Ravens Bluff, The Living City

The Stroke of Midnight

Player Present: Dresden Drumheller,Faldor Lockeheart,gevus,Mok

NPC Present: Lady Lauren DevillarsCharles Oliver O’kane, Lord Mayor

Dear Journal

Its me again.. Gevus this is another entry about our group adventure. So our day starts like any other day, as we do our weekly shopping we suddenly got stop by boy who has a note for us. This note says “Please join me for lunch this afternoon at precisely highsun at my estate in the city. I may have a task that is particularly well suited to your skills. Dress is casual. Until then, Lady Lauren DeVillars” So after we finish our shopping we head straight to devillars just in time for lunch. As we get there we are ask to complete a mission. This mission requires us to take back this magical bell

that can summon the undead and this was stolen by some one name Black Manta.

Our first clue was to head to a place called Sharkey’s Bar & Grill in which we head to the docks. WIth a little help from my informants we were able to find this place hopefully get some information on where abouts of black manta. As we head inside the bar I was rudely kick out by the bouncer as an act of revenge I decided to urinate in one of the doors of the bar. But I was suddenly caught and after a few arguments they deem me ban from the place. Later I found that they where to able to get some info from the Sahuagins in which they tell us to go this wreckage under water.

When we got there suddenly were attack by sharks and manta rays. We easily dispose of them and then we meet Grukachu in which he offers some trades also a little info on the next part of the quest. We head to this cave in which we find a secret door which lead to seemingly empty werehouse. In which we find evil henchmen and easily fend and then we head to the beach which we find Black Manta and his priest preparing to activate the bell. We ended up stopping them but Black Manta got away from us, but is okay I am sure we will meet him again and bring home down.
So we give back the bell get our reward and I get a little closer to my goal.


vail oil of acid natural resistance
chaiin +2
mace +2
potion cURE light wounds EACH

Xp: don’t rememeber :((

Monday's Child

Players Present: Dresden Drumheller, Faldor Lockeheart, Morrin Telemnar, Tepal

NPC’S Present: Tordon Sureblade, Lord Chancellor. Lady Fawn Moonray Sweetrose Thorin-Wolf

An Entry in the Journal of:
Morrin Telemnar
Commander in the Raven’s Bluff War College
Sergeant in the Scout Rangers Division
Squire to the Keepers of the Mystic Flame, Raven’s Bluff Knighthood

What a beautiful evening it was, myself and my friends had been enjoying, we had just enjoyed a fine dinner at a particularly nice Harbor Restaurants, whose name was lost upon me with all of the excitement of the night, to the Shod Talon. The Talon is known for having a fantastic rooftop patio where one can, among other things, enjoys drinks and a good view of the immediate town.

Unfortunately for us it seemed not to be. As we were talking the path before us was set upon by a horse running wild, but even more unfortunate was that it seemed to be carrying a limp body. The next thing we know was that it had ran into a nearby stable. No tavern for us it seemed.

Not wasting much time we followed after the horse into the stable to investigate what had happened. Upon entering we quickly found the runaway horse, with a women’s body still strapped to it. It was clear she was dead, though what had killed her was far less obvious. Upon inspecting the body we recognized her to be a girl named Hope Graham, daughter of Sir Ian Glae James Graham, a Knight of the city who was also the owner of a local cider mill. During an inspection of Hope’s body, it became apparent what had killed her when Tepal became mildly poisoned while checking over her corpse. With a little more investigation it seems part of the saddle, specifically the bridle, had been poisoned.

As we sit there debating what to do, with Faldor trying (unsuccessfully) to garner information from the horse itself, it apparently really liked apples, we heard a sound from the back of the stable. I ran back to investigate to see a young boy talking a with gruff older man across the way, who started running towards the stable. Clearly the boy had been inside the stable and had run away seeing the dead girl (or something like that) and the old man was coming to check things out. Not seeing much else to do on the matter, I came back to the group to inform them of our new guest.

The old man arrives, we explain that most of us are City Watch, even if not on duty, and what had happened. Dresden did most of the talking, he seems good at getting us out of bad looking situations. We learn the old man is the owner of the stable, of a tavern, and that the boy was his son. We learned that Hope came to his Tavern occasionally to relax after working at the Cider Mill. Apparently he had lent Hope a horse that evening to wind down, with his son being the one who saddled it. Given his son was around 8, it seemed unlikely he was the killer. Eventually the on duty Night Watch showed up, led by Sergeant Franklin, who took our names and questioned us. During this time, Faldor finally managed to get something useful out of the horse, that another “Two-Legs”, besides the boy had tampered with his saddle before Hope had ridden him. Most curiously we found a leather scroll inside a saddle bag that read “Thursday’s Child has far to go.” With not much else to be done, Sergeant Franklin asked us to speak with Inspector Phineas Stimp in the morning.

The next morning, early morning I might begrudgingly add, Faldor, Dresden, Tepal, and myself all went to meet with the Inspector. We were escorted in by Captain Prometheus Hanke. One met with with the Inspector, he informs us that this wasn’t the first leather scroll found, with another he had been given Tuesday morning reading “Monday’s Child is fair of face.” He wanted us to look into the matter, unofficially, with a dubious promise of repaying the favor in the future. We, being the kind hearted adventurers we are, agreed. He goes on to give us additional information. Two other murders had recently happened, a lady named Crystal Dawning had died Monday, and another named Valerie Lovesong had died Tuesday. The only lead was another lady, a famous adventurer named Kendra Lovesong, the cousin of Valerie, had been charged with the murder of Valerie. He gives us a note allowing us to visit Kendra and informs us that our contact for the case would be Captain Hanke.

We decide to visit the library first, deciding the phrases from the scrolls was likely from a poem. I used some of the skills my mother taught me as a child to do so. Once at the library we eventually, with the help of some of the librarians found the poem in question. For my record, it’s worth mentioning that Faldor seemed to be head-over-heels with some of the librarians. Might be useful knowledge for the future.

OOC:Lost the in-game version, this is a version I found online.
“Monday’s child is fair of face,
Tuesday’s child is full of grace,
Wednesday’s child is full of woe,
Thursday’s child has far to go,
Friday’s child is loving and giving,
Saturday’s child works hard for a living,
Sunday’s child Is fair and wise and good in every way.”

