Ravens Bluff, The Living City

The Ice Mage Cometh
2-38 Part Thee of the Three-Part “Investigations” Series/ Part 2 of the Ice Mage series

Player’s Present: Dresden Drumheller, Dannel of tyr, Morrin Telemnar, Mok, Tilla, Tepal, Lady Jenna

Midnight Meagerie
Log Entry by Dresden Drumheller
Sergeant in the Sewer Brigade Division of The City Watch
Squire to the Knights of the Griffon

Foreclosure and The Ice Mage Cometh
2 -37 and 2-38 Part One and Two of the Three-Part “Investigations” Series

Player’s Present: Dresden Drumheller, Dannel of tyr, Morrin Telemnar, Mok, Tilla, Tepal, Lady Jenna

Midnight Meagerie
Log Entry by Dresden Drumheller
Sergeant in the Sewer Brigade Division of The City Watch
Squire to the Knights of the Griffon

Things have been pretty quiet the last week or so but the menagerie got a notice one member that I’m requesting that we meet again with mr. little late of the little late loan company I suppose our work panned out ok word on the street is that the churches been approved for the loan upon our suggestion. when we reach the little late loan company and we got him the waiting room we were short a few members and Gevus was off doing whatever Gevus does and Mach was crafting some items trying to help cover the losses I suffered From the bite of those brain spider things redhead in his house. once again we were greeted at the door with tea and cookies and a familiar Elvin face was there in the waiting room with us the Lady Jenna. it seems since the unfortunate accident at cam show she is been doing more adventuring type work. we changed pleasantries and she explained that she had work with Mr little late previously and was familiar with us and had no issue to working with us even though there were some rumors about our member Gevus her until they seem to get along very well.

Mr. little late greeted us with a smile came in with quite a stack of papers and a big smile. He explained that he needed assistance with a repossession. I must say I was a little surprised that he needed adventures for something so mundane until he explained that he already sent multiple employees there have not returned he requested that we repossess the home of one medium aged who has not paid her loan on time for a few months. he was willing to teach 250 gold pieces in advance and add an additional 500 gold pieces each one returned he was very firm on the price but honestly we weren’t very concerned the money was good and it didn’t seem that involved. So I knew it would be a terrible day. He was very clear on the fact that anything in the home was the property of Mimi and we were not to touch it in any way shape or form or steal anything as of course the laws are severe in the city which Dannel and those of us in the watch knew all too well.

You said we had 7 days to do it but I honestly didn’t see how it was going to even take that long. All we knew about me me is that she had vanished should have been above traveled and troubled history evidently she lost her husband a little while ago and in attempts to try and bring him back sheet already unleashed Undead on this city a couple times through experiments the Church of Selune has been less than pleased with them for activities. in fact they made the city charged with reckless endangerment of the population. and as an added bonus the keys were missing Mimi and the previous appraisers that were sent to visit her home I the only copies left. we accepted and our associate the Lady Jenna joined us on this event I was entirely sure if she was there to help or keep an eye on us but I wasn’t concerned either way. Mainly because Gevus was indisposed .

We immediately went around to the back door. In hindsight I don’t know that this is the best idea. Knowing that we couldn’t getting the doors open we went to one of the windows by the back and looked in. well we tried to look in until we tripped over a body laying in the window we weren’t able to figure out exactly what it happened to him right away. Upon some inspection and realize that we can easily mend the window if we broke it. so we did. we came in under heavy fire from tomatoes. after some banter and some cokes and were able to get the small girls come out and talk to us and then we should have been getting by on the fruits and vegetables that just keep appearing in baskets around the house and she claimed that the men that try to get in or just zapped by the house. although she did seem very concerned about and alleged dragon somewhere in the house. we looked around a little bit came across an odd book in the library is him someone magical that we did not mess with. after a short time the young lady came sleepy requested that we read a bedtime story and give her a hug and a kiss goodnight. Milford very sorry for Mimi’s daughter be left behind like this she seems so confused why she’d been abandoned it all seemed so tragic. so far I went and read her book and gave her a kiss goodnight. and then things went very very wrong turns out he doesn’t have a daughter. And the kids seem to have awakened the imprisoned succubus. she latched onto field or in a sickening embrace to him he was just kissing a little girl goodnight on the forehead to us he was being developed by a black she bitch and then seems she had a few friends join her to massive Glabrezu busted through the ceiling and are willing we were able to fend them off to an extent with thanks to the powers of packs I flew up to engage the succubus and I was able to rent being turend on her and then she vanished and the Glabrezu with her. it seems the alleged dragon was a pseudo dragon that was hiding up the stairs borrowing that had imprisoned the succubus into that body while his master was away evidently Mimi had gone to the abyss in search of a way to cover her dead husband we had to play a little bit of a guessing game with the seed of Dragon to find out that we needed to saw the leg off of her bed post to get into it . Evidently ring the name of the pseudo dragon was made aware by Mimi’s husband wanderer then scroll was encased in the bed post that we’re call Mimi from anywhere in the in the multiverse for her body.

About of flames instinct eruption from the portal and Mimi appears a bottle in one hand and a scroll in the other. she seems very surprised to see us and then explained that her and her husband used to run a travel agency around the planes for the obscenely wealthy and less adventurous of ravens bluff. she explained that she has landed in the abyss but managed to find a portal in she’s been spending quite a time in the plane of fire. She was happy to reward us with a few items as thanks for covering her and getting her back in touch with Mr little late to settle her debt. but she was made aware that she would be reported to the temple of saloon for allowing a succubus in the city and she probably would be fined yet again understood and was just appreciative of the fact that we got her out of the plane of fire.

While we caught her up on the goings on of the city since shae had been gone we talked about the reports of pranks involving ice and and the the new church that seemed to be doing so much good. She seemed rather awkward when we talked about the icey wizards and the Hydra almost a guilty wince. Hmmmmm…..

Mortgage Application
2 -36 Part One of the Three-Part “Investigations” Series

Player’s Present: Dresden Drumheller, Dannel of Tyr, Gevus, Morrin Telemnar, Mok, Tilla, Tepal

Exploits of the Midnight Menagerie
Log Entry by Dresden Drumheller
Sergeant in the Sewer Brigade Division of the City Watch
Squire to the Order of the Griffon

A few days after caping off the undead leak outside the city we were all met for lunch. Since those of us in the watch had stated coordinating our days off. Our paths cross rarely on a day to day basis now. Our promotions have definitely taken up more time . I have been training with others of the The Red Knight sometimes in the Temple of Tyr some times in Torm or Tempus to discuss tactics and strategic design she has guided us in many styles but her guidance is still distant to me but I feel her sometimes in the back of mind. A nudge to feint or change a stance while in the circle. I continue to study to earn her favor to defend those that cannot.

As I returned from outside a young man ran into the Seven Tigers Inn Tacked up a notice and ran back out with a bundle of them under his arm. Looking over the posting I believed I found something to keep us occupied for the afternoon. It read, “Investigators needed. Hearty adventurers with a quick mind and a keen sense of observation. Only those with a talent for investigation and the ability to clarify the obscure need apply.”

We wrapped up our meal and headed to the Safe Harbor Insurance Company. While insurance and the bean counters behind it are usually not my first thought of adventure, the rules rarely apply in Raven’s Bluff. Even breakfast can be an adventure here.
We were asked to wait and we looked around at the other “applicants” we saw a few familiar faces but they were more likely to be seen in the field or market then the battlefield or in some lost sunken temple.

