Mirial Moonsilver

Head of the Church of Selune


Mirial is a human female, 6’0", 150 lbs, 50 years old, black hair with some graying, blue eyes.


Mirial Moonsilver is the new head priestess of the Church of Selune in Ravens Bluff following the death of Starglitter and her appointment by the Moon Mistress of Calaunt. She had been the chief assistant to the Moon Mistress. She is a descendent of the original founder (Jessica Moonsilver) of the Moonsilver House (the main temple for Selune in the Eastern Heartlands).

While she is not royalty per say she has been raised as such. That combined with her time under the Moon Mistress (the past 10 years) has taught her all the inter-workings of the church and its interaction with the government. Her skills in diplomacy are well known in her home region. She is very proper to the point of coming across as unemotional. She is a very driven woman and has every intention of expanding the influence of Selune in this area.

Encountered In:
Tears of Selune

Mirial Moonsilver

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