Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Why is there Air Round 2
AIR, AIR Everywhere Adventure 2-18

Characters Present:, Dresden, Gevus, Morrin, Mok, Dannel, Tilla

Characters Absent: Faldor

From the Journal of Dresden Drumheller
at the time of this writing-
Squire to the Knight of the Griffon
Corporal of the City Watch; Sewer Brigade Division

Well we weren’t dead but we we were …I am not sure floating is the right choice of words. After a moment I realized it was just that there was no down, no up no direction save those that you mentally labeled on your surroundings

Once Mok guided us we realized that our direction seems to be determined

GM Edit from this point forward -

Mok learned that down seemed to be wherever you thought down was, and in this method you could fall in the direction you wanted to go. After that, you just thought of down as a new spot and you would go that direction, and to stop, you decided there was no down.

At this point we meet a Slyph named Airel who was intrigued by us not being from her plane. She had a couple questions and some information on Pisner, we thanked her and headed on our way.

We journey onward and found a small island with a mage. His name was Zakariha Twist and he was mad, not angry, but crazy. He gave us a couple clues and we forged ahead.

This time we came to an Island in the air that was an oasis, it had some water. The water we later learned was guarded by a Jann, he was to guard the oasis from Caliph Husam al’Balil ben Hafhat al’Yugayyim, Prince of the Plane of Air and Ruler of All Djinn. The problem was when we showed up, 6 Djinnis were attacked him. Well one was, with 5 watching. What the group didn’t know was that it was an honor duel to get water, and Dannel interfered, not once, not twice, but thrice, so they picked him up, deposited him almost out of sight, and took all his coins as punishment. Oh Gevus thought he could defend his magic healer. He got dumped and lost all his money too. Afterwards Mok dueled the Jann to refill their water supplies.

This time we moved on, arriving at our destination, we traveled through some fowl gas, arriving at the red wizard’s hut. We found some zombies, and the red wizard had turned partially undead as well. After being defeated we destroyed the magic item causing problems, and we returned to Raven’s Bluff.

Treasure : Ring of Resistance +1, Longsword +2 (For most of the party from the city) Potion of Flying, Staff of Wonder with 3 charges.

Why is there Air 1st round
Storm Streak Adventure 2-17 Round 1 of 2

Characters Present:, Dresden, Gevus, Morrin, Mok, Dannel, Tilla

Characters Absent: Faldor

From the Journal of Dresden Drumheller
at the time of this writing-
Squire to the Knight of the Griffon
Corporal of the City Watch; Sewer Brigade Division

I woke this morning to a chill wind slamming open the barracks door and wrapping my blanket around the finial of my foot-board. Unusual weather I get, but this…. I had to stabilize myself as I left the building and was immediately greeted by a boy with a missive. It was sealed with an official mark, from the Mayor no less. I knew this could be no coincidence. Gathering all my tack including those I save for my…off the clock undertakings. I pushed my way back into the city.

I encountered familiar faces on my way into the city proper. No doubt by now we have gotten at least enough reputation for the powers that be to know who works with whom in the city.

The Gnome Tilla bright, pert, and cheerful bouncing along on her goat Tilly. I can never keep who is who straight. Dannel gave his usual stoic yet approving nod in my direction. The Tyrin seemed bristley even for him the last few weeks. Ever since an encounter with some pirates it has settled in. I was not a part of that excursion . He was probably glad I was off from work yesterday and did not bring my work’s aroma with me. As we three approached the Mayor’s office the rest joined us as expected, mostly. Morrin gave a bright greeting. You can kinda smell ozone waft off of him with a long enough “Heeello” no doubt from his harnessing electrical power so regularly in combat. I am glad for it. He is an excellent asset. Trotting up with that “I just did something I can not tell you about because you are in the watch” grin came Gevus At a cross street came Mok. Mok, his massive axe wielding Half Orc Wizard. He remains an enigma to us. He joined us silently in route to our appointment with his bent orc nose against a book as he walked.

Mayor Charles Oliver O’kane is as magnanimous and Fatherly to our City as any citizen could hope for. He explained that a mysterious Island had appeared about 30 miles off the coast and that the unnatural winds seemed to be emanating from it. As of yet the Clerics and mages and all the other finger wigglers couldn’t figure it out. So he was outsourcing to us for 700 pieces of gold each. I and a few others declined the stippen as it would go against the code of being a knight of the city; or in our case squires, to accept funds for its protection and we all accepted immediately. We had been directed to meet with Captain WIlliam O’keefe of the Stormstreak I was a little surprised not to see Faldor summoned to accompany us. Perhaps he was out of the city on his on business with service to Mielikki or was investigating another way since nature was being manipulated. If he misses the chance to dispatch were-sharks again he will be sorely disappointed.

The voyage on the large vessel wend well for a while. For the most part we stayed out of the way on the voyage we were able to help for a while. Twice the main mast had a dagger plunged into it supposedly from a powerful Thayvian calling himself Pisner and demanding we stay away less we be destroyed Dannel insilled confidence in us all with the logic that a scared cornered animal snaps not a confident one with a well layed snare. We sailed on.

