Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Round Up

Players Present: Clearice, Morrin, Omegasun, Pimfire
NPC: Minister of Fire, Adriana of Thay, Jack Mooney
Players Missing: none
Players Absent: none
Posted By: Pimfire Tyndal

Pimfire’s Diary Entry

The 2 attractive elvish ladies I hired for entertainment were dancing together on the stage while the whole crowd cheered, drinks flowing steadily from the bar I couldn’t help but smile as I rushed to keep the drink orders filled when suddenly a goblin comes around the bar and starts to grab me. I tried to fight him off and feel my feet go out from under me as I fall my head hits the bar


I manage to pull my head up to see Grink has me by the ankles and has dragged me out of my bed.

“What’s the meaning of this!” I shout as Grink replies “There is a messenger here for the Midnight Menagerie saying it’s urgent at 4am. I knocked several times but you were snoring louder then a dwarven barracks. So I decided to take matters into my own hands sir.”

I stand up and with the rest of the group we descend to find a messenger who appears exhausted. Handing me a scroll with the seal of the Burning Condor on it I read the message to the rest of the group which is a summons in 2 hours hence to fill out a census for the city on our particular skill sets all adventurers in the city are required to fill out or else face a hefty fine. Agreeing to meet at the date and location specified the messenger hurries off to deliver dozens more before daybreak while we manage to get a bit more rest.

Just before 6am we arrived at the warehouse specified to see a big crowd of adventurers. were told to group up and to help each other as there is a LARGE amount of paperwork to get through before the end of the day and upon seeing mounds upon mounds of paperwork inside a collective groan is heard from everyone. Taking 15 minutes on just page one its clear we’d never finish before supper.

There is a commotion as a red robed figure takes the podium stand and addresses the crowd offering a contract for 20,000 gold to a group of adventurers who wish to come immediately to the Ministry of Arts and would be exempt from having to complete the census.

A bidding war ensued and luckily we work cheap as no one else seems inclined to take a 5000 gold contract we march off to the hateful stares of our fellow city adventurers.

Upon arrival we are lead into the Ministry’s of Arts building and descend downstairs into a large chamber with nothing but a crystal sphere with some strange gems on it. We are told we have to pass some sort of test and that it’s different for each of us. Omegasun brave as always goes first and upon pressing some gemstones in the sphere is sucked into it in miniature form and is slowly falling from the sky as a giant Roc attacks him. Omegasun’s ring of feather fall keeps him from plummeting to his doom as he cuts the wings of the Roc however it is unable to stay airborne and crashes to it’s death, I step forth to go second as this seemed fun when suddenly a giant elephant is charging my way! I quickly enact invisibility and dodge aside to see the elephant charge into the sphere’s wall. I confuse the beast and watch as it dashes again and again into walls then I offload a series of arrows into it’s butt only to piss it off and get run over by the thing but I manage to finish it off before it can gore me. Morrin offers to go third and finds himself underwater with a giant squid grappling him! if he wasn’t so tiny int he sphere I swear he was smiling as he just enacted a shocking spell and proceeded to stab the squid to death in moments. Finally Clearice goes only to encounter a cute little beetle with a vicious urge to crawl all over him giving kisses lol unable to kill it himself even with a flick of his finger he instead summons a giant stag beetle which promptly eats the tiny beetle proving beetles are cannibals!

Upon completing the tests we are told our mission is to capture 1 disenchanter as the Ministry wants to examine these strange beasts to learn more about them and see if their properties can be used to remove certain dangerous magical areas with a bonus 5000g being paid for each extra beasts up to a total of 5 beasts. We are given a permit good for 5 days allowing that number into the city and told of a herd of them being spotted a day or two nearby. We are also given 4 strange unidentified magical items we can use to help lure the beasts along if we so wish.

We left the Ministry then and came up with a plan to get some carts along with cages to hold the creatures and agreed to leave ALL magical items behind as these creatures eat the magic right off an item in mere seconds. The only place to find cages was a circus located just outside of the city walls. I approached the owner one Jack Mooney and struck a bargain to provide his circus with one of these strange creatures as well in exchange for loan of some amazingly strong cages he also agreed to tell everyone who captured the creature for his circus should anyone ask.

