Vernon Condor, Regent of the Exchequer

The Tax man


Although Vernon Condor stands 5’ 11" tall, he appears several inches shorter because of his stooped shoulders. The 47-year-old Ravens Bluff native dresses in fine, tailored clothes, which appear expensive, but not gaudy. He favors browns and grays. Vernon began losing his hair 20 years ago, and is now completely bald. His facial features are pronounced, small, black eyes beneath arched eyebrows, high cheekbones, and a large hawk-nose.


vernon_back_2_edited-1.jpgVernon Condor, who is known to the public as “The Vulture,” was born to a wealthy Ravens Bluff family. who made sure he received the best education possible. Condor loved schooling and immersed himself in law books and history books. Condor planned on becoming a lawyer or politician. However, a group of close friends encouraged him to see the world first. He adventured with his small group of friends for six years, becoming a skilled fighter and then switching his studies to magic. When his parents died he returned to Ravens Bluff to inherit his estate. He settled down and began to study again, specializing this time in economics, while at the same time increasing his magical knowledge. As he observed and studied the Living City’s economy, he became impressed with the positive effects brought by MayorO’Kane’s efficient and uncorrupt leadership. He began to form his own economic theories and started to advocate a strong, mercantilistic government with a steady income from an equitable tax system. Such a government, he reasons, is the only entity capable of maintaining all the city interests simultaneously. He also reasons that unfairness and corruption channels money away from vital projects and undermines confidence in the system. By the time he was 35, local politicians began seeking Vernon’s advice on tax matters. Two years later he was appointed the city tax collector, a position he has held for 10 years. His official title is Regent of the Exchequer. Vernon is happier now than he ever was. He is surrounded by the things he loves most: money, laws, and power. Vernon is a just official, greatly respected by the other city officials, admired by many in town, and feared and shunned by those who oppose taxes or who try to avoid paying them. The Vulture’s policies are fair, with people taxed based on their incomes and personal wealth. The destitute and unemployed are not taxed, unless the unemployed are well off because of personal wealth and land. The Vulture strictly enforces his policies, and he ruthlessly brings to justice all tax evaders, counterfeiters, and embezzlers he can find. He is in charge of a group of men and women who patrol Ravens Bluff in search of offenders. They also investigate counterfeiting, fraud, illegal gambling, and tax evasion.

Our first encounter with him, Counterfeit Dreams. The party is caught red handed with counterfeit coins. They could either help find the culprit, or go to jail.

Hired in Birds of a feather, to find more items from the Raven Menagerie.

HIred in the Greater of Two Evils, to save the city from earthquakes, and finish the Raven Menagerie series.

Vernon Condor, Regent of the Exchequer

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