A young man came out of the office papers and board in hand. He let us know Captain would see us shortly and then requested we answer a few questions foe an application for the position. Pencil pushers, ugh. We went over our fighting styles, our greatest foes felled and our next of kin. Good for an adventurers employer to know but what were we in for exactly.

Finally we met the pipe toting half-elf Captain Pebble. He let us know he was a finding service for one of their clients Mr. Littlelate of Littlelate and Sons Moneylenders wants a group to do a background check on a loan applicant. The team was not thrilled but it would put a 1000 gp in our coffers.

We accepted but there was no details to be had other than Littlelate will see us at 10 the next morning we were provided a letter of introduction and told not to look too muck like adventurers, I only brought PAX not all my weapons etc. I looked more like I was on duty.

Good morning. I am Mr. Littlelate. I understand that you have a letter of introduction from Safe Harbor Insurance Company. Please may I see it?

Mr. Littlelate got right to business once we presented our letter of introduction. “Well, here is the job. A gentleman named Shrewd Reynard has applied for a loan of 100,000 gp. He claims to be a priest and wants the money to renovate a burnt-out building to use as a temple. I need you to determine the likelihood that Mr. Reynard will repay this loan in a timely manner. I have marked his current church on this map. I suggest you get as much information as you can by talking to his business associates and current parishioners. If all else fails and you can attempt to see the church records at his current church, that might work too, but stay within the law when doing so. I suggest visiting the church as a last resort.”

In a strange twist it turned out Mr. Shrewd Reynard’s current employer, Safe Harbor Insurance Company.Mr. Shrewd’s strangeness when we asked about the deity of the the church he belonged to even our own clergy had never heard of “He Who is Totally Indifferent”. His only reference was a “Pita” and his collateral his current church in a not great part of Crow’s End which is most of Crow’s End. A property valued at about 20,000 gp.

Captain Pebble was very surprised to see us return so quickly. We explained that the Littlelate insurance company was in a twist of fate actually looking into a Mr. Shrewd Reynard’s loan application. He just happened to be in the employ of the money lender’s insurer. We explained to The Captain he was looking into the church etc we asked him if he would trust loaning the money but he was sort of evasive saying he didn’t know much about that sort of thing he did hear rumors about his association with somebody named Peta. He was very clear in that he’s an excellent locksmith and no one has ever found any issues with any of his jobs or anything missing any time that he’s worked on anyone’s house. “I haven’t seen him today yet but I did see him yesterday but he said he was meeting someone at the tankard tower today actually” The Captain remembered. We felt we had a bit more to follow on and to the Tower Tankard we went.

The captain was not joking when he told us the name of the tavern sure it had gone to meet his business associate in. The Tankard Tower was just that a building that looked like a giant tankard it look more like an old tower that had a couple editions build on the side of it that look like a broken off mug handle and there was a large signed by the entrance that the club was semi-exclusive and to be a member you must have your own mug. We look to our supplies came up with a few cups in flasks but no money but lucky us right next door they’re just happened to be a mug shop.

The proprietor “MR. MUGS” welcomed us to The Mug Shop welcomed us as we perused the amazing amount of stock. He presented us right off the top with a mug encrusted with jewels and beautiful from top to bottom finely crafted in every sense for a total of 1000 gold pieces Dannel snapped it up quite quickly. After some haggling in some devising we each do design your own mugs through some arcane crafting skills he was able to manipulate and modify mugs in stock to match exactly our needs each of us just with the right fit. He had anything from 1-1000 and more in price. We left with the Following;

  • Tepal 1g clay
  • Dresden 450gp Griffon Mug Clear “Pewter” ruby eyes
  • Tilla 175 gp
  • Dannel 1000 gp
  • Morrin: 100 GP Pewter Mug with Tree of Souls imprinted on it.
  • Faldor 450 gp Silver Mug, with roses wrapping all around it, Rubies for the roses and jade inlay for the vines wrapping around the mug. Stamp symbol of Mielikki at the bottom.
  • Gevus 100 gp: Ivory Mug with animal heads engraved around it

The Tankard Tower is 6 stories tall and how far down do you get from the top floor depends on how valuable your mug is. Dannel was able to get right to the first floor but all of us first had to buy two drinks one for ourselves and one for, Big Gulp. The drunken dragon who lives in the basement. We bought our drinks and then before we drank ours we had to pour one down the shoot straight down to Big Gulp who they evidently did have a permit for. I double checked after we wrapped up with this entire endeavor.

Finally we returned to Crow’s End. in the neighborhood of the current church was a thriving community the streets were cleaned no one was yelling or drunk everyone we met was exceptionally pleasant people were chatting and enjoying themselves young people playing cards everybody seem very happy everybody sort of in their own bit of extra food or extra money to help out the neighbors they put everything into the church and then the church put everything back out and everybody kept getting better for it. as much as we all wanted to think this was some sort of scam everybody was better for it so we didn’t see anything wrong then we continued to look around and talk to everybody and everybody was happy about the expansion and felt it was going to be a better way to help their community and other communities so finally we said well before we were going to return to little late we check out the old church just tipsy soon as we open the door everything got messy.
After a bit of searching Dannel did have a chat with Big Gulp who seems perfectly happy with the arrangement to increase sales. We came upon Shrewd meeting with some parishioners and would be followers. After some subtle conversation and asking about the unrecognized religion Shrewed explained the doctrine of self reliance and how he and the being Pita an avatar of “ He Who is Totally Indifferent”. We were not entirely sold on his commitment to the local people and the description of Peta as a small Beholder did not make us feel better.
Finally we returned to close end. in the neighborhood of the current church was a thriving community the streets were cleaned no one was yelling or drunk everyone we met was exceptionally pleasant people were chatting and enjoying themselves young people playing cards everybody seem very happy everybody sort of in their own bit of extra food or extra money to help out the neighbors they put everything into the church and then the church put everything back out and everybody kept getting better for it. as much as we all wanted to think this was some sort of scam everybody was better for it so we didn’t see anything wrong then we continued to look around and talk to everybody and everybody was happy about the expansion and felt it was going to be a better way to help their community and other communities so finally we said well before we were going to return to little late we check out the old church just tipsy soon as we open the door everything got messy.
There at the far end of the church was a small floating beholder being pummeled and beaten by waves of ice. Three mages we’re slinging spells at the creature that look like it couldn’t fight it off any longer. We started in on the attack against the ice mages. before we could cross the room they summoned it. a gigantic Hydra with 12 snapping heads that filled almost the entire church by quickly cleaved off a few heads and they returned almost immediately though slightly smaller they were two for everyone I cut off. between spells and the hacking and me moving and flying in to hit the body itself we finally finished the Beast. while the beast kept growing heads it seem to get steadily weaker as it went thru the effort of regenerating them. Him then we flew in to attack the ice mages we only got a few swings in before they melted, literally we got to PETA then we’re able to get him healed up enough that he would be ok that’s when we learned the truth about what Peter really was a halfling who threw some divine intervention became a beholder and they continue to use their fame and, the fact they were able to chased off the necromancers from the church as a way to bring the community together. He still has the ability to turn back into a halfling after we were all healed up we got some sandwiches had a nice chat and then went back to see MrLittlelate we reported our findings and our opinions that it seems like they were generally try to do a good thing and that we’d even come across a love that show too how they figure out they pay off everything. So the numbers seem a little skewed in their salary department it all seemed like it would work out so I suggested that mr. little late give him the loan .