We left town and nearing the end of the first day we encountered a burned out caravan that was recently attacked. Seeing no survivors Morrin and Omega started searching for signs of who did this while Clearice and I found a baby mammoth still alive down in a pit. Warping down I managed to bring him out of the pit the same way and with some help managed to soothe the baby and safely get him into one of the cages for now. While we wanted to go after the poachers, for it was determined this caravan was attacked to steal the ivory from the mammoth tusks, a divination spell proved that we didn’t have time to chase them and complete our time sensitive mission to capture several disenchanter beasts.

We head out and a day later almost to the riverbanks, where we are told the creatures may be, we are forced to leave the carts as the terrain is too rough for them. We find a group of about 15 sunbathing disenchanters and attempting to lure them with some low magic spells we fail. Omegasun amazingly is the one to realize they seem intelligent enough to figure we were trying to lure them with the dancing lights and it wasn’t worth the effort so we regrouped and came up with a new plan. We placed items we cast temporary magic on inside the cages and transformed Dusk into a super fast dinosaur luring them to the cages and eventually into the cages however we ended up with 7 total (1 more then needed) and the remaining herd damaged one of the carts before we put them down which slowed our arrive back to the city. Less then half a day left to complete our transactions we reached the circus at which point Jack Mooney was thrilled to have a disenchanter! we talked him into taking the extra one we captured so he’d have a pair. We made it to the city gates and were delayed by the guards despite showing them our permit to bring 5 dangerous and illegal animals in we were forced to wait for a captain allow us entry.

Feeling the time slipping from us I jumped up on the lead cart and started shouting to people to step aside for these dangerous animals but we were stopped by a little girl and boy who refused to step aside. Suddenly Adrianna of Thay appears around a corner with a dozen guards or so and demands to know what is going on at which point Morrin blows his city watch whistle. Buying time for the watch to arrive I told Adrianna why we were bringing these creatures into the city and at that moment the city watch arrived and she backs down allowing us to reach the Ministry of Art in time.

Master Fire was overjoyed to see we not only captured one living disenchanter but the entire order for 5 although he said had we captured more he’d gladly have taken the extra and paid for them. I told him Jack Mooney has 2 and if he wished for one more to seek him out and inquire about purchasing the other. He hands us our fee a whopping 25,000 gold (5,000 gold for each) and informs us we can keep those magical items they loaned. I spent some time telling him our tale of how we managed to herd several of these beasts into cages and Morrin was taught some magical spell from the Ministry before we left and headed back to our keep.

Pockets full as we reached home Omegasun lead his new baby mammoth into the stables for it was decided he wished to keep him and raise him as a mount. Not sure what to call him yet Omegasun and the rest of us headed back inside for a long rest and I pity the Goblin who tries to drag me out of bed for the next day or so!

A Shot in the Dark Part 1, Night 2

Players Present: Clearice Eilif,Morrin Telemnar,Mok the Powerful Wizard,Omegasun,Pimfire Tyndal
NPC: Lord Blacktree
Players Missing: none
Players Absent: none
Posted By: Pimfire Tyndal

Pimfire’s Diary Entry

Day 13 – We awoke in the dragon’s lair on top of the ledge overlooking the strange underdark healing waters below. Mok was clearly still upset over Mr. Pointy’s demise yesterday but once we descended to the floor Clearice thought we should try to raise him while submerged inside the strange waters. Gently laying Mr. Pointy in the water Mok and Clearice stepped into the water and upon casting raise dead Mr. Pointy was brought back to life as if nothing untoward had occurred! “Eureka!” Clearice screamed “the waters strange healing properties must negate any negative effects being brought back from such a nearly un-raise-able dead like state!” and with such a wondrous discovery among such a dangerous place we found our hearts lifted and noted this discovery for Lord Blacktree’s and our company’s future use.

With the party fully restored and rejuvenated we headed out hauling the dragon’s hoard with us in search of the chamber Lower Sarbreen and a place for Lord Blacktree to establish an outpost. Upon reaching the crossroads in the tunnel leading to the Dragon’s lair/dwarven chamber we burried the copper coins for Lord Blacktree’s eventual recovery and aid in cost for establishing an outpost down here and continued to follow the map to the chamber of Lower Sarbreen.