The Call from the crows nest of DRAGON!! was more than I had bargained for and was dumbstruck when the massive swirling beast came to hover by the ship its seemingly endless body ever intertwining with itself swimming in the air. The godling was wingless effortless. The Cloud dragon LARAPH questioned our presence and when we explained the threats and our common interest in the island and its damaging weather he agreed to cast wards on the ship to assist in our passage In hind sight I wish I would have told him how amazed I was by him instead of just staring. So Laraph passed on into the sky and we sailed. The captain and crew were bred for this life even in this weather. Unfortunately I and a few others had not been accustomed to the sea and succumbed to it rolling affects all save Mok and Morrin.

When my stomach settled enough I slung my heft into a low sling. I fell into a half sleep waking occasionally. I woke fully an leaped as best I could to my feet and ready my weapon and shield as at least a dozen footfalls fell on the main deck above my head. Morin and Tilla were able to get to the stairs a moment before I as we moved up the single stair access to the main deck I came face to face with a single fish headed humanoid squat and with a gaping maw I shoved my blade into it and it fell easily. Then something unusual happened. My blade became trapped in its body and armored scales. My guess at dozen was sorely mistaken.

Till all was said and done a score or more were felled. I searched my training at the Abbey of the Sword and remembered how to take advantage of clustered enemies and cleave multiple enemies I was able to continue thru about three more after the first then my blade became entrapped in the scales again. For some reason Mok thew massive balls of fire that damaged the ship, but fell a few creatures I think I lost an eyebrow, and he is skilled in their placement enough to take advantage with little collateral damage. we piled the creatures and dumped them overboard a few were kept briefly alive but were of no use in questioning. They were most likely no more then vultures expecting easy pray after the worst of the storm not a fully warded and staffed ship. They looked like this the captain and surviving crew called them “kua-toa” or lobster lovers something to do with their lobster headed demi-god not salted butter.

We made it to the island and upon land fall we fought against the winds and came to a clearing and there was wind there. Actually there was a dozen or so winds swirling man sized tornadoes and a gaping vortex in the middle of them. we realized the small tornadoes were sentient when they followed us as we scattered. We were able to dispatch them easily one at a time until they were able to move in and one by one pick us up and throw us in the vortex the goat was almost left behind. there was a flash of light and then I was …floating? I might be dead.

No Treasure


Spirits of the Night
Adventure 2-16

Adventures Present: Faldor, Gevus, Dresden, Dannel, Tilla, Mok, Morrin

Adventures Missing: none

Tonight our intrepid group is summoned to the Temple of Selune for an unknown tragedy. Upon arrival they find out that the high priestess of the temple of Selune, Starglitter lies dead. She is in her quarters and there is a black mark upon the ceiling and the floor and a dead black cat. The party determines that the black marks are probably from flame strikes, however there are no marks upon the body of the high priestess or the cat.

The party begins questioning everyone in the temple and everyone was cooperating. The group finally talks to a young acolyte named Mary who remembers a black cat following her home. She brought the cat into the temple and she was going to feed it. While she went to get it food, it wandered away. Not being able to find it, she thought nothing else. The party sets off to figure out where the cat was discovered and to meet the Chief Prelate,SIrrus Melandor, whom Starglitter was having meetings with.

The arrive at the chief prelate’s office and he meets with them, having a writ from Ariel Nightglow of the Selune temple. The party learns that Starglitter and he were looking for a high priest of Bane that snuck into the city but last track of him. Sirrus says that they hired a group called the Freelancers to try to help find them. He gives the group a letter of introduction and says that they should speak with the Bartender of the Stardust Inn.

Setting off for there they go in, and speak to the bartender who takes them upstairs to a male and a female who speak for the Freelances but are not members themselves. The group is referred to Cudzu as having information on this evil priest.

The group leaves and is ambushed by members of the cult following this evil high priest. The group dispatched a few, and has a few others arrested before continuing onto the sewer entrance they were given.

Upon entering the sewers the group goes down for a little and blows a whistle they were given to summon Cudzu, and instead they summon a rat. They follow the rat who after traveling for a while turns into Cudzu. Cudzu’s people skills are better than others somedays, and he seems very distracted. The group asks for information on the priest, and Cudzu knows nothing until a rat shows up, and chats with Cudzu, and the rat knows the way. Cudzu says the rat will go along as long as they promise to protect the rat. The set off and find where things are, there is a sharp bend in the tunnel with some guards down it.

They party sets up to ambush the foes when a cat throws the plan out of sync, and hisses at the invis Gevus. Combat ensues and the evil high priest flame strikes the group, and then casts a spell leaving the area. The party fights the remaining guards, and a black cat, that is not a black cat. It is a special quest spell that summoned an assassin spirit into it. This one was to attack and kill, and drain the spirit from Sirrus Melandor, but the party stopped in albeit with Gevus getting some negative level loving that was cured with a restoration and a significant sum of the party’s gold.

All ended well in the end, and the City met the new High Priestess of the temple of Selune, Miriel.