2000 xp
1000 gp
6 gems – 10 gold pieces each
3 gems – 75 gp each
necklance with single sapphire – 300 gp
28 gp
12 pp
magical boots – boots of balance— Boots of the Cat
potion of polymorph self
lenses of speed reading

 So loot breakup:
4 GP Each
1 PP Each, Remaining 4 in Party Treasure (1 to Mok since we all put him up as our “ICE”)
Gems+Necklace-Party Treasure
Magic Items→ Party Treasure until we know what they do.

Sarbreen the Undying
2-35 The Gathering Darkness Part 4

Player’s Present: Dresden Drumheller, Dannel of tyr, gevus, Morrin Telemnar, Mok, Tilla, Tepal

An Entry in the Journal of
Morrin Telemnar
Commander in the Raven’s Bluff War College
Sergeant in the Scout Rangers Division
Squire to the Keepers of the Mystic Flame, Raven’s Bluff Knighthood

Well of note, Dannel and Tilla decided to join us on our adventure, it’s been a while since we’ve seen either of them. It’s always good to have old friends rejoin.

Our adventure started with the Temple of Silvanus requesting assistance from us in the form of a letter, and asking for a meeting. The morning was dark and dreary with rain coming down so we wasted no time on our trip over. Upon arriving, met with Lady Alexis Vandree on behalf of Melissa Eldaren, Druidess of Silvanus.. After some brief introductions she invited us in out of the rain to speak. There was to an important ceremony in 2 weeks held in a grove of theirs. Unfortunately the grove, as things stood, was not likely to be finished in time. Apparently all of the workers had quit because they had started to hear strange noises, accidents were happening, and people were disappearing without reason.

Therefore our mission was to inspect the grove and to determine what was causing the commotion so that the workers would return to work. She informed us that the workers had all headed to Holly’s Mill. So with the basic information we said our good byes so we could go speak to the workers and get their accounting of the events.

Once arriving at the Mill we found the workers, who were currently working for the Mill, they agreed to talk with us. During our conversation we confirmed what Lady Alexis had told us about the strange occurrences, missing people, noises, and unusual accidents. The workers flat out refused to return until something was done about it (not that we blamed them). They gave us some specifics about what they had experienced and then got them to agree to return if we were to do something about the problems.

Having gotten what we needed we left and headed towards the grove itself. It was a long and wet walk, the grove is located outside of the city so it took us a few hours to get there and was easily evening by the time we arrived. While walking about the grove we notice a glint of metal beneath an Oak tree. Upon closer inspection we realize it was a shield of some sort, with coins scattered about it. Mok dug the shield out to get a better look at it, unfortunately the Oak tree then started to attack him.

After dispatching of the unruly tree we noticed some coins below and started digging about (Gevus in particular), during which the local fog parted and the rain stopped, leaving a full moon in the sky. Digging deeper finally found us a thick sheet of limestone that was roughly 20×20 feet, a rather large piece of rock indeed. The way the slab itself was laid gave the impression it was being used to seal something so Tepal used Stone Shape to clear a hole in the middle of the giant slab, revealing a deep cavern beneath.

Tilla then flew down to investigate, shortly coming back up and informing us that there was some sort of multi-hued Dragon sleeping below. Based off of her description we surmised that it might be a somewhat large Fairy Dragon (note to self, look into these in the future). Preparing for the possibility of it not being friendly, or hungry more likely, we all went down. Once down we did indeed find ourselves staring at a sleeping Fairy Dragon. Taking a moment to get it’s attention we awoke it, who revealed it’s name to be Beatrice, and she was indeed hungry. After giving Beatrice some rations she finally asked about Sarbreen, the old Dwarven city, apparently she had been down there quite some time. According to her, she had been exploring and then accidentally got locked in the pit.

While talking with Beatrice we noticed an inky patch of something diabolical start leaking out of a nearby copper pipe, Dresden noted it radiated evil. The next thing we know the blob formed into a Specter and began attacking us, in Particular Gevus. Eventually we slew the beast, though not before it had laid some hefty negative energy drain into our poor Rogue.

Resuming our conversation with Beatrice she informed us of an account. I happen to have recorded it down, in case the knowledge would to ever be lost again. It goes as follows:

“A long time ago, I read a book I found in this cavern. It mentioned drow elves attacking the dwarven city of Sarbreen. The drow were using an evil artifact which was capable of generating undead. Despite heavy losses, the dwarves defeated the drow, and seized the artifact. Since dwarves are not magically inclined, the artifact was turned over to trusted humans for safe-keeping and later.destruction. The leader of the human guards was Sir William Defever, Paladin of Tyr. But the power of the artifact corrupted Sir William and he turned it over to the priests of Talos for an enormous sum of money. The priests of Tyr discovered his treachery and imprisoned Sir William and the artifact in a prison designed to keep the artifact out of the hands of evil individuals. The dwarves built the prison, but it was designed and staffed by humans.”

I guess this had all been noted in a book that she ate after getting tired of eating gruel. She then informed us the prison was below us and that she had a special magic item that could help transport us through the copper tubes in the cavern to get us down there. After taking account of our available magic, to make sure we could get back out (and Beatrice offered a little to help as well) we decided to head down and check it out.

We managed to make it down through the pipes and found ourselves in an old facility. We began exploring and things were uneventful at first, minus items being so worn from age that they would disintegrate by touch. Eventually we found ourselves in an old library where there was a desk with a Diary in it. The diary detailed the stay of a human guard who was to watch over the place but apparently had stopped receiving aid and feared he was abandoned. It also mentioned that Sir Williams, the fallen Paladin was being kept there. The diary went on with passages that took place over several months, the man guarding the place started to run out of food and became contemplative about whether he should just leave or not. The diary did not give any word of what happened to the man (or woman) but it did suggest that Sir Williams, for an unknown reason might still be alive. Due to food shortage the guard had stopped feeding Sir Williams who, despite this, seemed to still be alive and well many months later. We were able to discern from an entry titled “The Year of the Gold Sash” that the diary was easily 150 years old.

Moving to the next room we found a 30×30 room with a glass case contained inside, along with a small structure in the central part of the room separated off from the rest with low walls (the walls were only a few feet high). Inspecting the glass case we came to realize that it was magically sealed with a Glass-Steel spell, and that the contents inside might have something to do with something else in the room.

Inspecting the low walls it became plain that some sort of Silver Decanter was contained inside, which was giving off an Evil Aura. The area itself contained a silvery mist that seemed to float ominously. After some discussion we decided to retrieve the contents from inside the glass case, using a Dispel Magic to remove the Glass-Steel spell and then smashing the glass. Inside we found a ring, a vial of some sort of magical glue, and a scroll. The scroll told us that the Decanter was containing a powerful evil force, it was apparent the Decanter was likely the evil artifact out of Beatrice’s tail. The scroll also said that if it were to be leaking that the glue substance needed to be smeared over it to contain it, but that powerful magic would be needed to have a hope of stopping the artifacts corruption. Since we had no such powerful magic in out possession we decided to have Dresden seal the Decanter and report it back to the city.

During this time it the Decanter leaked another bit of blackness, the substance appearing similar to what we had seen create the Specter from before. Some of it managed to escape up the pipes but Tepal and Dannel joined together and channeled away the rest of it before it could do anything maleficent. If it is not clear to the reader (or I should go crazy someday and lose reasoning) the Decanter was clearly the source of the worker’s problems. We decided to inspect the last room to see if we could find any trace of Sir Williams before reporting back to the city.

