Ravens Bluff, The Living City


Players Present:Clearice Eilif, Omegasun, Morrin Telemnar, Pimfire Tyndal, Mok, Xavier
NPC: Lord Alvin Carstairs, Cliven, Lady Glora Varro, Clara the maid (of Gaius), Lord Marshall Gaius Varro
Player’s Missing: None
Player’s absent: None
Posted By: Pimfire Tyndal

Listen close to a tale of a creature most foul! A creature who can suck the life force right from you much like the powerful undead but instead can also take your face and make it it’s own! This creature did terrorize our very city streets walking amongst us without our knowledge killing for sport and assuming the guise of your neighbor and even yours truly!

We dined with Glora Varro at the Pheasant Roasted Inn where she asked us to protect her later that evening at her abode while she attempted to discover her missing cousin Gaius Varro during a powerful spell. Suddenly we heard a cry from Lord Alvin Carstairs who came rushing by the Inn claiming someone robbed him! We the midnight menagerie rushed to the scene of the crime and along with the city watch were unable to find a single clue to verify the miscreant, an obvious sign it was no doubt perpetrated by the Kind of Thieves himself Markus! For its known, he never leaves a sign or clue when he strikes. He made off with a valuable family heirloom.

On our way out of Lord Alvin’s estate we chanced upon a man named Cliven who doubled over in pain suddenly. We rushed to his aid and saw to it he received treatment at the temple of Lathander since we did not seem to be able to heal whatever ails him. That done we headed back to the Pheasant Roasted Inn a wonderful established with amazing dishes that will tantalize your taste buds and make you feel like a noble. I highly recommend it.

It was there that while sitting with the Lady Glora Varro once more to finish our conversation and dinner that we told her of our assumption as to whom was involved in the theft when she pointed out that Markus was sitting at the bar the entire time! Omega approached him to question him regarding the theft. Meanwhile I began to suspect that Cliven may have been the one to steal the heirloom as swallowing such a large piece of jewelry would certainly cause pain that couldn’t be magically healed by our Clearice. I approached Omega and Markus and listened in for a moment before stepping up and I attempted to hire Markus on behalf to retrieve the item from Cliven if possible since we were presently engaged to assist Glora that evening but was turned down. Markus did not seem to care if someone tread upon his reputation or not.

Once we left Glora with promises to meet at her home in an hours time I told Mok and the rest of the group regarding my suspicions but realizing we all couldn’t make it to the temple district and back in time he agreed to fly there and see if Cliven was indeed the thief. The rest of us headed to Lady Glora’s mansion. While at the temple of Lathander Mok informed the priest attending Cliven regarding our hunch and asked to speak with someone who could speak with the gods on our behalf to verify if we were correct. I am told the High Priest himself performed such a task but the Gods revealed that Cliven was indeed innocent regarding the theft of Lord Alvin Carstairs property.

At Lady Glora Varro’s mansion we were brought into a special chamber used for her magical experiments and protection. Our task was to guard her in case something came through her spell. Unfortunately Mok had not managed to make it back before she began casting and during the spell Morrin heard a loud noise and shut the door to the room sealing us in. The spell failed when moments later Mok crashed through the door with a maid in tow. Mok had seen someone leap out of a second story window and flee as he approached her mansion. Rushing to investigate sure enough a glass statue was broken and a powerful magical artifact was taken. Other than a quick glimpse by Mok of a figure dressed in black no more could be found and our suspicion that Markus may indeed be behind things was growing. The maid had come to tell the Lady she had seen Gaius Varro down on the docks of Raven’s Bluff earlier that day and having worked for him for several years she was sure he would have recognized her but he instead fled as she approached.

With nothing to go on to find Markus or whomever was behind the recent string of burglaries we headed towards the docks to see if we could find Gaius ourselves. Just minutes after leaving Morrin doubles over in pain similar to that of Cliven. Omega picks him up and we change direction towards the temple district unable to do much else for Morrin. Several minutes go by before like Cliven it seems the pain has passed and we change direction again back to the docks once Morrin is able to walk on his own.

It was there along the way we passed the Pleasure Palace where several woman were talking to the city watch regarding the assault and murder of a co-worker. Upon seeing me, they accused me of being the one to have done the foul deed! I assure you I did no so such thing and even told the women and city watch it was not me. I gave the city watch my where about for the past week and asked my friends to get those down at the Orphanage where I had been spending my days to come testify on my behalf. I then went with the city watch and was summarily put through our justice system which I must say is both swift and efficient.

The group figured to rush to the docks and check the Rusty Nail area for Gaius first before heading over to Crow’s End to get my alibi. While there they get confirmation from others who remember seeing Gaius around but no one could remember where he went. Realizing that Lady Glora must be informed of Gaius return they swiftly made their way back to her mansion but upon entering her area of town saw a flash of light from the 2nd story of the Thavian Embassy. They approached the guards and told them what they saw who ran inside to investigate. Left outside the watched as a man in black leapt from a 2nd floor window onto the grounds and walk over to them. It was Markus!

Markus told them of how he grew up in Crow’s End and that a Red Wizard of Thay was responsible for enslaving his parents and that he’s vowed vengeance on the one responsible named Yosaf or some such. He tells them that this wizard was put in charge of a magical Orb and should it go missing he’d be held responsible and most likely executed or put in prison. With that in mind Markus and his Sister hatched a plan where his sister got a job as a maid in the Embassy to spy but was caught and he believes is now dead. The Orb was recalled to Thay and would be leaving soon on it’s journey so he broke in but there were too many guards. He told them he wanted to eat with them at the Shark Fin Tavern. He then asks them to help him sneak back into the Embassy but the Midnight Menagerie refused. Mok believing Markus to have stolen from both Lord Carstair and Lady Varro asks for the items back but Markus claimed to have never stolen those things.

That being done the group headed back to Lady Varro’s to inform her of their findings at the dock. Once there she attempts the spell again and this time Gaius appears as she disappears in a strange dark void of magical energy. Gaius explains that he’s trapped in a realm of negative energy and the creatures there are capable of taking the appearance of their prey and victims! That the only way to free him is to find one such creature which was set loose when he went missing as they must have “changed places” and to do so recast this spell but somewhere down near the docks. As he says this the spell ends and Lady Varro reappears and Gaius disappears. Lady Varro claimed to have heard everything and further she knows where the spell needs to be cast. None other then the 2nd floor of the Thavian Embassy. She tells them she will inquire as to if they can gain access through political channels while the Menagerie needs to track down this evil entity and capture it.

At a dead road the gang come visit me in jail and during that visit Markus walks into jail claiming to have seen me down at the docks killing a person. The Guards not caring or believing Markus refuse to let me go since they are certain I killed that woman at the Pleasure Palace and Markus is hardly a creditable source. They are told no matter it would be until the morning before I could get released even with a proper alibi. The gang follows Markus directions and head down to the docks. Once there Clearice takes flight and with the help of a True Sight spell searches the area around the Rusty Nail. A few blocks away she spots the creature in an alley appearing to be sleeping. Not wanting to take the chance she casts a spell of bright light to alert the others who come rushing down the streets. Once there they manage to subdue the creature and tie it up but not before it sucks some energy from Clearice and Mok even going so far as to take on Mok’s appearance during the struggle.

