Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Total Eclipse

Players Present: Veth, Finn, Khad, Michaela, HK-58, Zimb
NPC’s: Kima Greyleaf, Jean-Dorial Encarthan, Lord Chester D’Marke, Harven, Bren, The Grey Machine (Zen Blacksteel, Amilia, Conner, Annalee, Marcus Deland)
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Michaela

The Summer Solstice Festival had come back to Ravens Bluff and Michaela was enjoying the comradery and food that it brought with it. She was there with her friends: Veth, Khad, Trashcan, Zimb and the new friend they had met over the week, Finn. He seemed cool and easy to talk to and Michaela liked having a new friend.

While she was eating a bacon-wrapped apple bells started to ring, ‘dang it’ she thought, ‘we forgot about the wedding.’ The group hurried to the event and arrived in time to see Kima Greyleaf walking down the aisle toward Jean-Dorial Encarthan.

Kima wore a plunging, sweetheart neckline that was paired with a beaded, illusion high neckline to create a unique – and sparkling – statement. The unique, rich beading was layered to create shapes, and when added with the lattice detailing and scrolling lace, extended down through the bodice over the hips, shaping her body perfectly. The Bellagio crepe skirt of her gown was sleek and sophisticated and created an understated sheath silhouette. Low, sheer cutouts adorned each side of the gown before extending into an open back, complete with illusion tulle giving the illusion of floating, beaded straps. The back of the wedding dress zipped up beneath fabric buttons. To top it off she wore a diamond tiara on her head.

After tearing her eyes from the vision that was Kima, Michaela noticed that there were a lot of important people from Ravens Bluff attending the wedding. ‘The free food has nothing to do with that’ she thought to herself while smiling and the personal joke. Lord Chester D’Marke oversaw the wedding and it was a beautiful service.
After the clapping dies down and the newly married couple takes their places at the end of the buffet line, Michaela and the rest of the guest get in line for food and to wish the new couple well. While in line the older members of the Midnight Menagerie are there and the 2 groups converse while getting food and moving closer to the new couple.
Soon there are only 2 women in front of Michala and her friends and her plate is full, she is happy. As she steps up, with her friends, and began speaking with Jean-Dorial, the 2 women began speaking with Kima.

“Congratulations sir, it was a beautiful wedding,” Michaela said when she stepped up.

“Thank you,” Jean replied.

“Here you go, sir,” Veth said and handed Jean 5 Platinum.

“Thank you, kind Luck Dragon,” Jean says when he receives the gift. Veth starts to smile and walk around with pride from being called a Luck Dragon. The others give gifts and talk with Jean for a moment longer preparing to speak to Kima when there is a cry from Kima. They all look to her and see one of the women, both old, with her arm around Kima’s neck. As the onlookers see this, the woman begins to transform into a horrible looking monster.

Her companion warns Jean not to do anything so his bride stays safe. She pulls out a holy symbol of Shar, hisses at the crowd and then both women and Kima disappear. All hell breaks loose. The older members try to ascertain the situation while bystanders and normal members of society are frantic and began making noise ranging from whispers of fear to screams of disbelief.

Suddenly a loud and clear voice is heard above the chaos. It is Jean-Dorian. “Please, we must stay calm. This situation demands clear and calm minds. Those of the guests, who are not adventurers or military, please return to your home. When information is found out or new given, you will be informed.” He said with clear authority and then gave the bystanders and nonmilitary and adventuring guests time to evacuate the area. When they were gone he turned his attention to the remaining people.

“For the rest of you, I am going to need help in rescuing my wife, or recovering her dead body if it comes to that.” As the words left his mouth, for a brief moment, his demeanor cracked and all could see the vulnerable man beneath the bravery. Then he was back to his brave self. The military and adventuring groups began sectioning themselves off and assigning tasks to the groups. Veth went to Jean-Dorian and provided some information about the women who had done this.

Apparently, the woman had been purchasing property around town and when confronted said they were a follower of a god that was not Shar. They were also responsible for the Were-creature outbreak that had occurred in the Sewers. Jean-Dorian directs Veth to the city guard and the same information is conveyed to them. They thank him and the rest of the group for the information.

When the group arrived back at the staging area they saw that Lord Chester D’Marke was attempting some spells.
“For some reason, I am unable to locate Kima.” He said to Jean-Dorian. Jean’s face fell slightly, but for only a moment. Lord D’Marke continued. “I was able to ascertain some information with my Augury Spell, but it is not good.” He is about to convey the information when screams can be heard from onlookers. We turn to see what is happening and people are staring and pointing to the sky, we look up.

