Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Hammer of Fire: Perchance to Dream
Adventure 2-23-1

Players Present: gevus, Morrin Telemnar, Mok, Tepal,

Players Absent:Tilla, Dresden Drumheller, Nikor

Dear journal:

We start our day today at a bar called Foaming Tankard Tavern, which we spent most of our time if we are not at a mission. But today was special for our group of adventure ( Goat Lovers) we have finally found a replacement for our late friend Dannel of tyr and her name is Tepal. I do not really know much about her I know she is a dwarf and can heal me for lots so that is plus in my book.

After Introducing ourselves to the new healer we are suddenly interrupted by this Pasty face Man who is wearing a city crest and calling us " Goat Lovers". Which by the way every one like :). We find out that the wizard guild has a mission for us. By the way that Mans name is Burton and he guided us to the Oracles house which we will receive the mission.

As we enter the house and head upstairs we are greeted by Sir Alcides Von Tighe, Knight of the Raven, Archmage of Raven’s Bluff is an Invoker, a Knight of the Raven, and currently the Archmage of the Wizards Guild. Micah Starfire is a handsome, slender, carefree, and flighty moon elf with black hair, pale skin, and violet eyes and an inquisitive nature. He is the Wizards Guild’s Dean of Divination.Lady Belinda Moonglow is a tall, beautiful, voluptuous moon elf with a pale, glowing complexion, bright green eyes, and silky black hair. Martin MacGreggor is the Dean of Alteration and a Knight of the Hawk. Lady Penelope Norwood, Dean of Invocation and Evocation.
Telling us our mission is to save this man Oracle from his deep slumber and to find out his vision about the city of Ravens Bluff Destruction. In order to do everyone needed to be put on this magical slumber which wold connect us to the oracles dreams. Also by the way somehow the worshiper of Talos are involved in all this mess.

So we are put into this slumber and we travel to the oracles mine. The first person we meet is this boy who tell us there 5 different place we must go and to solve something. As we really had nothing to go on we decided to just follow the boys advise and head to the first place suggested by Tepal which is Fiery waste are. AS we enter this area we greeted by a spectacle of 2 creatures fighting each other. One was a Man like beast who is inside a crater and the other a giant Statue which is emitting lighting and breaths snow. After our battle with the statue (which I deliver the final blow) we are given some information about a meteor and Nikor receives a str buff.

So we continue to Clock Work City, this time we find clock work men fighting against Talos worshipers.
So this was an easy contest we easily sided with the clock work men and defeated Talos worshipers. After we find this thin speckled man who was controlling the the clock work soldiers changing the city layout to drive back this Talos worshipers. So againd we find out more information about this event and also receive another which Tapal receive this time (more spells I think). On to the next place which is the Pinnacle.

So when we arrive at the Pinnacle, (ohh climbing challenge yesss.) we had to climb up and reach the top which by the way was pretty easy . When we reach the top another damsel in distressed in a form of a skinny old man being attack by vultures (another challenging fight..yaa.) After the party almost wiping from the vultures we find out that there is going to be Meteor going TO hit raven bluff and we need this Jamming Ship to stop this from happening. (Jk about the vulture almost wiping the party was preety easy.)

As we continue on this trip we head to the Forest and we meet this Sort of Centaur looking like creatures who are being chase by Dog like creatures. (Wipe them out with ease) We get another piece of information …“Where children clamor to go,Where boredom travels to die, In the laughing streets of tents,Hides a fish that learned to fly.” I think this about the Jamming Ship.

To the last place the Beach, we enter into this water which catch us by surprise cause we can breath in it (well not really we all knew this was dream land.) keep it short we find Dolphins and mermaids and we save and more information “On the mirror of the sky, Where the earth and sea are one
Rests the vessel that can fly Past the circle of the sun.”

After this we wake up and we save the oracle and was told to find the ship and save Raven’s Bluff for our next mission by Sir Alcides Von Tighe, Knight of the Raven, Archmage of Raven’s Bluff.

Greater Str Potion Heroism Mortimer Mittlemer
Cure Sirius potion:gevus, Faldor Lockeheart, Mok,Tilla
Potion of Fire Giant Str:Faldor Lockeheart
1 block incense and medition: Tepal
+2 Short Spear of Lightning :gevus
6 pearls 1000 golds each one with oracle symbol
Greater Wizzard pearl of power:Mok


Just Because: Shades of Grey
Adventure 2-22-3

shadow_copy.jpgPlayers Present: Dresden Drumheller, Faldor Lockeheart, Morrin Telemnar, Tilla, Nikor, Mok

Players Present but Dead: Gevus

I don’t remember what exactly happened after we were pulled through the portal, what I do remember is waking up in this Twilight hued area, with grayness permeating the area and only hazy outlines visible in the distance. All in all, it looked to be pretty dreary place. As the group adjusted itself to our surroundings finally Mok realized we were on the Plane of Shadows, which in the context of everything made sense. We gathered up our belongings, making sure we had Gevus’s belongings and some of his dust and headed out.

As we were looking around we saw some creature which was mildly grotesque looking and oddly familiar. We approached it and immediately got the impression that it was greatly displeased. As we talked with it we learned that it seemingly would get pulled from the Plane of Shadows someplace else answering the call of one named “Mother” and that it was forced to constantly frighten children, something it really didn’t want to do. Tilla talked with the thing for a while, eventually it asks us if we would come with it when it went next time, we had no idea what to say. Suddenly it said that it was going to be called soon but before that would happen, Tilla’s soothing words seemed to have an effect and it started to look less horrid, then seemingly happy it vanished, not before pointing us in a direction. After some investigation we learned that Tilla had apparently “cured” the Boogeyman, and that he would no longer be forced to scare small children. Right then, this place was indeed strange.

Not seeing much else to do we began walking, after a while we noticed some globes appear in the distance, traveling towards us quite quickly, too quickly, as they made no attempt to slow down. With little time to react the group sprayed about trying to avoid the spheres with only Nikor and Faldor taking hits. The next thing we know Nikor hits Tilla with his sword and Faldor is going on about being back in Raven’s Bluff! After a few moments the two finally returned to normal, but wow, things could have escalated quickly had Faldor also decided to take up his bow against one of us.

With the orbs gone, and both Faldor and Nikor back to normal we kept on. Eventually we saw a robed figure off in the distance, as we got closer we recognized the man as Frederick. We talk to him for a minute and Frederick tells us he was in the Shadow Plane to meet a friend and when asked if he could Plane Shift (or something similar) us back to the Prime Material Plane he said that he was unable to.

All of a sudden a figure with the body of a tiger separated from Frederick, who seemed as confused as we were at this sudden occurrence. The cat “thing” introduced itself as Steve, and said that he was there to make Lymen pay for something (seems the Wizard has pissed off his fair share of people). As we talked to the Tiger-Man it informed us that the Frederick we were currently talking to was not the real Frederick but was an illusion who had became real. With that the Tiger-Man turned invisible and left us. We started to question Frederick who seemed very confused about this whole ordeal, he mentioned not being able to remember anything before being stuck in Lymen’s basement. We ask him if he knows where Lymen is or has any helpful information but he tells us he doesn’t and then decides he wants to go explore. We tried to get him to stay but it was to no avail, Shadow Frederick then floated off and left us. With nothing else to do we continued on, again, perhaps more confused than ever.

As we continued on we saw a lot of odd things, a random group of Circus Performers doing Mystra knows what (presumably circus tricks), we also see many images which appear and then would immediately disappear. All of a sudden some of the images around us and the next thing I know we were under attack by a group of rather nasty Shadows. Several of us (myself included) were victim to their strength draining attacks (I think Nikor got the worst of it) but we eventually managed to fend them off.

Finally, after not seeing anything more we struck some real luck, for who of all people to appear was Pender, the Shadow Gnome himself. After some catching up and explaining our situation Pender offers to take us to his home, as last he had heard Lymen had been seen near there. Before heading out he made a dining table with very delicious food appear and we were well fed before heading on.

After some more traveling we arrive at a gate to a town called “Raven’s Bluff”! Now this was real strange, as we started to piece together it seems like things that exist in the real world exist in the Shadow Plane as well, just as more “shadow-like” versions of themselves. We are greeted by the mayor of the town who was none other than (Shadow) Lord Blacktree. He invites us into his town and offers up several choice places to visit. After that Pender seemed to be getting anxious, claiming that things felt wrong. He went to go look into matters and we were to meet him back at the gate in a few hours.

Not being ones to wait around we began to investigate this Shadow Bluff to see what we might find, with Lord Blacktree giving us a tour. Eventually we ended up at this planes version of the Stardust Inn, which is a Casino+Nightclub (I will have to remember to check it out if we ever make it back to the Plane of Shadow). Outside a Cryer was going on about various happenings, we learned that a new Temple had recently been set up in town and that it had been kicking the other temples out. So we decided to make that our next destination.

