climb up using a rope to it’s entrance and once inside you never put your drink down as the rolling gait of the beast would cause your beverage to spill. It was there I meet the most UGLY succubus to ever wander the Abyss. She is so ugly she lives out her days in this dive bar as a prostitute hiring herself out to whomever wanders in. Don’t ask the rest of the Menagerie about her or they will tell you some story about how she’s beautiful and that I was trying to hit on her…..like I would ever be interested in a demonic prostitute. It’s here however from the bartender that Mok discovered the caravan holding a special female “guest” of the Lord will be returning in 2 days time to Zelatar.

At the Whimpering Mortal another tavern…..seems like a LOT of demons enjoy booze given the number there are per city in the Abyss as if a angry demon isn’t enough trouble lets get them drunk and angry……bar fights in the Abyss are a sight to behold! that is if you manage to live and keep your eyesight. Anyway it was here we got a big break in the case for we met a Vrock named Clyddis who after a hefty bribe told us how he used to be employed as a guard on the caravan and that no one ever saw this mysterious Lady whom they were to protect but figures that’s because none of them were deemed worthy when in most likely hood it’s because it was a trap. Clyddis also told us that a lieutenant of the Lord by the name of Verin oversee’s Maretta’s Counting-House in Samora back on the 47th layer and there is a portal gate in the Weeping Goddess that should lead to the counting house.

We are not sure if this may be another trap but we figure since we’ve now heard the name Verin from multiple sources it’s worth it to investigate. The very least taking out Verin will help our crazy friend Annia Graystockings and upset/weaken the Lord of these Abyssal Layers of a valuable lieutenant. Perhaps Verin may even yeild up the location of the Goddess and our dear friend Dresden .

We left as soon as our guide Warwick could find a portal to take us back to Samora. Now we sit and wait in Samora for an opportune moment to enter the Weeping Goddess as the tavern is heavily populated by demons who according to local gossip don’t take kindly to mortals hanging around hitting on their ugly succubus women and most likely wouldn’t let us use this portal hidden inside.

For Queen and Country

Players Present: Clearice, Morrin, Omegasun, Pimfire Mok
NPC: Lady Lauren Devillars, Halanna, Mirial Moonsilver, Ceylon (ogre mage), Tasslehoff Toerippper, King Doa
Players Missing: none
Players Absent: none
Posted By: Pimfire Tyndal

Pimfire’s Diary Entry

The Abyss. So many words I could use to describe it right now as the air swirls around me. No place could make you feel so far away from home then being on one of the Abyssal Planes. Oh my I seemed to have skipped ahead my thoughts are unable to really focus at the moment seeing as how we just survived an encounter with some demons upon entering this foul place. Rather then rip this page out and start over allow me to begin again.

It was a beautiful day the sun had just risen and we were invited to the Temple of Waukeen it was there we met with the Lady Lauren Devillars who wished to express gratitude for our efforts in helping out around Raven’s Bluff and more specifically with her personal matters. She of course had another favor to ask of us which was meet with one Halanna who was stricken with an unknown malady. Upon entering the infirmary we found a sickly thin and feverish woman with gold hair that was matted with sweat. Whatever disease inflicts her you could tell she was wasting away to near nothing.

Her eyes flew open unexpectedly at our approach “Gold, Lady, Abyss, Graz’zt, Dresden, Betrayed, Betrayed, She Lives, She Lives!” she babbled before falling back into a troubled sleep. Needless to say our host the lovely Lady Devillars was stunned as were many of the staff present. Ushering us all out and into a quiet chamber she left us to discuss this strange development and the words spoken.

Mok looked disturbed as the name Dresden obviously meant something to him. He then told the group about how Dresden was left behind in a previous mission and if Halanna is to be believed alive somehow. Morrin recalls hearing about a Demon Lord who may have held the name uttered. Not long after this is puzzled out the Lady Devillars returned and confirmed our suspicions that she too believes our friend is alive and that it’s possible the Goddess Waukeen is hostage or trapped somewhere in the Abyss. She extracts a promise to keep a secret and in exchange will help us reach the Abyss. After we agree she tells us to go to the temple of Selune and meet with Mirial Moonsilver who will let us go below where a portal is that will lead us to the Celestial Stairway upon which we are to look for a doorway with a six fingered hand that will take us to the Abyss we seek. We ask a boon to help Clearice knowing full well from previous planar travel that her clerical powers will be severely weakened and are promised what aid can be given will be arranged as we are about to depart through the portal.

In the basement of the Temple of Selune we are each given a scroll with a spell inscribed two times on each that will allow the target of the spell to detect hostile creatures in proximity and the speed they are approaching, which may be very useful when traveling through the Abyss and Clearice is given a Power Key that will help negate some of the distance of being so close to such evil powers and far away from the source of her God.

Dizzy and disoriented we found ourselves on the celestial stairway upon stepping into the gate. As we take our first steps a creature appears with wings of an angel and a body of a female-snake like creature who informs us she is one of the guardians and protectors of the Celestial Stairway and wished to greet and inform us not to stray from the steps.

Mok asks a few questions regarding finding the gate we seek and to our amazement we find there is no set time or distance to walk but rather Need and Creativity are what fuel the stairway, that and the creatively which can be found on the plane/planet you seek. I tell the guardian a tale in exchange for this information and passage. The exhaustion of so many stairs looming before us we remove our armor as per a suggestion from the guardian and we began our climb.

What felt like half a day nearly passes as we randomly pick and choose directions as we go upwards only to encounter a strange humanoid I mistakenly thought was another Halfling but is instead a Kender named Tasslehoff Toeripper from a planet called Krynn. During a brief exchange of information Mok somehow lost a gold coin that Tasslehoff picked up and tried to give back to him but Mok refused and let him keep it as payment for the information. Which reminds me I really should make sure Mok fixed that pocket or else something else may have fallen out. The last thing we need is a trail for someone to follow and sneak up on us from behind.

Time has no real meaning on the Stairwell as it’s endless series of climbing continued with the occasional passing of Giant Roosters and Rothe before we found a landing large enough that a small tent like city was pitched upon it.

It’s here we meet a strange man who is cooking some delightful meats named King Doa. Turns out he’s also from Toril but the other side of the planet nearly and has a strange native tongue called Shao’Lun which I must say I would love to learn imagine the tales and stories they have that I could then translate and tell. I trade my set of paintbrushes for some shrimp and it’s while we are eating an Ogre mage named Ceylon comes over and indicates he’s a guide of sorts on the Celestial Stairwell for hire. Mok and him got to chatting and before ya know it we are bunking with an Ogre!

The follow day of travel he leads us to a doorway with a six fingered hand on it and provides us with some valuable information as to what spells we should avoid using while on this Abyssal Plane. We take some time to prepare and Clearice cast one of the spells from the scrolls onto Mok. It’s only as we step through the door it occurred to me we had gotten so used to not wearing armor that we forgot to put it back on and within seconds of getting over the passage through the gate into a strange Abyss city are we accosted by some Bar’Lgura (Tanar’ri) ape like demons hell bent on smashing us to pieces.

After fighting off the half dozen or so demons we take stock of our surroundings and it’s during this time I manage to record what has happened…..Oh Mok and the others are waving at me to hurry with getting my armor back on. Wait never mind Ceylon is telling them about the city in which we find ourselves. Something about the various marketplaces, inns and taverns that can be found. Sigh I best hurry and get my armor back on before they leave without me.

After Game Information

Pimfire used 8 hero points to acquire a new feat “Deadly Aim” and the hero points were adjusted accordingly.

Scrutiny on the Bounty

Players Present: Clearice, Morrin, Omegasun, Pimfire
NPC: High Autharch Blaze Mythalanir (Red Wizard of Thay)
Players Missing: none
Players Absent: none
Posted By: Pimfire Tyndal

Pimfire’s Diary Entry

The Bounty! She is the stuff of legends and I actually sailed upon her and discovered her many secrets. But I am getting ahead of myself this adventure began like many others with a summons to the Lord Mayor’s office.

Given an assignment to protect the High Autharch Blaze Mythalanir as he traveled home to Thay on his newly acquired ship The Bounty. It seems he was being hunted by some unknown assassins and as part of a diplomatic overture on Raven’s Bluff part we were to accompany him to see he made it safely home.

Yes it was THE BOUNTY the famous ship that stormed a beach of Thay with just her crew and took out over 300 soldiers. Yes the same Bounty that is immune to fire and other evocation spells. Yes the same Bounty thought lost at sea somehow still in one piece. Upon boarding the fine vessel in the harbour I knew we were in for trouble. With the first mate one Draketamer by name screaming and whipping Rashamen slaves all about a single glance at Omega and Clearice showed their views on slavery would be sorely tested in the coming month voyage at sea.

