Tordon Sureblade, Lord Chancellor

Head of the Legal System


Tordon Sureblade is a short, muscular man of 40. He stands 5’5" tall and weighs 175 pounds. He pays particular
attention to his appearance, taking care to dress neatly and conservatively at all times. Tordon favors somber colors, especially gray and brown.


As Chancellor of Ravens Bluff, Tordon is the head of the city’s legal system. His responsibilities are threefold: to manage the operations of lower courts and judges, to preside as judge of the city’s highest court, and to supervise the codification of the city’s customary laws (thus ensuring more consistent justice). Tordon’s decisions and official acts must be submitted to the Mayor and the Council of Lords for final approval, but so far this always has been granted. As chancellor of Ravens Bluff, Tordon is also a member of the Council of Lords.

Tordon is a taciturn, solemn individual dedicated to his responsibilities. He rarely shows his feelings, and he
despises aimless small talk. However, on 12 occasion he displays a dry, witty humor. Though deeply religious and dedicated to Torm, Tordon has learned to tolerate differing non-evil faiths. He lives simply and donates 40 percent of his income to help the poor. His official duties leave him little time to fight evil in battle, but on campaign he is fearless and well-known for making quick decisions in the field.

Tordon always wanted to be a part of the political structure of the city, but realized he must be educated first. He spent most of his early years in libraries, reading all he could about history, legends, politics, and religion, while at the same time learning the skills of a warrior. A few years ago Tordon was appointed chancellor in Ravens Bluff. He considered this a dream come true and spends most of his time working to improve city laws. However, he has not abandoned the service of Torm. He regularly aids the temple and sometimes helps train young paladins of the temple.

Our First Encounter: The search for Run-Free Stockings where he has Judge Angry relieved of his duties for false credentials.

Tordon Sureblade, Lord Chancellor

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