If the sun was a pie, it was missing slices, and more were starting to appear.
“Judging by the rate of disappearance we have about 2 hours before the sun is completely gone.” Lord D’Marke stated to the group around him. “We need to find Kima before the sun disappears or all is lost. Do we have volunteers to assist in the hunt?” All of the members of the Midnight Menagerie step up and volunteer.
Michaela and her friends are assigned 3 buildings near Lake Christina. They are to gather information and report back with anything suspicious. All of the teams are asked to come up with a codename so that information can be disseminated quickly; they name themselves The Unlucky Dragons. Before heading out Michaela takes some of the food from the buffet and loads it into their cart and then they head out.

They arrive at the first building. There it stood. Michaela had walked past it several times and she had never seen it. It shocked her, the idea that someone could have lived in this very building. The walls, so tall and never-ending, encircle them as if they were the victims of an ambush. They then noticed almost forcefully, the windows had curtains covering them. This didn’t seem to match the outside of the building.

The group watched as Khad ran to the building and jump kicked it for no apparent reason, but no one said anything. He then decides to go and talk to the neighbors to get information about the building, almost as if in frustration. As he walks off, Trashcan decides to open the front door and go in. The rest of the group followed Trashcan from room to room. During the search, Zimb found a book called Chemical Gardening that seemed to intrigue him and Veth.
During the search, the group finds and Alchemical Lab. While searching through the lab they find a letter:

Please use this property to store the weapons and other equipment that I ordered from you. I don’t expect to need the items until after the event, so make sure threat they are well protected, and will not rot or rust in the meantime.

Take Care,


After checking the house one more time, Zimb starts to pack up the Alchemical lab. Michaela starts packing the cart with what he packs up. The group finds a scroll with powerful spells, Veth takes them with Zimb’s permission. During the packing process, Michaela hears an explosion from inside the house. She finishes packing the last box and then rushes inside. Apparently, Veth and Trashcan were trying to open something and they triggered a trap, they seemed to be ok.

After everyone was done with the building the group packed up and proceeded to the next building. On the way there they came across the City Watch being attacked by Bug Bears. The group parked their horses and cart outside of the battle area and waded in to assist the watchmen. The fight was tough but ended with Khad kicked the last one in the groin and killed it. We were only able to save 4 of the 10 watchmen.

After talking with the watchmen and discovering that Bren might be the one responsible for the Bug Bears they preceded to the next building. As they searched this building, they discovered that it had a basement. The team separated into 2 units: 1. Finn, Michaela, and Khad stayed upstairs while 2. Zimb, Veth, and Trashcan went into the basement. Almost as soon as the 2nd group went downstairs Zimb yelled for the 1st group to come down quickly.
The 2nd group was being attacked by some strange looking dogs. They were attacking Trashcan and…eating his armor. Maybe more like melting it. the 1st and 2nd group combined and finished off the dogs without further injury, although Trashcan lost his armor in the fight. They search the room and find piles of rust, wooden shafts and crumbled barrels and boxes.

After searching the building thoroughly, they leave and proceed to the last one. On their way there they come across a mob of people outside of the Temple of Selune. They are accusing them for the disappearance of the sun and the calamities that will befall them. The group run and put themselves in between the mob and the Temple. They try different approaches to calm the crowd, some more effective than others.

Veth steps forward and promises the crowd that the Midnight Menagerie will save the city. With the promise coming from an established group that has done many good services for the city, the crowd disperses. The group tries to take a moment and catch their breath but then there is a loud noise coming from down the street. They look to see what the cause of the commotion is.

Coming down the street and toward the Temple are all sorts of beasts. They look frantic, panicked and a little hysterical. They are aiming toward the Temple and the group. From behind the group spilling out of the Temple is more beasts and at a closer examination, the group realizes they looked staggered. They begin collapsing in front of the temple as the others from down the street join the pile. Michaela and her friends go inside the Temple.
As they enter the temple they run into the lycanthrope bear they attacked a few weeks ago. This time they raise their hands in surrender and the bear doesn’t attack. They try to communicate with the bear but it can’t seem to transform out of its hybrid form and can only grunt out one word at a time through growls and snorts. It’s enough to figure out that the Lycanthropes are in trouble and something needs to be done.