The next morning they bring Ariel from the orphanage to the jail who verifies my whereabouts as an alibi and I am released from custody. We then visit Lady Varro to learn that political channels have failed and we instead must break into the Embassy if we want to free Lord Gaius. We decide that Markus is our best prospect and meet with him at Sharky’s Tavern where he agrees to help us if we help him while at the Embassy. After getting Lady Varro to agree to pay for the cost of this operation we manage to sneak in where Markus gets the Orb he sought and in return he hands Mok the items he did indeed steal from Carstair and Varro claiming they were needed for him to break into the Embassy. The Lady Varro casts her spell transporting the negative energy creature back to its realm and returning the real Gaius to our fair city.

With that, my friends I hope the next time you see someone whom you have not seen in years because you thought they have gone missing or had died that you notify the city watch immediately. It may just be another such creature has found its way into our city, our realm, and is preying upon its fair citizens.


10,000 Gold from Lady Varro = 1,000 gold each (6 players) –3400 odd gold to party treasury – 580 odd on divination at temple of Lathander
A bag of 30 = 100g Sapphires from Lord Varro (party treasury)
We return the ring of X-Ray vision to Lady Varro and the Brooch to Lord Carstairs that was stolen by Markus
2750 XP (half for Clearice and Xavier for missing portion of the evening)


Players Present:Clearice Eilif, Omegasun, Morrin Telemnar, Pimfire Tyndal, Mok
NPC: Ariel Halfwind, Desiree, Sargent Kenton
Player’s Missing: None
Player’s absent: None
Posted By: Pimfire Tyndal

Won’t someone think of the children! the cry of the day that rang out amongst the city’s crowd as we wandered the city looking for something to be doing when suddenly amongst the crowd we saw Ariel Halfwind crying and babbling about children being taken from the orphanage in Crow’s End. We calmed her down at least enough to get some account of what happened and look over a ransom note given to her by the captors. Agreeing to help we followed her back to the orphanage where she went to collect the gem stones for the ransom. We spoke with Desiree one of the helpers at the orphanage regarding any potential suspects but came up empty.

Once Ariel came down with everything packed we followed along with Timmy’s little dog whom we thought might be able to help us track down his owner or at least help us locate the children if he could catch a scent of Timmy along the way. We had to travel immediately to Burrowhome to make sure the ransom drop went as planned but about half way to Burrowhome Timmy’s dog did indeed pick up a scent and headed off the roadway down a small side trail. We followed in hopes he would lead us to the missing children.

We were wrong or I should say Timmy’s dog was wrong and a while later we found ourselves surrounded by Undead hill giants. They jumped out of the trees and bushes slamming their clubs down on top of us. Clearice managed to call upon her holy powers and sent them running while Mok fired off a blast in their wake and quickly put the fire out before the forest could catch fire and burn down around us.

Realizing he must have just smelt the rotting corpses and with darkness, descending and time running out we headed back to the main road to camp out and continue in the morning. Maybe it was the dark trees and our encounter with the Undead but I remember having terrible dreams that night and felt tired despite having a full night sleep and it seemed so did everyone else. We pushed on toward Burrowhome only as we left the forest and the road continued into a clearing we could see a large tree with several cages and what appeared to be 4 different people hanging in them. Rushing to see if they were children both Mok and Timmy’s dog charged into the meadow and tripping a wire we watched in horror as the cages swung down from the tree into a wall made of Flesh, Blood and Bones! Which sprung up behind and in the path of the cages.

As Mok and Morrin charged, the wall to try to help the people 3 of the 4 pulled into it while Morrin greased up one as Mok grabbed and pulled him away from wall. Many arms came out wielding swords from the wall swinging at all who tried to get close to rescue the others sucked in while different faces and mouths appeared uttering arcane words and spitting rocks all over the place. Tired of the game of trying to get through and realizing nothing could survive inside something so monstrous Clearice unleashed a blade barrier along the top section of the wall shredding it in moments to reveal nothing but gore all over the place.

Grateful for the rescue Sargent Kenton told us his tale of how he was taken capture but revealed that Ariel herself was among those he was taken captive with or at least he remembers seeing her amongst the rest of the prisoners. Ariel denied being captured and had no memory of what Kenton spoke. A quick examination showed the necklace she wore to be magical and not being able to remember ever owning it we convinced her to remove it. As she did it crumbled to dust and her memory of being kidnapped, the children being taken, asking us for help and the voyage here seemed to disappear completely. Confused as to everything going on we tried to calm her as screams rung out from a cave on the far side of the clearing we stood. Remembering seeing a woman standing their just as Mok charged into the field Omega took of running fearing the children to be in danger.

The rest of us rushed to keep up as we entered the cave we were confronted by the woman who told us she was tired of our meddling and accused us of killing her once years ago (something none of us remember ever being involved in) she told us there were a series of traps and riddles we had to pass to save the children, fail and they would die then she fled. Realizing the magical symbols on the ground to be some mystical trap Mok carefully read an inscription revealing a riddle to which I realized the answer was Amaunter, we spoke the name as we crossed the line safely. The second riddle had a serpent waiting for us which Omega sliced the moment it appeared as Mok revealed the answer to be Ibrandul followed by the third riddle answer to be Shar.

Thinking ourselves near the end, we were dismayed to find a room with 4 boxes on a table. The woman’s voice rang out that inside one of the boxes we’d find something to help with our next obstacles but the other 3 were trapped. We used an unseen servant to examine each finding the same set of vials in all boxes with no traps. Strange but we heard a child scream out again and quickly drank a vial and rushed forward as ran down the hallway nothing happened so we though ourselves lucky in choice only to find later that all the boxes contained poison.

Inside a room at the end of the hall we found the mysterious woman and a bunch of undead. Some Hill Giants like the woods along with some bandaged monsters and weird Smokey shadow creatures. The woman opens a box to dispel out various preparation magic’s and Mok unleashed a fireball in the room trying to avoid the children around the edges of the room but became both horrified and angry to realize yet again he’s been duped as his blast caused several undead to crumble so too did it reveal the children to be held between us and the woman under invisibility. Outlined now by the licking flames several of the kids collapsed to the ground. Laughing over our foolishness both in drinking poison and falling for her illusion of the children she unleashed some magic’s of her own but was quickly defeated along with the undead. Those shadow creatures disappeared during the fight and Mok has mentioned something about being thrown from his body into the Astral but managing to summon the will to pull himself back into his body and regain control. We suspect those shadow creatures of being the cause but we will have to do some research on the subject to be sure.

During the fighting Clearice managed to stabilize the wounded children but as we defeated her they disappeared supposedly returned to the orphanage either that or yet again another illusion. The voice of the woman rang out saying something like “some of you survived and I will no longer tolerate interference from Raven’s Bluff and she can control anyone with some power she has. Everyone was an illusion set up, as it is a shame to waste such good tools. She threatens to make anyone suffer if they interfere in the future.” Realizing she was able to control people using those necklaces I think it’s a good idea we spread their likeness around the city with warning to all if they see one on someone. That being said she was kind enough to leave us a few with their powers of control drained both Mok and Clearice have one now worn around their necks for me to sketch copies of and spread amongst the powerful and city leaders.

Grateful for the return of the children Ariel offered us a reward but we could never take from an orphanage and instead refused and I even gave her some of my own money to help run things, as did some of the others of our group. I have even spent the past few days down there entertaining the children and helping with chores around the place. I even introduced my daughter Amuka to the other children in hopes she will make some friends. It feels good to spend time once again here in Crow’s End.


