Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Housecleaning II-2

We pick back up after a week off, due to a sick DM

The group having slain the white dragon, they move through time once again. This time they are 55 years in the past where the first halflings came ashore and having survived some horrible storm, they decide to make a temple to Tymora and set up shop here. The groups job is to make sure that still happens.

When they appear they see a ship off in the water under a big storm. The ship is being tossed and turned and amazingly holds until a giant shell comes up underneath it. A dragon turtle has sank the ship. The halflings run (swim) for their lives and the group jumps into help them. Talon has a great day and scares the Dragon Turtle away. But this leaves the storm, no one quite realized the storm was alive, and was some elemental storm. The group eventually dissipates the storm and the halflings still choose to set up shop.

Next time shifts and the group finds themselves in the midst of the champion games. Lady Lauren Devillars is supposed to give her favor to Captain Charles Oliver O’kane, but she is supporting someone named Morganchild. Well through the groups help, they figure out that Devillars is under a spell, and they break the spell, and get her to return her favor to O’kane, finding out that Morganchild is a Rakshasa and is an ally of the Cult of the Dragon and does not belong in this time. Everything is right, and the group returns home. Time is fixed, but of this draws the Red wizard back to normal time as well.

A battle ensues with some summoned abyssal creatures and the red wizard, who does that thing that wizard’s do, and teleports away.

Whistling in the Dark
Living City at War VII LC3-67

[Present: Ellie, Talon, Rowan, Sir Dresden, Bela. Joe was our Gm, due to illness from Andrew.]

Some people will believe anything. Worse yet, some people know this and abuse that faith. And then there’s the bastards that use the Art to force others to do their wiles. Damn if I won’t go for their juggular. Next time, though, I may need to make sure the backup’s in place before jumping into the frying pan.

Anyway, better start at the beginning.

The lot of usual suspects (i.e., the Menagerie), minus Mighty Mok who was indisposed with the Guild, got called over to the Lord Chancellor’s office, where Lord Arvin Kothonos handed us a job seconded with the local Tempites. Seems a scouting party had come upon the plans to a magical catapult that could do some serious harm to the city walls, and we’d have only a few days to stop it from reaching operational parameters. Off we go, tromping to the Temple District, where the Tempites had their headquarters this time around. No, I don’t get it, either, how they keep moving it around.

On our way to the Tempite HQ we ran into a rabble rouser, trying to convince the local population that the war was still going on, solely because the Tempites weren’t suicidal enough to fight without the rest of us by their sides. Couldn’t make it up, but a fair few of the poor schmucks actually lapped it up, as a cat to cream. Aren’t they supposed to actually understand sensible tactics as a mandate of their God? We take a look at some leaflefts, argue a bit with the people, and get the crowd dispersed. That seemed too easy, and it was.

Next station, the Temple. We get our briefing at will be leaving in the early morning. We will stay with the company there, and some of that nonsense in the market square has spilled over among the various acolytes. Not a whole we can do, since we’re guests. We retire for the night.

In the morn, we set off for the estimated location of that contraption. It’s going to take a few days’ travel to get there, so we make good speed on our horses. A few hours outside of Raven’s Bluff, we run into the Prelate Julio of the Tempite HQ with a full crew of brand new acolytes. Blistering idiots had set out overnight to seek glory and redemption. They are with Tempus now, presumably, but I think he’ll have some words to say to them about abandoning your post during a war. Still, Stirges are a nasty way to go, even if it didn’t take us all that long to get rid of them.

We work our way around some random battle we didn’t need to get entangled in and make camp before the final push to the catapult’s location. Rockcrusher (Rowan’s tame megafauna) woke the lot of us up at night because there was a strange noise at night. Good thing, too, since we had someone launching Greek Fire on our location, by the barrel. That wasn’t a lot of fun, even if I saves on waxing, I figure.

Anyway, I’m the first out of the fire, and run smack into a group of invisible or hidden thugs, who try and do to me what I tend to prefer to do to them, first. Fair’s fair, they gave it the old college try, but they were’t all that good. They have this well planned, though, and a small squad of mages start to take pot shots us, pinning us down as we deal with the swarming vermin. This is where things get ugly, since we notice an actual priest of Cyric in the background, trying to zap us into unlife with the black arts. Fuck that, and I tell him so. That was, in hindsight, perhaps not my smartest quip, and a chaos knight comes over to knock me straight into the turf, teethering on the edge of consciousness. I manage to get off an Invisibility spell, thanks be to Mystra, but the bastard takes a wild stab at where he thinks I am and smacks me straight into darkness.