Several hours into the day we entered what could only be Lower Sarbreen. Here I can barely describe what I saw as we stepped onto a ledge 15 feet above the surface floor of the largest underground cavern I’ve ever seen. A glow from the lichen which coated the floor, walls and ceiling allowed us to see in all directions as if the chamber was lit with sunlight at dusk The cavern was enormous we couldn’t even see the far side it must have been miles long and across. How can such a large chamber exists without the roof collapsing under the weight of the world above I know not!

Strange mushrooms grew all around almost like tree’s with vines draped from the cavern walls and mushrooms. Large bats flew above into and out of sight while heard like beasts I’ve never seen wandered the cavern floors. From a distance we can see a small settlement of buildings with creatures moving about and it was decided to see if they are friendly.

As we rushed over slowing as we neared taking a more cautious approach the closer we got we could see the buildings showed signs of damage as if recently attacked while strange shapes both large giant like and small with robes moved about collecting dead bodies of dwarfish and drow origin and placing upon large lizard like bodies. Omega attempted to speak with the first creature we saw a giant robed figure only to learn nothing but a direction, the center of town, from the bony hand that pointed in the direction of the village square. We stepped carefully towards the village center noting the robed figures all around and dead bodies clearly these hooded figures were undead as was evident from the skeletal like hand of the robed giant.

In the square we met a strange human decked out in full plate armor directing the hooded figures to continue their works picking up bodies. As we approached the man on the other side of the village well some of the hooded figures moved to block us from getting to close and from a short distance we discovered the mans name to be Valcrus who worked on behalf of his lord Malphagor. He informed us the dead where none of his doing but rather a battle between drow and duergar fought here and he just came to collect and remove the bodies for use in his lord’s service.

It was at this point that I stepped forth offering to spread knowledge of Malphagor to those above on the surface in the hopes of learning more of both his GOD since we had never heard of him as well as knowledge of the underdark itself. Valcrus wanted our agreement that the dead bodies would be his and we’d not interfere with his work in exchange before parting with his knowledge. While I was willing others like Morrin, through Dusk that is, clearly wanted no part of such a bargain and seemed disgusted by the undead collecting bodies. Clearice also seemed offended by the undead as the group couldn’t seem to give Valcrus a fast enough response to his request he then took a more hostile stance and battle was joined just as I pulled out my staff of illumination.

Surrounded by JuJu zombies and giant skeletons I reacted quickly unleashing a powerful Sunburst from the staff over and into the far side of the central square blasting a pile of undead into oblivion which clearly upset Valcrus who screamed “Blasphemy!” and cast a painful spell upon the myself and other members. Suddenly feeling sickened the remaining zombies and giants moved in and attacked with a fireball even coming from a giant behind the party blasting into us with devastating force.

Feeling surrounded and suddenly seeing banshee’s descending from above with their screeching wails of doom I did something stupid but felt was necessary and unleashed another Sunburst centered upon the party taking out the banshee’s and the giants from behind both of whom were a direct threat. I didn’t realize how badly injured the rest of the part was however and Mok and Clearice tumbled to the ground while Omega became blinded by light.

With the remaining undead vanquished from that burst Morrin attempted to close the short distance to Valcrus only to find an invisible barrier and instead I watched as a smelly cloud appeared encasing Valcrus and his position from sight. Seeing the damage I did to my fellow adventurers I shoved a potion down Mok’s throat bringing him back to consciousness who in turn did the same to Clearice as did I. Omega meanwhile blinded charged into a wall and then upon hearing commotion near the well charged straight into the well and began a slow descent to the bottom. Later I would learn the well was 65 feet deep with no water on the bottom. Mok started blasting our remaining foe with his powerful magic clearly as Morrin shot at the enemy through some sort of barrier he couldn’t step into. We clearly watched as Valcrus fell to the ground only to rise again but now his eye’s sunken into his skull with a strange glow and one of his hands glowing with flame. The color of his skin was ashy with the pallor of death. Clearly now a Lich of formidable strength. Who then pointed at the invisible Morrin and uttered “the Blessing of Malphagor be upon you” and began to attack the party once more.

Clearice spent that point in time healing us and then chose to go after Omega to bring him back to the fight and while dangling from the edge preparing to drop into the well was scratched by an unseen assailant. Feeling blasted by these unseen enemy’s from cones of cold and ice storms I rushed towards that area in the hopes of uncovering whomever was there only to be scratched myself and it’s at this point I must take the testament of the others for what occurred as a deeper blackness then I’ve ever felt came over me as I collapsed to the ground.

