Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Light in the Lover's Eye

Players Present: Clead, Mok, Morrin, Omegasun, Pimfire
Players Missing: Jerome (Partial – left early – unplanned)
Players Absent: none

DM Post.

Today our illustrious group was summoned and told a story by Madam Coth, the greatest silk clothier in the bluff. She recounts a dream about a Sunite that faces her and instead of being pretty, she is hauntingly ugly. She summons the group, gives them a note to find High Priestess Morlain of the Temple of Sune.

The group makes all haste for the Temple district and the temple to find Morlain, except upon arrival, the High Priestess is away from the temple. After a couple of hours wasted (I’ll not bore you with the details) the group gives the letter to the person in charge of the temple who after reading it, offers that High Priestess Morlain has left with her husband for a retreat at a place called the Valley of the Dolls. If the group leaves right away they can make the first night’s camp, just after dark.

So the group sets off, and they must be close to the right spot, when gouts of flame shoot form the ground, releasing a Cornugon, a Gulegon and 2 Hamatulas. The group fends off the latter three, but the Cornugon leaves, looking for a different group of adventurers, something about Clan Shaido.

The group rests and the next day finds it’s way to the Valley of the Dolls. Couples only so the group has a couple of people Polymorphed into females, Mokesena, Cleabelle, and Pim. The group begins to explore and speaking to all the other couples they find that the High Priestess has not been seen in two days. The group figures out which bungalow might be theirs, makes entry and finds her passed out and poisons, being guarded by a female priestess of Talos who is captured and a male that got away.

The rescue complete, the group leaves, until a portal opens up on the way out, someone talks about fate, and a Fang Dragon comes out the gate. Morrin uses a special ability he had gotten long ago, where he could slow time and effectively go twice. Between Morrin and the rest of the group, they decimate the dragon, not leaving anything worth anything except for the teeth. The group takes a few, and they return Morlain home, ready to deal with what fate shall bring next.

Bursting Your Bubble
LC 4-86

Players Present: Clead, Mok, Morrin, Omegasun, Garthin, Pimfire
Players Absent: None
Players Missing: None

DM Post.

Today our group started off by going to deal with some information from the Raven’s Bluff Trumpeter! They start off by going to see Field Marshall Charles Laverne Blacktree IV and volunteer to help with the fight against the Heart of Bane, and the upcoming need there. Blacktree tells the group to be available on the 17th of Hammer to assist. They group gives its assent and will return on that day.

Then the group heads off to visit Cerephane, and use some credit that the group has thanks to Morrin. A Few things are found that the group is interested in, but the rest remains as a credit for now.

Then the group hears a story about Sharkey’s being attacked and the Harbor under assault. The group races off and finds that none of it is indeed true, and that there is simply a Triton in the water asking for assistance with a problem from some air breathers. Eventually people start to move off and the group begins to discuss the problem with a Raphael. As this happens a group of people who hate merfolk come through the people bashing the citizens with the butt end of clubs, or the flats of boards to make their way through the crowd to get to the merman, or so they say, even thought it is a Triton.

The group fights off the misguided citizens, killing a few thanks to new member Garthin, who feels he was threatened at that his life was in danger. The Triton seems very distraught about the way in which the group has slaughtered people who didn’t understand his people. So much so that he decides to come back the next day if he really wants the groups help. If he does come back he tells the group to be ready with a small ship, and that he will bring a whale for the travels.

So the group waits at the docks for the Raphael who eventually shows up with 5 companions and a whale. The group gets on the ship, goes into a whale’s mouth and proceeds. What happens next, the whale burps, shifts, moves? And a battle can be heard from further inside the whale. The group wants to go on, but has a fear of hurting the whale, or being trapped. The group after the days memorizes new spells and goes into the belly of the whale, at which point they see 2 other ships that were swallowed by the whale. Why? Not sure. But they group finds they are all dead. So they go back to their ship and continue the journey.

After a few days the whale stops and needs to eat. The group is taken to an island, where they find a girl, Mara carrying a fish and running from boys. They boys stop when the group intercedes and Mara takes the group to her elders. The village has a feast in the groups honor, and as part they find out this is an elemental island, and this is the fire tribe, but they lost the secret of elemental fire, and they need to get it back or the other groups will continue to shun them. The group takes part in a ritual that baths them in black tar, but should protect them from fire, and they pass out. They wake up next morning, and the Tritons and the Whale are there to continue.