Treasure: Chain Mail +1, Mace +1 Mace +1, Burglar Boots Minor, Eyes of the owl, Headband of Inspired Wisdom.

Dragon's Eye
Adventure 2-15

Players Present: Faldor, Dresden, Gevus, Morrin, Mok, Dannel, Tilla

Players Absent: None

A Note in the Journal of one Morrin L. Telemnar, Squire to the Keepers of the Mystic Flames, Ensign to the War College, Corporeal in the Scout Rangers

Well, that quite the adventure. I’ll have to get a raven sent to mum, Tyrannosaurus hunting patterns seem to have changed little over time, she will be thrilled to know.

Where did it begin… I had just finished a few rounds of strong ale with some of the other War College Ensigns and was feeling mighty famished. As I went off to find myself a meal at the 7 Tigers a bright light appeared and the next thing I know I’m standing with some of my long time friends, and fellow adventurers. We appeared to be inside a Volcano, a rather unpleasant place to find one’s self, indeed.

As we all tried to gather our bearings, lo and behold, a Lavender Dragon appeared. After establishing that we were not going to be lunch (bad form to die on an empty stomach anyways) the Dragon had a proposition for us, err more of a demand. Apparently some idiotic wizard by the name of Ralph Wyrmsbane, a member of some “Cult of the Dragon” had stolen a powerful artifact called the “Dragon’s Eye” from Gaularoth (said Lavender Dragon) and since we are from Raven’s Bluff (apparently Ralph was from there too) it apparently was our responsibility to retrieve the item.

Of course we agree, who is going to tell a dragon no? Gaularoth tells us the Eye and Mr Wyrmsbane are on the island but that the temporal flows of the island have become unstable (note: research potential causes of this). The Dragon then lends us a bridge to gain access to the rest of the island. As we are traveling through some caverns Faldor picked up the tracks of the culprit and we head off with plans of soon being back home firm in our mind. The Island was truly beautiful, if I hadn’t been pulled away from my midday meal and starting to feel the beginnings of a hangover I might have thought myself on vacation. Lush vegetation like you never seen

As we were traversing the hazards of a waterfall Dresden and Rajah got caught in a mudslide which threw them down a good ways below us. Mok, being the mighty Wizard he is, decided to do a very graceful belly flop into the water/muk below… I don’t envy the bruise he got from it.

Things wouldn’t have been bad would have had everything not gone to the Nine Hells. As the rest of us are trying to get down to the bottom, one of those temporal stutters Gaularoth mentioned must have happened. In the blink of an eye it went from Midday to Evening.

We get to the bottom to try and help Dresden and Mok get out and all of sudden all of these Lizardmen are everywhere and we are in a fight for our lives! Well let me tell you, aside from poor Dresden and Mok being stuck in the muck, the Lizardmen picked a bone with the wrong set of adventurers. After we sent them cowering, we got everyone to land. Unfortunately it seemed the Lizardmen had decided to come back with reinforcements, so we spent most of the evening running for our lives through that nasty swamp (I swear my boots are still squelching).

Eventually we found a nice little grove with a pool of water to hide in, and slept till the afternoon to regain our strength. As we are preparing to leave another time stutter happens and it’s dark again, and raining, and we had no idea when we were located. But we found a trail, presumably the thieves, so we started to follow…

AND we got timewarped, again.

Now the trail looks old and the dormant volcano is no longer dormant…

We decide to keep following the trail, with not many other options. Eventually we found some sort of dog like creatures that looked like they had received the wrong side of a BBQ. Someone identified them as being a breed of dinosaur (dinosaurs!) known as Euparkeria. This was quite fascinating actually, and I would have taken a closer look had not three of the largest feline’s I’ve ever seen decide to grace us with their pointy teeth. Well it was quite the fight and had we not almost died I would have called it quite the thrill. Well, let’s not lie, it was still pretty exciting.

We keep on going, following the trail through some serious jungle undergrowth, and finally, we find our Wizard.

And then, and then the wizard gets eaten by none other than a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Yeah, 40 feet long, 13 feet tall, it was quite the specimen.

Luckily for us Ol’Wyrmsbane was kind enough to drop the Dragon’s Eye before becoming lunch. Unlucky for us, Rexy was still hungry. As we were preparing to stand up to this majestic beast, a portal appears. Not wasting any time, Gevus quickly grabbed the artifact while the rest of us did our best to convince the Rex that we weren’t worth its time. Eventually we all managed through, but not before that darn thing took a bite out of me, it had some LARGE teeth.

Well we make it back, to our own time thankfully, Gaularoth is kind enough to fly us back to his lair. After we come back he offers us each an item from his stash.

And so ends another tale.

800 each, Mok received an extra 1000 in advance to “ding”.

