Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Strange Bedfellows
lc 3-59 Ravenloft #6

Exploits of the Midnight Menagerie
Log Entry by [[:http://raven-s-bluff-the-living-city.obsidianportal.com/characters/848479 | Sir Dresden Drumheller ]]
Sergeant in the Sewer Brigade Division of the City Watch
Knight of the Order of the Griffon

Players Present: Content Not Found: 84879, Kodaly Bela(Applicant), Mok the Powerful Wizard, Morrin Telemnar, Westwind Gail(applicant)

With Faldor and Dannel missing and Gevus’s betrayal we realized we needed to make room to give opportunities to others and reinstate our reputation. An add was recently posted in the Trumpeter. Mok has been handling the groups finances and was not pleased with the number of letters purchased.

Need Coins?
Want to make a reputation for yourself?
Need a hand with those really big jobs?
Want to save the city every week?
Keep reading…

The Midnight Menagerie is looking for a few good adventurers to join our company. As a band of Knights, Squires, and one particularly powerful wizard we never go a week without work. We offer a wide range of benefits. Like access to the Company magical item stores, numerous crafters, raise dead spells should anything happen to you and more. The Midnight Menagerie Bylaws are on file at the Ravens Bluff Hall of Records. Applicants should expect to work 3 jobs for the company before acceptance.

Interested parties should meet our representatives at The Mayor’s Office currently office first thing in the morning.

We discussed the the terms of the charter with the two that showed up A tall male human, athletic and somewhat brooding.Kodaly Bela and Westwind Gail a Gnome of an inquisitive nature to say the least.

As we entered we were in no way prepared to see the Balor Vonduryxx before us.
After a few tense moments it was explained to us that he was here to assist in the war although he would not divulge his motivations. He was going to assist us to stop the gates coming into the city allowing the incoming creatures like those that had been seen taking the Lord Mayor.

Relarn Dayspring Chief Prelate supported idea as well as XXXXXXXXX I detected no evil from either of them one none of us understood completely. As we traveled with Vondryxx he offered us an "opportunity to each have a stone that would grant us luck in many things. And the opportunity to recover Faldor and Dannel from the Abyss. We were not so trusting even though this being had never “lied to us”. I could not in good conscience deal with it more than I had to. The sounds of Faldor’s and Dannel’s Torments broke my heart but I could not show it now. I will debate this with myself for some time to come. Morrin was the first to decline. We traveled in the underbelly of the city and aquired a blade that would aid Vonduryxx in the blood wars but would not harm us. And he sealed the breeches as promised. But as a price for not dealing with him he took Morrin back to the Abyss with him. We later found out that. The city officials that supported and talked us into this plan were not of this world and were imposters.

Morrin is gone
Picture note

100gp ea
48 p ea
Dagger 2 bane vs lg humanoids
+2 cloak
Staff of conjuration

Dark Maiden
LC 3-58

From the private notes of Bela

Don’t you know it. barely joined the city forces during the war, and we get leave. Of course, things aren’t ever exactly what you might expect them to be. Out of the three “packages”, it seems the “fun time at the Temple of Sune” was sold out. Not sure it’s exactly my wavelength, but it sure avoided some awkward discussions with the rest of the Menagerie. We settled for a lovely thee day spell at a forest glade, with promised star light. Guess what? We spent much of it underground! Ah well, I’m sure they tried. It’s not easy pleasing the dogs of war.

We arrived at said glade without problems. Lovely place, surrounded by quite a few massive stones that ended up being altars to Elistraee. I’m just about to explain this to the others when we get ambushed by a pair of landsharks. A call far too close for comfort – broke a leg and tore a muscle in my right arm, but by the grace of the Starlady (and the hands of Sir Dresden), we all survived. We end up dragging those ridiculously big corpses away from their dancing place, just as the drow arrive.

So, this is where things get funny. Seems the leader of these drow, a priestess called Phyrra Dalael, got herself abducted by their less wholesome kin, and they;‘d like to see her back. So far, so good – I can work with that. But they somehow think it inappropriate for us to doubt them somewhat, given that we can hardly guess which sides of the drow people we’re dealing with. Bit of a tense moment, there, but we acquiescence to helping them. Can’t really gainsay people trying to be free to dance under the stars.

It’s a pretty long trek to the cave system that leads to the priestess’s whereabouts. There’s the usual cryptic notes and puzzles (a rather entertaining cypher, translating to “I suggest the right passage when the number is prime”), and a slugfest with a purple worm. Given the number of those things around, you’d wonder whether they’ve made those entrances to the Underworld in the first place. Bunch of ghost spiders after that, but we brush them off; we have more important things to do, and time was becoming an issue.

The big finale was more than a little hazardous, and when we finally made it, it was by a hair. We got hammered, and that’s no joke. Big cave system where we are stopped, first, by a few knaves with polearms that we need to work our way past, while several wraiths suck at our souls. Painfully, the Menagerie’s own lovely Tepal (a fellow faithful of Lady Mystra) was unable to take leave of her temple work, so we lacked her gifts in fighting these menaces. We made it, but it was a harrowing experience. Of course, while we were battling those undead menaces, a false priestess (presumably the captor of Phyrra) was slinging her unholy gifts at us from the far other end of the cave. Not an easy way to get there without exposing ourselves to the undead.