Bracers +3 (Omega)
8 green garnets that have magic missiles (9) in them (5 each) – Smash (standard), Place in eye (free action) – Everyone but Mok took 2 I believe
A vacuous grimoire (probably just outright destroy as most likely evil)
We did not take the money from Ariel and I gave her 500 gold.
5 Necklaces (bonus to save against undead abilities 3 times a week) – Mok and Clearice only one who took the other 3 turned to dust when we thought about selling
4700 XP each

A Shot In the Dark Part II - 3

Players Present:Clearice Eilif, Omegasun, Morrin Telemnar, Pimfire Tyndal, Mok
NPC: Lord Blacktree
Player’s Missing: None
Player’s absent: None
Posted By: Pimfire Tyndal

My sweet Amuka,

After our latest escapade against those fire giants and their stronghold, we sought out the remainder of the area around Lower Sarbreen and in a large cavern around the same size as that of Lower Sarbreen itself we found an underground lake home to a mini Eco-system of various monsters such as goblins, trolls and even a hydra. While for the most part it seems the area is considered sacred for it’s source of fresh water a rarity in the Underdark some creatures use it as a hunting ground. We watched in the distance as a Cave Fisher grabbed one of the goblins and pull him up to become his dinner giving the impression that only the animalistic creatures will hunt in the area of fresh water while the sentient beings fear and respect each other enough to avoid conflict over life giving water.

We were wrong to think that. As we scouted the chamber around the lake we encounter a sentient species one which is often spoken of with fear, loathing and intense hatred. A drow party ambushed us on the shores of the lake with a cunning blast of magic they separated our party by turning the rock we walked upon to mud and placing a blade barrier between Omega and the rest of the group. Then from the cavern ceiling descended a group of fighters on Omega, the rest of us had to deal with archers from behind. Mok took off running towards the lake as he noticed 3 drow heads above the waterline thinking those to be the persons responsible for the barrier. Morrin managed to put up a series of stinking clouds and fog walls slowly blocking off the archers view of us as we watched helpless nearly while 4 drow fighters and a female fighter who could also use magic knocked Omega unconscious. Desperate to help I managed to kill a fighter and the female with my bow and arrows while Clearice braved the stinking clouds to rescue Omega and bring him to our side of the blade barrier. Mok’s battle with those in the water was brilliant as he froze the water they swam in and trapping them with heads sticking out above the ice. Once they were frozen in place Mok then unleashed a flurry of magical power forcing them to break out of the ice and flee. Once Clearice got Omega back to our side of the barrier Morrin dropped another stinking cloud down on those fighters blocking all sight of the drow.

Suddenly the area went quiet as we looked around there was no drow to be seen as the clouds and barriers faded even the 2 bodies I had killed were gone. Finishing our inspection we returned to Raven’s Deep and reported back to Lord Blacktree regarding our findings with particular interest focused on the fire giants stronghold and it’s gateway to the elemental plane of fire and the possibility of drow in the vicinity being of particular note.

With the scouting mission complete we are now on our way back home, I have sent this and the other letters I’ve written on ahead since we need a brief rest before returning to the surface and then once back we have business with the temples and seeing to the destruction of a few items before we return to our Keep. I hope these letters find you well and you are enjoying your new home.

XP total 23225
Refer to previous parts of this adventure for the rest of items gained throughout the trip

Sold the Giants leaders sword and split the gold and gained diamond dust for party treasury
We decided Curtain of Silence kept and used during adventures to provide resting with privacy
Book of Necromancy/Dragon we were to see destroyed at temple
Dust of the dragon bones we were to see destroyed at temple to prevent further attempts to raise it

A Shot In the Dark Part II - 2

Players Present:Clearice Eilif (absent), Omegasun, Morrin Telemnar, Pimfire Tyndal, Mok
NPC: Prince Alfyal
Player’s Missing: None
Player’s absent: None
Posted By: Pimfire Tyndal

Dearest Amuka,

We have prevailed over the Fire Giants and their stronghold. We have even freed several captives we have discovered inside their dungeons including a very special prisoner of theirs. Time will tell if this has any consequences in the future but for now, we are all safe with a long way to go yet exploring more of the perpetual night filled caverns of the Underdark. Below is a detailed description I’ve put together of the encounter. It is my hopes that you memorize this and later repeat it back to me for that is in essence a large part of becoming a storyteller like your father. Practice memorizing what you hear and read.

Mok and Clearice flew across the lake of lava and just as they got within throwing range of the Giants rocks I teleported myself, Morrin and Omega to the top of the forts walls. Upon materializing Morrin transformed into a four armed gargoyle while Omega drank a potion to transform into a raging dinosaur. With brutal efficiency, the two of them dropped the 2 giants on this side of the wall before Mok and Clearice could join us. As they did so, the other two visible giants on the far side of the gate walls jumped down and fled across the courtyard.

This courtyard was filled with strange dogs, hellhounds, and two great pillars of fire stood before the keeps doorway with a row of statues lining the outside of the keep itself. Once Mok joined us, he proceeded to unleash blast after frosty blast towards the fleeing giants putting those other two down before they could retreat to safety inside as those dogs did. While this was going on Clearice managed to save the tortured and dying human we saw get flung over the walls and pulled back up earlier. Just before the doors closed sealing us out 2 large fire elementals stepped forth from the pillars and fled inside with a puff the pillars had gone out disappearing with the flight of those raging infernos.

Leaping from the battlement Omega charged towards the gates while the rest of us flew or were carried down as we watched Omegasaur ram into the door and burst it to pieces! Morrin summoned a Rhino who proceeded to try and bash the other door inwards. I guess reports of a Rhino on the docks might have been true at this point. Fearing for his safety Clearice left the human outside and proceeded to follow the rest of us inwards. I should note the Rhino eventually did succeed at bashing in the remaining door but by then we had already entered.

Inside the fort was a large entrance chamber with the hellhounds having just ran inside being closest preventing Omegasaur from entering fully took precious moments before we could clear them from the entrance way and by then most of the Keep seemed to have joined the remaining Giants. Surrounded by three sides our backs to the open doorway to the open courtyard we bravely stood our ground! Mok declaring he would handle those to our right while Morrin dealt with those to the left Omegasaur stomped into the room towards the two burning elementals. There must have been about another 8-10 or so Fire Giants along with 4-5 Spell Casting Giants and those two Fire Elementals in total. In just the matter of a minute we had reduced it to a couple of their spell casters and the elementals but not before one of them managed to put a burning wall of fire blocking the doorway forcing us further into the room.

As Omegasaur ripped and bit at those elementals, he became engulfed in their flame to the point where a raging 15 foot tall burning Allosaurus stood in the middle of the chambers striking fear into everyone’s heart. It was then we heard a loud noise outside in the courtyard. Fearing for the safety of the human we had just saved Dusk flew through the burning wall of fire and quickly came back through screaming telepathically in our heads about an even Bigger Fire Giant coming!

Into the chambers burst the Fire Giants Leader nearly twice their size swinging a might sword he managed a lucky blow against me as I fled towards the middle of the chambers. There we stood our ground, Omegasaur fighting the remaining fire elemental, Morrin standing against the leader and an Efreet that was summoned out of nowhere while Mok, Clearice and Myself hid behind offering cover fire at our enemies.

Exhausted from the amount of enemies and seemingly overwhelmed as the remaining casters seemed to be focusing their energies on healing their leader as we threw what we could at him Mok pulled out a strange combination of Staff and Rod and proceeded to suck up the magical attacks the Efreet threw his way. I later learned it was a Rod of Absorption and with it he was able to harness their magical energy to replenish his at least enough to provide us with one more blast of cold energy driving the Efreet out of the fight and dealing with one of those pesky caster giants but not before we watched Morrin collapse as the Efreet managed to shoot off one last round of acidic rays melting Morrin’s cloak as he lay prone and unresponsive on the ground.