The group proceeds to leave the temple and head to the 3rd building but as they are they see the pile of beasts and decide to take a moment and get them inside the temple where they can be protected. When they are finished they head to the 3rd and final building. When they arrive, the sun disappears.

Inside the building, voices can be heard, chanting. Khad rushes to a window as Trashcan charges the front door. Seeing that the door is open, Trashcan rushes inside, Fin and Michaela move to the door on one side and Khad on the other. Zimb is a few feet away and Veth steps to the open door. He pulls out the scroll from earlier, says some stuff while waiving his wings and tail and suddenly black tentacles burst from the ground.

The tentacles wrapped around the occupants of the room and before anyone could breathe and shattered their physical bodies. Their spell caster, a woman in the back, survived a little longer, but she eventually succumbed. As Veth saw the destruction he had caused he walked by the carnage, “Unlucky Dragon? PSSHH.”

After the spell is dispelled by Veth, we loot the bodies, but there is nothing really left except for amulets with the symbol of Shar on them. Floating in the middle of the room is an object that Michaela and her friends could only describe as a big dark jewel. They leave it alone and search the rest of the building. The only thing they find is in the basement. In the basement, they find a door that seems to be bursting with magic. So much power in the fact that the members of the group that can detect magic have to stop because it’s overwhelming.

The group spends time trying to break into or open the door and they can’t. Michaela goes upstairs and with her sword pushes the jewel down the stairs and near the door, still nothing. Eventually, it becomes clear that they have done all they can for now and Trashcan uses the conk he was given to summon the Grey Machine. Soon they arrive Zen Blacksteel – Elven Fighter, Amilia – Halfling Invoker, Conner – Dwarven Fighter/Priest of Muamman Duthanol, Annalee – Half-elf Priest/Wizard of Mystra, Marcus Deland – Human Swashbuckler/Wizard.

As they enter they congratulate the group on a job well done. They also inform them of a few details that have only been ascertained recently: 1. The Jewel we found is an orb of Shar and it is called the Lunar Orb. It has great summoning power over a large area. 2. They know someone is working with the followers of Shar. We were asked to escort the orb back to the others at Raven’s Park. We accept.

On their way back to the park, the orb explodes and a sentient whirlwind of flame burst forth and attacks the group. There is a fight and in the melee, Veth and Michaela are blinded. After the demon is vanquished, Veth and Michaela are loaded into the cart and brought to the park. There Amilia heals them all and the group reports to Jean about what happened.

End Results

1. The Grey Machine fought bravely.
2. Bren was captured alive and is awaiting trial.
3. Numerous hags, giants and other creatures were fought.
4. Harven escaped.



Bowl of Monster Summoning

To activate, the user must pour a vial of holy water in the 2 inch diameter bowl and meditate over the bowl for 1 round. Any monster summoning spell cast by the user on the following round summons monsters of the next highest category. (ie a monster summoning I spell would instead summon creatures normally called by a monster summoning II) Number of monsters summoned is determined by the initial spell. The bowl is usable once per adventure. The bowl is usable only by wizards and bards.

Ioun Stone (Pale Green Ellipsold)

This ioun stone absorbs spells o up to 4th level directed at the user. After absorbing 10 spell levels, it burns up, forever useless. It cannot be recharged. The spell levels cannot be used by the owner of the stone. Further, it only absorbs spells directed at the owner specifically; it does not absorb area of effect spells if the owner happens to be in the area of effect.

Wizard Scroll

This scroll contains the spells armor, Acid armor, monster summoning I and Black tentacles. They are written at the 11th level

Wooden Club +2
Short Sword +1

A week later gifts arrive for the members

Hk-58 – “Rakentaa”
This golden +1 heavy steel shield is impossibly light and handy despite its size. It has no armor check penalty or arcane spell failure chance, and it allows the wielder to use feather fall on himself once per day. A creature wearing celestial armor while wielding a celestial shield may command the armor to provide overland flight rather than fly once per day and can cast Daylight 3 times per day.

Michaela – “Fury”
This ancient greatsword +1 was once owned by the Frost Giant King Jarl. For many years he used it as an off-hand weapon. When wielded by a skilled warrior it grants one additional attack at -5 at the end of each round.

Vethihenich – “Jade Statuette of Zuur”
This beautifully intricate jade dragon statuette is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. When held all spells with the an acid descriptor are cast at 1 level higher and the holder gains 5 acid resistance. If the holder has acid resistance from another means their resistance is doubled instead.