On our way there we ran into a rather odd situation, before us stood 3 men in greyish robes, all looked very similar, two were arguing, while one was standing back and watching. The arguing was about how each was the real Eleminster of Shadowdale, which seemed to not be making much progress. We catch the eye of third who winked at us, so we walked over to him, for he was not going on and on ceaselessly. Apparently this was the “real” Eleminster (wow, fancy meeting such a person in another Plane) and he had come to the Plane of Shadow to study if Illusions really did become real there. Which, given what we had seen with Shadow Frederick, and the two clones of Eleminster, it would appear they do indeed become real. We ask him if he knows much about the Scepter of Containment, to which he gives us a few bits of information and that the Cleric who had murdered the Priestess of Selune might be present in the town, and that he was likely a Cleric of either Bane or Cyric. We thanked the Wizard and went on our way.

As we were heading to the temple we run into Pender again. Apparently he had been going to the temple as well, he helped us find our way there and informs us that it was strange because the temple had been built on real ground, which shouldn’t be in the Shadow Plane. The front entrance is guarded so we each, individually, approach and say we are there to worship, which surprisingly works.

Once inside we start exploring around, during which we figure out it is a temple dedicated to Cyric, we find a room inside with a fountain giving off some sort of magical black liquid, which appeared to be dimming the room as well. Eventually we end up in a large chapel like room with several people inside, with some sort of ceremony towards Cyric going on. We quietly took up some places within the room and observed for a small while. Eventually we gathered up and Mok instructs us to take positions beside the door leading to the rest of the Chapel as he unleashes a fireball on the worshipers of Cyric. Now, I don’t blame Mok, but I was a little surprised when he just starting lobbing explosive fire everywhere.

Well,“the gig was up”, so we all drew are weapons and waited for the inevitable onslaught from the surviving worshipers in the chapel, along with any who might have heard the fiery ruin that just happened. Needless to say it was a long fight with worshipers from all over the temple coming to attack us, to no avail, for soon the floor was covered in the charred and bloodied corpses of our foes. Pender decided to go explore the rest of the temple by himself while we did our own searching.

After we began to explore more of the temple, eventually we found a Priest of Tyr who had been sent from Raven’s Bluff to look for us (we were missing), he was also an assistant to the Chief Prelate. We gave the fella back his armor, though his holy symbol was still amiss. We also found another worshiper of Tyr who was not in great shape and a dead Elf. The temple had been torturing them.

We explored the first floor of the temple a little further, finding a desk with some valuables in it, though not before Mok and Faldor set off some sort of nasty gas trap. Finding not much of interest we decided to head to the second floor.

Coming up the stairs to the second floor we found ourselves in a large room, occupied by what appeared to be several worshipers. Among them we see a large group of people gathered around some sort of circle in the far side of the room, three of which burst into flames as we were arriving, which started to cause some sort of shape to appear in the center of the room. Finally, among the group was the bald headed man who had taken the scepter from Lymen, Micarlin burst into flames, and the shape in the center solidified even more.

As I was the only one not invisible the men guarding the ritual all focused me, hitting me several times (most unpleasant, indeed). Things weren’t looking good, I was close to going unconscious, I had no idea what the rest of the party was doing, Micarlins plans seemed to be coming together, with what was obviously Kargon starting to take shape, and we didn’t have the scepter. All of a sudden something is messing with Micarlin and the next thing I know Pender is running towards me with the Scepter in hand! Unfortunately Micarlin got Pender with some sort of spell before he could clear the room with the Sceptor, and thus down went the brave Shadow Gnome, but his efforts were not in vain, for we now had the scepter.

As Kargon finally took solid shape, we had our first real glance at the Anti-Paladin, he was quite the site, with black armor that absorbed the ambient light around him, and an aura of dread that radiated out from him that gives me chills just thinking about it. Micarlin and his young priestess friend (the only Cleric that hadn’t burned alive) started throwing up defensive buffs in preparation of Kargon.

Kargon raised his hands up and the magic shield and sword that Nikor had been carrying since the crypt transported away from him and into the hands of Kargon. Around this time I tried to use the Scepter of Containment on Kargon but was unable to hold the concentration needed to make it work.

Kargon then moved on Micarlin and the Cleric, with Micarlin using Word of Recall to teleport them both to safety, leaving us with the dreaded Anti-Paladin. As he turned on us Faldor managed a well placed arrow into Kargon, surely drawing his ire on the Ranger. I quickly tried to hit Kargon with the Scepter again but failed at using it, again. Then as Kargon moved on our Ranger, I handed the Scepter to Mok and managed to get the blasted thing to work which then sent the villainous being back to whatever plane of damnation that he had been summoned from.

As we stood there in slight shock of everything the white wolf appeared to us again and then turned into, none other than, George Abbot. Abbot did something to Pender, I’m not sure what, but he said that Penders soul was returned to him and that Pender would be joining Abbot in the Outer Planes. Then, as a reward for stopping Kargon Abbot offers us multiple rewards. Which I’ve detailed below:
True Resurrection→ I took for Gevus
Restoration (not allowed to take any treasure) → Nikor
Healing→ Mok, Dresden
He also offered to cure Blindness/Deafness and Lycanthropy!
Betty, the armor, was also returned to their humanoid form.

After that we gave George the Scepter and he sent us back to the Prime Material Plane. Once arriving there we found ourselves at a Temple of Selune. We are met by a Priestess named Mary, apparently who was a young girl we had met before, she was no longer young, we had been gone over a year!

We then headed back to Raven’s Bluff.

3x +1 Shortswords → Sold
1x +2 Bastard Sword → Dresden
Divine Scroll of Heal → Gevus
+1 Cloak of Resistance → Faldor
Potion of Cure Serious Wounds → Dresden
Potion of Protection from Energy (Fire) → Gevus
Everyone→ 1000 Platinum (total)
+1 Pistol → Sold
Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire (3000 GP/Each)
Experience: 1600

Just Because: In Between Days
Adventure 2-22-2

Players Present:
Dresden Drumheller, Faldor Lockeheart, gevus, Morrin Telemnar, Tilla, Nikor, Mok

Players Absent: None

After a nights rest outside of the Crypt, and the appearance of the Crypt Guardian, we headed towards the brothers stronghold to settle things. Oddly, the gates are open when we arrive, and the place is eerily quiet. We meet Faldor outside of the gate and proceeded in, thankfully our horses seem to have been kept in good condition.

As I already noted the place was very quiet, the courtyard seemed abandoned so we eventually made our way inside to the main audience chamber where we were initially greeted by Lymen and Hodor. As we were standing there trying to decide what to do, the door in the West wall opens and an older Lyman popped back out! We immediately began questioning him about what had happened, though he feigned ignorance and suggested that Hodor had left that morning to pick feed the horses, he even offered us food! While talking with him Mok detected traces of Illusion based magic, but before we were able to make good use of this knowledge, Lymen decided he needed to track the “impostors” down with his crystal ball and left us. We stood waiting for a minute or so before deciding to pursue after Lymen but as Mok walked through the door some sort of creature appeared between him and us, immediately hitting Mok with a Power Word: Blind spell. After several seconds of scuffling with the creature (it was extraplanar for sure, likely a Grey Slaad), in which it managed to hit a good chunk of us with a Flame Strike, we managed to chase the nasty thing off.

After initially believing there to be no immediate cure to Mok’s condition, I remembered that I had an Elixer of Health stored on me from an adventure of old, which seemed to do the trick. We continued exploring, with our fearless Rogue leading the way, we past several pictures of the brothers with various backdrops and even one with a Drow! Eventually, in what was likely Hodors room, we ran into a suit of living Chainmail, which had apparently had someone named Betty stored in it. The armor, being unable to actively go anywhere itself was interested in finding someone who had great battles under their belt (presumably because they were a likely candidate to find other battles), in which it initially decided Gevus was suitable. The armor was a little tight on Gevus and after he rid himself of it (much to Betty’s displeasure) Mok ended up with the armor, and as usual he went on about being a Mighty Wizard. I admit, it was rather amusing to see Mok hobbling around in Chainmail, it’s not often you get to see a Half-Orc look uncomfortable in armor, I think he’s been having some issues casting spells too. There was some also some guards who looked to be asleep, but we were all too busy trying figure out when Lymen went to pay them much mind… Well, in retrospect, we probably should have realized something was wrong with them, that they were dead or something.

