Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Special Mission - Part 1
LC5-134-HUD14-Part 1

Players Present: Pimfire, Xavier, Clearice, Dalarn, Omega
Absent: Ellae
NPCS: Lord Blacktree, Hathmaar Blademark, Hobbittino Family, Mok
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire

Discussion/Side note: We are approaching the end of the Underdark series; as such, they are becoming incredibly lethal. If we fail to retrieve the orb of protection we will have to live with the consequences of such. We are given, as much time as needed to complete this mission, do not worry about how many game sessions it may take.

Mission Objective: : To infiltrate the city of Nykhandthandar and plant as many bombs as we can along with a red summoning disc at our target location. They must go undetected for at least 24 hours to give troops time to prepare before they invade through them. This mission involves more then one group so we will be using both our high levels as well as our low levels for this.

Game Summary as per Pimfire:

It started out in Raven’s Deep where Lord Blacktree announced to the people that with the drow invasion looming it was decided we would counter strike and attack Nykhandthandar before they could march upon us since we would be outnumbered if they attacked, surprise would be our only advantage against superior numbers.

Four groups of adventurers chosen to infiltrate the drow city and plant bombs and summoning discs at key locations that must remain undetected for at least 24 hours. At no point should we engage in combat or blow our cover, to that effect various clothing of disguise and tools were handed to each of us to enable us a chance at pulling this at. Greater Hats of Disguise, Dust of Disappearance and a red pill in case things went south that would at least make our end swift so we couldn’t be tortured for information were prominent.

Groups / Targets given

  • Group 1: Midnight Menagerie – House E’Dyllym, the Second House
  • Group 2: Hobbittino Family – Fighters’ School
  • Group 3: Twilight Menagerie – Market Place and Slave Pens
  • Group 4: Hathmaar Blademark & Friends – School of Magic

We would get further information once we traveled through the Astral Plane to arrive at the remains of the destroyed seventh house of Nykhandthandar as to the exact location to place the red discs at our targets locations.

With our targets chosen, we prepared our disguises:

Midnight Menagerie Disguises – based on pretending to be slavers/slaves

  • Pimfire – Drow Wizard, piwafwi worn
  • Clearice – Drow female warrior, with a low-level priestess ability
  • Omega – Half-Orc Slave/Bodyguard, wearing chains with movement
  • Dalarn – Duergar Guard
  • Xavier – Drow Warrior
  • Ellae –

Twilight Menagerie Disguises – based on pretending to be merchants/guards/shoppers

  • Amuka – Merchant Mongrel who does poorly at business
  • Zimb (Omega) – Drow Wizard
  • Veth – In a summoning cage familiar for Zimb’s Drow Wizard
  • HK-58 (Clearice) – Duergar Warrior
  • Michaela – Kobold slave assist to mongrel merchant

As the other groups prepare we see the Hobbittino Family (Halflings) dressed in impeccable suits pull out, what appears to be portable holes, unfold them, and then a small army of Halflings step out of some carriages and jump into them. Once done the leader and his men fold the holes up and put them in their pockets like they were handkerchiefs.

Mok who was there for the briefing informs us this may be the last time he sees us and then casts a spell to teleport somewhere. As the other groups step into the Astral Plane portal we await our turn only to see what appears to be a minotaur looking exactly like Eilistraee appear beside Omega and whisper something in a blink disappear again. We questioned him about what she said and he informed us that on the prime material plane, Lolth cannot really reach us but in places like the Astral, she could send her minions after us.

We step into the portal, arrive in the astral plane and orient ourselves based upon sight of the Hobbitino’s we see ahead of us. We know they are 15 minutes ahead based upon the intervals we all departed from. Some weird streaks of blackness we see in the distance and Clearice shouts out a warning of a Dragon! Suddenly we make out the Ancient/Great Wyrm Shadow Dragon we tangled with while defending Kandelspire.

In a quick pass, it spews a cloud of darkness, which blinded and drained Xavier and myself of our strength. Without any strength, Xavier was unable to lift his bow. Nevertheless, Xavier refused to flee and stood with the rest of the group to fight knowing we had at least 15 minutes of travel left we would never make it. I kept going for the exit unable to lift my arms to help.

Dalarn’s Axes seem to hurt the foul dragon. Omega actually ran away at this point as the dragon bellowed in rage. Clearice realized it might be vulnerable to the holiness of Dalarn’s Axes and chose to channel positive energy at it. This caused a huge explosion that hurt both it and Clearice flinging them away from each other.

Now the Dragon decided to switch tactics and keep his distance doing strafing runs at the group. It stays out of range of Clearice’s magic and Dalarn’s axes all the while attempting to destroy them with powerful enchantments and its breath attacks. With a bit of luck they manage to survive these attempts.

Finally, my vision restored I was able to see the problem. Then I realized I could do one thing that might change the tide of this battle. I cast dimension door to bring myself back to my friends since that only required my voice something I could still use. Dalarn and I waited for the Dragon’s next pass where I then teleported us both onto its back. Dalarn was able to use his axes all he wanted while riding the Dragon finally defeating the creature and sending it back to whatever shadow dimension it came from. I know we did not finish it off fully enough to destroy such an Ancient and Powerful dragon but for now, it will not be troubling anyone.

We made our way to the portal and arrived at the seventh house of Nykhandthandar. Finally catching up to the other groups already there, we meet our contacts who managed to reverse the dragon’s breath effects on us, restoring us to our full selves albeit weaker in magic. It was then I chose to cast a spell I had a friend of Mok teach my ring of spell knowledge to prevent scrying attempts against us. Once done our contacts then gave the Twilight Menagerie further directions to the marketplace, where they are to meet with the Master of Trade on the


To be handed out at the end of the adventure/mission

Will Somebody Please Close That Gate - Part 2
LC5-133-HUD13-Part 2

Players Present: Pimfire, Xavier, Clearice, Dalarn, Ellae
Absent: Omega
NPCS: Lord Blacktree
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire

Discussion/Side note: Matt(Omega) was unable to attend game due to exams and posted such prior to game time.

Mission Objective: Deliver the missive to Lord Blacktree down in Ravens Deep / retrieve soldiers from outpost / GET THE HECK OUTTA Abyss

Dear Journal,

I remember we all just stood there for what felt like hours. Talking, Yelling, Shouting out Ideas on what the heck was going on. Standing on a giant chess board as chess pieces staring across at monsters that are still as statues not moving. We all knew the moment someone moved they would respond in kind. The question was how where we going to get to take out their King Piece without some of us dying. Also it seemed Omega was not responding but standing stunned. We were not sure if he even got teleported/transported or whatever the heck was done to us that brought us to this time and place along with us.

  • Shadow & Dalarn are Knights
  • Pimfire & Xavier are Rooks
  • Clearice & Ellae are Bishops
  • Omega is the King

Finally I took the plunge and moved, in response so did one of the enemies pawns. After that we kept taking a turn or moving based upon a group consensus until we had gotten ourselves into a horrible situation where I was the only one able to keep Omega (our king) from being taken by the enemy queen (a Marilith). In return Shadow managed to put their King in check during which the enemy queen made a move against me and despite my bravery severed my head from my body in one quick rush of blows. It seemed the standard rules of being in check didn’t apply. That or they didn’t care. Shadow stepped forth and attacked their King quickly defeating him.

Have you ever fallen from an impossible height for what felt like eternity all the while your head is staring straight at your body from about 5 feet away from it? New Experiences are fun and enlightening but I wouldn’t care to repeat that one. Suffice to say when we won the board fell out from under us and we went along on another astral projected fun ride throughout the Abyss.

Suddenly we are on a large chamber with a Dias and our gear is before us. Statues of Driders decorate the place along with artwork of Lolth and her minions. Out of the shadows appear a stunning drow female in high robes with armor beneath it. Of course who else but Eilistraee and with a passionate kiss wraps her arms around Omega and whisks him away to what I can only assume was another night of passion leaving us standing there stunned in what is obviously Lolth’s throne room of all places.

We quickly put our gear on. Not a moment too soon as spiders pour out from everywhere and a sense of evil power grows until a breathtakingly beautiful drow female appears on the throne. We can feel her hate from her gaze, gee I wonder who this could be, Yup Lolth. We are all unable to meet her gaze only Xavier seems able to meet it as he looks at her defiantly. Talk about Brave, or stupid.

She addresses us finally and says something along the lines of “You are as lowly to me as Gnats. However even they can get under the skin and be irritating and need to be dealt with then.” She blames us for breaking her rules and killing her minions and spiders and defiling temples and such. Then she tells us our actions could not go without punishment and looks at Xavier. Not only does he have a tattoo from a drow house marking him as an enemy to most drow but he is standing there just meeting her gaze showing no indication of bowing or subservience that is usually given to her royal arachnidic highness. So she says “You couldn’t be so foolish to enter here, and we have an eternity for me to teach you.”

All I know is she moved up to him, there was the sound of someone getting slapped and Xavier went down like a sack of potatoes. What does my BOY do? he gets back UP! Looks her in the eyes again! lightly touches the permanent hand print she left on his face and says with no malice “is that all you got?”

Now it’s about at this point a sensations of power comes flooding back to most of us and we realize we didn’t have any magical or divine power. With a flash one of Dalarn’s dwarven priests appears behind me and tells him this fight isn’t for him, touches him on the shoulders and whoosh! he’s Planar shifted presumably to Ravens Bluff and the safety of his bed and a tavern. I do this thing where I believe Clearice could just Planar Shift us all out of there and attempt to give her the chance only to find she can’t do that no more now she’s a priestess of Lathander and in her infinite wisdom attempts a True Seeing only to have her eyes melted right out of the sockets! She’s screaming in pain on her knees.

