Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Pillar of the Community
Adventure 2-6 (The Menagerie of a Raven Lunatic #4)

Players Present: Dannel, Dresden, Henric, Morrin, Gevus, Tilla

Players Absent: None
Players Missing: Faldor

The party finds itself in the Cracked Tankard. The group was all set to leave the city for a little and to escort a caravan part of the way to Thay. The Regent of the Exechequer had him shut down for not paying his taxes. So the party is sitting around drinking away and talking through the retainer they had already been paid. The party starts to mingle with a few people in the bar getting rumors of Zhentarim and Red Wizards of Thay looking for something about town. Then Dresden sits with some gnomes that appear to have information but only if he helps start a food fight.

This starts just as a gentleman enters and looks disdainfully upon the party and books the private room and invites the party. The group enters and hands them a sealed scroll from Vernon Condor. They party accepts the scroll, and dismisses the junior assistant Edmund, and begins reading. There is a code in the scroll that elicits the real message. The city and Condor want the party to find the missing pedestal.

The party follows the directions, and sets off looking for a grate into the sewers that is not secured, after a brief attack by a couple of Zhent thugs. They find it inside an old graveyard plot, or actually behind the graveyard plot. The grate opens and the party slips down into the tunnel. Soon the first clue appears. There is some moldy, incorrect, not set properly brick and mortar with bones sticking out. Henric wants the bodies removed for proper burial. As the group digs they find that they are most likely under that graveyard. The group pushes on finding many more coffins that they will attend to later.

Moving up the passage is another skeleton this time laying alone on the ground with some gems spilled from a pouch and a ring and some other things. They party takes the clues and moves forward to a bricked up wall. The party knocks this wall down and continues on for a little bit, unsure if they should continue, and ready to turn around when they find some bricks that are loose.

The bring the bricks down and find an old building here in the underground, maybe once part of Sarbreen and they make entry through a window. There is old old furniture and a tapestry. The tapestry is a depiction of a Tarrasque and some people fleeing, and a wizard summoning some other creature. Morrin and of course Gevus investigate some old chase lounges and knock some dire rats and rat swarms free, and the party has to deal with this minor threat.

The group continues down the steps to a library and out a door to an underground cavern where they encounter a Galeb Duhr. After some speaking them bring him a solid marble statue of Denier from the Library and he lets them past. The last step. 18 pedestals and with a statue reading a book from another pedestal. The party has to figure out which is the proper pedestal and thanks to the riddle they do. They take the pedestal back, bury the bodies, and the city thanks them for their service.

Rewards: 1 year of not paying taxes. Ring of Minor Spell Storing, Potion of Bull’s Strength.

Next week: Make a Wish – Compared to the intrigue and adventure of the just a few months ago, life in Ravens Bluff lately has been pretty dull. Now a wealthy wine merchant is offering you excellent pay to run a special errand: take a chest of gems to the Temple of Mystra to get a little boy’s birthday present. What’s so special that it needs the skills of adventurers?

To Live and Die in Raven's Bluff
Adventure #2-5 The Gathering Darkness #1

Players Present: Dannel, Tilla, Dresden, Henric, Morrin, Faldor, Gevus

The group finds itself at the Bloated Mermaid. A dive in the harbor district. This place smells, and has all the foul travelers that come in off the ships. A place for sailors, thugs and thieves. Why does the party find itself here, at the request of Rolf Sunriver. “Sunny” requested the party meet him here to help with some murders that are occurring to the less fortunate that live in the city especially in Crow’s End.

While the party is waiting there is a group of 6 thugs, for lack of a better term waiting in the bar. One of them gets up, smelly and disgusting and approaches the group. He pulls out a rat, and says that anyone in the party can kiss the rat, for 2 gold pieces. There are insults back and forth on both sides, but out group stays calm and no one takes a rise from the male. He offers 15 gold to the group to buy the rat, which surprisingly they take him up on, especially Tilla, and Faldor. Not getting the desired reaction out of the group, they give up the rat, take their 15 gold and leave. (OOC: fight avoided)

After this the cook comes out and says the Inn is closing for the night and that Rolf has sent word he will be delayed until the morning, but to continue to wait for him The Inn owner gives the party two rooms, and says good night. The party was to met Rolf between midnight and 2AM so it is indeed late. The party checks their rooms over to make sure they are safe, and not trapped, or magicked in anyway, and they take turns at watch.

