[Deceased] Sirrus Melandor

Head of the Clerical Circle, Chief Prelate


Sirrus Melandor stands 5’11" tall, weighs 155 lbs., and is 42 years old. He is a slightly built man with salt and pepper hair. His eyes are icy blue, with an almost hypnotic appearance. Sirrus is usually dressed in temple vestments, which are decorated with the symbols of his office as Chief Prelate.


Sirrus is the head of the Clerical Circle for Ravens Bluff, and also the High Priest of Tyr. The circle consists of one representative from each of the city’s civic temples, and its tasks are to maintain a harmonious relationship among the civic temples, and to work together for the common good of the city. Sirrus presides over all meetings of the circle and appoints all committees of the circle. In addition, he frequently recommends policy for the circle, which is usually approved (see Religion in Ravens Bluff). The High Priest of Tyr usually presides over all public rituals and festivals honoring the god of justice, but Sirrus has turned this responsibility over to a deputy since his election as Chief Prelate.

Sirrus was born to a merchant family in a hamlet near Ravens Bluff. He was apprenticed to the Temple of Tyr when he was age 14. Upon being ordained at 18, he spent three years in service to the temple and chief clerics. He then left the temple and for the next 14 years traveled the world adventuring. Returning to the temple at age 36, his talents were recognized by the High Priest. One year later he was appointed as representative to the Clerical Circle. There was a significant amount of discord within the Circle, which he attempted to soothe. When the Chief Prelate, who was chaotic neutral, died, the Circle found it difficult to choose a successor. Sirrus became a compromise candidate; as a cleric of the god of justice, he was acceptable to all. He has been chief prelate for four years.

His death at the hands of Gevus left the city shocked and stunned.

[Deceased] Sirrus Melandor

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