As I settled in the cabin the others went about getting to know the officers of the Bounty. Omega made a good friend in the ship’s cook, Clampett, whom for a few drinks of booze gave up a wide assortment of information on the other officers so I was told. Clearice got to know the other officers cutting a swath of suitors in the process even learning about gnomish engineering in the form of a pocket watch a strange device that tells the owner the current time of day because trust a Gnome to invent something no one really needs as all you have to do is look up and see the position of the sun, moon or stars to know what time of day it is.

Morrin settled down for a lazy wait while the ship got underway with me in the cabin but quickly grew tired of Dusk’s playing with the door and ordered him out. I later learned from one of the slaves who served in the crow’s nest that Dusk along with Puffball decided to terrorize some slaves by not only intimidating whomever was in the crow’s nest into offering tribute to them, I quote the slave in saying “a dragon appeared who was going to eat me unless I gave him all my money”, but in also turning them into furniture as they settled down to nap on top of the slaves head and arms.

Barely into our first day of sea travel we are all summoned on deck to witness a slave being lashed by the Lieutenant Lukens for some trivial matter of eating extra rations. Lukens seemed to enjoy causing such pain and I suspect made up the whole incident. The number of lashes was excessive by most laws but apparently in Thay there are much harsher punishments. Forced to let it continue for fear of causing a diplomatic incident we watched as the slave was killed halfway through the lashing and tossed overboard once all 100 lashes where completed.

Seeing such cruelty I decided it was time to introduce myself around it was then I asked for a glance in the Officer’s mess hall to make sure there was no assassin’s or surprises awaiting the High Autharch and while there I overheard coming from the Captain’s quarters prayers asking his Firelord forgiveness and how to break some enchantment preventing his clerical magic from working. This explained why he needed a bodyguard but not from whom he needed protection.

Over dinner that first night I entertained the officers with a tale of pirate treasure one in which the pirates cleverly hid their more valuable treasure below a fake chest, below another fake chest and that below still another. Settling down to the business of protecting the High Autharch I ask about access to the cargo hold and we are informed it’s sealed magically and off limits. I feared there was something in the hold that Thay didn’t want Raven’s Bluff to know about. Later I would be proved correct.

It was early the next morning when we are woken to a commotion as the cruel Lieutenant Luken is missing in the Medical Officer’s quarters with nothing but a puddle of water, chewed up boots and a sense of unnatural cold. I quickly took to checking the sources of fresh water on the ship but came up empty. Clearice was convinced it was some sort of were-creature or undead as the previous evening the moon was full but we couldn’t establish whom may be the culprit. I asked again for access to the cargo hold fearing a creature may be there that caused this mess but was denied a second time.

Just as we are comparing all these notes more screaming is heard on deck and charging up we see a flock of strange Gargoyle like creatures are swarming the vessel. Clearly outnumbered we manage to put down a few but it seems like for every one or two we slay another takes it place. A minute later the captain’s quarters door bursts open and out walks the High Autharch who upon seeing the commotion unleashes such a fireball as I have never seen which clears the ship of the creatures. He then accuses a slave who holds a amulet of summoning the creatures and orders him Keel-hauled which is a very violent form of execution I might add.

Omega upset over the slavery and treatment of the slaves tries to reason with him that the amulet may not be what they say and that it may offer clues but the High Autharch is stubborn and angry destroys the only piece of evidence, executes the slave and reminds us to do a better job. I couldn’t help but feel threatened by him if we didn’t he’d destroy us. WHY did he need us? I mean if he didn’t have his powers how was he able to clear the ship in a blast such as that.

I search through the slaves bunks looking for anything that might explain the amulet but yet again my search comes up empty. Quickly in the span of a day a few more officers go missing. Later I’m approached by some slaves wishing to start a mutiny whom I warn to keep such talk quiet as I don’t want to see them killed. But somehow word got out and the High Autharch using magic and an onion peels layer after layer of skin from the mutinous slave. Again the cruelty of the Red Wizards is revealed and despite the urge to strike him down to our shame we adhered to our mission not to cause a political incident and protect the High Autharch instead allowing this torture to continue until finally the slave is killed and tossed overboard.

It’s only when the following morning once all the officers have gone missing do we gain access to the cargo hold and there we find a letter signed by the High Autharch himself which clearly shows the Bounty is stolen from Rashamen and it’s some sort of curse/punishment from Rashamen causing all this trouble.


An explosion rocks the Bounty as we rush up to the captain’s quarters to see his magical door blown open. The slaves are screaming in panic which Omega and Clearice get in order quickly. Upon inspection of the captain’s quarter’s we find a doorway leading to some extra dimensional space. This is the secret of the Bounty and how she stormed that beach.

Inside it we find a freezing cold land large enough to house a thousand or more people beyond the standard crew you’d normally expect for a vessel this size. It’s their we encounter a trio of Bheur Hags. With a blizzard raging we somehow manage to destroy them thanks to Omega turning into a fantastic prehistoric creature! I will have to remember to ask him where he learned such a powerful magic trick as well what he knows about such creatures for what manner of tales could be told about such thing. Maybe even open a circus of them if we could find enough or somehow bring them back!

No sign of the High Autharch could be found and it was deemed he must have magically transported himself home.

Upon returning to Raven’s Bluff with the Bounty we offered up the evidence of it’s theft to the Lord Mayor who seemed happy to have avoided an incident because it was obvious that the High Autharch acted without authority of Thay in stealing the vessel. The Vessel was returned to the rightful owners and the slaves still left freed.

We are given access to a wonderful series of tomes on Thay and it’s history which we order a set copied for our Keeps Library along with the notion we should probably avoid Thay and their Red Wizards for the next while as they may not be to happy with us for foiling one of their wizards deeds.

rewards and such for purposes of record keeping when Andy gets back from vacation———-

We received books on the history of Thay. +4 knowledge history rolls on Thay. For 6 months and we get copies made for ourselves during that time.
A Wand is of Incompetence Detection (Omega)
A Belaying Pin is +2 (club +2) (Keep)
A Map of Location (works while at sea indicating location in the Sword Coast) it is Aglarond in nature. (put in box of ship)
XP 6500 total
Pimfire a potion of Fire Resist 30 / Clearice Greater Invis 5 rounds / Morrin Alchemical Allocation / Omega Beast Form 3
We gained Infamy with Red Wizards of Thay for failing to really protect the High Autharch

Arr Mateys!

Players Present: Clearice, Morrin, Omegasun, Pimfire
NPC: Patter Pegleg McAbbe, Captain Bayron “Bloomy” Bloomfield, Lady Agatha Bloomfield, Champer, Hamill ‘Mumbling’ Remington
Players Missing: none
Players Absent: none
Posted By: Pimfire Tyndal

Pimfire’s Diary Entry

A Festival was under way in Raven’s Bluff to remember those who have fallen in the past war and celebrate and honor many who fought in the war. There was to be games held in a large field outside but mother nature unfortunately didn’t get the memo and it started raining pretty hard, despite the best efforts from many clerics and wizards to calm the weather they were not fast enough and the fields were soaked beyond use by the time they cleared the skies.

In what is probably a more fitting way to have a memorial holiday the party goers turned to the taverns and many a cup was raised in toast to the fallen of course after a few dozen toasts no one was even aware what they were toasting to and it just really became a game of how fast you could raise-cheer-chug each mug.

The Midnight Menagerie was out in one such tavern near the docks celebrating when a clomping individual entered the tavern and the crowd grew hushed. There in the doorway stood Patter “Pegleg” McAbbe himself! thought lost during the war a year ago. His pegleg clacking on the floor boards he walks up to the bar is handed a drink in stunned silence and then he ambles over to the slightly raised performance stage and there starts to weave his tale. As soon as he starts talking the spell of his sudden appearance is shattered and the crowd starts a series of cat calls, hooting, hollering and even some cheering.

He tells his tale of how that fateful night when the black ships of Ivar Bloodhand sailed into our harbor during the war he was there on the docks and saw a suspicious person….following him he gets into a scuffle before being knocked out …… probably due to being drunk, the crowd hollered, and Patter agrees. He then awakens on a ship piloted by Ogre’s as a galley slave destined to row under Ivar Bloodhand’s command but seeing the war turning those some Ogre’s turn tail and flee. It was a while later but the ship went down off the coast of a island and there freed from his chains Patter managed to survive and make his way back to the mainland and now finally back to Raven’s Bluff.