Very late into their watch there is a horrid scream. The party rushes down the hall to see what has happened, they door is locked, which Gevus remedies, and they go inside. There is a woman dead, with tons and tons of knife wounds, and the only way the group knows it is a woman is by the tattered dress. The party hear’s a scratching outside the window, which they are on the second floor. There is a man in a cloak that has climbed down the spout, and run off down the alley, the only person in sight. Henric jumps out the window, Gevus and Morrin Climb down, while the others rush down the steps.

The male gets out of sight, and then the party realizes that they are in an Inn which is not the same as last night. And last night Dannel sent Justice up for overwatch and he can not sense the serpentine owl anymore. The Inn is broken down and dilapidated. In fact other than their own belongings, it is downtrodden, and destroyed.

The party sets off to see the Chief Constable, and they find him, except they don’t. They find Wolf Sunriver, a drunkard and slack-luster Chief Constable. They walk away before saying too much, especially when he says that he thought the group was executed last week. Between the Chief Constable, and residents they are polite and keep saying Nidala is a wonderful place to live.

They party wanders back to the Bloated Mermaid, with some information that here it was shut down 10 years ago when a woman was murdered and her ghost inhabited the place. When they arrive back 6 women in white robes comes up the party, asking for help. Five are initially there and the 6th is down the road. Dannel heals the woman who was clawed and saves her life. Each woman has a different story of what attacked them. They all say the creature went west. So the group heads west, and they find it slowly curves, taking them north, when they find a wagon beset by scorpion men (Ravenloft Brokenones) and Ravenkin. The group fights off the broken ones and the ravenkin land and give a cryptic warning before flying off. They tell of the man the group is looking for is an inquisitor and he is going to the castle of the paladin queen that rules here.

The party rushes up the road, and does not catch him before going inside the castle. The group follows suit, meets up with him and the Paladin Queen Elena. The inquisitor and queen are just about to touch, and the warning was evil needed to embrace evil for the party to succeed. The party almost attacked before that happened which (OOC) would have trapped them here. Instead they wanted for them to embrace, when a portal opens up, and Rolf Sunriver could be heard in his normal, non-drunkard tone. The party rushes the portal, returning to Raven’s Bluff, and leaving the Demi plane of dread. Such is the life of a Raven’s Bluff Adventurer.

Treasure – Amulet of Perpetual Youth – 25 years, and some money.

Next Week – Pillar of the Community. No jobs, no coinage. Seems like it is time to save Raven’s Bluff once again. (Raven Menagerie #4)

Birds of a Feather (do they flock together)
Adventure #2-4

Players Present – All

Today the group is called in by the Vulture, hey you guys are really great at recovering items from this weird artifact. We found a tapestry and it shows some of the items you recovered. Please go find more, and we will pay you!

Off the group heads to the White Springs Museum to see the tapestry. The view the tapestry and ask a few questions. It is an underground battle with a very large red dragon and a group of dwarves with one wizard from a country gone at least 100 years where the Zhentarim now call home. There is a sage Gwensylla who likes Dwarves history. Go see her, she was going to help us anyway.

Off we go to see Gwensylla. She says well, it seems you already learned most that I know. There is a dwarf from that clan “Bouldergrinder” that lives in town, he might be able to tell you more.

We go see Quentin Slabslicer the 14th. He’s a little evasive at first, wanting to know why the party is so interested. When he finds out the party is looking into it for the city due to the tapestry, he tells the party that another man came in asking about the chicks in the tapestry and small talked him while ordering a tombstone (Slabslicer makes them). The name on the tombstone is Mortimer Mittlemer. Oh boy, so off they go to find him. He is staying at the Stardust Inn.

The Stardust Inn is a fancy establishment. There is a casino, night club, and rooms for rent. They find the man who meets the description from Slabslicer. He gives a name of Aaron (Mortimer is known to hide his true form) and answers questions of the PC’s while playing a dice game. This leads the party to “Of Style and Grace” a place to buy material components.

The party shows up and meets Grace Stiles for the second time, not remembering their first encounter where she helped cure another female that was in danger. They are looking for Mortimer, and she gets offended that this is the second time the group has come into the shop accusing her of knowing him and selling to him, when she refuses to do so. She advises if they show up and do this a third time, there will not be a fourth. The party apologizes and leaves, and as soon as they step outside, they are attacked by Aaron and some thugs.