I’m told that once Clearice reached the bottom with Omega he cured his blindness and carried them out with the power of the Ant and Flight but upon rejoining the fight found a small host of vampires who were then seen to scratch both Omega and Clearice. Valcrus upon seeing my fall walked over the well picked up the Staff of Illumination and said “thanks for this gift” and with that disappeared alongside one of the vampires retreating to where ever they came from I suppose. With only one vampire left the group quickly dispatched it and using the Staff of Life brought me back from the cold clutches of death.

Upon waking I remember not feeling my full self perhaps in part due to my recent demise or perhaps due to the several vampire scratches I had received while dead but Clearice quickly restored me and the rest of the party members scratched to normal before anything permanent could take effect.

I was reprimanded severely for my ill-use of the Staff of Illumination on that second blast and for it’s loss. Taking stock of the situation and having found a small village that could easily be converted to an outpost we chose to return to the surface with our findings for Lord Blacktree.

Day 14 – 28 – I spent the next 2 weeks doing all the camp chores as punishment while we returned to the surface which included cooking, cleaning and disposal of our “waste” to prevent underdark predators from finding us by it’s scent. I considered throwing away my shovel after all that use but chose instead to clean it and keep it as a reminder never to blind a fellow member of the Midnight Menagerie even by accident ever again.

Upon returning to the surface and informing Lord Blacktree who seemed pleased with our discovery in Lower Sarbreen we were informed that once an outpost is established there will most likely be future missions offered our way to protect, discover and recover things in the Underdark but it will be a few months prior to that as they need time to descend and build the outpost first.

Day 30 – Upon returning there was a ceremony held during which Mok and Morrin received the award of “The Black Scarf” for their valiant fight against the undead and Omegasun was given “The Griffon Feather Necklace” for his fight against a Deep Dragon. The group split up those tiny crystal figurines that were discovered in the Dragon’s Hoard. With the strange mirror being kept in the keep for a future use should it be needed. The books were added to the Keep’s library I assume I should find out more about them perhaps they contain a tale or two I can add to my bardic performances. Later that day we took the time to do some research on Malphagor in Raven’s Bluff only to find out he is a Tenarri Lord/God who is in a struggle with the current lord of the undead for his position.

Sometime after returning the group voted I be accepted into the Midnight Menagerie after proving my worth over the last several adventures upon the condition I never blind another member. Ever! Even if facing a medusa or beholder. I gladly accepted this condition. Then I was informed that with my growing reputation I should join The Knights of the Golden Rooster a group of people dedicated to upholding the morale of the citizens of Raven’s Bluff with the Menagerie posting my fee to knighthood I chose to become a Golden Rooster!

A Shot in the Dark Part 1, Night 1

Players Present: Clearice Eilif,Morrin Telemnar,Mok the Powerful Wizard,Omegasun,Pimfire Tyndal
NPC: Lord Blacktree
Players Missing: none
Players Absent: none
Posted By: Pimfire Tyndal

Just two days travel out of the city the ruling body of Raven’s Bluff was re-opening a mine to reach the underdark in search of the orb of protection. Using criminals (in exchange for freedom and reduced sentences upon completion) and any able body person willing to help, almost overnight this has become the single largest business enterprise in Raven’s Bluff, employing many a citizen.and criminal not to mention guards, suppliers and a whole host of other such support roles.

The Midnight Menagerie band heads out in search of Lord Blacktree there. Upon arrival we are informed of a mine collapse with some trapped miners and Lord Blacktree himself was overseeing their rescue. The group descended into the mines to assist with the endeavor where they find a couple of dead criminals who tried to escape while people where distracted by the collapse. The group of adventurers lends what aid they can with digging and eventually Lord Blacktree asks them back to his command post above whereupon he gives a map to the Underdark specifically showing Lower Sarbreen and told how the Dwarven clan Brightsword made this over 750+ years ago believing the orb of protection to be somewhere in this vicinity perhaps in a Dwarven holy chamber just prior to entering the main cavern of Lower Sarbreen itself. Mok is reminded of a recent time travel adventure upon which he journeyed back to that same time frame.