Xavier actually tells Lolth “I hear you as a God but I don’t hear you” and smites her! well damn I’ve seen someone get FLANSE’d before and it’s not something that a sane person can stomach watching but what she did to Xavier in response made a Red Wizard of Thay look like a 1st year apprentice suffering from a stutter and unable to cast the most basic cantrips. Luckily for him and us Dalarn’s priest opens a portal and I quickly hightail it out of there along with the rest of the gang with a simple Bardic Escape spell. Unfortunately the priest had to stay behind to hold the portal open for the rest of us to teleport through as he refused the benefit of the spell. With a thud we land in the chamber of life and the portal slams shut to an intense scream of rage and pain. We can only hope his end was quick and she hasn’t kept him for torture.

With the help of the magical waters in the Chamber of Life we slowly get Xavier’s skin put back on and Clearice is able to regenerate her eyes back into her eye sockets. We make our weary way to Ravens Deep and get reunited with Dalarn and Omega. Not only that but the entire Midnight Menagerie is present as we are told most, if not all, the adventurers in the city have gathered to help deal with the drow threat from Nykhandthandar once and for all.


Robe of scintillating color = Party Treasury
Wooden longsword +3 (1d6 B damage) = Xavier
Spyglass of Detection (True seeing for 1 minute, 200 to 600ft. range, twice per day) = Ellae
Needle made of Star Metal = Dalarn
Battleaxe +2 of Ghost Touch = Party Treasury

Will Somebody Please Close That Gate - Part 1
LC5-133-HUD13-Part 1

Players Present: Pimfire, Xavier, Omega, Clearice, Dalarn, Ellae
NPCS: Lord Blacktree
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire

Discussion/Side note: Skipping game next week for a Summer Break, Introduced new character by BOB whom is a witch named Ellae. Went over our knightly oaths. Pimfire become a Knight of the Golden Crown Roosters.

Mission Objective: Deliver the missive to Lord Blacktree down in Ravens Deep / retrieve soldiers from outpost

Dear Journal,

I want to set the record straight about the latest tale that is making the rounds in the taverns. Something important they have left out. While we were on Mount Celestial Midael introduced us to a plucky adventurer named Ellae. He told us we’d need his assistance if we were to retrieve the orb of protection, stop the heart of bane from destroying the entire prime material plane and to deal with the movements of a new threat we’ve been receiving warnings about lately called the Phaerimm. I recall that we learned a bit about them from Solitaire when we rescued the followers of Eilistraee from the Underdark drow before our run to save the Clan Glimmering Sword.

That being said once we made it back to Ravens Bluff we were given a night to recover from our exploits before a group of handpicked guards mostly from the Knights of the Ravens escorted us down into the Underdark to deliver the scroll to Lord Blacktree in Ravens Deep. Our journey was surprisingly quick with no threats. Something I must confess I was not expecting. Once there Lord Blacktree took stock of the information while we checked out the improvements to Ravens Deep, and not a moment too soon.

The next day we received word that the Drow were moving in force against Ravens Deep. We were dispatched to one of the outposts to retrieve the soldiers and bring them back alive to protect Ravens Deep against the oncoming horde. When we arrived at the checkpoint, we found a portal, demons, drow and dead soldiers everywhere.

Naturally, we charged into combat, Omega was even able to drop a Glabrezu in a single exchange of blows! I rushed to control the field and stop a bunch of Vrocks from dancing and summoning a powerful enchantment only to have them turn on me the moment I foiled their dance recital. You could say, “They got SERVED!” The rest of our group attempted to deal with the many spiders and drow only to discover the drow were actually handmaidens of Lolth herself called Yochlols. With more demons, pouring out of the portal Clearice attempted to stop them but not before a Balor strode onto the field crushing a few of his own allies just to fit. With more eyes and the feeling of even greater demonic presences beyond the portal, she stepped into it to destroy it, possibly sacrificing herself in the process, only to cause a powerful backlash that felt like it killed all of us.

Yet we awoke in what appeared to be a child’s dollhouse as marionettes! Everything was made of wood, straw and such. Without any weapons or our gear, we explored the place to find ourselves indeed in a child’s playhouse on a table inside a room that was either massive sized for gargantuan giants or else we had been shrunk. The fact is that did not matter but getting out did. Using a spool of thread and a metal needle we made our way to the floor and from there and Tymora’s guidance we choose to explore a shelf that contained other puppets like us to find they were various creatures such as an Illithid, lich, gnome, elf, displacer beast, dwarf and beholder. All seemed to have been tampered with as if an evil child ripped them apart and rebuilt various pieces with metal or different implements. They were non-responsive and most likely dead. We took the pieces we felt held power such as a cape and a weapon and the like.

It was at this moment a drow child entered the room. She proceeded to threaten us with her giant sized hands and when we rebuffed her she stuffed us into a basket and took us to a pantry where she was knocked down by a giant puppy like spider, this in turn spilled us out onto the floor. We scattered to various safety, myself under the shelves while the rest took off to explore either the pantry or the freezer locker. With a bit of luck and such it was discovered our true selves were hung inside the freezer and blood magic might have been used to turn us into puppets, Dalarn, Ellae and Clearice manage to open one of the jars of our blood. This freed Xavier’s hound Shadow who grew to match the girl and spider in size. Before they realized it Shadow had ripped the spider and girl to shreds and were able to free the rest of the blood vials to restore ourselves.

We collect our doll versions of self and amazingly the strange items we found stayed with us when we put ourselves back into the body. Omega has an Axe, Dalarn a Needle, Pimfire a Shiny Cloak, Clearice a telescope, Xavier a longsword. We started to examine them but again a strange pulling feeling overcame us and we get vaulted back into nothingness and catapulted across what we assume is Lolth’s layer of the Abyss. What we see is best not described. We suddenly appear on a Chessboard in these positions

  • Shadow & Dalarn are Knights
  • Pimfire & Xavier are Rooks
  • Clearice & Ellae are Bishops
  • Omega is the King

Across from us, we could see things were dire as there were a completely full side of monsters it seemed we must beat. Well if I do not make it, I hope our record survives and makes it back to Mok’s hands so he can devise a way to rescue us or at least recover our bodies for proper burial.


To be handed out at the end of the adventure/mission

Blood Under Kandelspire - Part 2

Players Present: Pimfire, Xavier, Omega, Clearice, Dalarn
NPCS: Prince Bleth Balehammer of Glimmering Sword, Gunther Beermop, Thane Golgi Balehammer of Kandelspire, Culgar, Shrista, Totgarth, Tilmorg, Yelthorian Munstrabur, Midael (Solar)
Deities We Meet:

  • Moradin (God of dwarves, creation, smithing, protection, metalcraft, stonework)
  • The Red Knight (Lady of Battle, deity of strategy, planning, and tactics)
  • Tymora (Goddess of good fortune, skill, victory, adventurers)
  • Waukeen (Goddess of trade, money, and wealth)
  • Lathander (God of spring, dawn, birth, youth, vitality, athletics)
  • Chauntea (Goddess of agriculture, farmers, gardeners, summer)
  • Tyr (God of justice)
  • Torm (God of duty, loyalty, obedience, paladins)

Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire

Discussion/Side note: Discussed Pimfire giving up a Feat called Manyshot for the next month so start of August will have Fleet (+5 movement)

A story being told by many bards throughout the taverns of Ravens Bluff currently

So there the mighty hero’s of Midnight Menagerie where faced with a task to retrieve a scepter, awaken a sleeping angel and somehow hold back the tides of a vast army of drow and their minions while the dwarves and folk of Kandelspire retreated to safety through a magic portal.

What do you think they did folks? Did they run away? NO! They set out on their quest through enemy lines to a land beyond a strange portal where they encountered prehistoric like drow who where trained by a dwarf! The mighty Lord Omega challenged the tribal leader in fair combat and won! Being the humble warrior he instead asked for a favor to be allowed to go to the Caverns of Doom in the defeated chieftains place rather then take up the mantle of leadership for the tribe. Lo-and-Behold his request earned him great respect and honor from the entire tribe who allowed him and the rest of the Menagerie permission to visit the Caverns of Doom from whence no one has ever returned.

There Lord Omega puts a fallen follower of Ellistraee cursed with vampirism and entombed for all eternity out of his misery, the group frees an Efreet named Yelthorian Munstrabur from a terrible curse of cold and in thanks are given directions on how to proceed through the Caverns. Finally the group reaches the end of the caverns and retrieves the scepter from it’s resting place. They return to find the dwarves of Kandelspire prepared to fight and flee once they awaken the Protector Midael the Solar.

How best should I describe the chaotic battle that took place that day but to use the hero’s own words themselves:

Sir Dalarn mac Conloch Runeaxe of Clan Ironstar and hero of the retreat of Kandelspire stood enlarged by magical means as a giant amongst his brethren dwarves fighting intensely every-time a dwarf fell his fighting became more focused, Intense, and desperate with each swing of his axes claiming a foes life. Finally seeing Thane Golgi Balehammer fall to an overwhelming horde he reached down and grabbed him in one of his giant hands and with a mighty toss threw the Thanes body through the Portal so that he would not be lost and perhaps maybe even revived by powerful clerical magic. Dalarn then made the decision that he would not cross the portal while even one other living dwarf was still on that wide of the rift. When it started he was ready to die for his people so the enemies did not matter to him, neither in numbers of strength. Let it be known never has a Dwarf shown his colors more true then that day, many a dwarven child shall grow up to revere his heroics for the Glimmering sword clan.