The party gets into a little trouble when Morrin casts Glitterdust on a bystander. And well there was just a really awesome attack against Aaron, ending his life. So not so much information to be found. They find his room key at the Stardust in and go searching.

They find a chest and a note leading to his sisters house. Erin (fleetwing). They get a writ to enter, and search the place. Upstairs Gevus scares away an owl who was a familiar that the could have spoken to. They go to the basement. They meet the sister, and a fight unsues, but the chicks from the tapestry, in a pentagram mixed with the sister’s wild magic cause a strange wild surge. 2 water elementals appear that cast flame sphere’s anytime they attack. Erin casts a spell from a ring so that it will work, and the group finishes off the elementals, now having recovered the chicks from the tapestry.

They return to the “Condor” with the chicks, and receive payment for a job well done.

Treasure: +1 Lucerne Hammer, Marvelous Pigments, Chime of opening (14 charges), Figurine of Wondrous Power – Serpentine Owl.

Call of the Griffon
Adventure #2-3 (The Menagerie of a Raven Lunatic #2)

Players Present: all (Dannel, Dresden (late), Gevus, Faldor, Morrin, Tilla, Mok)

The group is out looking for lunch, when they are waved into an alley and into a shop, the Friendly Familiar pet shop. Here a man approaches the group and tells them that while he brings casters and familiars together, well a man asked him to come up with some Griffon Eggs, and he wants nothing to do with that. He knows the group is adventurers and maybe they could stop the bad men. He offers no payment other than mountaineering equipment, and the group takes the job, with a reluctant Gevus, as he feels he is not getting paid.

Encounter 1: The trading post outside the south of town. The party gets the climbing items here, and a little gossip that another adventuring group is ahead of them, led by an Aaron Fleetwing. The group takes their items and begins.

Encounter 2: The group is met by the Red Alliance. A mercenary group hired to stop all Raven’s Bluff adventurers from traveling the path. The party stops all 6 red headed females, and ties them up and lets them walk back to town.

Encounter 3: this is on the second day of the trek, the party walks for a while and the path gives out via mudslide. All succumb to the mudslide except for Morrin. He can spy the group far below. And he has to wait several hours for the group to come back up, which they do, and his time and their time was uneventful. Amazing for Raven’s Bluff.

Encounter 4: Top of the mountain. The other adventuring party is enmeshed in combat with the momma Griffon. They turn their attention to the party, and our intrepid heroes outmatched are captured. The fight a prominent wizard and a priest of Bane.

Encounter 5: Several days have passed, and the group was knocked out. They wake up, Gevus escapes his ropes, and helps the group get freed, but they are sans equipment. The go upstairs, knock out a fighter, and find that Dresden had come looking for them, and he got captured as well. The groups takes some kitchen knives and some armor they had found and begins to work their way out of the building. The priest of Bane is here, but he is met alone, and not near prepared for the party, mostly spell-less and easily defeated. A couple other fighters start coming down the stairs, the group runs outside for their lives, and finds they are in Raven’s Bluff. They yell for the watch who comes and helps clear the place out, finding their belongings and the group had found an odd red gem.

Encounter 6: The group rushes off to find the ship with the Griffon eggs, that had already set sail for Thay. They hire a ship, they track it down, catch up to it, defeat the sailors and the captain, return home.

Encounter 7:Lord Calvin Longbottle gives the party information that the right leader is just outside of town. Believe it or not, he was the old man at the trading post in disguise. The group defeats him, and the adventure comes to an end.

Post: the party decides to turn the Griffon eggs, and Grifflet into the Knights of the Griffon. Squires earn the honor the Keys to the City, Squires to the Griffon instead earned a chivalry point, and a recommendation to the Griffons, or the Griffon Wing. Their choice. The city takes the red gem to study and tells the group it belongs with the Black Onyx Raven they found earlier, but not sure how yet. They will let the group know.

Going to start listing Magic Item treasure found: +1 Breastplate – Dresden, Bracers or Armor 4 – Tilla.

Next Week: Birds of a Feather. A brother and a sister flock together.