Well, it’s good to have friends, tried and true, and Ellie by this point is laying down the glorious heals as she is wont to. Gods, I love her dedication to the Arts. Her ways aren’t mine, but I owe her my life and I don’t forget stuff like that. I come to, still shrouded by my spell, and take a moment to patch myself up a bit before laying into the black knight with the Fires at Midnight. Get a good hit in, but the bulk of the fight’s being handled by then by Rowan, Sir Dresden and Talon Frostbreath (our newest recruit, and a pretty damn impressive draconic sorceror). it wasn’t a fight I shone in, but there’s days you just need to accept that the team is what matters, and I am grateful for mine. We mop up, and prepare to prioceed with the actual job at hand.

This is where I get my once-a-day smart idea, and I check around for stray magic. Damn if the pamphlets we found in the city weren’t enchanted. Bloody Church of Cyric was undermining us from the inside, and they got close to getting the job done, too. Still cost us Prelate Julio and some recruits, but it could have been so much worse. Also explains how they managed to find our camp and land the sticky stuff right on our noggins.

Well, all’s well that ends well. We stopped the worst of it and the Bluff is safe for another week or so. Hell if I won’t play Catch! with the next Cyrikite, though.

Housecleaning II

players present: Dresden, Bella, Mok, Ellie, Talon

Cerephane had a 50% off sale but we are broke and could not par take in it.

We were summoned buy Lorian to fix 4 points in time. Ellminster has given us rules to follow and mice in a cage that will open the portals in time for us. We must fix the Forming of the Clan of Brightsword, Peace between Clan Brightsword and the Elves of Highbank Forest, Wreckage of the Windfinder and the Champion Games. Also as we travel through time we must get four tokens to put on the mice to get from place and time as needed.They are pennant from the dwarven chief of Clan Gemsplitter, the quill used to sign the peace accord, Sand where the first survivor reached the beach, and a link from O’Kane’s chainmail or if he is not wearing chain mail then a thread from the favor given him by Lady DeVillars. Scroll found near the ritual engraving in Lady Caroline’s home, read with a read magic spell.

So Lorian opened the first portal to the forming of the clan. When we set foot though the portal we were meet with a shadow dragon. We fought with him for a long time and Dresden died in the battle. After some time of battle the dragon left the fight and Ellie prayed to the gods and used her powerful staff to resurrect Dresden. We finally found the dwarves and they where breaking camp and complaining about the Clan Waraxe not staying and fighting. Rowan told Hundrel that it was not right to help fight with his dwarven brother. So Hundrel chanllenged Rowan to a duel. Rowan won “although he almost died” Mok gave Hundrel’s sword to the chief of Gemsplitter and in turn he formed clan brightsword. he also gave us a pennant. So we placed it on a mouse and off we went to the next point in time.

When we stepped through we were met by a band of elves who told us to follow them to the Peace accord. Once there, a few elves went off to find a some missing elves. The peace accord should go off with out a problem both sides want it to happen, but to make sure it does, Bella had the leaders share in some salt making them friendly towards each other. The first copy was signed and then it hit the fan. An elf appeared behind the leader of brightsword and drove her sword through him then screamed at us to follow the plan.Then elves and dwarves started to fight everywhere. 7 elves came at us and we defended ourselves. In the midst of the fight a white dragon appeared. Mok went off and screamed “NO MORE DRAGONS” and he unleashed his fury on the dragon.In the middle of the fight the elves attacking us turn in to manscorpions. We won the fight but were unable to save the clan leader of brightsword.The elves and dwarves finally listened to us about it being a set up and still signed the peace accord. We got the Quill and are ready to go to the next point in time.

We were also given information the a Red wizerd of Thay and Cult Of The Dragons are working together to undo these points in time.

Elemental Speaking: Fire's Eye
Fire Mage LC3-65

Player’s Present: Ellie, Dresden, Rowan, Bela, Mok, Talon
Player’s Absent: none

Today our intrepid group of adventurers learns about a city watch barracks being attacked by some type of fire attack. A couple of the group decide to go see what is going on, on their own, when they eventually get hired to do just what they are doing, investigating. The hiring comes from Lord Tordon Sureblade, and Chief Constable Sunriver.