Xavier Cross paladin of Chauntea with his powerful bow stood amongst the archer dwarves a full 2 heads taller was focused on taking care of stragglers and knowing exactly how far off an ancient Shadow Dragon was taking shots upon it when it flew close. He wasn’t too worried about the dwarves because he knew that Omega and Dalarn would be the last ones through the gate and they wouldn’t leave anyone behind. Neither would Xavier leave his friends behind. When they got through the gate, he felt exhilarated at being picked up by the divine creatures that were there and seeing all the survivors there.

Lady Clearice Eilif was was stunned by the mass of forces that were bearing down on them and the hard battle they would certainly be facing. The odds were certainly against them even as the battle was just starting and from up on high she could clearly see this. She began the battle trying to minimize the casualties through the power of her healing abilities. Once the more perilous waves began coming forth she decided that offense might be best to quell the storm of enemies. As the battle raged on things became more and more desperate until she heard a familiar voice urging her to accept his help in this struggle. At this point, Clearice had started to feel more torn accepting help from a demon lord as she was starting have doubts that he was as helpful as he had seemed, but seeing they were in such dire circumstances she felt she must do all she can to help even if it risked her own soul. She accepted his help causing her blade barriers to become a writhing mass of sickly green blades flooding the area they sprouted from in acidic waves of blood. This was much more effective than her previous attacks and struck fear in her enemies but it was still not enough to slow the coming tides so when she once again felt the familiar whisper in her ear she made a horrible mistake. Knowing it was likely evil to even imagine using the enemies dead against them she felt it was all she could do to slow the tide. She asked this of of the demonic voice to which he maliciously obliged by not raising the dead of the enemy but fallen dwarves who we had been fighting alongside up until now. They rose as vampires numbering over 100 swiftly killing all who stood in their path as Clearice looked on in horror of the fiendish act she had committed. For the voice in her head was none other then the demon Lord Graz’zt. She heard it’s final words rang mockingly in her head, “For you? I would do anything..” and with that she cried as stepped through the portal with the last of defenders.

Sir Pimfire Tyndal inspired many a dwarf that day as he took to the skies upon summoning a group of Pegasus (Plural: Pegai) for himself and a squad of archers. There they rained death down upon tanari forcing a Marilith to retreat even. He watched in horror as a giant spider construct stomped through Kandelspires gates and rushed to the huddled masses fleeing through the portal and with a wave of a wand managed to blast it and slow it down enough until help arrived from a Giant Lord Omegasun to deal with it. It is said he summoned stars that shone with daylight to blind the drow and silence the priestess of Lolth, buying time for the defenders to flee. With another word he transported his group of flying avengers towards the portal but not before they managed to grab a fallen comrade each and throw him/her over their Pegasus.

Lord Omega you might ask where was he? Why he was made a giant as well through magical means and if it wasn’t for his efforts that Giant Spider construction that Pimfire slowed would have eventually blocked the portal but Omega picked it up and twirled it around smashing drow and their minions alike only to hurl it at the massive Arach-Zanilith temple which was lumbering forward. Yes he hurled a giant spider at a massive spider folks much to Lolths priestess woe. Somewhere you know Lolth must have smiled for the chaos and irony of such an act but don’t mistake he’s probably on her most wanted list for such a sacrilegious act.

Finally as the last stepped through the portal it closed upon the face of Arach-Zanilith itself gouging part of it’s face off and dropping it into the Lake the survivors found themselves in. They had arrived to a safe haven, heaven or Celestial in fact for before them was Mount Celestia.

Among the confusion the group was given a moment to speak with Midael who gave them the vital information on the orb of protection they had been seeking along with help reaching Arvandor for a moment so that seed from the Tree of Life could be planted. It was then he informed the group of Clearices corruption from a demon lord and seen only an elf could perform this act Xavier a half-elf was given leave to step through a portal and plant the seed releasing the elven souls which he did before stepping back through the portal.

Now you might think there deeds stopped here? you would be wrong for with a moments warning they were told the Gods themselves wished to speak with the mighty hero’s.

Stepping forth from the mists which came up to surround them were Moradin, The Red Knight, Tymora, Waukeen, Lathander, Chauntea, Tyr and Torm. Each of the hero’s was greeted by one or more of these gods.

Sir Pimfire Tyndal watched as Tymora herself greeted him with admonishment for calling on her all the time, then for not calling on her enough in recent times since she’d grown fond of him. She took his lucky coin and upon inspecting did indeed pronounced it lucky and decided to keep it for herself but in exchange she gave him a special coin of her own with her face stamped upon it and instructions to call upon her favor more often. With a single kiss to his cheek she left. His heart lurched for while he says he has met many a beauty in his time including Selune herself none could match the love and tenderness that Tymoras kiss left upon his cheek and heart.

Lord Omegasun was greeted by the Red Knight and told she is pleased for his power in battle in her father Tempus name, She asks that he disarm and he does only to watch as she picks up his Flachion and drives it straight into his chest! A moment of shocked silence by the hero’s as Omega stood with his own sword through his chest before everyone realized he wasn’t dead nor bleeding! As the sword is withdrawn from his chest a tattoo can be seen of the Red Knight herself and she swears no mortal blade shall penetrate his flesh easily.

Lady Clearice Eilif ex-follower of Chauntea now priestess of Waukeen stood humbled before the gods and goddess for upon arriving at Mt. Celestia Clearice could only feel pain and remorse for the horrible acts she had committed during that battle feeling the slimy taint of Graz’zt having corrupted her even as she burned in the waters of Mt. Celestia undeserving of her rescue. She sat feeling the burn of the Light on her freshly blistered skin realizing how much of a cretin she must seem like. Then when she was asked of the seed of the tree of life she felt even more ashamed being under the eye of an angel as he commanded her comrades to deliver the seed in her place only solidifying her feelings of depravity and self-loathing at what she had done. After the delivery of the seed, she could hardly believe what she was hearing from this Angel. He said the gods wished to have an audience with us.

She knew of course that she should not be another gods presence being now only fit for Graz’zt himself at this point and immediately threw herself to the ground in prostration to the beings of goodness and light that were to be here in but a moment. She did not react to the heartwarming moments between the others and their patrons as she felt she was undeserving to gaze upon such things at this point. When she finally felt the presence of her own deity she raised her head only to affirm what she felt she deserved as the last remnants of the light were stripped from her as Waukeen turned her back on her craven priestess. Even though she had seen it coming Clearice could not have prepared for the feeling of fear and pain associated with the loss of her divine grace. This was also coupled with the feeling of loneliness and trespassing as she sat in such a divine place while being such a despicable creature.

This feeling was not the end of her torment as Lathander stepped forward looking down upon Clearice making her feel like an insect before the might and grace of a mountain. He spoke of the wickedness that Clearice had performed but she had been unaware of the true evils she had performed as Lathander restored her memories of her month in service to Graz’zt and the abominable acts she had performed in his name and the innocent souls in which she had taken and sacrificed never to be given proper rest till the end of time. He also showed Clearice the true grotesque visage that was Graz’zt piling on more horror for the acts she had committed during that month and giving a new sickening layer to the vile corruption that coats her being and soul like a viscous oil. After being shown the truth of her actions Clearice felt only a hollow emptiness in her being having already been abandoned by her goddess and now being shown how deeply she has been corrupted she felt as if she were alone in a swirling bit of chaos like her own personal Island of the Abyss for which she felt she deserved, solitary and confined to stay here until the end of time never granted rest such as the souls she had destroyed. She felt irredeemable that nothing she had done could ever be forgiven but in this nearly endless moment of torment upon the sea of darkness surrounding her, she could see a light growing in the swirling mass of endless darkness. This light kept growing until she was truly blinded by it and the darkness was gone as if it had never existed.

This Light was the true form of Lathander in all of his brilliance and perfection. As she tried and failed to shield her eyes from the brilliance of the light she heard a voice. “Do you wish to seek redemption for your sins?” Clearice still could not see how she could ever be redeemed from what she has done but the warmth and brilliance of the light gave her a faint hope that maybe just maybe things could be made right. “Yes.” with that single word the Light faded into the form of Lathander towering before Clearice the taint of Graz’zt having been washed away leaving only the horrible memories as a testament to her sins burning freshly in her mind. As she rose from her knees she felt the void in her being filled by a new Light as she witnessed Chauntea step forth with Tyr. She felt sadness as she saw her old patron goddess knowing that she has failed her as well with her past deeds and vowed once again to seek atonement for the horrible acts she performed. Of course, Chauntea was not here for her but for Xavier as she said a single beautiful tear for him before turning away. This tear struck hard into Clearice as it must have with Xavier as she had let her down as well. Xavier’s sentencing for his actions was harsh but merciful and showed Clearice the true mercy of the Gods that neither of them were denied a chance at redemption. She told herself she would not squander such a precious gift as she accepted the scroll case with the information about the orb of protection that needed to be delivered.