Scavenger Hunt
Adventure #2-2

Players Present – Gevus, Morrin, Mok, Dresden

Players Absent – Dannel, Tilla, Faldor

New Player – Mok

So the group is out at breakfast when they approached by an alchemist. Hey grab me these ingredients so I can keep working. The group is provided a list. And given money, gems, earrings and potions to pay for the list. They are told to buy the items from a little known shopping district. Why is it little know. Cause you have to go out the side door of a flower ship, its the only way into these other 6 or so shops.

Off heads the group, with the promise of pay of an oil of preservation for each person. The flower shop is found, and flowers are bought, and they find their way in.

The first shop has the dried fruit, the problem, it’s a healing house for a half orc Tormite. She is out of a flower needed to heal sick children in crows end. She sells the fruit, but asks for help about this flower later.

The group goes to the next shop and finds that this merchant has everything component wise. Except for a booka hair. The party needs to go outside town to the Anderson farm and ask a Booka for his hair.

The party continues on and gathers everything but the potions needed without much event, and then goes to get the Booka hair.

They find the Booka, who will give a hair, if they catch an infant Belabra. Dresden body rushes the Belabra and pins it to the ground, while the group secures its tentacles. They carry it back, put it in a barn stall, and the Booka gives up a hair.

The party then goes for the flower, and other than dispatching a few giant weasels lying in wait, this is mostly uneventful. The group returns, with the items, all except for the potions, because Wendell (the man that hired them) did not give the group enough cash. He says excellent, you found enough to keep me working. Come back in 3 days and I’ll have a reward cooked up or you, other than just the oil of preservation.

The party comes back in three days, Wendell is being attacked. We find out he accidentally took something from a mage. They group has to fight a construct, and Iron Python that takes almost no physical damage. He thanks each person with 3 dust of appearance and 3 dust of disappearance, in addition to their oil of preservation.

Next Week – Raven Menagerie 2. Someone is selling Griffon eggs, and wants more. Can you stop them? An adventure for Encounter levels 2 or 4.

The Dungeon of Dracona
Adventure #2-1 (Year 2 Adventure #1)

Players Present – Dannel, Dresden, Faldor, Morrin, Gevus, Tilla

This adventure starts with the group being ushered into the offices of the chief constable,Rolf “Sunny” Sunriver. There is a magic item thief on the loose. The name is Dracona, and she always sneaks away while being invisible and using other magic tricks. The chief constable hired the group as well as 12 other groups to track down this devilishly tough thief. The first lead, a friend of the thief name Endor Sment. The constable gives a search warrant to the group, and away we go.

The house is unoccupied and the party gains entry. A rather smallish home, eventually a trap door is found that leads about 30 feet underground. The stairs down lead to a mirror and a portcullis. A voice speaks (female) that says go away, this is the home of Dracona and her friends. The voice we later learn is from a hill giant, that shoots crossbow bolts through some murder holes at the party. Eventually the walls are destroyed and the hill giant attacks directly. She hits hard but the party eventually defeats her. (OOC we spent far too much time here) We check her belongings and we find a ring that is needed later one.

We move onto the next room with a fireplace, a bookcase, a chest, and a trap. Dresden falls in the trap, finding a juvenile gelatinous cube. The part defeats that. The bookcase teleports away when touched. 2 more rings are found in various areas, and Gevus sets off the trap on the chest, stunning most of the party.

At this point Dannel and Tilla go to report that they have indeed found the proper place.

The group finds a map of the place and they move on finding the map. except the next room is not accurate and 2 doors are fake with spikes on the other doors that start moving together. At the last minute, the party figures out they can go up! And they do, fighting a dire rat in the process. They jump over the spiked wall and enter the next room.

There is a net, a wall, and a statue. The well has a treasure chest with a goblet, another one of the keys, and while the party recovers it, it turns out to be a mimic. Then to open the next door, they have to fill the statue with water from the well, and pull one of his arms. Choosing poorly, they unleash a grey ooze. Eventually defeating it they move on again.

Next they find an altar in a room by itself. It turns out to be some sort of oracle. They have to get some questions correct. They do, and they move onto the next room.

A circular room with a ring of light, and a ring in the floor. Anything touching the light gets burned in holy fire. Including the loss of a magic trident. Eventually the ring is recovered. The group moves on again.

Into a store room with another hill giant, and a trap to an area with a dire bear. With Dannel and Tilla being gone, the party uses up every healing potion they have to survive the fight. Moving on they find a wall where they have to place the rings, and a secret door opens up. The last room!