After that we decided to head to Blackhall Prison to meet with Kendra Lovesong and get her side of the story. Her cell was a pretty dank and dreary place, really, how is it even humane to keep someone there? We went in and talked with her, she told us that she had came in and found Valerie dead, who was her cousin, with the weapon around her neck. She had removed it, hoping to help or something, and had then been seen with said weapon. Based on her account, Tepal noted that Valerie would have been dead for hours. Needless to say we were already suspect if Kendra had really murdered Valerie. Kendra then gave us permission to investigate her apartment, even giving us they key to it. I suppose she didn’t have much choice, being in a place like that would make even the best of us lose hope.

We went to check out her apartment, which was located at Victoria’s Vicarage and Victuals, a noteworthy establishment for adventurers. Going into Kendra’s room we began to search around. Of note we found a chest which, presumably, had been Valerie’s, it had some rather enticing clothing in it. Dresden found another of the blasted leather scroll cases with the following written in it “Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe”. Faldor found a locked drawer upstairs, which was dispatched with a ’Knock" spell, inside we found a needle trap (lovely, I know). Inside the drawer we found legal papers from about a year ago that had acquitted Kendra of pandering. Not finding much else we decided to investigate the legal papers.

Next up was the Chancery were we met Eleanora Sureblade, mother of Tordon Sureblade, Lord Chancellor , she was the head clerk of the place. She asked why we needed to see the legal docket of the court case Kendra had been in a year ago, we explain all of the business with the scroll cases and the murders, Eleanora mentions it doesn’t make much sense to her and that she would be happy to help (I think she might have taken some interest in Faldor as well…). Eventually she returned from digging, apparently a lot of the information from the day had gone missing, but she did have a legal docket. Browsing over the docket revealed the other two murder victims had been there on the same day as well as Kendra. Now things were starting to make a little bit of sense, though not much. The docket had a huge amount of names on the list and trying to figure out connections between them was rather arduous. We did find out that Lord Thomas Raphiel, Lord Regent had been there that day, he was currently visiting Tantrus.

Not seeing much else to discern there, we then decided to head to the Stane Family Opera house, where we met with Archibald Stane (his name pretty much says everything that needs to be said about the man). Crystal, one of the initial murder victims, had used to work there, Archibald was apparently very familiar with her. He took us to her old dressing room, which among other things contained ANOTHER leather scroll. This one read “Tuesday’s Child is Full of Grace”. Faldor also mentions how ridicules it was to assume that some acid just happened to fall on her from her dresser if she was in the tub. He then went on to mention how inept the majority of the City Watch must be (present company excluded, of course).

From there we decided to head to the Graham Cider Mill, to talk with Hope’s parents. They weren’t home (we actually went to the house first) so we went to the Mill itself. We were met at the door by the father, Sir Ian Glae James Graham, who, for a stern man, he seemed pretty broken up. We ask him a few questions about Hope, we learn that she and her parents didn’t get along much and that he didn’t recognize any of the names on the Legal Docket. Seemed to be another dead end mostly.

Having explored most of the immediate leads we returned to Stimp’s office, where we met with Sergeant Prometheus. We reveal that Kendra is likely innocent. We discuss some things with him, he mentions checking with the Commissioner of Prisons to check on the status of the names from the docket. Then we mentioned the possibility of Lord Thomas being a potential victim, Sergeant Prometheus looked like he was going to blow a gasket on our lack of haste because a “Nobel” might be in danger and tells us to go to the Ministry of Magic so that we can go to Tantrus (teleportation).

Off to the Ministry we went! We get there, knock on the door, and are greeted by Lady Fawn Moonray Sweetrose Thorin-Wolf, a Knight of the City’s Order of the Griffin. She was not very pleased at the time as she was stuck taking care of bills. We ask about using the teleportation circle to go to Tantrus and are informed all of the wizards are out for some important meeting. Finally, with Mok’s affiliation with the Wizard’s guild and the urgency of our business, we are allowed to use the teleportation device. Before sending us off, she gives us a rite of passage explaining our business and allowing us to come home. Then we were off to Tantrus!

To Be Continued. What happens Next? Did we save Lord Thomas (Spoiler: Nope)? Will this adventure log ever get finished. Yes, eventually.


Players Present: Faldor Lockeheart, Morrin Telemnar, Tepal

An Entry in the Journal of:
Morrin Telemnar
Commander in the Raven’s Bluff War College
Senior Corporeal in the Scout Rangers Division
Squire to the Keepers of the Mystic Flame, Raven’s Bluff Knighthood

Faldor, Tepal, and myself had just finished eating and were following up breakfast by taking a stroll down Fire Street. As we were walking something extremely odd occurred, for the sky was clear as day, a lightning bolt arced down from the sky, with debris flying out from the point of impact. After the debris settled what was left was a three foot crater, give or take, and a man in blue robes standing looking somewhat confused. As we approached the man, he greeted himself as Gideon and said that he was unsure in how he had arrived. He went on to explain that he had been at his home asleep when suddenly he found his house under attack by some sort of massive two-headed creature (we later identified it to likely be an Ettin). Gideon apparently drew a scroll and went to cast a spell and the next thing he knew was that he found himself standing in the street before us.
Cliche’: “A bolt from the Blue”

Naturally, he asked us to help him return home and to deal with the great beastie which was harassing him and offered to pay us. We then also found out that he was apparently very allergic to cats, which made the resulting adventure rather amusing, as Rajah (and therefore Faldor) had to keep their distance from Gideon.

Our journey began traveling to the Northeast, through some hills and eventually some harder terrain in the mountains, though it was initially uneventful. We eventually found ourselves standing before a large, lake with the only clear way to cross being an old rickety bridge composed of wooden planks. As Tepal steeled herself and ventured across first, she found herself facing a giant clam, which just appeared, going on about “finding it funny that she was trying to cross the bridge”. Personally I fail to see what was so funny, but I guess I don’t really know how clams generally think about things either. Eventually it reveals that it would like each of us to make a pun to cross the bridge, after much grief we finally met the clams expectations and were allowed passage, having some pearls shot at us on our way across.
Cliche’: “As happy as a clam.”

After cross the bridge we were met by several bandits, who wanted us to pay passage with the pearls we found. After some debating with each other we eventually decided to give them the pearls, not wanting to risk being bitten by what appeared to be Wereboars. We could likely taken them but didn’t really feel like fighting.

As we continued on our journey we passed through a delightful area filled with beautiful foliage eventually running into a group of white haired men debating among themselves. Getting closer we discovered they were trying to undo a knot that one of them had tied as a challenge to the rest. Offering to help them, I sliced it in two and told them problem solved. The one who had tied the knot found this amusing and gave us a ring as a gift for solving their puzzle.
Cliche’: “Cut the Gordian Knot.”

