Ravens Bluff, The Living City

At Last Raven's Bluff
Adventure #2

The group starts off once again for Raven’s Bluff. A Paladin, a Priest and a mage meet up with the group and destroy the party’s wagon. This is due to the vampire, they were tracking it and meant to kill it. They give a large gem in compensation for the destroyed wagon.

Next day, this time the group encounters a Halfling named Talf. They are searching for a group of orcs that attacked their village. We follow them, and on the next day the group finds some kobolds and goblins while searching for a campsite. The group chases them off.

A dispute ensues over looting of the dead. Dannel tells Gevus to stop. In a funny thing Gevus’s player says to the DM, don’t I get to roll sleight of hand? To which I reply, sure, but he can say whatever he wants. Short version, Dannel sees Gevus at the bodies, assumes the worst, and Gevus can’t but think how the heck did I get caught?

The next day the group gets ambushed by more humanoids, the same as before with some hobgoblins and orcs, and a Flind. Again the group chased them off. This time looting went much better.

Finally on the next day we found the main village. This time there is all the kinds before plus a leprechaun and a wererat. The group gets invited to come sing, which they do, and the humanoids come out and sing hand in hand and then attack .It does not go so well for the party. No one dies but the strong flinds almost turned the tide of battle. The halflings let the party keep all the treasure found for helping to stop this village.

After this the party finally gets to Raven’s Bluff, where they meet Mortimer Mittlemer. He charges each person 17 gold, 10 to get into the city, 5 to keep their weapons, and 2 for a chance to go to the Mayor’s ball. Well it is discovered he is a fraud, and gets away with the party’s gold. But At last Raven’s Bluff

Adventure #1

OOC: We’re going back and trying to add this campaign to Obsidian portal, so a few details from the early adventures may get lost. (Adventure 1 written from someone no longer a player in the game)

Players: Dannel, Gevus, Faldor, Morrin, Caeser, Dresden

A group of people decide to make for Raven’s Bluff. The city of adventure. Being brand new adventurers they decide to take up with a caravan to get there.

So the caravan sets off, or attempts to. Right away we have some person yelling about being robbed. His name was Stennis. Dannel and Faldor go off and ask every conceivable question to every member of the caravan that we could speak to. And this got us nowhere.They were trying to be helpful and there is nothing wrong with that, just some people we went back to three times to ask more questions.The end result was the case is still open.

A couple of days roll by, and the group has dreams about the elder members of the caravan dying, so what happens on our fourth day, they get attacked by bandits. The wizard Anton becomes a pincushion, just like party dreamed. Words fall on deaf ears. The group is given Anton’s wagon, and his stuff, as long as we deliver the wagon to his brother in Raven’s Bluff. We open his wagon, and a vampire pops out, and attacks Dannel. Thank goodness for the caravan master that ripped the wagon top off and exposed it to sunlight killing it.We found some chalices and paintings too. 18 chalices to be exact. Gevus steals one, and in turn we found out Stennis stole it from him. Gevus was never caught

The next morning, more from Stennis, I was robbed, oh woe is me.No new information or leads, this time he lost most of his gold.

The next morning the barbarian wants to sell us deeds to different plots of land in the city.Dannel buys one.He tries to get more to buy them but at 100 gold a piece, and fresh young adventurers, Dannel was the only one to afford it.

We proceed on, having a minor encounter with some beetles that were quickly dispatched. This was good to see how our group reacted, and it was well, no one stood around with their thumb up their ass not knowing what to do.

Somewhere on night eight, we get more from Stennis, oh I was robbed. Well this time we find Stennis has robbed Dresden and was using the robbery thing as a cover up so no one would suspect him. Stennis runs. Faldor shoots an arrow at his leg. Well let’s say that I have a greater appreciation for Faldor’s skills. This arrow hits him square in the thigh, spins him around, rips off his leg, and kills the fool that robbed us. We get a share of his belongings too. This night had more dreams of bad things happening to the elders of the caravan including a black dragon.

On day 9, our paladin finds out that the caravan master is a paladin too. He walks up to him, and the first words are hey, I hear your holy, what god to do you worship? The caravan master Kantal Kantinole seems a bit taken aback by the personal question, and they starting having a discussion about what being a paladin really is. Eventually Kanton says he venerates the Red Knight, and Caesar speeds away.I’m not sure what that was about. The barbarian calls us witches for our dreams and leaves the caravan

Well here things get interesting. The Caravan master tells us that he pissed of some evil priest, and that there is an attack coming that night. The priestess and her apprentice begin setting up protection circles with stars in them. We hide during the fight, because this fight was WAY out of our league. There were Tanar’ri and I didn’t have time to identify them, or even try, because the evil priest sent Zombies and Skeleton to attack the circles, and it became our job to ward them off. Which we did, again. We did add a little bit of help against the Tanar’ri, but miniscule in comparison to what the others did. We lost the twins in this fight.They rushed out of the circles to fight the foes, giving their lives.

Then we meet some relative calm for a ride until we come to some ruins. The priestess Del Senora’s apprentice dies in some spell trap, and Kantal gets trapped in a wall of force from which we had no way to save him, plus the other warrior got trapped. There was nothing we could do, and only Del Senora lived, and there was nothing she could do. We sadly moved on.

The 22nd day brought more dreams, and on the twenty-fifth day we avoided some people that were guarding the road, with the caravan’s luck, it was probably for the best.


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