As we continue through we find a room with a spiral staircase and then a room with a man hanging up against the wall and an unconscious girl. After “I” healed the girl and Mok healed the man we tried to ask them what had happened to them. The girl started babbling that we were there to hurt them some more or some such nonsense, I really did try to convince her otherwise at first, but after listening to go on for a minute I couldn’t help but make a joke. Well, she didn’t like that too much, and completely missed the humor when I told her that I would indeed hang her up against the wall. Some people are a little too serious sometimes. Either way, we eventually found out that they were servants and that, generally speaking, Lyman and Hodor had usually treated them well. We found out that the brothers had both disappeared and that the Grey Slaad we had fought had killed those poor sleeping guards we saw, and had put the Servant Girl and her father in their current conditions. The father and his daughter then left, still completely in with the idea that we were really just there to hurt them again. People are strange.

We continued on and found was was probably Lymens room. There were several books present, a bed (and other standard bedroom equipment). Lymen, Mystra curse him, had a pretty near idea to use magic to make his bed, I might have to work out how to do that. Other than many books (and a very displeased Gevus) we found several documents, between Lyman and a few different people who had been paying Frederick for something indicated in the letter as to the South (someone with the initials M.N.), something about a fellow named Frederick who was apparently their prisoner, a note on supplies, and a map of the area, where we noticed some Ruins to the South. Looking around in Lymens room lead to two secret doors, one going South and the other West.

The door to the south took us into what appeared to be some sort of alchemist/magical lab, unfortunately most of the materials and equipment were smashed beyond repair. We find a chest with some gems and magical dagger, and a couple magic scrolls.

The other door, to the West, lead to another broken lab, with nothing left to scavenge (there was a crystal ball that was damaged too, what a shame!). We continued on through this secret door and found a pentagram on the ground, which seemed to be ready to summon some evil monstrosity. We had two choices, let it go and hope neither owner nor passerby tripped it, or try and disrupt it, possibly unleashing the thing ourselves. We decided for the latter and much to our luck (HAH, RIGHT!) we summoned some Mystra-Be-Damned Evil Demon (likely a Bodak). The blasted thing almost killed Gevus once, had a hide tougher than most, and seemed completely immune to electric magic (I really dislike demons), but we finally brought the dreaded thing down.

We eventually headed back to the initial spiral staircase we saw, near where we found the girl and her father, after some exploration we found a man who called himself Frederick, a court wizard from Kormire, who was apparently friends with the Great Eleminster. We also found this note that after spending way more time trying to figure it out, we realized it was just a name, a name to some extraplanar being that was likely very unpleasant. Frederick was apparently stuck in the room we found him in with some sort of force magic. Eventually we decided to use a Scroll of Dispel Magic (one of the Scrolls we found from Lymen) and we managed to get rid of the door. After we free him, Frederick thanks us and we discuss with him Lymens plans, he mentions that Lymen might be making towards some ruins, and that he himself would pursue Lymen once he was properly prepared. We tried to convince him to just join us now, as we were about to go track down the brother, but to no avail. With that he headed off.

With no other major clues, Lymen no where to be found, and signs pointing towards the Ruins we started making our way in that direction ourselves.

We set up camp and watches throughout the first night. During the night we were greeted again by the White Wolf, which then transformed into a women (who was rather pretty in my mind) with black hair, a white dress, and, and…. wings, yeah, she had wings, clearly this was no ordinary Mystic Crypt Guardian Shapeshifter. She goes on to tell us that since Lymen would be receiving outside help, she was going to give us information to keep the scales balanced (I really hate it when the gods play dice, who do they think they are leaving are lives up to chance!), as she was a servant of a god.

She goes on to inform us that Kargon was/is an ancient Anti-Paladin who served Bane (things just kept getting more lovely). Apparently a group of fellows, Abbot George, Frederick, Tree the Treant, Koro, Pendrick the Shadow Gnome, and a Brass Dragon all had banded together to stop Kargon. Of these, only Abbot George was known to survive (which was obviously wrong considering how many of these blokes we met in the blasted crypt). They had managed to bind Kargon the first time using the Sceptor of Containment (which we mostly knew already). In addition the Sword and Shield that Nikor had acquired were once the property of Kargon, and apparently could be used by to great effect (why hadn’t we taken these from Nikor yet?).

The Wolf/Lady also told us that the other scroll of Lymens we had could be used in a similar effect to a Planar Ally spell, though it could possibly be used to dismiss a creature as well. With that she turned back into a wolf and left us.

The next day we continued on our journey, eventually finding tracks. Around mid-afternoon (give or take) we saw a figure off in the distance, who was moving at a decent clip, and seemed to be trying to avoid notice. As we got closer it became apparent that our quarry was none other than Pender the Shadow Gnome. He was initially not very pleased to see us, I guess he had eventually came back to where he had left us at the crypt, unable to find Abbot George. Even better, the ruins we were heading to was apparently the a temple that Abbot George had constructed.

We also found out that Pender, unable to find Abbot George, had decided to go home to the Shadow Plane, I guess the temple used to have a way for Pender to cross planes within it. We decide to travel with Pender since we were going in to the same place.

During the remaining travel Mok drilled Pender on various issues/facets concerning the Plane of Shadow, I learned a lot myself. We also got a first hand account from Pender about the fight against Kargon (at least what he could remember). The fight sounded like it had been a brutal one, with lots of explosions and at least one attempt to initially contain Kargon with magic (which failed). Unfortunately, Pender had been knocked unconscious during the fight so he did not see how exactly the fight concluded, other than hearing they had successfully used the Scepter to contain Kargon.

Eventually we made it to the Temple, which was actually a Temple of Selune as we found out. Upon arriving it was clear someone was already there, as a horse was settled outside eating grass (Lyman perhaps). Pender showed us the path we needed to take and then took his leave to find the portal to the Shadow Plane. We then took the tunnel he pointed out to us which lead us into the mountain face.

After traveling through the tunnel for a while we found the ruins of a temple in a big crater within the mountain, at the other side of the crater we were able to see a big set of double doors, which reentered the mountain, they looked particularly ominous given all that had occurred. Before opening the doors we prepared for combat. Mok then heaved the doors open and inside we saw a massive room.

At first glance it was plain that a massive pentagram (another summoning circle) had been drawn in the room, at the opposite end of the room stood Lyman in the middle of some sort of incantation, which was causing a whirlwind to appear inside of the circle, beside him stood some sort of planar horror. Before Lyman could notice us Faldor took into action entering the room and letting an arrow fly which found its mark into the sneaky wizard causing the incantation to falter, stating our presence, and thoroughly angering him.

A lot happened after that, Gevus started into the room after Lyman, before anyone else could act, Lyman managed to hit Mok and I with a Slow spell and the creature that was already in the room made its way over to us and started attacking. After that I’m not entirely sure what happened, Gevus managed a hit against Lyman who responded by Disintegrating poor Gevus and then eating some more arrows from Faldor. The rest of us tried combating the monstrosity before Faldor pulled out the scroll of Planar Ally and managed to unchain the beast, causing it to lose interest in us.

As we approached Lyman to make him pay for Gevus a portal opened behind him and a man named Micarlin popped out and took the Scepter from Lyman and fled into the portal, with Lyman angrily following after. We just managed to collect the dust from Gevus (in hopes of getting a Resurrection cast) along with his gear before we too fled into the portal, as the mountain was collapsing, and were transported into the Plane of Shadows ourselves.

Scroll of Dispel Magic (14th Level) → Tilla
2 Dagger → Morrin
Ring of Protection (
1) → Dresden
6x gems (2000 GP each) → Party Treasure


Just Because: The Long Forgotten
adventure 2-22-1

Players Present: Dresden Drumheller, Gevus, Morrin Telemnar, Tilla, Nikor, Mok

Players Absent: Faldor Lockeheart

NPC: Sirrus Melandor

We are currently en-route to catch the sneaky Lymen after be and his brother deceived/betrayed us. I thought I’d use this time to catch up on my notes.

To cut a long story short, three weeks ago we were hired by Sirrus Melandor to deliver a sealed message to the High Priest Pallor of Procampur. Roughly a week outside of Raven’s Bluff we passed through an alpine village, called High Haspur, but we urgency was on our minds at the time so we did not stop. We believe the message had to do with the death of a priestess of Selune.

We managed to get to Procampur and deliver the message without incident, and on our way back we decided to stop into High Haspur and visit the Blue Horn Inn due to a lack of funds. It was at the Blue Horn Inn that we initially learned of Lymen (a Wizard) and his brother Hodar (a man of arms) from various patrons. We learned that they had came to the village roughly a year ago and had spent considerable money rebuilding a lotcal Stronghold of some old Barron that nobody remembers. They were apparently retired adventurers, many decades had past since they last adventured. The brothers had been mostly keeping to themselves at their stronghold but did come to the aid of the town when a band of Orcs attacked (nobody was sure exactly how many came) but either way, given the time it would have taken the Militia from Procampur to arrive, the brothers had likely saved the town.