Those casters dispelled Omega’s Dinosaur form but not before Mok put out his burning body using his Staff. Still Enraged Omega charged at the remaining caster dropping him in a flurry of swings. Now alone the Fire Giant Leader attempted to pull back into the courtyard stepping through the flames only to have Omega step after him while Mok put out the burning body of Morrin and with the aid of Clearice get him back up and moving around. As we chased after we arrived in time to see Omega desperately battling the Leader to see his mighty blow drop this Huge Behemoth of a Fire Giant.

We spent nearly a day inspecting the fort for treasure and found amongst it a portal to the realm of fire and some prisoners, 2 duergar, a single drow elf inside cells and 2 more humans in a pit. We promised to free the duergar and drow once we leave but they didn’t seem to believe us nor offer us any information on the Underdark. The humans were priests of Kossuth and once freed quickly speed off to their friend we had saved above and into the Underdark.

It was in the bowels of the fort we came across a cold room. Strange for a place so warmed by a lake of lava and inside we saw a Red Gemstone on a pedestal. We took some time here to rest up and then prepared ourselves as Mok entered the chamber and retrieved the Gemstone but not before doing a strange dance stepping into and out of the circle around the pedestal. Mok noticed a strange figure seemingly trapped inside the stone and presumed it was a stone of holding or some such capable of trapping a creature or person and holding them frozen in a moment. After speaking with her Goddess through some divination Clearice determined it would be safe to break the stone. Mok tried but wasn’t strong enough and it fell to Omega’s mighty strength to crush it which he did.

In a flash of light appeared an Efreet-like person named Prince Alfyal! Who was happy to be freed. He explained that he was enlisted to assist the Fire Giants and their allies of Efreets only to be imprisoned to keep his silence about their base of operations and the portal they had created to the fire realm. Since he was immortal, they kept him frozen in the stone protected from scrying and divination in that chamber so no one could come to his rescue. As thanks for freeing him he offered Omega a reward or should Omega choose another member one who had “lost the most” in the struggle to free him. Thinking of Morrin’s loss of his cloak he said that Morrin should be rewarded. Morrin put forth his hand to have a ruby ring placed onto an empty finger causing his hand to burst into fire! Prince Alfyal told him to let the fire consuming him and sure enough the fire eventually went out on it’s own bonding the ring to him. Prince Alfyal the told Morrin and us that this ring would Identify him as a friend to anyone from the plane of Fire and provide him with many abilities of fire and protections from fire.

With that, we lead Prince Alfyal to the portal and he returned home as we left we shut the doors to the room. We freed the 2 duergar and drow as we prepare to leave and finish our exploration. We also wanted to permanently seal the portal or reduce it to rubble but lacked the power at this time to do so. When we return to Raven’s Deep we will mention this in our report in hopes they can send a group specifically designed to seal portals to other realms or at least cause a controlled cave in to destroy this fort and keep it and the portal out of other cruel hands.


200gp of drow coins
100 GP of zhakaran coin
150 GP of Raven’s Bluff gold
There is a spider pin, looks like it is worth something
4 Imic holy symbol (elder fire giant who’s evil)
A giant sized bolt of red and orange spider silk worth 200gp
A bottle of Infernium, which is a rare bottle of alcohol from plain of fire.
A curtain of Silence woven of spider silk and no sound can pass if you hang in a doorway. 6ft x 10ft.

Leader of Fire Giants Sword
+3 two handed sword (Huge) does damage of one category higher, need a 22 strength just to wield it, need fire giant strength to not go last in the round. Makes the sword and bearer IMMUNE to fire. You can cast reduce on the sword, and then you need an 18 to wield it, a 22 to not go last that reduces it to a large weapon.

Ring of Elemental Command (Fire) Morrin received
- Resist energy (fire) (as a major ring of energy resistance [fire])
- Burning hands (unlimited use)
- Pyrotechnics (twice per day)
- Wall of fire (once per day)
- Flame strike (twice per week)

Elementals of the plane to which the ring is attuned can’t attack the wearer, or even approach within 5 feet of him. If the wearer desires, he may forego this protection and instead attempt to charm the elemental (as charm monster, Will DC 17 negates). If the charm attempt fails, however, absolute protection is lost and no further attempt at charming can be made.

Creatures from the plane to which the ring is attuned who attack the wearer take a –1 penalty on their attack rolls. The ring wearer makes applicable saving throws against the extra planar creature’s attacks with a +2 resistance bonus. He gains a +4 morale bonus on all attack rolls against such creatures. Any weapon he uses bypasses the damage reduction of such creatures, regardless of any qualities the weapon may or may not have. The wearer of the ring is able to converse with creatures from the plane to which his ring is attuned. These creatures recognize that he wears the ring, and show a healthy respect for the wearer if alignments are similar. If alignments are opposed, creatures fear the wearer if he is strong. If he is weak, they hate and desire to slay him.

A Shot In the Dark Part II

Players Present:Clearice Eilif, Omegasun, Morrin Telemnar, Pimfire Tyndal, Mok
NPC: Lord Blacktree
Player’s Missing: None
Player’s absent: None
Posted By: Pimfire Tyndal

Dear Amuka,

I don’t know if this will ever find it’s way to you but I felt the need to record what happened while in the Underdark in the event I do not make it out of the darkness and back into the light. While I have only been your father for the past week or so I know that if I don’t return you are still in good hands with the remaining Midnight Menagerie and it’s caretakers at our Keep. Know that I name you my rightful heir and bestow upon you all my possessions and effects in the event of my demise. Here is my tale at least what I have managed to record so far as obviously should I fall I will not be able to record exactly what happened to myself.

The trip was long but not as long as it took us previously to reach Lower Sarbreen cavern. In fact where it took us previously 20+ days now only took around 8 with the pathway cleared and it’s obstacles overcome with a series of pulleys and cables for raising and lowering travelers down the side of deep drops or reliable bridges in place to span what seems endless drops across chasms.

Upon reaching the outpost called Raven’s Deep we meet with Lord Blacktree who informed us as to why were summoned back into the endless night. Our services were required to further secure the outpost by scouting out the region for hostile groups and if possible to secure any allies or trade contacts should we happen upon some peaceful creatures. With reports of activity in an old Dwarven temple that previously housed a Dragon we had vanquished we decided to start there and loop around through the tunnels avoiding further contact with Ravens Deep in case we are being followed or watched so as not to give away it’s position.

Sure enough when we reached that fateful chamber with it’s magical healing waters we found a male and two females inside a magical circle along with what remained of the dragon seemingly sowed back together. We confronted those people with regards to their actions to find they were followers of Gargauth and where undertaking to bring back to life the dragon as per it’s request/will it had left with their cult in the event of it’s demise.

I guess our desire to prevent that showed for suddenly both Mok and Omega where thrown into the air towards the ceiling as one of them cast a spell reversing gravity in a small section they stood upon. With that, we sprang to action but it seemed nothing we did could get through the circle they stood inside that is until Omega managed to appear inside by drinking a potion. A series of blade barriers cast by Clearice and in conjunction with Morrin working on destroying the circle itself we managed to break inside and punish the 2 females for we had seen Omega get stunned and then fall to the ground. The male however managed to escape with a word of power teleporting him to where ever he came from we figured.