The group begins by talking to a few witnesses and someone that came forward, a friend of the fire mage that performed the attack. Isadora is a friend of Jerendella FIreblade, but when she found out she was going to be taking illegal action against the city, she came forward to tell the city what she knows. Jerendella is from a group that has demanded that the city pass over all laws and governing of elemental magic to them, as they best know how to handle it. Obviously the city has said no, and the group and the city are at odds.

Evidence leads to the town of Mossbridges where Jerendella is to have made haste. The group sets out and there are some things set up to prevent them along the way, there is a magical barrier over the bridge that will not let people pass until they tell a rhyme, which slows the group down until they capitulate. Finally arriving in Mossbridges they go to the only Inn, The Blushing Gynosphinx. The group goes in, produces their writ that they are working for the city, and are told that Jerendella booked room number 3. But when they go up to room number 3, it is empty. Here from a housekeeper they find out that as soon as the room was occupied it was done, and she cleaned it, and threw some papers in the trash. The group recovers the trash, and finds a puzzle leading them back to Tym’s Supple Leather shop back in Raven’s Bluff.

The group heads back, performs their instructions and gets their next clue. This leads them to a library, where they find a book, with a puzzle, which leads them to their next clue. Eventually they figure out that Jerendella has been giving clues the whole time, and they are led back where they started, in the bottom of the building of the watch barracks that had been burned down.

The group fights Jerendella, perhaps the wrong word, Dresden turns over what Jerendella was looking for and she disappears, leaving behind the crux of the problem, a dead Justice Rupert T Hangman, that got a case wrong a long long time ago in another city for which Jerendella was upset. Hangman is dead, and for some reason can not be brought back, in addition to Jerendella getting away due to the group handing her what she wanted.

Stop the Pack Train
War #6 LC3-64

Players Present: Dresden, Bela, Mok, Rowan, Ellie, Frandor
Players Absent: None

Today our heroes get invited to go to the Acting Lord Mayor’s office. Upon arrival, as expected with a war on, the Mayor is busy. We also find out that a new Mayor has been elected. Lady Amber Lynn Theoden. Well with her busy, we meet a man named Gilhaven, a clerk who gives us a map and information about taking off to the Inn of the Wandering Bear to stop a caravan from bringing Greek Fire into the city. The Mayor won’t be available for some time, so with a good map and all the information, the party sets off.

Three days away they say the journey shall take, on horseback. So we camp for the first night, and we meet a dryad. The party lets her camp with them, and they find out she has a son in Raven’s Bluff in the Wizard’s Guild. He’s not fey enough to be considered anything but human who he decided to make magic his life. They want his name unknown so that he is not ridiculed in any way.

A couple more days out and they find the Inn. There is a bard and 2 others that are staying there. The bard is Erithitel and travels, and sings songs. Does not have any special information. The Merchant is named Quith and he deals in silver, and cloths, mostly silk. The other man is with him, who was wronged in Sembia, and doesn’t talk much. Quith also venerated Ilmater and is taking the time to try to help the other man heal from his mental wounds. Quith did spot this other caravan out of the road, but as he is only, just collecting money owed to him, he avoided the other caravan. There was also some Red Wizard of Thay with a letter of introduction from Belanor but what his purpose is no one is sure. He left the day before to look for this caravan.

Overnight to the group is attacked (Well the Inn, specifically the stables) by a pack of werewolves. Several party members are bitten, much to the chastisement of Mok, and we find out through Augury that Dresden is infected and has 3 days before turning into an evil werewolf. Mok Teleports him back and uses a favor from the Temple of Selune to get him cured. They port back and set off looking for this caravan.

There is a minor encounter with a Land Shark and other than the initial pounce, the party puts it down rather quickly. Then they meet a Satyr who swaps information with the group. This leads the group to the caravan, whom the party insists that they must search, causing a disturbance between the caravan and the group. The group decides that they have the right to search the caravan, and the caravan master lodges a formal protest. No greek fire is found, and the only thing of note is the dead bodies of caravan guards who there was signs of a battle with orcs.

The group decides to escort the caravan back since there are no other caravans in the area. Finally, in what must have been a trap, a group of bandits appear with crossbows and the like, and want the caravan for themselves. They must have wanted the money to finance something and the group fights back with fireballs and flamestrikes decimating half the enemy before they can get in range.

The caravan is escorted safely to the city, with goods that are specifically earmarked for Lord Blacktree. Somewhere the lines of communication got lost, or there is still a mole in the city. The party is thanked for another job well done.