The long and the short is that we found out (lucky us it seems) the brothers were looking for help and willing to pay 1000 gold to anyone who helped them. We decided it was worth looking into and headed to the Stronghold to see what the brothers needed.

Once we arrived we met up with Lymen and his brother, Hodar. As we listened to their story we were told how the brothers had recently discovered that that a nearby underground crypt containing a great evil, named Kargon, had the seal to its entrance broken, and that there was great risk of Kargon escaping. So they wanted us to go in and find some “Scepter of Containment” which (they told us) would help keep Kargon sealed.

Being the intrepid bunch we are, and apparently quite dumb, we agreed, not really considering that the brothers had ulterior motives. Faldor decided to stay and keep watch over our horses, as we left them at the keep.

From the Brothers Hold we headed to the crypt, using a map that dear Lymen gave to us. It was a pain getting to it, we had to clamber up this big ol’ mountain, my breath was in no large supply by the time we found the entrance. Oddly enough, the door was open.

After some standing around, unsure of what to do about the door, we eventually decided to dive into the crypt, having Gevus lead the way (looking for traps and dangers, of course). The entrance lead into a long corridor that ended in with a trap door, which dropped down 20-25 feet. After some scampering through more corridors and doors (more of which were open, again, strangely). We eventually find a blackened corridor (looked to be the work of a fireball) with runes that have been ruined due to the fire damage. At the end of the hallway we see two stone slabs, which had previously been guarding another doorway/hole in the ground with “Kargon” written on them.

We continue on, Gevus remains ahead of the group scouting for traps, eventually we found another hallway which looked to be hit by another fiery explosion (it’s safe to guess that someone else had been trying to make their way through the tomb) which had burned out several more runes along the walls. Eventually we hit a set of Mithral double doors, with runes saying “Beware Evil” (as if things weren’t ominous enough). The door had no handles on it and after Gevus got zapped trying to open it, Mok decided to just hit it with a Knock spell. Beyond the door we found ourselves staring into a room with some sort of permanent deeper darkness. We all head into the darkness, to another door, which upon being opened let it very bright daylight, enough to really mess with your vision (I think Mok and Nikor got the worst of it). Upon opening the door we hear a voice, from nowhere, boom “Death to those who oppose us”, so being the brave people we were, be blatantly ignored them and continued on.

After rummaging a little deeper, Gevus ends up falling into a Spiked Pit Trap, I think his pride was hurt more than he was, but before we go around the trap someone noticed a secret doorway. Inside we found a Shield floating above a pedestal surrounded by some sort of blueish energy field. Upon stepping into the room, several “Black Knights” appeared around us and after a brief skirmish, Dresden going down, we all retreated to rethink our plans. At this point we ran back to help Dresden, found him unconscious but alive, got him healed back up (though he didn’t seem harmed, oddly) and then had Gevus attempt the room. Ironically, in a moment of either great genius or blind stupid luck, Gevus’s plan of “just close your eyes” worked and after reopening them the Knights all had disappeared. Unforutnately Gevus then got zapped trying to grab the shield, eventually Mok was able to get through the energy field but was then zapped by the shield itself (nothing was easy in that place!). Eventually Nikor, somehow, ended up with the shield, and he seemed (and still seems, worriedly) dedicated to the shield and refused to let it go. On topic of the Knights, we later established that they were illusions and that damaging them only damaged us.

We made our way along the main path, after Gevus disabled the Spiked Pit. We then came into a room filled with several statues of Two-Headed trolls, with a Gnome in the room. Tilla immediately bustled up to the front and started to have a “discussion” with the Gnome. The strange Gnome’s named was Pender and he was/is “Maitenance, Engineer, and Housekeeper” of the crypt, who had been hired by a fella named Abbot George many years ago. To say the least, Pender was quite dedicated to his job, trying to clean us a few times… After we learn some discussion, we learn that Kargon was indeed being kept in the crypt, then Pender went off to find this “George” to inform him of our presence. We waited a few minutes but the Gnome never returned, so we continued on.

After entering the hallway the Pender walked into, Gevus was apparently fine, but poor Dresden, he immediately got lit up by some sort of energy discharge as he entered the hallway. We continue on and eventually end up stepping through a door into some sort of Plain, it must have been either a portal to another Plane, or a Demiplane, I’m not sure of which, but I suppose it doesn’t matter. We headed over a crest in the path and find ourselves crossing a bridge which lead to a Storm Giant sitting at a table, staring “very” intently at it. We walk up to the Giant (which, is not always the brightest idea) who greeted us, introducing himself as Koro, and then asked for our help solving a puzzle he was working on. The puzzle involved moving 4 sticks among 15 “to make 2”. Mok sat down and quickly helped the poor Giant. After this the Giant walked over to a tree, started beating on it, and said something about he had solved the puzzle. Admittedly, I was starting to wonder if being in the Crypt (or wherever we were currently) had gotten to the poor fellow. But, to my amazement, the tree then answers, telling the Giant that the riddle had been one the Giant had given the tree (well, maybe the place had been getting to the Giant). The tree addresses us, thanks us for our assistance, and then we got the heck out of there.

As we continued through the grassy Plain, we found a door sitting in the middle of nowhere, no back, no walls behind it, just a door upright by itself. We head through it and find ourselves back inside what appeared to be the crypt. Before continuing long we found another secret door, this time leading to a room with a Sword floating above a pedestal, surrounded by a blue energy field. As we are standing there, some sort of Demon randomly popped into existence (why a Demon appeared, I have no idea, it was a little disconcerting), after a large portion of the group ate some flames to the face, we sent the nasty little thing back to wherever it came from. After I got zapped trying to hold the sword (it really hurt!) Gevus was able to pick it up. At this point, despite not knowing him long, I have to say Nikor was starting to act strangely, he was “very” interested in collecting the sword. After Gevus refused him a few times, Nikor got a little grumpy but didn’t do anything more.

In the next room we found a beautiful looking (at least in the context of this old crypt) fountain of water, which after drinking from, restored vitality to a person. We continued on and in the next hallway ran into some sort of Construct, a Flesh Golem, which after a semi-protracted fight, managing to knock Gevus and myself both out, we took it down. We continue on, finding ourselves at a 3 way split in the road (one way continuing down hall, with a door on either side of us), we ended up taking the door to the right and appeared in a cave! In the cave we came face to face with a Brass Dragon who we ask if it can send us back. He agrees to at the cost of a magic ring, Dresden gives up his Ring of Protection (+1) and the Dragon takes the magical energy from it. In exchange the Dragon gives each of us a potion of our choice (I nabbed Heorism) and then sends us back through another door (which turned out to be the door we didn’t take).

We continued onward into another room which lead to… chaos. Immediately upon entering the room we found ourselves berating and attacking one another. Nikor seemed to criticize my spellcasting abilities, and took a swipe at me, I found myself completely contemptuous of Mok’s spellcasting, and tried to put him in a headlock (funnily enough even Tilly seemed affected, as she went over a urinated on Nikor). Eventually we gained control over ourselves and noticed a Symbol of Discord on the ceiling and then got the heck out of the room.

We then found a normal hallway and a secret room, upon going into the secret room, some sort of wolf (or the image of one) attacked Mok, not doing any harm, and then immediately dissappeared. We find another secret door and find a room where a voice asks us a riddle. It was a long riddle that started like “What love the living more than life?” and continued on for several lines. The answer was “nothing”. In return the Scepter of Containment appeared, with it, we found also found betrayal.

Lymen and Hodar (appearing much younger at that) show themselves and reveal that the intent to control Kargon. After dropping a Fireball into the group (which explains where all fire damage we saw came from) Lymen grabbed the Sceptor and teleported away, leaving us to face Hodar. Hodar, also had tried to leave, but it seems his own brother betrayed him and his ring did not work (presumably it would have teleported him). We entered into combat with Hordar, who was quite skilled with his battleaxe, and had some sort of Ring of Spell Absorption on him, but the man was no match for our combined might and we quickly brought him down. Unsure of what to do from there we went to exit the crypt and were then confronted by the Wolf Spirit which had earlier dashed at Mok, it stated that it was the guardian of the crypt and that we needed to head to the Stronghold of Evil.

Experience: 1275

1000 GP → Each
Potion of Cure Serious Wounds → Each
Personal Potions from Dragon → Each
Wand of Knock → Mok
Scarab of Protection (No SR) → Party Treasure (TBD)

A Snowballs Chance
Adventure 2-21

Players Present: Dresden Drumheller, Faldor Lockeheart, Gevus, Morrin Telemnar, Tilla

Players Present in Spirit (Absent/DM): Mok

A Note in the Journal of Morrin Telemnar:
Squire to the Keepers of the Mystic Flames, Raven’s Bluff Knighthood
Leftenant in the Raven’s Bluff War College
Corporal of the City Watch, Scout Rangers Division

I found myself, and the rest of my usual adventuring group standing in the office of none other than Ambassador Carrague, who after some help from a young wizard apprentice remembered that we were there because of a mysterious castle that had appeared on a major trade route that lead to and from the city. The castle was an oddity as letters from scouts had reported it being surrounded by snow, and all efforts of scrying on it were being blocked. So we were being brought in to go and investigate the mysterious castle, Carrague wanted us to figure out how it got there, who owned it, and (if possible) bring the owners to the city. Of course, since we are good citizens, we were volunteered to do it for free (the look on Gevus’s face almost made it worth it).