Opening the door revealed a man in black armor and red glowing eyes, Sir Williams. After giving us a speech about how he was going to kill us and such, the Paladin turned Death Knight led off against us with a Fireball that made even Mok’s look somewhat benign. Though with some quick channeling from Dannel and Tepal to keep everyone on their feat, Dresen, Gevus, and I led an assault against Sir Williams. The fight was a pain in the ass, he had some fairly powerful Spell Resistance that fended off pretty much all magical assault, and he at different times produced both a Symbol of Pain and a Symbol of Fear which were both very unpleasant. Though with several well placed stabs from Gevus and Dresden unleashing holy wrath upon the Death Knight with Pax, even the mighty Sir Williams (or what was left of him) soon fell.

Despite this it took some time for us to all recover, the Symbol of Fear’s effects only lasted a little while but the Symbol of Pain left excruciating pain in our bodies for a good hour or so. Either way, we collected a powerful gem from the Knight’s sword and Dresden used Pax to sunder the remaining weapon.

Finally we returned to Lady Alexis, explaining everything that had happened, along with the need for the city to deal with the artifact. She was most gracious and I presume that the ceremony will go off without a hitch now.

Experience: 2200

Potion of Cure Serious Wounds-Each
500 GP Opal→ Each
Clouded Gem→ Dresden (presumably) but currently stored at the Tyr Temple to remove it’s evil taint.
Blue Scarf (Knightly honor for destroying evil artifact)→ Everyone
+1 Scimitar→ Party Treasure

Inferno in the Living City
2-34 The Gathering Darkness #3

Players Present: Faldor Lockeheart, gevus, Morrin Telemnar, Mok, Tepal

NPC’s Present: Dannel of Tyr, Nova Moonstar, Thagaylian

What follows seems to be somewhat hard to read, as if whatever writing it was using a talon instead of a quill…

An Entry in the Rantings of
Morrin the Drunk Tellmemore
Commander of Drinks in the Raven’s Bluff War Pub
Sergeant of the Food in the Tree Lovers Rangers Division
Squire to the Keepers of the Mystical Flamingo’s, Birds Roost Inn

Morrin is asleep right now, seems he drank a little too much. Maybe he’ll wet the bed and I can harass him about it tomorrow. It would be oh so delightful.

Well, he can’t be too mad at me, he’s not be doing his entries lately anyways, right? On the bright side he loves this pesky journal too much to tear pages out.

So what happened last time, him and everyone else got some stupid letter about meeting in the Red Raven Hall. I guess they put out fires or something. Hah, Raven’s, they city should know better than to hire such inferior species, but I would never let myself be caught having to fly around hunting for fires. Hah!

So I got dragged along with Morrin and we ended up in the hall of the Red Birds. There were lots of people there! Lots of hopefuls who apparently wanted to be on fire patrol. Some Half-Elf, hey maybe Faldor should have a talk with her! Oh he’s bald now, too bad. I tried to have Morrin convince him to let me use his head as a roost, but Morrin wouldn’t go for it, something about not wanting to be made a pin-cushion or what not.

So we were standing there and the Half-Elf whose name I believe was Nova Moonstar. She went on about their being lots of arson in the city (probably because they use Ravens!) and wanted Adventurers to help out. So they were going to be testing several groups to see who was fit to be inducted as members of the Red Raven’s. I wasn’t too thrilled myself, I get enough fireballs thrown near me because of Mok the Not so Mighty, as it is, my feathers are flammable!

I guess my opinion doesn’t matter though, Morrin made me stay, though I suppose nothing can be worse than that forsaken mansion. So the group had to do three tests, amusingly I thought they might actually fail considering how they did on the first two, though I think I might have rather had Mok throw fireballs at me then deal with those kids again….

The first test consisted them of having to carry a ladder through a course. My oh my was it funny to sit and watch them do it. I even assisted by sitting on the ladder to help, you know to make sure they were actually qualified, fires are dangerous situations, you can’t expect the ladder to be perfectly symmetrical always. Mok and Morrin carried the ladder while Tepal, Gevus, and Faldor got to move hay bails out of their way. It was most amusing watching a Dwarf try to shimmy over a bail of hay, yes indeed. They finished at least and somehow made it on to round two.

I took a nap during round two. But from what Morrin told me they had to carry a bunch of water from a barrel to some buckets on top of a wall. I suppose they used some flying magic, Faldor’s Bag of Holding, and some of Gevus’s arachnobatics (Morrin is going to bar me from his room at this rate) to make it happen. Unfortunately they passed again and then were one of the lucky groups who the third test.

The third test consisted of dealing with some forsaken children. Clearly they were something out of a horror movie, give me a Wizard’s Mansion any day. Did I just say that!? The test was horrible, they had to teach or so they were told a bunch of rug rats about fire prevention. Oh they tried all sorts of things. They made me and Pointy and the Doll do some redicules scenario about knocking a oil lamp over and putting it out. At least it proved that I, Ptera, am superior to some pesky Raven’s at fire suppression. Either way, the kids didn’t want to learn, they wanted this or that, one wanted a dagger! One wanted to learn magic! I think Morrin should have taught him how to throw fireballs just to spite the brat. Err. Maybe that would be a little cruel. Finally, Mok the Misnomer and Tepal started yelling at the kids to listen, it was kind of funny to see the kids get yelled at. Eventually the judges came in and told us we passed, somehow, I guess we were just supposed to put up with the kids for the whole time. Do I look like a babysitter? Next time I see a kid I am going to fly up to his face and do my best to be extra puffy, that should show them!

After that they got some gear and then all hell broke loose. Some fire was happening elsewhere in the Warehouse District. They all hopped on to some fire wagons, I flew, naturally, and went to the scene! Faldor, Gevus, Tepal, and Morrin all pumped water for the Red Raven’s while Mok broke out his Staff of Fire Extinguishing and working on suppressing them that way. Why does the city pump water when they have staffs that do that? Probably because they follow a Raven. Either way, all of the people pumping water eventually wore out, but the fires were out, so it didn’t matter.

After words some of the Fire Officials informed the lot that they felt the fires were being set and they would appreciate it if we looked into it. We were going to go home and get a nights rest and then some children approached Tepal, I think the other Children had their moods afoul because the whole thing ended again with Mok yelling. Finally we got some city guard to take the children someplace elsewhere. They said they couldn’t find their parents, but we later learned the real deal of it.

Finally we headed back to the Red Raven’s to drop off the gear and call it a night. While we were leaving we saw some flames come from a nearby alley. So of course we went to investigate. We run into some dude, who later identified himself as Thagaylion a "Diplomat from Thay (or as Faldor likes to go on about, a Red Wizard, maybe he should try and find a wife from Thay, maybe it would help him resolve his issues with them, it would make for such a great tale!). Morrin and Mok went to talk with him and his Hellhounds (who has Hellhounds!?) about what he was up to and why he had Hellhounds (seriously!?). Fella was kind of a jerk, I would have pee’d on him if I could have gotten away with my feathers not on fire. Eventually guy get’s angry because Morrin and Mok won’t apologize and threatens to call the guards. Eventually he does blow his whistle, Morrin told him to go back on his stroll. Guy starts to leave and then stops.

Morrin and I turn back around to see Faldor turning some sort of Were-creature (which they corrected they were not cursed just were like that in their natural form) into a pin-cushion because it had shifted while approaching Tepal. The one he shot died, the others immediately said they were sorry and had not meant to be offensive. Guess they come from some far off place, not used to the customs around here. They were the children that Tepal insulted accidentally earlier, had come back to apologize. Apparently they weren’t actually children, just were trying to blend in, were actually Wolf-Were’s (because that seems so much better than Werewolf).