We found upon their bodies an evil book of magic that we deemed best to see destroyed, for who knows what enchantments are inside, but knowing the cultist religion and their obvious purpose being there to raise the dragon I would imagine it has to do with necromancy. After burning the dragons body to dust we then placed the ash remains inside a pouch and intend to see it never falls into any evil necromancers hands. With that we left the chamber and upon reaching a rest spot recovered from the ordeal.

A day later we headed down an unexplored tunnel and found a river of lava. The heat was intense but we crossed without to much difficulty only to shortly after find a main source of it in the form of a large cavern with a lake of the stuff with a river on both ends one feeding and one exiting. The heat here was extreme but thanks to some magical protection, we could manage for a time. We saw across the lake on the far side of the cavern what appeared to be a fort with some fire giants.

Diplomacy failed for these Giants are cruel creatures who delight in torture as was obvious the moment we saw them throw a human over the walls with a spear through him attached to a chain. Now I wait for the signal to help storm its walls so I must go my daughter.


Players Present:Clearice Eilif, Omegasun, Morrin Telemnar, Pimfire Tyndal, Warhawk Starson
NPC: Sergeant Hervor, William O’Grady, Grumwich, Adunaphel, Corporal Grungar, Amuka, Flandren,
Player’s Missing: None
Player’s absent: None
Posted By:Clearice Eilif

I was in the library reading a fascinating book on the history and biology of Beholder’s when I was told by Pimfire (Such a very Likable little fellow though odd at times with his coin flipping) that we had a rendezvous at the Tilted Tavern.
I had never heard of such a place and assumed it might have been named due to the leanings of drunkards but when we arrived i was greeted by the sight of an engineering miracle. The Tilted Tavern was not named after an inebriated mans stance but is named, and rightfully so, after the precarious and shocking angle that the tavern has adopted over the edge of the Fire River.
Its a wonder how such a structure is still standing being only held up by stilts but this was our destination so we entered promptly and carefully.
Once inside we finally meet with the individual who summoned us. His name is Sergeant Hervor of the Sewer Patrol.
He greets us and informs us that there is an infestation of giant slugs in the sewer but to the groups dismay things wouldn’t be so simple for us. He than told us the reason we were summoned was to deal with the sighting of a 20ft alligator that came out of the sewers nearby.
He told us that it was sighted by William O’Grady the bartender. The sergeant also introduced us to a Dashing and well renowned Paladin by the name of Warhawk Starson who was in very high standing in the city and was looking to assist us in our mission.
As the fair Sergeant departed my allies approached the bar while Morrin and I sat at a table and watched when a big burly man by the name of Grumwich approached and challenged Morrin to a game of Soaked.
Morrin agreed of course wagering a few drinks
As he stepped out side i followed to see them both get onto a log floating in the river. Grumwich moved suddenly and Morrin immediately toppled into the water.
I couldn’t help but laugh at how easily Grumwich had one but has Morrin got up and we reentered thew tavern the group was ready to go so we head out towards the sewers entrance were the Crocodile had come from the day before. I was told the bartender claimed it was actually 40 ft long when he had seen it but i feel as though he was embellishing the story a bit.
We entered the sewers and almost immediately find more crocodiles that seemed just like the one we were told about so i flew forward and turned them all into an unidentifiable mist of blood and gore with my Blade Barrier. As I dismissed my barrier i saw a rather large snake swim off down a passage with a bit of the crocs in toe.
We decided to follow it given its unnatural size and not knowing were else to head.
After traveling some way down the passage we came across a truly bizarre sight. We turned a corner to see a rust monster being beaten in the face by a flying broom. After blocking them off with ice we decide to obliterate them both.
We drop the wall of ice and unleash on the rust monster and after killing it with impunity the broom than came flying at us blinding Pimfire and dusk and splitting into to brooms when cut in two.
We than dispatched the brooms bluntly with the help of Adunaphel, Warhawk’s intelligent sword,(Oh i wish i could have a conversation with her Im sure she has some stories to tell) and healed our friends ailments quickly and continued on our journey.
We than came across some more sewer Brigade men killing the aforementioned giant slugs. We than speak with Corporal Grungar of the sewer brigade asking his advice and informing him of the Rust Monster. We than depart and head towards the southern tunnel he had suggested as it led to the Mongrelmen Tribe of Grookachoo.
Everyone than hears a faint cry for help up ahead. We spring into action moving forward to find a young Mongrelman girl who we promptly rescue. Her name was Amuka and sadly her father died in the crevace we saved her from holding her above the water.
She than leads us to her very well hidden village named MukMuk were we meet Flandren, the leader of the village, and throw a feast in our honor and Pimfire actually adopts the young girl!(Such a happy moment for him!)
Flandren than tell us of a filthy follower of Malar enslaving and collecting snakes in these sewers.(I vowed to kill this corrupter of nature if it killed me)
He point us in the direction of her haunt and he gives us a scroll to aid in our fight.
It didn’t take long till we found Malar’s Bitch waiting with a whole hoard of snakes. She had collected constrictors vipers even an Amphisbaena and somehow she corrupted a Couatl to her cause for that her end would be painful.
We began fighting swarmed with snakes and as it progressed Omegasun was grabbed, much to its own folly, by the Amphisbaena. He proceded to punch and beat the two headed snake till its head exploded. By this time Warhawk got within range of Malar’s bitch and swung at her with Holy Fury killing her where she stood.
We than approached what we hadn’t know at the time was a Couatl. Warhawk and Adunaphel than told us all that it was a creature of good and that we must let it go free which we certainly did.
We than made our way out of the sewer and reported to the sewer Brigade our findings telling them the Crocs had been her doing. They awarded everyone in the party a vial of Oil of Timelessness for our hard work.

Footman’s flail + 2 & 300 Gold (Treasury)
Clerical Scroll with neutralize poison x2 and cure serious wounds written at 14th level Clearice
Oil of timelessness for everyone
Mok learned undercommon from Hafmar for 500 gold loaned by Clearice

Scaled - The Tale of Amuka / An Abbreviated Tale

Players Present:Clearice Eilif, Omegasun, Morrin Telemnar, Pimfire Tyndal, Warhawk Starson
NPC: Sergeant Hervor, William O’Grady, Grumwich, Adunaphel, Corporal Grungar, Amuka, Flandren,
Player’s Missing: None
Player’s absent: None
Posted By: Pimfire Tyndal

Pimfire’s Diary Entry

I have heard that Clearice has been the one to go around the taverns telling folks of our deeds and spreading our fame this past week or so, which is good as I have been busy around the keep. Who would have thought that I would become a father yet here we are. About a week ago, the midnight menagerie went into the sewers to hunt down gigantic monstrous crocodiles or whatever was creating and/or controlling them. We ended up finding a rust monster and even an angry flying broom. Yes, I said a broom. Our journey ended in confronting a priestess of Malar controlling a bunch of snakes. It was during our travels in the sewers that something profound happened to me. I met Amuka.

While down there, we heard screaming for help coming from a pit in the sewers that was rapidly filling with water. Without hesitation I dove in and from that effort was able to save a young female Mongrel named Amuka who was trapped down there when the heavy rains caused the water level to rise and prevented her from being able to climb out the sides of the pit due to its heavier than normal water flow. Omega tossed down some rope and while I held onto the rope and Amuka, he managed to pull us up out of danger. It was only then we found out that her father had drowned holding her up and keeping her alive long enough for help (us) to arrive.

Amuka was very brave given the circumstances and was able to show us the way to her community of fellow Mongrols which are called MukMuk be it her tribe or name of the small village they had built in the sewers I was never clear which. It was there during a feast thrown by her people that I came to adopt her since by their traditions an orphan may be adopted by the person who saves said orphan from danger. In this particular case, she would come live with me above in Raven’s Bluff and in so doing become, a “streetwalker” which is a high honor for them it turns out.