In the end we make it, and manage to re-unite Lady Phyrra with her dancing troupe; they were even thankful. In all fairness, I cannot blame them for their reaction. They have been persecuted for their faithful conviction, meaning to harm; a measure of suspicion is probably what has kept them alive all these years.

Well, that was our R&R. I think we’re about ready for some nice, relaxing trench warfare at this rate.

Foolish Pride (Living City at War 3)
LC 3-56

Players Present: Kodaly BelaMok the Powerful WizardMorrin Telemnar

An Entry in the Journal of:
Morrin Telemnar
Captain in the Raven’s Bluff War College
Sergeant in the Scout Ranger’s Division, Raven’s Bluff City Guard
Squire to the Keepers of the Mystic Flame, Raven’s Bluff Knighthood
Adventurer for the Midnight Menagerie, Raven’s Bluff Adventuring Group

Were you expecting a story? Really now? You thought you'd come to this page and find something interesting to read. Like a story about how the Midnight Menagerie met up with a quiet fellow named Bela? How the Menagerie and Bella went on what was supposed to be a simple mission together to get supplies for the city. A mission which went off without too much difficulty but then transcended into chaos within the city itself. A mission which, at the end of it, resulted in the capture of a certain prominent figure within the city? No, come on now.

Oh? You really did come here for that. Well, okay then, I guess I will tell you how this adventure went then. Let us begin a tale of intrigue, of stolen foods and a starving city. Of monsters and men who would come to clash and how the Lord Mayor himself would go missing. Let us begin, shall we? 

It was a fairly normal day really, as normal as days get when the city is at war that is. Which is to say it was not a normal day. In fact, Mok and myself were heading to meet with the first new prospective recruit. A man named Bela, a man shrouded in mystery who I still feel I know so little about him. But, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Mok and I


Experience: 2100+War

The Goods:

  • Magical Pear (10 Level Lightning Bolt)-> Morrin
  • Magical Apple (7th Level D-Door)-> Bela
  • Magical Orange (7th Level Stoneskin) -> Bela
  • Magical Kiwi (9th Level Passwall) -> Mok
  • +2, Lawful Evil Bane Rapier (Gift from Ghaele) -> Morrin
Tears of Selune

Players Present: Tepal, Morrin Telemnar, Sir Dresden Drumheller An Entry in the Journal of: Morrin Telemnar Captain in the Raven's Bluff War College Sergeant in the Scout Ranger's Division, Raven's Bluff City Guard Squire to the Keepers of the Mystic Flame, Raven's Bluff Knighthood Adventurer for the Midnight Menagerie, Raven's Bluff Adventuring Group We quickened our steps as the rain began, quickly finding ourselves within the front entrance of the Temple of Selune. Once inside, the ambient lighting of the lanterns causing our eyes to take a moment to adjust. We are greeted and brought into a well used, but pleasant office. A women there, black hair and blue eyes, very pretty, Mirial Moonsilver, the newly raised High Priestess of Selune. She is pleasant but to the point with her request. Several murders have occurred recently, on the full moon no less. All of which took place within two blocks of the Temple of Selune or within the Temple's Poor House. All members of the temple had at various points had dreams in which they were the victims of the attack, but no one was able to see the creature clearly attacking them. Mirial seemed worried, Lycanthropy was suspected, a festival tomorrow night during the next full moon, worried that it will happen again: answers needed before then. We continued listening and questioning Mirial after agreeing to look into the murders. It was pleasant, seeing the relief on her face when we agreed to do it. After getting a list of witnesses we decided to speak with who we could. We took the steps, smooth with years of use, but sturdy as the faith of those in the temple down to the kitchen. There we spoke with two Priests who had been witness to one of the murders. The short of it was that they had stumbled onto an attack in progress, unfortunately they did not arrive soon enough to stop the victim from dying, but they did note that nothing was stolen (point of order: coins and potions had been stolen from several of the victims, though other valuables were left behind). Following our talk with Ed and Vera (the two murder witnesses) we decided to head home for the night to sleep on things. As we approached the front to leave we realized the intensity of the storm had picked up. With little else to do we took up an offer to stay at the temple overnight to wait out the storm. Over the course of the night something strange happened, Tepal, Dusk, and myself (though not Dresden) all had strange dreams. Dreams that were eerily similar to the ones that Mirial had spoken to us about before. Dreams that every priest(ess) in the Temple has had. I was falling, falling towards the Earth, peaceful at first and then all of a sudden I was no longer falling. There was a creature above me, unable to tell what it was, but it then attacked and killed me. Then I awoke. And then the world ended and we all died. What a tale, let me tell you.