The journey pressed on as we eventually came upon a 5 way split into the road. Unfortunately Gideon did not remember which way to go to get to his house as a local (or not) Wizard’s Guild had always teleported him to wherever he needed to go. We noticed that each path had 5 animals standing before it, a Dog, Humming Bird, Chicken, Cow, and a Horse, which after interviewing them each (because they were somehow capable of speaking) we learned that each animal believed it’s path the way to go. We stood there debating for several minutes, unsure of where to go, until Tepal had a flash of brilliance and remembered an old saying about horses. That decided it for us and we took the path of the horse.
Cliche’: “Straight from the horses mouth.”

Long as the journey had been the trees finally began to thicken up, leading us to be hopeful we would see be at Gideon’s house. But before that could happen a strange man appeared with several dogs crying out “Havoc” before releasing the dogs upon us and disappearing. It’s a shame that nothing could be done for the dogs but the skirmish was soon over with several dogs turned into the equivalent of pin cushions.
Cliche’: “Cry Havoc, let loose the dogs of war.”

The sun was had long set and night was looming on us, but we finally found ourselves approaching Gideon’s house. As we approached it was immediately obvious that the exterior had been badly damaged. As Gideon rushed to his front door he began an uncontrolled fit of sneezing which required us to drag him back from the house before it would stop. Around then we noticed a large thudding sound coming from opposite the front and after investigating found a large Ettin laying into the house. It did not notice us immediately so we studied for a few moments and realized it was talking to itself, unfortunately even with my helm of comprehend languages, what it was saying made little sense. After getting it’s attention and not being immediately set upon we decided to approach it and try to communicate. This sort of worked, we were unable to say much to it, but with enough words being thrown out by it we deciphered that it had lost a cat of some sort. We managed to make it stop beating on the house for a bit and went inside to look for the cat, though with little luck. Eventually Faldor noticed some tracks leaving the house, showing them to the Ettin we began a several hour journey into the woods trying to track the prints to their owner. Unfortunately it seemed like the gods themselves were conspiring against us and we lost trail of the tracks, not even Faldor’s “Elven Eyes” could find any sort of trace. Dismayed we headed back, with the saddest looking Ettin I have ever seen.
Cliche’: “Ettin out of house and home.”

The next morning we were bickering what to do, the Ettin at least seemed to have stopped it’s assault but was still seemingly depressed. As we were brainstorming Gideon approached us with a bounty and then accidentally teleported us back to Raven’s Bluff, right to the same location he had appeared a day before.

500 GP → Each
Ring of Swimming (after wearing it for 24 hours grants the user Swim as a class skill) → Tepal (temporarily)


My Death Bow

Players Present:
Dresden Drumheller, Faldor Lockeheart, Tilla, Morrin Telemnar

NPC’s Present:
Vernon Condor, Regent of the Exchequer

We were having breakfast at the Singing Sword Inn and among the daily news was that a caravan from Procamper lead by a fella named Dargo was in town for it’s monthly circuit. In addition we heard mention of a group called the Limiters Morality Circus and Traveling Show which would be putting on a performance later that evening at the Fiddler’s Green, near the Silver Raven Bard College.

Not taking much interest in any of this news, being an adventurer can be tiring business sometimes, we were interrupted by a city page informing us that old Beak Face himself, Vernon Condor, wanted to speak with us… lovely. Not wanting torisk getting taxed for being late we gathered up our belongings and headed over to see what he had to say. That is after convincing Dresden to give up on his morning coffee and toast (seriously, how is toast enough to sustain a guy his size?!).

Surprisingly he seemed to be in a rather dower mood, more so than usual even, I might even say he looked agitated. Well the circumstances leading to his agitation became clear as he informed us that he had received a threat the day before threatening him with death, at his “death bow”, whatever that means. He of course wanted us to lead a private investigation on his behalf to see if the threat was serious and if so then to help mitigate the danger, as he would not be stopped from attending the show later tonight. We get some information that Phineas, the fellow in charge of the show would be expecting us later for questioning and that we might also speak with a Diviner named “Doubting Thomas” in order to see if he would give us any information into the validity of the threat. Lastly, after we questioned why this might be the case, we found out that he recently increased taxes on caravans which do business casually with the city, such as Dargo’s, which also lead to the fact that we should probably check with the caravan to see if anything seemed unusual there.

With the information in mind we headed out only to find the poor page which had just summoned us being verbally assaulted by some lady going on about the recent tax hike (not that I entirely blamed her for being displeased). After “nicely” telling her to shove off, she left the poor boy alone.

First on our trip was to go visit Doubting Thomas, to see what the Diviner had to say. Among other things the fella had some pretty strong ale that came from Zahara, but he also wasn’t cheap, costing us 50 gold to get the information we requested. He gave us a lot of cryptic, not helpful information, but did confirm that the threat against Condor was real, that the assassin would not be from Raven’s Bluff, and that it was not Thomas himself (I don’t think we really suspected him but okay). Thanking the odd fellow we quickly left.

From there we decided to check Dargo’s Caravan. We found several different wagons set up shop and not wanting to waste a whole bunch of time we each took a couple and questioned them individually, personally I checked into the Silks and Glazier place. Neither of which were particularly helpful, though I did learn of the traders at the Bower used to be an adventurer, as neither really minded the tax hike, I did find myself a nice blue scarf though. After collaborating only a few of the places weren’t super happy with Condor, but not one was filled with bloodrage over the matter. Dresden did also find a coffee maker, Tilla got some new paint and yarn, Faldor got some new arrows. We did learn that Lord Blacktree was back in town and that he apparently had purchased some magic arrows from the Bower.

We then decided to go, as a group, question Dargo himself, as many of the merchants had mentioned him being particularly irate over the taxes. Among other things, Dargo was kind of a large guy, as far as humans go, he was almost as big as Dresden. All in all, we learned that he really disliked (read “hated”) Vernon Condor, that he did have a ticket to the play, and that he was kind of rude.

Not seeing much else to do we decided to leave. As we were departing we here some noises coming from an Ally, which is never a good thing, and behold six big men (looked and were acting like Big Dumb Fighters to me) beating on two other fellas (looked like Nobles). I took a small hit in the skirmish but otherwise we quickly “dispatched” four of them, the other two decided to flee though none of us were in the mood to chase them. It’s worth noting they looked like they weren’t from around Raven’s Bluff.