The group is told it should take roughly 10 days to get down there and another 10 to get back. We are tasked with finding the pathway to the Lower Sarbreen making sure the pathway is cleared of obstacles or at least note what may be needed to bring a large group of miners and guards down to retrieve the artifact so they can make sure to bring what is needed upon their descent. We are given a word of caution to avoid side tunnels and stick to the main tunnel as getting to Lower Sarbreen is of the utmost importance and it’s easy to get turned around or lost in the Underdark.

Overall we estimate a total of 30 days (several for searching and dealing with obstacles) before our return to the surface. The group provisions some climbing gear from the camp and sets out the following morning. The following is Pimfire’s personal account of what occurred in the Underdark.

Pimfire’s Diary Entry

Day 1 – We descending through the mines taking the main path as directed we avoided all the side passages despite hearing sounds occasionally coming from one or another. Must have been about 20 or more we passed before making camp. Already I miss the warmth of the sun.

Day 2 – Early in the day we came across a large ravine/cavern where there should be just the tunnel. Unable to see the top we were able to notice a ledge about 75ft. down. Mok took to the sky (or is it digging since we are below ground ha ha) and flew down to see where it may lead. Upon returning he told of another ledge 50ft. below that one which was much smaller and finally the bottom of the ravine 75ft. below that ledge for a total of 225ft. to the bottom. Morrin quickly pulled rope out of his robe (neat trick gotta learn how he hid that in there) and Mok still flying with his amazing strength of a bug was able to fly us all up and down while we set up a series of climbing ropes or to be used for a pulley system ready to go for the miners. That completed we head out through a tunnel on the bottom of the ravine.

Day 3 – 7 – mostly complaints over the lack of entertainment and boredom since the group stuck with the plan and avoided side tunnels

Day 8 – I got that feeling like an invisible line was crossed and that it’s much more dangerous now. I see my companions sensed it too we must be in the infamous Underdark. We came across another ravine this one goes so deep we couldn’t see the bottom but it’s only 40ft. across. What remains of a rope bridge dangles limply on our side like it was cut or broken with age. Omegason and I were chosen to fly across (magic still seams to work correctly) He pulled the rope bridge up to the other side (Damn he’s strong!) whereupon I proceeded to rig it back up to the other sides posts. That should service Lord Blacktree’s group when they come down later.

Day 9 – Bored I wonder what would happen if I wandered off on my own. I choose not to since the group needs me to keep up their cheer and I proceeded to give a wonderful lecture on stuff I know absolutely nothing about. It was wonderful day if I do say so or is it nighttime above I have lost track at this point. the group stops when we are tired and we call it “a day”.

Day 10 – The pathway starts to glow faintly ahead for it’s covered in lichen. We see it’s slippery and suddenly starts to slope downwards enough to give us pause for concern before turning 50ft. out of sight. We decided to use the same trick as on Day 2 and Mok takes flight with nearly 1000ft. of rope out of Morrin’s robes (Seriously how the hell did he carry or fit it all in the robes!). Mok uses up our remaining mining supplies of spikes to set up 735ft. worth of secured line before running out and just letting the remaining couple hundred feet of rope dangle. No sign of the bottom of the slope he returns and tells of how the passage turns every 50ft. – 30ft and seems to go on for a long distance beyond the 1000ft. Omegasun must have read my mind cause he just jumps (should I say slides) into action and goes down the chute. I grease myself up and join him. Arriving several seconds behind him into a room full of trolls! Luckily Mok came down behind and broke some bones but blasted the heck out of the trolls. Morrin slammed into me and broke a few things, nothing that a good cure couldn’t fix. We estimate the chute to be about 4000ft total and would need considerable work by Lord Blacktree group to make usable but should make for an easy way to transport large goods down quickly. I take notes on my map and we move out after resting up and repairing our broken bones.

Day 11 – We’ve reached an area we believe is on the map given to us finally and start to follow the passages based upon that.