They group continues onward when the whale belches them out in front of a wall of fire. The group dives through the wall, taking some damage, but less due to the villagers tar protection, to meet the Kracken.

The Kracken grapples almost all of the group, and makes this rapidly hard for the group. A couple members of the group can not be grappled, and slowly the group gets free of the tentacles, but they creature eventually flees. Once the group chases off the Kraken, there is a boy from the plane of fire, playing marbles. The group speaks to him, plays marbles with him, and getting some elemental fire for the island group, and the boy steps back into a fissure that takes him home, and the water comes crashing in on the group. They are saved by a wall of force, and the Tritons return them home. Many Merfolk come and pay their respects as well as fish and other creatures for getting rid of the boy of fire from the ocean bottom!

Stairway to Heaven

Characters PresentMorrin Telemnar, Garthin Merath, Clead, Koth, Frek
NPC’s Present: Belanor Fenmarel, Hathmar Blademark, Vernon Condor

Belanor Fenmarel, the previously acting Deputy Mayor (the fella who had been charged with treason) had recently died. The Menagerie had taken the occasion of his death to met some potential members. After a quick run in with Hathmar, we were approached by a Captain Yearnsmith who inquired if we would be willing to take on a job for him. The job involved investigating a few different mausoleums for the man, in order to find a suitable resting place.
Wandering Heartwarder
A Man for the Ages
LC3-83 (Blackhand Series #2)

Players Present: Belgrum, Clead, Mok, Morrin, Omegasun
Players Absent: None
Players Missing: None

GM POST for this adventure. Someone had left the game

Our Intrepid group, the [[Midnight Menagerie Guild Charter/Bylaws | Midnight Menagerie]] had just finished finding out information about the banelich in our adventure A Little Knowledge when they were asked to go discover information about the legendary sword that was used to kill the banelich, when it was a mere mortal. Again they meet with Mistayana the half human female priestess of Torm. mistayana.jpg who gives the group the aforementioned job. Her dead cohort left a note with an avenue to check out. A former adventuring wizard named Rudolph who has the key to where the sword is, if the party can but pass the test that was left behind by the original owner.

Indeed it is a test with some contraption in the center of the room. A square marble pedestal with an ivory scroll case sitting on top of it. The pedestal has four bronze plates affixed to it, one on each side. At each cardinal compass direction, a small oak chest sits on the floor, including one that you nearly stumble over as you enter from the south. Each plate has writing on it, and a small, round hole near the bottom of the plate. The group had to read some writing and get the right gem into the right chest for the central area to open, and lead them to where they needed to go next.

They make camp and meet an old man who wishes to share camp with the group. Aramatir is his name, and the group has a nice discussion with him, some of it philosophical, and then end the night, parting ways in the morning.

The group finds the tomb, and its defenses, first some Caryatid Columns, and Clay Golems, which the party does manage to defeat, but not easily. The Columns have some inherent defense to weapons that risks even magical weapons being destroyed.

The group goes into the inner sanctum, having to leave behind something to fight for Tyr with, which the group does, and gets the legendary blade.

In the Year of the Singing Sprite did our Lord Aramatir finally come to blows with the foul creature Cthurdar Belvarent, a priest of the tyrrant god. The battle was long and arduous, and the retainers and compainions of both men slowly fell away, dead or too injured to continue the fight. It was then that Lord Aramatir faced Cthurdar and his chosen minion, the babau Grhosrrillin alone, in the sactuary of evil and vileness that was their lair. With his mighty sword Juststriker, Aramatir did slay the evil ones, striking off the head of the fiend with the last ounce of his strength. Though Aramatir did live, and fight again, a great weapon for justice was lost that day, for the foul secretions of the babau did destroy Juststriker, even as the keen edge of the blade sent the creature screaming back to the pits from which it sprang. It is to this purpose that the mastersmiths of Bright Waters have converged, and forged this weapon, as a symbol of the deed and our gift and tribute to Lord Aramatir. May his legend shine brightly for many years to come. The group finds a awesomely magical warhammer while they are here as well, which they are “told” they are allowed to take.