Long story short, Mr. Diplomat stuck around long enough to watch in amusement, some city guards were called, Faldor had to go see the judge next day for attacking them, though because of the misunderstanding it was a rather grey issue. Guess they learned their lesson. Even I admit, looking back, that the whole thing stunk worse than Morrin’s room after he’s been messing around with his stupid Alchemy.

After that we called it a night.

The next morning we went to Faldor’s trial, I got left outside with the others. I even left Rajah alone, didn’t try to steal one of Rajah’s whiskers. I felt to bad for the poor cat, he was clearly worried about Faldor.

I’m not sure what happened exactly but from what I gather, some judge named Rupert T. Hangman. Apparently an old aquaintance of the groups (before I was around) was present, some Dannel of Tyr or whatnot, and Mr. Thay showed up again to give testemony. Anyways, Faldor got off with being charged on Assault with wounding. Morrin seems to think it made sense, said that Faldor overreacted but was justified in assuming they were a threat. I think Morrin was actually worried about Faldor. He didn’t make a single joke about his baldness the night before or for the entire day!

After the trial some messenger from the Fire Marshall came to see the group, something about a Cult in Crow’s End dedicated to fire or something along those lines. Also apparently a Helm of Brilliance, and a Large Adamantine Cup thought to be powerful had both been stolen. They were told to try and the Red Sail Tavern.

More fire, just great, it’s all fun and games unless your covered in flammable material.

So they all headed, and by virtue of that me as well, to the Red Sail Tavern. On our way we met a boy who Faldor recognized from a previous adventure. Apparently they weren’t doing well so several items were bought for far more than they were worth, Faldor gave them a whopping 500 gold pieces. Boy asked us, he was polite too, to walk him and his grandfather home. We get to their home and head inside because a storm was brewing. Soon after it started raining, except the rain looked like blood. Remembering that the boy’s tackle box was still outside, Mok and Faldor ran out to grab it but in the process seemed to start acting funny. Mok came running back in screaming about something while Faldor was just staring out there. Morrin, in his infinite brilliance, tried using his cloak to protect him and ran outside to grab Faldor and seemed to fall under the effect of whatever was happening too. Eventually they were brought back inside and while Mok and Faldor recovered quickly, Morrin was out of it for a while. We heard some screaming outside, Mok did some magic stuff and ran out trying to help people… Naked I might add. Never seen a naked Half-Orc before, can’t say I want to again either.

Finally the rain stopped and the father, Thomas, mentioned he had seen a man inside a nearby building the other night doing some fishy (Need to remember to tell Morrin to buy some more while I’m thinking about it). The man apparently went up in flames and vanished. The group then went to inspect this building only to find it burned down.

Then we went to the Red Sail Inn, on the way we saw the Veil rolling in, which was red of all things, so everyone runs inside to escape it. Once inside the group was quickly approached by some guy named Gov Lander, apparently he was part of the great Red Raven’s too. I flew over to a perch to be away from all of it. But from what Morrin said the fella knew some stuff about the Cult and gave them some basic information on getting in. I watched Gevus go over to some people and talk for a minute before coming back, his shoulders slightly hunched, guess it didn’t go well. Mok then headed over, bought them some drinks, and eventually came back looking a little more successful.

Guess they were members of this cult we were looking for and Mok managed to get the info about their meeting place. Blasted bipedals, who makes a cult about burning things, don’t they know that’s dangerous to us with fur and feathers! The group then tried to go to the meeting place, amusingly to get in everyone had to shave, I would have thought Faldor would be happier to be joined in his baldness, but he didn’t really seem so. Thankfully I got to keep my feathers. We all go in, eventually we ended up creeping down some tunnel, I did my best to hide in Morrin’s cloak, not that I was afraid, it’s just a matter of me being flammable and too beautiful to risk being shaved. That’s it.

We follow some blasted tunnel for a while, there were some people chanting, why are people always chanting. Even Morrin does it sometimes when he’s fooling around with arcane tombs. We finally find a large room with a bunch of people in it. Opposite the entrance was some man performing some kind of idiotic ritual, he’s doing something with some flask and it bursts into flames consuming him. As usual people are stunned when their magic goes wrong and nobody was moving. I quickly flew to a nice wooden beam sticking out of the wall opposite the consumed man and watched while the rest of the brilliant adventurers decided it was a good idea to approach. Yeah, they say I’m dumb.

Of course from the fire rises out a big old elemental of some sort, Morrin and Mok later worked to identify as some bastardized Fire Elemental called a Pyre Elemental from Ravenloft (which explains why the Ritual went wrong). Fighting ensued, I stayed back, fire is bad. Of course, they killed them blasted thing and good riddance. We solved they mystery! Kind of. Either way the cult was temporarily not doing any more arson.

Blast it, Morrin is waking up. No time to hide, best to act asleep. Why did I just write that down?

Familiar of Morrin
All Powerful and Might Rhamphorhynchus

Experience: 2500
500 GP Emerald→ Each
Oil of Impact→ Mok, Morrin, Faldor
Oil of Sharpness→ Tepal, Gevus
Fire Suit→ Mok

The following is found at the bottom of the journal entry. The first line and every other line after is written in a much more flowing handwriting while the 2nd line and every other line after is written in the same sloppy scribble that the journal entry is in.

Note to self, buy a cage for Ptera.

I’ll pee in your ale.

You do realize I buy your food right?

You do realize I can spill ink on your spellbooks.

Do you want to be cat food? I’m sure Rajah wouldn’t mind.

You wouldn’t dare.

Well, your right, that would be wasteful, Mok did recently teach me how to cast Fireball, I could use some target practice.


Mansion of the Mad Wizard Ren

Player’s Present: Dresden Drumheller,Gevus, Morrin Telemnar, Tepal, Faldor Lockeheart

Midnight Menagerie
Log Entry by Dresden Drumheller
Commander in the Raven’s Bluff War College
Sergeant in the Sewer Brigade Division
Squire to the Knights of the Griffon

DM Version: It seems that a renown wizard named Red has now showed up for regular Wizard’s Guild Meetings. The Lord Mayor Charles Oliver O’Kane has asked the party to go to the house and find out what is wrong. And oh by the way, you can’t see in any of the doors, and if you knock you will get turned into a frog, as many people have already tried and been turned into frogs. The group accepts and readies themselves with buying various potions, scrolls and wands and sets off.

As they make their way to the front door, they find no obvious way in. Dresden attempts a way in, and slips and fall and touches the door, being turned into a frog. This is both good and bad, where Dresden finds a quick way in underneath the door, and then he opens the door once inside for all to enter. The door shuts, and the fun begins.

There is a ceramic purple brain located inside the first room near a door on the right. We would later find out that the brains pointed the way to Ren, but no one figured that out, so the group goes room by room. Not having time to document each room here, let’s just say that there were various rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, room with paintings. And each had its own version of Guards and Wards placed upon it. The paintings took life and gave intelligence. Some rooms gave magic items, and some taketh away.

There was a room of Solid gold Sheets, and Gevus managed to get one outside, at which point he turned back into a frog, the group managed to get him back into the room. Some weird brain spiders attacked Dresden and sucked some of his intelligence away. With that though we finally are on the right track, we find Ren’s bedroom and journal, he was going to study some rare plant, and he poisoned himself, so he locked himself in some holding area, that time would not pass, and left a note that said, if you release me you need to be able to cure me immediately. The group does, and he thanks them, he reclaims a few magic items, but lets the group keep some they have found along the way as payment for saying him and his mansion. The group is returned to normal except for a few uncurable things like Dresden’s stat drains.

Ren helps return all the other frogs to normal, and life returns to normal in Raven’s Bluff.

