Rolf "Sunny" Sunriver

Chief of the Constabulary


Rolf is 5’9’ tall, weighs 180 pounds, and is 80 years old. Rolf is a compact, muscular man who looks mostly human. Only the slight point to the ears and his unusually bright green eyes give hint of his elven parentage. He is tanned from spending most of his life outdoors. He wears elven chain mail and does not use a shield. Although proficient in bow and sword, he seldom carries either, relying instead on a morning star, a whip, and two daggers; all of these are magical. His badge of office is predominantly displayed on his surcoat and on the back of his hooded cape.


Rolf is chief of the constabulary, the city police force. He is responsible for enforcing the city’s laws and is charged with turning all law breakers over to the magistrates. Rolf’s immediate superior is the Lord Marshal, the city’s highest ranking military officer, but in practice the Marshal allows Rolf to report directly to the Lord Mayor. Rolf has six senior constables directly subordinate to him, each responsible for a city district and the officers who patrol it.

Rolf is the son of a human mercenary soldier and an elvish woman. He was raised among elves until age 30. He received his initial training in bow, sword, and dagger while with the elves. Although he was an accomplished hunter and soldier, he felt uncomfortable, a “half breed,” and was determined to leave and seek his fortune elsewhere. He became a mercenary for a merchant caravan. He spent the next three decades traveling the world as a mercenary, sometimes as a footsoldier and sometimes as a cavalry officer. He had been through Ravens Bluff several times, and had made a number of friends there before he finally decided to settle down for a while. He applied for, and received an appointment to, the position of sergeant of the guard. During the next fifteen years he advanced in rank and duties, doing regular duty as officer of the watch and earning the rank of senior constable. His dedication to the job was apparent to all. Over the years he ran afoul of the thieves’ guild on a number of occasions, especially when he began cleaning up the warehouse district and cut into the profits of the smuggling trade. However, he came out the victor, and the thieves’ guild now tries to conduct its business out of his way. Five years ago, the chief constable announced his retirement and recommended Rolf as his successor. The thieves’ guild shuddered at the thoughtof the hard-nosed, officious half-elf running the city guard force. The guild attempted to bribe several of the lords to block Rolf’s appointment. Rolf learned of the bribery and exposed it, which politically cinched his getting the post.

First Encounter – Nightwatch in the living city, where the party was hired to help with the Veil.

Next encounter, hiring the party to recover the Dump’s Sphere of Annihilation in a good day to die.

Next encounter, hiring the party to clean out the Dungeon of Dracona.

Next encounter, hiring the party to investigate murders, where the main bad guy, an investigator leads them to the demi-plane of Ravenloft, in To Life and Die in Raven’s Bluff.

Next encounter, Hiring the party to find out about missing townsfolk in Terror in the City.

Next encounter, asked party to investigate the strange collars associated with adventurers being framed of crimes in Slaves to Fashion.

Rolf "Sunny" Sunriver

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