Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Oct 27th - No game
No game

Too many people called away from the game. We missed this week.

Knight Moves

Players Present: Belgrum Clead ClyveClyve Owens Jorktan Mok Morrin Omegasun

Players Absent: None

DM Log:

Today the party is having a ball, well rather going to a ball. They get fancied up and the new members who are also squires tag along to the ball. The group gets placed in an area with Raven, Lady Lauren Devillars, Lord Calvin Longbottle and Lady Caroline Skyhawk (Knight Captain of the Griffons), Sir Ian Graham, (Leader of the Knights of the Right Hand of Tyr) and Carston Willows (Regent of the Guilds.

The group engages the group in their area, plays some chess with Carston, who complains a little about Arvin Kothonos and not getting his job. The group talks to the knights, and Lady Lauren Devillars comes over and thanks the group for their service. Shortly after some more mingling there is a cry from outside.

The group rushes out and Lady Caroline Skyhawk and Sir Ian Graham are dead, their carriage struck by a massive lightning strike. The group is asked by Lady Lauren Devillars to get them to the temple of Lathandar and see what can be done. So the group does so, a raise dead being tried on SIr Ian Graham that fails.

On the way back the parties carriage driver is shot and killed by an archer. The group gets out, but wherever it came from the archer can’t be found. The end of the arrow has a map, made from what looks like skin or human hide. There is a map to a spot in Crow’s End and it looks like the party is expected to come there. When the group shows up, there is a 9 foot tall man in black armor, that says very little, but challenges the group to a fight, or perhaps we should say one person. Mok accepts and is rather easily handled. He offers for others to challenge him as well, that are met with same results. He walks off down the alley, and his mount left black hoofprints in the ground. so the group follows them, outside of town, before they fade, to a barn that was burned down in the war.

They find there is a ladder down into a cellar? Underground Passage? As the group goes down Omega does his great find traps and sets the stairs on fire. Into the next room, a pool of water with Flesh Golems and electric eels that haste the golems. That done, the group finds a door with a chessboard. The must solve the chess puzzle in order to be able to enter.

Inside they find a Cornugon, holding hostage behind a wall of force, as well as a wizard. Mok rushes in, not seeing three Hamatula who rip Mok to shreds, knocking him out of the fight. The group fights the Hamatula and manages to knock them out, but the Cornugon is just too much for the group. Not being able to gain any ground, the group starts to talk about retreat, when one of the City’s fine knights, Sir Dresden Drumheller comes rushing in to help. At this point everything changes, The devil, whose name is Charbane, says “perfect” rushes up, touches Dresden and they both disappear. The group manages to get the body of the dead Regent of the Guilds, and get’s him resurrected, but Dresden is now missing, and eventually Lady Caroline Skyhawk is able to be resurrected. The group awaits information, or the next meeting with “Charbane.”

The Stars and Moon Above (Fate #2)
LCS3 - 80

Players Present:Morrin Telemnar Mok the Powerful Wizard Jorktan Dragonhand Omegasun Clyve Owens

NPCs Present
Madam Coth

In the wake of the war there is always much to do. Over the last week the Midnight Menagerie has been kept busy mostly around the city helping those in need. I was able to sneak 3 books away from Jorktan over the week and though a little hard to chew through than normal I feel my “enlightenment” is coming along nicely. One of the books in particular he seemed overly upset about so it must have been extra if he was trying to save it for himself.

I ma not sure if eating the book set off the next events or if it was fate but when we all went to sleep that night we seemed to share the same freaky dream. We came to consciousness (<—>< another big word i ate Jorktan is gonna be so proud).

The first place we ended up was a large tower of grey sand. It had no doors or windows which seems kind of silly to me but Morrin thought really hard about a door and one suddenly appeared! it was a cool trick I will have to have him teach me some time. when we entered the tower we found a woman sitting in the tower with a veil over most of her face. Her name was Passine she said she had failed her quest so was stuck helping everyone that came to her. We asked some questions of her about our quest and then Jorktan whom seems to always have his nose in something decided he needed to enrich his mind by trying to free Passine from this place. Passine told us that to be freed someone had to be able to look upon her disfigured face and stare her in the eyes with out being revolted. Jorktan in the name of research tried to free Passine but alas his nature to spend hours studying things backfired and she was not able to be freed. Having eaten things that would make most other races curl up in a ball and cried and at Jorktan’s prodding, I decided to give it a try. I looked at Passine and while she was disfigured I had seen worse in many of the orcish brothels. Having heard many of the human fairy tales about ladies being locked in towers rewarding those who save them and having been a long time since I had erm been with you know a women, I kissed Passine. Unfortunately, that act was what was needed to free her so my chances at anything more were quickly squashed. Fortunately, though She was able to provide us with information on how to get our stuff that the old lady stole back. It was pretty easy we just had to will it back and then bleed on it.