And the Body Dies and A Goodly Apple

Players: Dresden DrumhellerFaldor LockeheartgevusMorrin TelemnarTepal

NPC:Charles Oliver O’kane, Lord MayorHoward Holiday, Deputy MayorGaius Varro, Lord Marshall

Dear Diary,

So it starts out like this so in the past 8 weeks there has been many nobles and very important people has been kidnap. So the deputy mayor has summon almost all of the Raven Bluff Adventures including us. When we went to the town hall we learn that even the Lord mayor has been kidnap also, So when they have finally have a piece of the map and clues to where this nobles are they sent us.

So our first task was to meet this person name Snaggle Smeet and his first mate kitty par and to board the wave runner . After a few hours at sea we figure out the best way to to find this hide out is to go to Sharkies to find us a guide. Since I was unable to go to sharkies the rest of the group went in. From what I heard Morrin went to the water elf’s to find and guide and Tapal went to the underwater dwarfs. With tapal charm we manage to convince Steamy Shortstraw to the tells location of which exact reef.

When we got to the reef we find out that the reef is an illusion and we venture down under. When we got to the cave we manage to rescue Lord Curtis Barrington and Lizbeth Urson but poor Morrin was turn to stone thanks to a trap wich looks like medusas head.

After we brought back the 2 nobles and Morrin to the town hall we was able to find some one to cure Morrin thanks to General Hildegrim. We find out that they finaly found where Lord Mayor was being held and that there was going to big battle. In this battle many Important heroes was involve like :Lord Marshall, Gaius Varro,
Sir Warhawk Starsun, Knight of the Phoenix
Lady Jenna Darkstar, Priestess of Mystra
Seminsal Silverspear, Famous High Elven Adventure
General Hildegrim, High Commander of the Temple of Tempus
and Butch, “Is that a 300 lbs. Basset Hound in Full Plate?”
Lady Melissa Ladrn, Arch-druid Harper
Sir Drakkar Von Damme, Paladin/Knight/Champion of Ravens Bluff .

When we got there we could not realy do much to make a big impact in the battle and the best way to realy help was to sneak past the mountain and rescue lord mayor. When we got there we beat the creatures that was guarding lord mayor. But before he was release my companions felt he was not the real mayor and they were right because after some detect evils and figure out wich spells its using to hide we was able to perceive that this was not lord mayor. After we handed over the Lord mayor we told them that he was not the real Lord Mayor. In which they thank us and will further invistigate who this fake is.

A Goodly Apple

So we ended going back to the inn and in the next morning we go down stairs and enjoy a meal while the bard Kip Steirson sings to us. As we are enjoying the meal a noble runs in screaming of fear. He tells his dead wife has come back as a ghost and is trying to kill him now. He also tell us how she died so we decided to investigate to see if we can appease her spirit. As we enter the house we are attack
and slowly weaken. So we decided to go back to the pub and demanded her husban to take us to the cemetery and so he leads us there and we ask Pelor Gidhind who is the care taker of the cemetery.
So after many hours of trying to solve this mystery and coming up with nothing we get a message from the divine on how we might solve this case. All we had to do was just use all the item that was buried with her and sell it for the resurrection spell and bam it was solve also a restore spell cause she was bat shit crazy.(side note: man why don’t have this spell IRL it would solve alot of problems and by the way not resurrect spell but the cure crazy spell)

After all this we was invited to a Formal Party where all this people showed up "
Charis Stone, hostess
Lord Mayor Charles O’Kane
Lady Lauren DeVillars
Chief Prelate Sirrus Melandor
Rolf “Sunny” Sunriver, Chief Constable
Aushem Glodiv, Commander of Special Constables
Ambassador Carrague
Lord Charles Frederick LaVerne Blacktree IV
Sir Warhawk Starsun
Lady Jenna Darkstar
Seminsal Silverspear
General Hildegrim
Lady Melissa Ladrn
Sir Drakkar Von Damme
Arvin Kothonos, Merchant Guildmaster
Slone Madruit, artist
Syred Veghar, artist
Sirene Culin, magistrate in the criminal courts
Anthea Jesem, artist
Edmund Nielson, merchant
Gregor Hunt, Special Attache to the Clerical Circle
Russell Roland, Lord MacIntyre
Ali Abazza, ambassador from Impiltur
Vernon Condor, Regent of the Excequer
Sheila Seaspray, secretary to the Regent of the Harbor
Maureen Cochran, wealthy socialite
Derek Stone, host
Evert Sterk, wealthy socialite"

As the night end we get a bunch of loot and recommendation for our job for the city againd.

Loot and xp :Lord Mayor’s knightly recommendation to any of your choosing
brass ring honor

r. Pointy (GM): – 1000 gp (per PC who chooses this option)
- ring of spell turning – works automatically but only once per day
- ring of hill giant strength – gives hill giant strength (25) for 1 turn once per adventure
- cloak of the bat
- long sword +3
- winged boots, speed 21, maneuver class C
Mr. Pointy (GM): – bag of tricks, type A, pull 1 creature per adventure
- wand of wonder, 10 charges, not rechargeable
- staff of striking +3, 10 charges, not rechargeable
500g peice

Jacinth (100 gp) – dispel magic at 13th level
Opal (100 gp) – fly at 13th level
Topaz (150 gp) – hold portal at 13th level
Amethyst (100 gp) – blur at 13th level
Aquamarine (100 gp) – slow at 13th level
Emerald (200 gp) – Mordenkainen’s sword at 16th level

Mr. Pointy (GM): To Dresden from Sir Drakkar Von Damme:
Vibrient Yellow Gem
Can be placed in Pax.
On command as a swift action cause Pax to vibrate and humm. This adds 1d6 sonic damage to Pax.
Pax gains a +2 to Ego
To Tapel from Lady Jenna Darkstar:
Mr. Pointy (GM): Audrey the Doll Golem
She is adoreable and cute but very shy.
Int 12, AC 14, HP 16 (2HD), Att +1 (0 damage), Fire Resist 10, Mending spell heals, Construct Traits, Speaks Common.
She can detect worshippers of Cyric and Bane within 30 feet in front of her. Due to her extremely shy nature she’ll only tell you when asked though.

To Gevus from Seminsal Silverspear:
The Yoyo of Fate
+1 luck bonus on Saves. 5 inches of string remaining. Can expend 1 in. for a +1 to any die roll after the roll is made. Once all 5 inches are used the Yoyo becomes non-magical.
To Faldor from Lady Melissa Ladrn:
Watchers Pin Shaped like a Lyre and made of plain iron.
Grants Non-Detection (The warded creature or object becomes difficult to detect by divination spells such as clairaudience/clairvoyance, locate object, and detect spells. Nondetection also prevents location by such magic items as crystal balls. If a divination is attempted against the warded creature or item, the caster of the divination must succeed on a caster level check (1d20 + caster level) against a DC of 11 + the caster level of the spellcaster who cast nondetection. If you cast nondetection on yourself or on an item currently in your possession, the DC is 15 + your caster level.)
Cursed: Can not be removed. Harpers gain a +30 to scry on wearer.

Was there an Errata. I saw no Errata."


The Stroke of Midnight

Player Present: Dresden Drumheller,Faldor Lockeheart,gevus,Mok

NPC Present: Lady Lauren DevillarsCharles Oliver O’kane, Lord Mayor

Dear Journal

Its me again.. Gevus this is another entry about our group adventure. So our day starts like any other day, as we do our weekly shopping we suddenly got stop by boy who has a note for us. This note says “Please join me for lunch this afternoon at precisely highsun at my estate in the city. I may have a task that is particularly well suited to your skills. Dress is casual. Until then, Lady Lauren DeVillars” So after we finish our shopping we head straight to devillars just in time for lunch. As we get there we are ask to complete a mission. This mission requires us to take back this magical bell

that can summon the undead and this was stolen by some one name Black Manta.