Afterwords we talked with the two fellas and learned their names were Rudolph and Otho, and that they were from the Traveling Circus. In thanks they gave each of us some nice tickets to the show that evening and asked us to escort them to the Bard College. On our way there some poor fool tried to pick pocket Faldor, nearly getting his hand bit off in the process by Rajah. Dresden identified them as a known pick-pocket and took the guy to some local barracks and then we finally arrived at the Silver Raven Bard College, where Rudolph and Otho took their leave.

Once arrived we see several Gnomes scurrying about setting up things, we eventually ask to see Phineas. Before then we run into a fella named Blackwater who was a higher ranked guard that was stationed on sight, got the current details of what they knew and then did a little of our own exploring of the area. Finally Phineas arrived, though it wasn’t a whole lot of help as all he did was assure us that everything was going to be okay. The important information we got was that the stage and audience locations should be well covered and it was unlikely any attempt would be made on Condor’s life from those locations.

We then checked out the four different locations we had noted earlier in our exploration, Old Edith’s Boarding House, Fred’s Headstones, Wise Catrey’s Smoke Shop, and Max the Money Changer. We determined that the only building where an archer (or spellcaster) would have a good vantage point, and easy access too, was Edith’s boarding house, and decided to focus our attention on that location.

The evening was getting closer, so we took up our positions. Tilla tried to blend in with some children that would be watching from the top of the Boarding House with Edith, with Faldor up there as well off in the back. Rajah was located on the next building over where he would have easy access to any of the building with his cat like agility. Dresden and Tilly took up point behind the Boarding House in order to catch anyone who might try and quick getaway that way. I had Ptera fly in a patrol circuit over the general housing area to keep an eye for anything suspicious and I myself took up residence out front the Smoke Shop, to keep an eye on anything suspicious down there.

As the play started things seemed to be going okay, though as I was patrolling the ground I eventually heard a loud “crack/thud” followed by a second thud from the Boarding house area. Not knowing what was going on I flew up in that direction to get a better vantage point to see Tilla on the roof by herself met by a group of identical archers. I later learned that Tilla had gotten curious about the Children and had started to cast a detect magic on them which, before she could even finish the incantation, the children had dropped an illusion to reveal themselves to be some sort of magic archer, who then proceeded to light Faldor up before he could react, knocking him from the roof (the second thud I heard) with high impact arrows (the first thud). Over the course of the next several seconds, Rajah, Dresden, Faldor, and myself, all made it to the roof to engage the archer. It was tense fight and the assassin almost got away except for a lucky swipe from Dresden which impaled him as he attempted to jump from the roof. Dresden then performed some sort of falling dive into the guy which resulted in a gut-wrenching crack, which was surely the assassins spine snapping in two.

We were able to stop any attempt on Condor’s life, and learned the assassin was actually one of the workers at the Bower Wagon from earlier, but we were unable to learn who (if any) his employer was. Condor was happy with us, for the most part.

Experience: 2300

All → 400 Gold
Dresden → Dust of Appearance
Faldor → Composite Bow ( +3 Strength Rating, +3 Magic Weapon), 3x +1 Arrows of Piercing, Boots of Elvenkind
Morrin → Potion of Gaseous Form, Wand of Detect Secret Doors/Open Doors (10 Charges)

A day in the life

This is just to show that a day was not lost, but we instead as a group had a night of metagaming that occurred. There was shopping, buy and trading of magic items, paying for services, fees to organizations, and money changing. This took up most of the night, and the next adventure would take place next week as it should.

Plane Speaking : If It's Tuesday This Must Be Olympus
2- 25

Many of us had business outside the city that day. So we decided as usual safety in numbers there had been rumors of increased attacks by mixed groups of humanoids and various groups of brigands and highwaymen. All but Faldor had joined the Midnight Menagerie on our mid morning jaunt. It was not long before we ran into a group of aggressive bandits who seemed to to know the Menagerie’s reputation but came at us anyway we were immediately encircled and set upon.

There were a few touch and go moments during the battle as the wizard and cleric were unrelenting with their spells and for a moment I am told that i even attacked Morrin when I was be-spelled by one of them Nikor was relentless in holding back a great portion of the soldiers that surrounded them. After a battle that seemed to last an hour even though it was only minutes. After the long battle with a cleric a wizard and near a dozen thugs a couple now in chains we began to heal the group.

We decided we would take them to town to turn them in since we were so close to the city . This did not happen. Gezus took it upon himself to take a very nice back from one of the bodies he reached in and retrieved a gleaming sold platinum cube. Dammit Gevus……

Soon as he held it aloft to show us the spoils we were surrounded by swirling mist and then we began falling. Well not falling but flying/floating. Some of us immediately and with dismay realize we were back in the Elemental plane of Air. Nikor and Tepal had not been with the group at that time and evidently had not traveled the planes before at least not this one. We quickly shouted the mind over matter concept of movement on this plane. Not long after we got our bearings and agreed on an “up” a great storm cam at us. A tempest of massive proportions that carried with it some of the few pieces of rock on the plane. It smashed boulders in its gale force mass and some of us were overtaken by its speed and smashed against the rocks from inside of it. By shear will and agility we escaped and followed a great column of smoke in the distance as the only discernible landmark in the airy void.

As we approached the column we were halted by a being that even towered over the Minotaur Nikor. A great Djinni with a massive scimitar broader than any I have seen since last we flew. Haseem Brnusef was sympathetic to our issue but had a code of the bartering to live by so after a long debate we traded an ever burning torch for direction to a maze and in this maze was a temple that would have answers to our predicament. Then we fell. For days we plummeted occasionally filling water skins in the balls of water that exist to sustain various life forms here. we rested on the tiny floating islands falling is harder than you imagine when you have a target hundreds of miles away. Finally we came to the temple of Wisdom and Truth or at least the maze that wrapped around it like a ball.

Every time we went in we seemed to make more progress and the we would come out at one of the other dozens of entrances. Finally we worked out a way to mark the maze whos wall were made of smoke but unable to be passed through. After 2 days a and a great quantity of paint, paper, hair, and other markings we reached the center and came across an inner smoke chamber. We reached the anti-chamber and come to face a gem to massive fror description to justify we began asking our questions each of us in turn rewording the same question how do we get home. All we got in response each time was, “Traverse the maze…” Then after a short time we began to fade out and then we all felt weak so very weak and then before us we were greeted by Baron Rowan of the Darkwoods who informed us we were just rescued from the negative material plane and were berks for trying to go there he spoke common but his vernacular was very unfamiliar we were served a Heroe’s feast he explained that we were diverted to a a pocket of the astral plane and as we discussed out unusual circumstances he inspected the cube as we told our story and he explained the curse we were under and translated the unusual magical sript on the cube.