Day 12 – We arrive at a split on the map we believe where to the left would lead us to the Dwarven holy site or to continue would lead to Lower Sarbreen main cavern. We decide to search the Dwarven holy site. After a couple of hours we arrive at a vast chamber that climbs upwards beyond our line of sight and in the middle of the room holds a platform over pitch dark water. A trap is sprung and the passage way is sealed as the ceiling covered in spikes comes down. Suddenly assaulted by hundreds of goblins who line natural caverns randomly throughout the walls of the chamber stretching upwards via a rope bridge off to one side they begin a chant. As we ready for battle a dark dragon descends and hovers over us! Morrin casts a stinking cloud to obscure the goblin’s and dragons vision, while the battle rages on Mok takes to the water leaving the rest of us to do our best to hit the dragon. Upon Mok’s return he tells a tale that it’s an illusion and we dive into the water to search for a serpent he claims was there. Unable to see we return only to find the real dragon has arrived and has breathed a poison cloud on Mr. Pointy and Dusk slaying them both. Enraged over Mr. Pointy’s demise Mok unloads a torrent of arcane power sending the dragon retreating to his ledge high above the chamber. The rest of the group takes to the battle as Morrin teleports Omegasun and Clearice to the dragon’s ledge while I ducked into the entrance way for cover from goblin spears being thrown. Morrin lands the final blow upon this foul dragon and as the goblins scatter into their tunnels Mok still enraged blasted fireball after fireball after them.

Clearice was able to bring Dusk back up to join us but Mr. Pointy will be a challenge for another time as Mok scoops up his body we return to the dragon’s ledge high above for a good rest as it’s decided we will continue to push on since we are close to Lower Sarbreen and have sworn to scout the area ahead of Lord Blacktree’s mining group in search of this orb of protection. When the dust settles we find a hoard of gems and coins along with some interesting magical figurines. Some books and a tome are also discovered. Noticing the Tome to be of magical nature it’s determined that it’s a tome of comprehend languages and the dragon had started reading activating it’s magic prior to the battle, a struggle breaks out over who should finish reading the book with Morrin being given the honor, he then sets too reading. After he’s finished however it seems the magic being partially used up prior has enabled him to understand any language BUT he can no longer speak unless physically touching the person to whom he’s talking or holding the book itself making it impractical for him to be in combat. We must find a way to reverse this but exhaustion has set in and we settle down for a rest from this violent and emotional day.

Light in the Lover's Eye

Players Present: Clead, Mok, Morrin, Omegasun, Pimfire
Players Missing: Jerome (Partial – left early – unplanned)
Players Absent: none

DM Post.

Today our illustrious group was summoned and told a story by Madam Coth, the greatest silk clothier in the bluff. She recounts a dream about a Sunite that faces her and instead of being pretty, she is hauntingly ugly. She summons the group, gives them a note to find High Priestess Morlain of the Temple of Sune.

The group makes all haste for the Temple district and the temple to find Morlain, except upon arrival, the High Priestess is away from the temple. After a couple of hours wasted (I’ll not bore you with the details) the group gives the letter to the person in charge of the temple who after reading it, offers that High Priestess Morlain has left with her husband for a retreat at a place called the Valley of the Dolls. If the group leaves right away they can make the first night’s camp, just after dark.

So the group sets off, and they must be close to the right spot, when gouts of flame shoot form the ground, releasing a Cornugon, a Gulegon and 2 Hamatulas. The group fends off the latter three, but the Cornugon leaves, looking for a different group of adventurers, something about Clan Shaido.

The group rests and the next day finds it’s way to the Valley of the Dolls. Couples only so the group has a couple of people Polymorphed into females, Mokesena, Cleabelle, and Pim. The group begins to explore and speaking to all the other couples they find that the High Priestess has not been seen in two days. The group figures out which bungalow might be theirs, makes entry and finds her passed out and poisons, being guarded by a female priestess of Talos who is captured and a male that got away.

The rescue complete, the group leaves, until a portal opens up on the way out, someone talks about fate, and a Fang Dragon comes out the gate. Morrin uses a special ability he had gotten long ago, where he could slow time and effectively go twice. Between Morrin and the rest of the group, they decimate the dragon, not leaving anything worth anything except for the teeth. The group takes a few, and they return Morlain home, ready to deal with what fate shall bring next.

Bursting Your Bubble
LC 4-86

Players Present: Clead, Mok, Morrin, Omegasun, Garthin, Pimfire
Players Absent: None
Players Missing: None

DM Post.