In order to prepare we went to local set of stables where several of us purchased horses and proper gear. While we were there we met a boy named Zeb, the stable hand, who was quite talkative. He went on about all sorts of things, asking us about our adventures, seeing what age we started (he seemed unimpressed when I told him I was easily in my 80’s), and exclaiming his enthusiasm at becoming an adventurer himself. Finally, after getting everything together, we started out for the location of the castle.

Day 1)
Travel was pretty uneventful, if not odd, this was the first adventure we had really taken as a group since the loss of Dannel.
We ended the day camping by a fairly well cleared out area near a stream.

Day 2)
As we were eating breakfast and about to start pulling the horses in from a pasture we started to hear (what I thought at the time) was some sort of Eagle shrieking, not unheard of, but odd all the same. So we are sitting there and all of a sudden, Barnabus, the horse I had just purchased starts whinnying frantically, at which point it has become apparent to all of us that the so called eagle was actually a Griffin, which was now trying to make off with my horse! After several well placed arrows from Faldor prevented the Griffin from easily taking flight, Dresden and Gevus closed in and finished the beast. We then used the Griffin to add to our food stores for the trip. Barnabus wasn’t looking so hot, but after a little bit of poking from Gevus with his Cure Light Wounds wand, he was in tip-top shape.

After getting all of the horses settled and the meat packaged we took our leave and continued on our way towards the Castle. After a few hours of riding we came across a figure on the road warning of us bandits ahead, apparently the Castle had fallen on their fort and they weren’t to happy about the whole matter. We tell the fella we aren’t really too concerned and he reads off, none too happy. Oddly enough, it had started to snow around this time, which considering it was Summer, made very little sense. Considering what we had heard about snow being prevalent around the castle, it was a sign we were getting closer.

As we continued on we eventually found our way blocked by several men (approximately 10), among them was the fellow who had warned us of bandits. Without much of a warning the lot of them started raining down arrows on our heads! After a short skirmish with the group, which resulted in the apparent leader shot dead by Faldor (he kept casting spells and proclaiming “Malor!”, unfortunately for him) and several of the other bandits dead, the remaining bandits gave up. We joked with them for a while about just killing them all and eventually found out that like the fella had said, they were seeking revenge against of the owners of the Castle. This turned out to only be a small constituent of the bandit forces as the rest of their clan was currently in Tantras. After getting the information from them we tied the men up, stuck them to their horses, tied their horses together, and had Tilla direct them (the horses) to head to Raven’s Bluff. Later when we got back we heard they never made it, it is still unknown what happened to them.

As we continued further North, around midday we started to be able to see the Castle off in the distance. By this point the snow had intensified past a light flurry and was falling with a certain relentlessness. As we got closer to the Caste we found ourselves at a bridge crossing a river, there which Faldor noticed something moving underneath the ice (the river had partially frozen over due to the weather). Dresden and I go to investigate it and all of a sudden we get attacked by what appears to be a Snowman, composed of three balls of ice! After a long, and tough, fight we finally brought the great Snow Monster down and later realized that it was actually composed of three different Ice Elementals (which was indeed odd). But after killing it, the snowfall started to dissipate.

As we approached the Castle it became apparent the thing was a true beauty. Fashioned from Pearly White marble with Gold inlaid in several locations through it would have been hard to not stare had a beautiful women not approached our traveling group as we approached the entrance of the palace. The first thing I noted, besides her beauty, was the underlying glee in which she spoke to us with, clearly excited to see visitors. I must admit, I was apprehensive at first, it is not often that you are approached by someone with such graciousness and delight. At some point after introducing ourselves she transformed our current garbs into very fine silks with turbans to go with them, it was very Saharan in design. Next she conjured tables and food (how lovely it smelt!) for us.

Unfortunately she was of the artistic type and thus deemed it appropriate that we all must give a poem. I admit, unlike many Elves I do not fancy such silliness, much better to read a book book, practice the sword, or find a mug of ale than try and conjure up poetic nonsense. But she was our host, and had so far been most pleasant with us, so there was not ought else to do but agree.

After we were all finished reciting our poems, it was apparent that she was most pleased. Dinner went on and we learned that her husband (who was inside) owned the castle and that their names were Zaheera (hers) and Garar (his). Both were on the run from some sort of curse that followed the castle (some sort of invisible being that hunts the owners of it). Strangely enough she reported that the both enjoy the chase. We learn that among other things that the castle hops planes and that the couple were both Air Djinns.

After some more chatting we finally get down to business, we explain why were there and about our journey to the Palace. Apparently the bandits had tried harassing them already, to no avail, and the Snowman we fought earlier was a product of three (of four) special containers the bandits had been in possession of, which got destroyed when the Palace appeared on the bandit hideout. Even better, there was one flask still unaccounted for. After hearing that their castle has caused some distress, Zaheera asks that we not inform her husband of the Ice Elementals that had gotten unleashed.
At one point, poor Tilla used some not so well chosen words and ended up in the river, I thought she might spit fire by the time she made it back to the table.

After some more discussion, she informs us that they will be leaving the next morning, as they could not stay long with their stalker, and thus the roadways should be accessible for merchants. She invited us to come inside to meet her husband and for us to stay the evening (I guess they really like visitors). So we headed in and met Garar, the owner of the Palace, who was about as creepily cheerful as his partner. After meeting him he then challenged us to a game of archery, putting up a valuable ring of his as the ante for the contest. I would rather not reflect upon my poor performance, but of all of us, Gevus shot most true that day, landing two bull’s eyes and a shot into the 2nd ring, winning over Garar 13 points to 12. For his excellent marksmanship he was given Garar’s ring. After the archery contest we spent the evening drinking wine with Garar as the invited us to stay in the Palace, which we agreed to readily, as it was very late by this point.I wish I could have seen more of the palace but it would have been rude to go creeping abou after all of the hospitality that Garar and his wife showed.

Day 3)
The next morning Garar and Zaheera bid their farewells and before we knew what was going on, them, their castle, and all signs of it disappeared. O As such, we were unable to bring them back to Carrague for a talk, but we did get answers, and the road was no longer blocked, so it was a success in its own right.

Having completed our mission, we decided to stick around and see if we could find the remnants of the destroyed bandit fort. Our initial observation didn’t find anything, but as we were exploring a field, the ground started to shake! The next thing I know an Allosaurus (of all things!) came bursting through the ground into the midst of us, and dear Mystra, it was not happy. Unfortunately, for the great beast that is, it turned into a short fight with the great Dinosaur not landing a single scratch on any of us (an excellent use of teamwork was the main factor here). It must have been in the last magic vial the bandits had, it makes me almost feel bad for the great beastie. But, nothing to be done for it, at least no poor travelers will have to ever deal with it. We did get a hefty amount of meat to sell. From here on out the journey was uneventful, we reported our findings to the Ambassador and that was that.

1500 Each

750 GP, 100 SP (250 GP, 20 SP each)
Divine Ring of Spellstoring (5 Levels) → Dresden
Well Crafted Clothing (155 GP) → Everyone
Ruby Ring (1500 GP) → Gevus
Allosaurus Meat (500 GP)

A decade since leaving Battledale
fortune found and fortune fail
with brothers and sister in arms
battle beast, demons
and wizards charms
now to RAVENSBLUFF am sworn
one day on griffon wings born

Might you do tell, from where your castle fell.
We don’t mean to hassle, but will you please travel
Many wish to speak, but expect you in a week.
We must leave in haste, we hope there is no distaste.

The Tiger’s Ire is really quite afire
As he moves through the Jungle, all full of fungal
The Tiger sees mires all filled with liars
As he grumbles, it’s not but mumbles
The Tiger goes higher, as he grows tired
And he finally crumbles, all out of rumbles

A Wedding Summons in Raven's Bluff
Adventure 2-20 The Gathering Darkness #2

Players Present Dresden Drumheller, Dannel of tyr, Faldor Lockeheart, gevus, Morrin Telemnar, Tilla, Mok

Players Absent: None

As I sit here, I can’t help but to contemplate the life that my friends and I lead. We all go out for our own reasons, but whatever those reasons are, they call us one and all. But sometimes when we answer the call, we don’t come back.