5x Teeth Necklaces retrieved from Lizardmen (each worth 50 GP)
2x Sabretooth Pelts (100 Gp Each)

Tilla: Silver Rod with inlaid jewels (6,500 GP)
Dresden: Light Steel Shield (Plus 1, Arrow Deflection)
Morrin: Metal Helm (Comprehend Languages, Read Magic, both permanent)
Gevus: Cloak of the Arachnid
Faldor: Ivory Horn, Horn of Goodness
Mok: Gold Ring w/ Gems (worth 5,500 GP)
Dannel: Beautiful Ruby (worth 5000 GP)

*Special Bonus Loot for Party: Memory of Gevus saying he did not care about 9,000 GP. *

Terror in the City

Players Present: Dresden Drumheller,gevus, Morrin Telemnar,Faldor Lockeheart, Mok

Players Absent:Dannel, Tilla

Dear Journal, Our day starts a little different today.. For starters I had to join Morrin, Faldor and Dresden on their work tonight. We had to patrol a coliseum on orders from Rolf “Sunny” Sunriver, Chief Constable. The Reason for this patrol was because 48 people was missing, including a Paladin of Tyr ( I think his name was Sir James) which put the whole city in a state of alert. The other different thing was that we was missing our healers today ( this was big deal you will see later.)

AS we patrol the night we spot an old man that was followed by ravens. As we come closer to him he grabs Morrin’s arm and started talking like a posses Demon spouting non sense like “Seek darkness and used the light.” So we let the old guy continue on his way cause any one who is out tonight or followed by this ravens must be bad ass. As we continue on this Patrol we spot a few rat men and this drow who was about to kill a city guard. So we quickly jump into action but the drow some how vanish and we was left fighting the rat men which we quickly dispatch. After we heal the guards man and took care of the other dead guards men, I notice the a sewer grate was recently used.

So we enter the sewers as we get under we find Dannel who seems very out of it. When we follow the tracks that Faldor spotted for us we spot another instance we can flex our muscles as we fight a Giant Slug and save a bunch weird looking creatures, Mongrelman, the father named Grookachu. As we finish fighting the Gaint Slug we get info from the Grookachu where we might find the cause of the Terror in the City. When we follow the direction that was told of us , I started hearing voices the no one else could hear telling me to get it out of this darkness and to pick it up. I find a sword and I tell the group and then Mok ended pick it up the sword and it posses Mok. Which made the whole group press forward and then discover this room which was surrounded by evil people every where. Then a Ogre mage fired a cone of cold which I could not avoid and then I was bitch slap by it which I ended up almost dying.

Once I came too I heard that they where able to take down the demon and Mok with the sword closed some sort of portal to demon realm. When then finished the patrol and freed all the people that were captured. A bunch of people was promoted and we receive some gold and scrolls and potions.

Treasure (Not listing potions and scrolls) Staff of Charming to Tilla.

When Beastly Beauties go Mad
Adventure 2-13

Players Present: Dannel, Tilla, Mok, Gevus, Dresden
Players Absent: Faldor Lockeheart, Morrin

Our intrepid group starts out asking for reclamation of goods for a caravan that was raided by humanoids that was owned by Raban Sharmuta. The group decides to help him. They set off, on what will be a 7 day or more journey. The have a map of a special trade route with an X marking where the caravan was attacked.

The party rides out three days and finds where the caravan was attacked. The find some orcs that are celebrating and manage to finish them off, or send them off weaponless into the forest after receiving a scroll from them that can be used to defeat the leader. They march off in the general direction.

After a short time they find the camp of the orcs, and even with the orcs blowing the whistle the troops come running and a fight ensues. The leader sees how fast the party is taking down her henchmen and teleports away. The caravan goods are found, but not the caravan people. The belongings are returned and the group gets paid.

Treasure: Magical – None

DM Notes on this one. It seems very short. The group missed a spot where the forest was too quiet, there was a group of ferrets to be found. Also there was a druid grove that was destroyed that if cleaned up the ghost of the dead druid comes and speaks to them, answers questions, and also points them to a sprite that is closer to the enemy camp that also answers questions, and gives information on catching the 4 orc patrolman off guard making it easier to get into the camp.

Storm on the Horizon
Adventure 2-12

Players Present: Dannel, Tilla, Mok, Gevus, Dresden
Players Absent: Faldor Lockeheart, Morrin

The group gets up and having had a week without much adventure they decide to have breakfast together. Not much has been happening lately and so the group decides to just hang out, except that the see a forest fire at breakfast, well it is far too off to worry about. As lunch comes the fire is growing, and then it is not a fire, but some dark cloud in the sky.

Ahead of the cloud lands a Lammasu, Ky Rorth, and he asks to speak to the leaders of the city. So the group heads off for the seat of government. On the way lightning comes from the sky and sets a building on fire, which the intrepid heroes rush in and save everyone and then the kind Lammasu heals all who got hurt in the heroic deed. The group continues on. Upon arrival Lord Mayor Charles Oliver O’Kane is there as well as Gaius Varro, the Lord Marshall, and Constable Sunriver. The Lammasu tells a story of the lightning and smoke is actually a floating citadel, and a storm that he could not penetrate. He leaves the city officials and the group with a magical staff. Ky Rorth takes his leave having spent himself on trying to make it through the storm, and healing people on the ground.

A discussion ensues and shortly thereafter a giant raven with a 100 foot wingspan lands carrying a titan. The titan parlays asking for gold in order for the city to be spared from destruction, and for the Lord Mayor to return a tiara that belonged to the titan family long ago. After some verbal discussion the tital flies off.