Experience: 2300 + War Bonus


500 GP in Moonstone -> Each

Favor of Selune (CL 16) -> Each

Moon's Hand Mace (+2 Mace)-> Party Treasure

Two Potions of Moon Healing (4d8+4 once or 1d8 four times)-> Dresden, Morrin

1 Chiv Point-> Each

Horse Play

dresden to do list

War came to the Living City about six months ago. After the initial assaults, it has turned into a bit of a stalemate. While passage out of Ravens Bluff is almost impossible, a ray of hope has arrived. The harbor is once again open, though pirate attacks continue, they have lost the coordination that they once had.
Tired of the monotony of the siege, you decided to respond to a summons posted yesterday requesting talented adventurers for a special mission. Thus you now sit in the outer offices of Lord Charles Frederick Blacktree IV, Field General of Ravens Bluff, wondering if the boredom of sitting here the whole morning is really worth the wait.
After a couple more tedious hours of waiting, a young officer walks up to your group and directs you to a side room. The walls here are adorned with various banners and large maps. The room is dominated by a large, dark wood table. Standing at the head of the table is another officer. Her raven hair and green eyes are a stark contrast to the red uniform she wears. She motions for you to be seated. Once you each find a place, she too sits. “Thank you for volunteering,” she begins as she folds her hands upon the table. “I am Captain Sabrina Kettering of the Red Raven Lancers. This is Lt. William Toledo.” You note the officer who led you to the conference room opening a ledger, and beginning to write. “First, if I may have the pleasure of meeting each of you.”
Captain Sabrina Kettering of the Red Raven Lancers.
Lt. William Toledo

Wart hero heavy clvary
Well known
Big loss recently lost all horses

Horse Play

Good. Now to the matter at hand,” continues the captain. “We were expecting to receive a special shipment of 50 Zakharan stallions from The Murkos. Unfortunately the ship was waylaid by pirates. It appears as though they knew what the vessel was carrying since no attempt was made to sink her. Instead the ship was forced to land at a small isle about three days off the coast. She was boarded and the brigands removed the horses and the ship’s stores. The crew then overcame their captors and headed directly here. After reporting the incident, they immediately began to restock. They should be almost ready to go by now. But I digress. What we would like you to accomplish is to discover the identity of who is behind the plot and if at all possible, recover the horses. The horses are a prize we cannot allow to fall into the hands of the army which currently holds Ravens Bluff at bay. The ship is named the Seahorse. It is sailed by a Captain Christopher Young. I suggest you start there. If there are no further questions…”

Thug attack
Flew to ship \
Invisible godric attack
Storm fly to sailors
Lashed down held obn then lifted beamto ghelp lift beaM
3 hurt lay on hands

Then morning and “too quiet”

Not Exactly Bread Crumbs.
Rainbow tunnel
Barbed devils
7 wand charges
3 horses in abyss

2 speak with animals

5 horses

Sir Obi Karimoshi warlord ordered horses as pament

Sir Richard Concord, hm Pal19

Letter from germond of RB TRAITOR!!!
Counter strike

Compartment behind painting

6 pots 200 plats
Small alter to MASK
No Mask tatoo
Barels say danger
Pitch lit on fire sed as distraction

In chaos got to stables

Mr. Pointy (GM): Dust of disappearance; 2 applications.
From the Keep:
Ring of protection +2.
Long sword +2.
Oriental Ceremonial Plate Armor: 8000gp
10:52PMMr. Pointy (GM): 8000 gp value as an art object.
Potion of cold resistance.
Potion of heroic action.
Potion of magic shielding.
Potion of revivication.
Two potions of extra healing.
10:52PMMr. Pointy (GM):
Reward from the city:
Voucher for 1000 gp each.
2300 xp
250 xp

1 each dust
1000gp tithed
Xtra heal pot ea
4pots of idk
Dusk + 2 ring


Players Present: Mok the Powerful Wizard, Tepal, Morrin Telemnar
NPC’s Present: [[:faldor-lockeheart | [Hiatus] Faldor Lockeheart]], [[:dannel-of-tyr | [Hiatus] Dannel of Tyr]]

An Adventure of the Midnight Menagerie
Log by Morrin Telemnar
Captain in the Raven’s Bluff War College
Sergeant in the Scout Ranger’s Division, Raven’s Bluff City Watch
Squire to the Keepers of the Mystic Flame, Raven’s Bluff Knighthood

Our story begins on an evening during the War. Several members of the Menagerie were gathered by members of the Temple of Tyr and were led to an undisclosed place beneath the Temple of Mystra. We found ourselves at a table with 10 members around it, they each represented one of the 10 major civic religions of the city.

Lark Thorncastle (Chauntea), Mistress of Luck Clarissa Tupkas (Tymora), Lord of Mystery Chester D’Marke (Mystra), Reverend Judge Hyros Allumen (Tyr), Vigilant Master Darrel Ironhands (Helm), War Master Carlos deVentura (Tempus), High Moonmistress Mirial Moonsilver (Selune), Revelmistress Rachel Arren (Lliira/Waukeen), our newly appointed Chief Prelate, the esteemed High Morninglord Relarn Dayspring (Lathander), and, Father Otis Gregor (Gond).