Once we had our questions answered Passine went on her way and the ball of light took us to a a new place. We ended up in a meadow with 3 moons over head, 1000s of butterfly and a monolith. On the monolith the following words were in scribed:

“A silver, a copper, two bits of gold, Thy troubles continue through the lies of old.
Athrogony flock to the powers of the fey, But disperse they will, if faced by the day.
The power of ancient they drain with a touch. wands become brittle, swords they do rust.
Inside this tomb is a treasure they seek, Payments be placed in the arm of the |”

After reading this and talking for a bit we decided we had to put money into the slot. Clyve decided to put a coin in and his hand was burnt, when he put the second coin in the butterfiles began to come towards us. Clyve quickly placed the other two coins into the slot and it broek in two revealing a warhammer. I grabbed the warhammer and the butterflies follow me. It is pretty scarie since the words said it could make my sword rust and i really like my sword. As they all got close Mok the Mighty threw a great ball of fire at me and killed all the butterfly. After he killed them all we renamed him Mok the butterfly killer instead of Mok the Mighty. The ball came back and we were on our way.

Our third destination was a huge temple. Walking into the temple we found a pictogram showing columns and a person. We quickly ascertained (so many big words) that the picture was a map of the room. For some unknown reason they let me count and i ran to the fifth pillar and found a panel on the back of the column. I ripped open the panel and was assualted with 7 darts. Luckily i am a hardy Barbarian and only had minor injuries. I then figured out that 4 comes after 3 instead of 5 and we moved onto the previous column.

The Gathering
LC 3-79

Player’s Present: Morrin Telemnar, Frek, Clyve, Jorktan (Left Halfway)
NPC’s Present: Ser Sebastion Silverlocke, Sir Alcides Von Tighe

An Entry in the Journal of Morrin
Son of Draxxius
Mightiest Dragon of Raven’s Bluff

The world is a wonderful place! That’s what I tell myself at least. How can it not be, look at the sun, the stars, the beauty of it all! And adventure of course! Why, when I was a young Dragon I always wondered what I would do with my life, playing pranks on foolish humans, eating insects and berries and fruit, or maybe I’d grow mighty and fearsome like my father, Draxxius. Who knew I’d end up in a GREAT BIG city like Raven’s Bluff?

Anyways, I should report this so I can get that bucket of Alchemical Cement for Omega’s door. He’ll never know it was me!

The last adventure of the Menagerie was a fabulous one! I got to see that pushover of a Red shown that he wasn’t all that! That’s right, I am the Mighty DUSK! Errr, sorry notes, I guess you didn’t need to know that. What am I doing? Talking to the notebook while writing?

After breakfast we headed to the Wizard’s guild to meet with Ser Sebastion Silverlocke, Dean of Abjuration in the Wizard’s Guild. Once arriving the Dean informed us that old wrinkly face, Von Tigh, had gone missing somehow. How does such a powerful wizard get caught so easily? I should ask Mok. Just goes to show how not powerful they really are. Hmmm.

Anyfly, it was known he was somewhere in the Sea of Fallen Stars, not moving, so we were being hired to go investigate and try and rescue the old bloke. Silverlocke’s assistant was going to help steer the ship, a fella named Tim. Turned out that Tim was kind of rude but at least he knew what he was doing when it came to the ship.

The trip took a while, that it did, about 6 hours or so, I was zooming around the ocean looking for some tasty fish. After sailing for a while we found ourselves upon an unknown island! As our ship got close, something hit and damaged the boat. Poor old Tim got pulled into the water by a big ol’ water snake and then carried off by sea lions, and we later found out he had died. I didn’t really like Tim, and I would have happily booted him over the ship to teach him some manners, but him dying was sad.