Which is a steel dragon. Which is actually a good steel dragon, having magic jar upon it by dracona. Dracona is a lich, but in a strange twist, she doesn’t have all her lich powers, just the dragon powers. With the magic jar dispelled the dragon is free, and is a good kind steel dragon, and it is now free. The party finds the phylactery hidden away, destroys it. And Dracona is no more. The Steel Dragon asks for its identity to be kept secret. The party goes home with the stolen magic items.

Rolf offers Dresden, Faldor, and Morrin a promotion, a transfer or a switch from part to full time.

Next week – Scavenger Hunt – A Local has a very strange shopping list can you help?. Picked this due to people being away. Shouldn’t be so healing heavy.

What in the world is this?
Adventure #12 (The Menagerie of a Raven Lunatic #1)

Players Present – Dannel, Tilla, Dresden, Gevus, Morrin

Players Missing – Norfinas, Faldor

The party awakes in a field, where it is snowing. Snowing and 68 degrees. The group knows each other, but has no idea when they are there. The group marches down a small valley into a village, except the building is 5 buildings. Three of them are alike, one is very small, and one is huge, at least from the inside. Inside the huge building they find a man that is in need of his papers. In a moment of Lucidity, he hands them a scroll, tells them how to leave this village, his name Esearchel, and sends them off. The only encounter of note, a swarm of giant centipedes that nearly eats both Gevus and Dannel.

The party moves onto an island with a volcano. They party enters the caves below the volcano, and finds a few crocodiles to fight, and a bronze dragon in human form that has a quiz for the party. After answering and searching the caves forever, the party is shifted one more time.

They are at the old castle above Raven’s Bluff that is destroyed in their time. Gevus uses a druid scroll and speaks to a blink dog from a pack of them. The dog, Alfredo befriends the party and goes along as they search the only portion of the castle they can get to.

Room 1 – has a stick, the dog plays fetch.

Room 2 – has a stuffed bird, the dog plays fetch

Room 3 – has a Spectator guarding treasure and a Black Onyx Raven. The party eventually fights the Spectator, defeating it, getting the Raven, and suddenly they appear in The Vulture’s office.

The party had touched a snow globe that trapped them inside. The Raven was the item that stops the item from functioning. Vernon Condor pays the party for their service, and their lives have returned to normal.

OOC: the dog would have played fetch with the Raven.

Next Adventure : Probably The Dungeon of Dracona. Crow’s End has its own Undermountain? Who knew? Can you clean it out? Can you survive?

Bard's Song
Adventure #11

Adventurer’s Present – Dannel, Dresden, Tilla, Morrin, Faldor, Gevus, Norfinas

Adventurer’s Missing – Arn

Today the group is hired by a bard name Orin, to find the lost treasure of a pirate, Black Morgan. And while it seemed like any other treasure mission, in truth he only wanted the log book to create a fitting song for an upcoming festival. The rest of the treasure was for the party.

The group sets off, as they were the second choice of hiring and the first choice did not show up. So if they group leaves now, they only have about a bell to spare. Setting off, they get just outside of town, when the meet King. King is the town dog. The town dog? Yes the town dog, no one owns him, but all the children and orphans seem to love him, and care for him. King starts barking and carrying on, leading the party away from their selected task. Why? There is a small boy that has fallen over side of the ledge for the sea cliff onto a small outcropping, but he can not rescue himself. Quite easily the party rescue’s the boy and returns him home.

They party makes way again, when approached by a man wielding a sword. He says he patrols this part of Raven’s Bluff and he means the party no harm once learning they have no ill intent. He asks if anyone has seen his missing bear. No one has, each goes their own way.

Next the party finds a body slain by something with claws. The party finds about 20 gold pieces lying around which they claim.

They move on again. This time finding some men, tormenting the bear in a hole, that is the bear the old man was looking for earlier. The party goes to free the old bear, and the men turn into werewolves. Dresden gets bit. The werewolves are killed, Faldor makes sure of it, and as that happens the old man turns into a werebear and rescues his bear. He thanks the group, they share some more information, when he leads them to their location, the Serpents eye to find this treasure. He goes on his way.

There is some underwater tunnel, that goes down into the side of a mountain. It winds its way down, and the party kills some spiders by burning webs. They find the treasure chest, which is not trapped. They take the treasure, and the book, which was trapped, dropping a solid block of rock behind them. Fortunately there is an air shaft, that requires some work but it is a way out. The party returns with the book, the bard happy, and the party somewhat richer.