Father Otis would be the one talking to us. We discussed the morale of the city in recent days, how it was low from the war, we also discussed how it was the 75th anniversary of some Dwarven holiday (maybe I should check with Tepal and see what it was again…), that specific anniversary was thought to be lucky. Thus, in the hopes of raising morale, the circle wanted us to look for some old tome that had been lost in the sands of time. The tome was thought to carry magical powers to inspire those who read from it. They wanted it retrieved by the anniversary which gave us two days. Eventually we agreed, of course, being the brave and fair adventurers we are how could we not at least try for the city. Even if this item was likely gone forever.

To address this the Mirror of Mental Prowess was brought forth and a painting of a battle between Drow and Dwarves which was the last place the book was thought to be. Oh, and right before we left we were warned to keep an eye out for the Heart of Bane, apparently it was suspected to be present in the area we were going to. Other than that they didn’t know much, there might be “clues” nearby. It was looking like we were going to need that luck more and more. We make our final preparations and are transported by standing on the crystal mirror into time long past.

We arrive into the night, somewhere south of Raven’s Bluff geographically though I don’t remember which time period anymore, perhaps Mok might remember. Regardless, the smell of smoke permeated our noses as we stood in some open field with the wind lightly cresting us. As we begin to look around, aimlessly I might add (mental note: next time I teach a lesson at the War College I am going to emphasize proper intelligence gathering before a mission), we found a stone with Dwarven runes that were unreadable but looked to have been inscribed lately. Well, that was super helpful other than telling us there were probably Dwarves around, somewhere… nearby… hopefully.

Continuing on we wandered the landscape for a few hours, a sense of foreboding growing ever stronger as we persisted. Oddly the night persisted just as we did, seemingly endless and with no sense of daybreak coming, eventually, once bleakness was ready to overcome myself we stumbled upon some Kobolds. We found them upon a group of dead Dwarves and ended up in a quick scuffle which lasted not even 10 seconds as several were charred out of existence. After questioning them to little avail, several ended up dead on the ground. The fists of a “powerful” wizard too much for their fragile bodies. We did find out that some Drow leader had instructed them to So that didn’t help.

From there we did manage to find a group of survivors who had not died to the Kobolds. After discussing with them we learn that we are in the year DR 606 (our time is currently DR 1306) and, coincidentally, they had never head of a city called Raven’s Bluff. We also learned the refugees were going to some King known as the “Elf Slayer” (which was not what I really wanted to hear… but okay… sure, we went with it). We left the refugee’s for a while, who were in no particular rush and started to make our way to this “Elf Slayer”. The journey was not the most comfortable, it was windy and it looked like a storm might break at any time, not to mention it was still bloody dark. We did stumble into some Drow along the way, but fortune (or misfortune) had it that they never noticed us and we lost sight of them, so we did not give chase. At some point we saw what appeared to be something massive on fire in the distance, we were unable to make out exactly what it was but it appeared to maybe be a city. Our curiosity sparked, so to speak, we continued on trying to make light of the situation at hand. At one point we decided to nominate Tepal as the official party leader, we figured she would be the best bet interacting with her own kind, especially since her companions were of Elven and Orcish descent….

Finally we stumbled into a Dwarven patrol, and not soon enough given the nature of things, after some discussion they mentioned that we should follow them back to their camp. This most most agreeable to us as it seemed a likely way to acquire the information we desired. As we approached the camp we got quite the show as some sort of creature that looked like a bat out of Hell (or maybe the Abyss) came swooping in an ariel dive at the camp… only to be blasted quite splendidly out of the air by some powerful magic user. Mok must have have been impressed.

We had to leave our magical equipment at the gate entrance, for safety reasons of course. Eventually we got an audience with the Dwarven King who listened to Mok give our tale. Eventually it was decided that the King would give us the book but on the condition that we assisted with dropping off a magical bomb behind the Drow’s lines. We agree, with little choice, but really, burn the Drow anyways. With our mission set for early morning we thank the King for the opportunity and get some well deserved shut eye.

The next morning we are awoken and given instructions on the specifics of the mission, such things were withheld till then to minimize the chance for a leak. Our goal was simple, bring the Bomb to a location marked by an alter, where we were to stab a magical sword of mithril into it. Once deposited we were to head towards another location called Bald Mountain where the King would meet us with the book. With everything in order we headed out. We summon several magical horses and began our march, first through the Dwarven lines covering the Plains. After much traveling we came upon a structure (being behind enemy lines at this point), some sort of outpost. First we thought to ignore it but then we heard screams coming from within, the sounds of what we later would learn was several men being tortured. After some quick discussion we decided that the lives of a few men was less important than successfully delivering the bomb, helping to stop the army, and getting our book to help save the city. With great reservation we left the screams and kept moving towards the alter.

Finding the alter without any other trouble we stabbed the sword into it, as we did so, the surrounding land was bathed in a bright binding light and the screams of untold Drow raked the air in two as the light sensitive creatures were heavily damaged by it. Having succeeded we back tracked towards the torture chamber on our way to Bald Mountain, too late of course. Continuing we made it back to Ronan (the King for reference) who congratulated us on a job well done. As a reward he produced the Tome we had been looking for, burying it in a clearly marked spot for us to find in our time.