Our group just got back from helping a fella named Davey Jones, all things considered it should have been a fairly easy affair, we were to get the Ivory Tusks of a Mammoth known as T’Ellyk Wa (“Thundering Death” to the locals, had apparently killed over 30 people). Mr. Jones wanted the tusks so that they could be carved into ornaments for a lady that he had fallen in love with, as he told us, she was unaware of his existence, so he was aiming to grace her with two ornamental tusks along with a painting. But things didn’t go so simply.

To start, after finishing our discussion with Jones we started to go to Talton’s Ivory and Scrimshaw in order to make arrangements for the tusks to be carved. Night had fallen and along the way we hear a woman screaming about her baby. After finding the lady we find that her child has fallen in the water, acting quickly Gevus made a bounding leap, Dannel pulled out the folding boat, Tilla took to the air, and Faldor, Mok, along with myself dived into the water (which, mind you, was utterly disgusting). After some small issues we get the child and King, who had jumped in after the child as well, ashore. Things seemed well and good, until these creatures (later determined to be Reavers) started crawling out of the water (seriously we are either the luckiest or unluckiest group of adventures some time) and attacking civilians of the city. We fight and battle them, they had very sharp skin and aren’t something you really want to hug, eventually we kill them all. A few people died, but we did what we could.

With that out of the way we finally made it to Trolton’s shop, only to be greeted by his assistant. After some “convincing” (in the form of gold) the fella wakes Trolton up for us. We meet with Trolton, we eventually get him to agree to finish the Tusks is 5 months for 1150 GP. Trolton gives us the tools, well he gave Faldor the tools, along with instructions to minimize damage to the tusks. As we depart we get a cryptic warning about there always being a bigger fish in the sea, we should have listened…

Travel was slow at first, passing through the mountains to the West of Raven’s Bluff, but as we got to the Plains travel become much smoother. All in all the travel to the land where the Mammoth was went by uneventfully.

And then we ran into a group of hunters, and everything went to the plane of Hell in a hand basket.

So we approach these fellas, it’s getting late, and they are clearly hunters who have gathered a large amount of ivory. We start up a conversation asking them about what they have been up to, where they got the ivory, and if they had any idea where T’Ellyk Wa was to be found, to which they claimed no knowledge of. They do point us in the direction of where the Mammoth hunting ground was to be found. Then Faldor started getting inquisitive about the methods used by the hunters, and if they were being respectful (as Mielikki teaches, which I’ve heard more times than I care to count for) of the animals they were hunting. This get’s them going, which to make things simple started with poking fun at Mielikki and downgraded into being outright Drow-kin..

Well, to put it simply, they pissed off the wrong Ranger, as Faldor proceeded to let one have 2 arrows into the chest. Then hell really broke loose, a web spell got slung (I think Tilla threw it), and I admit I got carried away and ended up eviscerating one of the hunters when they started returning fire. After the commotion died down we realize the one Faldor shot and the one I blasted are both dead, Mok is dumbstruck, Dannel was furious, and everyone else (except maybe Faldor) was pretty shocked at the state of current affairs. After some discussion Dannel used two Raise Dead scrolls on the two who were dead, I gave the fella I struck 1000 GP as penance for what happened, and we got the heck out of there.

It was a truly sour evening, Dannel refused to talk with anyone and the mood was quite glum. Some time after making camp Dannel comes back and makes an Ultimatum not kill anyone else without just cause (a fairly reasonable demand as far as demands go). Faldor and Dannel get into a heated debate about Faldor’s actions, Faldor maintains that he acted as a true Mielikkian would have, with some less than pleasant threats being made about the consequences had the two scrolls not been present. Finally everything (mostly) settles down and we go to bed. It was truly an odd day, the Hunters definitely deserved at least a verbal lashing after the ludicrous things they were saying, was killing them the right thing to do though? Most definitely not, though they could have used a good thrashing.

Though I believe the hunters had plenty of reason to see that Faldor was quite angered by that point, so folly on them for not realizing what they were getting themselves into. Sometimes when you pick on someones beliefs they restrain themselves, or don’t have the ability to do anything on the matter, sometimes you pick a fight with the wrong guy. It was the first time I’ve ever killed someone like that though, I don’t doubt I’ll forget it, even with several mugs of ale. Still… sometimes things happen, one has to move in and not dwell on their mistakes.

The next day we headed to the hunting grounds, South of where we currently were. We spend most of the day exploring the area, with Faldor looking for signs of the great beast, with little luck and evening approaching we were beginning to thing of setting up our tents and we stumble across a male human laying on the ground, he was not doing so well. Tilla tried healing him, but all we got out of him was him mumbling T’Ellyk Wa, he then passed from this world. Near the corpse of the man we found the tracks of a Mammoth which we started to follow.

We eventually find our way into some Tall Grass, and while we are tracking, a cacophony of thunder was the only warning we got as none other than T’Ellyk Wa charged us. It was a tough fight against the Mammoth, the thing was a flurry of activity, with a certain power behind it’s attacks that would make even the toughest man respect it. But, no matter, after many seconds of intense fighting we brought the beast down, a manslayer no more. Having stopped the great beast from hurting others, and completing our task, Faldor collected the tusks, skinned the Mammoth, and collected what meat he could.

We then promptly made our way back towards Raven’s Bluff, with the first leg of the journey going by uneventfully, that was until we hit the Mountains. I don’t remember how many days we had been pushing through, it was hard going no matter how you looked at it, but one day out of the blue we see, of all people, Flirin (which, is the lady that Davy Jones intended to try and “woo”). We watch her for a second, in the middle of a mountain path, what in the devil was she doing there?

She eventually disappears into a crevice in the ground. We approach the crest and find that no so far below is red swirling mist. Gevus, Mok, Faldor, and Dresden all head down, with Dannel, Tilla, and myself remaining behind to guard the tusks. After a moment Dannel and Tilla decided to head down too, just in case the rest of them needed help. I also might have had reasons for sending Dannel off so I could sneak a few drinks in, but in retrospect maybe things would be different if I hadn’t sent them down or if I had went down myself.

For me, the time the rest were down in the crevice passed uneventfully, I managed a few drinks, chased a few birds around, and kept an eye for any unlucky bandits who wished to try and take the Ivory.

The rest of this is second hand from Mok, Dresden, and Gevus, as I was not present. Apparently as the rest traveled down into the crevice they traveled through some mist until hitting the floor. From there I suppose they started looking for Flirin and eventually the ground started shaking and all of a sudden wedding bells were to be heard. I’m really not sure how this all happened, it sounds right ridicules, but given the.. results… of this little journey I don’t doubt it.

So the group apparently came upon a wedding ceremony in which (after talking with Mok, the Wizards guild, and the War College) was likely a Balor who was marrying Flirin (who, according to everyone didn’t look fully with it). Eventually they raised objections to the unholy union. The Balor then offered to make a deal, that they could take the bride back if able to defeat a group of Heucuva and some Cleric. This, is unfortunately where things got truly ugly, as I understand it. I’m not sure what happened, from what I gather the fight against the Heucuva was a simple enough ordeal and should have been handled in short order. But Mok said that he caught the Balor in a fireball on accident which lead to the Balor doing something to him which left him whimpering in the corner. Unfortunately, Dannel then took it upon himself to try and fight the Balor, followed by Tilla, and Faldor. I don’t know the exact details, but when the party returned, Tilla and Dannel were both dead and Faldor was a head shorter than I remember. Thankfully at least the rest came back, the Balor brought back what was left of the group, along with Flirin to our realm and then took the Heucuva with him for something called the Great Conjunction (curious).

We made haste to get back to Raven’s Bluff, we find the streets fairly empty, I guess the Reavers had been harassing people still. returned the tusks to Talton so he could get started, and then headed to the Temple of Tyr. After a priest used Speak with Dead we found out that Faldor and Tilla wanted to come back but Dannel had no interest in joining us. We gathered the proper amount of gold and material components and got Tilla and Faldor back. And finally went and reported to Davy Jones.

Lessons Learned:
1) Don’t Screw with Balors.
2) We need to be more careful about opening fire on people.

I’ll miss Dannel, we might not have ever seen eye-to-eye, but he was a man who stuck true to his beliefs, and I can respect that.