We were given six clues to traverse the cube

The first is to be the plane of aire where you will have a mazeing time.

The second is the negative plane you must survive for an hour where no one can survive but a minute. That was where we would have ended.

The third is Baator the pit of darkness avoid the natives of the plane pay the ferry man
a silver dagger is your best friend.

The fourth is fair Bytopia where a body gots to work for a living. You might have heard it called the twin paradises it is said that the only thing hard about time is doing it.

Fair Ysgard home of me god I haven’t been there in a while but you must be careful and polite
if you can reach the well you’ll come out wiser if not older.

The most familiar and the strangest it is an ultimate prime material plane where a burke must stay on his toes you must entertain the crowd before ye be free.

After just short of an hour since our positive negative experience began, we faded and again appeared in a new land. Dark and sulfurous Bator we kept a low profile and avoided the ”Roosters” the Baron waned us about more commonly known as Vrocks. We came to a boat at a river and I paid the ferryman 2 gold which were thrown in the river seems my mythology was rusty I handed the skeletal hand that emerged from the robe 2 silver coins that were accepted in turn we each payed and it gained us passage on the ferry.

We began moving faster than it should have been able to and on our travel to the other side some red Abishai eyed us as more food than challenge we may have been able to take them but as they tried to come at us the boatman who they called Charon swatted them off the boat to be devoured and forget everything but that experience even on their demonic faces the confusion pain and terror was pitiful.

As we got to the other side dozens of Abishai must have heard and were on the other side waiting for us to land we readied ourselves for certain doom but before we landed on the shore we got that sinking feeling again and found our selves as foretold in Bytopia; The Twin Paradises we took up and rested among the fine folk. We really just relaxed and worked and learned there was a great deal of crafting Mok made many wands and
after 6 months all of our time came to an end. I was really becoming concerned about what this extended leave would do to our standings in our various institutions. I know the watch does not look favorably on absences without notifications.

We appeared at the base of a mountain no doubt on Ysgard as we were told we would be so we climbed and after a rather difficult climb for some of us and were greeted by three women we greeted them gently and were quite as possible when we arrived here Nikor did not appear with us I still do not know where he went he wont talk about it. The three women we met at the top bantered back and forth gently and we were gentle in our attitudes and gentile in manor. They let us drink. from the well and my mind expanded like never before and I felt pure of mind body and spirit.

When I came back to my common mindset we were in a place of sand and sun like I have never experienced. I felt like I was home in the way the weight of my self felt but it was wrong somehow. The alternate prime that we were warned about. We approached a walled city. Those of us with Metal arms and armor were treated as if we were wealthy beyond their imagination and we were accused of being sent by the King and in his arrogance covered us in metal. We went along with this idea as being associated with the king seemed like a safe move. evidently the “king” isn’t exactly in charge and “magic is frowned upon” would be a great understatement. Long story short we got thrown in a gladiator pit and were warned that if we used obvious magic we would be executed at range. The Giant insectoid beasts held there ground but there mental powers were almost overwhelming as I crumbled when my mind fell victim to the belief I was nearly killed. We were able to come back thanks to subtle healing spells. Till and Tilly vanished on our way into the pit. As the next waive of beasts were let in the gates we braced ourselves back to back. The crowd cheered. Then it happened one last time. The world fell away and we were on the ground looking around it was exactly where we had fought the brigands nearly 7 months ago. I glanced at the brush and it was still singed from Mok’s fireballs. Blood was still splattered on the road. We had been gone only a few hours the cube was now just a cube and unfortunately not platinum.

Treasure from Briggands

Crafted; 8 wands CLW 2 wands lesser restoration

Party Loot:
Bracers +4
Leather +1
20 Silver Arrows
priest scroll with cure light shillelagh, remove paralysis and heal at 15th level
leather armor +3
bracers +5
Hand axe +1 large MOnstrous Humanoid bane
ring +1
belt of strength +2
Lesser Spell key for the astral plane for alteration.
213 gp, 124 sp, 33 cp.
•12 small pieces of jade worth 75 gp each.
3 silver daggers
dagger +3
Magic scroll with Ice storm at 11th level.

Kidnapped: The Payback

Players Present: Dresden Drumheller, Faldor Lockeheart, Gevus, Morrin Telemnar, Mok, Tilla, Tepal, Nikor

An Entry in the Journal of:
Morrin Telemnar
Light Commander in the Raven’s Bluff War College
Squire to the Keepers of the Mystic Flame Raven’s Bluff Knighthood
Senior Corporeal in the Scout Rangers Division

Following the return of Michael we all went our respective ways, myself off to the Docks, my destination, the Spill&Swill for a drink, which was not the best, but it did the trick. The next morning we all met with Sirrus who had gotten permission to dispatch those of us that are part of the City Watch, and temporarily deputizing the rest, to go and catch the kidnappers (with rewards of course).

We are given a list of the various kidnappers, at least of the four known. Sirrus had agents out working to track recent transactions of large amounts of gold. They had three hits, one in the Lucky Coin Tavern, a person had lost a large amount of platinum in a bet. Another hit was found at the Sparkling Gem Shop, where something called the “Eye of Wisdom” was bought,. The final one was some lady who purchased a rather expensive drawing dwelling during her first in Raven’s Bluff, Sirrus said his men would question her. We are to investigate the former two.

First on our list was the Sparkling Edge Gem Shop. We met with Ocar Klein, the owner of the shop and asked about the purchase of the “Eye of Wisdom”. After Mok cut him off from going on about the beauty of the gem, we started getting some answers. He informed us that the new owner of the gem was a fella named Tomas Mountain, who had been interested in the gem for years. He didn’t give us enough information to be able to compare the man to any on our list, so we decided to move on.

Next we headed to the Lucky Coin Tavern, where we met the owner, Lucky Leather Toes, a chirpy little Halfling. After asking for some information about a recent patron who had lost a great deal of money we are first met with some reservation about not revealing information on private parties. After informing the little Halfling of being part of the city watch he gave in, telling us the following: A fella had came in and taken a 35-1 bet wagering 100 platinum. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you were the Tavern) the fella lost his bet, but Leather Toes offered him a room in compensation. We get the room number and make our way to see our “friend”.