We then started walking around the island to collect the tokens. Err wait, no. First we met the Water Nymph. She helped get everyone else to shore cause the boat was sinking. Yeah, that’s what happened. Then she explained how there was some sort of game, with 5 tokens of 5 different colors (Blue, Black, Green, White, Red) needed to be collected. The game was called “The Gathering” and all participants on the island were stuck there, until someone won or something. Either way it seemed old wrinkle face was on the island, trapped in the game, and we needed to free him. The beautiful Nymph, I guess she was a Water Genie actually, was oh so kind and gave us her token.

Oh, I almost forgot. Some Pirate named Quelzar Naisman was the one responsible for this all. I guess he was also wanted in the city. Supposedly he was in the center of the island, where we needed to bring all of the tokens once we had collected them to finish the game. Okay, go!

First Area: Blue, we got it. Moving on!

Second Area: Black. Marshy and swampy. Terrible place really. We found a mosuleum in the swamp on dry ground. We fought some Wights and Wraith’s, one even tried to attack me! The bastard. Of course the Menagerie handled them. Then a Bane Lich showed up and Paralyzed Morrin and Clyve. Frek bartered with it and it let them go. Stupid Bane LIch. If I had just been able to get close to it, I would have shown it what was up. Yep, yep! But we scared it off and left. With the black token in hand in exchange for it’s phylactery


A Hard Place

Players Present: Clyve Jorktan Morrin Omegasun
Players Absent : Mok


Our Intrepid group is finds a merchant named Xerxes that is trapped under his own wagon that collapsed on him while trying to effect repairs. After being free he states that he was looking to hire adventurers to recover some precious stones that were taken, he is looking for:

The Missing Stones:
• 1 quarter pound amorphous lump of star metal, value about 2,500 gp. Appears as a spherical dull gray-black metal. Used by weapon smiths to make expensive and magical weapons. This stone was found several years ago in a crater in the mountains south of town.

• 2 pound carving of an owl made of green stone, radiates faint magic, value about 200 gp. A gray-green stone with a highly polished finish. The magic may be an undetermined enchantment or Nystul’s magic aura. It is this stone which the thief is trying to sell to Judson Gemsplitter. Judson originally sold this stone to Xerxes about twelve years ago.

• 12 carat uncut bloodstone, value 350 gp. A dark greenish gray type of quartz with red flecks. This is used by some cultures as a form of currency. Xerxes obtained this from a trader at the market about six months ago.

• 3.5 pound amorphous unidentified stone, radiates faint magic, value unknown. In sunlight the stone appears red, by candlelight it appears yellow, held up to the light it is translucent green, and in the dark it gives off a faint blue light. The magic is unexplained. He bought this stone from a band of adventurers who found it in a sunken ship about a year ago.

• 2 pound, egg-shaped crystal of zendalure, value about 1500 gp. This stone is integral to a study which is in progress. It must be retrieved. It appears as an egg of mottled blue and white with a glassy finish. He obtained the stone about two years ago from Judson.

The group starts by going to his house and looking around, the house was broken into through a basement window, but not many clues are left behind. They venture off to a local gemcutting shop having a rumor that someone might have come there with one of the missing stones, since the gemcutter is a friend of Xerxes.

At the gem shop they do get a lead about a boy that might have had one of the gems, but he is a street urchin and can be found at a local street kitchen.

Off to the street kitchen the group finds the boy (Sammy) and convincing him to give up details of the crime. His boss, in the thieves guild (disturbing in it’s own right for our group) wanted the gem stolen to give to a man named Horace. The only reason he is telling is his 2 friends in his crew have both wound up dead, so Sammy fears for his own life. The group let’s the boy go and heads off for the thieves’ den.

The den leads them to the leader of the crew names Horace. He’s dead, his fingers cut off. But there are some records about needing one of the stones because it might have had magical properties, and there were notes of other break ins. They have an address which leads them to a temple of Grumbar.

The temple, to an earth god, is a hole in the ground. The go down and find only one priest who gives further information about a gem having magical properties, and the party has not yet found this gem. So back up into the street, with the priest and his defender to help.

They are attacked and get a clue about a temple of Bane in the city. Well as much subterfuge as goes on in this city, the group while actually trying to recover a gem for a merchant, has been led to attack a temple of Cyric, that the God Bane’s Godson wanted wiped out. The temple does get wiped out, and the 2 people that were helping was actually an avatar of Iyachtu Xvim and his defender. He thanks the party for their help, and goes on his merry little way.

