Lady Lauren Devillars

High Priestess - Temple of Waukeen


Lady Lauren DeVillars is 35 years old, stands 5’9" tall, and weighs 135 pounds. Hints of her strong will and forceful personality can be seen in her fine-boned features. Her clothing is elegant, made of costly fabrics in the latest styles. Her clothing and jewelry are decorated with the symbols of the goddess Waukeen.


The Lady Lauren is the head of the oldest and wealthiest noble family in Ravens Bluff. She regards the entire city as her personal fief, although this is not true in any feudal sense. She wields vast power in the city due to her wealth, her philanthropic work, and the long association of her family with the city. The results of her philanthropy are visible throughout the city, in the form of temples, sculpture, and public buildings. She personally pays for and equips units of the city’s military and naval forces. Due to her many business interests, she is represented, either directly or indirectly, in most guilds. She also has informal influence in the Clerical Circle, as a High Priestess of Waukeen. Lady Lauren’s wealth and position give her power that exceeds that of the Lord Mayor, but there is a great deal of mutual respect between the two. She realizes that the current Lord Mayor is the best man for the job at the current time.

The DeVillars family has lived in the Ravens Bluff area for more than ten generations. From the earliest times, the DeVillars have been devoted to the service of Waukeen, the goddess of trade and money. Their shrewdness, aided by the goddess, enabled them to amass a large fortune. By the time of the Champion’s Games, which she sponsored, Lauren was by far the richest noble in Ravens Bluff. She supported the winner of the games, Charles Oliver O’Kane, in his reform efforts. Her aid, both in finances and counsel, was crucial to the Lord MayorÂ’s early success at a time when the city government was precarious. She continues to be a major influence in city politics to this day. Lady Lauren is currently the only member of the DeVillars family to live in Ravens Bluff. She has two daughters, both enrolled as acolytes at the temple of Waukeen at Procampur. She wants them to become independent and successful without her wealth and position to aid them.

First contact, The Day of the Raven, in which she hired the party to recover missing items.

Drake – The Black Knight.

Lady Lauren Devillars

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