As the energies of the glass mirror started to falter, we found our time nearly up, not a moment too late. As we fade from existence, we are startled to see Faldor and Dannel resist the energies and stay behind to help the Dwarven army. Men of honor they were, for we knew history, and history said this battle had no survivors. Our last view was of a mighty clash of swords and sorcery between creatures of the Underdark and the Dwarven army. With Faldor Lockeheart unleashing a hellstorm of arrows and Dannel of Tyr bringing divine energies to sunder those who would defile the laws of goodness and justness.

Arriving back in our time we manage to find the Tome, whose location was now known to us. The canvas we had used as a reference point being much the same with the inclusion of Faldor and Dannel now included, their efforts not going unnoticed by the recorders of history. We find out that the Tome wasn’t actually magical, merely it carried inspiring words. But, as it often is, the presence of it alone was plenty enough to help bolster the hearts of many defenders of the city during the celebration.

Experience: 2100+War Bonus
350 Silver Each
1 Chiv Point
Mok: Memory Replay
Tepal: Memory Recall
Morrin: Double Time

A Wish for Temptation
Sorry Andy I am lost on this one

Exploits of the Midnight Menagerie
Log Entry by Dresden Drumheller
Sergeant in the Sewer Brigade Division of the City Watch
Knight of the Order of the Griffon

War means change. No where is this more present than in Ravens Bluff. The city, once a bustling metropolis of culture, commerce, and knowledge, has become something completely different. The once joyous sounds have shifted. Gone are the hawkers’ cries, the children playing, and the songs of bards. Now all one can hear is a hushed, nervous whispers and the clacking of practice weapons as soldiers repeat weapon drills in the street. Nothing remains the same.

Even our own lives have been turned upside down. In the months since the war broke out some have been pushed around, organized, taxed, conscripted, enlisted and drilled. Your lives, and the lives of everyone in Ravens Bluff, has become so involved with the military that you wonder if you remember what peacetime in the city was like. A very enthusiastic military has reduced the lives of the citizens to “Yes sir!” and “No Sir!”, “Get to work Soldier!” and “Did I ask you to think, boy?!” Personally this makes perfect sense to me.

In fact, that’s what we were doing now: following orders. We were ordered to General Obespieri’s office. The general is in charge of Ravens Bluff’s external forces, and there is rumor that the army may be headed north for the largest battle to date.

We arrived at the General’s quarters as the sun reaches its apex and are quickly ushered inside. The general, an incredibly muscular man with dark hair, looks up from his papers as you enter. He flips you a quick salute and leans back in his chair. His piercing black eyes scrutinize you and you begin to feel surprisingly uncomfortable under his icy stare.


not impressed with us

commander neoga company of the bloody hatchet
mount up and came to moss bridges
wall around city wall spells and some real

blushing gynosphinx tavern

The inn looks more like a barracks than a place for making merry; tired townspeople sit on trestle benches at tables along the walls, and tables of supplies face the kitchens. Straw mats stacked in a corner attest to the fact that the injured are brought here during attacks. The innkeeper, now the village quartermaster, a ruddy-cheeked man, eyes you warily. You can see that a couple of people are doing just that in a corner, but they bear the look of Ravens Bluff soldiers. A bard plays quietly by the bar.

frederick dead
giants nw
army n

daily grind jobs
6hrs east of moss


long fight captured lieutenent of forces those that came with us betrayed us and attacked us

were sent to general theurogon and we realize that we were betrayed and had to go to the city with the orderan and our orders immediately

we got to the city with the realization that neoga is a triator

scouts therogan dead

lady carolyn skyhawk

commander jathin 3rd in command of the army





XP 2575


amulent of MIGHTY fists +1 GODRICK
+1 bracers
+1 bastard sword


Attention Shoppers
Adventure 3-51

Players Present: Dresden Drumheller, Mok, Morrin Telemnar, Dannel of Tyr

Exploits of the Midnight Menagerie
Log Entry by Dresden Drumheller
Sergeant in the Sewer Brigade Division of the City Watch
Knight of the Order of the Griffon

Ambassador Carrague has summoned us to the Ministry of Art. There have been multiple flyers requesting assistance by Ren found circulating the city . We have been asked to to investigate to keep amatures and less experienced

Adventurers Needed
Good Pay
Easy Work
400 gp to retrieve a few simple items
Please see Todd at Ren’s Mansion
near the Ministry of Art

Ren requested us to go shopping for him. He needs a better body and will be transferring his mind into to a fighter. The rather involoved list read as follows .

Ingredients Needed:

1.Water from the Elemental Plane of Water ‑ seem to recall a portal to the elemental plane of water at the base of the city waterfall. I believe the only access is from Lemming’s Leap.
2.Fresh dirt collected at night from a grave ‑ this should be simple, people die every day, someone should be being buried.
3.Blood from a Red‑haired commoner ‑ I believe this needs to be freely given but who knows.
4.Leaves from six different trees that all grow entwined. ‑ I am not sure were this is but I have hired a sage named Carlisle to research an answer.
5.A magical white lily from the “Pond of Lilies” an ancient inn and tavern that once flourished in the ancient city of Sarbreen. ‑ I have a map that should lead into the correct section of Sarbreen if that mercenary drow wasn’t lying to me.