A big huzzah is heard as he finishes his tale with some in the crowd jeering and saying he was probably drunk the whole year but in either case Patter takes his leave and as he passes by our table see’s and joins us for a minute just long enough to ask us to come back tomorrow to hear some more as he has a proposition for the Midnight Menagerie whom he’s heard about for having a strong adventuring reputation.

We meet up the following day and Pegleg tells us how he wasn’t alone on that island but rather the captain himself was there beaten on a rock and seeing Pegleg tries to kill him but is pushed into the sea instead clutching a box which washes back on shore. Pegleg who overheard some tales from the Ogre’s about Ivar Bloodhands treasure finds inside the box a map and some information as to how to find the very treasure for it was the same island he landed upon that they were heading to claim for themselves. Now he needs some help recovering the treasure and has chartered a ship under the guise of a map making expedition of the island. We agree to a 50/50 split of the booty and head to the boat the following day.

We introduce ourselves to the First Mate one Champer who seems angry at everyone and everything all the time but never the less since we are passengers tell us to get down below out of his way and settled in our cabins. We wait all day until just before dark Patter finally arrives wondering where the captain he hired is. Finally well after we’ve missed the tide (according to Clearice) the captain shows up and seems like a noble dandy calling himself Captain Bayron “Bloomy” Bloomfield. I know I instantly take a dislike as do several others as it’s clear he knows nothing about the sea or captaining a ship.

As we clear the breakwaters of the harbor we watch as the crew members each toss a coin into the ocean and mumble something sounding like a ritual. Seeing Clearice do the same I join in as does the rest of our group. Spirits seem low with a captain who isn’t aware of the most basic ship duties and a First Mate who is yelling all the time so to help out I tell tales and jokes when the crew are on their meal breaks and seem to build a bit of goodwill even with Champer. It’s a couple days in but Omega growing board offers to arm wrestle Champer and after some betting to go around they begin. To everyone’s delight it’s a true arm wrestling competition as Champer is about to push Omega down finds himself reversed as Omega seems to surge suddenly with a hidden strength. Not to be outdone and humiliated in front of his crew Champer seems to dig deep in himself and does the same only to push Omega’s hand down to claim victory and his much deserved won bets.

Sailor life is a boring life with every day the same and never knowing if a storm lay just over the horizon. In such tight quarters it’s no wonder someone was bound to get up to mischief for on Day 9 Omega starts screaming his dolly is GONE!!! as our group heads up on deck we see Omega confronting Champer who himself is questioning a crew member for pillaging extra rations. While it sounds silly a grown man with a dolly Champer manages to realize the volatile Omega could do some serious damage to his ship and asks if the crew member also stole the doll which he admits to. Lucky for him the doll was unharmed and Omega once it’s in his possession wants to see this thief punished. A brouhaha breaks out between Captain Bloomy, Champer and Clearice over seeing this guy punished where the Captain thinks this is all a lark and no harm should come of it while Clearice and Champer know that discipline is the only thing keeping us all alive. Finally the member is flogged publicly as the Captain storms off but not before Clearice upsets the crew by insulting the captain. I later learn the thieving crew member to be one Hamill ‘Mumbling’ Remington.

We reach the island without any more mishaps and it’s here me lads that the tale takes a woe full turn. Just as we are attempting to set to shore in some small rowboats up jumps a sea lion and drags old Patter under. The waves are full of them and destroy our rowboat. We fight and scare them off but sadly Patter was ripped to pieces along with a member of the crew before we could make the beach. Clearice communes with the spirit to find that Patter wishes us to continue but is old and tired while the other crew member is young and wishes to be brought back. We inform the crew of our intentions to raise him and they promise, in shock over being so powerful a cleric, to take care of the body until we return from our “mapping expedition”

Using old Patter’s map that we recovered from his person and a strange piece of leather with some symbols on it we explore the island. It’s a sad thing to inform you but X never marks the spot. Ever. This map was no different as it had 3 places of note on it but no clue as to which might be holding a treasure. So we choose to check out some groaning caves on the far west side first and work our way back if that proved fruitless. Knowing the crew of the ship would wait 4-5 days for us we made as fast as we could through a swamp (bugs aren’t repelled by perfume) with a bunch of nasty biting bugs. As we travel we see a white gorilla coming in and out always staying well back from us and running at the first sign we notice him. We think nothing of this and steer clear of him.

The groaning caves are just that hundreds of caves mark the cliff face and realizing we don’t have time to search them all a Divination is performed and it’d determined that our efforts to search them would not yield the results we seek. We head to some sort of Monolith in the middle of the island and there we find a great big slab of Obsidian in a clearing. It’s at this point as I am staring at thing wondering how much it’s worth someone says behind me they can’t figure out these coordinates on the leather. Latitude and Longitude! That was it! I rush back over to the rest of the group grab the scrap of leather and scream out it’s 10N15W for those ancient X’s did indeed mark the spot!!!!! they were an ancient numerical symbols!

We paced it off and started digging after many hours in this sandy soil we find a chest. Upon opening we find some tarnished copper coins hardly a wealth pirates would take the time to bury. We realized this was probably a decoy but where then is the real treasure? Knowing the code could be the key or it could be under or in the Obsidian we decide to smash it to bits and see if it’s inside to no avail. We are down 2 of our 4-5 days and rest up to perform another divination to assist in our endeavor. The divination tells us we already know where the treasure is buried and with that on Day 3 begin digging deeper below the first chest. Low and behold we strike a 2nd chest further down. This one trapped magically. Omega alone in the pit opens it and is engulfed in flames. Forced to turn my head as I look back I see him walking out chuckling as the fire doesn’t seem to harm him. Inside we find a pile of silver coins. Convinced there is still more we dig deeper yet and find a wooden platform. Pulling up the boards we find a dark well with some sort of foul smell. After lowering a rope and testing the fluid to see if it’s acidic or flammable but certainly toxic to drink based upon a small taste test I convince them to lower me down as I don’t need to worry about the fumes or breathing.

In the pitch blackness I stumble around at the bottom of the water and find the source of the incoming well water but I’m unable to block it up at this time. I also find another hole that I could fit my arm in but at this point I kick a chest and grabbing it signal with the rope to pull me up. Once topside everyone seems to stand well clear of me as we detect magic of some illusion on this chest Omega opens it and a small black sphere inside starts to pull him, the dirt around the chest and everything into it! A miniature black sphere of Annihilation is about to destroy us when it gets Dispelled by Clearice who recognizes it as an illusion albeit a powerful one. Inside we find a pile of gold!

I tell them about the source of the water and another spot I want to check out but can’t see what’s inside. Clearice goes down with me and stone shapes or some such the flow of water and removes the water in the well to reveal the other hole and inside is a small chest. I check for traps and find a bladed resetting trap that will take your hand or fingers if you reach in. After some failed attempts at disabling it we use a Flachion to just reach in and jam it pull the chest out. Inside it we find 6 beautiful sapphires.

Feeling good that we may have found everything we perform one more divination and are told we haven’t!!! It’s about 2.5 days in and we know it will take us a full day to travel back to the beech. Omega goes down into the hole and notices the floor is super smooth which is odd and wants to keep digging. We try that but it’s not working so well and Clearice takes that evening to prepare so on the morning of the 3rd day stoneshapes again or something down into the rock to reveal 1 more chest!!!!

Taking the chest out of the well we notice a strange riddle on the chest which I instantly am able to figure out that tells of how/when/where to open this chest safely but we both have neither the time nor some key that is required knowing it’s trapped magically we are too eager to hold back and open it using a knock spell only to have a strange green gas spew out at us!!! I dunno if it being buried so long ruined the trap but somehow it didn’t seem to effect any of us and we recognize it as being a gas that would have eroded any Iron metal in seconds. This must be our Lucky Day cause inside we find a pile of Platinum coins and some magical vials!

Using magical floating disks we travel back to the beach on the 4th day to be greeted by Champer who tells us that some of the crew were attacked and killed while out foraging probably by gorillas they’ve seen in the area and while he’s glad we are back you can tell that he is interested in these chests as is the crew despite our attempts to explain we brought them with us using a portable dimension and they contain our maps rumors soon spread it’s a pile of treasure we’ve found.

Clearice then attempts to bring back to life the crew member killed by sea lions as promised only to have the spell fail and overcome with a sense that her god is angry at this act. I got to say spending a month on a ship with Clearice while she’s pondering and sulking over this was NOT the best experience I’ve had and one I hope to never repeat. We hole up together with our treasure chests as we hear the crew grumbling over us not sharing and are worried they might try something.

