Howard Holiday, Deputy Mayor

Deputy Mayor of Raven's Bluff


Howard is 38 years old, stands 5’11" tall, and weighs 165 pounds. He is one of the most handsome politicians in Ravens Bluff. His vigorous, muscular physique and stylish clothes reinforce this impression. Howard cherishes his fancy broad-brimmed (magical) hat, decorated with a hippogriff plume; he is seldom seen without the hat.


Howard is the deputy mayor of the city and also one of the Lord Mayor’s chief advisors. He sets the agenda for meetings of the Council of Lords and also plans the Lord Mayor’s appointments and daily schedule. Thus, anyone who wants to do direct business with the
highest level of city government must make arrangements through Howard. Howard’s integrity prevents him from taking corrupt advantage of this important post; Howard expedites urgent business while keeping crackpots and fools at a safe distance. Howard manages the city bureaucracy, receiving regular reports from the Lord Regent, the Chancellor, the Lord Marshal, the Chief Prelate, and the Lord Speakers of the Council of Lords and the Advisory Council on matters within their responsibilities. Howard’s analysis of these voluminous reports aid the Lord Mayor in planning the city’s future progress.

In the absence of the Lord Mayor, Howard entertains foreign kings and princes when they come to the city on state visits. Howard often travels to other realms as the city’s representative. Howard has yet another responsibility that almost no one in the city knows about. Howard manages an extensive network of spies and informers who keep him informed of political corruption, organized crime, and other illict activities within the city. The information provided is often late or inaccurate, but Howard works constantly to increase the efficiency of his agents.

Howard usually works through trusted lieutenants (especially his chief spy,Chaney); they choose the informers. However, for a particularly dangerous job, Howard will personally choose the agents. Howard’s covert activity is designed to be untraceable to the Lord Mayor, so if any operation becomes a spectacular fiasco, it all will be blamed on Howard.

Howard Holiday has retired from Public Life.
Howard always has been well-respected by most of the citizenry. He is a very friendly person, outgoing and charismatic. His cheerful disposition has helped give the city’s government a good image. Howard is generous to a fault and anxious to help the town residents.

Howard Holiday, Deputy Mayor

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