OOC: The red wizard might come into play soon. And this was an adventure to see if the party treated people properly, when no one was looking, which they were expected to do so.

Ascension Continued

Players Present : Rowan, Mok, Ellie, Dresden, Bela Frandor
Players Absent: None

So the Efreeti lord teleports the group within 50 feet of the Armor of Bane The group appears outside the south gate. The city is under attack and the gates are broken. The city defenders are being pushed back by a couple of lightning giants, a Blue Dragon, and Thunderhips as well as a platoon of Bugbears and Lizardmen.

The front lightning giant is wounded pretty badly, and the city was trying to hold, but it went poorly. The group starts attacking from behind, taking down a lot of the bugbears and lizardmen. But the giants and Thunderhips and his ride are doing a lot of damage. Finally the group takes down one lightning giant, and Mok was invisible flies at Thunderhips knocking him off of the dragon. Falling down to the ground, they now have a target they can attack. Yet most can not, he has a spell which does not allow people to approach him. After much ranged fighting, the group kills thunderhips. The jewel is pressed to the armor, and it s destroyed. Magic can flow about the city again, people can teleport. Although the south gate is still detroyed and the south gate has become a magic dead area, and the cloud of dust that went up, fell upon almost all in the city, and now magic items can not be crafted by those in the city. An avatar of Mystra appeared for maybe all of 5 seconds, thanked the party for destroying that abomination of magic, and went on her way.


Players Present : Rowan, Mok, Ellie, Dresden, Bela
Players Absent: None

Our group has a dream, a terrible dream that causes them to wake up sweated. In the dream a cottage in the woods outisde the city was being attacked. The actor was an efreeti, and his friends, he breaks open some bottle, and out comes another efreeti. Just then a gnomish wizard appears and fights off the efreeti, all but one, that ends his life, leaving the efreeti, that was broken out of the bottle, left to kill this one remaining efreeti. After that, he turns to the party and says, I need your help. All wake from the dream.

The group wakes up and shares their dream and decides to set off for this cottage. It’s over a day outside of town, and it passes uneventfully, other than some worshippers of Kossuth that want to share their fire at night, and who are going to the city to make some money. Dresden isn’t happy about the fact that they will work for whomever pays them the most money, but they are not really enemy combatants, at least not yet, so there is nothing that can be done. They set off early in the morning, and the group continues on.

Finding the cottage exactly as they expected it to, there is an Efreeti, named Maelstrom trying to load the gnomes coffin into a cart with some mules, which will have none of it, since he is a creature of fire. They go inside, and talk to the efreeti, and they are told about the fight, and that the gnome, Yadzooks will appear in the morning and tell the story of his death. They group waits for this vision.

In the morning they are told how he was part of an adventuring group, and all but he and one other are dead, and that he wants to be buried with the rest of the group. While the efreeti says he was in hiding from the other efreeti, but now that the large one is dead, there will be a power struggle for a new leader, and he can not stay, he needs to get back and help his uncle. The group agrees to take the gnome into the forest to be buried. During the night there is another dream, and a jewel that the efreeti, Maelstrom gave his friend, was actually something needed for the succession of the Efreeti in the City of Brass.

On the way, where the forest should be, there are only hewn trees, apparently for the war effort. They meet a ranger, doing penance for allowing harm to come to the forest, and he is replanting trees. He asks each person to plant one, and tells them a story about each tree they plant. The group says farewell and continues on.

The group continues on finding a group of elves that Yadzooks had befriended, they have a celebration for the group for bringing him to them for his last rite, and in the morning, sends the group on the final leg of the journey to the grove. As they group heads in, a group of manscorpions attacks them and the party dispatches them.

Finding the grove, the group is blocked by a barrier of vines and leaves, here the earlier ranger Saryl gave them all a clue on how to get in, you needed a leaf from a tree that matched the race of the person. The group gathers them and heads in.

In come the elves and visages of the dead companions welcoming Yadzooks Gadzooks home. All goes well and the group leaves, except Efreeti show up wanting the jewel. Maelstrom appears and the party fights on his side against a half a dozen Efreeti and nightmares on the other side. The group wins, Maelstrom takes the jewel, and Maelstrom’s uncle is the new leader.

They return and offer the jewel back to the party. Apparently the jewel can destroy a magic item, of great power if need be, and if they party wants it to destoy the armor of Bane, they can borrow it. But that is a story for another time.

