Lord Thomas Raphiel, Lord Regent

Head of all things Economic


Lord Thomas Raphiel is 6’2" tall, weighs 195 lbs., and is 67 years old. Time has done little to weather his handsome features, and Lord Thomas looks younger than his true age. He wears fine clothes and always has a long sword at his side.


Lord Thomas manages the departments concerned with the city’s economic life. He has little policy-making power; rather, he implements policy as set down by the Council of Lords (of which he is a member). Lord Thomas’ subordinates need little supervision, and this gives the Lord Regent time to handle the foreign policy of the city. The Lord Regent’s goals in this area are to persuade the remaining independent lords in the Ravens Bluff area to accept the authority of the city government, and to negotiate commercial treaties with the surrounding cities and realms. Due to his age, Lord Thomas seldom does any fighting these days.

Lord Thomas comes from an old family with deep traditions. He claims his ancestors once governed the wild lands Ravens Bluff now occupies. He is the head of the Raphiel clan in Ravens Bluff. It includes immediate family and many uncles, aunts, and cousins. He lives with his wife, Silva. His two sons, Evro and Eron left home long ago. Thomas was educated for a life of nobility and service. He studied history, literature, warfare, and the social graces. He was trained as a fighter, and he has fought in many campaigns. However, he never took up a career as an adventurer. As age began to dull his fighting prowess, Thomas realized he could serve Ravens Bluff in other ways. He accepted the position of Lord Regent when the office was left vacant after the death of his uncle, Sir Dillard. Thomas has been Lord Regent for 12 years. He has done an excellent job, mostly due to his remarkable intelligence and charisma.

Deceased in Monday’s Child.

Lord Thomas Raphiel, Lord Regent

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