Morrin Telemnar
Squire to the Keepers of the Mystic Flames, Raven’s Bluff Knighthood
Leftant in the Raven’s Bluff War College
Corporeal of the City Watch, Scout Rangers Division
Friend of Dannel of Tyr

1500 Each
1200 for Morrin for getting drunk instead of attending the Wedding.

Periapt of Wound Closure- Gevus
Potion of Fire Resistance- Morrin
Potion of Cure Serious Wounds- Mok
300 GP Each

Adventure 2-19

Characters Present: Dresden, Faldor, Gevus, Morrin, Tilla, Mok

Characters Absent: Dannel

A Note in the Journal of one Morrin L. Telemnar:
Squire to the Keepers of the Mystic Flames, Raven’s Bluff Knighthood
Leftant in the Raven’s Bluff War College
Corporeal of the City Watch, Scout Rangers Division

I was spending the morning drinking Ale with my fellow compatriots when we received a letter from Lord Calvin Longbottle, Regent of the Harbor, asking of our aid in “City Work”. Having an hour or so to kill before needing to meet him, I proceeded to sneak another couple of Ales in. Finally, with noon approaching the group left the 7 Tigers in order to go meet Lord Calvin.

After arriving we awaited several minutes (but not too long) before we were ushered in to meet with Lord Calvin. Upon meeting Lord Calvin he explained the situation. Raven’s Bluff had been experiencing problems with it’s sea trade, the exact words were that it had “dried up”. There were rumors of a Ghost Ship that had been harassing merchant vessels, and the like, and that it was the likely candidate fro what was causing the reduction in trade. Thus, Lord Calvin wanted us to set sail and investigate what we could find and to deal with whatever problem we might find. With no official vessels available we were given 100 gold to higher a private ship for the expedition.

Once we arrived to the Harbor we found three different ships to be available:
The first was captained by a man named Jolly Rodger. He was willing to sell the service of his ship if we would buy up the seats, which would cost us 200 gold and we would have to talk with a Steven Goldstein to do so. His ship appeared to be the most stable and best able to hold up under dire conditions.
The second ship was captained by a fella named Poopdeck Pete, who would sell us his services for 175 gold and we would have to talk with a man named Rusty. The big advantage we found in Pookdeck’s ship was that it was known for it’s speed.
The final ship was led by Captain Withers. Besides being the cheapest ship, we found that the fella we had to speak with to gain permission to buy the ship was involved in Necromancy.

Discussing amongst ourselves we weighted our options. Jolly Rodger’s ship seemed to be the sturdiest, but it also would cost the most. Poopdeck’s ship offered speed that would not be matched, perfect for catching another ship. Lastly, Wither’s ship would be cheap and there was the possibility that we could make use of certain “knowledge” involving the undead. Upon narrowing it down between Poopdeck and Jolly Rogger (as they offered clear and definitive benefits) we decided to just rent them both! I mean really, for a couple hundred gold, why not?

*Note: During our discussion with Poopdeck he pointed out to us that the name of the supposed Ghost Ship was likely the “Strongwind” a ship of legend that had gone missing some 15 years ago. She was captained by a man named Pohl Undertaker.” ← Poopdeck could be useful in future endeavors. *

Although, it turned out to be more than a couple hundred gold, Dresden ended up with a rather ugly (although I’ll never admit it to him) rug that is of Zakharan make. Most of us also ended up with a casks of beer from Rusty Suds (not that I’m really complaining). We may have also had to cross swords with some fellas who were eyeing us up as we were walking out of Sud’s establishment. Smartly, if that is what they were planning, they didn’t approach us with any such nonsense. Good for it too, we might have broke the beer in such a skirmish!

After settling up with Roger and Pete, we left Raven’s Bluff on Jolly Rodger’s ship with Poopdeck Pete’s ship sailing ahead to scout for any sign of trouble. Only a day out we find another ship (The Fantastic Urge) adrift in the ocean, seemingly abandoned. We approach the ship to investigate and find the top deck to be compeltely deserted, eventually finding some logs in the Captains Quarters which suggested that the ship should have landed in Raven’s Bluff a few days ago. Well that was quite queer.

Deciding to investigate further, Mok heads below deck, I’m not quite sure what happened while he was down there, but no sooner did he go down then he came running back up in quite the hurry (and let me just make a note of things, seeing a Half-Orc moving with such swiftness is a rare sight). Curious, I moved down below deck to find myself face to face with a Wight. I admit, had Dresden now came down and delivered a beautiful blow, dicing the Wight in two, I might have followed Mok back up the steps.

After Dresden dispatched of the Wight we find the crew of the ship in the Cargo Hold, apparently those who had not died in an attack by a Pirate Ship (except none could remember… odd indeed, I don’t think we ever got answers to that, maybe Gilgamesh will know something) had hid below deck. They all looked… aged… it was strange, as if they had only recently had the lust of life in them, and then had it stolen. They also seemed pretty bend out of shape, so we eventually got some of the crew from our two ships and helped them get back to Raven’s Bluff.

After successfully helping the other ship to get back we set out again, to find that bloody ship!
(Rather, be found by it)

A few more days of sailing and we spot an island of sorts, but who cares about the stinkin island, that voice, oh that voice. I’ve never heard anything like it, even in retrospect knowing what it was I could conceivably see myself giving over to the voice again. So the next thing I know Dresden, Faldor, Gevus, and myself are all standing on this island (soaked, I guess Mok cast water breathing on us or something) talking to this beautiful Siren. She goes on to tell us her name is Ha’Sheen and she would like us to help her with pirates that are frequenting her haunts. Apparently she is an information courier for Lord Longbottle as she threatened to stop giving him information if he didn’t do anything about the pirates. There was also an issue of another member of our crew who had decided he would not be coming with us on account of the Siren’s song having memorizd him.

We all agree to pass along the information and being mesmerized don’t really ask her much else (like anything at all, not my proudest moment). In our defense we did later inform Long Longbottle of the situation with the pirates and tell Sir Alcides Von Tighe (Archmage of the Wizard’s Guild) of the unfortunate soul stuck on the island.

So we all swim back to the ship, at this point we realize poor Poopdeck’s ship hast crashed into some reef which surrounded the island the Siren was on, I guess Jolly Rodger almost sailed into the reef too but Mok, Tilla, and some of his crew “convinced” him otherwise.

We were now down a ship, our well laid plans seemed to only bring about ruin but we pressed on. During that evening as we were sailing we found our ship being covered by fog and out of the night a ship as dark as the starless sky, covered in seaweed so, comes rolling out. It was clearly the Strongwind! We either had terrible luck or great fortune, I still know not which.

As we watched the ship approach we heard a voice shout “Look upon Your Death” (we later deduced that this was Captain Strongwind) and with that our ship was flanked by the supernatural ship, and ghouls were soon pouring aboard. After a quick skirmish the the Ghouls (after some research, I have confirmed that they fit the descriptors for the Ghast variety), a Web spell by Tilla and then a roaring fireball from Mok led to the end of most of the them, I found myself in the clutches of Captain Strongwind himself, who looked a little more dead than alive. At the time all I could think of was the smell of rotting salt filling my nostrils, but I managed a well placed stab into the rotten old pirate to drop him, only for something truly horrifying to happen… I don’t want to remember it, but for the sake of knowledge, I do recall it coming back up and the next thing I know I’m crawling out from under a bed. I’ve no idea what happened but someone apparently brought down the Captain for good while my memory was not working.

With the threat removed we sailed home.

+1 Scale Mail → Party Treasure
Potion of Fire Resistance→ Mok
+1 Leather Armor→ Gevus
+1, Aquatic Bane Short Sword→ Morrin
10 +1 Arrows → Faldor
3 Pinches of Dust of Coagulation→ Tilla
Rod of Flame Extinguishing→ Dresden
Dust of Cure Light Wounds (3 Charges)→ Dresden
+1 Scimitar> Party Treasure
3000 GP for Group to Split
500 GP Each (in addition to 3000)

Why is there Air Round 2
AIR, AIR Everywhere Adventure 2-18

Characters Present:, Dresden, Gevus, Morrin, Mok, Dannel, Tilla

Characters Absent: Faldor

From the Journal of Dresden Drumheller
at the time of this writing-
Squire to the Knight of the Griffon
Corporal of the City Watch; Sewer Brigade Division

Well we weren’t dead but we we were …I am not sure floating is the right choice of words. After a moment I realized it was just that there was no down, no up no direction save those that you mentally labeled on your surroundings

Once Mok guided us we realized that our direction seems to be determined

GM Edit from this point forward -

Mok learned that down seemed to be wherever you thought down was, and in this method you could fall in the direction you wanted to go. After that, you just thought of down as a new spot and you would go that direction, and to stop, you decided there was no down.

At this point we meet a Slyph named Airel who was intrigued by us not being from her plane. She had a couple questions and some information on Pisner, we thanked her and headed on our way.

We journey onward and found a small island with a mage. His name was Zakariha Twist and he was mad, not angry, but crazy. He gave us a couple clues and we forged ahead.