5 Days out on our month long return voyage the waters turn rough as we head into a storm. The crew wants to make for Pirate Islands which would quickly take us out of the storm but knowing what we found we want to avoid any pirates push the Captain and Champer to keep the course and with a bit of luck the storm eventually passes and the ship is no worse for the wear.

9 Days out is the worst of all for the day begins with Captain Bloomy coming to ask us if we’ve seen Champer who’s gone missing along with several crew members. I ask around only to be met by very angry crew who suddenly seem mad at me even though I thought we were friends with my story telling and all. Thinking it might be just the crew has worked it up in their minds we found an enormous treasure (which we did he he he) and aren’t willing to share even though several of them died on this expedition I go back and tell the rest of this sudden turn in crew feelings. We get the captain down once more and ask him if they’ve searched for Champer and he informs us he’s not to be found on the ship. Omega is appointed the new first mate by the captain. Clearice asks Dusk if he will act as a telepathic relay so Clearice can tell Omega what to say and do without the crew knowing a woman is really in charge (sailors are very superstitious). Morrin meanwhile barricades himself in the room with the chests and sets out to protect it in case of mutiny. But when we report for shift that evening we find the captain slain on the quarterdeck with a message written in blood to return the cursed treasure.

The crew is running around screaming were DOOMED! when a figure of a several sailors appear on the forecastle we instantly detect magic on numerous crew members including those above who when we think of it seem all the same person. Suddenly opening their mouths out comes a frigid blast of cold coating the deck in ice and sending a chill through our blood. Morrin transforms into a Gargoyle with 4 arms and blocades one of the stairs leading up, Omega runs around trying to get the crew to join in the fight and snap out of it or else his Dolly is gonna have something to say to them later!, Clearice begins channeling energy and I offload a series of shots into the figures.

In moments they disappear and standing in front of us is a Ogre Mage who screams “it’s not over!” and vanishes in a puff of smoke to drift away from the ship. Unable to get satisfaction fireballs fly out and explode in the cloud before we lose sight of it. Later we realize this is one of Ivar Bloodhounds Ogre crew who was left on the island by Ivar himself and who lay in wait for the day he returned to claim his treasure when he’d get his revenge. Once Ivar didn’t return but rather we did he followed in guise of a crew mate and wanted the treasure for himself. We also suspect he may have been the one to kill those crew members and not the gorillas.

The crew that’s still alive isn’t enough to pilot the ship and this time we make no intrigue about it as Clearice takes command and appoints Omega her first mate. Morrin and I pitch in and we manage to get the ship back to Raven’s Bluff in one piece where we hand over a detailed log about what happened to the Harbor Master and carrying Bloomy’s body with us go and inform Lady Agatha Bloomfield of her son’s death. Upset and wanting to get rid of what she believes is a cursed ship offers it to us at a discount for 10,000 gold which we pay using some of our recovered treasure.

The ship is renamed Dolly’s Anger and after finding out the reason Clearice’s spell failed was because the crew member was evil in nature we have the rest of the crews weals tested to make sure no one else is evil. They all pass and we decide to keep them on to help run the ship. Clearice meanwhile tells us to atone for attempting to raise a evil person will be spending all her free time for the next month helping farmers. With the treasure divided up we are each several hundred gold richer (837.5g) and we now own a very nice sea worthy 3 masted Caravel.

The morale of this story my friends never leave the Keep without your Bard

rewards and such for purposes of record keeping when Andy gets back from vacation———-
We Found 3,000 copper / 1200 silver / 1200 gold / 1200 platinum / 6 sapphires worth 200g
We got 3,000 copper / 1200 silver / 1200 gold / 200 platinum (spent 10,000g or 1,000 platinum to buy the ship) / 6 sapphires worth 200g
Divided up it’s 837.5 gold each before tithing
We got 6500 XP
Potions are 2 Cure Serious Wounds (omega takes both) / 1 potion of find traps (omega) / 1 potion of locate object (morrin)

Monster Mash

Players Present: Clearice, Morrin, Omegasun, Pimfire
NPC: Lorien Darkarrow, Marrisa, Marilith named Treliboria, One of every kind of monster, Alex Wilde, Arthur Wilde, Bournetel Wilde
Players Missing: none
Players Absent: none
Posted By: Pimfire Tyndal

Pimfire’s Diary Entry

To all who read this entry STOP it’s private and no one but me is allowed to read under penalty of oath I made to the Goddess Tymora not to share what occurs or may the person who violates this diary entry of mine be punished by the Goddess Tymora and forever more have ill-luck in all things.

Now that disclaimer is out of the way ……

I remember what a beautiful morning it was waking up to the sun shining and the bustling sounds of the city, of course it wouldn’t be a good morning unless Grink accosting someone out or door heralding a messenger to summon us off on another grand adventure. Which is exactly what was going on when we all descended the stairs to see what was causing a commotion.

Needless to say we were extended an invitation to meet with Lorien Darkarrow the head of the Knights of the Raven an offer not to be refused. Upon arriving at the designated inn to meet him we were greeted by the owner of the inn one Arthur Wilde and his daughter Bournetel Wilde only to discover the messenger was the son Alex Wilde.

After we had taken seats at this lavish table of delightful foods and drinks did our host Lorien Darkarrow appear to tell a tale of woe about a friend named Marrisa who required protection at a party and due to previous engagements Lorien was unable to escort her as promised. He extracted a vow from all of us present NEVER to speak of what occurred at this party before telling us more under an oath to our deities, hence the disclaimer and shame on all who read this!!!, at which point we were told that Marrisa suffers from Vampirisim and was seeking a cure for it but was required to attend this monster ball/gala and that we would have to travel incognito as monsters ourselves which he could provide a magical ring that would transform us into various monsters. Omega chose a green skinned troll ring, Clearice wanted to be a Medusa, Morrin became a conniving little kobold while I stayed true to my roots and became the most handsome Satyr ever to grace Raven’s Bluff. With a step into a magic gate we were off to the party.

Upon arriving at wonderful garden full of delights we were instantly greeted by towering Marilith named Treliboria who introduced herself as the host of the party and asked us to introduce ourselves to the rest of the quests which included a Pit Fiend named Brell, a Lamia named Streja, a Brownie named Always Bright, a Wemic named Sharpclaw, a Yeti named Darkfur, a Sprite named Mickey, a Rakshasa named Sly, a Mummy named Only Grunts, a Banshee named Silvertree, a Dryad named Lady of the Gourd, a Mind Flayer named Mindmaster, a Minotaur named Throatbiter and a Beholder named None given. Managing to not soil ourselves at being surrounded by such creatures without attacking we started to mingle, partaking of the food/drink and telling tales of vanquishing heroic hero’s of which we lied to help blend in.

Suddenly an army of paladins descend upon the party and squaring off against a dozen or so we managed to defeat them using our new monster powers as I blew them apart with blasts from my pipes, Clearice was busy making statues with her medusa gaze, Morrin went kobold stealth and stabbed one to death while Omega the troll just waded into a sea of them and started to claw, shred and eat them alive until none were left standing.

After such a fun activity the monster group decided to proceed with the tree climbing event and hilarity ensued! not being able to climb I wagered on the beautiful Dryad whom I was trying to seduce earlier but lost the moment Clearice turned the top of the tree into an inferno and she came stumbling out of the tree seconds after merging with it to speed to the top. Clearice’s medusa body was a huge advantage for slithering up the tree quickly but with an ethereal banshee just breezing along I had to help and quickly with the help of that handy ghost sound spell made the mating sound of a male banshee distracting and confusing her since there isn’t such a thing lol Morrin tried to stay to the tree’s outside limits with flight rather then get tangled up inside. I also was able to remove several more party goers with a simple sleep enchantment from my magical pipes. At this point the crowd watching looked around to notice the Yeti had somehow catapulted himself using 2 other tree’s into a third tree and was knocked out unconscious lol. Suddenly to our amazing delight Omega’s newfound troll friend/master/lover had chopped off his hand while it still connected to part of the tree then proceeded to line-up a shot and throw the hand to the very top to claim victory! Don’t worry several minutes later his hand grew back.

It was at this point the rest of the party goers arrived a Shedu named Grob, a Efreet named Flamebringer, a Ogre Magi named Midus and Marrisa along with an entourage of Jann’s. Immediately upon arriving the Mummy yelled out that Marrisa was an abomination of undeath and attacked her. The Janns jumped into the fray to protect her only to have several clubbed down and before anyone could do anything our kobold Morrin revealed himself to be a powerful fire mage of his tribe and blasted the dusty mummy bandages to cinders with a fireball. Grateful of the immediate cessation to violence among guests we were once more invited to partake of an event. A dodgeball tournament in which we joined one of two teams and squared off in epic battle royale of flying balls!