Today our group started off by going to deal with some information from the Raven’s Bluff Trumpeter! They start off by going to see Field Marshall Charles Laverne Blacktree IV and volunteer to help with the fight against the Heart of Bane, and the upcoming need there. Blacktree tells the group to be available on the 17th of Hammer to assist. They group gives its assent and will return on that day.

Then the group heads off to visit Cerephane, and use some credit that the group has thanks to Morrin. A Few things are found that the group is interested in, but the rest remains as a credit for now.

Then the group hears a story about Sharkey’s being attacked and the Harbor under assault. The group races off and finds that none of it is indeed true, and that there is simply a Triton in the water asking for assistance with a problem from some air breathers. Eventually people start to move off and the group begins to discuss the problem with a Raphael. As this happens a group of people who hate merfolk come through the people bashing the citizens with the butt end of clubs, or the flats of boards to make their way through the crowd to get to the merman, or so they say, even thought it is a Triton.

The group fights off the misguided citizens, killing a few thanks to new member Garthin, who feels he was threatened at that his life was in danger. The Triton seems very distraught about the way in which the group has slaughtered people who didn’t understand his people. So much so that he decides to come back the next day if he really wants the groups help. If he does come back he tells the group to be ready with a small ship, and that he will bring a whale for the travels.

So the group waits at the docks for the Raphael who eventually shows up with 5 companions and a whale. The group gets on the ship, goes into a whale’s mouth and proceeds. What happens next, the whale burps, shifts, moves? And a battle can be heard from further inside the whale. The group wants to go on, but has a fear of hurting the whale, or being trapped. The group after the days memorizes new spells and goes into the belly of the whale, at which point they see 2 other ships that were swallowed by the whale. Why? Not sure. But they group finds they are all dead. So they go back to their ship and continue the journey.

After a few days the whale stops and needs to eat. The group is taken to an island, where they find a girl, Mara carrying a fish and running from boys. They boys stop when the group intercedes and Mara takes the group to her elders. The village has a feast in the groups honor, and as part they find out this is an elemental island, and this is the fire tribe, but they lost the secret of elemental fire, and they need to get it back or the other groups will continue to shun them. The group takes part in a ritual that baths them in black tar, but should protect them from fire, and they pass out. They wake up next morning, and the Tritons and the Whale are there to continue.

They group continues onward when the whale belches them out in front of a wall of fire. The group dives through the wall, taking some damage, but less due to the villagers tar protection, to meet the Kracken.

The Kracken grapples almost all of the group, and makes this rapidly hard for the group. A couple members of the group can not be grappled, and slowly the group gets free of the tentacles, but they creature eventually flees. Once the group chases off the Kraken, there is a boy from the plane of fire, playing marbles. The group speaks to him, plays marbles with him, and getting some elemental fire for the island group, and the boy steps back into a fissure that takes him home, and the water comes crashing in on the group. They are saved by a wall of force, and the Tritons return them home. Many Merfolk come and pay their respects as well as fish and other creatures for getting rid of the boy of fire from the ocean bottom!

Stairway to Heaven

Characters PresentMorrin Telemnar, Garthin Merath, Clead, Koth, Frek
NPC’s Present: Belanor Fenmarel, Hathmar Blademark, Vernon Condor

Belanor Fenmarel, the previously acting Deputy Mayor (the fella who had been charged with treason) had recently died. The Menagerie had taken the occasion of his death to met some potential members. After a quick run in with Hathmar, we were approached by a Captain Yearnsmith who inquired if we would be willing to take on a job for him. The job involved investigating a few different mausoleums for the man, in order to find a suitable resting place.
Wandering Heartwarder
A Man for the Ages
LC3-83 (Blackhand Series #2)

Players Present: Belgrum, Clead, Mok, Morrin, Omegasun
Players Absent: None
Players Missing: None

GM POST for this adventure. Someone had left the game

Our Intrepid group, the [[Midnight Menagerie Guild Charter/Bylaws | Midnight Menagerie]] had just finished finding out information about the banelich in our adventure A Little Knowledge when they were asked to go discover information about the legendary sword that was used to kill the banelich, when it was a mere mortal. Again they meet with Mistayana the half human female priestess of Torm. mistayana.jpg who gives the group the aforementioned job. Her dead cohort left a note with an avenue to check out. A former adventuring wizard named Rudolph who has the key to where the sword is, if the party can but pass the test that was left behind by the original owner.