Interesting Party Treasure: The Green eyed Glove, Bogo Chalk.

Elementally Speaking Air's Looking for You! (Pt 2)

See Pt 1. This is just a place holder post to show that we played for 2 weeks and not 1.

Elementally Speaking Air's Looking for You! (Pt 1)
LC-3-77 (Elementally Speaking 3)

Players Present: Morrin Telemnar, Mok the Powerful Wizard, Omegasun, Tiberius (Deceased), Jorktan
NPC’s Present:

An Entry in the Journal of:
Morrin Telemnar
Captain in the Magi War College of Raven’s Bluff
Squire to the Knights of the Phoenix
Sergeant, Advanced Specialist Patrol, Raven’s Bluff City Watch

We started our day heading to Sharkey’s Bar and Grill as heir had been a recent crime wave hitting the city and we were invited to Sharkey’s to explore options. On our way there we met with Lady Tamaranda who accompanied us to Sharkey’s.

While at Sharkey’s the city experienced some sort of Earthquake, though it’s effects were greatly diminished for us. Following the Earthquake we met with none other than Tilly Rockcrusher. Tilly sat down for a drink with us and explained why he was currently blue (strange things always about in this city…). Apparently gey had romantic interest in Mora Starson (cousin of Warhawk Starson) and had headed over to Minimagic in order to request a flying horse. I didn’t get all of the details fully but it seems that his escapade lead him to a Wild Mage named Gideon who had, in fact, conjured forth a Pegasus for Tilly. Unfortunately the flying horse flew off before it could be tamed, and TIlly got turned pick from the WIld Magic. Gideon then tried to turn TIlly back to normal, only to turn him blue!

Anyways, after chatting a while TIlly got back to the topic at hand which was that it seems the recent chaos in the city was being caused by none other than the infamous Circle of Four (those hooligans!), which is why Tilly was at Sharkey’s. It seems he was our contact. Tilly gave us the scoop on our mission and then we leave.

Information we had:

  • It seems that the night before Lord Blacktree and his wife were assaulted, Blacktree himself was left behind, badly beaten, but his wife was currently missing. At party was happening at Lady Devillar’s manor at the same time, with many of the city’s prominent figures in attendance (just not the Lord and his Wife).
  • Much of the city was under a crime wave, it is thought that perhaps some members of the Night’s Watch were taking bribes to look the other way at times.
  • Knights of the Golden Rooster and Griffin had experienced major setbacks that were likely tied in with the other problems.
    *Mortimer Lightfoot and the Circle of 4 were likely responsible.

Upon returning to the service we hear that (unsurprisingly) the temple district had experienced extreme damage from the recent Earthquake. Upon arriving we fined that, in particular, the Temple of Lathander seemed to be in terrible shape (reduced to rubble would be appropriate). Talking with some of the persons nearby we found that the Chief Prelate along with several worshipers/priest(es) had been taken by some sort of flying carriage. With little else found out we decide to head to Lord Blacktree’s Manor House in order to learn more of his and Lady Katherine’s assault.

Upon arriving we find very little to help us, some obvious spell damage and City Watch members conducting their own investigations, but otherwise nothing of interest.

We then headed to Lady DeVillar’s where we find her taking care of a heavily injured Lord Blacktree but again, nothing of particular interest.

TIlly had mentioned that the Circle might have some interest in Ambassador Carrague, so we decide to head their next (running low on options). Arriving we find smoke billowing out of the house and the front door destroyed. Inside we find an unconscious man, but not the Ambassador. We awake the man and find ourselves face to face with the Wild Mage, Gideon. Apparently the flying horses were products of Figurines of Wondrous Power. He offers us flying belts constructed from Wild Magic (which definitely instills a sense of confidence in you…) to aid us in our investigations but beside that and the info on the Figurines, Gideon wasn’t able to offer up much information. Taking our leave, we experimented with the belts some, the weather was bad at the time, very windy, we were afraid that between this or the wild magic we would run into a spot of bad luck.

…Which unfortunately led to Mok getting slightly separated from the rest of us as he flew up high, during this time… we got attacked. Men teleport in and we came under assault. A rather frantic fight it was (I nearly died, Omegasun nearly died, and Tiberius did die) but we pulled through the ambush at the end.