Xavier Cross stood there unaware of what was to befall him. When the gods came and bestowed the gifts on Dalarn, he was happy for his friend, especially when he saw that his parents were there. When Tymora came and talked with Pim, he was sad that she didn’t seem to notice him, but got over it. He was shocked when Omega got stabbed and then happy for his reward. Scared for Clearice when her god turned away from her and happy that she wasn’t insta-killed by her new god. Sad when Chauntea shed a tear and then turned her back on him stripping him of his powers as a Paladin for he had committed a heinous act of killing an innocent dwarf who was turned into a beholder despite protests and warnings from his allies. Tyr himself sat in judgement over him ready to deliver a verdict of guilty when Torm stepped forth and offered him a chance at redemption by giving up his worldly things, atoning for his past and taking up the mantle of a paladin of Torm to fight in his name. Sacred of the sentence Tyr would bring he accepted the conditions of Torm and Tyr warned him not to falter in his duties as there would be no more chances from his Justice.

Sir Dalarn mac Conloch Runeaxe of Clan Ironstar first thought was that he had failed and they had all died. Especially after the Solar apologized before they showed up. So he was in awe but also relieved when the spoke to us. Moradin destroyed Ebony Shadow a powerful axe he was using which saddened him, it had over a thousand years of Dwarven history and had held up well for him. It also seemed to be a waste of Dwarven craftsmanship and the legacy of its maker. Moradin empowered his ancestral axes and told him never to use any other weapons but these. Then Moradin gifted him with a visit from his parents souls. He actually shed a tear when he seen his family, and was honored beyond words at it. As far as everyone else went he was shocked and confused by Omega’s stabbing till he seen he was okay. He was indifferent to Pim’s but it seemed to make Pim happy so Shrug. He was glad to see Clearice cleansed, as he had suspected she was under an evil influence, since she could cast like she was and had not spoke of difficulty getting her spells while in the demon web pits. He was vindicated by Xavier’s situation. He remembered the remorseless death of one of his kind at Xavier’s hands and had not forgot or forgave it himself.

Then my friends the hero’s left Celestial along with the remains of the Kandelspire citizens and lead them here to Ravens Bluff. That is how Clan Glimmering sword once thought lost found it’s way back.

Knightly Honors

1 recommendation from Semmunsal Silverspear, Cornel of the Highbank Forest Elves, to any knighthood

Omegasun and Dalarn
Griffon Feather Necklace (Griffon): This necklace is adorned with the purest feathers from a noble griffon mount. This honor is awarded for a knight’s actions of reckless courage that inspires others to accomplish a great victory over a powerful enemy.

Golden Crest(Phoenix): This honor is a large gold charm of an ornate shield with the heraldic symbol etched on it. It is the highest honor given by the Knights of the Phoenix; this honor is bestowed upon a knight who travels to the Planes in order to thwart a plot against the city of Ravens Bluff. The knight involvement must be a critical part of the success of the mission and without that involvement the plot would have succeeded.

Pimfire and Xavier
Ivy Crown (Military): Awarded to an individual knight (not a unit) for actions taken behind enemy lines that result in the rescue and return of a friendly unit, which would otherwise have been destroyed.

Past Honors earned

Dalarn Runeaxe for basically 1v1ing a Cornugon
Griffon Lance (Griffon Claw): This masterwork lance (type is knights choice) is made from a solid piece of ironwood and is considered of excellent quality. It is awarded to a knight defeating in one-on-one honorable combat a foe who is significantly more powerful than her.

Clearice for the Cornugon fight
Brass Talon: This honor is a finely crafted brass charm of a phoenix talon reaching out of a flame. It is bestowed upon a knight whose direct action resulted in the defeat of a free-willed planar creature that threatened the city or populace of Raven’s Bluff. Damn dimensional anchor.


Sir Omegasun, Lord of Ravens Bluff, Leader of the Midnight Menagerie, Senior Corporal of the Harbor Patrol, Knight of the Griffon, and Battle Commander of the Red Knight

Blessing of the Red Knight

  • Primary Weapon – +1 enhancement bonus.
  • Chest Tattoo of a Red Knight – DR 10/magic

Dalarn mac Conloch Runeaxe of Clan Ironstar, Son of Conloch and Isabold, Brother to Gethfrik, Friend to Clan Brightsword, Savior of Clan Glimmering Sword, Alaghor of Clangeddin, Defender of Ravens Bluff, and Squire to the Knights of the Griffon.

Axes of the Mother

  • magical transference of all the properties of Ebon Shadow to your +2 Ancestral Dwarven Waraxe and an additional +1 enhancement bonus
  • your +2 Holy Ancestral Waraxe gains an additional +1 enhancement bonus

Sir Pimfire Tyndal, President of Dirgeflame Consortium, Scholar and Loremaster, Defender of Ravens Bluff, Knight of the Golden Rooster, and Proud Father

Tymora’s Kiss

  • this copper coin depicts a kissing face on one side and hugging arms on the other.
  • It confers sonic resistance 15
  • it also confers the powers of a Stone of Good Luck upon any devout worshiper of Tymora who possesses it.

Lady Clearice Eilif, Priestess of the Light, Defender of Ravens Bluff, and Squire to the Knights of the Phoenix

Lathander’s Acceptance

  • The return of the lost memories of your time with Graz’zt and of the atrocities you committed in his service
  • Alignment is changed to LG
  • Must spend the rest of your life trying to atone for the things you’ve done

Xavier Cross, Paladin of Torm, Defender of Ravens Bluff, and Squire the the Knights of the Phoenix

Tyr’s Judgement

  • Must give away all you possess to strangers who have nothing to retain your Paladin abilities
  • Must accept no charity from others
  • Must never own more the you can carry on your person (extra-dimensional spaces are cheating)
  • Must always display courage in the face of danger
  • Must use only the items provided by Torm until you earn better through deed or action (1 set of basic clothing, suit of chainmail, shield, and a +1 longsword)
  • Must never harm an innocent for any reason. Harm caused for the “Greater Good” is justification for those who lack the courage to find a better way. There is no “Greater Good”, there is only GOOD.
Blood Under Kandelspire - Part 1 - second session
LC5-131-HUD12-Part 2

Players Present: Pimfire, Xavier, Omega, Clearice, Dalarn
NPCS: Prince Bleth Balehammer of Glimmering Sword, Gunther Beermop, Lysanther Tarkenthal, Thane Golgi Balehammer of Kandelspire
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire

Discussion/Side note: We were spoken to regarding about Meta gaming. Spoke regarding the trade post for the books from the library and will use the forum posts for this to save on play time.

Dear Journal,

The following morning we woke up in Kandelspire and decided to pay a visit to a storyteller by the name of Lysanther Tarkenthal. We quickly learned he was the last of a line of elves and that his fellow elves passed away here by Lolth’s drow minions who have trapped their souls in the Demonweb pits. The only way to release their souls would be to visit a special tree referred to as the Tree of Life and gather a seed, then travel to Arvandor somehow and see it planted. Not an easy task as we are warned of some creature simply referred to as a Nightmare by Lysanther that Lolth has placed blocking his path to the tree. It has also weakened him greatly and he fears aged him beyond the ability for his magic to maintain his life much longer.

Without having to discuss it, we all agree to help him release the souls of his Kindred and he creates a portal leading near to the tree of life. Upon stepping out of the portal we encounter his nightmare alright, I can’t speak to what the others saw but I witnessed a giant sized version of my daughter Amuka get attacked and killed only to have her rise up and turn upon me. She chased me all over before I realized there was no way to fight it and decided to rush down into the building where a 100-foot tall person could not follow. I heard from Omega that Dolly grew and was spewing lava at him, Clearice babbled something about flying glass shards, Dalarn said he saw his father who kept trying to beat him, and Xavier just did not experience anything other than confusion over all of us.

We made it down into the temple of the Tree of Life, recovered the seed from an angel who was guarding the tree of life and returned to Lysanther. We gave him peace of mind and he gave us a few gifts before transferring his soul into the seed knowing we would find a way to Arvandor somehow to plant it and release the souls inside to their rightful resting place.

The next day there was a great feast and games in celebration of the Prince upcoming wedding to his beloved. The main attraction was a contest of strength, agility and determination, which was most enjoyable. Though my diminutive size made it hard to keep pace with my companions, throughout the obstacle course I was neck and neck with Omega for the lead since my agility allowed me to dodge or rush when others had to go a bit slower. The entire race came down to a mere second between 1st and 3rd place! Just as I was about to cross the finish line I stumbled only to watch Dalarn slip past myself and Omega to cross the line with his Beard of all things before Omega’s longer legs came down followed by my own. In the end Dalarn got a prized ring of Freedom while Omega and Myself received the runner up prizes.

Then just as the games died down later in the evening the Thane returns from his communing with protector and gives a rousing speech, the hallmark of any great leader I might add, only crack open the scroll we carried to read it and declare us traitors! Turns out it was a note stating we’d betray them by waking the protector and so doing bring down the sphere of protection keep the horde of drow from finishing them off. I realized the protector must be the Solar Midael that Umrae-vyll told us we would meet who had the information we needed to find the Orb of Protection why else would she say we’d betray them in a letter she had us carry otherwise. I got to say I expected a better plot from a High Priestess of Lolth as this felt like something a common male drow would come up.

I explained why we needed to speak to Midael to recover the orb of protection before the heart of bane pulled the entire Prime Material Plane into the abyss and killed everyone. Then we attempted to come up with some ways to save the dwarves perhaps get them to Ravens Bluff through a portal. Thane Golgi gave us directions on who last had the scepter needed to wake Midael and that he left many years ago through a green portal, which we realized was back the way we came next to the dark portal we took from Arach-Zanilith to reach here.