A Test of Fates Strength
LC3-62 (Fate#1)

Players Present :Al’Eli-ane, Sir Dresden Drumheller, Kodaly Bela, Mok, Rowan Titansbane,

NPC’s : Madame Coth – Tailor – selection of priest of Sunee clothes has a job
Isabella – Madame Coths Helper
High Revelmistree Shanna Aslaros

Enter a gypsy to start us on our quest “Please goto Madame Coth’s as she has a problem for you to help her solve.”
We head on over being led by Mok . As we get to Madame Coth’s Shop we are greeted by Isabella , Madame Coth’s apprentice/helper. Isabella informs us that Madame Coth is at the temple of Lliira (lie ra). We have a cup of tea while we wait for Madame Coth to show up. After about 1 hour we decide that we should head over to the temple.
As we arrive at the Temple there is a festival going on there. High Revelmistree Shanna Aslaros is the host of the party at the temple. As we enter the temple certain folks, Mok, Al’Eli-ane, Bela seem to be affected by a spell that makes us want to dance and carry on. We dance for hours on end, approximately 2 hours, eventually we make our way out after finding out that Madame Coth never even went there and that we went to the wrong temple. We are all fatigued :( Isabella should have sent us to the temple Leira (leer’a)
Mind you we did get the following bonus’s from dancing in the temple :
+4 to save vs any fear, pain, hopelessness or anger this adventure
Once we arrive at the temple of Leira we see that is in complete destruction except for 4 mirrored doorways, 3 with color 1 clear, colors are blue green and red in the only uncluttered or damaged area in the temple.
As we enter the temple a Magic Mouth speaks up and gives us clues to the mirrors to enter the correct one to save Madame Coth.
We finally figured out after a few minutes of much conversation that Madame Coth is in the “clear”/white glass area. We all go thru and see Madame Coth caught up in chains. We eventually break her free, after Al’Eli-ane herself gets caught in some (he he), and she leaves via a ring portal spell.
Inside this room we find : scroll of protection from Devils, magic Missle scroll 9th level, potion of Cure Serious, Potion of Strength – Hill Giant 2d4 rounds, Bastard Sword +2 on bodies in a room
We then leave this room to go thru another portal only to be greeted by a Death. The Death character points at Al’Eli-ane and says “I am come for you!” The party attacks the Death only to find out that if you attact it it splits off another one to attack them.We wind up being attacked by 4 Death. After a long battle we eventually defeat the last Death.
When the last Death disapears we get a devil that asks a question that we must answer correctly we get 6 mins to give the correct answer.
This is the riddle we received :
“The rules are very simple. I will ask you a question. You then have six minutes to discuss the answer amongst yourselves. At the conclusion of that time you will give me an answer. Are you ready? The question is:
The path of life is strew with challenges,
workers toil, hands grow callused.
A reading of cards spread out on a table,
Look closely at them, while you are still able.
The man on my right held five cards with three ace,
While the lady to my left a straight from her to her face.
A vampire sat close to the lady, his hand a high flush to a delicate stone,
A foolish gnome sat two seats to my right, his hand he folded with only a pair of his own.
Now, no one held a card under an eight, and the only king sat in my plate, the aces had friends, two lovely eights.
The lady to my left held five lonely clubs. Now I won this hand, and if you are able, please tell me the hands that played at this table?”
We got it wrong. As we went to rest in the area we got ported back to our rooms, so we could not finish the area
The next day we see Madame Coth and she gifts us with a bolt of silk cloth for each of us in a colour that we wanted and 60 GP each.

Orcs Galore
War #5

Players Present: Ai’eli-ane, Bela, Dresden, Mok, Rowan

Players Absent: None

In an earlier adventure our intrepid group met up with a ranger of the city, Sir Roger D’Morlain. At that time he had found a valley of orcs that has lived undisturbed for over a century. How they managed we have no idea.

Today General “Ogresbane” conscripts the party into helping out about the orcs. His real name is General Briandon Obespieri, but again, people just call him Ogresbane. He drills the party for a week and then sends them to see Sir Ranger to gain some information, and then their mission will be to find the lost valley of the orcs.

The party is off to see Sir Roger, D’Morlain. (photo from last winter!)
He draws a map on how to get to the area, or at least as best he can since it has been several months and now things are finally being followed up on. He gives what information he has, and the group is to set off. Before the City can get out of the city, the temple of Selune is under attack.