Lord Mayor Charles O’Kane admits to having said tiara, and taking it from a dead blue dragon he had slain long ago. He invites the group to a full council of Lords session in one hour.

The group awaits the time and they join the full session, with many many stupid ideas. Lets try to make a magical skydome to protect the city. Send Eormennoth to go solve the problem, which is met with, what fee would he charge. Finally SIrrus Melandor Sirrus Melandor speaks when someone says that the city should pray it’s way out of the situation. Sirrus says that the gods will help but salvation must come from within, saying that the adventurous of the city should help, and then looking at the group. The group accepts. and the city gives them potions of Flying to get up to the clouds and see what they can learn.

The group sets off, flying through the clouds and coming above the clouds piecemeal, which is not the best, there is Roc waiting to greet the group. The party comes up one at a time taking differing paths through the clouds, and the Roc destroys what it meets. Eventually enough of the group comes above the clouds to fend the Roc off, and they group continues to a mountain above the clouds.

They find the nest of the Roc and probably a dead adventurer. They relieve him of his valuables and go down the spire through the clouds to find 4 cloud giants arguing about something. After listening it can be ascertained that they are missing the 5th member of the family. The 5th member is being held captive by Raven’s Bluff, and the city will only return him for 100,000 gold. Eventually the party shows itself and begins speaking through the staff saying that they are innocent. At this point the titan Tealus shows up and congratulates the giants for taking hostages. The giants say they did not, and the party starts to refute everything the titan says. Eventually the Titan claims affront and asks for 25000 gold to restore his honor. The giants and the party refuse. The Titan changes shape and shows that it is actually a blue dragon. The dragon is outraged that his scheme to charge both the city and the giants has been see through, and he flies off, not old enough to take on everything arrayed before him. The giants throw battle axes and other items and then offer the party Hippogriffs to help catch the dragon.

The day is spent in flight towards the great desert, and the dragon eventually spent drops into a volcano, where the party follows through some hardened lava tubes. Then the moment arises, the child is spotted, and he levitates and the party sees but the dragon does not. Mok flies in and grabs the infant. With the child safe, the 4 cloud giants rush in and destroy the dragon, hacking it to pieces and kicking the pieces into the lava. The dragon is no more.

The giants and the city rewards the adventurers.

Treasure: Helm of Brilliance with one Opal left, Rob of Absorption with 5 charges remaining, +2 great club, and a Spellbook fragment with: Charm Monster, Confusion, Solid Fog, Stoneskin.

A Handful of Dust
Adventure 2-11

Players Present: Tilla, Dannel, Mok, gevus, Faldor, Morrin
Players Absent: Dresden

Entry into the Personal Journal of Morrin Telemnar

In the name of Mystra, what happened last night? I feel like Dresden came up and smacked me in the head with that Big Hammer of his. That is the LAST time I listen to Mok and Mr. Pointy about reasonable limits and drinking… “mighty wizard” indeed. Anyways, I should get this recorded before my head splits open. Another note for the future, why does my finger have teeth marks on it?

The other day the group and I were about in the street and we hear this awful explosion coming from this shop. We go running in to investigate and this old Wizard running back and forth in the ruins of his shop, yelling at a toad which we find out is his apprentice.

Seriously, I don’t get why all Wizards have to sit there and be such cruel taskmasters. If I ever work my way up in the War College or the Keepers, I’m going to start a serious motion for getting laws into place to stop such ridiculous treatment of apprentices. Or at least forbid them from using magic in such a way. It’s downright cruel and there is absolutely no reason for it!

Cordwainer was the Wizards name, after some fruitless argument, about the proper treatment of apprentices . He decided to hire us to pick up some Mummy Dust for 500 GP.

We head off to find Dendecar’s Mercantile Shop but after some searching we find ourselves without luck. We stood around trying to figure out what to do an this elderly fellow starts talking with us and giving us directions (after the fact we discovered that it was none other than Ambassador Carrague). The man sure had a thing for decahedrons, a quite curious thing but his directions turned out to be far too scattered and of no use as he could never stay focused on the task at hand.

While trying to decide where to go King showed up and started barking wildly at Gevus. We eventually decide to follow him, why I’ve no idea, but when a dog is barking at you with such intensity it is best to listen.

After moving a short distance we found ourselves upon a mob that was in the process of lynching several people. After several attempts at trying to figure out what is going on, King starts biting a man off to the side. Dannel hits the man with a Hold Person and we discover him to be none other than Mortimer Mittlemer, the fiend himself! Apparently the crowed was after Mortimer, no surprise there, and he had tricked the crowd with a Filter of Glibness into believing that he was someone else. The City Watchs shows up to bring him in, and would have brought us in if Sargent Hervor hadn’t spoken up on our behalf.

Oh my head, something smells like it crawled out of the Abyss, is that coming from Gevus’s room? I know he’s been practicing with Alchemy but light, he better be ventilating… Whatever it is it’s making my head do flips.

After this small obstacle we continue to follow King and find ourself at Bendecar’s Mercantile! What a smart dog King is, it is most curious.