I have grown up on the streets in Raven’s Bluff as an orphan learning how to beg, pickpockets and find partially eaten food in others garbage heaps. It is those hardships I hope to shelter Amuka from by giving her a home and a trade as a storyteller like myself. Should she prove to be interested in some other trade though I have decided I will seek out the finest educators for her so she may one day excel at what makes her happy.

Where have you Gond?

Players Present: Clearice, Morrin, Omegasun, Pimfire
NPC: Brother Helgar Shieldbasher, Father Otis Gregor, Rolf Sunriver, Shabaan Monheim, Molly Morine, Sintrol
Players Missing: none
Players Absent: none
Posted By: Pimfire Tyndal

Pimfire’s Diary Entry

There are many words that can be said to try and hurt someone emotionally but nothing hurts more then the words we say to ourselves in the dark of night when we are alone with nothing but our own thoughts on how we acted and behaved that day. Words like Regret, Shame, Humiliation and Exhaustion are some such words that hover about in my mind after what happened today.

Regret and Shame that several evil people slipped through our grasp and if they are true to their nature WILL harm others again in the future.

Humiliation that we acted rashly and rushed in without investigating like we normally do and as a result ended up being duped into a dangerous sailing trap that could have easily been avoided.

Exhaustion over how the evil keeps coming and coming with never a moments rest or thought to being allowed a good nights rest in exchange for saving the city time and time again. Just once I would like to sleep past sunrise and wake up thinking “huh wasted half the day abed” then just roll over and waste the other off getting a head start on that evening’s sleep.

Well for better or worse here is what happens when you don’t get a good nights rest before an adventure.

We were awoke as usual early in the morning by someone needing our help. Brother Helgar Shieldbasher asked us to come with him to the temple of Gond to help out. When we got to the temple I was impressed and curious about so many of the experiments and devices displayed inside the temples high walls but too tired to really ask much about them. Being brought before Father Otis Gregor we saw Rolf Sunriver of the city watch was with him who then explained the reason for the summons was to help in finding a missing Gond priest one Shabaan Monheim who was recently returned from a long absence only to be snatched out from the bathhouse leaving 2 murdered priests behind. Hence why Rolf Sunriver was present. Turns out it was the watch who recommended us to Father Otis to help solve and if possible save Shabaan.

This is where our exhaustion must have set in because we rushed to the scene of the bathhouse and quickly examined the bodies and rooms.. There was barely even time for questions or the usual shenanigans that we get up too. In fact the only one who seemed normal was Dusk because he dove into the pool and waited for Clearice to come over before flying out and spitting a stream of water into her face.

The next thing you know I’m holding onto some rope with Omega holding the other end and he jumps into a giant hole in the bathhouse floor drops 20 feet down into the sewers and drags me with him. We try and track some footprints through the disgusting sewers but reach a dead end of sorts when the walkway ends with a rush stream of sludge heading perpendicular at the end. Figuring to scout ahead and save us time from being in the sludge dusk flies on up against the stream first only to come back complaining of a cold blast of magical energy he ran into and a door he found afterwords.

Omega hoisted me up on his shoulders so I wouldn’t drown in filth and I firmly believe if it was a long trek to that door I’d have fallen asleep since it was still VERY early in the morning. Upon reaching the door Omega yanks it open with a horrible screeching sound of rusted hinges, drops me onto the dry pathway floor inside and charges off after what sounds like a waterfall……and fall he did right into 3 feet of the most disgusting filth you can imagine.

I don’t know if it was the fumes of the place or what but next thing you know we are seeing a bunch of Sea lions attacking him. We rush to his aid and proceed to kill them one by one only to watch as their bodies transform into humanoids upon death. Omega took the brunt of the blows or I should say bites. While Clearice flew around healing and checking out 2 tunnels on the far side. Yet again exhaustion makes hero’s do dumb things for as the last Sea Lion is being slain a blast of magical energy streams out from the nearest tunnel to Clearice burning and eventually knocking her unconscious as 2 wizards/priests or some other combination of spell casters step out to the edge and unleash fury on the group. Suddenly more awake I turn the one flying up by Clearice into my private pin cushion while Omega and Morrin easily slay the other. We take a bit of time to help our friend Clearice and check through the bodies for clues but not having much to go on we continue forward as I’m told Omega and the others saw someone run off the moment we started fighting the Sea Lions.

We eventually arrive at the edge of the sewers leading into the harbor and there meet Molly Morine an elderly lady who frankly is crazy. I notice a person who was eyeing us the whole time the rest of the gang was chatting up Molly and upon pointing him out to Omega he promptly went over to the guy and started questioning him. Turns out it’s a Sea Elf named Sintrol who is a wizard specializing in fishing and ships. He tells us of a couple of thugs he saw carry a unconscious gnome aboard a ship earlier and after the ship set sail it returned 2 hours later without the passengers. Unable to describe Shabaan because we didn’t even ask what he looked like we figure that a unconscious gnome being carried aboard a vessel at about the same time as Shabaan went missing must be connected. We thank Sintrol for the information and try and recruit him for Dolly’s Anger but he turns us down. I hang back and offer him a 500g advancement should he change his mind and rush to catch up with the rest of the gang as they approach this vessel.

“The Runner” was her name and that should have been a clue but our sleep deprived minds didn’t catch on. After speaking to the captain and explaining the Gnome was a friend and kidnapped he quickly offers to take us to where he dropped off the people on a beach an hour up coast claiming to have no knowledge it was a kidnapping. Another clue we ignored for HOW can a captain not suspect something is wrong when one of his passengers is clearly unconscious and being carried aboard. But we set sail and as we cleared the harbor got asked to help tie down some crates and boxes. During this time they must have been able to set everything up because the next thing I know we are heading straight for some rocky reefs and everyone is yelling about a fire down below while smoke is pouring out of the hold!

We rush down to deal with the fire and when we come up find the crew and captain have jumped ship but not before breaking the rudder so we can’t steer clear of the rocks. Omega says they changed into Sea Lions and given what we experienced in the sewers it seems they must have been some sort of Were-Sea-Lions or something of that nature. Dusk starts yelling at us to cut the sails down to slow progress which Omega does with brutal efficiency by means of cutting ALL rope and sails he can see. I calm the seas with my Horn and then Morrin lowers the front anchor just managing to get the ship to stop abruptly before crashing into the reef ahead.

Sintrol magically appears on his longboat and climbs aboard. Turns out he was following us since he suspected something was up when the captain sailed north instead of south like he did earlier with the passengers we seek. We all take a look around for anything valuable aboard and realizing we have no way of getting this ship back to Raven’s Bluff with no rudder, sails destroyed and the hull probably taking some damage from that full speed anchor drop Clearice in a peak of rage decides to scuttle her and deprive the Were-Sea-Lions the ability to reclaim her later when we are gone.