Team 1 – Pit Fiend, Yeti, Pixie, Brownie, Wemic, Lamia and Clearice
Team 2 – Mind Flayer, Marilith, Marrisa, Efreet, Omega, Morrin, Pimfire

Near the end Team 2 was leading with only the drunk Mindflayer and Efreet being knocked out meanwhile Team 1 had only Clearice and the Pit Fiend left and that must of upset the Pit Fiend because in a ferocious barrage of balls the Pit Fiend managed to knock out everyone to claim the victory for Team 1.

The third and final party event of the day was a sled race down a step snow covered mountainside. Because of his heroic saving of her Marrisa paired up with Morrin, Omega with his Minotaur friend, Clearice with the Pit Fiend, A Pixie joined teams with the Ogre Mage, and I teamed up with the Yeti.

With a bit of hijinks at the start I managed to grease my sled and ask my partner to pelt the others with snowballs once we are going, Clearice cast a spell of silence on Morrin’s sled preventing him using spells during the race and before anyone go do anything else the race has begun!

The First Obstacle is tree’s – Clearice along with the Pit Fiend go through the tree’s with no problem / Omega holds on with the Minotaur dangling by the slave chain he somehow got put on them off behind the sled being dragged now / Marrisa falls off Morrin’s sled / The Yeti tried to make a snowball like I asked and let go of the sled and fell off. / the Ogre throws the Pixie off and on second round slams into a tree by himself knocking himself out and losing the race.

The Second/Third Obstacle is a set of pits with a small path in middle or go around either pit – Clearice’s team choose to go around and make it / Minotaur, Omega go middle and make it amazing strength / Marrisa, Morrin go into a pit / Pimfire goes down the middle after his Dim Door fails miraculously holding onto this greased up speeding sled.

The Fourth Obstacle is the snowball barrage from other party goers – Pit Fiend, Clearice make it / Omega, Minotaur make it / Pimfire makes it / Morrin team gets back on his sled and makes it through as well. Lucky for us the Yeti wasn’t a voyuer or we’d have to have dodged cow sized snowballs!

The Fifth Obstacle is a series of jumps – Clearice team makes big jump and makes it / Omega team chose the biggest one and makes it / Pimfire goes biggest and makes the sled but only with hands holding the sled as I’m flying through the air / Morrin team chose the biggest one and they go up part way and comes back down as neither himself nor Marrisa was able to provide enough momentum to make it forcing them to start their sled again and go around the jump slopes.

The Sixth Obstacle is snowmen with a wooden beam between them – Clearice team goes under and makes it / Omega team wants to rip the beam out and makes it through with sheer strength managing to keep his body prone all the while still dragging the Minotaur behind the sled / Pimfire goes under and comically slams into the beam at the midriff much like a cartoon with my arms and leg still going forward and since I am no longer in contact with the sled it keeps going and going and before anyone can stop it is lost forever / Morrin team goes under and makes it

With the race times totaled Omega’s Team wins (6) , Clearice in second (7) and Morrin in third (12), Pimfire (16) during the presentation of trophies the crowd had to scramble to get out of the way as a giant snowball came rolling to a stop with the Yeti’s arm’s and legs sticking out. The ball then somehow got up on it’s two feet shambled back up the hill for what could only be another roll down the mountainside lol

After all the shenanigans we headed back to the garden area to mingle some more when Omega’s female Minotaur friend throws him on top of the banquet table and begins to make violent disturbing love over the adrenaline rush of victory. Being more curious about meeting a Rakshaka then watching I introduced myself to him and upon a bit of chit chat I offered up 50 Raven’s Bluff gold coins for the temple of Waukeem and he gave me as thanks a small box containing 3 potions. Suddenly screaming is heard from the central dais of the garden.

It seems the Shedu was causing trouble as the Jann’s protecting Marrisa were fighting it when into the gardens burst several paladins of Talos, a cleric and magic user! The magic user banishes the Pit Fiend as several of the other monsters are dropped by the Paladins upon the surprise attack. Staying clear out of the main battle I fear one of the Paladins into fleeing while Morrin puts a great big kobold stinking cloud onto the Talos cleric forcing him to become violently sick and hindering the magic user’s line of vision. Clearice medusa gaze doesn’t seem to be working so well while Omega gets up confused and becomes enraged at these cock blocking paladins and proceeds to eat and shred several. The Talos magic user blows Morrin into a crispy chicken like kobold while I’m blasting the Talos cleric in an effort to destroy him. Suddenly seeing him recover and burn Omega’s troll body I run for hiding just as Clearice finished off that pesky cleric I then put haste upon Clearice, Omega and the Minotaur and take cover. On the far side of the stinking cloud the magic user comes back into the fray only to have Marrisa appear behind and sink her fangs into his neck while the Ogre Magic drives his great big sword deep into his belly and as all this happens Clearice finally manages to turn the magic user into stone which promptly crumbles into dust. Omega concerned for Morrin rushes over only to see a shiny ring and remove it reverting him back into his body and while unconscious not nearly as beat up as we thought.

Now that the jig is up we remove our rings just as the Marilith does the same only to discover she’s a beautiful naked woman named Treliboria, I offer her my cloak for modesty sake. The rest of the group reveals themselves to be a variety of humanoids from across the realms rather then terrible monsters that is everyone but Marrisa who is still a vampire and is seeking a cure. Suddenly the giant Beholder who has kept his main eye shut and remained out of the fighting speaks saying that all is not lost and that a favor of a divine god/goddess could cure her. Being the hero’s we are Clearice gave up a favor she was owed and in exchange the Beholder revealed himself to be an old man who promptly places his hand on Marrisa’s forehead and with that color springs back into her checks and her eyes revert to green and her hair is now red instead of black. With a simple nod in our direction the old man fades out of the garden disappearing before we could catch his name.

Suddenly we all start to fade and reappear in a similar garden near Raven’s Bluff. Greeted by Lorien Darkarrow who thanks us and offers us 11,000 gold along with double for not being greedy and a pledge to offer each of us a recommendation to any knighthood we so choose.

To bad this NEVER happened and is all a fairy tale huh dear reader. Yup you just think that. I mean after all if this was real and I went around telling it to anyone I’d be violating my oath.

rewards and such for purposes of record keeping when Andy gets back from vacation -————————-

We get 3500 XP
My potions are Alter Self (Clearice), Polymorph (Pimfire) and Beast Shape 3 (Omega)
We get 22,000g and after giving some to the keep (2000g total) we each got 5,000g of which I have to donate HALF to an orphanage when Andy gets back
Clearice gets a Chiv Point for using the divine favor
Omega got boots of the north/winterlands for winning the sled race
Recommendation to any Knighthood by Lord Lorien Darkarrow knight of the raven

In Search of Beauty (Putrescence #2)

Players Present: Clearice, Morrin, Mok, Omegasun, Pimfire
NPC: Corwell Fanfare, Heartwarder / Goddess Sune Firehair / Rambit 486 / Maximillion
Players Missing: none
Players Absent: none
Posted By: Pimfire Tyndal

Pimfire’s Diary Entry

We all received a summons from the Temple of Sune marked “with the greatest urgency.” Upon arriving at the Temple we are immediately ushered into a room draped with the loveliest satin curtains I have ever seen. Seated at the brilliant mahogany table is a human Heartwarder who appears to be in his late forties. He is the perfect specimen of beauty and personal charm. He introduced himself as Corwell Fanfare, Heartwarder who has brought us together to help destroy a gemstone which is imbued with an ancient power that destroys the beauty of everything nearby in a large radius of it.

The tale he tells of this gemstones origin is worthy of a bard but since I didn’t obtain permission, Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Pim!, I don’t feel it appropriate to record it as that would be stealing someone else intellectual property. Needless to say it had it all a vain prince, evil sorceress, a demon and a vengeful curse for a simple unkind misdeed due to vanity.

We are told the only way this gemstone can be destroyed is by the Goddess Sune Firehair herself even though it’s designed to destroy all beautiful things that are nearby. This made a lot of sense as I recall back in the Bardic College in Waterdeep being told that very powerful artifacts typically can only be destroyed by the exact opposites of what they are designed to do. The wizard who taught that lesson even mentioned a powerful water based artifact that could only be destroyed when carried to the very highest altitude of our sky, such as the tallest peak of a mountain, and there smashed by an Elder air elemental but I digress, of course a stone which warps and steals beauty could only be destroyed by the Goddess of beauty herself.