Next Week: What in the world is this? Clean up a friend’s basement… a nice way to spend a day, right?

A good day to die
Adventure #10

Players Active – Dannel, Morrin, Faldor, Tilla.

Players Absent – Gevus, Dresden, Norfinas

Players Missing – Arn

The party is awakened in the middle of the night, taken to the watch, meets the Chief Constable who in turns brings in the Mayor of the City who is asking for the party’s help. There is an item of extreme power that has been stolen, and the Mayor wants the help of the party to return it. The party figures out it is a Sphere of Annihilation. Why is it in the city? The people dump their trash and no one wonders what happens to it. A lady at the dump, controls the sphere, touching all the garbage everyday, and making things normal.

Except today. The party sets out, and the first thing they find is that the person in charge of the sphere lies poisoned. John Porter walks in, and says oh my, well she has a friend that might be able to help her.

The party sets off to find this friend. And they do, except they are not really friends. They are some old rivals, not bitter rivals though it turns out. The problem diagnosed, the party sets out to find the root lady. She can do poison cures, and the party can not go to a city temple as the Lord Mayor said this must all be kept a secret, and that would surely break that.

The root lady is convinced to give the neutralizer and the party cures Marian. Everyone heads back to the Sanitation facility, Marian is interviewed, and gives what she knows, and the party looks around, figuring out where and how the item was taken. There are clues that the necromancer that took it lives under the city, so the city goes to find a map of where this person lives.

They go to the old map maker, who sells them a map, as well as a scrap of a map that shows they a secret door in the area.

The party finds the secret door, finds a hallway into a room with a chair holding a string with a bone object over a whole, and a candle burning the string/rope. The party rushes in, obliterating a wight, and I mean obliterating. They save the item from falling down in. What was it? Oh a rod of cancellation. They party gets the mayor, who gets the archmages to retrieve the item. The party gives the rod back, and in payment, each person got a 4000 gold piece gem, and the party as a whole got a folding boat. There was a choice of a few items.

The Day of the Raven
Adventure #9

Players present: Dannel, Dresden, Morrin, Faldor, Gevus, Tilla.

Players Missing: Norfinus, Arn.

The day started out being invited by a priestess of the Temple of Waukeen to meet with the high priestess on a chance to return some long lost item. So the party agrees to meet with her, at her home, The Devillars Mansion, as she is Lady Lauren Devillars. The party sets off and is invited to a light lunch. A Baked Grapefruit, and a steak, and a 2lb potato, and some lobster tails. After asking some questions about the group and their past exploits they are hired.

The group sets off for the White Sands, a museum about the history of early Raven’s Bluff. Here the group learns that there once was a thieves guild. And it was run by a Sara and Tom Porter. Their exploits eventually caught up to them, stealing magic items from the Temple of Waukeen being the last straw. They were hanged, but the items were never found. The party takes their information and goes off to see the son.

John Porter works at the sanitation facility, and has a strange curved dagger seen in a stained glass image of his parents back in the museum. He says it is his only momento of his father. The party heads back to the museum and they convince the curator to let them see the walking stick of Tom, that he always used and never needed. The find a holler section. In the holler section is a map. They go back to John Porter and ask to see his dagger. The two items make a map and a key, and the party goes out into the woods, finding a stone not like the others. They lift the stone, and get a clue to go back to the white sands to the Rainbow room. They take the stained glass window, place it above the door, the light shines in, and it shows four possible places in the city.

On the way they are ambushed by the current thieves guild, an extension of the former, and they are called the Four Ravens. The thieves are no match for the party and are killed except for the leader who is run off. The find the tunnel to the old thieves hang out. The walk in, find some interesting rooms, including a chess room, where they fight 2 clockwork horrors, the only real combat of this adventure.

They pass the chess room, find the treasure. Except there is magic that no metal can go into the room. The party takes this to the extreme, resulting in Faldor, Gevus, and Tilla naked in the room to retrieve the treasure. The party takes the items home, and gets paid over 10000 gold for the items, and other things found. The party did also walk away with 2 potions of gaseous form.

No game next week due to Thanksgiving!

See you in two weeks. You’re down in the dumps… literally. Once again you are called upon to save the city.


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