Lady Katharine Marie Moorland

Lord Speaker of the Council of Lords


Lady Katharine is 34 years old, stands 5’4" tall, and weighs 105 pounds. She is a strikingly beautiful young woman, with green eyes and red hair, unusual among half-elves. Katharine has a slender build, toughened by an active life. When in town, she usually wears a simple long dress of fine linen, caught at the waist with a belt of leather and wrought gold on which she carries a magical dagger with a jeweled pommel. She also wears a lambskin cloak, clasped at the throat with a silver brooch decorated with her family coat of arms. She wears her long red hair loosely. When out of town or on her parents’ estate, she wears high soft boots and buckskin breeches, a linen shirt, a heavy plaincloth traveling cloak and a leather hat into which she tucks her hair to keep it out of the way. Her half-elf heritage makes her look younger than she actually is.


Katharine is currently the Lord Speaker of the Council of Lords; her term lasts two years. At present, Katharine is the only woman with a seat on the Council. Because of her high intelligence and wisdom, she is frequently consulted on a wide range of topics. Katharine is usually responsible for scheduling the city’s festivals and special events.

Katharine likes the prestige her title carries and is flattered that many of the women in town try to copy her code of dress. However, she believes she does not have as much authority as the male lords. She is working to change this situation. Katharine is rather smitten with Lord Russell Roland, who impressed her with his boldness and maturity. However, she does not openly display her feelings, due to the difference in their ages.

Katherine is the daughter of Lord Phineas Augustus Moorland, known to his peers as Lord Finn, and his elvish wife, Arlayna. She is the third of five children, with two older and two younger brothers. She grew up in competition with them, and learned to ride and shoot an an early age. Her father encouraged her to become self-reliant. Her mother did not object to this, but insisted that she also receive training in the duties of a woman of nobility, including, to Katharine’s aggravation, such mundane things as cooking, sewing, and tending to the ill, and in various forms of social etiquette and court behavior. Her mother also was wellschooled, and interested in magic and metaphysics. She passed this interest on to Katharine. As is customary, Katharine received the title of Lady on her thirtieth birthday (still quite young for a half-elf), as
well as the income from a small holding of land; with this money, she maintains a house in Ravens Bluff. She will only come into her full inheritance, though, when her father dies or she marries, whichever comes first. Katharine became a member of the Council of Lords when her father retired from the post because of ill health (he is now 63), and her two older brothers were not able to accept the position, they were adventuring in another country. Some Ravens Bluff residents believe her father deliberately retired at a time when his daughter was the only relative that could take his position.

Lady Katharine Marie Moorland

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