King looks like a mixed breed terrier.

Encountered In:
Bard’s Song Led party to a a boy who had fallen over a ledge at a sea cliff.
A Handful of Dust Led party to a street riot and to Bendecar’s Mercantile.
A Wedding Summons in Raven’s Bluff Helped save a boy who fell in water.


Not much is known of the town dog, except that everyone loves King. King is quite popular in the city, and is known to be exceptionally intelligent and very friendly. Quite a few times he has foiled robberies (by barking an alert) or pickpocketings (by biting would be thieves), and even saved a child from drowning once. For these acts, almost everyone in the city has an open door for him, although his discriminating palate is considered strange for a dog. He frequently follows Ambassador Carrague around, and sometimes stays in his bunker during inclement weather.

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Ravens Bluff, The Living City andrew_patterson_779