Indeed it is a test with some contraption in the center of the room. A square marble pedestal with an ivory scroll case sitting on top of it. The pedestal has four bronze plates affixed to it, one on each side. At each cardinal compass direction, a small oak chest sits on the floor, including one that you nearly stumble over as you enter from the south. Each plate has writing on it, and a small, round hole near the bottom of the plate. The group had to read some writing and get the right gem into the right chest for the central area to open, and lead them to where they needed to go next.

They make camp and meet an old man who wishes to share camp with the group. Aramatir is his name, and the group has a nice discussion with him, some of it philosophical, and then end the night, parting ways in the morning.

The group finds the tomb, and its defenses, first some Caryatid Columns, and Clay Golems, which the party does manage to defeat, but not easily. The Columns have some inherent defense to weapons that risks even magical weapons being destroyed.

The group goes into the inner sanctum, having to leave behind something to fight for Tyr with, which the group does, and gets the legendary blade.

In the Year of the Singing Sprite did our Lord Aramatir finally come to blows with the foul creature Cthurdar Belvarent, a priest of the tyrrant god. The battle was long and arduous, and the retainers and compainions of both men slowly fell away, dead or too injured to continue the fight. It was then that Lord Aramatir faced Cthurdar and his chosen minion, the babau Grhosrrillin alone, in the sactuary of evil and vileness that was their lair. With his mighty sword Juststriker, Aramatir did slay the evil ones, striking off the head of the fiend with the last ounce of his strength. Though Aramatir did live, and fight again, a great weapon for justice was lost that day, for the foul secretions of the babau did destroy Juststriker, even as the keen edge of the blade sent the creature screaming back to the pits from which it sprang. It is to this purpose that the mastersmiths of Bright Waters have converged, and forged this weapon, as a symbol of the deed and our gift and tribute to Lord Aramatir. May his legend shine brightly for many years to come. The group finds a awesomely magical warhammer while they are here as well, which they are “told” they are allowed to take.

On the way out, Bane has sent some forces to stop the group, which does not succeed. Or group gets back to Mistayana with the information safely.

A Little Knowledge - 2
2 weeks

This adventure took 2 weeks.

A Little Knowledge

Players Present: Belgrum, Clead, Jorktan Mok Morrin Omegasun
Players Abset: None
Players Missing: Clyve

Our group had a recent encounter with a Banelich in The Gathering and today the city decides its time to start getting a handle on the situation, after they eventually figure out they are searching for information on the banelich. The Tormites did not want to say why, but eventually figuring out that our group already knew about it, they let the information out. They were to meet with a Dontarel who they find out is dead and their new contact is a MIstyana. So as I said they are off.

They have three clues, three names, a Sage Bellirin, an adventuress Arylinn and a book Collector name Gerryn.

The sage lives in the city, and is dead, and was turned into a Juju Zombie. Not much to go on there.

The adventuress is nailed to the wall with her head on the floor between her feet. Not much here except a log of her adventuring days which briefly mentions the priest of bane that eventually becomes the banelich, and her journal of expenses.

Onto the bookseller, his farmhouse is on fire, but from neighbors we find out the bookseller is not home. The find a fragment of a book after the fire is out that gives a clue to the place called Stormkeep. The group sets off to find this old ruins up near High Haspur, or thereabouts.

Along the way the group takes care of a beggar looking for food for his family, and they a couple of bandits attacking a farm. They save the family from the bandits, eventually finding out that the family’s land has an old overgrown trail to Tormkeep, which is what Stormkeep was once named.

The party has three tests. Jorktan takes the first one, defending an infant from a demon. Jorktan tries to ride off with the child, which is not what Torm feels is his duty, and the first test is failed, but Jorktan pays the price.

Test 2, fighting the skeleton, Omega destroys this task easily.

So the group goes on to three doors, Power, Wealth or Knowledge. the group chooses Knowledge which is what they are here for, and Test 3, Knowledge occurs. Mok handles this one. After the test, the group chooses Knowledge as a reward. There is a set of books, each person can read one, plus knowledge about the banelich is locked away in their brain. The group heads back and the knowledge flows forth, the group successful in their mission.


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