Gaius Varro, Lord Marshall

Commander City's Military and Police


Lord Marshal Gaius Varro is 74 years old, stands 6’4" tall, and weighs 310 pounds. He’s the most recognizable man in the city, given his impressive size, ornate uniform, and flowing white hair. In public, he always wears a uniform covered in decorations and gold braid; he carries a gilded mace, the symbol of his office.


The Lord Marshal has overall command of the city’s military and police forces, and commands the city’s army in war. In peace, his duties include training the troops, building or maintaining fortifications, inspecting equipment and facilities, and reviewing court-martial proceedings.

The Lord Marshal’s loyalty and dedication to the city are unquestionable. However, age and poor health have limited his effectiveness. As a result, he favors a cautious, conservative approach in all public matters, including military affairs.

In meetings, the Lord Marshal usually speaks in a lucid, concise manner, always advocating a defensive strategy. However, if challenged, he becomes indignant, burying his critics in a mass of detail to prove his case. The Lord Marshal does not hold grudges in such disputes, throwing a huge banquet later to make amends. To the common troops, the Lord Marshal is a notorious disciplinarian and martinet, the terror of all careless or slovenly soldiers.

Lord Gaius Varro has been a professional soldier for nearly half a century. He fought few battles, but won those he fought – often by slim margins. Varro was expelled from Scardale, his homeland, by Lord Aumersair of Scardale, but Varro was quickly hired by the Living City. The Lord Mayor hired Varro because of the latter’s reputation, but the truth is that the Lord Marshal has not led an army in 15 years. In that time, all of Varro’s victories have been won at the banquet table, and his deadliest enemies have been indigestion and gout.

Gaius Varro, Lord Marshall

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