We quickly made our plans for retrieving the scepter while the dwarves would prepare for a mass evacuation when we returned and awoke Midael.


Spellbook of Lysanther Tarken’thalas = Party Treasury
Dozens of low level spells and Forcecage, power word – stun, incendiary cloud, and Bigby’s crushing hand.

Robe of the Archmagi (good) = Party Treasury

Rod of Thunder and Lightning = Clearice

Figurine of Wondrous Power – Griffon = Omega

Oathbow (Shortbow) = Pimfire

Quiver of Returning = Xavier
Any arrow removed from the quiver and shot from a magical bow will return to the quiver if it misses its mark.

Thundercracker = Dalarn (given to him by Beermop)

  • Warhammer +3, +4 Returning in the hands of a Dwarf. When hurled it returns at the beginning of the owners next turn.
  • When hurled deals +1d8 damage, +2d8 damage vs. Giants.
  • Thundercracker creates a cacophonous roar (like thunder)) on a critical dealing an additional +1d6 damage before being multiplied and the victim must make a DC 14 Fort save or be deafened permanently.
  • If wielded by a dwarf who also possesses magical gloves of strength and a belt of strength it gains the Giant Slayer property. Any Giant struck by this hurled weapon must make a DC 18 Fort Save or die instantly.


1st Place Dalarn = A Golden Ring of Freedom of Movement
2nd Place Omega = A wooden box with 500 pieces of minted platinum (clan Glimmering sword stamped)
3rd Place Pimfire = A platinum brooch worth 500g pieces. Symbol of Clan Glimmering Sword.

Honors and Such

+1 Chic Point for saving the kid. = Everyone
1 Knighthood Recommendation to any Knighthood from Cornel Semmunsal Silverspear = Everyone

Blood Under Kandelspire - Part 1
LC5-131-HUD12-Part 1

Players Present: Pimfire, Xavier, Omega, Clearice, Dalarn
NPCS: Lord Blacktree, , Mok, Umrae-vyll, Prince Bleth Balehammer of Glimmering Sword, Gunther Beermop (dwarven guard of Clan Glimmering Sword)
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire

Discussion/Side note: Got up to date with rewards from past adventures/updated logs. Next several adventures is super important. Missing will not result in no play BUT we will continue without a player or two and it’s HIGH risk! Staff of Life has 3 charges as of start of this session.

Dear Journal,

Finally I had some time to focus on studying the book of Denhart which I was given. Inside I was able to translate a song which seemed to indicate the Drow had stolen the Orb of Protection and where keeping it inside a temple called Arach-Zanilith in Nykhandthandar. Lord Blacktree confirms this very fact from his conversations with the followers of Eilistraee that we had saved. We are also informed that the Drow attacked and annihilated the village of Mare’s Crossing and killed Lord Nieven Moonglow in retaliation for us helping them to escape. Dark times.

We are given directions to a secret entrance along with 2 special potions of Duo-Dimension each which is supposed to make us skinny enough to fit into the slender crack of a “secret entrance”. One to get us inside and one to get out with the Orb if possible or information on its whereabouts if it has been moved. Mok is with us as this is a delicate mission that might require his services.

We find the entrance, drink our potions and proceed. Just as the effects are about to expire we come out into a cavern filled with screaming mushrooms, not a temple. We silence the mushrooms only to have phase spiders start popping in and around us. Mok and Clearice get dragged off into their ethereal home while Omega and Dalarn manage to beat them back one at a time.

Not knowing if they are alive and with no way to reach the ethereal plane, we press forward through the cavern to another crack. We finally decide to drink our escape potion hoping it leads to the temple that we can find another way out as now we’d be stuck otherwise. We finally reach what could only be the temple itself as a giant spider like structure stands in the next cavern. We got the impression we had crossed over into another dimension as well possible the demonweb pits themselves.

We enter the temple are greeted by a drow whom I manage to understand through use of an alter self ability granted by my clothes. She tells us to follow her and we oblige through many rooms decorated in ghastly and tacky style. The artwork is warped and wrong according to Dalarn and Xavier telling stories that never happened.

Finally we reach a huge antechamber used as a gathering sacrificial room I guess since there is a bound prisoner on an alter surrounded by female drow holding daggers and whips. We speak to the High Priestess Umrae-vyll who knows we seek the Orb of Protection and proceeds to reveal she is holding Clearice and Mok hostage. She gives us back Clearice to help us on a simple quest to deliver a message to Thane Golgi Balehammer a dwarf in Kandelspire, which the drow have been besieging for years and wish to see end, in return she will give us directions to a Solar named Midael who has information on the whereabouts of the Orb of Protection. Midael was a Solar who came to the Dwarven clan Glimmering Sword many years ago (roughly 800) and helped prevent them from extermination. He has been missing since. When we ask why she would help us it’s revealed the Heart of Bane itself has the power to pull the entire Prime Material Plane down into the Abyss which would lead to chaos, destruction and mayhem beyond anything anyone wants. After some divination from Clearice we agree. After all it’s just a message.

We step through a gateway and into a different plane, we approach a magical barrier designed to keep Lolth and her minions out (not us) and step through into Kandelspire. Some dwarves greet us and fetch Prince Bleth Balehammer. They remember the Midnight Menagerie as to them many years ago our group helped saved the remnants of their clan (but for some of us it has only been a couple years, Mok might be able to explain this whole Time Travel thingy better). We are informed the Prince is to wed soon and the Thane is communing with some being they call the Protector. Until then we are to wait and relax, enjoy their hospitality and partake of the wedding games approaching.

We first hit up a shop called Reltide’s Clothiers run by a human tailor. Clearice makes a deal for a fancy new cloak. Then we move onto Uthak’s armory but nothing strikes anyone’s fancy. Eventually we make it to the library where a gnome named Portius greets us and shows off his collection of books when we hear a scream. We rush off to check on it to find a young dwarven girl is stumbling and crying in the middle of the marketplace. A mine shaft fell or collapsed. People worry someone fell outside the defensive shell. We quickly make our way to this hole, go down and look for the boy where we come across an old building which might have been part of a mining operation just as we investigate the inside a terrible sight greets us, floating undead beholders called Death Tyrants.

All I know is the world went dark at this point, I turned and ran to try and get out of what is typical of such creatures anti magic eye cones in the hopes to regain my magical Darkvision only to stumble and fall down a flight of stairs, which I don’t remember being there. Apparently I snapped my neck falling and luckily Clearice came by after Omega managed to make friends with them using his special coin to revive me. I would hate to think that’s the way my story ended, a flight of stairs in a dark hole.

We found the dwarven boy who it turned out is our assigned guard Gunther Beermop’s son. He seemed very grateful for the rescue and we rest back in Kandelspire.

REWARDS to be given out at the end of the parts to this adventure

The Jig is Up!

Players Present: Pimfire, Xavier, Omega
Absent: Clearice, Dalarn
NPCS: Lord Blacktree, Lady Silverhawk/Eilistraee, Imala Alabanviir (high priestess of Eilistraee), Selagon Xythr, Gloxini and Ziozess (Medusa), Lieutenant Budge, Svirfneblin-Trolls, Followers of Eilistraee, Rebecca the high Priestess of the temple of Eilistraee in Ravens Bluff
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire

Discussion/Side note: Was known Clearice and Dalarn would not be present. Also there are about 7 adventures left in the Underdark side of things (probably take us 10 gaming sessions or so)

Dear Diary,

Cardio. My new hobby is jogging or running for a few hours every day no matter what. This means if I am on guard duty at night when off adventuring I run on the spot for the couple of hours I am awake. If I am back home in Raven’s Bluff, I go for a good jog every morning rain or shine. Why this sudden interest in cardio? Aside from the fact that all my friends are faster than me, it probably has to do with the fact that I had to spend weeks running for my life from a drow army chasing me throughout the Underdark.

It all started with the usual hush hush secret meetings with Lord Blacktree in Ravens Deep. We were introduced to Lady Silverhair or in Omega’s case re-introduced as apparently he’s met her before when she had horns?! Our mission seemed simple enough. Help locate and evacuate a bunch of refugees who were fleeing Nykhandthandar and we are to help them and escort them to the surface. They had important information regarding the Orb of Protection amongst other vital Intel.

We set out with Lady Silverhawk who teleported us through the Underdark into a scene of chaos. A group of drow with a hoard of slaves and monsters were battling another smaller group of drow who were hard pressed into a defensive stance. In rage, Silverhawk ordered us to attack and save the smaller group who wore strange garb we would learn belonged to followers of Eilistraee.

Silverhawk herself swelled up and grew larger doing something with a set of silver swords, which interlocked as she grew only to have them spin and unleash a blast of starfire similar to Mok’s silverfire power. Omega charged at a bunch of the drow soldier’s, Xavier opened fire against some drow riding Nightmares while I sought to destroy the large spiders roaming the battlefield. We quickly combined drove the force back to rescue the followers of Eilistraee. We introduce ourselves to them.

Imala Alabanviir, Niece of the Matron Mother of the First House of Nykhandthandar, is the group’s leader and high priestess of Eilistraee. We look around but can’t seem to find Lady Silverhawk at this point only to be informed that Imala believes she was Eilistraee herself who brought us to save them. Omega looked a little taken back by this, guess he did not know despite meeting her before. We are introduced to the rest of the followers of Eilistraee. As we make camp, more followers show up and it is decided that we should feast tonight in celebration of Eilistraee’s presence and saving them from certain death had we not arrived when we did to help. We pitch in with the chores. Omega helps with clearing the fallen; Xavier focuses on cooking a feast while I learn several new songs and dances and when the feast starts help entertain.