Zimb – “Silver Star of Midnight”
This silver starburst amulet acts as a holy symbol to Mystra. When worn openly by a Mystrian wizard it confers a +2 Int bonus (Diplomacy) and ability to memorize 3 additional spell levels per day. Due to it’s direct tie to Mystra it confers a +10 reaction bonus to Mystrians and a -10 reaction bonus to Sharites.

Khad – “Illmater’s Obal”
These tattered hand wraps were recovered from Gradus the Sufferer after his sacrificial death during the Time of Troubles. In the hands of an Illmaterite they can remove the suffering of others but at a price. As a touch attack, damage to a willing target can be transferred to the wearer. The wearer can never transfer more damage then his current HP-1.

Where You Were - When Darkness Falls Part 3

Player’s Present: Veth, Atamar, Zimb, Michaela
NPC’s: Lord Dunstan Moray, Nastasja Moray
Ran by: Joe
Submitted By: Joe


Each player recieved 875gp and 50 pp
1 potion of cure light wounds – (Zimb)
Scarlet & Blue Sphere Ioun Stone (+1 to Int related checks) – (Zimb)

Queen For a Day! Part 3

Player’s Present:Clearice Eilif, Dalarn mac Conloch Runeaxe, Morrin Telemnar, Mok the Powerful Wizard, Omegasun, Xavier Cross
NPC’s:Sune Firehair, Gelatia
Run by Andy
Submitted by Cleaarice

After our encounter with Madam Coth’s Seer we dealt with the delusional squires and headed onward to meet her tom undo her grim prophecy. She tells us that she has created an object gate for us to get to Arborea to find Sune. As we all grasp the handle we open our eyes to see the familiar land of Arborea but the beautiful sight was immediately fractured by the gang of Daemons before us brandishing weapons of evil. They immediately warned that we were trifling with matter beyond us and to return through the portal from whence we came. We, of course, obliged them with our own blades starting a hellish battle in the lands of Arborea. As the battle began we noticed a thick fog behind the demons from which sprung a group of Sladds and other Daemon warriors. The fight is brutal and we are injured but as the final Sladd fell we emerged victorious with no deaths on our side.

With the Problem at hand dealt with we hurry to the city of Sune. We quickly enter after the guard tells us to drink some potions as to not offend the fair maiden. Mok leading our way begins to tell Sune of our strife in a plea for help. As gods don’t normally interfere with matters of the mortal realm she only agreed to our request under a few conditions, first of all, is we must donate our most prized possessions, and second, we must make large donations during the spring festival coming up. After we all agree and give up our items she stands up and we are back in Raven’s Bluff. She tells us not to interfere in the coming event and asks were we might find Gelatia. We direct her towards the house of desire and upon our arrival, Sune finds a greensteel dagger on the door as a challenge to Sune. She walks in angrier than ever to find Gelatia. They begin fighting immediately growing to colossal sizes. The battle was of epic proportions leveling what must have been 8 city blocks but luckily few were nearby after the fight started. The battle was fierce as they traded blows until Gelatia put a slash on Sune’s face with the Greensteel dagger sending her into a rage causing her to Cut off Gelatia’s arm sending her fleeing.Sune than leaves as her work was done and she needed for her wounds to heal. Later that same day we find a box at Midnight Keep addressed to us with our donated items returned to us with strong enchantments placed on them. To all to our dismay, Dolly did not survive the enchantment and was lost… The enchantment allows our items to survive any action that would cause their destruction. She tells us in a message that enough had been lost that day so it was only right to return these possessions.

Everyone gained 1 Chiv Point Besides Morrin and Omega who gained a negative Chiv Point
Our Group Gained disfavor of House Skyhawk

Queen for a day! Part 2

Players Present: Omegasun, Clearice, Mok, Morrin, Xavier
Ran by Andy
Submitted By Clearice
As we headed towards the Chief Prelates office Mok decided that we must come to a decision regarding the Menagerie’s stance on the coming vote. After much debate a vote was called and the group sadly voted in favor of the devil’s acclimation to the city. This debate was finished outside of the Prelates office as im sure he could hear our voices he called for us to enter. Seeing this man of the city in such a grim demeanor was unsettling at best. He wore a grim visage as he spoke telling us that he believes Gelatia is manipulating the people of Raven’s Bluff and that he wishes us to find out if the vote is being swayed through such misdeeds. Of course we accepted but to the prelates dismay we refused to help persuade these people away from the vote they would be casting for evil.