Opening the door we found a stone drunk fella matching the description of one of the bandits named Olive. As he didn’t even budge with our entry, we took our time, with Tepal using Animate Rope to bind him (which he slept through). Finally he woke up and then just started screaming, until Mok slapped him a few good times, quieting him down a bit. After failing miserably to interrogate him we decided to take him back to the Temple of Tyr to have Olive sobered up.

After arriving we are able to get him sobered up. He is initially hesitant to offer any assistance but after we talk we manage to make a deal cutting whatever sentence he will get from 8-15 in Illwater (not a place you want to be) to 5-10 in the Compter (not great but not a death sentence).

He revealed the following information Note Check spellings
The leader was a man named Titus Hill from They, not much else known.
William Hill was the younger brother of Titus, he had slew 4 priests of Tyr, practiced as a Fighter.
Niver, One Shot, an Elf Rogue who was missing a finger.
Barthalamus Brig, started the rockfall on us, claimed to be owner of some Barony.
Silmon Margold, responsible for killing Sirrus’s nanny. Both him and Brig were reportedly together.

We decided to head to the Barony that Brig thought was his, given it was our only lead. It was about 120 miles Northeast of Raven’s Bluff. Two days out we were assaulted by some Ogre’s and Trolls (have to do some research on those buggers, they are tough to kill). We eventually dispatched them all, using Dresden’s Flaming Lucern Hammer to stop the Trolls from regenerating.

Break in notes Will finish once I can crosscheck some stuff.

Kidnapped: The Payoff

Players Present: Dresden Drumheller, Faldor Lockeheart, Gevus, Morrin Telemnar, Mok, Tilla, Tepal, Nikor

An Entry in the Journal of:
Morrin Telemnar
Light Commander in the Raven’s Bluff War College
Squire to the Keepers of the Mystic Flame Raven’s Bluff Knighthood
Senior Corporeal in the Scout Rangers Division

Sirrus Melandor contacted myself and the rest of the usual group for a personal meeting. Upon arriving with the Chief Prelate he briefs us on the recent abduction of his son, Michael. He wanted us to take the ransom to the criminals who had performed the abduction. In addition he sent a forward party of Cleric that would be acting as a decoy to draw the attention of any other would be thieves from us. Sirrus would be subjecting us to a Quest spell to insure that we did not try and do anything rash, as he was willing to pay whatever for his sons return. We were to head to the Struggling Squid Inn in Tantrus, where we would identidy ourselves as Lord Billcrew and his party. We receive a sab, a potion, and Michael’s dog in order to properly identify him.

We made the necessary preparations, choosing to masquerade as a traveling circus known as Midnight’s Menagerie. Once preparations were complete we headed out. As we proceeded through the city we ran into a turned over wagon which a few of us helped to fix. As the wagon owner was being helped, we were approached from behind by a lady named Mirlika Ogreslayer who offered us protection while traveling by the Red Alliance. In the end we decided to decline their offer.

1st Day of Travel
We covered around 25 miles with no incident, as it was growing late we decided to rest for the evening at a stone outcrop .We decided to break the night into 4 watches, which went uneventful until Gevus and Dresden’s shift. During which they were attacked by a band of the Red Alliance, led by Mirlika. It was a tough fight, with Gevus and Dresden having to bare the brunt of it before the rest of us were able to awaken and join the fray. Though we weren’t really sure why they attacked us as they should have had no reason to suspect our cargo.

Day 2
We managed to cover another 16 miles and eventually arrived at the Fighting Terrier Inn, but we decided to make haste and pushed the horses on, even ignoring an overturned wagon along the way (must have been the Quest spell driving us).

Later on in the day, about 2 miles outside of Tantrus, we stumbled into the remnants of the clerics Sirrus had sent out, their group was entirely decimated. Upon inspection it was clear the fight had involved both martial and magical attacks. We decided to burn their bodies with a funeral pyre and then continued to Tantrus.

Once in Tantrus we headed to the Scheduling Squid Inn. It wasn’t a bad place though nor was it particularly great. We decide to send in Faldor, Tilla, and Tepal to get our room, with Gevus going in separate to keep an eye on the them, and the rest of us stayed with the wagon to keep an eye on the chest, we also left Mr. Pointy with Faldor to alert Mok if anything went wrong. I guess Faldor got to pretend to be Lord Billcrew.

Everything from the wagon’s end of things went smoothly, we were traveling around town looking for a place to store the wagon without much event. But after about a half hour Mok suddenly mentioned that Mr Pointy was currently under great distress, so we immediately started to head back. I’m not sure on the specifics but soon after “Lord Billcrew” and his two lady friends got to their room they were assaulted by bandits through the windows. I guess the situations devolved quickly, despite Gevus managing to arrive to assist, as an Evard’s Black Tentacles was used to trap the group in the room while the few remaining bandits escaped. By the time we arrived, everyone had made it down to the bar and were relaxing after the scuffle.

Later on we all were in the room, waiting to see if our “contact” was still going to meet us. Eventually a fella knocked on the door and informed us he was there to take us to the ransom meetup location, he informs us we would be marked by crossbows during the exchange to ensure our cooperation. We exited Tantrus through the North Gate, eventually hitting a Dead Magic Area (gives you a mighty headache, that’s for sure). As we continue on we eventually see a figure off in the distance (it was getting dark by this time) by a campfire. Once we arrive he wants to inspect the trunk, we make a deal with him that if we show him the trunk, he shows us Michael. After finding everything in order they show us a boy, who unfortunately was doused in perfume so the dog was unable to smell him out. Combined with the Dead Magic Zone, meaning none of our magical identification methods were working, we had no for sure way to identify the boy as Michael. Though the boy and the dog seemed to recognize each other, and he did match the picture we had of Michael, but without any way to guarantee that their wasn’t any illusion magic being used. Being unable to know for sure, but faced with the possibility that either the boy was one of the kidnappers, was a random boy, or Michael, we decided to accept the exchange. As the kidnappers leave we were set upon by a small rock slide, thankfully not taking any serious damage.

With our objective met we headed back to Raven’s Bluff, confirming along the way that the boy was indeed Michael.

Sirrus Milandor was extremely happy to see his son, telling us that other than being under the influence of some spell he was otherwise unharmed. Sirrus asked us to return in the morning if we were interested in bringing the kidnappers to justice.

Experience: Counted in next adventure.