In the morning as the follower practice various sword routines Selagon Xytyr of the 4th house of Nykhandthandar walks right into camp and informs us that we had best get moving since we’ve angered the 2nd and 5th house who are even now marching an army to capture and kill us all. A warning of an advance scouting party sent ahead of us to slow us down and he leaves again as quickly as he arrived.

I attempt to lead us all out using the maps I have only to have to backtrack a few times. Before long, we hear the sounds of the army behind. So began my introduction to the need to improve my cardio. We reached a junction where we could have rushed to Ravens Deep for aid but Omega did not wish to lead a drow war band/army down upon them and I have to say that is the most sensible thing he has ever said. We kept running and pushed for the surface.

After many days of non-stop running from dusk to dawn or is it wake-up to lay-down since we are in the Underdark with no sun to really tell time? Anyways after many days, we finally get word from our scouts there is a group of trolls off to one-side tunnel mining gems! Not knowing what to make I figure it’d be best if we at least tried to figure out what they were doing or warn them of the Drow army. The followers of Eilistraee push on while we quickly investigate to find out they had been Svirfneblin who were turned permanently into Trolls by the advanced drow scouting party. We warn them of the danger and they join up with us but after running for a day we see coming up from behind is a large group of 50 drow riding huge spiders. The Svirfneblin-Trolls decide to make a stand to buy us time since they feel they can never return to Jacinth. I promise to pass along word to my contacts in Jacinth of their plight and how they stood their ground so their families would have closure.

It is the very night we parted company with the Svirfneblin-Trolls when Xavier and myself are on guard duty to see a silvery figure of Lady Silverhawk dance into camp and right up to the sleeping form of Imala. She beckons to her and Imala rises seeming to turn younger before our eyes. They dance for a bit before fading off. We wake the camp and the followers of Eilistraee feel awed and renewed in spirit knowing that they were traveling with a high priestess whom their Goddess deemed worthy and devotee enough. It seems the week or so of constant running was too much for Imala and she passed away in her sleep from exhaustion.

We continue onwards and we reach a cavern for a short breather only to watch as a strange man in a kilt steps out from the cavern wall. He warns us of not using clerical powers here, as it is dangerous since it is warded. We warn him of the drow army. He thanks us and introduces us to his wife and children. His wife is clearly a Medusa of sorts based upon her snake like hair. They introduce themselves as Gloxini and Ziozess. He takes his wife and child and steps back into the rock walls.

We press on for one more day and realize we are so very close to our goal. We think the surface may only be a half day or so journey left and worry that we have not encountered this advanced scouting party. We come upon a Y shaped section and have to decide to go Right or Left, I flip a coin and scream out Right only to hear Xavier say something about a “left hand rule” when in unknown territory. As our group rushes to the right tunnel, Selagon Xytyr steps forth from it to warn us again of the scouting party which is laying a trap down this pathway. He taunts me about always making sure to go “left” from now on and steps back into the darkness to disappear once more. We switch direction and head Right.

We keep going and eventually burst free into the sunlight! Blessed sunlight! I forgot about the sunlight. That is to say to warn the drow and the rest of the group. In seconds, anything magical from the Underdark starts to deteriorate beyond use. The followers of Eilistraee are overwhelmed by the brightness and the loss of the gear when we are greeted by a dwarven guard patrol. I warn them what is coming behind us we press on to Raven’s Bluff.

Lieutenant Budge greets us at the city gates and tells us he is to escort us to the Mayor. Mostly to protect the drow from harassment by the citizens. We finally meet the Mayor at her offices. I tell the tale of what is going on when suddenly a large man in chainmail with a scar down his cheek bursts in who appears to be a general of Shevarash. He apparently wants to kill all drow. The Lady Mayor asks the general to sit who keeps his eye on the drow. He says he is “here to do his duty” and the Lady Mayor tells him about the small army of drow coming towards us and that he might be more interested in dealing with them. He leaves. The mayor then says she will have a few people keep an eye on him so he does not cause any trouble.

She asks the drow women what they wish to do now they are free. One of them says Eilistraee has a shrine in the city and they wish to reside there if possible through use of the carriages. The mayor agrees. We help escort them there.

At the temple, we meet with Rebecca the high Priestess of the temple who is clearly wearing a mark that proclaiming her as a fellow Knight of the Golden Rooster. Because of our selfless act, we are to be seen as friends of Eilistraee everywhere and our names are etched into a stone in their garden and hands us a special pin that any priestess who sees this will recognize us as friends of their community and come to our aid.

Then as we descend to the ballroom to party, we are distracted by a silvery glow by one of the pools. In the pool, we see a dark elven female smiling up at us Lady Silverhair/Eilistraee. She reaches out with a soft touch upon our head. Then we glow quickly as she disappears and each of us now have a silver streak in our hair. I find it very distinguishing. Then the party began, these followers of Eilistraee know how to dance! Very late that same night back in Midnight Keep I thought I heard Lady Silverhawk/Eilistraee’s voice speaking to Omega but then it could have been all the wine I drank. I was very tired.

The following day I began recording down everything I had learned from the followers of Eilistraee while on the run about Drow culture, religion and it’s deity hierarchy along with the new songs and dances.


Silver Swallow-tailed Moth Pin = Omega, Xavier and Pimfire

  • This pin designated the holder as a friend of the “good drow.” Any NPC cleric or priestess of Eilistraee seeing this pin will aid the PC wherever possible.

Blessing of Eilistraee = Omega, Xavier and Pimfire

  • The character has been blessed by the Dark Maiden and now has a streak of pure silver running through their hair. It cannot be dyed or altered magically (it appears as a silver streak even on polymorphed PCs).
  • 1st Power (once per adventure): This blessing gives the character the ability to cast Eilistraee’s Starlight. As Dancing Lights cast at PC’s CL but appears as brilliant stars. The stars are bright enough that they effect light sensitive creatures within 10’ of them.
  • 2nd Power (one option once): This blessing gives the character the ability to use one of the following powers one time.
    ~ Roll a natural 20 on all SR checks made against Drow for 10 minutes.
    ~ Primary weapon (2 weapons if dual wielding) gain Brilliant Energy vs Drow for 10 minutes.
    ~ Roll a natural 20 on all saves vs. Drow spells and spell like abilities for 10 minutes.
  • If any of these powers are used against a follower of Eilistraee it would be very very bad for your health.

Songbook of Denhart Bliss = (Pimfire)

  • This book contains some of the works of the famous halfling bard Denhart Bliss while he was in the Underdark. It contains many songs that trace the history of events, battles, loves and losses under the surface if Faerun. Some songs speak of Sarbreen and its fall. There is even mention of the orb in one of the songs. It will take many weeks of study to learn all within.
  • After 3 weeks of study this book confers a permanent +5 Denhart Bonus to Preform (Singing). Once used the book magically displaces itself to a random location in the Underdark.

+1 Harper Recognition Point

A House Divided - Part 2
LC5-HUD10-129-Part 2

Players Present: Pimfire, Clearice, Xavier, Dalarn, Omega
NPCS: Mok, Sir Dresden
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire

Discussion/Side note: Clearice will be unavailable for the next 2 weeks following this adventure.

The Battle of Graz’zt Village

There we were ready and buffed, everyone hasted, good hoped, Amuka and friends got a svirfneblin blessing enlarging and strengthening them for what was to come. A few invisibility spells thrown in for good measure and Veth a powerful dragon who was a friend of Amuka summoned a celestial being to our cause!

Our targets:

  • Amuka and her friends would free a bunch of slaves
  • The Dwarven soldiers would take out the drow barracks until help arrived from the freed slaves
  • The svirfneblin and their earth elementals would handle any drow nobles in residence
  • Sir Dresden and Mok had a crazy plan for dealing with the guard post tower
  • We had decided to sneak around the back way avoiding the battle in the middle as we headed towards the temple of Graz’zt

In the end, I blame myself for not remembering to cast a silence spell upon the dwarves. The moment we all charged to our assigned targets or in Mok and Sir Dresden case somehow catapulted at the tower the noise was deafening. You would have to be deaf and dumb not to see 12 angry heavily armored screaming dwarves come charging into the middle of camp. The alarm was raised and time was of the essence. Veth’s celestial ally started screaming about the evil it sensed and demanded to be let free which once done allowed it to leave and return quickly with others of it kind only to charge at the temple and the hundreds of demons that stated pouring out into the middle of the fray.

Amuka’s band made it to their destination and I am proud to say she was able to slay two drow herself one of which was a wizard before they freed the slaves who ran off to join in the battle.

Avoiding the center of the cave seemed to be the correct choice because with all those demons, drow, slaves and angels flying and fighting it would have taken us forever to make it to the temple, if we even made it at all. Along the way, I saw Mok flying near the guard tower read from a scroll and then a great earthquake shook the tower down. He was clearly crazy for using such a powerful and dangerous spell underground even in a cavern that large.

Inside the temple, I made a snap decision which way to go and it brought us down into a large room with Lava Rivers and a large pool of the stuff. There we fought bravely against numerous demonic drow capable of breathing fire and some driders. For those who have never seen one you are lucky. A drider is a drow male that has been turned into a vicious parody of itself with a large spider body and legs. They are fast, agile and adept at seeing everything something I learned the hard way.