We begin our misson by finding Lord by the name of Dandelion who we find at his residence. We ask him what he feels about the vote to which he tells us he is abstaining as Dame Irwina Ausentell had been captured and Gelatia had promised to help get her back if he supported her. Finding himself in this bind he cannot bring himself to vote for Gelatia but does not want to vote against as that would directly guarantee the death of Irwina . Mok sees this as a moot point and tries to convince him to vote for someone as it is his Lordly Duty as we take our leave to the next individual.

Next on our list is Lord Hildegrim who after arriving at his residence quickly tells us he voting for Gelatia and leaves before we can say a word flanked by 2 devils clad in battle gear. After being led outside we decided to head towards the Mages guild to find Lady Chiara who we discover has been cursed by an artifact of Gelatia and is in trance-like state. Morrin breaks the curse using his favor from Selune. We than are told By the Lady that she had switched followings away from Gelataia and that orb was punishment and says she will do everything in her power to deny Gelatia power.

As our Grim day drags on we find Argent Raphiel Outside of the Devillars Estate. We ask him of his satnding and he of course replies that he is for Gelatia as Serphane has promised to restore his family wealth and thus their power back to them if she has his vote. We travel on to collect Mok and Xavier from the Tavern they decided to stay at during these proceedings as they refused to be a part of our quest and left me to accompany the two Pro-Gelatia members in their business. After a short Argument the party re-votes, and thank the gods we did, as now our party is campaigning against Gelatia. We hurry off praying there is still time to convince the officials against Gelatia.

After our reawakening in the light of good we rush to find Lady Cathone who tells us she is voting for Gelatia to get back at her Ex who dumped her. She says he is voting against her and this is her way to get back at him. We of course convince her not to and offer a Compromise of dating our very own Lord Omegasun to which she agrees as this would be a perfect stab back at her ex.

We than rush towards the estate of Lord Stephton Skyhawk who we find heading off construction at his estate. He says he is voting for Gelatia as he feels it will lead him to finding out what happened to his sister and thus restore his family’s name as she had disappeared during the war. This brought dishonor as she had been the commander of the Knights of the Griffon, but to his hate and disgust we knew that she had indeed turned to evil and thus earned that dishonor. We told him this tragic story and this made him bitter as he cursed the Menagerie for ever bringing such bad news.

As the Day winds down we find ourselves looking for Lord Silverfox who is busy at work in his office. We are told to Wait and wait we do. As he finally approaches to speak to us some young ladies run up asking for Morrin to help as some squires had began gearing up to take down Gelatia. We of course rush of to stop them as this would throw a wrench into our plans to stop her and would get them killed. As we arrive Mok gives the Squires a speech about how wrong they are to which they reply you aren’t even a knight. Morrin Than steps forward and tells them to stop what they were doing and that as a knight he will deal with Gelatia himself but in his own way. This calms them down as we are approached by a follower of Madam Coth. She tells us she has seen a vision of a great knot that is this situation than only a divine hand can truly unravel. She tells us that if we would like to undo this knot we must meet her at madam Coths as soon as possible. We agree and head there with the Oracle.

Queen for a day! Part 1

Player’s present:Clearice Eilif, Morrin Telemnar, Mok the Powerful Wizard, Omegasun, Xavier Cross, Dalarn mac Conloch Runeaxe
NPC’s:Galatia, Lady Lauren Devillars, The Cheif Prelit
Ran by Andy
Submitted by Clearice