Loot: All: Boon with Temple of Tyr, Raise Dead at 1/4 the Price

Hammer of Fire: The Wrath of Talos
Adventure 2-23-2

Players Present: Faldor Lockeheart, Gevus, Morrin Telemnar, Mok, Tilla, Nikor

Players Absent: Dresden Drumheller, Tepal

A quick recap for my notes: Recently we had been sent into the dreams of a fella named Oracle who had been unable to be awaken. During our time in his dreams we saw several different facets of his mind. We also learned that a Meteor was on course for Raven’s Bluff. We managed to collect the information and help free Oracle from his trapped slumber (it seems that worshipers of Talos had a hand in the matter). That more or less summed things up to where my current entry begins-

After awaking from Oracle’s dream we all slept awhile. Eventually we were woken and instructed to head to the High House of the Wizard’s Guild, where we met with Sir Alcides Von Tighe who tells us that the meteor is now 48 hours out. He asks us to help out the city once again by journeying to the meteor and destroying it. In order to do so we needed to employ the use of something called a Spelljammer, which to put simply is basically a ship that gets a magical helm added on to it that then allows said ship to travel into space (it also protects it passengers from adverse environmental conditions). I’d heard tales of such things before but had never seen one before and, admittedly, was slightly suspect of their existence. It turns out they are quite real and the city even had one in it’s possession to lend to us.

Barton Fisk, the fella who originally contacted us about the Oracle situation, was sent to fetch our captain for the voyage. A curious little Gnome known as Ignious Ranmousdammous, who I guess is a well known Spelljammer captain. We are then informed we will be using an “Accelerator” to try and destroy the meteor. An Accelerator, much like it’s name implies, is a large magical tube which can launch objects at an unusually high speed. Apparently we were to “shoot” the meteor down. In addition we are told that we were to be given a crew and that the ships natural artillery might be of use to hurt the meteor.

From the Wizard’s Guild we headed to the Office of the Harbor Regent to see Lord Calvin Longbottle who was to supply us with a ship. He greeted us and then took us to our ship, the Wind Song. As we drew near the ship, we were assaulted by Worshipers of Talos, who had kindly stationed themselves on the ship to throw us a welcoming party. Lord Calvin to a bolt to the chest and Nikor ended up going for a quick swim, but otherwise we quickly dispatched of the Talos Worshipers.

Afterwords Iggy (our captain) arrived a little puzzled over the whole mess, along with the crew for the ship. He also had brought along several barrels of explosives (made by someone aptly named “Major Bigboom”, which as he later explained was because he did not believe that the Accelerator alone would be enough to destroy the meteor.

Once everyone and everything was loaded up Iggy set up the Spelljammer Helm (a chair) and then all of a sudden the ship was no longer in the water, it was flying up! It would have been quite exciting had we not ran into a storm (or at least exciting in the kind of way where I could have stared around in wonder) on our trip up into space. It was a rough ride, with crew and our party alike working to keep things together, but we managed to weather the storm. Though we all were pretty beaten up from the hail that had been pelting us. While most of us had remained above deck, Tilla had gone below deck in order to keep an eye on the Familiars and Rajah, while down there she ran into a fellow named Itchy Trigger Bigboom, the son of the creator of the explosives. We all ended up below deck and got quite the surprise seeing Tilla talking with the Blue humanoid Hippo looking creature who, after some questioning, revealed that he had stolen aboard the ship in look of some Space-Faring adventure. Itchy explains to us that his father had forbid him from coming, but that he was out to prove himself as a “Space-Faring Warrior”, and that he had knowledge of how to make bombs out of the explosive powder. He also took a special liking to Gevus.

We let things be with Itchy, there wasn’t much to be done, he was coming along now, and continued out to meet the meteor. It’s hard to describe the experience of going into space, without having actually been there, I can only describe it as being immense, and awe-inspiring. Even when compared to places like the Plane of Shadow or the Plane of Air it was still quite fascinating. At least when you travel to another plane you expect for things to be screwy, but this is what surrounds our planet, it’s everywhere on the Prime Plane, and yet most will never know it. Odd.

Eventually we got attacked by some really annoying Spelljammer Leeches (or that’s what Iggy called them) who seemed pretty intent on sucking out the Spelljammer magic.. It took a while to clean them off the ship, it was tedious, though not difficult, and we eventually continued on.

After traveling for a while more we saw a stationary ship off in the distance, curious we flew in closer for inspection. While we were deciding who the boarding party would be (Iggy offered us the Spelljammer equivalent of a life boat to fly over) we ran into some trouble with Itchy wanting to come along and Mok being firmly against the matter. I don’t like to take sides on these sorts of things but Mok had a point about us not really knowing him and it not being best to bring along the stowaway when the city was on the line. Though I think getting any help that was offered was also a fair point. Regardless, eventually we told Itchy he couldn’t come along, which ended up in him running below deck, not pleased at all. After some more discussion we change our minds that it might be better to not leave him near the gunpowder (though as we later learned, he was indeed quite knowledgeable about such matters). We decide to send Tilla down to try and talk with him and convince him to come.

I’m not fully sure what happened down there, eventually Rajah came trotting up and retrieved Faldor, who got Mok and the lot of them all went down to see what was going on, with Gevus close behind. I wasn’t really interested in whatever was about to happen, it clearly wasn’t going to be good, so I stayed up on deck and admired the scenery trying to ignore the shouting. Well eventually the lot of them came back up, nobody looked exceptionally pleased, but Mok looked particularly annoyed. They had decided that Mok would remain behind and that Itchy would be coming along to check out the ship.

After asking around, after the fact, I found out that when Tilla went down she found Itchy making grenades/bombs out of the barrels of explosives we had brought along. Tilla, not being very happy about the situation, had used Speak With Animals to have Rajah come get Faldor. Then Mok came who made it very clear he did not like Itchy being anywhere near the explosives, or having anything to do with them. After some disagreements, Tilla and Gevus ended up with some bombs, and Itchy said he was going wherever Mok wasn’t (hence why Mok stayed behind).

So we all board the lifeboat and head over the the seemingly empty vessel. After some exploration the ship is clearly deserted, with bloodstains everywhere, and not fit for travel. Itchy also points out to us that it is a Giff Ship (note to self: Large, Humanoid Purple Hippos are known as Giffs). He also noted that something called Scro (which from what I understand are basically Space Orcs, my oh my) were the likely culprits of the desolation. After making sure the ship looked able to be towed we decide to put to use the plan Mok had previously suggested, loading it up with explosives and leaving it in the path of the Meteor. We flew back over to our ship to grab some chains and then linked the vessels together.