We met with sage named Carlisle who was hired to research an answer. He claimed that Ren did not make the final payment. The final payment is groceries but every time we asked the items and amounts changed.

We setled on a couple of lemons
couple of oranges
a dozen approcots
a couple of dog treats a few loaves of bread
a block of cheese;.
After going thru this a few times he said oh you can bring it tomorrow.

Small grove on south road …directions to the entwined trees that compete for the sun and gives us directions
I summoned Godrick to me for the first time and we rode off.
mok left them information to contact him at the ministry to help at eventual guild hall

we ran into Roger daymorelane Morrin Recognized him we only saw a grazely injured man with a shield marked with a hawk

He was over run by an orc tribe that till now they were not aggressive towards city till now . WE healed him and he was off with the intellegence.

We quickly made it to the tree Faldor gently climbed it and was able to gather the leaves with out damaging the tree

We headed back to the city feeling rather satisfied and knowing full well this was going too well . A group of human warrior were along the road and halted us after we made a brief exchange the men raleyed themselves up to a frenzy. The were were-boars. Our battle was short.

We headed to the waterfall at lemmings leap A cleric of Tempus is usually heat giving tour he was absent with all the ongoing battles.

“Once, Tempus gifted his loyal followers with the foreknowledge that to leap from this point would deliver a true follower to a hidden ledge deep in the heart of the waterfall.Be it known that Kantor of the temple of Tempus and Rictor of the Cracked Tusk both leap courageously into the mist.Long Time Running and Niblik both followed bravely for although they were not followers of Tempus, they were friends of Rictor.Then, by the words of Tempus, Cateyes was pushed.No not who pushed Cateyes, but by the holy word of Tempus, Cateyes was pushed.”

A one eyed man came out of the brush to let us know the portal was closed and said we were asked detailed questions about the city its government and institutions and filed miserably so he left. So Mok just swam around and scooped up the “special water”

we then followed the map down to Sarbreen then we had to dig A lot. A potion of Fire Giant Strength allowed me to plow through it quickly.

we dug down to the inn it was very moldy and decrepit, in a tiered fountain we found the Lilies an upper tier help one that was magical

2 door were there Mok opened one and closed it quickly." DO Not go in there!" and hasty barricading the door followed the door on the left was a simple pantry. we left the way we came in and collapsed the tunnel behind us.

One last ingredient to go. We needed the dirt. We all headed to the the city cemetery
we ran into someting called a firestar. Like a Will-o-wisp just less agressive.

Then we headed to rens he freed Todd and then drank potion and exploded todd had a potion too he gave it to us he was scared Morin drank it he will now be able to cast burning hands once per day.

Seems Ren and the Wizard Guild were getting aggressive towards the Ministry of Art we followed Ren;s instructions but it seems to “wild Magic”

1 Potion of Regen
1 Potion of Hill Giant Str
1 Potion of Cure Crit
1 Potion of Spell Resist
Wand of Move Earth (5 Charges)
523 Gold


A Spell of Bad Weather
The Living City at War #2 3-50

Players Present: Dresden Drumheller, Mok, Morrin Telemnar, Dannel of Tyr

Exploits of the Midnight Menagerie
Log Entry by Dresden Drumheller
Sergeant in the Sewer Brigade Division of the City Watch
Knight of the Order of the Griffon

First thing the morning we were all received and urgent summons to The Wizards Guild. We were not to meet with the Sir Alcides Von Tighe this day. Instead we were greeted by Gerbor a small gnarly mage in blue robes that seemed to have an awkward tic. The spell component ration has been crushing to us all, he had not seen some in weeks. A large supply of components was on its way. It was right up until it was lost somewhere near the island of trundle during a storm. The island lays a few miles off the coast of Procampor. A sea Captain Flintar Merky of the ship the Merky Lady was in charge of the lost ship. One Captain is familiar with the ship and where it went down we were tasked to board the second ship and if possible recover the components.

We agreed of course to assist the city and attempt to salvage the components. We went straightaway to meet with Captain Sylus of the Windspray.

spell components
flintarmerky lady
captain sylus windspray(used to be a pirate)\
kind of a nice guy and people like hime
west of procampor

inventoried water breathing
Lizard men
SSiSSilif on crew
Judy first mate

about 3 day trip
day 1 unevidently
day 2 dragon turtle shell

extorted by dragon turtle to get around storm
2 opals mok\
1 opal me
1000gp from group
100gp and 1 gem from captain

miller weavers
sea witch ship ?


meeting with captain windspray back in a few hours
at pearl divers club

sea vixen ?
green goblin goat ale
lucious lemming lemonade

elrich mayor/owner of dive shop

while dannel and I waited outside

and we met unadill
who can show us where the cove that elrich told us about
cash and passage to get us there

visited shrine of illmater

took shift to cove
pretended to be a pirate

dannel mute mok captain
morrin /w


the coarsing shark

dresden played pirate
too well?