Following the assault we headed to the Temple of Mystra, which was still standing (Praise Mystra!), likely due to it being a magic Dead Zone and what not. But several other temples seem to have been taken over by worshipers of Cyric, Bane, and the like! Upon arriving at the Temple we run into Lady De’Villar’s again, who had brought Lord Blacktree in to be healed. It took some time but we eventually staved Tiberius back to life. Upon getting a mission from Lady De’villars to help protect the city temples from further assault by the Circle of 4. We learned they, or their agents, were in some sort of cloud city above Raven’s Bluff.

We took immediately leave, unfortunately Tiberius just couldn’t quite keep quiet, and as we left we ran into some Cyric worshipers who he agitated. All seemed well, and we eventually started to take our leave, but as had nearly arrived at our destination a bolt of magic, from some sneaky Cyric worshiper who must have followed us, seemed to catch him and turn him to stone. We had not the time to fix the problem, with the temples being in ruin we left his remains for the moment and continued on to infiltrate the Circle’s on site base and see if we could find the missing people and put a stop to their treachery.

Blaze of Glory
LC 3-76

Players Present: Frek, Omegasun, Jorktan, Tiberius, Rowan Brightsword
NPC’s Present: Ambassador Carrague, Avon Alonis, Charles Oliver O’kane

An Entry in the Journal of
Morrin Telemnar
Captain in the Magi War College of Raven’s Bluff
Squire to the Knights of the Phoenix
Sergeant in the Scout Rangers Division, Raven’s Bluff City Watch
2nd Lieutenant in the Raven’s Bluff Army
Inserted in a Small Margin After in Scratchy Writing "Master of the Mightiest Dragon! "

It’s good to be back on active duty with the Menagerie, though it pains me to report the loss of a member, Rowan Brightsword, Druid of Sylvanus, Hunter and Student of Giantkind. There is nothing to do though that hasn’t already been done except to record the fateful adventure as I’ve been told by a newer member named Jorktan. So let’s begin.

Oliver O’kane truly has offered boundless help to this city, in this case he was able to contribute information that was deemed prudent by our current Mayoress (whose name I still don’t remember!) about a feisty wizard of They. Who was reported to be dabbling in powerful ritual magic that likely involved time distortion of some sort. As such the Menagerie was assigned to the task to investigate.

From what I gather it was a tough mission that they spent the better part of a week working on collecting information and learning about the Wizard’s Tower. Naturally the research turned up a great deal in the manner of wards and traps, particularly of the magical kind for said wizards tower. Both mundane and magical guards. The works. But the Menagerie are a competent lot, if I do say so myself, even Dusk agree’s with me. So as expected they were able to perform their duties admirably and were well prepared to assault the tower. They even had an arrest warrant.

The Menagerie began it’s assault at the front doors, using a special gem to unlock it and a Silence Spell to negate a Magic Mouth Alarm/Trap. From there they rushed the primary guardians, two men and a Golem of some sort. I gather the fight was over before it had even really began. They then moved on to the second floor to deal with the Red Wizard and restore safety to the city.

Eventually they found the Wizard, in the process of completing his spell. My understanding is that it is believed the spell was not truly a success, though what follows shows that it did get completed to some extent or another. I do not fully understand if the members of the Menagerie were transferred to another time, an alternate reality, or another dimension, but what is sure is that things were the same but different

After interrupting the Wizard it seems that time was disrupted for everyone and everyone ended up unconscious. Waking the members explored the tower to find it abandoned but not to different. Not finding anything interesting it is here I’m told the group left to head back and report. Oddly upon leaving the tower they found a city guard starving a Halfling Thief in a cage (or at leas this is how I understood it). Tiberius, another of our newer members, who might have a death wish (or so I’m told), tried to feed him only to be threatened by the guard. Eventually the thief escaped and several city guard showed up ready to beat the Menagerie for their involvement. I’m told that a younger looking version of Ambassador Carrague showed up and helped them escape.

The short story is that in this Raven’s Bluff, where/when-ever it was had something terrible happen. Something caused Avon Allonis to betray O’kane (who was the Captain of the city guard) which resulted in O’kane being stuck in prison. Carrague apparently had plans to break into the prison and with the Menagerie present he offered to let them help. Which they of course agreed to do.