On the way out, Bane has sent some forces to stop the group, which does not succeed. Or group gets back to Mistayana with the information safely.

A Little Knowledge - 2
2 weeks

This adventure took 2 weeks.

A Little Knowledge

Players Present: Belgrum, Clead, Jorktan Mok Morrin Omegasun
Players Abset: None
Players Missing: Clyve

Our group had a recent encounter with a Banelich in The Gathering and today the city decides its time to start getting a handle on the situation, after they eventually figure out they are searching for information on the banelich. The Tormites did not want to say why, but eventually figuring out that our group already knew about it, they let the information out. They were to meet with a Dontarel who they find out is dead and their new contact is a MIstyana. So as I said they are off.

They have three clues, three names, a Sage Bellirin, an adventuress Arylinn and a book Collector name Gerryn.

The sage lives in the city, and is dead, and was turned into a Juju Zombie. Not much to go on there.

The adventuress is nailed to the wall with her head on the floor between her feet. Not much here except a log of her adventuring days which briefly mentions the priest of bane that eventually becomes the banelich, and her journal of expenses.

Onto the bookseller, his farmhouse is on fire, but from neighbors we find out the bookseller is not home. The find a fragment of a book after the fire is out that gives a clue to the place called Stormkeep. The group sets off to find this old ruins up near High Haspur, or thereabouts.

Along the way the group takes care of a beggar looking for food for his family, and they a couple of bandits attacking a farm. They save the family from the bandits, eventually finding out that the family’s land has an old overgrown trail to Tormkeep, which is what Stormkeep was once named.

The party has three tests. Jorktan takes the first one, defending an infant from a demon. Jorktan tries to ride off with the child, which is not what Torm feels is his duty, and the first test is failed, but Jorktan pays the price.

Test 2, fighting the skeleton, Omega destroys this task easily.

So the group goes on to three doors, Power, Wealth or Knowledge. the group chooses Knowledge which is what they are here for, and Test 3, Knowledge occurs. Mok handles this one. After the test, the group chooses Knowledge as a reward. There is a set of books, each person can read one, plus knowledge about the banelich is locked away in their brain. The group heads back and the knowledge flows forth, the group successful in their mission.

Oct 27th - No game
No game

Too many people called away from the game. We missed this week.

Knight Moves

Players Present: Belgrum Clead ClyveClyve Owens Jorktan Mok Morrin Omegasun

Players Absent: None

DM Log:

Today the party is having a ball, well rather going to a ball. They get fancied up and the new members who are also squires tag along to the ball. The group gets placed in an area with Raven, Lady Lauren Devillars, Lord Calvin Longbottle and Lady Caroline Skyhawk (Knight Captain of the Griffons), Sir Ian Graham, (Leader of the Knights of the Right Hand of Tyr) and Carston Willows (Regent of the Guilds.

The group engages the group in their area, plays some chess with Carston, who complains a little about Arvin Kothonos and not getting his job. The group talks to the knights, and Lady Lauren Devillars comes over and thanks the group for their service. Shortly after some more mingling there is a cry from outside.

The group rushes out and Lady Caroline Skyhawk and Sir Ian Graham are dead, their carriage struck by a massive lightning strike. The group is asked by Lady Lauren Devillars to get them to the temple of Lathandar and see what can be done. So the group does so, a raise dead being tried on SIr Ian Graham that fails.

On the way back the parties carriage driver is shot and killed by an archer. The group gets out, but wherever it came from the archer can’t be found. The end of the arrow has a map, made from what looks like skin or human hide. There is a map to a spot in Crow’s End and it looks like the party is expected to come there. When the group shows up, there is a 9 foot tall man in black armor, that says very little, but challenges the group to a fight, or perhaps we should say one person. Mok accepts and is rather easily handled. He offers for others to challenge him as well, that are met with same results. He walks off down the alley, and his mount left black hoofprints in the ground. so the group follows them, outside of town, before they fade, to a barn that was burned down in the war.

They find there is a ladder down into a cellar? Underground Passage? As the group goes down Omega does his great find traps and sets the stairs on fire. Into the next room, a pool of water with Flesh Golems and electric eels that haste the golems. That done, the group finds a door with a chessboard. The must solve the chess puzzle in order to be able to enter.