Since no one from the temple has ever traveled to Arborea they could only take us to the Outlands plane near the town of Sylvania which is like a gateway town to the outer plane of Arborea where Sune resides in the realm of Brightwater. We are told of a item we will need to acquire in order to leave Sylvania and travel to Arborea which is a Mimir. It acts sort of like a guide telling you where or how to find a gateway to another plane. Corwell also tells us about some of the properties in these planes regarding magic and we decide to take a day to reorganize some of our magical repertoire.

The next day we go back to the temple of Sune and Corwell takes us down into the chambers below where several priests/priestess create a gateway that once we step through brings us to a strange land with these giant green plantlike things that grow almost 500 feet up into the air all around making it hard to see in any direction. Mok kindly allows me to experience what it means to be weightless and I traveled up above to see if there is a landmark to help find this town of Sylvania. Upon a distant horizon I see what appears to be a town but that is far away and there are millions of these green plants which upon closer inspection appear to be blades of grass! We started walking towards the distant town I saw only to encounter a giant ant! it ignored us and continued on it’s way despite attempts to speak with it or get it’s attention. Did we somehow get shrunk?! when going through that gateway? NO! once we arrived at the town we found indeed it to be of the same size as ourselves, later we found that the proximity in the Outlands to the other planes causes a spill over effect and certain properties found in those outer planes tends to manifest here in the Outlands. Since we are close to Arborea nature based creatures and such are more pronounced.

Sylvania itself looks like a city built by a bunch of intoxicated gnomes and with a predominated population of half horse-half human race with other races mixed in for flavor such as humans, dwarves and even a large robot like creature calling himself Rambit 486. He proceeds to tell us our designated numerical classified race/names which I found highly offensive ….. I am after all clearly a halfling and NOT a kender08357 as he called me! Omega he never met before and tells him he’s a Omegasun001 and henceforth will be cataloged as such. He also wanted to know which faction we belonged to and suggested we join the “governors” which Morrin and Omega agree to and once that is done takes us to Maximillions Mega Discount Mimir Emporium where with some haggling on Mok’s part we acquire a mimir monkey head with a diamond embedded in it.

please note factions DO matter as Maximillion was part of a different one and Morrin let slip he was a Governor of which Maximillion faction hated and well I think it drove up the price

The monkey said in order to find the gateway to Arborea, Yes monkey heads with diamonds TALK!, we had to get lost in the blades of grass outside and then while thinking of the destination we would arrive there. Well after some brainstorming on how to stay together and “get lost” we decided to follow the monkey heads directions cause hey he would never steer us wrong.

OKAY! So the monkey was right big whoop-te-do

We arrived in what could only be Arborea all together as there was 2 suns one rising as another set and lush plant life all around. There was some strange fruit on trees that Clearice gathered up and to our wondering eyes a Nic’Epona appeared at the edge of the forest. I asked Clearice to give it some fruit perhaps to show our friendship but it shook it’s head at me and left. A city is before us which no mere words could describe that could only be the beautiful city realm of Brightwater!

As we approached the city gates we are greeted by a Solar! immediately the bulk of the party drops and grovels before it while I alone dared approach and beseech of it’s aid in allowing entry to find the Goddess Sune Firehair to destroy the gem. The female Solar would only allow myself and Clearice entrance to the city and Omega handed me the box containing the gemstone to carry. I would like to note here for future generations to read that I would have rather left the stone outside and sought Sune rather then take such a dangerous item which sucks beauty into a city so beautiful but at the advice of the Solar herself carried the stone inside to my great regret.

Mere seconds past the gate the stone inside the box glowed a dark evil blackish radiance and citizens fled before us. I only had time to notice the streets appeared to be paved of platinum before a Balor appeared out of the box in front of me and in a heartbeat stabbed and beat me to death.

I’m told a quick fight ensued and that Clearice turned into a Solar herself! using one of the crystallized figurines from the Underdark Dragons horde and managed to hold the Balor at bay until the Goddess Sune Firehair arrived and promptly destroyed the gemstone and then banished the Balor. Clearice in Solar form called upon a miracle to bring myself and the decapitated Omegasun back to life.

Our mission successful the female Solar on gate duty sends us back to Raven’s Bluff where the usual accolades are heaped upon us adventurers.

personal note

Shamed, humiliated and forever disgraced for bringing such a terrible evil to Sune’s domain however I feel as if I need to seek her forgiveness or at least atone for causing such a disruption in her home realm. Being a mere mortal I am sure she will never give me much thought but I know deep in my heart the only right thing to do is to at least regain some sort of favor as I wouldn’t be much of a bard if I let myself fall into such disfavor with the Goddess of Beauty herself.

A Very Serious Matter

Players Present: Clearice, Morrin, Mok, Omegasun, Pimfire
NPC: Lady Lauren Devillars, Micah Starfire, Charles Oliver O’kane – Lord Mayor, Sir Percy
Players Missing: none
Players Absent: none
Posted By: Pimfire Tyndal

Pimfire’s Diary Entry

The time: sometime after midnight.
The place: an antechamber just outside the Lord Mayor’s office.
The reason: Now that’s a good question… Why in Tempus name did we receive an urgent summons at this hour? The mayor is supposed to be a reasonable man, so I can only speculate that something very important must have occurred… My thoughts are interrupted as a cheerful elven man lets himself into the room. His appearance is an odd combination of fascination and concern. “You must be the ones selected to perform this mission for the city,” he begins. “I am Micah Starfire, Dean of Divination and member of the Wizards’ Guild council. I may be able to help you by divining your immediate future. However, my technique is experimental – I learned it from someone named… well she was a Vistani, I think – and it requires that you trust in providence in order to work. Will you trust in providence?”

Still tired I barely understood what was said as Mok stepped forth to give it a try something about a strange silver light, Clearice goes next only to be told “light as a feather you will find control rests in your mind”, Omega even gave it a go and was told “you must oil your weapons to sharpen your blade” then finally starting to wake up I approached and was told " What is lost may yet be found beneath rock, stone and ground."

A stranger series of prophecies I have never heard and with the telling of mine Micah left. Sir Percy arrived then to invite us to see the Lord Mayor and as we entered the mayor’s office we could see the council leaving via another entrance many of whom appeared concerned over whatever was discussed.

It’s at this point the major informs us that the Lady Lauren Devillars was taken near her estate and some of her guards were killed. It’s only until we agree to help at this point that we are told more like whoever captured her used a magical Transportal on her estate to escape and Micah from the Wizards guild could find no witnesses and her dead bodyguards were tampered with to prevented their souls being spoken with via clerics. Finally with no ransom being asked it’s surmised this kidnapping was for more nefarious purposes otherwise why go to all this trouble as Lady Lauren Devillars had no known enemies. All divination’s say is she is alive and far away according to Micah but that was all that could be determined. With that we leave the mayor’s office and are greeted again by Sir Percy who appears on a carriage outside and takes us to the Lady’s manor.

Upon reaching the manor there are guards everywhere with the place on lock-down the portal they used to escape is a marble floor in the dining hall. I filled up 3 pouches one with a bit of dirt, one with a rock, one with some pebbles outside the manor as per Mok’s instructions because of Micah’s foretelling in the waiting room. With a single toss of the coin my choice is made as I and the rest of the Menagerie jump through the portal into untold dangers.

We arrived in a strange place floating it seems in a room. Fearing I’m about to fall I realized I wasn’t falling nor was I flying. Before I could take time to sort this all out two large strange bug like creatures with 3 legs and 5 arms and insectoid heads come speeding in the air towards us! We managed to vanquish these creatures with some ease and in the fighting I find out that this is the Astral Plane as both Mok and Morrin have been here before. Strangely my natural quickness and strength are different now being affected I’m told by my intelligence and common sense and in order to move around I simply have to “think” myself moving and I do. Due to my training in the bardic arts and my travels I recognize these two creatures as Dergoloth’s which have a tendency to consume creatures and artifacts whole. Knowing this I cut one open to find in the back of it’s maw a shiny pearl. Attempts to discover it’s value and if it’s magical only resulted in a new discovery that certain spells act differently here since Detecting Magic resulted in a flash of blinding white light for a moment. Only with practice do these spells work correctly.

We left the room to discover a corridor that seemed to go on forever. Since there was no sign of passage we decided to go in one random direction and after what felt like a good while we come upon a doorway and inside this spherical room is a simpleminded Githzerai who is only able to tell us there are guards who passed by some time ago. Looking up we see a group of Githyanki flying outside over the room disappearing from sight quickly.