Sintrol agrees to take us south along the coast in search of a place they might have stopped. About an hour south of Raven’s Bluff we see a high cliff with a small cave that you could fit a small ship into. Sintrol stays back since his vessel is just a bit too big and we use the folding boat to get into the caves. Whereupon we find 3 guards 2 humans and a gray dwarf we identify later as a Duergar. Omega and Morrin rush the dwarf slaying him and getting the other 2 guards to surrender. We discover Shabaan was held prisoner inside a room off the main cave chamber. After questioning the guards and Shabaan we find out that a powerful Wizard hired him under the guise of the town council needing a lead engineer saying they were building a tunnel for secret defense purposes but turns out that wasn’t the case but rather it was an invasion plan of sorts. This wizard has 2 sons one who is also a wizard and the other a priest. We are told the tunnel is close to being finished and Shabaan agrees to build a pocket watch for Clearice IF we save all the other miners. Shabaan manages to blow up the 2 captured guards in a peak of vengeance using a strange device and we get him out Sintrol and then continue down the magically and mundane made tunnel. After a couple of hours we hear some shrieking mushrooms which Omega shuts up but not before they seem to warn everyone of our presence because suddenly he’s surrounded by 7 Duergar and nearly managing to kill him before Omega disappears. We quickly blind, incapacity and kill them in a flurry of blows the likes of which they’ve never seen …… get it cause they were blind! ha ha ha ha

Finally we reach the end of the corridor to see a pit and strangely 2 dozen miners stuck to the ceiling in fear over it while a Wizard in robes stands on the far side of the pit. This is none other then Sysmar the wizard who planned this whole thing. We regretfully are forced to let him escape and live (for now) as he holds the miners hostage for his personal safety and the only way to save those lives is let him go.

We manage to get the miners off the ceiling before the magical spell ends that would drop them into the pit and back to town on Sintrol’s Longboat and our Folding boat.

Father Otis is happy that Shabaan is back as is the city watch and it’s decided the city will keep the tunnel for emergency security uses Collapse the tunnel for security reasons.

The Morale of this story is a good nights rest goes a LONG way to saving citizens and catching/killing the bad guys.


Father Otis offers thanks and even offers work to the rescued miners and swears us to secrecy about the tunnel since may be useful for the city in future. He offers to enhance one of our weapons with a magical power.
- Choices are Detect invisibility/magic/evil 10ft radius once per adventure and lasts 3 rounds. Takes a standard action to start.
- Omega choose Detect Invisibility on his Flachion
- Morrin, Pimfire & Clearice get a potion of water walk.

Omega turns out has Sealion lycanthropy from all those bites he took and requires a remove curse from a 12 level Cleric. Omega used a favor with a God and had this curse removed.

Clearice got her pocket watch FINALLY!

Clearice spent 1 hero point to prevent DEATH here this game no she’s down to 0 points.

Loot found
2000 gold off ship / 4 = 500 gold each
500g black pearl off wizard on ship
Pickaxe 2/3 when used underground

XP earned 5,000

Eye of the Storm

Players Present: Clearice, Morrin, Omegasun, Pimfire
NPC: Duane Fairview, Bluontis, XAXANTHRAXIS, Leovinus, The Professor, Kuno
Players Missing: none
Players Absent: none
Posted By: Pimfire Tyndal

Pimfire’s Diary Entry

Awakening to find a floating scroll from Duane Fairview, the assistant to our fair lady mayor, hovering in one’s bedchambers is to say the least a bit worrisome. I really got to see Mok about getting magical protection put on our Keep if people can teleport scrolls in who’s to say our enemies can’t also just teleport in while we are sleeping.

Following the directions in the scroll we approached the docks that morning on what the city of Raven’s Bluff is now calling the greatest navel disaster ever to see the mayor herself christening the new warship the Emerald Raven a massive ship unlike any to ever set sail. Clearice thinks it may have been devised by gnomes and involved cannons and that highly volatile substance know as gunpowder.

We were meet at the door to the warehouse we were told to report to by Bluontis who I must say seemed rather rude since he did ask for papers and I gave him literally every scrape I had. If he meant the invitation he should have just asked specifically for it. Anyways he proceeds to tell us that the storm heading towards the city is in fact a special magical spell which only the Gods themselves and a few extremely powerful beings can manage called “hurricane” and that it’s being controlled by the oldest and most powerful Beholder ever known one XAXANTHRAXIS who hasn’t been seen in roughly 400 years.

I think everyone remembers exactly where they were when they heard the Big Bang that morning. We were just finishing up our mission briefing when the wall facing the docks flew inwards. Rushing out we could clearly see the Emerald Raven was gone and debris, fire and smoke everywhere. Some citizens say they saw 3 floating wizards high above the harbor briefly amongst the smoke before disappearing. No one really knows for sure what happened.

I do know that we immediately rushed towards the harbor. Clearice ran around the docks trying to heal everyone, Omega jumped into the harbor carrying some from a nearby burning building and then trying to find other survivors who were flung into the waters, Morrin rushed to the aid of others who were closest to the blast but couldn’t find anyone left alive. Me I just got the mayor out of the harbor where she was laying face down unconscious and after seeing her start to cough up water helped a pair of people before summoning the nearby Triton’s to help put out the blaze. I know there are some who will be telling tales of Omega’s heroic effort in ignoring the flames and smoke by rushing into a burning building to drag out those who were trapped while Clearice after healing everyone she could see set to putting out the fires of a burning building all by herself. Morrin managed to even control and put out many ship fires. There are even reports by one witness who claims that a Rhinoceros dragged him away from a fire and then was running around with him in his mouth before disappearing. Many suspect the stand that was on fire nearby was a cover for some criminal group and there was something in the smoke that caused him to hallucinate.

Once the fire was put out and other help arrived we were on the way back to the warehouse where Bluontis was waiting who I would like to point out didn’t do anything to help those at the docks even though some say he’s a good guy mercenaries don’t work unless they are getting paid I guess. When we meet Leovinus who was a specialist on beholders and even had what seemed to be a pet beholder sitting on his shoulder. He was asked by the city to provide us with information on XAXANTHRAXIS and even gave us a large gold coin saying it would help identify us as friends to beholders and hopefully allow us to parlay with XAXANTHRAXIS. He also told us that no one as seen XAXANTHRAXIS since he had a battle with a powerful mage that lasted for 10 days straight and ended in some sort of deal whereby he wasn’t to ever harm anyone ever again 400 years ago.

We made it back to Bluontis at the warehouse who told us time was drawing short as we could see the storm was moving closer and would destroy Raven’s Bluff if it reached it. The transportation that was arranged was destroyed in the harbor along with many other ships and the Emerald Raven so he ushered us downstairs and locked us in a strange room with a very large puddle on the far side telling us someone named “the Professor” would be along to provide transportation to take us to the eye of the storm where we could plead with XAXANTHRAXIS to stop his warpath.

A strange noise and some bubbling was our only warning when a metal fish seemed to LEAP out of the puddle, turns out was a underground waterway to the harbor, and some gnomes pop out of a small hatch. One of them introduces himself as the Professor and says we are to take his Gray Fish some sort of ship that can travel under water of all things and that his Fish Mate Kuno will see we get to our destination.

Once aboard the gnome crew who turns out have a delightful sense of humor about gnomes themselves begins seeing to getting the Gray Fish under way. Suddenly we find ourselves being given a tour of how to use various devices and doorways aboard. It’s not long perhaps an hour before we are tangled up in some seaweed and offering to out and clear it we exit only to find the current is strong and violent from the approaching storm. Clearice and Omega see to clearing the seaweed while Morrin tries to catch me as I am tossed about. Just as they finish clearing the seaweed and Morrin grabs a hold of me a immense undead Dracolich – Sea Turtle comes hurtling out of the dark waters to slam into and damage the Gray Fish which promptly beings ascending to the surface leaving us to deal with this undead monstrosity. Omega, Morrin and Clearice manage to harm it only to see it regenerate and turn even more furious knocking Morrin out before Clearice and Omega manage to destroy it’s body. Being tossed about I managed to summon a group of sharks to aid me and pull me back towards the fight when just after the death blow another group of sharks seemed to appear out of no where!