se3a vixen

black arrow
to muriels troat

we get away

mats missing
fog cloud and some fr and heal pots
aLL illusion stuf missing

ship caught up cone of cold everybody fire
quick fight water change and vanish
1 got back up io went for a swim camke back to dannel covverer in gore and a head
return with gear and and extra ship

1000 gp each
200gp each
and a 100gp emerald each

Some Enchanted Evening
Adventure 3-49

Players Present: Dresden Drumheller, Mok, Morrin Telemnar, Faldor Lockeheart, Dannel of Tyr

Exploits of the Midnight Menagerie
Log Entry by Dresden Drumheller
Sergeant in the Sewer Brigade Division of the City Watch
Knight of the Order of the Griffon

The city I have called home these last few years since that fateful caravan is now undeniably at war. Now out attacker has a name Myrkyssa Jelan. Many of the creatures we’ve seen about the city then all of the mixed troops the bizarre magical effects and wards are all under control. the orphanage that we assisted in find out what happened to their children turns his eye to us and other adventures with this trust for some reason. I really wish we would have recover those girls. and as if things haven’t gotten bad enough it seems our resident rogue has gone rogue. I keep waiting to find out that it’s an imposter or something but the fact that that idiot Caesar showed up at his side was more of a coincidence then I could stomach. I wish Px were still in his hands so it would have just blown him up. Unfortunately they probably would have taken most of the city with it. I couldn’t believe it when I read the article in Raven’s Bluff Trumpeter Volume 2 Issue 2 I really hope I find him first.

"Sirrus Melandor Slain! – By Jenna

Shortly after Sirrus Melandor sent in his article for this edition of the Trumpter, he was slain. Gevus of the Midnight Menagerie was seen at a speech, being given by the Chief Prelate to bolster the morale of the people. The information we are being given is that the Chief prelate was slain with a magical blade that can cut through armor, and that poison was on the blade. Gevus then hopped off the platform, was seen sheathing the blade and was accosted by the city watch, including Sergeant Avon Elonis. The story might have ended there but a paladin, another former member of the Midnight Menagerie (before they were such as named) Ceaser swung a giant two handed sword at Sergeant Elonis sending him into the infirmary. Ceasar told Gevus to run, and the last thing heard was “Don’t worry, your diamond is waiting for you as payment. You will be set for life. Myrkessa will be pleased. Currently the Midnight Menagerie is working through their issues, and they are working to determine if Gevus is still a member, or what shall occur. Suspicion has been cast upon the whole adventuring group. One member of the Infernal hunt club, who wished to remain anonymous at this time said. See I knew there was a reason they were rising so far, so fast as an adventuring group. They don’t have the cities best interests at heart. Another problem that exists is that, Sirrus’ spirit is unreachable. Attempts to resurrect or even speak with his dead body are not working. Does the armor of bane having something to do with that? At this point we can only speculate. Unless anyone has any new information, Gevus has already been tried by Judge Rupert T Hangman, and has pronounced a sentence of death should Gevus be found. In accordance with the law, any Lord, Judge, Knight Commander or Knight Captain can carry out this sentence immediately. Rolf SUnriver is seeking permission from the Lord Mayor to extend this power to the city’s Generals, and the Captains of the watch as well, and it seems as if that will be official shortly. Ceasar is wanted for assault upon a city officer for his attack upon Avon Elonis."

With all we had on our plates we retired to the 7 Tigers INN. The Remembrance Day celebration seemed like a good time to think on the past and those that we have lost and where to go from here. Not to mention how to repair our once solid reputation. The feasting and toasting were in full swing when we arrived. The Festival of Remembering is a holy day dedicated to remembrance of the dead. Loved ones are toasted. We remember the dead with a glass of ale flavored with honey and bitters to symbolize sweetness and sorrow. As we joined the other guests we toasted those in mid remembrance. It seems even with the heavy rationing there was still enough to go around when it came to food a few roast goats and birds were over the fire and we all sat down toward drinks. We drank with other adventureing groups toasted there fallen comrades. We did over hear a woman verbally accosted by one group as she requested their assistance. I must have been so distracted by everything going on I didn’t even hear it right away. Mok umped to her side. We were introduced to her Lady Dianna Eldermore. Her parents died enroute to Orlimmin she’s now here seeking assistance to claim an inheritance. An inheritance outside the city. She needed the help recovering the inheritance . She said she could pay 50 gold pieces each for any assistance. Now this seemed a little low considering the fact that she had a huge diamond ring. But who am I to question. A fancy bauble does not allow wealthy merchant make. But I don’t know who to trust sometimes lately. She explained t time is of the essence but would go no further till we agreed to assist her. She showed us the scroll

Long ago in far off mists, Eldermore left the lands.
Harkenglen is nothing now but stones upon the sands.
If ye be an Eldermore, rich treasures still await.
Get thee quick to Harkenglen and pass the magic gate.
Only on autumn’s eve when night and day contend,
May you pass the gate and enter Harkenglen.
Bring mighty champions, worthy of the fight,
Pass the gate at dusk but leave ere the end of night.