We arrived at Bendecar’s to find several Brutes huddled around the shop trying to burn the building down! Well that just wouldn’t do, and Dannel’s attempts at smoothing matters over with words were to no avail. Seeing nothing else to be done, Gevus opened up on the Brute’s, to try and stop them. Thankfully Faldor had that Fan(wind) of his, he put it to good use keeping the fires from ever touching the building. After a short scuffle, with a few of us taking some more than minor flesh wounds, we managed to restrain the brutes and had the City Watch come and take them.

We go inside and meet with Baily, Narr, and Narr, assistants of Bendecar, who was apparently on vacation. After some discussion with the trio we find out the Mummy Dust is at Bendecar’s house…why are things never simple? We settle a price, 500 GP, with the three who give us a note for a fella named Pence, stating that we purchased the dust of Hopet-an-set (the alleged mummy whose dust we’ve been hunting).

Feeling close to completing our assigned task we head to Bendecar’s house, which had the fragrance of bacon coming from it. Ugh… this is not helping my head, I can’t think of food yet, I need to get this journal done.

So we get there and finally figured to ring the bell and are greeted by Pence, an elderly Halfling who serves as Bendecar’s Butler (seriously, who has a Butler?). We explain to Pence what we are about and show him the note. He agrees to let us search the place as he did not know where the dust was.

After searching through several floors (IN THE NAME OF MYSTRA, WHO HAS THAT MUCH STUFF?) we finally find the blasted dust. Which we promptly take back to the Wizard. Thankfully he unpolymorphed his unfortunate apprentice and then offered us a small selection of magical items in payment.

Oh I need to go to Chemcheaux and pick up a package of Alchemist’s Kindness, my head just won’t stop throbbing.
End Entry

Potion of Wisdom x3→ Faldor, Gevus, Dannel (1 wisdom each for Faldor and gevus, 1 wisdom and Int for Dannel but loss of 1 Constitution)
Flat Box → Tila
Saddle of Flying→ Mok
Medallion of Spell Exchance→ Morrin

Morgan's Revenge
Adventure 2-10

Players Present: Dannel, Tilla, Faldor, Morrin

Players Absent: Dresden, Gevus, Mok

The Following was Overheard by a Patron of the 7 Tigers Inn, these are (apparently) the ravings of a very drunk Elf.

“I swear, we were kidnapped or something. I’m laying down in my bed, all ready, a hard day at the War College behind me and a stiff drink to top it off, and the next thing I know I’m waking up aboard this ship!

So I’m sitting there looking around and I find myself with a few of my friends on this Pirate Ship. Yeah, a Pirrrrate Shi, Shi, Ship.

The captain was none other than the Dread Pirate Captain Morgan. So this salty pirate gets done telling us about how we’re going to be enlisted on his ship for 6 months or some nonsense and then he murdered this Paladin of Tyr! Poor old bloke, thought he was getting an honest fight of the captain. Should have known that Morgan was going to pull a gun, the scoundrel he is.

I’m surprised that Dannel didn’t lose it right then and there. I wonder if he is doing okay? Maybe I should buy him a drink… He’s not a bad soul really, a tad grouchy at times. Did you know he once…" Couldn’t make out the words.

“…. Oh sorry? My story, right, I suppose you don’t want to hear about the ‘Scales of Justice’.

So then we got hauled below deck to our quarters. HA! “quarters”, more like a box being thrown back and forth by a few Hill Giants. There we were! Faldor, Tilla, Dannel, and myself all trapped below deck, indentured to 6 months of servi, servitude!. I never realized how hard a word Servitude was to say before, it makes your tongue stick to the roof of your mouth. Like this, see"

Not sure what happened here, the Elf tried to stick his hand into the other fella’s mouth, and well, it didn’t go so well.

“Things were looking bleak then this fine fella… oh what was his name… Charlie! That’s it. He was a slave on the ship as well as us. Here we are stuck in deep trouble and this nice chap comes in and starts talking about a revolt. He leaves after telling us to keep an ear out. That’s when we met Bubba, the ships assistant cook. Bubba, man, what a guy, he apparently had been abducted himself. We finally get out first meal since being on the ship, I won’t go into details but it could have been better.

The next day was quite the challenge, after a hasty breakfast Morgan had the four of us on deck doing hard labor. Tilla and Dannel were stuck swabbing the deck while Faldor and had the pleasure of moving heavy cargo. After a long day, another petty meal, and more labor I myself was even starting to feel the effects of this labor. Not even watching Tilla try to use that oversized mop they gave her was worth it. Eventually Dannel fainted, which was no fault of his own, nor was it his fault that the heavy box he dropped hitting some pirate named Stumpy. Though Stumpy seemed to disagree and started beating on Dannel. Of course I joined in myself, not being one to pass up a fight.