We decided it would be best to try and avoid these guards and head back down the corridor in the other direction. Whereupon we came to another room that appeared to be a prison of sorts with 8 magically sealed cages. 2 of which appeared occupied by Lady Lauren Devillars, despite Morrin’s attempt at trying to discern which is the real Lady via asking a question only she could know the answer too it wasn’t until he cast True Seeing that he realized the one on the left was the correct Lady and the one in the right cell to be some strange dangerous creature. Mok opened the cell safely and upon her rescue she informed us that a very important necklace/amulet was taken from her that must be recovered for the safety of the city. We escorted her back to the portal and saw her to safety then continued in our searches.

The third chamber we explored turned out to be a strange armory with a collection of different types of swords and such. We collected them all some magical and some not then headed out.

Suddenly the walls appeared to be closing in on us and just as it seemed we would be crushed I realized it was an illusion as did most of the group, poor Dusk, with the breaking of the illusion we found ourselves surrounded by a Githyanki patrol. Damn they can move fast and swarmed poor Omega. With a bit of luck we overcame them and finally came to a strange dead end room.

There was a banquet table and a odd well groomed man on one end drinking wine. He invited us to join him and kept trying to get us to “eat the lamb”. While thirsty I had no desire to eat due to my ring of sustenance, so while the rest partook in the delights of the table as they tried to pump this strange person for information I must have offended him or should I say IT!

Next thing I know I am waking up back in Raven’s Bluff with the Archmage before me and I’m told that the “man” was really an illusion and it was a Amnizu, a type of Baatezu, who cast imprisonment of a sort upon me and the rest of the group was able to defeat it and recover the necklace/amulet along with a book that told of Lady Lauren Devillars capture along with the true tale of Sirrus Melandor and Gevus. Morrin was turned to stone so I’m told in this fight but was returned to flesh by clerics once they brought his statue through the portal.

Round Up

Players Present: Clearice, Morrin, Omegasun, Pimfire
NPC: Minister of Fire, Adriana of Thay, Jack Mooney
Players Missing: none
Players Absent: none
Posted By: Pimfire Tyndal

Pimfire’s Diary Entry

The 2 attractive elvish ladies I hired for entertainment were dancing together on the stage while the whole crowd cheered, drinks flowing steadily from the bar I couldn’t help but smile as I rushed to keep the drink orders filled when suddenly a goblin comes around the bar and starts to grab me. I tried to fight him off and feel my feet go out from under me as I fall my head hits the bar


I manage to pull my head up to see Grink has me by the ankles and has dragged me out of my bed.

“What’s the meaning of this!” I shout as Grink replies “There is a messenger here for the Midnight Menagerie saying it’s urgent at 4am. I knocked several times but you were snoring louder then a dwarven barracks. So I decided to take matters into my own hands sir.”

I stand up and with the rest of the group we descend to find a messenger who appears exhausted. Handing me a scroll with the seal of the Burning Condor on it I read the message to the rest of the group which is a summons in 2 hours hence to fill out a census for the city on our particular skill sets all adventurers in the city are required to fill out or else face a hefty fine. Agreeing to meet at the date and location specified the messenger hurries off to deliver dozens more before daybreak while we manage to get a bit more rest.

Just before 6am we arrived at the warehouse specified to see a big crowd of adventurers. were told to group up and to help each other as there is a LARGE amount of paperwork to get through before the end of the day and upon seeing mounds upon mounds of paperwork inside a collective groan is heard from everyone. Taking 15 minutes on just page one its clear we’d never finish before supper.

There is a commotion as a red robed figure takes the podium stand and addresses the crowd offering a contract for 20,000 gold to a group of adventurers who wish to come immediately to the Ministry of Arts and would be exempt from having to complete the census.

A bidding war ensued and luckily we work cheap as no one else seems inclined to take a 5000 gold contract we march off to the hateful stares of our fellow city adventurers.

Upon arrival we are lead into the Ministry’s of Arts building and descend downstairs into a large chamber with nothing but a crystal sphere with some strange gems on it. We are told we have to pass some sort of test and that it’s different for each of us. Omegasun brave as always goes first and upon pressing some gemstones in the sphere is sucked into it in miniature form and is slowly falling from the sky as a giant Roc attacks him. Omegasun’s ring of feather fall keeps him from plummeting to his doom as he cuts the wings of the Roc however it is unable to stay airborne and crashes to it’s death, I step forth to go second as this seemed fun when suddenly a giant elephant is charging my way! I quickly enact invisibility and dodge aside to see the elephant charge into the sphere’s wall. I confuse the beast and watch as it dashes again and again into walls then I offload a series of arrows into it’s butt only to piss it off and get run over by the thing but I manage to finish it off before it can gore me. Morrin offers to go third and finds himself underwater with a giant squid grappling him! if he wasn’t so tiny int he sphere I swear he was smiling as he just enacted a shocking spell and proceeded to stab the squid to death in moments. Finally Clearice goes only to encounter a cute little beetle with a vicious urge to crawl all over him giving kisses lol unable to kill it himself even with a flick of his finger he instead summons a giant stag beetle which promptly eats the tiny beetle proving beetles are cannibals!

Upon completing the tests we are told our mission is to capture 1 disenchanter as the Ministry wants to examine these strange beasts to learn more about them and see if their properties can be used to remove certain dangerous magical areas with a bonus 5000g being paid for each extra beasts up to a total of 5 beasts. We are given a permit good for 5 days allowing that number into the city and told of a herd of them being spotted a day or two nearby. We are also given 4 strange unidentified magical items we can use to help lure the beasts along if we so wish.

We left the Ministry then and came up with a plan to get some carts along with cages to hold the creatures and agreed to leave ALL magical items behind as these creatures eat the magic right off an item in mere seconds. The only place to find cages was a circus located just outside of the city walls. I approached the owner one Jack Mooney and struck a bargain to provide his circus with one of these strange creatures as well in exchange for loan of some amazingly strong cages he also agreed to tell everyone who captured the creature for his circus should anyone ask.

We left town and nearing the end of the first day we encountered a burned out caravan that was recently attacked. Seeing no survivors Morrin and Omega started searching for signs of who did this while Clearice and I found a baby mammoth still alive down in a pit. Warping down I managed to bring him out of the pit the same way and with some help managed to soothe the baby and safely get him into one of the cages for now. While we wanted to go after the poachers, for it was determined this caravan was attacked to steal the ivory from the mammoth tusks, a divination spell proved that we didn’t have time to chase them and complete our time sensitive mission to capture several disenchanter beasts.

We head out and a day later almost to the riverbanks, where we are told the creatures may be, we are forced to leave the carts as the terrain is too rough for them. We find a group of about 15 sunbathing disenchanters and attempting to lure them with some low magic spells we fail. Omegasun amazingly is the one to realize they seem intelligent enough to figure we were trying to lure them with the dancing lights and it wasn’t worth the effort so we regrouped and came up with a new plan. We placed items we cast temporary magic on inside the cages and transformed Dusk into a super fast dinosaur luring them to the cages and eventually into the cages however we ended up with 7 total (1 more then needed) and the remaining herd damaged one of the carts before we put them down which slowed our arrive back to the city. Less then half a day left to complete our transactions we reached the circus at which point Jack Mooney was thrilled to have a disenchanter! we talked him into taking the extra one we captured so he’d have a pair. We made it to the city gates and were delayed by the guards despite showing them our permit to bring 5 dangerous and illegal animals in we were forced to wait for a captain allow us entry.

Feeling the time slipping from us I jumped up on the lead cart and started shouting to people to step aside for these dangerous animals but we were stopped by a little girl and boy who refused to step aside. Suddenly Adrianna of Thay appears around a corner with a dozen guards or so and demands to know what is going on at which point Morrin blows his city watch whistle. Buying time for the watch to arrive I told Adrianna why we were bringing these creatures into the city and at that moment the city watch arrived and she backs down allowing us to reach the Ministry of Art in time.

Master Fire was overjoyed to see we not only captured one living disenchanter but the entire order for 5 although he said had we captured more he’d gladly have taken the extra and paid for them. I told him Jack Mooney has 2 and if he wished for one more to seek him out and inquire about purchasing the other. He hands us our fee a whopping 25,000 gold (5,000 gold for each) and informs us we can keep those magical items they loaned. I spent some time telling him our tale of how we managed to herd several of these beasts into cages and Morrin was taught some magical spell from the Ministry before we left and headed back to our keep.

Pockets full as we reached home Omegasun lead his new baby mammoth into the stables for it was decided he wished to keep him and raise him as a mount. Not sure what to call him yet Omegasun and the rest of us headed back inside for a long rest and I pity the Goblin who tries to drag me out of bed for the next day or so!