The dark days are upon us once again. Today they come in a story of strife, manipulation, and deception taking hold of our fair city once again.
It began after our grim voyage from Raven’s deep back up to the surface with relics and prisoners in tow. These prisoners had worked to earn their freedom from their past wrongdoings and were coming to the city to become free men once again. Sadly the fates had other plans for them as we were ambushed by a raiding party of fire giants when setting up camp for the day. We tried to beat them back but not before they captured some of the prisoners and fleeing into a nearby cave system. We tried to pursue them but were met with a blocked off tunnel that of which we could not get around. After searching for a way into the mountain we found a nearby tunnel but it was too late as we only found half eaten remains of the prisoners 1 hour into the tunnel. We brought back the man’s remains so that he may be properly buried once we made it back to the city. We then carried forth to our 1st destination, Fort Brightsword. Upon our arrival, we meet with Commander Pugg who takes the artifacts into his care and sends us towards Raven’s Bluff with armed guards.
As we arrive at the gates and are let through there is a loud crash as a tattooed woman flies through the second story window of a nearby inn. I rush forward to see her almost frozen in time with a distorted look of anguish on her face. I then rush inside to see the strangest sight I had seen in quite some time. There standing in an Inn full of Tenari is the Daughter of Asmodeus herself Galatia Healing citizens of Raven’s Bluff. She see’s us and asks if we are here to help as she is having trouble healing the citizens and fighting the tenari at the same time. We agree to help as our clash with the forces of evil begin. The fight drags out nearly getting us killed but to our luck, we pulled through with the help of a small Coatal that had been residing inside of Mok’s Crystal Figurine. After the fighting was done we found out why the princess of hell was here and to our surprise she tells she is here trying to gain a shrine in our fair city. She, of course, tries to sell it to us that she is doing it by Law but we quickly find out she is being deceitful and blackmailing us and anyone else unfortunate enough to have bought from Seraphane’s house of desires. We do help guide her representative to the cleric’s circle after we brought our prisoners to where they needed to go. As we arrive we find out a meeting is going on tonight about if the Clerics circle will allow a shrine of Gelatia to be erected in the city. Me and Morrin are invited to sit in but we are not allowed to speak on the subject at hand.

The meeting goes as my quickly jotted down notes follow:
-the meeting start we cant talk lots of clergy here even of unrepred oneds the meeting starts they ask for the shrine construction and to follow the laws of tere and helm and the other laws
-none of them have supposedly broken the law and she says she will take the blame and they have already helped the city with the house of desires and they would help more and even answer the call as other cleric entities
-chief prelit says a summary of temples opinion he says they will say nay
-Chauntea guy says they are for it
-Odis greggor of gond says they are for it
-Dearl iron hand of helm says he is a no cause he thinks it will be worse
-Chester of Mystra says nope
-Selune guy says nope cause it invites the bloodwar
-Tempus war master bloodstrike says supports the shrine
-Tymora guy says freedom of choice
-tyr says they should be allowed due to them bringing more attention to the followers
-Lady devillars stands and says that waukeen is for it
-Procampur embassador says that they have been in procampur for a long time and it has worked
-high priestess of sune steps forward and says its a bad idea
-Blood strike smashes a table and says stop with the chitchat and the vote gets pushed off

I could not write any more details of how the meeting went as it was very shocking to hear what some of these leaders of our fair circle were saying but this is a chronicle of what transpired there. After the meeting was through I was given a scroll sent by the Chief Prelit that requested us to meet him in his office. As we approached his office i couldn’t help but feel unease wash over me that this was just the beginning of the a long and treacherous day.

Live and Let Die Part 5 If You Want Something Done Right

Player’s Present: HK-58, Atamar, Zimb, Veth, Frek, Michaela
NPC’s: The Throne
Ran by Andy
Submitted by HK-58

As the ring walker of my traveling group tried to pry the mighty Primus from his throne I swung a mighty blow at them just as we were transported to the Astral Plane. As we gain our bearings and figure out how to move a great astral storm strike my party members causing them to experience even more strange emotions. This storm had no effect on the perfection of primus as I lead forward towards the dimensional anchor we sought. We arrived at the Anchor to find some foul creatures feasting on the fallen githmeatbags. Some of my watersack underlings questioned my perfect power but were shown its awesome might as I killed one of the beasts in one strike while they all handled the other. We were then met with the challenge of assembling the anchor’s pieces that seemed to have been broken recently. After much time and deliberation, we succeeded in the repair. As the tower appeared nearby now in its rightful home. we were teleported back to the Raven’s Bluff were we were greeted as subjects of Primus and myself should. The meatbags celebrated our conquest but my watersack underlings told me they had to show me something so I left my other meatbag subjects and followed them. They led me into a room with a robed man who touched my head and brought me back to my senses. I now understood that it was an insanity of the throne that made me believe that I was the almighty primus but alas was not to be. We returned back to the keep of midnight retiring for the evening as I resumed trying to reorganize the library in secret.