Our first clue was to head to a place called Sharkey’s Bar & Grill in which we head to the docks. WIth a little help from my informants we were able to find this place hopefully get some information on where abouts of black manta. As we head inside the bar I was rudely kick out by the bouncer as an act of revenge I decided to urinate in one of the doors of the bar. But I was suddenly caught and after a few arguments they deem me ban from the place. Later I found that they where to able to get some info from the Sahuagins in which they tell us to go this wreckage under water.

When we got there suddenly were attack by sharks and manta rays. We easily dispose of them and then we meet Grukachu in which he offers some trades also a little info on the next part of the quest. We head to this cave in which we find a secret door which lead to seemingly empty werehouse. In which we find evil henchmen and easily fend and then we head to the beach which we find Black Manta and his priest preparing to activate the bell. We ended up stopping them but Black Manta got away from us, but is okay I am sure we will meet him again and bring home down.
So we give back the bell get our reward and I get a little closer to my goal.


vail oil of acid natural resistance
chaiin +2
mace +2
potion cURE light wounds EACH

Xp: don’t rememeber :((

Monday's Child

Players Present: Dresden Drumheller, Faldor Lockeheart, Morrin Telemnar, Tepal

NPC’S Present: Tordon Sureblade, Lord Chancellor. Lady Fawn Moonray Sweetrose Thorin-Wolf

An Entry in the Journal of:
Morrin Telemnar
Commander in the Raven’s Bluff War College
Sergeant in the Scout Rangers Division
Squire to the Keepers of the Mystic Flame, Raven’s Bluff Knighthood

What a beautiful evening it was, myself and my friends had been enjoying, we had just enjoyed a fine dinner at a particularly nice Harbor Restaurants, whose name was lost upon me with all of the excitement of the night, to the Shod Talon. The Talon is known for having a fantastic rooftop patio where one can, among other things, enjoys drinks and a good view of the immediate town.

Unfortunately for us it seemed not to be. As we were talking the path before us was set upon by a horse running wild, but even more unfortunate was that it seemed to be carrying a limp body. The next thing we know was that it had ran into a nearby stable. No tavern for us it seemed.

Not wasting much time we followed after the horse into the stable to investigate what had happened. Upon entering we quickly found the runaway horse, with a women’s body still strapped to it. It was clear she was dead, though what had killed her was far less obvious. Upon inspecting the body we recognized her to be a girl named Hope Graham, daughter of Sir Ian Glae James Graham, a Knight of the city who was also the owner of a local cider mill. During an inspection of Hope’s body, it became apparent what had killed her when Tepal became mildly poisoned while checking over her corpse. With a little more investigation it seems part of the saddle, specifically the bridle, had been poisoned.

As we sit there debating what to do, with Faldor trying (unsuccessfully) to garner information from the horse itself, it apparently really liked apples, we heard a sound from the back of the stable. I ran back to investigate to see a young boy talking a with gruff older man across the way, who started running towards the stable. Clearly the boy had been inside the stable and had run away seeing the dead girl (or something like that) and the old man was coming to check things out. Not seeing much else to do on the matter, I came back to the group to inform them of our new guest.

The old man arrives, we explain that most of us are City Watch, even if not on duty, and what had happened. Dresden did most of the talking, he seems good at getting us out of bad looking situations. We learn the old man is the owner of the stable, of a tavern, and that the boy was his son. We learned that Hope came to his Tavern occasionally to relax after working at the Cider Mill. Apparently he had lent Hope a horse that evening to wind down, with his son being the one who saddled it. Given his son was around 8, it seemed unlikely he was the killer. Eventually the on duty Night Watch showed up, led by Sergeant Franklin, who took our names and questioned us. During this time, Faldor finally managed to get something useful out of the horse, that another “Two-Legs”, besides the boy had tampered with his saddle before Hope had ridden him. Most curiously we found a leather scroll inside a saddle bag that read “Thursday’s Child has far to go.” With not much else to be done, Sergeant Franklin asked us to speak with Inspector Phineas Stimp in the morning.

The next morning, early morning I might begrudgingly add, Faldor, Dresden, Tepal, and myself all went to meet with the Inspector. We were escorted in by Captain Prometheus Hanke. One met with with the Inspector, he informs us that this wasn’t the first leather scroll found, with another he had been given Tuesday morning reading “Monday’s Child is fair of face.” He wanted us to look into the matter, unofficially, with a dubious promise of repaying the favor in the future. We, being the kind hearted adventurers we are, agreed. He goes on to give us additional information. Two other murders had recently happened, a lady named Crystal Dawning had died Monday, and another named Valerie Lovesong had died Tuesday. The only lead was another lady, a famous adventurer named Kendra Lovesong, the cousin of Valerie, had been charged with the murder of Valerie. He gives us a note allowing us to visit Kendra and informs us that our contact for the case would be Captain Hanke.

We decide to visit the library first, deciding the phrases from the scrolls was likely from a poem. I used some of the skills my mother taught me as a child to do so. Once at the library we eventually, with the help of some of the librarians found the poem in question. For my record, it’s worth mentioning that Faldor seemed to be head-over-heels with some of the librarians. Might be useful knowledge for the future.

OOC:Lost the in-game version, this is a version I found online.
“Monday’s child is fair of face,
Tuesday’s child is full of grace,
Wednesday’s child is full of woe,
Thursday’s child has far to go,
Friday’s child is loving and giving,
Saturday’s child works hard for a living,
Sunday’s child Is fair and wise and good in every way.”

After that we decided to head to Blackhall Prison to meet with Kendra Lovesong and get her side of the story. Her cell was a pretty dank and dreary place, really, how is it even humane to keep someone there? We went in and talked with her, she told us that she had came in and found Valerie dead, who was her cousin, with the weapon around her neck. She had removed it, hoping to help or something, and had then been seen with said weapon. Based on her account, Tepal noted that Valerie would have been dead for hours. Needless to say we were already suspect if Kendra had really murdered Valerie. Kendra then gave us permission to investigate her apartment, even giving us they key to it. I suppose she didn’t have much choice, being in a place like that would make even the best of us lose hope.

We went to check out her apartment, which was located at Victoria’s Vicarage and Victuals, a noteworthy establishment for adventurers. Going into Kendra’s room we began to search around. Of note we found a chest which, presumably, had been Valerie’s, it had some rather enticing clothing in it. Dresden found another of the blasted leather scroll cases with the following written in it “Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe”. Faldor found a locked drawer upstairs, which was dispatched with a ’Knock" spell, inside we found a needle trap (lovely, I know). Inside the drawer we found legal papers from about a year ago that had acquitted Kendra of pandering. Not finding much else we decided to investigate the legal papers.

Next up was the Chancery were we met Eleanora Sureblade, mother of Tordon Sureblade, Lord Chancellor , she was the head clerk of the place. She asked why we needed to see the legal docket of the court case Kendra had been in a year ago, we explain all of the business with the scroll cases and the murders, Eleanora mentions it doesn’t make much sense to her and that she would be happy to help (I think she might have taken some interest in Faldor as well…). Eventually she returned from digging, apparently a lot of the information from the day had gone missing, but she did have a legal docket. Browsing over the docket revealed the other two murder victims had been there on the same day as well as Kendra. Now things were starting to make a little bit of sense, though not much. The docket had a huge amount of names on the list and trying to figure out connections between them was rather arduous. We did find out that Lord Thomas Raphiel, Lord Regent had been there that day, he was currently visiting Tantrus.