Unfortunately as I understand things, while they got into the prison okay, it turned out to be a trap and several members of the rescue group (including Carrague himself) were knocked out stone cold by Drow Poison. Thankfully Alonis himself had shown up to spring the trap. The members of the Menagerie who did not get knocked out by the Drow Poison managed to break thing the evilness that was possessing Alonis and convinced him to help their rescue attempt. I guess they killed Alonis, all according to his plan, to hide his treachery (he was later raised so it worked out okay). The Menagerie and Carrague managed to escape with O’kane.

From here the exact events as they occurred are a little fuzzy to me (or, OOC, I forgot to record past here… oops). I am to believe that O’kane was safely rescued and Carrague had figured out a way to undue the evilness that had occured to the city. Apparently the group met back at the Wizard’s tower and assisted Carrague in performing a Divine spell of the 9th Circle which was able to undue the badness. It was during these events that Tiberius ended up being transported to the 7 Heavens (but was later wished back) while using a Staff of Power to defend the tower while the ritual was performed. And this is where Rowan met his fateful end. I understand that several members put their lots in to draw straws in order to sacrifice themselves to fix all that was wrong, and to help fuel the spell, Rowan drew the long straw. There aren’t many words to say here, the spell worked and Rowan gave his life/existence for it.

In order to commemorate him, a statue was made in honor of the relatively quiet Dwarf.

As far as I can tell this lead to a successful completion of the mission. I’m told that all members, new and old, acted with the utmost integrity throughout and that the team should be honored for their efforts.

Experience: MIA
Loot: MIA

A Very Personal Request
LC 3-75

Players Present : Mok Tiberius, Omegasun Jorktan Bela

Today our intrepid group gets invited to speak to Tallick Boughalay, cleric of Ilmater. He has an old friend that he knew from his adventuring days. He’s a bit secretive basically telling us that while he will get the party to her, that her identity needs to remain secret. He will give us an item that will teleport us to her side. We gather our belongings and set sail so to speak.

The item activates and we are not at her side. We are on a small island, and as we move around we discover that this place that we are in, is an anti magic area, we can not touch the weave in any way shape or form. As soon as we discover this we are attacked by some Ogres and Hill Giants. Bela makes certain that the group runs and that there is no possible way we can fight them without their magic items.

So we run, and run, and the follow us, until such time as we drag the enemy troops onto a group of humans. Unbeknownst to us, those humans were evil as well, so them fighting each other was good, but Mok not knowing this thought that we had drug the humanoids onto the humans and needed to help them. Eventually us wiping both groups out. However a large argument ensued in the melee on what happened. Tiberius ran for the villiage. Bela was of the opinion that we should not be fighting, and he takes the item that can teleport us home, and basically does a, if it is not my way, then I am leaving temper tantrum.

The group holds it together long enough to make it to the village and there was a big fight, between the cult of the dragon and something. We’ll eventually we figure out that the lady we were sent to check on, is a gold dragon, and the Cult of the dragon have a new scheme to drive good dragon’s crazy. They give them some giant itching powder, and then place a block that makes a huge anti magic area. Therefore than can not use their powers to cure the disease/insanity.

We save the dragon, return home, let the cleric know that all is now well, and we finish our mission.

This was the last adventure for Bela, as the strain of his actions was too much for the group to bear, and was kicked from the group.

By Dawn's Early Light
war# 13 LC3 - 74

Players Present: Kodaly Bela, Mok the Powerful Wizard, Rowan Brightsword, Omegasun, Sir Dresden N Drumheller, Tiberious

NPCs Present: Charles Oliver O’kane, Lord Mayor, Charles Frederick LaVerne Blacktree IV, Lord Speaker, Major Thomas Devillars, Lord Knight Humand T Stillers, Tim, Timothy

The final battle for Raven’s Bluff took 6 days. A hard won fight that could easily have gone the other way had it not been for a strange ally, a group of dwarves, coming to our aid in our time of direst need. With the aid of our allies, we were able to fight back the enemy and claim the day. I doubt many will call this a true victory until time has worn away the painful memories of all that was lost.

Most of the citizen’s who were unable to fight had been gathering in Memorial Park that final day as if something in the air told them this would be the end one way or another. With flashes of magic in the distance, they waited to know their fate. The flashes and sounds slowly dimming a short while later General Blacktree rode into the park and every person there let out both a sigh of relief as well as a cheer.