This time we came to an Island in the air that was an oasis, it had some water. The water we later learned was guarded by a Jann, he was to guard the oasis from Caliph Husam al’Balil ben Hafhat al’Yugayyim, Prince of the Plane of Air and Ruler of All Djinn. The problem was when we showed up, 6 Djinnis were attacked him. Well one was, with 5 watching. What the group didn’t know was that it was an honor duel to get water, and Dannel interfered, not once, not twice, but thrice, so they picked him up, deposited him almost out of sight, and took all his coins as punishment. Oh Gevus thought he could defend his magic healer. He got dumped and lost all his money too. Afterwards Mok dueled the Jann to refill their water supplies.

This time we moved on, arriving at our destination, we traveled through some fowl gas, arriving at the red wizard’s hut. We found some zombies, and the red wizard had turned partially undead as well. After being defeated we destroyed the magic item causing problems, and we returned to Raven’s Bluff.

Treasure : Ring of Resistance +1, Longsword +2 (For most of the party from the city) Potion of Flying, Staff of Wonder with 3 charges.

Why is there Air 1st round
Storm Streak Adventure 2-17 Round 1 of 2

Characters Present:, Dresden, Gevus, Morrin, Mok, Dannel, Tilla

Characters Absent: Faldor

From the Journal of Dresden Drumheller
at the time of this writing-
Squire to the Knight of the Griffon
Corporal of the City Watch; Sewer Brigade Division

I woke this morning to a chill wind slamming open the barracks door and wrapping my blanket around the finial of my foot-board. Unusual weather I get, but this…. I had to stabilize myself as I left the building and was immediately greeted by a boy with a missive. It was sealed with an official mark, from the Mayor no less. I knew this could be no coincidence. Gathering all my tack including those I save for my…off the clock undertakings. I pushed my way back into the city.

I encountered familiar faces on my way into the city proper. No doubt by now we have gotten at least enough reputation for the powers that be to know who works with whom in the city.

The Gnome Tilla bright, pert, and cheerful bouncing along on her goat Tilly. I can never keep who is who straight. Dannel gave his usual stoic yet approving nod in my direction. The Tyrin seemed bristley even for him the last few weeks. Ever since an encounter with some pirates it has settled in. I was not a part of that excursion . He was probably glad I was off from work yesterday and did not bring my work’s aroma with me. As we three approached the Mayor’s office the rest joined us as expected, mostly. Morrin gave a bright greeting. You can kinda smell ozone waft off of him with a long enough “Heeello” no doubt from his harnessing electrical power so regularly in combat. I am glad for it. He is an excellent asset. Trotting up with that “I just did something I can not tell you about because you are in the watch” grin came Gevus At a cross street came Mok. Mok, his massive axe wielding Half Orc Wizard. He remains an enigma to us. He joined us silently in route to our appointment with his bent orc nose against a book as he walked.

Mayor Charles Oliver O’kane is as magnanimous and Fatherly to our City as any citizen could hope for. He explained that a mysterious Island had appeared about 30 miles off the coast and that the unnatural winds seemed to be emanating from it. As of yet the Clerics and mages and all the other finger wigglers couldn’t figure it out. So he was outsourcing to us for 700 pieces of gold each. I and a few others declined the stippen as it would go against the code of being a knight of the city; or in our case squires, to accept funds for its protection and we all accepted immediately. We had been directed to meet with Captain WIlliam O’keefe of the Stormstreak I was a little surprised not to see Faldor summoned to accompany us. Perhaps he was out of the city on his on business with service to Mielikki or was investigating another way since nature was being manipulated. If he misses the chance to dispatch were-sharks again he will be sorely disappointed.

The voyage on the large vessel wend well for a while. For the most part we stayed out of the way on the voyage we were able to help for a while. Twice the main mast had a dagger plunged into it supposedly from a powerful Thayvian calling himself Pisner and demanding we stay away less we be destroyed Dannel insilled confidence in us all with the logic that a scared cornered animal snaps not a confident one with a well layed snare. We sailed on.

The Call from the crows nest of DRAGON!! was more than I had bargained for and was dumbstruck when the massive swirling beast came to hover by the ship its seemingly endless body ever intertwining with itself swimming in the air. The godling was wingless effortless. The Cloud dragon LARAPH questioned our presence and when we explained the threats and our common interest in the island and its damaging weather he agreed to cast wards on the ship to assist in our passage In hind sight I wish I would have told him how amazed I was by him instead of just staring. So Laraph passed on into the sky and we sailed. The captain and crew were bred for this life even in this weather. Unfortunately I and a few others had not been accustomed to the sea and succumbed to it rolling affects all save Mok and Morrin.

When my stomach settled enough I slung my heft into a low sling. I fell into a half sleep waking occasionally. I woke fully an leaped as best I could to my feet and ready my weapon and shield as at least a dozen footfalls fell on the main deck above my head. Morin and Tilla were able to get to the stairs a moment before I as we moved up the single stair access to the main deck I came face to face with a single fish headed humanoid squat and with a gaping maw I shoved my blade into it and it fell easily. Then something unusual happened. My blade became trapped in its body and armored scales. My guess at dozen was sorely mistaken.

Till all was said and done a score or more were felled. I searched my training at the Abbey of the Sword and remembered how to take advantage of clustered enemies and cleave multiple enemies I was able to continue thru about three more after the first then my blade became entrapped in the scales again. For some reason Mok thew massive balls of fire that damaged the ship, but fell a few creatures I think I lost an eyebrow, and he is skilled in their placement enough to take advantage with little collateral damage. we piled the creatures and dumped them overboard a few were kept briefly alive but were of no use in questioning. They were most likely no more then vultures expecting easy pray after the worst of the storm not a fully warded and staffed ship. They looked like this the captain and surviving crew called them “kua-toa” or lobster lovers something to do with their lobster headed demi-god not salted butter.

We made it to the island and upon land fall we fought against the winds and came to a clearing and there was wind there. Actually there was a dozen or so winds swirling man sized tornadoes and a gaping vortex in the middle of them. we realized the small tornadoes were sentient when they followed us as we scattered. We were able to dispatch them easily one at a time until they were able to move in and one by one pick us up and throw us in the vortex the goat was almost left behind. there was a flash of light and then I was …floating? I might be dead.

No Treasure


Spirits of the Night
Adventure 2-16

Adventures Present: Faldor, Gevus, Dresden, Dannel, Tilla, Mok, Morrin

Adventures Missing: none

Tonight our intrepid group is summoned to the Temple of Selune for an unknown tragedy. Upon arrival they find out that the high priestess of the temple of Selune, Starglitter lies dead. She is in her quarters and there is a black mark upon the ceiling and the floor and a dead black cat. The party determines that the black marks are probably from flame strikes, however there are no marks upon the body of the high priestess or the cat.

The party begins questioning everyone in the temple and everyone was cooperating. The group finally talks to a young acolyte named Mary who remembers a black cat following her home. She brought the cat into the temple and she was going to feed it. While she went to get it food, it wandered away. Not being able to find it, she thought nothing else. The party sets off to figure out where the cat was discovered and to meet the Chief Prelate,SIrrus Melandor, whom Starglitter was having meetings with.

The arrive at the chief prelate’s office and he meets with them, having a writ from Ariel Nightglow of the Selune temple. The party learns that Starglitter and he were looking for a high priest of Bane that snuck into the city but last track of him. Sirrus says that they hired a group called the Freelancers to try to help find them. He gives the group a letter of introduction and says that they should speak with the Bartender of the Stardust Inn.

Setting off for there they go in, and speak to the bartender who takes them upstairs to a male and a female who speak for the Freelances but are not members themselves. The group is referred to Cudzu as having information on this evil priest.

The group leaves and is ambushed by members of the cult following this evil high priest. The group dispatched a few, and has a few others arrested before continuing onto the sewer entrance they were given.

Upon entering the sewers the group goes down for a little and blows a whistle they were given to summon Cudzu, and instead they summon a rat. They follow the rat who after traveling for a while turns into Cudzu. Cudzu’s people skills are better than others somedays, and he seems very distracted. The group asks for information on the priest, and Cudzu knows nothing until a rat shows up, and chats with Cudzu, and the rat knows the way. Cudzu says the rat will go along as long as they promise to protect the rat. The set off and find where things are, there is a sharp bend in the tunnel with some guards down it.

They party sets up to ambush the foes when a cat throws the plan out of sync, and hisses at the invis Gevus. Combat ensues and the evil high priest flame strikes the group, and then casts a spell leaving the area. The party fights the remaining guards, and a black cat, that is not a black cat. It is a special quest spell that summoned an assassin spirit into it. This one was to attack and kill, and drain the spirit from Sirrus Melandor, but the party stopped in albeit with Gevus getting some negative level loving that was cured with a restoration and a significant sum of the party’s gold.

All ended well in the end, and the City met the new High Priestess of the temple of Selune, Miriel.

Treasure: Chain Mail +1, Mace +1 Mace +1, Burglar Boots Minor, Eyes of the owl, Headband of Inspired Wisdom.


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