A Shot in the Dark Part 1, Night 2

Players Present: Clearice Eilif,Morrin Telemnar,Mok the Powerful Wizard,Omegasun,Pimfire Tyndal
NPC: Lord Blacktree
Players Missing: none
Players Absent: none
Posted By: Pimfire Tyndal

Pimfire’s Diary Entry

Day 13 – We awoke in the dragon’s lair on top of the ledge overlooking the strange underdark healing waters below. Mok was clearly still upset over Mr. Pointy’s demise yesterday but once we descended to the floor Clearice thought we should try to raise him while submerged inside the strange waters. Gently laying Mr. Pointy in the water Mok and Clearice stepped into the water and upon casting raise dead Mr. Pointy was brought back to life as if nothing untoward had occurred! “Eureka!” Clearice screamed “the waters strange healing properties must negate any negative effects being brought back from such a nearly un-raise-able dead like state!” and with such a wondrous discovery among such a dangerous place we found our hearts lifted and noted this discovery for Lord Blacktree’s and our company’s future use.

With the party fully restored and rejuvenated we headed out hauling the dragon’s hoard with us in search of the chamber Lower Sarbreen and a place for Lord Blacktree to establish an outpost. Upon reaching the crossroads in the tunnel leading to the Dragon’s lair/dwarven chamber we burried the copper coins for Lord Blacktree’s eventual recovery and aid in cost for establishing an outpost down here and continued to follow the map to the chamber of Lower Sarbreen.

Several hours into the day we entered what could only be Lower Sarbreen. Here I can barely describe what I saw as we stepped onto a ledge 15 feet above the surface floor of the largest underground cavern I’ve ever seen. A glow from the lichen which coated the floor, walls and ceiling allowed us to see in all directions as if the chamber was lit with sunlight at dusk The cavern was enormous we couldn’t even see the far side it must have been miles long and across. How can such a large chamber exists without the roof collapsing under the weight of the world above I know not!

Strange mushrooms grew all around almost like tree’s with vines draped from the cavern walls and mushrooms. Large bats flew above into and out of sight while heard like beasts I’ve never seen wandered the cavern floors. From a distance we can see a small settlement of buildings with creatures moving about and it was decided to see if they are friendly.

As we rushed over slowing as we neared taking a more cautious approach the closer we got we could see the buildings showed signs of damage as if recently attacked while strange shapes both large giant like and small with robes moved about collecting dead bodies of dwarfish and drow origin and placing upon large lizard like bodies. Omega attempted to speak with the first creature we saw a giant robed figure only to learn nothing but a direction, the center of town, from the bony hand that pointed in the direction of the village square. We stepped carefully towards the village center noting the robed figures all around and dead bodies clearly these hooded figures were undead as was evident from the skeletal like hand of the robed giant.

In the square we met a strange human decked out in full plate armor directing the hooded figures to continue their works picking up bodies. As we approached the man on the other side of the village well some of the hooded figures moved to block us from getting to close and from a short distance we discovered the mans name to be Valcrus who worked on behalf of his lord Malphagor. He informed us the dead where none of his doing but rather a battle between drow and duergar fought here and he just came to collect and remove the bodies for use in his lord’s service.

It was at this point that I stepped forth offering to spread knowledge of Malphagor to those above on the surface in the hopes of learning more of both his GOD since we had never heard of him as well as knowledge of the underdark itself. Valcrus wanted our agreement that the dead bodies would be his and we’d not interfere with his work in exchange before parting with his knowledge. While I was willing others like Morrin, through Dusk that is, clearly wanted no part of such a bargain and seemed disgusted by the undead collecting bodies. Clearice also seemed offended by the undead as the group couldn’t seem to give Valcrus a fast enough response to his request he then took a more hostile stance and battle was joined just as I pulled out my staff of illumination.

Surrounded by JuJu zombies and giant skeletons I reacted quickly unleashing a powerful Sunburst from the staff over and into the far side of the central square blasting a pile of undead into oblivion which clearly upset Valcrus who screamed “Blasphemy!” and cast a painful spell upon the myself and other members. Suddenly feeling sickened the remaining zombies and giants moved in and attacked with a fireball even coming from a giant behind the party blasting into us with devastating force.

Feeling surrounded and suddenly seeing banshee’s descending from above with their screeching wails of doom I did something stupid but felt was necessary and unleashed another Sunburst centered upon the party taking out the banshee’s and the giants from behind both of whom were a direct threat. I didn’t realize how badly injured the rest of the part was however and Mok and Clearice tumbled to the ground while Omega became blinded by light.

With the remaining undead vanquished from that burst Morrin attempted to close the short distance to Valcrus only to find an invisible barrier and instead I watched as a smelly cloud appeared encasing Valcrus and his position from sight. Seeing the damage I did to my fellow adventurers I shoved a potion down Mok’s throat bringing him back to consciousness who in turn did the same to Clearice as did I. Omega meanwhile blinded charged into a wall and then upon hearing commotion near the well charged straight into the well and began a slow descent to the bottom. Later I would learn the well was 65 feet deep with no water on the bottom. Mok started blasting our remaining foe with his powerful magic clearly as Morrin shot at the enemy through some sort of barrier he couldn’t step into. We clearly watched as Valcrus fell to the ground only to rise again but now his eye’s sunken into his skull with a strange glow and one of his hands glowing with flame. The color of his skin was ashy with the pallor of death. Clearly now a Lich of formidable strength. Who then pointed at the invisible Morrin and uttered “the Blessing of Malphagor be upon you” and began to attack the party once more.

Clearice spent that point in time healing us and then chose to go after Omega to bring him back to the fight and while dangling from the edge preparing to drop into the well was scratched by an unseen assailant. Feeling blasted by these unseen enemy’s from cones of cold and ice storms I rushed towards that area in the hopes of uncovering whomever was there only to be scratched myself and it’s at this point I must take the testament of the others for what occurred as a deeper blackness then I’ve ever felt came over me as I collapsed to the ground.

I’m told that once Clearice reached the bottom with Omega he cured his blindness and carried them out with the power of the Ant and Flight but upon rejoining the fight found a small host of vampires who were then seen to scratch both Omega and Clearice. Valcrus upon seeing my fall walked over the well picked up the Staff of Illumination and said “thanks for this gift” and with that disappeared alongside one of the vampires retreating to where ever they came from I suppose. With only one vampire left the group quickly dispatched it and using the Staff of Life brought me back from the cold clutches of death.

Upon waking I remember not feeling my full self perhaps in part due to my recent demise or perhaps due to the several vampire scratches I had received while dead but Clearice quickly restored me and the rest of the party members scratched to normal before anything permanent could take effect.

I was reprimanded severely for my ill-use of the Staff of Illumination on that second blast and for it’s loss. Taking stock of the situation and having found a small village that could easily be converted to an outpost we chose to return to the surface with our findings for Lord Blacktree.

Day 14 – 28 – I spent the next 2 weeks doing all the camp chores as punishment while we returned to the surface which included cooking, cleaning and disposal of our “waste” to prevent underdark predators from finding us by it’s scent. I considered throwing away my shovel after all that use but chose instead to clean it and keep it as a reminder never to blind a fellow member of the Midnight Menagerie even by accident ever again.

Upon returning to the surface and informing Lord Blacktree who seemed pleased with our discovery in Lower Sarbreen we were informed that once an outpost is established there will most likely be future missions offered our way to protect, discover and recover things in the Underdark but it will be a few months prior to that as they need time to descend and build the outpost first.

Day 30 – Upon returning there was a ceremony held during which Mok and Morrin received the award of “The Black Scarf” for their valiant fight against the undead and Omegasun was given “The Griffon Feather Necklace” for his fight against a Deep Dragon. The group split up those tiny crystal figurines that were discovered in the Dragon’s Hoard. With the strange mirror being kept in the keep for a future use should it be needed. The books were added to the Keep’s library I assume I should find out more about them perhaps they contain a tale or two I can add to my bardic performances. Later that day we took the time to do some research on Malphagor in Raven’s Bluff only to find out he is a Tenarri Lord/God who is in a struggle with the current lord of the undead for his position.

Sometime after returning the group voted I be accepted into the Midnight Menagerie after proving my worth over the last several adventures upon the condition I never blind another member. Ever! Even if facing a medusa or beholder. I gladly accepted this condition. Then I was informed that with my growing reputation I should join The Knights of the Golden Rooster a group of people dedicated to upholding the morale of the citizens of Raven’s Bluff with the Menagerie posting my fee to knighthood I chose to become a Golden Rooster!


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