The leaders of the city quickly assembled and the crowd quieted momentarily as Blacktree confirmed what everyone already knew. The enemy had been driven back. Medals and Ribbons were awarded and the crowd’s cheers could no longer be quelled. The Midnight Menagerie members in attendance watched the events knowing that their role in the war both harmed and eventually helped save the city they love. as the watched several officers making their way through the crowd and all knew they still had a part to play in the aftermath.

It didn’t take long before the Menagerie is approached by Officer Thomas Devillars who ushers them to somewhere they can speak more privately. It seems the city once more has a job for us. we are presented with 3 objectives: 1. If possible find the leader of the enemy forces (Jolan). 2. Look for any signs of Charles Oliver O’kane, Lord Mayor, 3. Rescue any prisoners that might be found.

We were also given a few other instructions. If we found any enemy troops while on our mission we were to disarm and disarmor them and then let them go on their way. This also applied to any troops we found from our side that appeared disoriented or out of their wits. Lastly, we were instructed to leave all magical belongings we found at the raven estate alone but we were to bring back and evidence that could be found that pointed to Raven’s involvement with the Enemy forces.

We were given very few resources other than a little knowledge on where to head out too. The instructions we were given did not sit well with all the members of the menagerie however when the city needs our help it is our duty to answer the call.

As we set out to prepare ourselves for the coming mission we received word of several special events going on in the city. The first was the several Bags of Holding were available at our favorite Magical shop, The second was that the Temple of Mystra was allowing brave souls to pull cards from a deck of many things to help raise funds for the city. A little reluctant at first the members of the menagerie finally gave in and pulled cards, the money was for a good use after all. While most of the members saw minor improvements and changes a few had some dramatic effects take hold of them. Our Mighty Half-orc Wizard burst into flames and died before our eyes.. only to be resurrected moments later as a lizardman…. yes a lizardman. Sir Dresden seems to be moving much slower than before, our favorite Butler now HATES visitors and strangers, Rowan seems to have fallen Madly in love with Mok, and Mr Pointy can now talk on his own.

Once the draws were made the group set out towards the battlefield near the Fire River. As we traveled closer to Raven’s estate we could make out a dark cloud on the northern horizon there seemed to be an aura of magic about it with lightning, fire, ice and acid all seen swirling within the clouds. Pressing on holding fast to our mission we came upon the battlefield at last. Thankfully very few human corpses remain on the ground most were int he graves that littered the landscape. After prayers were said and the dead thanked for their sacrifice the party moved on continuing north towards Raven’s Estates.

As we reached the Other side of the battlefield we found a fisherman pulling what seemed like an unusually large amount of fish out of the river. It seemed as if every throw of the net brought at least one. We spoke with the man for a while who seemed to be enjoying himself noting he hadn’t been able to fish for so long. He was able to provide us with some information about the magical cloud. “it was magical and it messed with magical stuff” though not as informative as one might like it did let us know that we should be careful with magic while under the cloud.

After traveling a bit farther north we came upon a group of 8 soldiers. 3 wore the livery of Raven’s Bluff the other 5 looked to be mercenaries from the enemy army. One of the members of the group introduced himself as Lord Knight Humand T. Stillers of Raven’s Bluff. After a long conversation with the group, most of the Menagerie felt confident that Lord Knight Stillers was sound enough of mind to remain armed and armored without any danger to himself or others. The other 2 members of the Raven’s Bluff army would be sent with Lord Knight Stillers to finish scouting the area. The fate of the mercenaries was a much longer discussion. Sir Dresden spoke with his god and was able to determine evil did not lie in the heart of the mercenaries. Lord Knight Stillers felt it would be a death sentence to send the men away with no weapon or armor. Tiberius strongly felt as we had agreed to the job and part of the agreement was to disarm and disarmor any enemy forces that we should stand by that agreement regardless of what could happen to the men after.

Many valid statements were discussed on both sides and with Sir Dresden’s knowledge and the Lord Knights insistence, most of the group agreed to allow the Mercenaries to disarmor but keep a weapon. Not knowing what the men did after they left makes me wonder if it truly was the right thing to do. just a week back these men would have been slain were they stood had we come across them. As for their hearts not being evil I often think, If a man steals the crop of a small farm for no other reason than to cause a hardship on the farmer, some might consider that man evil. If a man stole an equal amount of crops to feed his starving family that surely would have died had he not, he would by most standards not be considered evil. The farmer in both cases no longer has enough food stored for the winter and his family suffers because of the loss. The men we let go that day were not evil, yet, I still pray our kindness in letting the beleaguered men leave armed doesn’t result in suffering from those who had no part in the event. As a saying I have oft heard on the road goes, desperate men do desperate things.