The following evening, after Tilla and Faldor had finished and joined Dannel and I lounging in our Cabin…. What? Oh the pirates let us go back because they didn’t want us beating on them"… “Yeah, really”…."NO! It had nothing to do with us getting pummeled, I told you, we let that happen. "

“As I was saying, that evenings Charlie stooped by and told us the rebellion would be happening that evening! We gathered our things, which consisted of a rusty dagger, and waited. Eventually, after our guard had gone and drunk himself into a stupor we were released by Charlie and a man named Brad, who was another slave. Our job was simple, we were to escort this Brad to the ships armory while Charlie raised the rest of the rebellion.

We make it to the armory well enough and after Brad unlocks the door, Faldor and myself quickly dispatch the two guards. Well, lo and behold, Captain Morgan himself and his “confidant”, one Lady Margarette, appear in the room, along with more Pirates taking up against our rear. Not wanting to make blemish the honor of this fair maiden, we willfully submitted to Morgan. For the time being.

Later that night Margarette came to our room and explained her situation to us. Apparently she had joined the crew and had then been forced to stay aboard the ship because Morgan had kidnapped her daughter to keep her around for her services… I mean spellcasting.

The Lady offers us a chance to escape if we are willing to rescue her daughter for her, we happily agree. Hearing this she gives us what I believe to have been some sort of extradimensional bag of storage. In it we found most of our gear, Tilla’s goat TIlly, and Faldor’s Leopard, Rajah. Speaking of Rajah, might I add you will never see a more confused looking Leopard. I swear, half the time I look at that cat he looks like a blasted tiger!"

…“Really, I can go get Faldor, you should see it for yourself, I’m no animal expert but I swear it’s a tiger.”… “No?”… “Okay then, so where did I leave off? We make plans with Lady Margaret to rescue her daughter the following evening and then head to bed. The Pirates, learning their lesson from the day before, gave us much easier work that day and we made it through with no one passing out.”

Unrecognizable Mumbling followed by an urgent plea for more to drink

“The following evening as we made preperations to rescue Margarets daughter Bubba walks in on us. Here we are discussing mutiny and the assistant cook walks in and then starts talking about wanting to be off of the ship and about starting a new life. Trying to make conversation with the fella he lets on that he would soon be bringing dinner to Margaret’s daughter. So we took a risk and asked Bubba if he would be willing to take us there in exchange for getting him off of the ship. Bubba agreed and we made haste for the daughter, stopping a rather nasty sort from violating another slave on the ship, we made mostly good time.

We find ourselves at the Daughter’s room and Bubba let’s us in, we quickly jump the three guards in the room, dispatching all before a single sword was drawn!

We make our way to the deck and while going to meet up with Margaret, old salty face himself, Captain Morgan shows up again, the man had the worse timing. So here we are, attempting to escape again, Morgan and a large continent of Pirates advancing on the lot of us with no where to go! All of a sudden another ship from Raven’s Bluff appears, bearing itself down upon ‘The Revenge’ (Morgan’s ship). All chaos breaks loose, Morgan is shouting out orders, we enter into a melee with guards, Margaret is trying to protect her daughter."

At this point the blasted elf had made his way on top of a nearby table and was dancing, err staggering, about swinging some sort of imaginary weapon around. If the owner of the 7 Tigers hadn’t threatened to cut him off for a week if he didn’t get his fool self down I’m not sure what would have happened. His attempt at getting down was closer to falling with grace than anything.

“Cut me off will then” indistinct muttering "Nooo reaso, reaso, reasonn to say such harsh things, the table’s is the one that wouldn’t stop spinning, nosh my fault. So as I was saying, here we were in the middle of a fight. Margaret went off to fight Morgan which left the 4 of us to fend off the fiends from her daughter. After we had subdued several of Morgan’s men, the Salty Dog himself rose to challenge us, apparently he had taken the upper hand against poor Margaret.

So here we were, facing down the Dread Pirate himself, you should have been there! With the sweat glistening in our hair, the smell of salt biting our noses we engaged the Captain. Goats bleated, cat’s mewed, it was a fight for the ages! After a long and hard fight we brought the captain down.

While we waited for ship from Raven’s Bluff to board, a small argument cropped up. Apparently, Squire Dannel, felt the need to arrest Lady Margaret and return her to the city for charges, citing that she had aided Morgan and should be tried. We had a long, heated discussion, and eventually we decided that she would go free, Dannel being none too happy about it.

You would think all would be settled here right? Well you would be WRONG! After what seemed to be the final bit of our adventure at sea Morgan’s Parrot decided to grace us with it’s presence. After much discussion with the Parrot, yes I said discussion, we eventually follow the mad ravings of it and find a waterlog of Morgan’s and a secret door full of booty.

At this point the Elf seemed barely able to speak so he begrudging retired to his room. Out of curiosity I investigated his story and surprisingly several facts added up. Apparently the Dread Captain had been caught and a Lady Margaret, her Daughter Mara, and Bubba (future edit note, might have been charlie) had opened an Inn together….
…. That Elf is going to have quite the headache in the morning.