Live and Let Die Part 4 What's Happening Here

Player’s Present: Hk-58, Veth, Atamar, Zimb, Frek, Michaela
NPC’s: The Throne, Helana, Master Dinar
Ran by Andy
Submitted by Hk-58

Our day started early again after our trip into the tower. The city gazers were still gathered around the tower when we arrived. They told us we would be going back inside though this time we must locate the throne room and investigate it. We are sent in with another group of meatbags who at the first sight of the githmeatbags ran off to fight. We steadied our course towards our objective but ended up in a hallway that closed behind us. A female meatbag steps through the door at the far side and locks only to turn around and damage our audio receptors with her shrill voice. She seems to be unconscious upon our inspection. When we attempted to open the door it spat out a foul green gas crippling my companions. there seemed no end to the gas or a way through the door till one of my watersack semi-intelligent companions summoned a mighty contraption known as a spell engine. This did well to clear the gas from the room and allowed us to break down the door with ease. Upon reaching the other side of the door we see the broken bodies of the damned and beaten strewn across the ground groaning in pain. they had all been battling and dying against one another. The survivors however where some hair covered meatbags who looked at us as their next meal.

The battle for survival commences as we beat back the meatbags. They begin to fall only for a moment before a bright light blinds me and my watersack companions. Though we lost the ability to see me and my companions managed to finish off the rest of the Meatbags. Finally, in a moment of calm, we are able to reawaken the female meatbag. She began screaming again of course but was quickly put at ease by the female addelcove of my group. She tells us she is known as Helena and that everything is going horribly wrong after this raid on the tower by the githmeatbags. We press onward finding the ballroom and the now dead master of the tower who seems to be some form of feline meatbag with backward hands. On his mangled body, we find journal telling of how to gain control of the tower. You must sit on the throne we were searching for and say a code word and thus the tower would judge if you were worthy. We then, through a stroke of luck, find the throne room nearby and proceed inside. The small meatbag Veth is the first to try and control the tower. It tells him that he is not worthy and ends up being in a very self-destructive mood. After another party member tries to commune with the throne they to fail and are thrown into a mania. as I try to remove them I end up upon the throne asking the throne if it would like our help to send it back home I realize who I have been all along. I am the supreme being primus perfect in all ways. Of course, the throne obeys Primuses Request as it prepares us for our journey to the Astral Plane.

Live and Let Die Part 3 Into the Tower

Player’s Present: HK-58, Atamar, Zimb, Veth, Frek, Michaela
NPC’s: Tayron and his band of ringwalkers, Ingo, Ango, and another meatbag
Ran by Andy
Submitted by HK-58

The City Gazer sent us in the direction of the tower to aid in the assault. As we approached the cordon of the raven’s bluff that the tower had appeared in we observed its immense size and strange design. It was located on a massive chunk of land floating 50 ft into the air. The tower itself was made of a solid black marble with veins of silver and gold flecked across its surface. Below the mass of land, we found more city gazers and semi-intelligent meatbags. They told us that we would be flying up to investigate the tower and find out what it is doing here. They gave my inept companions sorcery of flight so that they could join me in the skies as we ascended towards the tower. As we landed and approached the doors we were met by a group of ringwalkers lead my the daftest of them all Tayron. He claimed to be here for the treasures that may lie within the tower. He, of course, offers to help us with the door but it opened with a simple phrase of open and the ringwalkers dashed inside like a pack of roosters after a unicorn.We enter after them only to find an angry Hyrda and the tail end of those scoundrels rushing through a nearby door. We did battle with the Hydra meatbag dispatching it quickly taking some damage in the process. After the meatbag falls lifeless we find that the ringwalkers path is barred from us and thus we choose the path to the north that leads into a hall where a great battle must have taken place as the room is torn to shreds. Bodies litter the floor but we still hear the telling sounds of life emanating from a nearby torn banner. Moving the banner uncovers a tiny female meatbag who immediately recoils in fear from me as if I was a monster. I leave my companions to deal with the tiny meatbag and begin inspecting the bodies around us. After some conversation with the tiny meatbag, she then begins to call me a trashcan, the same way as that Addle-Cove empty brain brute. My companions then find another meatbag named Ongo who tells us that this tower comes from the astral plane and is being seiged by githyanki and githzerai after they found of this towers now deceased masters love of experimenting on them. After this enlightenment and learning of the dangers of the tower, we take the survivors and some of Ongo’s kin back with us finding the ringwalkers sadly alive and breathing as well.
We are then tasked with going and getting rest by the city gazers as we have a mission to take out the summoning defense system of the tower to stop the tide of evil meatbags into the raven’s bluff. Before we leave the meatbag Ongo and his brethren offer to sell us some magical items one of which I received being a magnificent ring of truth. The other meatbag Atamar managed to get some strange ugly hunk of metal that he wouldn’t take off. The small meatbag veth received a rod and broke out into horrid song in excitement he wouldn’t stop till we took him to see a divine meatbag at which point he relinquished the rod quickly wrapping it in a cloth and placing it in his bag.