Not seeing much else to discern there, we then decided to head to the Stane Family Opera house, where we met with Archibald Stane (his name pretty much says everything that needs to be said about the man). Crystal, one of the initial murder victims, had used to work there, Archibald was apparently very familiar with her. He took us to her old dressing room, which among other things contained ANOTHER leather scroll. This one read “Tuesday’s Child is Full of Grace”. Faldor also mentions how ridicules it was to assume that some acid just happened to fall on her from her dresser if she was in the tub. He then went on to mention how inept the majority of the City Watch must be (present company excluded, of course).

From there we decided to head to the Graham Cider Mill, to talk with Hope’s parents. They weren’t home (we actually went to the house first) so we went to the Mill itself. We were met at the door by the father, Sir Ian Glae James Graham, who, for a stern man, he seemed pretty broken up. We ask him a few questions about Hope, we learn that she and her parents didn’t get along much and that he didn’t recognize any of the names on the Legal Docket. Seemed to be another dead end mostly.

Having explored most of the immediate leads we returned to Stimp’s office, where we met with Sergeant Prometheus. We reveal that Kendra is likely innocent. We discuss some things with him, he mentions checking with the Commissioner of Prisons to check on the status of the names from the docket. Then we mentioned the possibility of Lord Thomas being a potential victim, Sergeant Prometheus looked like he was going to blow a gasket on our lack of haste because a “Nobel” might be in danger and tells us to go to the Ministry of Magic so that we can go to Tantrus (teleportation).

Off to the Ministry we went! We get there, knock on the door, and are greeted by Lady Fawn Moonray Sweetrose Thorin-Wolf, a Knight of the City’s Order of the Griffin. She was not very pleased at the time as she was stuck taking care of bills. We ask about using the teleportation circle to go to Tantrus and are informed all of the wizards are out for some important meeting. Finally, with Mok’s affiliation with the Wizard’s guild and the urgency of our business, we are allowed to use the teleportation device. Before sending us off, she gives us a rite of passage explaining our business and allowing us to come home. Then we were off to Tantrus!

To Be Continued. What happens Next? Did we save Lord Thomas (Spoiler: Nope)? Will this adventure log ever get finished. Yes, eventually.


Players Present: Faldor Lockeheart, Morrin Telemnar, Tepal

An Entry in the Journal of:
Morrin Telemnar
Commander in the Raven’s Bluff War College
Senior Corporeal in the Scout Rangers Division
Squire to the Keepers of the Mystic Flame, Raven’s Bluff Knighthood

Faldor, Tepal, and myself had just finished eating and were following up breakfast by taking a stroll down Fire Street. As we were walking something extremely odd occurred, for the sky was clear as day, a lightning bolt arced down from the sky, with debris flying out from the point of impact. After the debris settled what was left was a three foot crater, give or take, and a man in blue robes standing looking somewhat confused. As we approached the man, he greeted himself as Gideon and said that he was unsure in how he had arrived. He went on to explain that he had been at his home asleep when suddenly he found his house under attack by some sort of massive two-headed creature (we later identified it to likely be an Ettin). Gideon apparently drew a scroll and went to cast a spell and the next thing he knew was that he found himself standing in the street before us.
Cliche’: “A bolt from the Blue”

Naturally, he asked us to help him return home and to deal with the great beastie which was harassing him and offered to pay us. We then also found out that he was apparently very allergic to cats, which made the resulting adventure rather amusing, as Rajah (and therefore Faldor) had to keep their distance from Gideon.

Our journey began traveling to the Northeast, through some hills and eventually some harder terrain in the mountains, though it was initially uneventful. We eventually found ourselves standing before a large, lake with the only clear way to cross being an old rickety bridge composed of wooden planks. As Tepal steeled herself and ventured across first, she found herself facing a giant clam, which just appeared, going on about “finding it funny that she was trying to cross the bridge”. Personally I fail to see what was so funny, but I guess I don’t really know how clams generally think about things either. Eventually it reveals that it would like each of us to make a pun to cross the bridge, after much grief we finally met the clams expectations and were allowed passage, having some pearls shot at us on our way across.
Cliche’: “As happy as a clam.”

After cross the bridge we were met by several bandits, who wanted us to pay passage with the pearls we found. After some debating with each other we eventually decided to give them the pearls, not wanting to risk being bitten by what appeared to be Wereboars. We could likely taken them but didn’t really feel like fighting.

As we continued on our journey we passed through a delightful area filled with beautiful foliage eventually running into a group of white haired men debating among themselves. Getting closer we discovered they were trying to undo a knot that one of them had tied as a challenge to the rest. Offering to help them, I sliced it in two and told them problem solved. The one who had tied the knot found this amusing and gave us a ring as a gift for solving their puzzle.
Cliche’: “Cut the Gordian Knot.”

The journey pressed on as we eventually came upon a 5 way split into the road. Unfortunately Gideon did not remember which way to go to get to his house as a local (or not) Wizard’s Guild had always teleported him to wherever he needed to go. We noticed that each path had 5 animals standing before it, a Dog, Humming Bird, Chicken, Cow, and a Horse, which after interviewing them each (because they were somehow capable of speaking) we learned that each animal believed it’s path the way to go. We stood there debating for several minutes, unsure of where to go, until Tepal had a flash of brilliance and remembered an old saying about horses. That decided it for us and we took the path of the horse.
Cliche’: “Straight from the horses mouth.”

Long as the journey had been the trees finally began to thicken up, leading us to be hopeful we would see be at Gideon’s house. But before that could happen a strange man appeared with several dogs crying out “Havoc” before releasing the dogs upon us and disappearing. It’s a shame that nothing could be done for the dogs but the skirmish was soon over with several dogs turned into the equivalent of pin cushions.
Cliche’: “Cry Havoc, let loose the dogs of war.”

The sun was had long set and night was looming on us, but we finally found ourselves approaching Gideon’s house. As we approached it was immediately obvious that the exterior had been badly damaged. As Gideon rushed to his front door he began an uncontrolled fit of sneezing which required us to drag him back from the house before it would stop. Around then we noticed a large thudding sound coming from opposite the front and after investigating found a large Ettin laying into the house. It did not notice us immediately so we studied for a few moments and realized it was talking to itself, unfortunately even with my helm of comprehend languages, what it was saying made little sense. After getting it’s attention and not being immediately set upon we decided to approach it and try to communicate. This sort of worked, we were unable to say much to it, but with enough words being thrown out by it we deciphered that it had lost a cat of some sort. We managed to make it stop beating on the house for a bit and went inside to look for the cat, though with little luck. Eventually Faldor noticed some tracks leaving the house, showing them to the Ettin we began a several hour journey into the woods trying to track the prints to their owner. Unfortunately it seemed like the gods themselves were conspiring against us and we lost trail of the tracks, not even Faldor’s “Elven Eyes” could find any sort of trace. Dismayed we headed back, with the saddest looking Ettin I have ever seen.
Cliche’: “Ettin out of house and home.”

The next morning we were bickering what to do, the Ettin at least seemed to have stopped it’s assault but was still seemingly depressed. As we were brainstorming Gideon approached us with a bounty and then accidentally teleported us back to Raven’s Bluff, right to the same location he had appeared a day before.

500 GP → Each
Ring of Swimming (after wearing it for 24 hours grants the user Swim as a class skill) → Tepal (temporarily)



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