4x 100 GP Garnets
2x 300 GP Sapphires
Wind Fan
Rod of Splendor (1 Charge)
Arcane Scroll (Charm Person, Hypnotic Pattern, Hypnotism, Detect Thoughts)
Cutlass, +2 (Has the Ability to detect precious metals)
+2 Leather Armor
+2 Cloak of Resistance

The Search for Run-Free Stockings
Adventure 2-9

Players Present: Dannel, Tilla, Gevus, Faldor, Morrin, Henric, Dresden

Players Late : Gevus
Players Leaving early: Dannel, Tilla

Our intrepid group starts out the day, early morning in the lawroom of Judge Earnest T Angry. In short he tells the group that the Chief Prelate SIrrus Melandor and he have become good friends and that there is an embarrassing issue for the Chief Prelate that the group can take care of. There is a paladin of Tyr that has been living in the city for sometime who has perhaps fallen from grace. Find him, his name is Sir Francis Rebargth, he was last seen at the Happy Stein Inn. The group accepts with the promise of a few scrolls and potions as payment.

Finding their way to the Happy Stein the group finds the family hard at work, in an establishment that serves the lower middle class. There are plenty of people here for mid morning, it seems like they have plenty of repeat business. Both the mom Laura, the father Ludwig and the daughter Jill Ann share information about Sir Francis. This leads the group to the Finklestein farm where the paladin had set off on a good dead to rid the farm of a giant snake that was eating calves. The talk to Mr Finklestein for a few who points them in the right direction.

The group follows a trail through the farm eventually coming upon some sprites. The sprites talk to the party and all they want is to be left alone, to loot the bodies of the dead orcs they killed. (Party never picked up on that the paladin killed the orcs, and the sprites were collecting free loot, but hey letting the sprites have it, they earned bonus exp). The sprites point the party on their way and they continue.

The trail through the farm starts to come to an end and they lose the path of the paladin. One sort of good thing happens, the snake falls on Henric and attempts to crush him, and the party sleeps, kills, and guts the snake, finding the body of a halfling that points them to a new tavern. The Cliff Hanger Bard and Swill.

The group goes to find any clues, and and barred entrance unless they sing, or dance. Most of the group sings (for real) and is allowed in with one member waiting outside. Inside they find that the paladin was here, asking about a girl name Becky. Becky is not there, but her father is performing a set right now, serving the place as a working bard. The group goes and speaks to him, and having no reason to object, especially since the city is on an official mission, he gives directions to the house to go check on the girl.

The party heads towards the house when a giant slug comes out of a sewer grate and attacks a young woman. The party handles the slug, and Dresden earns the vaunted Title of Slugbuster. The woman is a friend of Becky who was going to see her, named Faith. The group has a couple of loose ends to wrap up with the slug, and Faith heads off. The party eventually heads around the corner to find a note on the door about the daughter going to look for some stockings.

So off the group heads to check the hose merchants, and as they are getting close they hear some kids talking. Becky was hit by a wagon, and a man with a buckler and breastplate and red boots picked her up and ran to Crows End to the city Infirmary. The group follows and indeed Becky is inside as a patient, and the paladin is not there. This took much convincing as the information on patients is not released to just anyway. When the party finally released the whole story, the one priest said that indeed she was there resting, and recovering from a near death experience. But they could talk to the priest that healed her. The group heads to the basement corner room of his, and smells fire, brimstone, rot and decay. Inside is an Osyluth, and the priest is a secret priest of bane. The group defeats the Bone Devil, and takes the man to jail. They find out that he sent the paladin on to some crypt where he found out about some magic stockings, but heard it was defended, so he figured the paladin could get killed, and he could get the stockings easier, a 2 for one deal for Bane. The plan didn’t work so well.

Off to the crypt at the city burial grounds, the group goes in and finds a mausoleum that is open, and sir Francis standing in front of it. Well that was not the case it was a few Heucuvas with one posing at Sir Francis, they can change shape, and they saw him go in, so one took his form. The group dispatches the undead, goes down into the tomb, and finds Francis putting on the stockings. One is on, and he is working on the other when the group attacks him (non lethally) he defends himself, and being a high level paladin, trips or deflects most of the party. After the second stocking is on, his form shimmers, and changes to Sir Frances Oakburr. It is Becky’s mother. She was a paladin, and the father Argston the bard parted ways with her over 10 years ago for fear of leaving the child motherless, and in fact told his child his mother was dead. In searching for her family she encountered a girdle of Cloud Giant Strength, which was in fact a girdle that changed her sex. No one could find a cure, but then 2 years ago, she heard about these magical stockings that would cure a curse. With the information from the banite priest, he left to find them. The tomb detects as evil, and so he had no problem taking from an evil person. Now with the curse over, he can return to his family as the mother, and the family is reunited.

One last piece of business, to return to Earnest T Angry, and tell him the story. He’s upset, doesn’t believe the party, and has them arrested, right when Tordon Sureblade walks in, relieves Angry of his duties for false credentials, and has him escorted out pending further investigation. Tordon rewards the party with a couple of magic items, and leaves without thanks.

Treasure – Scroll of Fireball, Scroll of Remove Curse, Potion of Heroism, Quaal’s feather Token Tree, Quaal’s feather token Swan Boat, +1 Dagger, +1 small Glamored Chain Mail +1, Ring of Mind Shielding.


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