Once the band of soldiers was dealt with the Menagerie continued on its path to Raven’s Estates. We arrived with no further incidents and upon doing so we heard an engine like sound coupled with the sound of dying men coming from a barn-like structure. We immediately set out to investigate the structure and lend a hand to those obviously in need. We found the structure locked and all doors reinforced with steel. Sir Dresden was able to fly Tiberius up to the roof of the structure where a small window was present. This allowed Tiberius to enter the barn through magical means. Once inside Tiberius noted the injured soldiers and made his way to what appeared to be a large pile of dead men to investigate. After a long period of silence, the group started to worry so Mok, using a chime of opening, led the charge through the front door of the barn. The group immediately went to assist the injured prisoners and ensure their safety. That was until a strange blue camel like creature entered the barn. Knowing the prisoners were healed enough to no longer be in danger and recognizing the groups own danger in straying too close to the disenchanters that now roamed to barn the group scrambled or flew away from the things. Mok and Rowan having some knowledge of the creatures began hurling spells at the beasts until those inside and outside the barn were satiated on the magic and wandered away.

While Tiberius conjured food and water for the prisoners the rest of the Menagerie made their way to the nearby cemetery to look around for any clues as to where the enemy might have gone. We found a what appeared to be a recently created mausoleum and decided to check it first. the door was already ajar so we opened to find a note that indicates it to be the tomb of Timmy one of Raven’s apprentices. It is signed by “Tim the Archmage of Raven’s Bluff”. From previous dealings with the Menagerie, we are aware that Tim was also once the apprentice of Raven and several pieces slowly start coming together. Exploring the rest of the cemetery we find several other tombs, the first had a plaque naming it the tomb of a Warlord known as Oraniston who died in the year 675. As the MEagerie did not want to be remembered as grave robbers we left the tomb undisturbed and moved on to the next. The second structure contained a magical talking plaque who alerted us that the tomb belonged to Warlord Hastrigor who passed away in the year of the fiend’s kiss. We also learned that Warlord Hasitgor was an evil man and that the plaque was sort of a guardian over the tomb. We once again left the tomb alone and move on to the third and final tomb.

We knew there was something odd about the third tomb as soon as we approached it. Unlike any other tomb this tomb was barred on the outside and looked like someone or something inside it had tried to escape. As it was obvious this tomb had been disturbed before we arrived we decided to force our way through the barred door in order. With everyone alert and weapons drawn the door was opened to display a small room with signs of extreme physical abuse. An emaciated figure lay in a clump on the floor. As we all slowly drew closer some of the man’s features seemed familiar even in this state and we soon realized we had found Charles O’kane. With all haste and to the best of the group’s ability healing was applied to him. With our best effort, we were able to heal his body however his mind remained broken. Knowing we needed help as quickly as possible, Tiberius cast a sending to Raven’s Bluff in order to call for help for the Lord Mayor as well as the prisoners. as we had not yet explored Raven’s Manor we set Rockcrusher and Godrick to guard the Lord Mayor O’Kane and to watch over the prisoners as we explored the manor for any additional clues.

Inside the building the sound of insults were audible from a room at the end of the entrance hall we approached with no regard for stealth walking directly into the room. Inside we found Tim. Tim seemed to believe that Raven was dead. When we told him it was not so he grew enraged and went to attack us. Tiberius managed to stab out with his spear first only to find its point deflect off Tim’s skin. Before anyone could do anything else there was an explosion and a burst of flame. When the light faded Bela and Tiberius lay injured on the ground. We quickly stabilized and used some of our final healing to help them recover. The only thing left in the room was the throne and a small box. Inside the box we found notes exonerating Raven of any wrong doing. Pocketing this evidence to give to the city we made our way to through the rest of the manor. We were thankful that the rest of the manor seemed to be clear of any enemies. At last, we came to the vault to find the door slightly ajar. Inside a body lay on the floor. It looked like it had been burned from the inside out and a message was scratched into the floor next to it " Jalan, No Magic must be".

Having completed our mission as best we could we returned the mayor and the prisoners to the city where General Blacktree debriefed us. He also gave the group 2500 gold worth of gems from his private stash and several ioun stones for a job well done.


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