Our heroes find the temple under assault but there is a Lieutenant of the enemy. Thunderhips was leading an attack and where he succeeded in all but destroying the temple, and ending the life, or stealing away Mirial from us. At this point she is presumed dead. The menagerie killed off some of the attackers and then Thunderhips grabbed a few of his troops, and Word of Recalled out, somehow able to teleport about when we could not. After saving whom they could, the group sets off.

The trip was frought with danger, and the group managed to avoid a patrol of the enemy that might have made the mission impossible had the enemy known we were in the area. Eventually they come to an enemy camp in the road right where the entrance to the hidden valley is. Well with spells and silence the group sneaks in the entrance.

Here they are approached by a group of enemy orcs, but upon parlay they are the orcs the group is looking for, but the orcs think we are the enemy. They eventually agree to let us see their leader and that we are a different group of outsiders. Some of their people are trapped/captured by our mutual enemy and we want to help, but they refuse because we are not family.

Well we figure out that we can become family, by going through a ritual that all of their children go through when becoming adults. The ritual shall remain secret, and is not for the outside world to know or understand, but at the end, we are a part of the tribe. All know bear the mark of the trible, a scar/burn in the shape of a tusk on the left hip.

Now we can help rescue the trapped members, this is actually a very easy task with the help of the tribe, and we bring everyone back safe, and chase off the enemy. We are told to come back and speak to the orcs when the time is right, and they will help with pushing the enemy out.

All members are discharged from the army honorably and the city thanks us and pays us for our service.


The Search for the Truth

Players Present: Kodaly Bela, Tepal, Morrin Telemnar, Sir Dresden Drumheller

Presented by:
Mr Pointy and his familiar Mok the Powerful Wizard

Act I:
At an emergency meeting with Judge Rupert T. Hangman and acting mayor Belanor, our band of adventures were given details of the problems the city is facing and how they feel the adventurers might be of service. After Belonor left to meet with enemy leaders outside the city, Judge Hangman impart a few additional words of encouragement and told them the real reason they were called upon. With that the faithful band of heroes set out to find evidence of Belanor’s involvement in the kidnapping of Lord Mayor O’Kane.

Act II:
Of course nothing is ever that easy for our heroes. In route to Belanor’s room at the Sleepy Dwarf tavern chaos ensued. They upon a detachment of city guards being forced back into a small building by a large hoard of ethereal spiders . Many had already fallen to the deadly creatures, including the great Sirrus Melandor. Hey, didn’t he die once before. Oh well, I guess he was only “mostly dead” that time. Even after killing the foul beasts the party had no time to recover. Smoke began rising from a nearby building. A fire here could spread to the entire district and it is up to them to rescue those still trapped in the building as well as put out the fire. Real shame Mok wasn’t there with the staff of fire extinguishing. Of course our companions saved the poor souls trapped within and thru great effort saved the district from fiery death.

Act III:
Finally making it to the Sleepy Dwarf Tavern and a bit of searching the 1st clue of Acting Lord Mayor Belanor’s involvement was found. Moving on to Belanor’s official government offices more damning evidence was recovered including some burnt papers. Belanor was either the worst war mayor ever or he was working for the enemy. I’m thinking both are true. After returning to Hangman with the evidence and a bit of help from Hathmar Blademark to mend the burnt scraps of paper, the party recieves it’s final order. Arrest Acting Lord Mayor Belanor. DUN DUN DUNNN….

Act IV:
Warrant in hand the band caught up to Belanor at the North Gate. He had returned to the city void of the remaining diplomatic members that traveled with him to the enemies camp. When presented with his arrest warrant he first tried to talk his way out of it. That didn’t go so well. Left with no way out he proceeded to try killing everyone in sight, including the dozen city guardsmen in the area. Fortunately the reverent of Sirrus Melandor showed up and protected the guardsmen from Belanor’s wrath. Quickly beaten down by our heroes Belanor was taken into custody.

Act V:
It seems that the enemy enchanted Belanor in some way, and that this enchantment could have possibly caused Belanor to turn the Mayor and other city leaders over to the enemy. Belanor was sentenced to 200 years in the Ilwater Prison while the investigation continues.

Experience: 3000+War

The Goods:
Potions – Fly, Neutralize Poison, Enlarge, Waterbreathing, Gaseous form, and Darkvision
Six diamonds worth 300 gp
Each recieved Sirrus’s ring of protection +1


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