Omega took on a whole squad of the demonic drow along with a couple driders while Xavier and Dalarn did the same with a group on the far side of the chamber. Clearice took flight invisibly and her touch and healing powers could be felt for which I am eternally grateful for without I would be dead. It was then we saw the High Priestess chanting by a large statue overlooking a huge pool of lava, every few seconds a giant lava bull would come rising up out of the depths. She had to be stopped. Xavier turned his bow her way only to watch, as his arrows would burst into ash flying over the lava. Realizing he could not get around the side quickly enough to put his bow to better use I had no choice. I quickly stepped behind a pillar, cast an invisibility spell and stepped back out walking past a Drider only to discover that they could see through such an enchantment. As it fired its bow at me repeatedly, I cried out to wherever Clearice was for assistance as I attempted to disrupt the High Priestess casting with the sheer power of my voice. By the time, I managed to get her to stop and hover over the lava pool out of reach I was down and heading towards a bright light only to find Clearice’s magical energy bring me back from the brink of death’s door.

Hovering over the lava the High Priestess remained while several large bull shaped lava creatures were roaming around spewing lava at friend and foe alike. Knowing we could not hit her with arrow or sword that left only spells and I was nearly spent with all our preparation prior to rushing in. I made the call to pull out a wand of lightning and blast her in the hopes that her death would result in the dispelling of the summoning of the lava bulls. As the wave of electricity hit her and she fell from her flight into the pool of lava I could hear Clearice’s scream of anguish and frustration over the loss of the potential magical components on her. I tried to explain they were probably evil but the bulls burst into flying gobs of lava destroying the last of the Demonic drow and driders.

Then as we picked ourselves up from that blast, the statue transformed into a handsome demonic giant laughing. In gratitude for the entertainment, he offered us a “special coin”. Why Clearice? Why would you look fully upon what was obviously the demonic embodiment of Graz’zt himself. As she did her coin appeared in her hand while the rest of ours appeared at our feet. I did not want anything to do with mine and left it but I think a few others might have picked theirs up using a glove or cloak to prevent contact, everything started happening to fast to really notice as the building started shaking. With a flash, the demon returned to stone and we rushed out of the temple as it collapsed. Clearice came out of her stupor long enough to look at us and cast a Planar shift. Mok thinks she might have gone into the Abyss and we might have to go rescue her. There is too much confusion right now to focus on that as we are trying to sort the wounded, slaves and prisoners.

There is also the area itself needs to be explored to see if there is anything left that may need to be dealt with such as the large pool of water and the portal in the mushroom side chamber.

Rewards Low Levels

500 xp each + extra 500xp for Veth only use of Staff of Summoning
Jewelry worth 4,500 gp / 900 each

Wand of magic missiles (43 charges) – 1 missile per charge. Up to 3 charges may be used at once. (ZIMB)

Ring of Jumping (+5 to acrobatics when jumping) / (AMUKA)

Token sword (longsword): Until needed a token sword appears to be a simple token. When required it can grow from a miniature blade to a full-sized non-magical steel weapon. It remains in sword form for 4 turns and then disappears. (HK)

Potion of magic resistance (SR 17 for 10 minutes) (Veth)
Potion of extra-healing (ZIMB)
Potion of invisibility (Veth)

Girdle of the Lion (Michaela)
~ Wearing the girdle enables the wearer to speak with felines (as per the speak with animals spell) at will.
~ Felines from house cats to saber toothed lions have friendly reactions wit the wearer.
~ Cats of three HD or fewer will obey the wearer as if a suggestion spell was cast on them; cats with more HD get a save vs spells to negate the effect.
~ The wearer gains the ability to land from a fall in such a way as to minimize physical damage incurred from falling.
~ Finally, the wearer can see in low-light conditions like a cat (this does not work in magical or pitch darkness).

Rewards High Level

15,000 gp worth of misc. gems = Treasury

Wand of frost (31 charges) As Staff of Frost = Dalarn

Drow chainmail +4 = Treasury
Drow longsword +5 = Treasury
Bastard sword +3 of ice: This weapon was constructed from frozen vapors of various metals and gasses. As such, it always glows with a pale blue light and feels cold to the touch. Upon successfully striking a creature, it inflicts an additional 2d6 points of cold damage. = Xavier – Party Trade Item

Ring of protection +3, +4 for LE = Dalarn

Drow longsword +3 of paralysis = Pimfire – Party Trade Item
This finely crafted longsword of drow origin possesses a rather unique power. On a Crit the creature struck must make a fort save (DC 18) or be held (as per the spell hold person) for 5 rounds

Amulet of proof against location and detection = Treasury
This device protects the wearer against all divination and magical location and detection. The wearer cannot be detected through clairaudience, clairvoyance, ESP, crystal balls, or any other scrying devices. No aura is discernible on the wearer, and predictions cannot be made regarding him unless a powerful being is consulted.

Drow cloak of shielding +5 = Treasury
Crafted in the deepest reaches of the Underdark, this cloak has incredible protective properties, especially against wizards. When worn it confers a +5 armor bonus and a +2 resistance bonus. In addition the cloak provides protection from all magic missile spells. When the wearer is targeted with a magic missile spell the cloak will absorb the missiles and the wearer will take NO damage from the attack. As will all enchanted items of drow make the cloak cannot withstand exposure to sunlight. If so exposed it will deteriorate in just 2 rounds and be utterly destroyed.

Bracer of Blinding Strike (Chaotic) = Omega
Non warrior class – As Bracers of Defense +6
Warrior Class – +1 to all initiative rolls and thrice per day the wearer can employ the “blinding strike” power giving the warrior +1 attack at their highest BAB with a melee weapon. This ability stacks with Haste. Two of these bracers may be worn and used in the same round.

Drow Whip of Pain +2 (Evil) = Temples for Tithing/Destruction
Plus many Drow items of +1 to +3 for Ravens Deep.

From our first Cornugon

Belt of physical perfection +2 = Dalarn
Amulet of natural armor +3 = Omega
Ring of fire resistance ( cold 30) = Xavier
Demon plate armor +2 = Clearice

A House Divided - Part 1
LC5-HUD10-129-Part 1

Players Present: Pimfire, Clearice, Xavier, Dalarn
Absent: Omega (known would be absent)
NPCS: Lord Blacktree, Talabrina Xorlarrin 5th house of Menzoberranzan, Hathmaar Blademark (Talabrina brother), Yulariumoxanius, Ugarth Axebiter, Sgt. Parker
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire

Discussion/Side note: Clearice will be unavailable for the next 2 weeks following this adventure.

Imagine our shock upon returning to Raven’s Deep to find the illithid ambassador was found out trying to enthrall everyone including Lord Blacktree, he was summarily caught and executed along with a degree that all illithid’s are to be executed/killed on sight and no further negotiations will ever be considered with their race. Then to further the shock Lord Blacktree informs us that the brewer’s guild of Clan Brightsword was found along with ancient writings of their recipes and employee’s. A festival was to be had for Raven’s Deep in honor of this momentous find and we were tasked with doing a quick check of the guard posts around the area.

When we returned it was to great cheer as we were greeted and told everyone voted us to be the judges of the festival wherein a lot of drinking and contests would take place. Dalarn excused himself from being a judge of the beer tasting competition which was the highlight of the festival as the winner would not only receive a hefty coin purse but bragging rights and the honor of having their beer exported to Ravens Bluff itself! There was 3 clear choice beers to choose from which where:

Mushroom Beer – this beer is made with fermented mushrooms. It is a bit of a bitter tasting brew but is actually very palatable.

Lake Stalk Beer – this clear brew is more like a fermented herbal. It is extremely strong but was the first recipe for a brew pulled from the ancient wall and actually created. It does not have much of a “taste” however, it makes up for it with a good kick.

Smuggler’s Blues – this beer is actually blue tinted due to a strange type of grain that was used in its brewing process it is very tasty, very similar to a nutmeg taste with little or no aftertaste. This brew has the side effect of turning the drinker’s tongue and teeth blue for a few hours. The blue is a harmless dye, but cannot be gotten rid of early. The drinker just has to wait for it to be absorbed.

I argue that the best is Lake Stalk, Xavier picks Smuggler’s Blues cause he’s a kid and likes that it dyes his mouth a color, Clearice picks Lake Stalk because all around it’s good and it’s the ancient recipe.

WINNER Lake Stalk Beer.

Then as I was about to announce the winner with my usual flourish a commotion caught my eye. It was an old acquaintance of mine Lady Talabrina. That is to say a Drow high priestess by herself being escorted would naturally be cause for a commotion. Upon greetings we retired with her and Lord Blacktree to discuss why she choose to join us to hear Drow threat nearby and for further details we’d have to travel to her and visit using the password “Lolth” to get past her numerous traps (which I remembered from last time as being incredibly deadly) in a puff she dissolved into snowflakes. Typical Simulacrums.

Despite warnings it’s a obvious trap, for why couldn’t she just say what the danger was through her Simulacrum, we headed to visit her. Once there we found the decor had changed from that of a magic shop to one of a torture and death with even Talabrina herself looked even more cruel and in keeping with what you’d expect of a high priestess of Lolth. She tells of a group of drow who have forsaken Lolth and worship that demon lord Graz’zt now which have sealed a tunnel near Raven’s Deep using magic which leads to their small camp (could be upwards of a few hundred drow there). She then gives Clearice a wand and tells her how to activate it which will remove sections of the tunnel magically sealed. Also for a purpose beyond my understanding Xavier is given a Mouth restraint which will magically adapt to any creatures head to seal their mouth shut. May come in handy against spellcasters we wish to capture. Before we go she mentions she is looking for her brother who turns out to be Hathmaar Blademark and would be grateful if we would pass on the message she is nearby and looking for him should be see him. She also mentions she’s of the 5th house of the drow city known as Menzoberranzan a fact we didn’t know before.