Well my new found aquatic friends and I quickly made short work of those but upon arriving back to the Gray Fish I found Omega, Morrin and Clearice in battle with a wizard and one of the crew members. Omega wanted the wizard’s staff saying something about destroying it to free XAXANTHRAXIS and saving the city. In close quarters the wizard didn’t stand a chance and it wasn’t long before Omega was holding the staff.

I’ve seen Sune Firehair the goddess of beauty, I’ve witness the rebirth of the Goddess Waukeen, I’ve been to the lower layers of the Abyss and seen demons a plenty. There are no words to describe seeing XAXANTHRAXIS mightiest of Beholder kind. Who promptly took the staff and destroyed it. In gratitude for ending his slavery by the wizard he saw our ship was sinking and allowed us to ride several of his minions back to shore and agreed to return to his slumber and not harm any living creatures.

I learned afterwords that the coin Omega was carrying allowed him to communicate with XAXANTHRAXIS while we were fighting the Undead Sea Turtle/Dragon hence why he knew to find a wizard carrying the staff that was controlling XAXANTHRAXIS.

Thankful for both our assistance at the harbor and our efforts in turning back the storm we were granted personalized banner flags to be flown over our keep.


XP 6750

Gold 5000 each (we each gave 500 of this to Keep treasure for a total of 4500 gold each)

General Knightly Honor: Personal Banner – is a symbol of a true hero and common for it to fly over the homes of those who helped save the city from some ancient evil. (we all get one each)

From Leovinus
- Omega holds the Gold Coin which gives a 20% to be recognized as a beholder friend (4 charges left)
- A set of books on Beholder Lore = +5 history check on beholders which is stored in Keep Library
- Blinky a baby beholder whom we are to raise as a familiar/pet

From Cleric Circle
- Clearice received a Planar Fork: Baator – allows planar shift

Wands (each was given a wand of choice with Caster Level10 & a total of 10 charges)
- Omega = Wand of Greater, Invisibility
- Pimfire = Wand of Lightning Bolt
- Morrin = Wand of Restoration
- Clearice = Wand of Restoration

For Honour and Friendship

Players Present: Clearice, Morrin, Omegasun, Pimfire Mok
NPC: Ceylon (ogre mage), Warwick, Viren (Marilith), Goddess Waukeen, Dresden, Keelira (gynosphinx)
Players Missing: none
Players Absent: none
Posted By: Pimfire Tyndal

Pimfire’s Diary Entry

How does one truly record the rebirth of a Goddess? All I can do is record the facts as I saw them for future prosperity.

In my last entry I wrote how we were waiting outside the Weeping Goddess in Samora on the 47th layer of the Abyss looking for the right moment to enter and use a portal that supposedly would lead into Maretta’s Counting-House and from there we hoped to encounter the Marilith Viren.

After watching for the tavern for a good couple of hours we noticed that it’s demon patrons would leave and go down an alley alongside it but not return for some time. It’s then we figured the portal wasn’t inside but rather in an alley next to it and so we found ourselves in a demonic accounting office surrounded by some demons who’s blood was so acidic it melted the weapons we used to cut them to ribbons.

Quickly lest we be discovered we started moving deeper into the building and at a Y based intersection ended up going the wrong way only to encounter a very powerful Nalfeshnee who after trading a few powerful blows decided to teleport out and to safety along with his desk of all things! He did however sound a warning to Viren that intruders were present. It was that warning that we dearly hoped to avoid and I sincerely hope we get to meet this particular demon again on our own plane that way I can have the pleasure of banishing him back to the Abyss for 100 years.

Running back the way we came we went down the other section of that Y intersection and there found Viren along with a dozen or so Vrocks. She quickly called up a toxic cloud in the room and a blade barrier appeared swarming around us as we stood in the entrance way. Viren taunted us that we were too late and the “Lady” was going to disposed of just before she ordered several of the Vrocks to go into another room and deal with their prisoner.

Once we dealt with a lone crazy suicidal Vrock we ignored the others and focused on Viren only find out later that Vrocks dancing together results in a very powerful thunderstorm. I’ll never be able to go outside in a heavy thundershower again without wondering if a bunch of dancing demons aren’t nearby controlling it.

The dagger provided by Annia Graystockings proved to do the trick and shattered the Marilith’s magical defenses allowing us to finish her off but not before Mok unleashed some sort of power from one of those crystalline figurines taken from the Deep Dragon horde allowing him to use elemental spells in the Abyss. It was certainly due to this newfound power of Mok’s and the Dagger from Annia that we managed to defeat Viren and rout the Vrocks.

Gathering up what we could we entered the other room prepared to fight the Vrocks we saw go in only to discover it empty except for Sir Dresden Drumheller and The Goddess Waukeen herself. Quickly fleeing with them we managed to make it back to the portal in Samora leading to the Celestial Stairway all the while encountering minor demons that we managed to drive off. Just as we are about step through however we felt the presence of a very powerful and angry demon approaching rapidly. Fearing it to be non other then Mr. Booger A.K.A. Graz’zt himself we enter the Celestial Stairway and begin our climb to find the way back to the Goddess Waukeen’s home plane.

As we are walking along the stairway is when it all began to happen. The rebirth of a Goddess. Her hair changed to a golden silky mane of unmatched beauty, her very clothes seemed to have become embroidered with costly gold thread, her steps sure and quick as she took the lead towards home.

Before we found the door however we did happen upon a Paladin of Ilmater who was seeking Annia Graystockings. We provided him with all the information we had regarding what plane, door and how to get to where we last saw her and unable to help at this time as we still had to see both the Goddess and our friend home safely we then parted ways.

The Markets. I will always remember those stalls and shops that lined the Bazaar as we approached her Temple once we reached her home plane/city. There we meet a Gynosphinx named Keelira the steward of the temple. It was her that proclaimed the Goddess returned and upon doing so a festival unlike any other broke out. After we had rested and recovered from our journey and the festivities died down the Goddess wishing to reward us spoke to each of us in turn telepathically asking what we desired. After which we returned to Raven’s Bluff to rest and see our good friend Sir Dresden Drumheller recover over the next several days.


- Morrin’s curse both verbal and the Mark bestowed by that evil Lich we encountered in Underdark was removed in gratitude by the Goddess Waukeen

- Clearice was given a key that would help negate to some degree the distance she feels from her Goddess when traveling the various outer Planes and was offered a position among Waukeen’s clergy which upon communing with Chauntea was told this would be okay so long as she still followed Chauntea’s beliefs.

- Omega asked for a million gold for the revitalizing and rebuilding of Raven’s Bluff which once we returned the mayor thanked us and gave us the next 5 years off from our Taxes! since he didn’t request anything for himself the Goddess also saw to it that he received a very powerful Flachion of glow steel a almost holy like metal that will come in handy fighting demons since she knew he lost several weapons fighting demons to save her.

- Pimfire stunned and unable to dream of asking for anything specific simple asked for a favor to be called at a later time which she gladly granted.

- Mok received some mystical training and understanding in the ways of Mystra’s silver flame

Clearice also saw too it that the temples destroyed the Marilith’s evil blades we managed to grab upon defeating her that way they wouldn’t be used to hurt anyone else ever again, in exchange for such a wonderful deed of removing those foul blades she was granted their value or some of it towards tithing purposes later on.

1 Chiv point was awarded to everyone present
2500 XP was awarded for completion of this special mission


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