Exp: 1250
Loot:Jim got a braclet of facination i got a ring delussion(truth) Veth got a rod of singing

Live Let Die Part 2 Cleaning House!

Player’s Present: HK-58, Atamar, Zimb, Veth, Frek, Michaela
NPC’s: 2 Short Meatbags 1 of which had hairy feet
Ran by Andy
Submitted by HK-58

HK-58 Data Log 00000002
After staying a night in the fortress of the Menagerie of Midnight I learned 2 things of their world. These strange meatbags leave themselves defenseless and fall unconscious at nighttime and their physical memory bank is completely disorganized. I don’t understand how they find the logs they need and their Log keeper meatbag became very infuriated when I tried to correct the disorder. Even with my logical explanation of the disorder and my plan to fix it they would not allow it. One day I will get the Menagerie of MIdnight in order and perfection but it will be a long and arduous battle.

Our next mission began the same as the last just before the star rose into the sky. We were tasked with clearing out some savage meatbags from a building of respite known as the Apple of a Faerie Dragon’s Eye. As we arrived at the location we could only hear screams and the noises of what seemed like 100 small meatbags shuffling about filling the building and the sounds of combat from the second floor. As we approached the door a short hairy-footed meatbag fell from the window above us. He exclaimed that he must keep fighting the small meatbags that he called Kobolds. They seemed similar to our own tiny meatbag but less intelligent than him. THe hairy-footed meatbag mentioned there were meatbags in danger so I kicked in the door to begin the killing of these small evil meatbags only to realize that there was no one to rescue down here. I decided to fly up to the window where the hairy-footed meatbag fell from to find the small evil meatbags trying to drag a female meatbag away. This must have been one of the meatbags in danger so I sprung into action. It was a hard battle to get into the window as the small meatbags seemed to have no end in numbers but I fought my way in and seeing my full might they began to retreat out of the doorway. The building, seeming to be clear of small meatbags, was ours now and we searched around to find one who claimed to be the relative of the hairy-footed meatbag. After explaining how he became trapped here by the small meatbags he set a strange stone spinning around my being. As we left the house of respite it seemed that one of my meatbag companions had become infatuated with one of the small meatbags. They had been enemies before but this one now seemed docile and harmless so there was no need to send it to reincarnation with its brethren. The female meatbag who was captured by the small meatbags seemed to have disappeared when they fled but I can only assume she managed to get away as the small meatbags entered very small holes as they fled that she could not have fit through.

The regal meatbag we had met before arrived as we were leaving and told us our skills were needed to clear a blockage in the underground. We find the beginning of the path he gave us and descend into the chaotic labyrinth of the bowels of the Raven’s Bluff. On our way down me and one of the meatbags fell into the muck and she seemed to be afflicted with some bodily ailment. We followed the path the regal meatbag gave us and find the blockage we must clear. As we approached the blockage some large waste abomination seeped out of the blockage and approached waving it’s two large tentacles threateningly. It charged forward at us grabbing our female meatbag who had become sick earlier and nearly killing them. Seeing our meatbag was in danger I stepped forward and felled the filthy abomination in one blow cleaving its soul in 2 so that it may not even be reincarnated. As I cleaned the abominations blood from my blade the other meatbags found a pair of gauntlets inside of the blockage. Me and the female meatbag than removing the blockage flooding the corridor with the blood of the raven’s bluff. This sickens even more of my meatbag compatriots as we journey out of the bowels of the Raven’s Bluff to the surface. We are then greeted once more by a city gazer who tells us of a mission to attack a strange tower outside of the city to which we all agree to partake in. Before we head towards the tower one of the meatbags from yesterday approaches us and tells us our doomclocks mine being something about acidic compounds not working as well against me if this tower attack goes in our favor.

Loot: Cerulean Blue Rhomboid that gives freedom of movement(Atamar)
Bracers of Quickened strike- To a warrior gives improved initiative to anyone else they are bracers of armor 5(Vethihenic)
Mallet of Luck
2 deals 4d4 points of damage and if you keep the damage you get a plus 2 against attack rolls and saving throws(Michaela)
Exp: 1250


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