Inside they find a Cornugon, holding hostage behind a wall of force, as well as a wizard. Mok rushes in, not seeing three Hamatula who rip Mok to shreds, knocking him out of the fight. The group fights the Hamatula and manages to knock them out, but the Cornugon is just too much for the group. Not being able to gain any ground, the group starts to talk about retreat, when one of the City’s fine knights, Sir Dresden Drumheller comes rushing in to help. At this point everything changes, The devil, whose name is Charbane, says “perfect” rushes up, touches Dresden and they both disappear. The group manages to get the body of the dead Regent of the Guilds, and get’s him resurrected, but Dresden is now missing, and eventually Lady Caroline Skyhawk is able to be resurrected. The group awaits information, or the next meeting with “Charbane.”

The Stars and Moon Above (Fate #2)
LCS3 - 80

Players Present:Morrin Telemnar Mok the Powerful Wizard Jorktan Dragonhand Omegasun Clyve Owens

NPCs Present
Madam Coth

In the wake of the war there is always much to do. Over the last week the Midnight Menagerie has been kept busy mostly around the city helping those in need. I was able to sneak 3 books away from Jorktan over the week and though a little hard to chew through than normal I feel my “enlightenment” is coming along nicely. One of the books in particular he seemed overly upset about so it must have been extra if he was trying to save it for himself.

I ma not sure if eating the book set off the next events or if it was fate but when we all went to sleep that night we seemed to share the same freaky dream. We came to consciousness (<—>< another big word i ate Jorktan is gonna be so proud).

The first place we ended up was a large tower of grey sand. It had no doors or windows which seems kind of silly to me but Morrin thought really hard about a door and one suddenly appeared! it was a cool trick I will have to have him teach me some time. when we entered the tower we found a woman sitting in the tower with a veil over most of her face. Her name was Passine she said she had failed her quest so was stuck helping everyone that came to her. We asked some questions of her about our quest and then Jorktan whom seems to always have his nose in something decided he needed to enrich his mind by trying to free Passine from this place. Passine told us that to be freed someone had to be able to look upon her disfigured face and stare her in the eyes with out being revolted. Jorktan in the name of research tried to free Passine but alas his nature to spend hours studying things backfired and she was not able to be freed. Having eaten things that would make most other races curl up in a ball and cried and at Jorktan’s prodding, I decided to give it a try. I looked at Passine and while she was disfigured I had seen worse in many of the orcish brothels. Having heard many of the human fairy tales about ladies being locked in towers rewarding those who save them and having been a long time since I had erm been with you know a women, I kissed Passine. Unfortunately, that act was what was needed to free her so my chances at anything more were quickly squashed. Fortunately, though She was able to provide us with information on how to get our stuff that the old lady stole back. It was pretty easy we just had to will it back and then bleed on it.

Once we had our questions answered Passine went on her way and the ball of light took us to a a new place. We ended up in a meadow with 3 moons over head, 1000s of butterfly and a monolith. On the monolith the following words were in scribed:

“A silver, a copper, two bits of gold, Thy troubles continue through the lies of old.
Athrogony flock to the powers of the fey, But disperse they will, if faced by the day.
The power of ancient they drain with a touch. wands become brittle, swords they do rust.
Inside this tomb is a treasure they seek, Payments be placed in the arm of the |”

After reading this and talking for a bit we decided we had to put money into the slot. Clyve decided to put a coin in and his hand was burnt, when he put the second coin in the butterfiles began to come towards us. Clyve quickly placed the other two coins into the slot and it broek in two revealing a warhammer. I grabbed the warhammer and the butterflies follow me. It is pretty scarie since the words said it could make my sword rust and i really like my sword. As they all got close Mok the Mighty threw a great ball of fire at me and killed all the butterfly. After he killed them all we renamed him Mok the butterfly killer instead of Mok the Mighty. The ball came back and we were on our way.

Our third destination was a huge temple. Walking into the temple we found a pictogram showing columns and a person. We quickly ascertained (so many big words) that the picture was a map of the room. For some unknown reason they let me count and i ran to the fifth pillar and found a panel on the back of the column. I ripped open the panel and was assualted with 7 darts. Luckily i am a hardy Barbarian and only had minor injuries. I then figured out that 4 comes after 3 instead of 5 and we moved onto the previous column.


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