As we continued on, towing the other ship, we finally find ourselves in range of the Meteor, the thing was unnaturally large, being something close to 1/2 mile in diameter (OOC: Meteors are no where near that size, they should have just used a Comet or maybe a small Asteroid). As we approach the Meteor we see another ship approaching us, which Iggy notes is a Giff Ravager ship. Much to our surprise, or not, we also are able to make out the symbol of Talos hoisted in their sails.

We man the 2 Medium Ballistas and the Light Catapult and engage in 0 Gravity ship to ship combat. It was a tense and drawn out fight as we tried to get closer, taking some hits, and landing several of our own (including a couple of fireballs from Mok). Iggy eventually maneuvers us close enough to board and we engage in close quarters combat with the Talosians, during which Itchy and Gevus unloaded a few of Itchy’s bombs onto their ship. We manage to subdue our enemies but unfortunately the Meteor had pulled away during the fight. Quickly we scoured the ship for anything of value while Iggy’s men unloaded the explosives on the destroyed Giff ship we had been towing.

Then we took chase of the meteor, which seemed to be somehow gaining speed, and quickly approaching the point where we would no longer be able to stop it, maybe Talos himself had a hand in trying to bring about the destruction of Raven’s Bluff. As we chase it we start unloading everything we have on it, the 2 Ballistas along with the Catapult and the Accelerator. It was a long chase and the weapons didn’t seem particularly effective but eventually it seemed we had done enough to compromise the integrity of the great big rock, so after we managed to pull ahead (again due to Iggy’s expert Spelljammin capabilities) we dropped off the “payload” in the Meteors path and got the heck out of there to see if we had succeeded. As the compromised meteor smashed into the Giff Ship Impromptu Bomb, a bright flash ran out, leaving us temporarily unable to see if we succeeded or not. After the dust cleared we saw that we had been successful, the meteor was no more!

With a job well done we returned to Raven’s Bluff to report our success.

Personal Banner from the Knight Commander → Each
500 Gold → Each
Cloak of Protection, +2 → Morrin
Melee Weapon, +1 → Nikor
Staff of Illumination, 25 Charges → Mok
Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds, 15 Charges → Gevus
Bracers of Armor, +4 → Mok
Ring of Protection, +2 → Nikor
Light Catapult, +2 → Party?

Experience: 1700 Each

Hammer of Fire: Perchance to Dream
Adventure 2-23-1

Players Present: gevus, Morrin Telemnar, Mok, Tepal,

Players Absent:Tilla, Dresden Drumheller, Nikor

Dear journal:

We start our day today at a bar called Foaming Tankard Tavern, which we spent most of our time if we are not at a mission. But today was special for our group of adventure ( Goat Lovers) we have finally found a replacement for our late friend Dannel of tyr and her name is Tepal. I do not really know much about her I know she is a dwarf and can heal me for lots so that is plus in my book.

After Introducing ourselves to the new healer we are suddenly interrupted by this Pasty face Man who is wearing a city crest and calling us " Goat Lovers". Which by the way every one like :). We find out that the wizard guild has a mission for us. By the way that Mans name is Burton and he guided us to the Oracles house which we will receive the mission.

As we enter the house and head upstairs we are greeted by Sir Alcides Von Tighe, Knight of the Raven, Archmage of Raven’s Bluff is an Invoker, a Knight of the Raven, and currently the Archmage of the Wizards Guild. Micah Starfire is a handsome, slender, carefree, and flighty moon elf with black hair, pale skin, and violet eyes and an inquisitive nature. He is the Wizards Guild’s Dean of Divination.Lady Belinda Moonglow is a tall, beautiful, voluptuous moon elf with a pale, glowing complexion, bright green eyes, and silky black hair. Martin MacGreggor is the Dean of Alteration and a Knight of the Hawk. Lady Penelope Norwood, Dean of Invocation and Evocation.
Telling us our mission is to save this man Oracle from his deep slumber and to find out his vision about the city of Ravens Bluff Destruction. In order to do everyone needed to be put on this magical slumber which wold connect us to the oracles dreams. Also by the way somehow the worshiper of Talos are involved in all this mess.

So we are put into this slumber and we travel to the oracles mine. The first person we meet is this boy who tell us there 5 different place we must go and to solve something. As we really had nothing to go on we decided to just follow the boys advise and head to the first place suggested by Tepal which is Fiery waste are. AS we enter this area we greeted by a spectacle of 2 creatures fighting each other. One was a Man like beast who is inside a crater and the other a giant Statue which is emitting lighting and breaths snow. After our battle with the statue (which I deliver the final blow) we are given some information about a meteor and Nikor receives a str buff.

So we continue to Clock Work City, this time we find clock work men fighting against Talos worshipers.
So this was an easy contest we easily sided with the clock work men and defeated Talos worshipers. After we find this thin speckled man who was controlling the the clock work soldiers changing the city layout to drive back this Talos worshipers. So againd we find out more information about this event and also receive another which Tapal receive this time (more spells I think). On to the next place which is the Pinnacle.

So when we arrive at the Pinnacle, (ohh climbing challenge yesss.) we had to climb up and reach the top which by the way was pretty easy . When we reach the top another damsel in distressed in a form of a skinny old man being attack by vultures (another challenging fight..yaa.) After the party almost wiping from the vultures we find out that there is going to be Meteor going TO hit raven bluff and we need this Jamming Ship to stop this from happening. (Jk about the vulture almost wiping the party was preety easy.)

As we continue on this trip we head to the Forest and we meet this Sort of Centaur looking like creatures who are being chase by Dog like creatures. (Wipe them out with ease) We get another piece of information …“Where children clamor to go,Where boredom travels to die, In the laughing streets of tents,Hides a fish that learned to fly.” I think this about the Jamming Ship.

To the last place the Beach, we enter into this water which catch us by surprise cause we can breath in it (well not really we all knew this was dream land.) keep it short we find Dolphins and mermaids and we save and more information “On the mirror of the sky, Where the earth and sea are one
Rests the vessel that can fly Past the circle of the sun.”

After this we wake up and we save the oracle and was told to find the ship and save Raven’s Bluff for our next mission by Sir Alcides Von Tighe, Knight of the Raven, Archmage of Raven’s Bluff.

Greater Str Potion Heroism Mortimer Mittlemer
Cure Sirius potion:gevus, Faldor Lockeheart, Mok,Tilla
Potion of Fire Giant Str:Faldor Lockeheart
1 block incense and medition: Tepal
+2 Short Spear of Lightning :gevus
6 pearls 1000 golds each one with oracle symbol
Greater Wizzard pearl of power:Mok



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