We return to Ravens Deep, inform Lord Blacktree of the information and wait while he tries to decide if opening that tunnel is worth the risk. Finally he decides we’d best do so and sets about gathering the troops while we are to go ahead and see about dealing with the threat if possible.

At the checkpoint Called Rockpile Post where the tunnel is magically sealed we meet Sgt. Parker and a few guards. Albert, Stowle and Theodore. I inform them of the troubling news and tell them to gear up as this post duty just got far more dangerous. Suddenly I hear Clearice shout out some words “Scaddle Scaddodel this rock is now a noodle.” which she points out are the words needed to activate the wand, even showing us the writing on the side of the wand, as a part of the tunnel vanishes.

After several more charges and a few hundred feet we come to a small open section of tunnel with a pentagram drawn on the far side where the sealed tunnel continues. Clearice investigates it and draws back a hundred feet or so to ask a quick question on a name written there called Yulariumoxanius. Once she says that word though it triggered the pentagram and summoned a powerful Cornugon.

Quickly seeing through the illusion of the small Cornugon and the old man we focus our efforts on the large demon to almost no avail. Clearice anchored it to our plane so it couldn’t escape but it was Hell bent on trying to kill her as a result. Finally realizing the Pentagram to be a protection circle I keep screaming for everyone to step inside but Dalarn and Clearice won’t listen as they go full crazy trying to destroy the demon. Finally with a bit of luck Dalarn landed the killing blow but not before it had managed to shred Clearice apart for anchoring it to our plane and preventing it from Fleeing which it kept screaming it wished to do near the end. Thankful for the Staff of Life we brought Clearice back and continued on despite my protest we should take some time to recover.

A few more sections of magical removed tunnel and we came across a shaft which lead to an ancient dwarven building where a strange glowing and obviously ghostly form stands. He introduces himself “I was known as Ugarth Axebiter, and I was the arm master of Clan Brightsword before the fall (he’s a ghost) know you that the clan did not completely fall during those days, strangers help some escaped to train and train hard in the hopes to retake the caverns and defeat the drow. Another group of drow found the school and butchered the warriors, it was a terrible day when they controlled the mind of the guards and turned them upon the rest. Some were taken as slaves, I need to name a living successor to a living person and it’s a test for this position. I see that all of you are dwarves or friends of the dwarves." I know myself enough to know I am no arm master or trainer of soldiers but Dalarn steps forth as does Clearice and Xavier they follow him into the building with a flash.

One by one they return with Dalarn being the last. None of them managed to pass the tests but Dalarn came close just refusing the last part of the test which would have seen him give up his family name and Clan to take up Brightsword’s. I fully understood why he choose to not do so as anyone who’s ever met a dwarf knows that Family and Clan are of the utmost importance to them. But it seems he got some sort of enchantment done to his family axes as they now glow a soft light when drawn.

We press on only to find the drow cult stronghold which appears to number 100+ drow along with many slaves. Just as we tried to figure out what we could do a flash of light and Mok appeared along with reinforcements including my own Daughter! WHAT THE HECK was Mok thinking bringing her down into the Underdark to fight drow! I barely manage to hold my anger in check as we formulate a plan that will at least, hopefully, keep her safe by sending her to free/fight some slaves rather then the drow themselves. Mok and Sir Dresdan wish to take out the guard tower while the Dwarves and Svirneblin with their earth elementals will focus on the Drow soldiers and nobles respectively.


To be listed on the final Part of this adventure module

Loot to include several items from the Cornugon we defeated + Dalarn’s newly enchanted family axes

Curse of the Ironstar
LC5-128-Special Mission

PLACE HOLDER until the real log is done up

Players Present: Pimfire, Clearice, Xavier, Dalarn, Omega
NPCS: Meed, King Graystone Ironstar of Clan Ironstar
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire

Discussion/Side note: Special Mission for Dalarn to return relics to clan Ironstar tonight. Rep from new magic shop brought a few items to sell and not taking any orders at this time.

Information on Clan Ironstar we found out prior to setting out on the hunt

From King Durglewrathindar Murgleishenblin:
In 207 DR, the Ironstar realm was overwhelmed by orc invaders, and the clan fled south led by King Daurvos Frostbeard. Pursued by trolls and orcs, Frostbeard was slain at the Stone Bridge where Moradin appeared and drove the orcs back. Saved from the Orcs and Trolls by King Daurvos Frostbread’s sacrifice the clan moved deep into the Underdark. There the dwarves constructed maces from their secret Darksteel alloy called Ironstar maces. Today you know Darksteel as adamantine. It is said that Dargentum the Darksteel Drake was a silver great wyrm who moved with Clan Ironstar when they abandoned their realm and moved to the great Dwarven city of Jutganstien. That was a very long time ago and no one has heard from Clan Ironstar since the Time of Troubles. Attempts to divine answers have all failed and those sent to investigate have never returned.

From Illithid Ambassador Yagol:
Perhaps a decade ago a group of Illithids were sent to investigate Jutganstien. Not only did they not return but those mentally linked to the investigators went mad and died shortly afterward.

From Lord Blacktree:
A contingent of Raven Deep military are stations just outside the entrance to the Beholder Caverns. They will not accompany you but will assist with a tactical retreat if needed.

Quick summary of the adventure itself

Meed a clockwork man we’ve met before gave us some special candies that we’d need to withstand the influence of powerful magic on our journey through the beholder caverns and into the old dwarven city of Jutganstien where Clan Ironstar resided.

A side passage that pimfire investigated quickly showed to be a large den of Stirges which we promptly fled away from.

The beholder cavern we fought several beholders which turned out to be dwarves somehow transformed into a lesser version of the creatures. The fights were still tough but we prevailed. We managed to keep many of them alive once we realized what their true nature was by simply knocking them unconscious.

We reached the city of Jutganstien to find mindless dwarves moving about their tasks they seemed to be controlled by some powerful magic coming from the Citadel itself. Inside we encountered a throne room full of mindless dwarf soldiers, trolls and a powerfully built troll King sitting on the throne. Dalarn put on the crown we were to return and a statue came to life and our aid as once we engaged the troll king hordes of them came after us. A brutal fight but we defeated the king, destroyed the powerful and evilly enchanted crown which was being used to enslave everything in 100 miles and set the true heir of Clan Ironstar back on the throne.


From King Graystone Ironstar:

For Dalarn:
Band of the stalwart warrior
Juggernaut’s pauldrons of Resistance +3

To each non-dwarf: (Omega, Pimfire, Xavier, Clearice)
A Belt of dwarvenkind is given to each. If the PC already has a magical belt it’s powers are incorporated into the Belt of Dwarvenkind. This Belt differs from a normal Belts of Dwarvenkind in that all it’s bonuses are racial bonuses.

To the Party: (Treasury)
20 5lbs bars of Adamantine
25 2lbs bars of Mithril
100 Gold Ingots (worth 100 gp each)

Crown of the Slave Lord (Psionic) (Evil) (Artifact)
This mithril crown is set with 100 diamonds of varying sizes. It was created by the 1st Illithad Hive Mind in the time of Myth Dreanor. The power used in its crafting was the pure psionic energy of 100 elves. It’s believed that their souls still reside in the Crown’s diamonds in a state of eternal torment.

Known Powers:
Enthrall – all creatures within 100 miles (DC 32 Will)
Majesty – mass command all thralls as a standard action or all thralls in line of sight as a free action.
Tower of Will – Complete immunity to all harmful psionic powers.
Eternal Mind – Psionic powers used by the wearer are Empowered and cost half their normal psionic points.
Lifelock – Wearer may only be harmed or effected by spells of honorable Dwarves.
Inscribed on the inner ring of the great crown are the words
“only a Father’s Pride may resist my call”

10,000 pieces worth of diamond dust for the treasury

Dalarn, Xavier, and Omegasun
(General)Cold Forged Hammer: This Masterwork War Hammer is engraved with Dwarven runes and made of the finest materials. A knight who, by her actions, proves he or she had done a great task for the Dwarves earns this award and deserves their respect. The knight must have proven her own respect to the Dwarves by learning to speak dwarven and have done a great service for the benefit of the dwarven peoples. This service would be something like recovering and returning a dwarfish relic or artifact, aided a royal heir to recover his thrown, or slain a great enemy that holds a dwarfish stronghold and aiding its return to the dwarfish people. These actions must have placed her life at great risk. Any dwarf seeing a knight with this weapon will view the character as a true friend.

(Roosters)Gold Sword: An elegant and functional Masterwork weapon. It looks stately at formal functions. Given to a knight who when on a mission under difficult conditions such as traveling through the city’s sewers, navigating foul weather, or traversing a mudslide, remains impeccable in attire and attitude, always representing the Order with style and grace.

Silver Moon Ring (Silver Hawk): This mother of pearl ring depicts a full moon inlaid with a silver hawk in flight. This honor is bestowed upon a knight whose direct action resulted in the rescue and acquisition of a powerful ally for Ravens Bluff being held by a powerful enemy. Note: The knight need not be injured in taking this action nor even be seen.


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