Lady Eldermore was placed upon the back of Mok’s horse, Victoria. The Lady and Mr. Pointy were instructed to keep safe and she was instructed in the use of the flying saddle to make an escape in case of emergency. As we left the city the first time we came to was a large clearing at the bottom of the hill side. There we could see a group of men tossing dead bodies in the fire. Were they our troops or not remained to be seen. We decided we would take the polite approach given the time of year and the Day of Remembrance. The Vast holiday seems to have caused everything to be very quiet on the front surrounding the city. Here the humans seem to have still taken the day seriously as for those not of our kind who knows. Morrin, Danell and myself approached. I detected no evil from them. I was instructed to raise my right hand if they were friendly and left if they were enemies and we were in trouble. It also meant I needed Mok to start throwing fireballs very very quickly. We approached calmly. We made greetings politely discussed the trials of the battle and I worded it in such a way which escapes me now that did not give away our allegiance. They definitely showed theirs. The Kosuthian priests walked into the flame to honor their dead and when they spoke of how the city would eventually fall was when I began to raise my left hand. Morrin stopped me to remind me of the holiday. This fight could wait. We’ll be remembered by the dead there’s nothing to be gained to fight it out today. We left them for another day.

Our troubles became trully evident when we came across a clearing the Harkenglen exactly where we had expected to find it on the map. There was little there to speak of except a large camp. As we approached we were not the first ones there. TROLLS… lots and lots of trolls. We managed to cut through them but far slower than we would have expected. Especially with Mok throwing fire from both hands. They usually….well trolls are usually so susceptible to fire. I brought down wrathful smiting power of the Red Knight upon them. I cut through them one after another. They did not seem to stop coming and some were casting spells. I had heard of but never come face to face with a troll mage. Morrin seemed to get hurt in a way I had never seen before. We had them on the run but time was not on our side this time. Twilight fell and made left us no choice but to enter gate pass beyond; else we would not be able to until next year.


Before I played a beautiful grounds and estate at the gate we were told that we were expected and where I should invite mass of iron golem construct of some kind it’s like I have never seen he was a butler to the States owner an ancestor lady elder more Ford Hall parking was imposing configure and we were ushered into a beautiful ball grand chandeliers food and wine like no other they are good lady older more was allowed to stay as we are requested to be on the terraces we are not a member of the family you recognize her and was perfectly happy with allow her to enjoy the best of all we have dessert on the terrace

we came to an agreement if you are confused by his side had lady so long and council ASCO other members of the family she said that she would have inherited and we would be allowed to leave at 5 morning. Ask 3 questions?

There is one stone beyond all others that I most prize. What is the stone of which I speak?"
I have mastered magic and bent it to my will. With it, I have overcome all obstacles. Yet there is one thing that holds even my magic powerless. What is it?"
All my life I have sought knowledge, sacrificing all in my quest. What price are you willing to pay for your quest?"

We were only allowed to search the outside of the estate the gardens at cetera while lady elder Mora was allowed to search the library when we were allowed to cones to communicate between us, the first thing we came upon where a group of very happy dancing ladies that decided they wanted us to dance with them. Danyl seemed more than happy to join them. he actually was quite a good dancer right up until the all vanish in the bushes. we were unable to find him we went to the bushes we do not reappear and we cannot find where he is passed into. a unconscious with a ring of flowers around his neck and covered in bite marks well love bites it would seem not the kind caused by a beast well not really. after a bit of healing we were at least able to get him conscious enough to walk along with us. I’m not sure he would have me on the test or do anything the rest of the day he was delirious on and off most of the day. as you move forward some fairies interacted with a soda fountain covered in sea horses and they danced around with morning and he should have passed out but he was ok and we found a whole bunch of silver and gold dust that was left behind by them. and then we found lady salon she was practicing from Marshall stands. she was an impressive woman or whatever she was given how long her family has been trapped here. I happily sparred with her taking down my familiar with a hammer and taking off all marks of magic or armor that I had up on me we had a good fight she took me down once. ship flooded my skill when I was on earth and then she offered to give me a gift skill or speech synonym at first I was scared and then change my mind to speed. while there is a part of me that wish I had chosen neither the fact that I seem to be getting an extra job in at the end of every interaction if my phone has been an asset even if I do find myself a bit weaker these days not to mention the scar on my cheek I’ve had more than a couple people show garlic at me give him a strange puncture wounds on my cheek.

but over the course of the evening I realized how much Lord Harkon love to his wife and how hard he worked to get her to love him and we realized the stone was his tombstone the gift with love and what we would give up with time because I realized he was cursed drawing spirit and life from anyone touch and it was a ring that he’d given her that allowed her to not be affected by this so we agreed on a price in each one of us after giving me answers was drained of one year of my life so we’re told it was a new kind of pain we order more scenes on 105th come find out of the Rings war was in fact that the floor Harkins lost the love it she took her inheritance of 550 gold pieces each as well as some gifts the library deemed essential skill in spells the silver and gold dust had some magical powers of the Sun.

4250 xp


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